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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 30, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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influx of patients. investigative reporter brooks jarocz is live for us this afternoon in the newsroom and brooke. so far we've seen 300 new patients hospitalized statewide, and that's just since yesterday. that's right, heather , but doctors say hospitalizations are only a quarter of what they were during last winter's surge. still they often lag behind by a couple of weeks after cases spike right now, hospitals are preparing and making changes to prevent any capacity issues. i think we're going to be very busy. unfortunately as covid cases skyrocket, there's also an uptick of patients at california's hospitals. steam data shows more than 5500 right now, an increase of 6% since the previous day, doctors and healthcare workers anticipate a sharp rise in the next couple of weeks similar to other surges. we've always been vigilant. and we've always also always been cautious. i mean, the virus continues to throw curveballs that even the people with the best predictive models couldn't
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have forecast with the omicron variant driving cases to record breaking levels. kaiser and ucsf both say their hospitals are prepared getting beds, supplies and gear ready to go. but already some emergency rooms have seen more patients, especially among the unvaccinated and even children. there has been an increase in pediatric cost. spittle is ations. not unexpectedly. but you know, it's something we would like to be able to turn off if we could. the problem is the virus is so infectious and transmissible at john muir medical center. the biggest concern is not having beds. it's having enough health care workers. currently staffing is our biggest issue. we have a large number of staff either. out with mild covid symptoms or with exposures awaiting testing in in that has really led us to have to limit some of our services. that means no new non urgent surgeries. elective surgeries are canceled and no more visitors in the hospital
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waiting rooms, given that a lot of the patients are coming in with covid like symptoms. we don't want our waiting rooms. to be inundated with potentially infectious patients and visitors , but doctors saying don't hit the panic button with omicron hospital stays are shorter and symptoms are milder. and the patient numbers don't reflect who's in the hospital specifically for covid versus those with covid. so you come in with an auto wreck and you get and you get screened, and it turns out that your covid positive where you come in for some elective procedure, and you get screened in your covid positive you coming to have a baby and someone screens you and your covid positive, but you have no symptoms at all. i think that's what some portion of this is that's really hard to sort out, those health experts say. go back to the basics. mask up, wash hands, get vaccinated and boosted and keep the hospital wave from rising. already some hospitals have doubled the number of patients from just a week ago. so if you're feeling
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sick, doctors say, don't wait to get medical help. right now. they say we're also seeing a surge in flu cases, and it's not too late to get that flu shot. in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news as you mentioned hospitals, making some adjustments given what we're seeing right now, brooks. thank you. well, the city and county of san francisco says that it will require law enforcement in certain settings and other people in higher risk workplaces to receive a coronavirus booster by february, 1st. santa clara county rolled out a similar mandate on tuesday . last week, the governor announced that health care workers in the state will have to get boosters or risk losing their jobs. johnson and johnson says that its booster shot gives strong protection against the omicron variant, a study of more than 69,000 healthcare workers in south africa found two shots reduce the risk of hospitalization from the variant. by 84% the study found that immune cells and people who received the j and j vaccine targeted omicron almost as well
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as other variants, the cdc warns against where blood clots whipped this shot. covid test even though they are free. they become bad as valuable as anything right now, and people are willing to wait in long lines for hours to get one. these are lines that are long and up people waiting a long time in south florida and in houston, texas. it is the same story here in the bay area. cars lined up for blocks bumper to bumper at one testing site in san mateo. one of the reasons lines are so long students on winter break getting tested before they head back to class. ktvu christian captain joins us now he's live in san francisco tonight and christian. the schools are really a patchwork of requirements. yes it can be different from school district to school tool dish tooled from school district to school district can be different from elementary school all the way up through college. what you have to do to go back to school really depends on what school you're going back to. as 2021 draws to a close students will
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be returning to class next week and are facing returning to school amidst the surge of the omicron variant in oakland school resumes january 3rd and all students 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated to return to class after the holiday break. place the swab into the tube oakland unified also sent home 41,000 at home test kits with online instructions on how to use them. and are strongly encouraging families to test their students before they resume in person instruction across the bay in san francisco school also resumes january. 3rd the district is strongly encouraging students five years and older to get their vaccination shots and then we're also sharing information about how to access testing. we are strongly encouraging, but not requiring that people get tested before coming back to school. on monday , one students come back, the district will be hosting a series of testing clinics. open for ongoing testing. we've expanded our opportunities for people to get tested. we're offering mobile rapid testing
