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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 31, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the plan. and staying open for business. i would be dishonest to say it hasn't been a challenge. um but you know, part of the reason why you do restaurants is to make people happy. and that's what we're going to give our best shot at tonight. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth so if you're planning to celebrate tonight, be prepared for possible last minute changes as venues deal with low staff and sick calls. welcome to the four on this new year's eve. i'm andre senior, and i'm greg liggins, alex and heather have the night off. well for a second year, plenty of new year's plans have been tossed out the window because of the coronavirus, and many people say they have been forced to cancel dinner reservations or get togethers. ktvu reporter henry lee spoke to some of them today and he joins us from the newsroom with more
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henry. well, greg. for many. it may not be how they hope to ring in the new year, but health officials say it's better to usher in 2022 as safely as you can. we're going to. we're going to give it the best. go that we can. ah given everything that's been thrown at us. many new year's plans thrown for a loop because of the coronavirus. thanks the american variant. there won't be any fireworks along the san francisco waterfront. some bay area restaurants are canceling parties but not water bar in san francisco is a little bit of a fluid situation, pete said. nick managing partner of the water bar says it's some guests who are a no go typically people that either have tested positive or have guests in their party. that have tested positive for covid understand the safety issues. john pala wich and his band were supposed to perform at a hotel in oakland's uptown they'll have to wait until 2022 getting work back. um, big work and performance work. so we already have some plans. um we have recording plans. we have
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gigs lined up. um so we're going to do again roll with the punches and reveling in relative isolation, health experts say is for the better given the omicron variant. it's been a rough year. i know people want to get together. they miss each other and they miss company dr. or e. civelli contra costa county public health director says people should stay home and not gather in public spaces. it's really the safest thing if you are going to gather, keep it small, where masks if it's people that aren't already in your cohort or your five, and if you're so inclined pop out those covid tests with the party favors and if you can get a hold of them do some antigen tests before you gather suit. you know , to make sure that you don't have someone who's actively infectious coming into your gathering. bottom line is mask up, bundle up and try to enjoy the new year without catching covid on that note by the newsroom. henry lee happy new year. happy new year to you. thanks so much, henry. well despite official celebrations
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being canceled many bay area mass transit agencies will still be providing free rice tonight. riders in san francisco can catch a free ride on uni from eight o'clock until five a.m. tomorrow. transit sam trains, vt. and caltrain will also be providing complementary new year's eve service and you can check their websites. for more information. bart will be charging its riders the full fare tonight, but the transit agency will be running its trains later than usual to accommodate anyone needing to get somewhere safely. the last east bay bound train running through downtown san francisco will leave the city around 1:30 a.m. in the morning. the last southbound train heading towards milbury, scheduled to run through downtown san francisco shortly after two in the morning. lake tahoe is normally a popular new year's eve destination. but this year, officials are urging people to stay away. the two main highways linking the bay area to lake tahoe are open to traffic. but caltrans is urging drivers to
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stay off highway 50 and interstate 80 for any unnecessary trips. the highway agency says drivers still face dangerous road conditions due to this week's snowstorm. tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the sierra are still without power this afternoon, pjd says this week's record breaking snowstorm caused the massive outages. falling trees knocked out the lines, and it's been tough for cruz to get to some areas to repair the damage. the utility says 36,000 customers are without power in the northern sierra. and 13,600 in the southern sierra. pg and e says the break in the weather is helping them make some of the needed repairs. and continue to help us identify the extent of the damage and the hard to reach areas and as we continue to work with cal oh, yes and caltrans and other partners to get access to our system will get more and more intelligence. about what's in front of us and how long some
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of the restoration work will take. pg and e says it has contacted 100 other utilities across the country to ask for resources crews are coming in today from oregon and new mexico to help restore power. it's really is concerning about the cold weather that is heading not only here locally but well into the greater lake tahoe area. good evening, everybody. let's take a look at those forecast high temperatures right now we're at 37 degrees in grass valley. south lake tahoe at 26. yes we have some snow flurries there. truckee under mostly cloudy skies at 27 degrees. rarely does the temperature ever fall about four above zero in the tahoe area, and not tonight , but tomorrow night, we will start to see those temperatures plummet into the teens. typically this time of the year. the overnight low is in the 20. so we're already getting unseasonably cold in tahoe with the high tomorrow only 30, but check that out. six above zero
