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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 31, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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for a second year, plenty of new year's plans have been tossed out the window because of the coronavirus. the celebration was in full swing at thrive. cities winter wonderland today from fun on ice, too, family friendly games. it was a beautiful day to be outside chase center. well, how is the weather shaping up tonight? meteorologist roberto gonzalez has the forecast for us , but we begin with ktvu reporter henry lee, who says if you are planning to go out and celebrate tonight, be prepared for possible. last minute changes. yes, not how many of us want to ring in the new year, but health officials say the best way to usher in 2022 is as safely as possible. we're going to. we're going to give it the best. go that we can, uh, given everything that's been thrown at us. many new year's plans thrown for a loop because of the coronavirus. thanks the omicron variant. there won't be any fireworks along the san francisco waterfront. some bay
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area restaurants are canceling parties but not water bar in san francisco is a little bit of a fluid situation, pete said. nick managing partner of the water bar says it's some guests who are a no go typically people that either have tested positive or have guests in their party. that have tested positive for covid. understand the safety issues. john pala wich and his band were supposed to perform at a hotel in oakland's uptown they'll have to wait until 2022 getting work back. um, big work and performance work. so we already have some plans. um we have recording plans. we have gigs lined up, so we're going to do again roll with the punches and reveling in relative isolation held, experts say, is for the better given the omicron variant. it's been a rough year . i know people want to get together. they miss each other and they miss company dr. or e. civelli contra costa county public health director says people should stay home and not gather in public spaces. it's really the safest thing if you are going to gather, keep it
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small, where masks if it's people that aren't already in your cohort or your five, and if you're so inclined pop out those covid tests with the party favors and if you can get a hold of them do some antidote and tests before you gather suit. you know, to make sure that you don't have someone who's actively infectious coming into your gathering. so the message tonight mask up bundle weapon. try not to catch covid on that note, greg. happy new year happy new year to you and i'm doing the best i can vax boosted all we can do. thanks, henry. well cal trade will offer free train service starting at eight o'clock tonight. it lasts until the final departure from san francisco 1 30 morning. special trains were also added that begin running at 12 30 am trains will make all regular weekday local stuff between san francisco and san jose's dearden station. face coverings are required for all riders open alcohol containers are not
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allowed on trains after nine pm bart will be running its trains later than usual to accommodate those celebrating the new year, the last east bay bound train through san francisco will leave the city around 1 30 in the morning. the last southbound train heading toward milbury scheduled to run to the area through that area, rather through the through downtown san francisco shortly after two a.m. the vita has continued the tradition of offering free busses and light rail service today service will include extended operating hours and free boarding, starting at eight tonight. more details on available bay area transportation tonight head to our website ktvu .com and if you're planning on being outdoors, make sure you are warm enough when you do head out there, meteorologist roberta gonzalez here with our new year's eve forecast. roberta andre, i thought for sure you're going to say if you're planning on being outdoors, why, you know people are going to head out. you just you know. be smart. yeah, it's true, but you know,
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there's no fireworks this year, except for our random one here or there, right. hi, everybody. let's go ahead and head out outside right now where we have clear skies. it's just gorgeous . official. sunset was at 501. and we're looking at the skyline of san francisco, where the high today was only 53 degrees. after beginning the morning at 42 degrees, a bit of a breeze out there, you can see the camera wavering just slightly. here's some other notable numbers we have dipped into the forties and the north bay 47 degrees and livermore. it is now 50 and san jose. but again, you've got to factor in the winds. 10 mph in santa rosa, that with an air temperature in the forties, it feels a lot colder. more like the low forties. calm winds right now and conquered back into clayton into walnut creek 30 mile per hour winds along the peninsula in san carlos 16 sfo when guests at 28 mph and a half moon bay i think you're getting the just of all of this. it's breezy outside with the clear skies. here's a look at what's