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beginning this sunday, january 2nd through january 9th at locations throughout the school district. college students are also navigating the path back to class following the winter break, university of california's president issued a letter to the 10 you see chancellors to come up with a plan for back to school. you see wide students are required to be vaccinated and boosted as soon as they're able. u c. berkeley says it expects everyone to get tested for covid before returning to campus when it comes to ongoing testing, quote for vaccinated students, faculty and staff. surveillance testing is not required for 180 days from the date you are fully vaccinated. katrina wilhite attends uc santa cruz. it's still a bit stressful to go to campus and interact with people without knowing for sure, she says she's planning on returning to her apartment next week. the school is also strongly encouraging tests but finding a testing location or even an at home test is proving nearly impossible. every place is
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filled up right now, with the test. there's no available tests for the rest of the week. however i want to go back to campus this week. um kaiser doesn't have its cbs. the state has announced that due to the surgeon omicron cases, it will be distributing some six million tests to kindergarten through 12th graders as they returned from the winter break. education leaders are strongly encouraging families to report those results to the schools and to the states. so that they can both keep tabs on the progress of covid as kids get back to school , where live in san francisco christian caftan ktvu fox two news those tests in high demand right now, christian. thank you. the fda says the rapid at home antigen covid tests currently on the market, maybe less sensitive to the omicron variant and could result in false negatives. the agency says. there are studies underway right now to determine the reason for the decrease sensitivity. still the fda says the at home tests remain an
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important tool and should still be used because they're fast, more affordable and easy to perform. at home. the surgeon covid cases here in the bay area has now hit, the oakland police department department has says rather, it currently has 23 officers with active cases of the coronavirus. all city of oakland employees, including officers must be vaccinated as a condition of employment. nopd has roughly 700 officers on the force and about 1100 total department employees. in response to this latest covid outbreak, the department has implemented its contingency plan and reassigned officers to ensure that there is no impact to public safety. the golden state warriors say their game against the nuggets tonight in denver has been postponed. the nuggets don't have the league minimum eight players available to start due to injuries and covid outbreak. the nuggets coach has also entered the covid protocol. this is the second nba game postponed in as many days due to the pandemic. well as of today, and updated mask mandate
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requires mass to be worn everywhere indoors in public settings. this is for all of the bay area. the change removes exceptions for people who are fully vaccinated in some settings. marin san francisco sonoma and alameda county's joined the rest of the bay area in making that change. today a statewide mask mandate is in effect until at least january, 15th. the exemptions in several bay area counties previously included stable settings like gyms and offices were vaccination is verified. but no longer now mass are required, regardless of vaccination status , including this fitness center , the sf location in marin county, but the re instituted mask mandate did not stop people from working out today. i think it's a good thing. um i don't like wearing a mask, but i know it's a good thing because it will keep us from splattering things around as we huff and passed in whatever exercise we do. the masking policy in all
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nine bay area counties is now aligned with the state and stay with ktvu for the latest on the new masking restrictions and other covid related news, just head to our website, ktvu .com. most parts of the bay area have now moved out of the exceptional drought category. that was big news today. when the u. s drought monitor map was released, you can see what it looked like just last week on the left much darker red today's lighter image on the right means . the drought conditions were downgraded, although what weather clearly did some good for our state's water supply. the sierra snowpack is in better shape than it's been for some time now. today's manual reading near highway 50 found the equivalent of 20 inches of water , but escapees, tom vacar explains tonight the true impact may not be revealed for several months. the california department of water resources went to philip station in eldorado county, one of many places that measures sierra snow each month to understand the true size of the snowpack as of
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this morning. our ah automated snow sensor network is reporting that the statewide snowpack is 160% of average to date, according to uc berkeley's sierra snow lab, the current snowpack is about what's normal for march 2nd a very good depth and hopeful for right now we have about 70% of our total snow pack up here and a little bit less of our total precipitation , and we're going into those rainier and snowy or months that january and february when we could really bulk this up, but what really counts is the final measurement. at the end of the snow season. april 1st is the official measurement that everyone's after for you know what it means for our water resources for the year. so what's the biggest worry now? the big concern here is that we don't get any more precipitation , and that would obviously kind of be a worst case scenario. we also have the next three months to hope this early, big dump of snow will not be washed away by
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heavy rains. or melted by warm weather. that's because we need the water to feed into the reservoirs for at least into early summer. if things go well by april, the snow will be very compact and dense depending on the density and everything, but yeah, if you have 100 inches of snow pack 40 inches of water is pretty likely. but for now, great for skiing great for snowboarding hard to snowshoe in looking at the national weather service is three month long range precipitation outlook for the northern sierra calls for neither above nor below precipitation. a balanced and hopeful view. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. traffic halted on a major highway in southern california for much of the day today, coming up a live report on the snowy and icy conditions there on the grapevine. never got a nice break today. from all the rain. we've been seeing snow breaks in the mountains as well.