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very rare. we haven't seen temperatures this cold at night. for the last five years on the south shore or north shark. today we have a small little ends pulse. it's inside slider and watch. you'll see it developing right about there, and that's what we're seeing the flurries develop in the great lake tahoe area. now those flurries not accumulating too much. this is on top of the snow that has fallen and feet this past 7 to 10 days. in fact, our december totals are anywhere from 13.5 ft of snow and bear valley to 18.5 ft of snow and boring out and we have more cold and more snow for next week. we're going to talk about that. plus we've been throwing your new year's eve forecast that's still coming up later on and this broadcast all right. look forward to it. thanks, roberta. obey area school districts are ramping up to give out home covid testing kits to all students. the goal is to get every student tested before school reopens after the winter break or shortly after ktvu rob
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ross spoke with the state superintendent and parents about the new effort to keep students and staff from spreading the coronavirus. schools may be closed for the holidays, but testing continues. school officials were handing parents covid-19 at home antigen test kits at this drive through here in the canyon middle school parking lot in castro valley friday. the fact that castro valley school district is making the efforts that make sure the kids are safe and protected. is great for me as a parent. one teacher also has three children of her own, attending school. a lot of testing at home this weekend. yes they won't be happy about it, especially if it's the nose one with covid cases soaring again. governor gavin newsom announced last week he was sending six million at home testing kits to all districts in charter schools in california. one shipment arrived in alameda county friday afternoon. this was no small logistical feat. i know that the weather also played a role. in
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getting the test here in a timely manner. among those handing out test kids with state superintendent tony thurman. we want this to be replicated throughout the 58 counties in our state. and throughout all the districts in our state and to continue to provide our schools with the resources that they need to keep our children safe and to keep our students in school, the hope was to get all students tested before most school districts reopen on monday, but with kids still being a ship statewide, that won't be possible in many districts, so perhaps that can happen by the end of next week. it is all voluntary. there is no mandate around testing. they want to continue the message of getting vaccines even as we are focused on what's going to happen for most schools in the state in the next few days, and that's opening students who test positive are asked to stay home and have their families called the school as soon as possible. in castro valley. rob roth, ktvu fox two news now, as we continue to see covid cases rise in the
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bay area and across the country, it's hard to tell what the next few weeks will look like, or the best practices are to protect everyone from the omicron variant. so joining us now is dr peter trinh hung and doctor. thank you so much for joining us and taking a time out with us today on this new year's eve. i want to start with this even though a lot of new year celebrations have been canceled in the bay area, plenty of people well, they're still going to gather to ring in the new year. which could, of course lead to more cases. what do you think? case numbers will plateau or when do you think they'll plateau or even decrease? well i think that you know there's still going up, andre. believe it or not, even though where more than quadrupled in cases in san francisco after the new year's, it's done by next week. hopefully, we'll see. the peak, either the first or the second week of january and will start to see things decline. really very, very quickly. i think by the end of january and hopefully can clarify something for me here, this regarding the vaccine, we know there are breakthrough cases. but it's the vaccine meant to prevent you
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from getting covid-19 or just minimized covid effects. that's a great question, andre so the vaccine is really best at preventing you from getting super ill and going to the hospital. getting to the icu and definitely prevents you from dying, but it's not quite as good as preventing just getting the symptoms like a cold or allergy like symptoms by infection, although it does work if you've gotten boosted in a lot of people, you're just hearing of other people are positive. but there are quite a substantial group of people who are exposed with the negative because of the booster. alright and we are seeing a reduction in desks unlike we did last year correct. definitely when you look at who's at ucsf, for example, a lot of people on the floor last year this time so many people are in the intensive care unit. we're running out of ventilators, so it's a very different situation for sure. we know that booster shots are helpful in protecting vaccinated people. but if you get covid
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before you have a chance to get boosted. how long she'd wait to get a shot after you've recovered from covid-19. so tricia traditional advice for getting a shot after natural infection is about 2 to 3 months . um, you know, some people have been getting shots earlier after delta because we knew that it didn't necessarily all need all these protect you against omicron well, but if you've got a macron, which is pretty much everybody at this point, you can safely wait 2 to 3 months to get your shot. and in that in that time in that 2 to 3 months, you are protected because you do have the antibodies, right? yes you're even protected against delta. we learned from some research from south africa, which is a you know, a more vicious variant. if you get overgrown, it gives you protection against delta as well . all right, and so if you do test positive, and your symptoms subside the how long should you wait to go in public? i know the cdc's just had just updated the recommendation. but should you test negative before you stop quarantining? yes so, the cdc
