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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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g? everything you put on that plate is worth a quarter million dollars. come on! time to bring the heat. tonight winter break is ending for students across the country . now districts are working to make sure their return to campuses safe amid the latest covid surge, and a new state law now in effect will have a big impact on what you do in your kitchen. a breakdown of the new composting law. good evening. i'm greg lee. and i'm andre senior coming up. now schools resume this week around the country for millions of children and their growing concerns now about sending them back with the spread of the omicron variant foxes, charles watson explains what schools are doing to make sure kids won't be spending their spring semester behind a computer screen and distance learning. the acceleration of cases that we've seen is really
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unprecedented, gone well beyond anything we've seen before. the highly contagious um, a cranberry in has fueled the rapid spread of new covid cases across the u. s so far, much of this has happened while americans are at home for the holidays. but starting monday, schools around the country will welcome back students and staff. while being tasked with keeping them safe. this time around, schools are doing whatever they can to avoid going remote. the goal is full time in person learning for our students. they've suffered enough as pediatric hospitalizations for covid approach. record highs. schools are stocking up on rapid test to stay ahead of potential outbreaks in new york city, the nation's largest school district . students will get tested if there's an outbreak in their class. those who test negative can return to class. while positive cases and those who don't opt into tests will stay home. many parents don't have the luxury of staying home, so we have to do everything possible to keep them in school as our plan a plan b and plan c
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. meanwhile many colleges aren't taking any chances. stanford harvard in several other major universities are going online only for the first few weeks of this spring semester. health experts say the best safeguard is for parents to get their kids vaccinated. they're currently available for children ages five and up in atlanta. charles watson fox news online college classes are expected to return some schools in the u. c system. those include uc davis and uc santa cruz. meanwhile u c. berkeley says it expects everyone to get tested for covid before returning to campus. other schools that are also going remote include yale columbia and rice university. thousands of students in the west contra costa unified school district received covid-19 at home testing kits. today the kids were provided to the district by the california department of public health district officials are asking that students take the test before returning to school tomorrow. the district was given 30,000 tests and has made available videos in english, spanish, cantonese, arabic and
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vietnamese on how to administer the tests. um we're recommending that they test before they come back tomorrow morning, and they will upload their test results into their school database. and then each school site also does weekly testing that families often too, and our students have the opportunity to test weekly at school as well. starting on february 18th all students aged 12 and older will need to be fully vaccinated to continue in person learning unless they haven't approved medical exemptions. well, the activist groups equal opportunity now and by enemies necessary, held a news conference today to push for the return of distance learning. they say schools right now we're not safe due to the spike in covid cases around the bay area. we need parents. not to be sending their young people, their children to school. we need everyone to be standing up against this reason
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that in addition to virtual learning, the groups are pushing for pandemic economic assistance for families and mandatory vaccinations and testing for all teachers staff. and students. some bay area students took partner unique vaccine clinic today in the south bay ktvu is amanda quintana shows us it's part of a larger push to get kids vaccinated before they returned to school. i loved getting the vaccine. it's not often you see this kind of excitement about a needle, especially from a five year old but for the sharma family, the children's discovery museum vaccine clinic was something to celebrate on the shot. they never got scared. so dish. uh, that was really excited. because i was gonna get protected from the vibe, this arjun and his seven year old sister amani, both got their first dose of the vaccine. it kind of heard that none that i bought my first vaccine with some special incentives. i gotta pop it and i be his pink car glasses for any
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member of the family that got vaccinated today. they got a free pass for the whole family to go inside the museum. they could go in right after their shot, or they could save it for the next six months. we know that it's very hard for kids to get the courage to take a shot, and we thought, well, why couldn't we do something wonderful and say if you get your shot you'll get to treat your whole family to a day at children's discovery museum. the clinic is part of a larger push right now to get kids vaccinated and tested before school starts. on monday, governor gavin newsom agreed to provide schools with enough at home rapid tests for all k through 12 students. that's around six million, and schools across the bay area are rushing to give them out. like at this drive thru in alameda on friday. we want this to be replicated throughout the 58 counties in our state, and throughout all the districts in our state and to continue to provide our schools with the resources that they need. to keep our children safe and to keep our students in school