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but there's a little bit more coming our way as we head towards the weekend. i've got all that when i return. also a remarkable recovery. see, the progress of south bay woman has made just a few months after her family was told she had a 1% chance of surviving an accident overseas.
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with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. thousands of people have been evacuated now in the face of wind driven wildfires burning about 20 miles northwest of denver, boulder county sheriff says as many as 580 homes have been either damaged or destroyed. authorities believe some of the fires were sparked by downed power lines and winds gusting more than 100 mph. at
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least six people have been injured. it has been a dry winter so far in the area, but snow is expected tomorrow. we'll snow and ice brought traffic to a halt for hours in southern california, the highway patrol closed the grapevine section of i five in the mountains north of los angeles. before dawn this morning due to dangerous driving conditions, and it just reopened this afternoon in both directions with chp escorts. the hours long shutdown came amid a powerful winter storm. reporter susan here sooner joins us now live with the very latest on conditions that drivers there are facing tonight. right now. the traffic's open in both direction and flowing freely, but it it was quite the long wait. a lot of people told me that they had been at the bottom of this area. so to the south of where we are now, and it waited for hours, some as long as 8.5 hours before they were finally given that chp escort to go north, dont nlds state five. the
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mountains above to pass or frosted white. plenty of evidence. a good amount of snow fell enough to force the closure of the i five and both directions that forced truckers like robert scott to pull over for a lengthy wait. i woke up this morning about seven o'clock wanted to hit the road right here. and it was blocked off. so i've just been parked right here waiting the whole time. it's worth waiting, as opposed to trying to drive around. for me, you know in that big rig trying to find a way around. you know, you don't want to mess with roads you don't know scott is well versed in handling unfriendly road conditions for lots of drivers heading home after christmas got caught. have you been here for more than an hour and a half? and understand and take at least an hour for the highway to open up. we stopped for gas at about 6 30. kind of my magic mountain and we didn't make it much further than that. we're still not that much further than that. the burke family was hoping to be home in the bay area thursday afternoon.
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no such luck. i've been sitting in the car just sitting there, just sitting watch the episode of dexter on the phone played skip bo. um walgreens. now we're toured walgreens, great walgreens and kostanic midday, the rain was still heavy in the burke family was ready to take a hotel room to wait somewhere more comfortable than the family van. they're hoping not to have to go and check in, but it's not looking like we're going to be able to get home today. all right. so if you're waiting for somebody that was traveling from southern california to fremont, he is just on his way now, and he was traveling with his family of five. and then the burke family. they're heading home to san leandro. what i don't know is whether they took that hotel room and we'll start off again tomorrow after they get some rest or if they decided to ditch the hotel room. and they're on their way home now, but right
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now, road conditions are pretty good. there's not even one little drop of rain or snow flake so fingers cross road conditions stay like this for the rest of the holiday weekend reporting live in gorman, california susan harris suna fox 11 news. definitely frustrating , though, for so many people earlier today really appreciate the live report. thank you. well, campers in malibu had to be rescued by boat after a creek overflowed and flooded a campground. heavy rains caused the creek to overflow. the los angeles county fire department says it evacuated 22 people in the area along with a few dogs. yeah there's southern california getting a dose of rain and the thing was southern california. when you get south of point conception they don't have think about what big rivers are. there are down there to carry away the water. we've got sacramento. we've got the russian river. we got the napa river. we've got the haro. we've got all these drainage systems in place because of because of years and years of climate we've had more rain, so we have more ways to get rid of water. los angeles.