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says, five days if you're asymptomatic, that's no symptoms . you go back out into the world with a mask for five days. um and a good mask, not not just a cloth mask looks nice like this, but well fitted surgical mask. san francisco and california. primary public health just updated guidelines to say that you can go out into the world and those symptoms and a five but get a negative test first, which i think makes people feel a little bit easier because you are 13% likely to still have virus after the five and as people get ready now they're at home getting ready to go out later tonight. what is your a final piece of advice to those as they get ready to go out and were there mask? yes but if you're going to be in a bar, you're going to be around people. is it inevitable that you get it at this point? ah i don't think it's completely inevitable. i still think it's a great idea for not getting it. and that means i think you know it's sitting close to
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ventilation. it's so cold in terms, cisco today is probably hard to get overgrown when you're outside, but i think if anything else fails, and you forget everything a day 3 to 5, you can do a test. if you're negative. at that point, you're pretty much home free for the time being alright. dr peterson hang infectious disease specialist at ucsf. thank you for your time. and again happy new year to you. i've been all right, well, americans, seniors are another social security beneficiaries can start watching their calendars. now the social security administration has published a calendar showing when the country's 70 million recipients of benefits can start seeing a promised cost of living increase in their checks. the average retiree will see their monthly checks jumped $92 to about $1650. the typical couple gets 154 more dollars to about $2700. to see the calendar for yourself. check out the social security government website. so i'm sad news in the
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entertainment industry on this new year's day, beloved actress and comedian betty white has died. white died at her home this morning. she was 99 just a couple of weeks shy of her 1/100 birthday, white had one of the longest running careers on television for any female entertainer. and starred or appeared in multiple shows spanning the last 80 years. one of her most iconic roles was that of rose on the eighties sitcom. the golden girls. well, coming up a terrifying situation for driver in washington. what saved her life after falling over 80 ft off a cliff. and a devastating situation in colorado, as wildfires have now destroyed hundreds of homes. where containment
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destroyed at least 600 homes and
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counting in boulder county, the marshall and middle fork fires broke up yesterday northwest of denver. authorities said that the fires appear to be contained with snow falling in the area today after months of drought. last night, flames swept through the area driven by winds gusting over 100 mph at least 30,000. people had to be evacuated. today some residents are getting their first look at where their homes once stood. officials said that one first responder and six others were hurt, but so far there are no reports of missing people which the governor called a miracle. considering how fast the fire moved so far, it looks like the two major hospitals in the areas were spared. looks like schools were spared. and we might have our very own new year's miracle on our hands if it holds up that there was no loss of life. earlier the governor toured the devastation by helicopter. the cause remains under investigation, but authorities said that utility crews found no downed power lines in the area where the fire
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started. shoppers at a costco near the wildfire were among those evacuated in a hurry. yesterday one of the shoppers recorded this video on her cell phone. you can see people being ushered out of the store and then when people got out to go to their cars, you can see that the heavy smoke from the wildfires had reduced visibility down to almost zero. a snowy, cold and terrifying turn of events for one driver in washington state. fire officials were called out to reports of a car that went off a cliff at kalama river road and fowler. it rode in cowlitz county, washington, officials say the car fell some 80 to 100 ft. with the nose of the car coming just one ft from falling into the river. fire officials believe iraq shoot and large cedar tree pinned the car, creating a safety net that may have helped save the driver's life. this is the one spot in this, you know, 1000 yard section of the bend of the river that has this one
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shoot that has the one bench so she needs to buy some lottery tickets. there was about eight ft. vertical drop in order to get her out. we were able to get her harnessed in with the help of the tech team. get her up, and now we're just treatment for weather related cold and checking her out for injuries. but right now she looks to be very lucky. lucky indeed, this video was taken by one of the three tech team rescuers in clark county as they use the rope system to climb down showing just how steep the fall was. the woman was able to get herself out of the car and hike up about 40 ft. and wait for first responders to bring her to safety. call me crazy, but one of my favorite whether elements happens to be a cold front and the reason is once it passes through, it does pull down that cooler air mass. but boy, does it leave us with fresh and clear and clean skies? visibility right now from our weather camera and oakland. looking out towards the skyline is san