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going on right now. just about in the greater lake tahoe area. we've had a few snow flurries, but that is about it locally. we don't have any rain in the forecast tonight. nothing but the clear skies with the passage of the cold front that whipped through the bay area. wednesday and thursday with storms before that is well, but that pulled down a lot of colder air mess and by doing that and coupling up with the breeze, even though it's going to be 44 degrees at midnight in san francisco, and pretty much lining the bay well into oakland, emeryville and alameda with that breeze. it's going to feel a lot colder than that. and, of course, away from the bay of water. temperatures dip into the twenties tonight in santa rosa and qatari and in greenville as well as healdsburg . so we do have a freeze warning in effect until nine o'clock tomorrow morning for those north bay and terrier valleys. it'll be freezing and throughout the tri valley also morgen, he'll mid and high thirties around the bay and the co sign will have
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the full forecast. that's still coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. gentlemen twenties. thanks, roberto. well the city of oakland says with the cold weather, it is helping saint vincent depaul expand efforts to get people into shelters this weekend. city staff volunteers will help operate the saint vincent depaul shelter at san pablo avenue near west grand. they say that will allow the shelter to add 45 more beds for people who need to get out of the cold this weekend. well we are following some breaking news right now and conquered at the sun valley mall just a few moments ago, concord police confirmed the mall is actually on lockdown following a shooting there. video posted to twitter shows a large police presence outside the mall. initial reports suggest that least one person was wounded and taken to the hospital. but police say there does not appear to be any continued threat to the public. the first reports of a shooting came in just about an hour ago when worker at the mall told us the mall was evacuated,
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but many store employees were still inside. they told us they seen a police canine unit on the scene. and we have a crew on the way to the scene, and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. the snowstorm in the sierra continues to leave tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the dark. pgd calling in 100 other utilities across the country to bring in resources to all hands on deck as utility works to do repairs between storms. ktvu tom baker reports for us because december snowfall totals have broken records in many areas of the sierra. damage to the pg and e system has skyrocketed so much so p genius still assessing all of it. we expect to see over 5000 separate locations with damage that our crews will have to safely work. to restore power outages are widespread with about half of the 70,000 foothills and mountains dwellers
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restored from this week's storms . but the relative slowness of restoration lies in access endangered crews, including high avalanche risk. extremely cold temperatures deep snow icy nous , sudden falling trees down trees down power equipment and terrible terrain. we have to snowshoe in too many of these areas literally snowshoe in because the remoteness of some of our assets assessing the damage, let alone repairing. it is proving to be a monumental task. the breaking weather that we've seen here recently was yesterday was the very first day that we had clear skies to be able to fly our lines. that is going to continue to help us assess our facilities, even with six helicopters combing the lines for damage, it still adds up to big delays in actually getting the lights back on. even with massive mutual aid on the way we have reached our 2 100 other utilities because of the remoteness, almost everyone will
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be restored by january 5th, but those few in the most inaccessible locations may have to wait another two weeks. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. well prepared to see a price spike in your utility bills in the new year. pg and e. is raising rates by more than 9% bay area news group says the average bill for residential customers with both gas and electric service is expected to top $220 a month. pg and e says the rate increase will help pay for grid safety upgrades and it's ongoing safety program designed to reduce the chance of its equipment, setting off a wildfire. the utility also cites rising electricity and natural gas costs. america lost one of its most beloved entertainers. this year, this new year's eve, beloved actress and comedian betty white has died at the age of 99. jonathan hunt with fox news takes a look
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back at her legacy. betty marion white was born january 17th 1922 in oak park, illinois. during the depression, her parents moved with their only child to los angeles, where she attended hollywood high school and later got her start on local tv break came in 1949 with hollywood on television variety show that ran five hours a day, six days a week. that success led to a sitcom. very white. in life with elizabeth and her own variety program. the betty white show little lamb, who's lost in after that, she took a job that would change everything as a celebrity contestant on the game show password. she met the man she called the love of her life. third husband, host allen ludden, and i'll give the first password tonight. two very white . then in 1973 betty landed the first of two landmark roles. i'm
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sorry, billy, but i cannot do a chocolate souffle with only two cameras and nivens. they're happy homemaker who was anything but on the mary tyler moore show . go ahead, lou. you're stronger than i am pressured vantage. it was supposed to be a guest appearance, but it became a full time job and earned her two emmy awards in 1980 husband, allen was diagnosed with stomach cancer. he died the following year. betty never remarried and never had children. she continued, taking guest starring roles and game shows until she once again found a perfect cart . i got a call from a lowest niland. that's rosen island, rose. as in a series of seats in a movie theater. i'm golden girls. betty's character was the opposite of sueann, the kindhearted scatterbrain rose, known for sharing stories from his small town upbringing lost the little miss signed olive pageant. 23 years in a row,