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they don't got the l. a river, which is concrete. you know, there's just not that many ways. so when the kids are not used to big rain events, and so when they get a rain event with a high rainfall rate, they have problems and that's what you saw in malibu today. for us. we had temperatures generally in the fifties. little warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees. it was 55. what was it for the liver mark, and it was 56% of the two of the warmer spots. tomorrow is pretty similar, maybe a degree cooler in some places, but overall, we're in the low to mid fifties, which should be nice. it starts off pretty cool, though, and that's sort of the weather headline right now because our inclement weather has moved on. and as it often does the high pressure jumps on in calms the winds, stills the night and sets us up with conditions for well to the fog, radiation five potentially same thing and the potential for freeze and frost. so that is not any surprise to you because heck, it is. the end of december is almost january. this is all normal stuff, so nothing unusual. really there's a live camera shot. that's last
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night. unusual either. is it just beautiful looking at the prettiest city in the world and you see the lights? i believe the embarcadero czar flickering right now. and i don't know if that's intentional or not, but that's i don't believe i've seen them flicker like that before. hmm maybe new year's okay. so as we head outside, we're looking for a day tomorrow. kind of like today. we'll look at that. let's look at that southern california range so you can see that wave coming onshore and again just again. we're all that water goes. if they get the kind of rain we get. which we think they eventually had rainfall rates like we had the other day. they just have nowhere to put that much rain that faster you talk about urban and small stream flooding. they get it big time. everything south from santa barbara all the way down to san diego, and that's what they're saying. now. more showers moving onshore as you go into rancho palos faraday's long beach, some heavy rain i can stop it up. i know if you maybe have friends down there, everybody's we all know somebody from southern california. but right now in los angeles downtown, you've got rainfall rates. that's 0.32.
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let's check that just just switched about 0.3 to almost a half inch an hour in downtown l. a what does that mean? it means a lot of standing water man. it's just that's just how it goes down. there were drive were cooler. the mountains are going to be cool. it's going to be still just difficult to travel around up there because the roads are icy, despite the fact that there's maybe a few flurries coming in the next couple of days, but just no more big major snow events but down the road as we head into sunday and monday changes come back into the forecast, which could bring snow up there and a few showers potentially here, so i'll see you back here with that in a few minutes. all right, bill. thank you. she suffered a life threatening injury while traveling to bali and her family had to raise money to bring her home. next. a story of amazing recovery and resilience. just a few months later. from the southf
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the hospital today after barely surviving a horrific motor
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scooter accident overseas for the first time, the victims spoke about her ordeal and her road ahead. ktvu is rob roth joins us now from the newsroom with more on her story. it's really incredible this recovery, rob yes, juliet. first. doctors didn't think caitlyn mccaffrey would survive her accident in bali, much less improve enough to go home. she still has a long recovery ahead. but she says she's ready to take it on. kailyn mccaffrey is traveled to most of the world getting popularity for her travel blogs . but this short trip from the santa clara valley medical center to her home in santa clara thursday was perhaps her biggest mccaffrey's voice is still weak, but she says she's getting stronger. i'm really grateful. mccaffrey spent months of difficult rehab at the hospital at all stems from last july, 31st the day that changed her life. while traveling in bali. she's somehow fell off her motor scooter and struck her head. doctors say she had severe
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brain trauma. two men found her on the road. she was comatose. word reached her family in the south bay. the doctor said she had 1% chance to live. and so, um, you know, we kind of thought that was it. the family could go to bali because of covid and insurance wouldn't cover the cost of a medical airplane to the bay area. the family raised more than $300,000 through go fund me part of the people. wasn't very helpful for medical care. in rehab. mccaffrey has gone from a near vegetative state to being able to function i want time to drink water. i need to get better, but for giving them at least and i am motivation is even yesterday. i was just amazed to see the courage that caitlin's brought to the process of, you know, doing the sorts of things the things that we take for granted every day, but carefree, still faces more therapy and rehab as an outpatient. it's unclear if she can ever be the same as she
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was as for traveling the world again. i don't know, but i used to love it so we don't know. we'll see. i used to do for super cheap, so i know what i want that again. we're overjoyed as you can imagine there's gonna be a lot of changes and a long road ahead. but we're just happy to have her home. mccaffrey says she has no recollection of how she crashed her scooter in bali , and there's no surveillance video of it. so how the accident happened remains a mystery. julie yeah, it really is an incredible story and everyone pulling for her to make a full recovery, rob. thank you. coming up. we tag along with a bay area highway patrol officer to see what they're up against this new year's eve and in new york city. there will be crowds in times square to watch the ball drop how the nypd is getting ready for the scaled back celebration.