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francisco. past the cranes at the seaport of the port of oakland. it is beautiful visibilities unlimited. no reports of any weather related delays at sfo, manetta or oakland international airports. numbers are in the fifties. we are warmer than yesterday, just 24 hours ago when we're sitting predominantly into the forties. 53 degrees of peace and in oakland and san francisco alum most of the peninsula, it's in the low fifties incentives say through wino, willow glen into elvis, so and 57 degrees in travis through fairfield, winter up to 12 mph. now in santa rosa , when you get this kind of a brief 13 and a bottle and a nicasio and you couple that up right now, with temperatures in the low fifties feels like it's in the mid forties, and that will be the scenario for later on tonight, as you bring in the new year, as well as sofa with winds up to 17 mph. 22 along the seashore with gusty winds into the thirties 40 mile per hour
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winds in san jose so yes, it's breezy outside and what do you see happening at midnight tonight? absolutely nothing. the skies are clear and with the clarity we are going to have the colder temperatures. and then here comes your saturday as we forge ahead and it's going to be a mostly clear day after a few morning apache foggy areas and also a few high thin clouds. and as we progress through our weekend sunday, will remain on the clear side for openers that increasing clouds from that up there and that's going to be our next rank potential tonight, overnight, dipping below freezing in our far reaches of our north bay and also in the east bay easily at the freezing point and throughout the tri valley we're talking about livermore, sam ramon, dublin, pleasanton. that's more than three, isn't it? but you've got to feel of that thirties, also common in the silicon valley forties around the peninsula, and i tell you what we're going to do. we're going to toss in this for you. it's our new year's eve forecast for the city of san francisco. temperature by midnight will be 44 degrees. it will be yes, chile it will be a
4:22 pm
little bit on the breezy side. so if it's 44 degrees by the water when you're away from the water and our island areas, you're certainly going to be at least in the high thirties. we'll have the full forecast. with the rain coming in. that's still coming up in a matter of moments, gentlemen. all right. thank you. so much for verdict. well, the recent rain and snow finally having an impact on the states drought conditions, according to this week's draft monitor. most parts of the bay area have moved out of the exceptional drought category. and you can see what it looked like last week on the left much darker red there. the lighter image on the right means that drought conditions were downgraded. coming up. a couple visiting san francisco needs help after having their car broken into and their cat stolen their plea for the
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie...
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can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. limited availability in select areas. return of their beloved cat. their pet was stolen out of
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their car in san francisco during a smash and grab burglary . ktvu is elissa harrington spoke with one of the owners. these lost cat signs are posted all over san francisco's cal hollow and marina neighborhoods . they show one year old mina lusa, a short haired tabby cat wearing a green sweater. her owners say mina lusa was stolen in a smash and grab car burglary more than that. it was part of our family because of the pandemic. just a hard time and she was always with us accompany . this happened at the public parking garage on 1 to 8 molton street back on december. 20th caesar granados told me he and his wife, carla, were visiting the bay area from southern california and brought their cat along. they sometimes take the cat out on a leash, but say they decided to leave her in the car in her carrier while they ran some errands. when they returned , they found the rear window broken and their pet gone. someone had stolen the carrier but left other valuables behind . we find the heartbreaking
4:26 pm
scene that, um the window was smashed. and when we try to look for like you know why was it broken and try to see if there's any belongings missing? um you know, we eventually realized that armenia glusac um and also with the pet care was stolen, coronado said. they have not stopped searching. they posted hundreds of flyers checked local shelters and shared information on lost cat websites. they also filed a police report. there are surveillance cameras at the garage. burger nado said. police would not let him see any video . i just remain hopeful pretty best outcome, and it worries me that you know. it's just one of the most wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful citizen us and i don't understand why, you know there's so much incidents in crime. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. well. san francisco business owner says he
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is dealing with a second break in in just one month and everything's on the floor broken and destroyed and the noise broken in the gate that we just had replaced as missing. it's blocks and everything and this is video from inside the marina and company, antique store and fillmore street, where the most recent breaking happened wednesday morning. the business owner says there is a minimum of $30,000 in damage and another $35,000 in goods stolen. the owner tells us that he took over the business at the beginning of the year, but the store has been in business since 1983. oakland police say two people are in jail after apparently connected to a deadly shooting at lake merritt that killed the 22 year old woman, officials say 33 year old sean price and 32 year old turing dep clay are charged with the murder of michelle chan, says michelle sanchez, rather during an apparent robbery last month on lakeshore avenue. both men were also accused of other robberies in oakland as well. the cdc is investigating a new