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along with acting. betty was passionate about animal welfare . she spent more than four decades working with the morris animal fat. foundation and the los angeles zoo and won a lifetime achievement award from the jane goodall institute. my life is divided, absolutely in half half show business and half animal business and i'll do anything i can make life better for these guys are guests of honor, miss betty white in recent years career enjoyed a renaissance first appeared in a hard hitting super bowl commercials playing like betty white out there. it's not what your girlfriend said then an internet campaign helped her land a hosting gig on saturday night live. it became snl's highest rated show in nearly two years. now i'm here tonight because you wanted me to be then , when her new show hot in cleveland premiered, the pilot
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set a ratings record for the tv land network, the caretaker of this house for 50 years. but you can kick me off in all. betty earned more than half a dozen emmys three american comedy awards grammy and three screen actors guild awards, including a lifetime achievement. this is the highest point of my entire professional life with her quick wit, impeccable timing and generous personality betty white leaves behind the lasting legacy of love. and laughter. jonathan hunt, fox news. was difficult since we're in a traffic really just concentrating on getting out. um but, yeah, definitely the red light and the sky was coming quickly. coming up a mother's worst nightmare days before the new year when flames started tearing through colorado community. plus the plan from the state superintendent to keep students covid safe after the holidays.
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and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. out home covid testing kits to all students. the goal is to get every student tested before school reopens after the winter break, or shortly after ktvu rob ross spoke with the state superintendent and parents about the new effort to keep students and staff from spreading the coronavirus. schools may be closed for the holidays, but testing continues. school officials were handing parents covid-19 at home antigen test kits at this drive through here in the canyon middle school parking lot in castro valley friday, the fact that castro valley school district is making the efforts that make sure the
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kids are safe and protected. is great for me as a parent, one teacher also has three children of her own, attending school. a lot of testing at home this weekend. yes, they won't be happy about it, especially if it's the nose one with covid cases soaring again. governor gavin newsom announced last week he was sending six million at home testing kits to all districts in charter schools in california. one shipment arrived in alameda county friday afternoon. this was no small logistical feat. i know that the weather also played a role. in getting the test here in a timely manner among those handing out test kits with state superintendent tony thurman. we want this to be replicated throughout the 58 counties in our state. and throughout all the districts in our state and to continue to provide our schools with the resources that they need to keep our children safe and to keep our students in school, the hope was to get all students tested before most school districts reopen on monday, but with kids still
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being a ship statewide, that won't be possible in many districts, so perhaps that can happen by the end of next week. it is all voluntary. there is no mandate around testing. they want to continue the message of getting vaccines even as we are focused on what's going to happen for most schools in the state in the next few days, and that's opening students who test positive are asked to stay home and have their families called the school as soon as possible. in castro valley. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. in oakland school resumes monday morning, and all students 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated by the end of january to remain in the classroom in san francisco, the school district is strongly encouraging all students five years and older. to get vaccinated and be frequently tested for the virus . for those in the uc system, students are required to be vaccinated and boosted as soon as they're able a mural in hayward that has been targeted
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by thieves has appeared and dedicated this afternoon. andrewjkahn knight says people keep stealing those giant butterflies that are bolted to the mural on tennison road. the mural, called freedom from borders, depicts the migration of the monarch butterfly between the us and mexico. knight who was a native of hayward says he feels a responsibility to fix up the mural after the theft of several large butterfly panels. so you see something happen to evangelized? yeah, it's really hard on the heart. it really it really hurts because. you know, i know people enjoy it, and it becomes their mural. people in this neighborhood. see it every day. more more than so that i do. knight who grew up in the neighborhood, dedicated the mural today to his mother, who passed away at the age of 90 earlier this month. he said she always encourages it encouraged him. in his art. thousands of passengers hoping to fly into or