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doctors say the goal is to keep kids in school and the best way to do that is to i'd positive tests at home. early to keep them out of the classroom the upside of the home testing is that if you're positive, it's a good test. um, fairly reliable. the downside is if you're negative, um, that could be a false negative. and it's also when you do not have symptoms. asymptomatic testing, um, may not be as reliable doctor yasuko fukuda says. it's a good idea to get your kids both covid and flu shot as they head back to school, the museum will have another vaccination clinic on january 23rd and two more opportunities after that. in san jose amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. and for the latest headlines on this covid-19 surge log onto ktvu is website ktvu .com/ covid. a new law in california that starts this year will affect what you do in your kitchen. it's the first time any
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state in the nation has implemented such a law and ktvu greg liggins joins us now to explain how it works. correct. yes, andre. in a nutshell. compliance should be pretty simple. you should no longer throw food waste in the trash. you've probably thrown food scraps from items like these into the trash or garbage disposal, but what you've been getting rid of has value food scraps like your eggshells and coffee grounds and your vegetable peelings. those are the most important type. of garbage that exists. that's where the nutrients are. beginning this year, california has enacted a statewide law to keep food scraps out of landfills. instead they will need to be composted and collected curbside. california has passed a policy now. requiring all cities and counties in the state to reduce the amount. of compostable material that they send to landfills by 75% by the year
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2025. that's in three years you'll need to separate food, waste from trash and place it in those green bins. open that up something san franciscans have done for 25 years. waste management company rick ology, which focuses on recycling, spearheaded the change, which california has now adopted. part of the reason is to help the environment if food scraps go to a landfill, and they get buried in a landfill, they can create methane gas, a potent greenhouse gasses can escape to the atmosphere. the food waste eventually becomes compost that can be mixed with soil as seen in these piles at a site in southern california. it's valuable material used in agriculture. farmers say it's nutrient rich increases stable carbon levels in soil and saves water it allows infiltrate held and then importantly, accomplished as a very friendly way that it delivers water to the roots of plants compared to other structures in the store
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health so applying complex destroyed huge advantage, ecology says in san francisco alone, it's kept 2.5 million tons of food waste out of landfills, the tops of your carrots, the peelings off your onions. the brown leaves off the end of the lettuce, the coffee grounds of banana peels. all these things came from a farm. they ought to go back to a farm. in the form of compost. now, some california cities and counties are still working out their plans to collect that food waste. the grace period is up to two years, but i'm told, most should be able to work out those plans within a few months. andre alright, greg. lisa was reporting. chris live in oakland. greg. thank you. twitter takes action against conservative congresswoman marjorie taylor green coming up why her account was permanently suspended today and it was a routine traffic stop in the east bay but ended up with police calling in the bomb squad. coming up when officers found inside the car that raised alarm. already and back to the
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. officers say it happened at around 9 20 last night on shasta street in nebraska street. when officers arrived. they say they found the car fully engulfed in
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flames. after firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. they confirmed that two people were inside the car that they died. there is no word yet on the identities of the two people who died in that car. and then they are man is facing felony charges after police in pleasant hill say they found a homemade bomb in his vehicle during a traffic stop. it happened last night at about 9 30 when police stopped the vehicle. at a gas station in contra costa on contra costa boulevard for an equipment violation. the driver later identified as 27 year old mark navy of eniac was on probation, so police searched his car and found the explosive device. the gas pumps were shut down and the gas station closed the time of the arrest. but he wanted creek bomb squad was called in to make sure the explosive device did not go off. oakland has recorded its first homicide of 2022 police were called to 34th street about nine o'clock last night after reports came in about a man down in the street. upon arrival, they found the man
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had been shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not made any arrests in this case and no word yet on a motive in the shooting. police in rohnert park arrested a 35 year old man last night for child endangerment and possessing a stolen gun after his wife texted a friend for help during a domestic dispute. officers responded to the home on the 1400 block of southwest boulevard, where they found the suspect, his wife and two children, ages 10 and three police say three handguns you see there were found inside the home. all the firearms were unlocked and accessible to both children. part down to the middle east. israeli military officials say they launched strikes against militant targets in gaza. this comes a day after rockets were fired at israel from the hamas rule territory. boxes. trey yingst has more now from jerusalem. the new year is not off to a great start in the middle east. overnight israeli airstrikes targeted hamas positions along the gaza strip. the strikes were in response to rocket fire on saturday that landed off the coast of central