4:28 pm
multi state bacterial breakout into packaged salad products. the cdc is looking into possible e. coli contamination. and packages of simple truth, organic power greens and nature's best organic power greens. so far, the states affected our washington, oregon, california, mississippi and ohio. in all 13 people have gotten sick and four have been hospitalized. if you have the products, you should throw them away if the package says best use by december, 20th well. it's syria's eve, which means a new laws are set to take effect and just a matter of hours, which ones go into effect starting tomorrow. and covid cases continue to rise across the country. what health experts say we can expect to see next wee
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but our here, we are just getting started. year's eve celebrations tonight , even as the omicron variant tears through the u. s as fox news, charles watson tells us 2022 is arriving just as coronavirus cases. have reached another new record. oh macron is a celebrating the us hitting another grim milestone on thursday, half a million new cases with the daily average now well above 300,000, but there's good news on the containment front. new cdc research shows that few problems among kids each 5 to 11, who got the fighter vaccine in nearly all the children who became seriously ill last summer were not fully vaccinated. as vaccination rates increased. the
4:32 pm
focus at this point remains on testing with big shortage is still being reported across the country. if you're infected, it's a milder virus. oh macron because they don't have the rapid tests. they can't test you and say okay, now you're clear. go back to work. the new variant also taking a big toll on air travel more than 1000 flights canceled in the us on thursday for the seventh straight day. airlines are blaming staffing shortages due to covid infections and exposures coming into the airport. there's just a lot of shortage of staff. so we stood in line for quite a bit and health of issues are expecting even more cases next week as millions gathered to ring in the new year. some folks have canceled or adjusted their plans. but others say this is the perfect time to celebrate. i know it hasn't been great for everybody, but we had. we were very fortunate this year and it was a good year, so we have each other. so it doesn't get any better than that. the push for boosters continues as well. the
4:33 pm
fda reportedly expected to authorize a third fighter goes for 12 to 15 year olds as early as next week. in atlanta. charles watson fox news. the cdc is also reporting an uptick in children being hospitalized with the virus. roughly 400 children were admitted to medical centers each day between december 22nd through the 28th a new high, some communities are establishing more child friendly vaccine clinics like a superhero themed event in detroit. health experts say severe coronavirus complications and kids are rare. but they can spread the virus to people at higher risk had, like nine people in my family that have died from covid. so we want to protect my mother. i siblings and other people. the cdc's says that roughly 14% of kids ages 5 to 11 or fully vaccinated. that number goes up to 53% for those aged 12 to 17. two of america's
4:34 pm
biggest banks are sending employees back home. jpmorgan chase and citigroup announced that they will have their employees work remotely beginning in 2022. this of course, due to a recent spike in covid 19 cases and the spread of the omicron variant. jpmorgan says it's still hopeful to get employees back in person. by february, 1st. prior to the announcement. many of cities us employees were working and what they call a hybrid model. they went to the office at least twice a week. the news comes as a host of major us companies have altered their plans to return to the office. well a new law that takes effect tomorrow in california bans police from using a type of restraint. restraint hole that has killed people. the new law is called the angelo kentaro act, named after the 30 year old man in antioch. who died after police handcuffed him behind his back while he was lying on his stomach. the new law prevents officers from using restraint
4:35 pm
techniques that could lead to a substantial risk of preventing someone from breathing. another new law ends mandatory minimum prison or jail sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. it gives judges more discretion to impose probation or other alternative sentences. well, you could see a big jump in your utility bills in the new year as pg and e is raising rates by more than 9% the bay area news group says. the average build for residents residential customers with both gas and electric service. expected to tap $220 a month. pg and e says the rate increase will help pay for grits safety upgrades, and it's ongoing safety program designed to reduce the chance of its equipment, setting off a wildfire. the utility also cites rising electricity and natural gas costs. as we mentioned earlier in the broadcast, the entertainment world is mourning the loss of betty white, who passed away just weeks short of her 1/100 birthday tonight, so
4:36 pm
many are remembering her incredible career, her humor and her kindness. here's fox's ashley divorce. i got a call from a lowest niland. that's rosen island rose as in a series of seats in a movie theater. betty white was a golden girl in so many ways the acting legend graced the screen for decades, creating iconic characters had a career resurgence later in life and displayed a sense of humor, which brought a consistent reminder of why she's considered a national treasure. all sentiments expressed by those who knew her as they learned about her passing. ryan reynolds, who co starred with white and the proposal, tweeted. the world looks different now she was great at defying expectation. she managed to grow very old and somehow not old enough. we'll miss you, betty. now you know the secret. the two had even recently exchanged funny comments after white joked and her people magazine cover story. that reynolds needs to