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that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. roadways this holiday weekend giving you a live look now at the golden gate bridge. they will obviously be patrolling this span as they look out for, do you y driver drivers and others? who are impaired our crime reporter henry lee wrote along with the chp officer today and has the warning for new year's eve revelers, henry well , the chp will be on the lookout this weekend for unsafe drivers, especially those who are drunk or under the influence of drugs
5:31 pm
. california highway patrol officer demetrius sanchez took ktvu on a ride along on thursday . let's do this. the 12 year veteran who is based in oakland, gave us a taste of what the chp will be looking for this weekend. i sat in the back of the officers, dodge charger were primarily focusing on dy enforcement. try to reduce the deaths that happen on our freeways every holiday season. there are those who choose to drink and drive with often deadly results. let's think about what the holidays for us to be around your family and loved ones. so i'd like to put that out to people to just remember that there are people that would like them to get home safely. the officer says. many people assume they're okay to drive and sometimes people i feel like it's a little bit easier. i've had maybe one drink two drinks. i'm okay to drive. i just want to go home, but some never make it home, whether it's the drunk driver or an innocent victim on the freeway, the impact of a small lapse in
5:32 pm
judgment can affect people for their entire lives, some telltale signs that a driver is drunk, weaving speeding up, then slowing down, making unsafe lane changes and following too closely, there's a plethora of violations that can be associated with dy. we didn't come across any drunk drivers during our ride, but it didn't take long for the officer to find a violator on 5 18 year seminary avenue in east oakland. where to make an enforcement stop on this black sedan up ahead. it's traveling at over 80 miles an hour posted 65 mph zone you meet mary are casting eliminated five. we're going to exit the freeway exit the freeway. it turns out, the driver had a permit, but no license while speeding in his dad's lexus. he was given a warning on his speed. and he was ticketed for being on license. the chp s maximum enforcement period lasts through new year's weekend reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox, sunis, chp and mothers against drunk driving, really encouraging everyone out there, henry to have a plan. just like
5:33 pm
you plan your new year's eve celebrations and your outfits also plan a safe flight. safe way home, henry. thank you. details now. oakland police say two suspects are under arrest in connection with a deadly shooting at lake merritt that killed 22 year old woman. officials say that 33 year old lashawn price and 32 year old dorinda clay have been arrested and charged with the murder of michell sanchez during an apparent robbery that happened last month on the lakeshore avenue. now the two men were also accused of other robberies in oakland. sanchez was a mother of a two year old little girl. flaring could be seen today at the chevron richmond refinery after a so called upset at a process unit community warning system level. one alert was issued shortly after seven this morning to keep residents informed. 11 1 is one of the lowest alerts on the scale. chevron says it does not expect the community to be impacted by
5:34 pm
the flaring activity. the refinery also says flaring is an important part of keeping operations running safely. players are safety devices used and refineries to relieve pressure during the refining operations and help keep equipment and plants operating safely. law enforcement from around the east bay along with the chp war in the town of radio this morning, searching for a suspect who ran from a stolen car after a chase, they found a 28 year old man hiding in the attic of a home on harris avenue after a two hour search, which triggered a shelter in place in that neighborhood. people living in the area of harris avenue and fourth avenue. we're told to go inside and lock their windows and doors. several streets were also blocked off. the all clear was given just before noon. oakland's city council is taking new steps to help the homeless, including creating a new safe parking side near the coliseum, according to the bay area news group, the city council approved vice mayor rebecca kaplan's plant. to spend $1.74 million
5:35 pm
for a site at his city on lot there on 66th avenue, safe parking and sanitation services would be provided for hundreds of people living in rvs and other vehicles for small fee on a sliding scale so far, and opening date has not yet been set. airline cancelations are surging across the country once again and threatened to throw off weekend flights home for a lot of holiday travelers. here is the effect on the bay area today alone about 42 flights at sfo have been canceled. 14 san jose international and three at oakland airport, winter weather and staffing shortages due to covid or behind this massive mess that you're looking at now for many airlines at tacoma at seattle tacoma international airport. there were just piles and piles of bags, waiting to be reunited with their owners, with one journalist, noting bags got sent on connecting flights. passengers didn't make it in time. more than 200 flights were canceled their over 24 hours.