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israel. there was also a sniper attack from gaza last week that injured one civilians. the hamas claimed it was conducted by a rogue attacker. egyptian negotiators are working around the clock to prevent another round of escalation between the two sides after that 11 day war last may. the development comes amid rising regional tension as much of the american policies meant to decrease, tension have only added to the status quo. for example, the eighth round of nuclear talks in vienna, austria , resumed last week between the u. s. iran and the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal. iran is still increasing its storage and enrichment of uranium actions that may push israel to act alone militarily against the country. and this worn a more passive approach to issues that have the potential to start a war could be very dangerous. entering the new year. iran this weekend kept the rhetoric high while commemorating custom, soleimani. their top general that was killed in a us drone strike two years ago enjoy will not be given an opportunity for peace. the revenge for that assassination will continue. and
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they must not think that this amount of revenge is enough. no revenge will continue. the issue arises when rhetoric turns to action. we've seen continued iranian proxy action across the middle east. one wrong move could take the entire region to a broader conflict in jerusalem trade angst. fox news. twitter has permanently suspended georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor green's personal account for spreading misinformation about covid-19. twitter says green's account was suspended for quote, repeated violations and quote the company did not publicly point to specific tweets. the company said she violated its five strike policy, which was introduced in march. green has previously presented false claims about vaccine efficacy and has minimized the severity of the disease. her professional account is unaffected by the ban and remains active. well winter weather and severe staffing shortage due to covid-19 continues to cause headaches for air travelers nationwide as people make their way back home after the holidays, according to
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flight aware. more than 2500 flights were canceled at airports across the country. at sfo 59 flights were canceled. 25 in oakland report and at san jose mineta international airport. they're seeing just over a dozen canceled flights. over king ties caused some flooding in the north bay day. our own mark tamayo took this video today in larkspur this morning. the national weather service says the king tides will cause minor flooding in some low lying areas through tomorrow. king tides occur when the title forces maximizes the moon, earth and sun come into alignment with the moon nearest to earth and the earth nearest to the sun. well skiers and snowboarders are starting the new year off with some of the best conditions seen in the sierra. in the years, the tahoe area saw record snowfall in the last few weeks, and that caused big headaches for residents and visitors will now owners of the tahoe ski resorts are telling skiers and snowboarders now is a great time to make a trip up the mountains earlier today we spoke to our
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lake tahoe expert kevin cooper and cooper says the ski resorts are all open on this very chilly first weekend of 2022. well north stories about 25 degrees, but i started my truck up here this morning about 5 30 was just about two degrees down in south lake tahoe about 14 degrees along the shore and warming up to about 25. we're looking at a high leg. both 30 so scared that writing is absolutely fantastic . the snow is on. unbelievable right now. hockey brand new 2022 goodness. caltrans city and state have been working tirelessly to get these roads open a lot of snow short period of time. i'm over the holidays. so the roads are getting better. now, i will say what is called temperatures. it is slick in and around the area. so even though we're not saying chain controls at this time, you need to slow that roll down a lot of black ice in and around the area, and that's where the ski resorts 100% open. anywhere you go in around the area snowmobile operations across countries gains, though showing operations
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of royal gorge to kirkwood mountain resort all open 100. alrighty checking in on your weather. we've got some changes coming this week. check out the long range model. you see the blue up to the north and get some sprinkles tomorrow see as it moves in monday afternoon. few scattered sprinkles and tuesday a few clouds maybe a sprinkle. it's all coming from the north. it's a cooler weather system. what do you see? what do you notice here? not a big dose of rain at all. i mean, the most rain. we're going to see it will be on friday, right here. and that's got a tradition more traditional frontal passage. so let's look at the rainfall forecasts. you're going to hear a lot this week about how it's going to rain all week. it's going to rain a little bit here and there friday is your best bet, but look at the totals over the course of seven days. san francisco quarter of an inch. 3/10 of an inch in sacramento, half inches. san francisco so no , it's not going to be a rainy week. it's going to be a cool week with some clouds. fridays. our best bet. first was showers.