4:37 pm
get over his crush on her hot in cleveland co star valerie burton . ellie also writing rest in peace, sweet betty. my god, how bright heaven must be right now . deborah called her playful and daring and smart, adding a national treasure indeed, fly with the angels. viola davis said, man did i think you would live forever. you blew a huge hole in this world that will inspire generations, henry winkler expressed it is very hard to absorb. you're not here anymore, but the memories of your delight are thank you for your humor, your warmth and your activism and seth meyers shared how white was the only snl host he ever saw get a standing ovation at the after party, a party at which she ordered a vodka and a hot dog and stayed till the bitter end. stories and memories pour in as betty white's legacy full of laughter and heart continues to be remembered in hollywood. ashley devore kin fox news. well coming
4:38 pm
up. we're taking a look at where california's employment numbers stand as 2021 comes to a close how far away the state still is from pre pandemic levels. it is our live weather camera looking out towards the pristine conditions. it is the s. terreri and right there in oakland, the overnight low will be 46 degrees , but some areas would dip below freezi
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and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. county after heavy rains caused widespread flooding. one of the biggest problems was at a campground in malibu yesterday, emergency crews rescued more than 20 people at the popular state partner, the pacific coast highway. crews used an inflatable raft to pull campers and their pets out of the rushing waters flooded the campground parking lot. the whole campground is completely
4:41 pm
inundated. everybody's up to the waist high and cars are ruined. trailers are ruined, so it's a disaster in there. at this time. there are no reports of any serious injuries. crews are also cleaning up several mudslides along pacific coast highway in santa monica. luckily, no one was injured. caltrans has been working for hours to secure the areas. threats of mudslides spanned more than los angeles and ventura counties in orange county. emergency managers are monitoring the bond fire burn scar. they have crews clearing debris and equipment positioned in the areas of williams, mar, jessica and silverado canyons. some people in the area have been asked to evacuate. we instantly started putting barriers up, knowing that the debris flows in this area is very dangerous. we have the computer on we're constantly checking it. and if it does start raining will be will be evacuating will be leaving right away. last year. the bonfire
4:42 pm
burned since then, previous mudslides in the area have damaged five homes. just incredible. that was our same storm system that we experienced this past tuesday and wednesday , now exiting southern california. let's go ahead and take a look at the current conditions outside right now, pristine conditions, visibility and limited. it is just a glorious evening, albeit a bit on the chilly side. in fact, these temperatures are below average for this time of the year. but we are in the fifties right now, but the winds have been increasing. it is 53 degrees in oakland and in san francisco 52 degrees a piece to the northern santa rosa to the south and san jose and livermore tri valley. now in the low fifties, winds are up to 12 and center rosen. the reason why i like noting this is because the winds are vigorous up to 70 mph on short, sfo. we do have guts at 26 at half moon bay, and when you couple that up like that window right there, and san jose 14 a couple that up with the
4:43 pm
temperature outside, it feels raw, so bundle up and dress in layers at midnight. clear skies, a bit of a breeze. chilly temperatures, no clouds until tomorrow morning, where we will have some areas of patchy fog and few high thin clouds. temperatures tonight overnight. protect your pets, plants and pipes away from the bay 26 degrees in santa rosa, freezing try valley. also in morgue unhealthy thirties lining the bay now, tomorrow's i temperatures only in the upper forties. napa. 50 and san mateo and 48 degrees from livermore streaming into pleasant in san ramon and dublin. we've been throwing danville and black caucus, alamo also has overnight lows near freezing in daytime highs in the fifties. so here you have your fireworks. while there's no fireworks is there my bad we do have temperatures tonight in san francisco at 44 degrees with the bit of a breeze. otherwise we don't have any rain in the forecast at all . until monday, there's a chance of rain throughout the bay area
4:44 pm
more likely the north bay and skinny, the coast unlikely tuesday, but we're not looking at real big, large accumulation. gentlemen roberta. thank you. well today in the east bay artists repaired and dedicated the mural and hayward that's been targeted by thieves. andrewjkahn knight says people keep stealing the giant butterflies off the mural on tennison road. the mural called freedom from borders, using the users the migration of the monarch butterfly to symbolize human migration between the us and mexico, and it appears the big butterflies attached to the wall were just too tempting for some now it is a hayward native and says he feels a responsibility to fix up the mural. to see something happen to evangelized. yeah it's really hard on the heart. it really it really hurts because. you know, i know people enjoy it, and it becomes their mural. people in this neighborhood. see it every day. more more than so that i do. knight who grew up in the neighborhood, dedicated the mural today to his mother, who
4:45 pm