5:36 pm
this is the seventh day in a row now that more than 1000 flights across the country have been canceled boxes, david lee miller has more now from new york's laguardia airport. spend a couple hours on the line, and they said, no room for me, and he's not alone. thousands of air travelers across the country remain stranded after seven days of major disruptions. on thursday, more than 1000 more cancelations and 2000 delays as airlines deal with the aftermath of major storms in the west and staffing shortages brought on by the fast spread of the cranberries. some passengers have been sleeping in airports for days after missing connecting flights. i was supposed to come home. sunday my plan was supposed to land in seattle is sex. it was canceled. we've been trying to get home. since then. west coast airports have been particularly hard hit ceatec in seattle, canceling more than a quarter of all flights on thursday. it's a hub for alaska airlines, which grounded about 14% of its flights. largely due to the icing issues that created a
5:37 pm
backlog of passengers and jetblue has already started the process of canceling about 1200 flights through mid january. earlier this week, the cdc shortened quarantine times for covid exposures. we should provide some relief to overwork , staffers and some lawmakers say they're looking at another way to help get america moving again safely. he has said. it is if you went to visit someone, and you're still waiting for that plane to take off because of the quarantining rules versus lot of the airplanes. airline staff are not able to work on and if you're looking to fly on new year's eve, make sure you check with your airline. 500 flights have already been canceled in new york. david lee miller fox news in las vegas. new year's celebrations are expected to be business as usual . officials are expecting more than 300,000 people to ring in 2022 with fireworks along the strip. times square in new york is ready to ring in the new year
5:38 pm
, even if the celebration will be scaled back colored confetti rained down yesterday in preparation for the ball to drop. tomorrow when the clock strikes midnight. it'll be £3000 of confetti falling well. 15,000 people are still expected to fill times square tomorrow night . the new york police department says they are prepared. fox news. matt king has more there are no independent threats. there's no credible threat so that right off the top but this year is a little different. at a news conference thursday, police commissioner dermot shea expanded his department's typical interpretation of safety at the annual times square new year's eve celebration to also include health. you're going to wear a mask, and that's the expectation for everyone. just 15,000 masked and vaccinated. revelers will travel first through vaccine checking stations friday before entering the nypd counterterrorism checkpoints. magnetometers explosive trace detection machines, heavy weapons and explosive detection canines. the quarter of a normal years crowd standing behind barricades and the not so cold friday evening
5:39 pm
won't get to hear or see l l cool j who tested positive for covid or chloe, who reneged and performing friday night, but they may see their next mayor forced to cancel his indoor king's theater swearing in ceremony scheduled for saturday night due to the ongoing and still growing omicron surge. mayor elect eric adams plans to take the oath of office in times square. shortly after the ball drop, nypd brass promised revelers would also see the usual full contingent of police officers. some you will see and some you will not say the department canceled all vacation days, taking on new year's eve and new year's day by healthy cops to fill shifts vacated by the 21% of the forest, joining the many mta nurses, doctors, train operators, pilots, flight attendants and every other kind of new yorker now out of work due to covid infection. we're at the highest level that i've ever seen in my career before broadcasting the near £12,000 waterford crystal orb 77 ft descent to the roof of one time square to a billion people around the world officials tested the custom industrial winch that lowers the ball down its poll thursday, a day after practicing some much less technical and probably less