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out of san francisco international airport saw their flights canceled friday. this comes amid enduring pandemic related staffing shortages for the airline industry. 60 flights have been canceled there today, more than double the amount canceled on christmas eve at san jose international 11 flights were canceled and six flights were canceled at oakland international. across the country. more than 1400 flights were canceled today. but we definitely need to add that those cancelations locally we're not weather related because we had a stellar day and we have an amazing sunset right now. what? officially it was at 501. but you could still see the beautiful, beautiful sunset in the distance as we take a look at the skyline in san francisco. look at how awesome this is. you can actually see the tower. of the bay bridge when he looked passes three awesome giant cranes at the port of oakland and then look past the transamerica building in san francisco, and you can see the top of the golden gate bridge,
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and we could see all of that because it's just so clear outside. but it is cool. dip it into the forties now and sent to rose. after a high temperature of 52 degrees. it was 53 oakland now, 51. it is 50 degrees in san jose. we do have a flood advisory, a coastal flood advisory for high tides beginning tomorrow morning, this adviser in effect from seven a.m. tomorrow morning until monday, with some minor coastal flooding. winds they have been increasing santa rosa now 10 mph along the coast. we have had gusts up to 30 now 22 at half moon bay, sfo with a 16 mile per hour wind. i like showing that because when you couple that up with the cool air temperature, it feels colder than what it actually is outside, but a little bit of an insight slider and there you have it. left some flurries in its wake around the greater lake tahoe area and grass valley. right now we have temperatures in the twenties and thirties around tahoe, no snow in the forecast all weekend, but we're going to see some of the
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coldest overnight temperatures in the past five years. on sunday and on monday when we dip into the single digits no rain in our forecast this weekend at all. in fact, if you're heading on out tonight by midnight, the temperature dropping down to 44 degrees in san francisco clear skies but a bit of a breeze. so make sure you dress in layers. take a look at this 26 degrees in santa rosa tonight overnight , so a freeze warning goes into effect at midnight through nine a.m. tomorrow for the north bay interior valleys. but check out the tri valley freezing their freezing and morgan hill thirties around the peninsula. boy it is going to be a very chilly night. tomorrow's highs in the fifties except the tri valley at 48 degrees, and there you have the extended forecast rain moves in by monday night, very light rain chances. on tuesday wednesday happy new year. and happy new year to you, roberta. well have you seen her southern california couple is searching for that answer after
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their forever friend was taken while on a trip to the bay area. says r macron ramps up in the united states. there's new information to suggest what will happen next with the surge. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in.
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was stolen out of their car in san francisco during a smash and grab burglary. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with one of the owners who is hopeful for a safe return. these lost cat signs are posted all over san francisco's cal hollow and marina neighborhoods. they show one year old mina lusa, a short haired tabby cat wearing a green sweater. her owners say mina lusa was stolen in a smash and grab car burglary more than a pet. it was part of our family because of the pandemic. just a hard time and she was always with us accompany. this happened
5:26 pm
at the public parking garage on 1 to 8 molton street back on december. 20th caesar granados told me he and his wife, carla, were visiting the bay area from southern california and brought their cat along. they sometimes take the cat out on a leash, but say they decided to leave her in the car in her carrier while they ran some errands. when they returned, they found the rear window broken and their pet gone . someone had stolen the carrier but left other valuables behind . we find the heartbreaking scene that, um the window was smashed. and when we try to look for like, you know, why was it broken and try to see if there's any belongings missing? um you know, we eventually realized that armenia glusac, um and also with the head. carrie was stolen , coronado said. they have not stopped searching. they posted hundreds of flyers checked local shelters and shared information on lost cat websites. they also filed a police report. there are surveillance cameras at the garage, bro. granado said police
5:27 pm
would not let him see any video . i just remain hopeful, pretty best outcome and it worries me that you know, it's just one of the most wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful citizen us and i don't understand why, you know there's so much incidents in crime. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. remembering the lives of those taken too soon by senseless violence, how the oakland community honored homicide victims from the past 365 days. plus we have a live picture for you from the sun valley mall in concord in the aftermath of a shooting that happened there this afternoon after the break. one witness describes what happened when bullets started flying.