passed away at the age of 90 earlier this month. he said she always encouraged his art. and if he didn't know i'm from hayward as well. a lot of proud folks from that. yes, alright, that's beautiful mural there. hopefully it will stay with this time. but with respect to california employment, we want to look back but mostly forward to the golden state's labor fortunes. ktvu is tom vacar reviewed the numbers with a man who has been taking a very close look for the last 43 years. so where was california job wise? at the end of 2021, duane morris labor lawyer and former director , mike bernick says this just between february and november, we gained over 970,000. payroll jobs in the state still were at only about 70% of the jobs we had prior to the pandemic, and, um we also have the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 6.9% so should we keep looking at almost 100,000 new jobs a month in 2022. no says
4:46 pm
bernick. we'll see it at half of that, or last, um so we'll see growth but will be at a far slower pace. what we keep seeing the 4.3% wage gains we saw in 2021, though the nation is seeing the lowest new unemployment claims since 1969 with california only slightly higher than average world jobs would be more stable. employers are hanging on to workers in the way they haven't before. they're not doing layoffs in any significant amount. whether or not legions of former workers will finally begin returning to work. it cannot be predicted. what we do know is that it's continues to be a slow return to work. though the nation has talked about remote work through once called telecommuting, giving new technologies such as zoom, will there be a mass return to offices by workers on a daily basis? one thing that's certain in the california job market, and that's the, um continuance of remote work
4:47 pm
that's here to stay witnessed the fact that many california counties once having chronically high unemployment are thriving, some due to remote working the other big trend contributing for 2022. self employment in 2021, more individual and small businesses were created than back in pre pandemic 2019 job gains have been not only here in our urban areas like the bay area, but throughout the state in the central valley in north california. the wild card in all of this is what happens not only with the macron variant but the obvious possibility of more variance coming in the new year. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. heart coming up every country does it differently. we take a look at new year's eve celebrations around the world. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps,
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already celebrating 2022. this is the fireworks display this morning from the iconic sydney harbor bridge and opera house, the city decided to go ahead with the new year's fireworks display. despite a surge in new coronavirus cases, but crowds were smaller than in pre pandemic years when as many as one million people would turn out to watch the fireworks. and here's what it looked like in new zealand. this was a spectacular seen in the skies above auckland, the auckland harbor bridge sky tower in auckland war memorial museum. all went up for three hours before full light show at midnight while awaits two o'clock there right now in new zealand is one of the first countries in the world to ring in the new year. now on to tokyo , where thousands of people still came out to celebrate 2022 despite the official new year's countdown being canceled. the famous shibuya crossing
4:51 pm
intersection typically hosts the annual new year's countdown in japan's capital, but with an uptick in new covid-19 cases due to the fast spreading macron variant officials in japan canceled the event and urged people not to visit the area. billboards and monitors were seen being switched off around midnight to discourage large crowds from gathering but that wasn't enough to keep the crowds away as police were struggling to control the large number of revelers. well as barria venues prepare for tonight's new year's eve celebrations. some are altering their plans because of the coronavirus is amber lee spoke to two organizers and alameda. that are taking different approaches to tonight's festivities. the uss hornet is almost three football fields long with plenty of open space. you can see by the number of microphones that we're going to have a decently, sarge, a sized swing dance band here. the naval ship is decorated for its annual new year's eve
4:52 pm
celebration. fundraiser. almost 400 tickets sold. half the number of people it could have hosted. we had three dance floors, a big stage. and it was going to be a really fun event. then came the decision thursday to postpone the event due to covid concerns. we don't want our folks to be apprehensive about attending a veteran, a hornet is supposed to be fun. it's supposed to be an enjoyable gala. now the hornet is offering a refund or credit towards a future event. we thought this was the most prudent thing to do. but the party is scheduled to be held on the fume blanc commodore will go on as planned , according to toby pressure with sf events dot com. the event planner tells me it is among the party boats set to sail from san francisco new year's eve, he says, even though san francisco canceled its annual fireworks show he hasn't received any cancelations. not one call. i feel that it's been somebody saying that they want to cancel the calls, i guess. hey, i'm driving three hours away. is this still happening? he tells me there's been an
4:53 pm
uptick in ticket sales in the last 72 hours, he says proof of vaccinations and masking are required unless eating, drinking and dancing outdoors. normal capacity 340 people on this ship reduced to 300 for social distancing. he expects about 250 people. you're wrestling with the conscious should i go out and have a good time or should i stay home in that, but the best ideas whatever makes you feel good back at the uss hornet. disappointment since the museum was shut down twice during the pandemic for a total of six months now resilience in the face of challenge we've had to retreat and lick our wounds before we made it through the covid. we're going to do it again. we actually the new years we've got just sort of hoping optimism the new year's eve celebration on the uss hornet was expected to raise $60,000. the ceo tells me he hopes to reschedule the fundraiser for this coming spring in alameda. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news.