5:40 pm
necessary, confetti throwing. we don't want to see alcohol, no lawn chairs. no large bags, backpacks. times square will close to traffic at 4 30 tomorrow morning to get ready for tomorrow night's crowds. still ahead tonight. more trouble for tesla, the two reasons the company has issued recalls for nearly half a million electric cars, plus holiday spending rose this year . the problem, though more than one in three people went into debt to make that happen. we're checking out this holiday debt hangover. half a million cars alo
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
technical problems that could increase the risk of accidents. one recall applies to more than 350,000 tesla model threes from 2000 and 17. through 2000 and 20
5:43 pm
cable for the backup camera can become worn out and failed to send images to the driver's main console. tesla is also recalling 119,000 model s cars made from 2000 and 14 through this year due to a faulty front trunk latch that could cause the hood open unexpectedly. the company says it will fix both issues where you have charged well. there were no winners in last night's powerball drawing, which means the jackpot rolled over and climbed to an estimated $483 million. the last california winner came in october, when a single ticket won nearly $700 million. your next chance to win big is saturday. well americans are now on track to end the year with more than $70 billion in credit card debt after spending more than they actually had this holiday season. foxes jeff flock is in lancaster, pennsylvania, with the details of this holiday hangover strolling through the park city mall here in lancaster, pennsylvania, was a good christmas here and another
5:44 pm
malls around the country. but the problem is a lot of us went into debt. in order to make that happen. take a look at the numbers from wallet hub, they say this year, 36% of americans went into debt to finance christmas. that compares to just 31% a year ago. fortunately the debt was a little bit smaller about 1200, plus dollars this year compared to 1300 plus last year, but a lot of us did it in a new way. something called bnp . l something called buy now pay later. these are firms that allow you to get the item that you want upfront and then pay for it over time, not a credit card, but they just basically spiel out your payments over time. number of these firms are now under investigation by the consumer financial protection bureau. they include a firm after pay the swedish firm clark to as well as zip and paypal. retailers of course, like the concept is, it enables people to
5:45 pm
have something sooner than they otherwise wouldn't get paid in. the retailers get paid up front . we talked to the founders of ledbury, the noted a shirt makers. here's what they said. i think it is helpful for some people that are maybe making like larger purchases if they're coming to ledbury, and they're re kidding out their wardrobe for the year. maybe they went by six or seven shirts all at once. but with the letters or the option buy now pay later, they might do that. some pressure on retailers, though in the form of those dreaded returns. a lot of retailers extended the period of time in which consumers could return their purchases, for example. the folks at nordstrom rack 45 days, nike extended to 60 days and macy's walmart and sacks up to 90 days. unfortunately, the number of returns is predicted to be an all time record this year, perhaps as high as $114 billion . that is an increase in the number of returns by between 24 to 27. so good news and bad news
5:46 pm
at christmas from the mall park city mall here in lancaster, pennsylvania. back to you. tethered by this year of yearning. we are learning that though we weren't ready for this , we have been ready to buy it. she certainly has a way with words coming up. nationally youth poet laureate amanda gorman delivers or new year's day lyric. and from the south to the sierra wild weather is affecting millions of americans heading into the new year.