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lockdown at this hour after a shooting there, and we have new video of a large police presence at the scene. no official word from concord police on injuries or arrests in the shooting. but as you can see, right here, at least one person was wounded and taken to the hospital can see that person on the stretcher. not clear who that person is at. this 10.1 witness described what he saw moments after the shooting. everybody run! you're still running out. everybody is running out the window was buggy, half dead. he's building
5:31 pm
a lot from his left side. we'll conquer. police said in a tweet that there does not appear to be any threat to the public. there's a live look at the scene right now. you could still see the heavy police presence outside the ball off of 6 80 right now, still that very large police presence there. the scene is still very active. as you might imagine. police are asking people to avoid the area. we will, of course, stay on top of the story. and keep you updated on air and online as well. after shooting mm well today in oakland city leaders gathered to pay tribute to the 134 lives lost this year, two homicides held a special ceremony honoring each victim. at saint columba church, ktvu evan sernoffsky has more from north oakland. eric age 28 march 22nd. fernando 34 january 20th power. age 30. january, 15th. lindsey 33. july,
5:32 pm
7th. one by one, they read the names allowed age one. april 17 each one a life cut short in a homicide in 2021 in oakland. our goal is to be assigned to the rest of the city to have a heart. of something that affects us all for the past 12 years, father aidan mclennan has held this ceremony of crosses at saint columba church on san pablo avenue. well we called this far face throughout the year. they honor each lost life with a cross in the church's front garden at the end of the year, they take them down and begin a new i can't tell you times. you see people coming here and standing and crying homicides in oakland had been steadily decreasing up until two
5:33 pm
years ago, when the pandemic hit. by friday, they hit the grim milestone of 134, the highest toll since the church began marking the killings. kind of want to just throw your arms up in the air and walk away from it because it seems so enormous . there's nothing you feel you can do beyond prayer and prayer is pretty useless if it doesn't come along with action, saint columba church has been working with city leaders and violence prevention advocates to help stem the bloodshed. vincent age 34. on february, 21st mayor libby schaaf joined the small group of dignitaries on friday, including state senator nancy skinner and police chief laurent armstrong. one mother came to read the name of her fallen child. and represent chinese brains. 2000 and 14. outside.
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after reading the names, they carried the crosses into the church and placed them in front of the altar. the hope of everyone here is to one day only have one cross left in front of the church. it's heart wrenching, and it should affect everyone. for human at all in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. well tonight, santa rosa police are looking for a mother they say left her 18 month old child alone in a minivan in frigid temperatures. a neighbor called police after hearing loud music inside the car. early this morning, when officers arrived, they found 34 year old melissa doyle asleep behind the wheel with a bottle of vodka in the front console. and a crying child car seat. after being confronted doyle sped off. police found the minivan 10 minutes later, but the woman was gone and the child left behind. the toddler was evaluated at the hospital and
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released to a relative. i have a hope that my photographs is still there. but i'm not sure that i'll be able to live there for a while, well, heartbreak for hundreds of homeowners outside of denver, who are trying to figure out what belongings are still intact. at least 500 homes likely destroyed by wind field wildfire fast moving flames, forcing tens of thousands out of their homes and their neighborhoods as well. on the spinal day of 2021 reminder of the important things. life and health foxes jeff paul reports from boulder county. an absolutely surreal scene in parts of colorado footage shot just north of denver, showing fast moving flames engulfing entire neighborhoods as tens of thousands of people frantically fled their homes. in less than 24 hours to fires consumed thousands of acres burning at least 580 homes right to the ground. my wife and i are safe
5:36 pm
and uninjured. and at the moment i'm glad she didn't pick the drive over with me this morning because i think it's breaking my heart. i'm sure it would break hers to the fires became even more devastating because the area is bone dry with 90% of boulder county in severe or extreme drought fire spreading with the help of 105, mile per hour wind gusts. this is my hot tub right here. this is the frame of it. the decking. and just just down to nothing. it's just mind boggling. officials say the fire group is 1600 acres in lewisville, superior and other parts of the county. evacuations were ordered for the two cities located about 20 miles northwest of denver. the winds have died down and some evacuation orders have been lifted. colorado governor jared polis took advantage of the weather before the snow started to fall and toured the devastation from the sky. by the last 24 hours have been devastating. it's really unimaginable. it's hard to speak
5:37 pm