4:54 pm
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ various mental health problems and kids, according to the american academy of pediatrics and canadian pediatric society, kids should have no more than two hours of screen time a day. the study found that not only do most children and teens go way above that, but it could lead to hyperactivity or attention span issues in children and symptoms of depression and anxiety in teens. researchers noted. the study does not prove screen time causes mental health issues or conduct or conduct problems, but clearly shows a link between the two a popular new year's resolution is to save more money
4:57 pm
. if that is your goal. here are some tips from personal finance experts to help keep that resolution one. start out january with a 21 day freeze on major spending to set money aside and savings, but no, why and be specific on dollar amounts and three monitor any spending. that's more than $100. well. final preparations are underway for the 2022 rose parade in pasadena organizers are ensuring that the parade will take place despite any concerns about the increase in coronavirus cases. reporter hal eisner has a look at how nearly two dozen bands from across the country or giving spectators or taste of what's to come. tomorrow morning. 20 bands will grace this year's rose parade and on the track and pasadena city college. they show what they could do. last year, there
4:58 pm
was no band fest and no parade. the corporate was covid. but this year is full steam ahead as these high school and college band members join 18 equestrian units and 43 floats over 6000 break participants in all, and parade officials say over 90% of them are vaccinated and the rest will be tested before parade time. rose parade. president bob miller is as excited as these young folks are to him. the braid will serve as a symbol to the rest of the planet in this time of darkness and getting into the light. there's nothing like a great parade to show america and to show our world that america is back and we're ready to go. you got to give these kids a lot of credit coming out here, whether like this and performing the way they do they sound great for those in the stands fighting the raindrops. hey, hi, there. the rose parade isn't just a parade. if you're the pod niac from ohio here to watch the ohio state band. it's the parade you were born. raised in the midwest, you watch the rose parade. new
4:59 pm
year's day isn't a dream, even for a 62 year old, but whether from college or high school, it means so much to be showcased in a parade like the tournament of roses. santiago high school band director joe dudek says his band members were excited when they got the news. they would be in the braid and band fest. they were really excited. i mean, just to be just to be part of it is just an honor states are represented this year, and that sense of honor and pride is shared by many. it's not just the kids, it's their parents. it's the band directors. it's the staff. it's the administration's everybody who supports it in pasadena. i'm hal eisner. fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. around five. if you've got them pop those out pop up those covid tests with the party favors otherwise, make sure you're being smart about how you decide to ring in the new year. good evening to you. i'm andre senior. and i'm greg liggins. christina has the night off well
5:00 pm
for a second year, plenty of new year's plans have been tossed out the window because of the coronavirus. the celebration was in full swing at thrive. cities winter wonderland today from fun on ice, too, family friendly games. it was a beautiful day to be outside chase center. well, how is the weather shaping up tonight? meteorologist roberto gonzalez has the forecast for us , but we begin with ktvu reporter henry lee, who says if you are planning to go out and celebrate tonight, be prepared for possible. last minute changes. yes, not how many of us want to ring in the new year, but health officials say the best way to usher in 2022 is as safely as possible. we're going to. we're going to give it the best. go that we can, uh, given everything that's been thrown at us. many new year's plans thrown for a loop because of the coronavirus. thanks the omicron variant. there won't be any fireworks along the san francisco


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