5:47 pm
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advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. some fresh dungeness crab on the table and take a look at this big crowd in half moon bay. a lot of people looking to buy fresh crab this morning. after the only both that was offering it. we're told that people also headed to pier 47 in san
5:49 pm
francisco, where you could also buy crab right off the boat this afternoon. so let us not return to what was normal but reach toward what is next. what was cursed. we will care what was playing. we will prove pure where we tend to argue, will try to agree those fortunes. we forsworn now the future we foresee where we weren't aware. we're now awake. those moments we missed our now these moments we make. poet amanda gorman, releasing a new poem online. the 23 year old says she wrote it to quote, celebrate the new year and honor the hurt and the humanity of the last one. gorman is from los angeles. she captured national attention at the inauguration of president biden with her poem the hill. we climb at the age of 22. she was the youngest ever and nine year old poet. the harvard graduate
5:50 pm
has since published a bestselling children's book and was the first poet to be featured on the cover of vogue magazine. people in seattle are dealing with a second round of snow this holiday week. people who are more used to brain were busy shoveling sidewalks. others got into the swing of things by going sledding. in the new snow , even as you see here building a snowman. meantime a line of intense thunderstorms rolled across several southern states. in alabama buildings were damaged. bricks from one building were scattered. the storms yesterday brought the threat of tornadoes and high winds, though it wasn't immediately known whether a twister caused that damage. it doesn't seem to matter where you are in the country. wicked weather is sure to find you. foxes, jeff paul reports. and when the wind picked up, it was just a matter of seconds. intense thunderstorms, leaving behind widespread damage across parts of the south in winfield, alabama, strong winds knocked down walls and tore off roofs. one resident described the
5:51 pm
storms as quote, terrifying, and that was definitely the scariest one that i've ever heard because we knew what it was were. we had run down the stairs almost trip. it's a similar scene in nearby glencoe quickly intensified and sent debris flying. grateful jumped up and i thought the kitchen window had blown out, but it was a six by six from our po born that went through our window in california. people are digging out after another round of snow. in the sierra nevada mountains, nearly 17 ft of snow has fallen this month. snowplows are working around the clock to clear roads, but the weather is still causing plenty of travel disruptions. call of a vehicle spin out, and normally it would take about 12 to 15 minutes to get there with lights and siren on using the center divide. it took almost an hour to get there . and in southern california, drenching rain is triggering rockslides and flooding throughout los angeles county. the conditions, even stranding some people inside of malibu
5:52 pm
campground. we're going to get ready to leave, and we saw the river just swelled up and flowing right through the campground. forecasters say. california will dry out over the weekend before yet another round of storms sometime next week. in santa monica, jeff paul fox news. that is winter. and this is what we get in the bay area. you know, it's none of this is really crazy, except the snow in the mountains, which was a historical event. this is the forecast long range. i'm gonna put you through the next five days or so. so here's tomorrow, or here's right now. here comes tomorrow morning. we're going to lock it in. friday morning. friday afternoon looks good all day saturday morning. saturday afternoon looks good sunday morning sunday afternoon. looks okay. sunday into monday. that's when we look at a chance of a shower or sprinkle you see it coming from the north, another cold system and then another system kind of slides just to
5:53 pm
the north of us. so we've got these next couple systems next week kind of week will bring to how some snow, some low snow elevations. maybe a dusting on bay area pigs, but they don't look productive in terms of the rainfall that you might see of, you know, from a warmer weather system. beautiful night outside . hey, days are getting longer right days are getting longer. we just passed the winter solstice from the other day and seeing a couple minutes more daylight each time each day as we go towards the equinox, we do have rainfall percent of average in the bay area now well over. 182 100% so we're doing really well for rainfall. because when you now we're into january. now 200% of rainfall average in january is pretty darn good, and that's somewhat sustainable. in other words, it was hopefully won't slow down, but if it slows down, we're still going to be not a bad spots a lot better than coming in from the other direction with below and then trying to catch up. okay, so there's southern california. they're just getting a bunch of
5:54 pm
rain. we talked about it earlier. they're going to see some more rain over the next few hours. for us. it's a cold night. cold morning mild day. there's enough wind out there right now. the temperatures are still manageable, but the winds are going to die down, especially in those inland valley. so it's going to get chilly tonight as you would expect. and of course, right is january. so you're off. that's not quite january, but it started, you know, be very close and you'd expect these kinds of temperatures record lows. this is nothing out of the ordinary. quite frankly, overnight. we'll see some of those low thirties in the coolest spots friday morning. san francisco in the upper forties. no, we value 47 degrees. friday afternoon, san francisco ends up at about 53 or 54 degrees. the same thing we saw today we're pretty much see tomorrow. this is tomorrow morning. this is tomorrow afternoon. this is saturday morning, saturday afternoon and you get the picture. little valley fog shows up just a really nice forecast as we go into a period of dry after a period of pretty significant wet i mean storm after storm after
5:55 pm
storm. um really, just really inundating the mountains with snow and supplying us with much needed rain. so what'd i just
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