about down. power lines are believed to be the cause of this fire, but the exact origin is still under investigation. this area is now welcoming the forecast of several inches of snow in boulder county, colorado . jeff paul ktvu fox two news across the country. people are lining up sometimes waiting hours to get tested for covid at the minute maid park testing site in houston. demand was so high, the houston health department had to more than quadruple the number of appointments it was offering. from 400 to more than 2000. well while we are still in the thick of our our macron surge here in the united states, data from overseas shows it could be ending sooner than expected boxes. charles watson has more. the alma crown surges, getting worse than the numbers are telling the story. the daily average of new cases now over 340,000, with more than half a million infections reported on
5:38 pm
thursday. hospitalizations are up as well, especially among children, but we could be getting some relief soon. health officials in south africa where the variant first emerged, announced their crown surges already peaked without a major spike in deaths. and they're forecasting the same pattern for other countries, macron has has reached the peak. having reached the big. with clinical manifestations that have not caused any alarm in the hospital situation here in the u. s officials are pushing boosters as the best way to protect against a micron. but so far, only about a third of americans have rolled up their sleeves for their third dose. the strategy, prompting criticism from some local leaders who say the fed should be focusing more on therapeutics in testing. we saw a tremendous tremendous demand for testing that has been impossible to keep up with. and as america gears up to celebrate the end of another pandemic year
5:39 pm
, the surge isn't stopping millions from getting together, hoping for a new year without lockdowns and quarantines, as long as we're vaccinated and everyone takes care of each other, i think we will be okay. at least two studies released this week show i'm a cron is less severe because it attacks the news and throat, clearing the lungs from major damage, and atlanta charles watson. fox news. with 2021 coming to an end. we're checking in on the golden state's labor fortunes of the year ended for workers and what the future looks like. plus a live look from the big apple. the countdown to midnight in the u. s is on. we're heading to new york to check on the celebration in times square. final day of trr
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wrapped up with another banner year for wall street. the benchmark s and p 500 was up nearly 27% in 2021. setting 70 records along the way, despite fears about inflation and the pandemic. the nasdaq fueled by tech stocks was up more than 21% and the dow gained nearly 19% this year. strong consumer demand helped pumped up corporate profits along with low interest rates as well. stocks drifted lower today. on quite trading day, the dow down 59 points the nasdaq off by 96, the s and p lower by 12 points. well what better way to begin the new year then by winning the powerball jackpot, the top lottery prize or to an estimated $500 million after no. one matched all six numbers in the final drawing of 2021. the next drawing will take place tomorrow . so i still have time to buy a ticket. you do? yes well with respect to california employment , we want to look back but
5:43 pm
mostly look forward to the golden state's labor fortunes. cbs tom baker refused to review the numbers with a man who's been taking a close look. for the last 43 years. so where was california job wise? at the end of 2021, duane morris, labor lawyer and former director, mike bernick says this just between february and november, we gained over 970. fao's ind. payroll jobs in the state still were at only about 70% of the jobs we had prior to the pandemic, and, um we also have the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 6.9% so should we keep looking at almost 100,000 new jobs a month in 2022. no says burning. i think we'll see it at half of that or less, um, so we'll see growth but will be at a far slower case. what we keep seeing the 4.3% wage gains we saw in 2021, though the nation
5:44 pm
is seeing the lowest new unemployment claims since 1969 with california only slightly higher than average world jobs will be more stable. employers are hanging on to workers in the way they haven't before. they're not doing layoffs in any significant amount. whether or not legions of former workers will finally begin returning to work. it cannot be predicted. what we do know is that it's continues to be a slow return to work. though the nation has talked about remote work through once called telecommuting, giving new technologies such as zoom, will there be a mass return to offices by workers on a daily basis? one thing that's certain in the california job market, and that's the, um, continuance of remote work. that's here to stay witnessed the fact that many california counties once having chronically high unemployment are thriving, some due to remote working. the other big trend contributing for 2022. self employment in 2021,
5:45 pm
more individual and small businesses were created than back in pre pandemic 2019 job gains have been not only here in our urban areas like the bay area, but throughout the state in the central valley in north california. the wild card in all of this is what happens not only with the macron variant but the obvious possibility of more variance coming in the new year. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. a new report finds holiday package deliveries went smoothly this year, according to ship matrix, which analyzes shipping data 97% of packages. sent through the us postal service were on time during a two week period in december, researchers found that shippers were better prepared than last holiday season and more people. shopped in stores for gifts instead of ordering online. traffic to and from tahoe now open. so what will that mean for new year's
5:46 pm
celebrations? as we take a look out towards esther very in oakland this evening, boy, clear skies and overnight low of 36 degrees anticipated how long will it go where you live? the complete forecast that the news continues. right here on ktvu.
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with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. world has already ushered in 2022 from australia to new zealand, hong kong to north korea. fireworks and celebrations went on as planned , even if some celebrations were slightly muted because of the virus here in the u. s c new year's eve stage set across the country, the seattle space needle lit up and ready for midnight. but all events there will remain virtual to stop big crowds from gathering and over on the east coast. the ball in times square will be dropping very soon. right now we have a
5:49 pm
live look at party goers over there. in new york. the big apple looks fairly sparse right now, and i'm hearing that the weather outside is not frightful that they might be experiencing warmer temperatures there. but indeed a much smaller crowd than usual because, of course, covid well, the city is limiting the amount of people to about 15,000 in person. spectators far fewer than the 50,000 initially envisioned. reporter katie burn his live in times square, katie how does it look and feel out there? hey, greg and andre. well, it's definitely starting to feel like a party a little bit. now you can hear the music behind me as the night has fallen. people are definitely getting up and dancing a little bit, and that's kind of what it looks like when you look around here, but listen, this isn't what it usually looks like for a normal year when we don't have covid, and it's new year's eve in times square, they are downsizing. there's less people here in the city decided they
5:50 pm
only wanted to have about 15,000 people here, as opposed to usually about 70,000 people, so definitely a big difference. and they did also require vaccination. so people had to show proof of vaccinations. everyone also has to wear a mask outside, but that didn't stop people from coming here for from all over the world. i talked to people from germany. hungary and spain. most people told me they came in around 10 o'clock in the morning to get in line and get one of those spots into viewing areas around here, but obviously it's a little bit different than normal years. so that's something that i've been hearing from people who listen. the weather has been really good, so a lot of people have not been wearing those hats and gloves. no accessories like that, which is a little bit unusual for this time of year, but people are ditching those layers, and they're not mad about it. i thought it would be like colder. by now. it is very good, but we'll see. because right here right yesterday, so for now, it's quite good. just. now. a
5:51 pm
couple hours ago, we watched them bringing this ball up the iconic ball and everyone came here to watch drop in a few hours. that's been the latest here and as as as the hours go on. we're watching performers at the stage where actually lucky and got to see some rehearsals from job rule and a shanty. pretty cool to be in this spot tonight, guys. yeah joe ruler shanty like both of them. quick question for you and terms of safety. you know, it doesn't look like you are around a big crowd. do you feel safe out there and then also, our meteorologist tells us it is 51 degrees. is that right? absolutely yes, it could be actually one of the warmest new year's eve in new york city that we've seen in quite a while. the last time we were in the fifties at midnight in this area was in 2000 and four when it comes to safety just to give you a visual. obviously all the press here were separated six ft apart, so that's something that
5:52 pm
they're doing for the press. but when you look in the crowds obviously, we all watched that moment on tv and you see people kind of slammed up against each other watching everything. it doesn't look like that around here. they've got these barricades set up with viewing areas of people and their barricaded in, but they've got all these little sections and it looks like all of them are about 1/4 full, so people aren't really on top of each other, and they have this space. to roam around stand on one side of the barricades that they're not really on top of each other, so it definitely doesn't look as crowded as a normal new year's eve in times square. and it's certainly the weather certainly is a lot different to it is relatively warm compared to being there at this time of year at any other time. in the last several years, i've been there at this time of year. it is cold users. yeah, usually very cold art. kinberg reporting live from times square. thank you so much. katie. appreciate it. well back here on the west coast tahoe opened for business. but with covid and the recent snowstorms what will new year's celebrations look like? kristen. seamus has an idea. cars people
5:53 pm
and snow. the three things you can't escape if you're in south lake tahoe for new year's eve. it's crazy. it's so busy. there's so many people. i mean, i love tahoe, and it's so snowy , but it's like a lot of snow. this week has been unbelievable . i have never. i've seen a lot of snow, but we have so much. no, i've never seen anything like this. my whole life. barbara farina says it took her 48 minutes to make the six mile drive home just a few days ago. but on the eve of this new year, things seem to be looking up. the sun's out. people feel lot better. they can move around. the traffic is not as bad as all things have opened up as busy as this main strip through town is right now, city officials say this is nothing compared to what they expect to see tonight. i expect her to be crowds tonight because hotels are full. um you know, i don't know exactly how many people will come. but the town's full, but travel is
5:54 pm
definitely tough. the traffic combined with the snow is making travel the number one concern tonight for law enforcement officers who are worried about emergency vehicles not being able to get through and snowplows having nowhere to put all the snow. it's a challenge. even the police chief admits he hasn't seen before. this will be my 26th year new year's eve working here, and i don't remember a year where there was this much snow. all over the streets still during new year's eve. and that was chri
5:55 pm
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all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. year eve. we have such a
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glorious gorgeous evening in process right now, this is what you can expect. as you're getting ready to step on out the door. nothing but clear skies. you can see the salesforce tower there in the distance in san francisco. boy. it's all on its gloria. hold it up. it stands over 1000 ft. tall and you can see all of it because the skies are clear, but it certainly is on the chilly side. temperatures are currently in the forties and fifties and by eight pm in the forties across the board by midnight, tumbling into the thirties, away from the bay of water to the forties. bayside dry skies clear skies currently we have 45 degrees and santa rosa 2 48 degrees in san who say santa rosa's winds are coming down, but nevertheless, when you have a windows seven or 16 like an sfo, 12 and san carlos through millbrae adds a chill to the air. so make sure you're dressing in layers as you are heading on out. i'm going to take a walk along the coast tomorrow morning to bring in the new year. there is a coastal
5:58 pm
flood advisor that goes into effect at seven a.m. through monday would have some of the lapping of the ways very close to the seashore sidewalks there, so just be very mindful of that. our satellite imagery inside slider left a few flurries in its wake today around the great lake tahoe areas also right around grass valley. other than that we are precipitation free. 16 degrees at this hour, truckee twenties on the south shore and 34 degrees and grass valley. we have a precipitation, free forecasts and the high sierra over the next several days, but you never see temperatures in the single digits like that on sunday and monday overnight, at least for the past five years. no priests appear as you bring in the new year, in fact temperature in san francisco at midnight at 44 degrees away from the bay again into the thirties . in fact, we have a freeze warning in effect now north bay interior valleys in the twenties. 32 degrees in napa and in livermore, as well as morgan
5:59 pm
hill tomorrow forties to fifties of relatively cool day, they said it forecast calls for a chance of rain by monday night. it will rain on tuesday and rain chances. certainly on wednesday , have yourself a wonderful and safe happy new year. the news now continues at six. this is ktvu fox two news at six. 2021 ends as it began, new year's celebrations canceled and changed covid concerns, masks, vaccines and changing rules and mandates as the bay area and the world hope for a better year ahead. good evening, everyone. i'm greg liggins and for christina and i'm andre senior will get to those new year celebrations at the moment. but first we have some breaking news to tell you about. we've been following police investigating a shooting. late this afternoon at sun valley mall in concord. witnesses have told us they've seen at least one person brought out on a stretcher. ktvu
6:00 pm
elissa harrington is live on the scene for us tonight. elissa. what can you tell us? greg andre. there's still heavy police presence here. i'm going to step out of the way so i can show you exactly where we are. we are standing outside of the food court area at the sun valley mall in concord, right. inside those doors is where this shooting happened. there's still several police officers on scene. they have cleared the mall so pretty much everybody has left. i did get a chance to speak with a couple employees who were working in the food court area. and both of these employees told me that this shooting occurred because of an attempted robbery. now. none of this has been confirmed with police. but with these employees told me is that somebody was in that area near the pretzel stand and attempted to steal something from another shopper, and that's when they heard gunfire. people started running and screaming through the mall and these employees who worked at a store called


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