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maybe we'll see some scattered showers tomorrow. but in terms of measurable and issues with roadways, we're not going to see that. so live camera outside. you see the gold or the bay bridge, obviously, with all the folks driving around man people moving around today because of the holidays coming back, and you can see the spinner up to the north here, right? gotten right that little bull's eye right here, so that guy is going to be the parent low. that's going to be the mom and the dad of the storms or these weak systems that slide through the entirety of this week. we're getting a slight wave go through now. that's going to bring some sprinkles tomorrow. it'll certainly warm up the overnight lows from the twenties upper twenties to low thirties back into the thirties and forties. so it's going to be a general warming tomorrow. we've got a few scattered showers in the forecast. i'll show you show you that model coming up. we're going to be looking at showers, mainly in the morning hours and maybe a little bit on the afternoon commute and in terms of quantity. nothing not much at all. so here's the model. there's sunday at six. right now
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. here we go. there's that system. look where it is. it's all north, very scattered. and then there's tomorrow afternoon . not a big deal. scattered showers. and then as you get into tuesday, chance of scattered showers, but nothing really. and then wednesday, same kind of thing. it's really hit and miss stuff. what you will have going on this week are a lot of clouds temperatures with the cloud cover, though, even though it's a northerly storm are going to be more mild, more mid fifties. so here's the five day forecast. i'm gonna pop the weekend and as well but just pay attention to the fact that yeah, it looks like it's gonna be real stormy. it's not gonna be real stormy. friday's the closest thing to a storm we're going to see the rest of it's going to be nuisance showers at best. i'll see you back here tonight at 10. alright. some light rain ahead, bill. thank you. this week's consumer electronics show in las vegas is being cut short due to the recent spike in covid 19 cases tied to the omicron variant, the world's largest technology show is now scheduled to run just from wednesday to friday, one day shorter than originally planned. and all in
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person intending are required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated. they must also mask during the show and test negative for covid 19 less than 24 hours before entering any si es venue. 49ers pushing for the playoffs, their fate in the hands of rookie quarterback trey lance joe fonzi will have where they stand with one week to go next in sports coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, something that will get you rethinking the way to recycle cardboard. how to use boxes from your online orders to ship junk out
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673, now grown to more than half a billion dollars for tomorrow night's drawing. no ticket matched all six winning numbers in the first drawing of 2022 last night. the powerball jackpot has now grown to $522 million. there have now been 38 powerball drawings in a row without a jackpot winner. hello again, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. half of the scenario happened today that would allow the 49ers the clinch a playoff spot, but the other half did not. as a result, it will all come down to the first week 18 an nfl regular
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season history, jimmy garoppolo is thumb not healthy enough to allow him to start today's game against the texans. rookie trey lance getting his second career start last going slowly. it was still a scoreless game in the second quarter. what lance made a bad choice and had his pass picked off by desmond king king gets a nice head of steam going on the return and takes it back 32 yards to the 49 35 marker down that put houston in position for the first score of the game. former stanford quarterback davis mills finds an open brandon cooks for eight yards in the score the texans in front seven nothing. the 49ers. did manage the first half field goal. 49ers finally got it going in the second half. it's lance rolling out finding elijah mitchell, coming out of the backfield of 49ers had their first lead at 10 to 7. fourth quarter and the 49ers have a nice play call going here. lance rolls right, then throws across the field to deebo. samuel we all know what samuel could do in the open field. that's a 45 yard scoring play. it's a two score game with san francisco in
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front. 17 7. the 49ers would add a pair of field goals, the first one set up by this 37 yard run by mitchell mitchell had 119 yards rushing and all breaking the team's single season rookie rushing record. set by vic washington in 1971, 49ers, 1 23 to 7 there now 97 right now. that's the number six seed in the nfc, but whether or not they're a playoff team will depend on what they eagles and saints all due next week. you go wild before you see anything as strange as this, the bucks antonio brown took off his pads jersey and shirt threw them into the crowd, then paraded off the field in the middle of the game. he is officially no longer a member of the tampa bay bucks. after all that tampa's tom brady brought the bucks back from a 24 20 deficit against the jets. brady to cyril grayson with 15 seconds left the bucks win. 28 24. tampa right now the number three seed in the nfc and would host the 49ers. the raiders
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honoring their former coach, who died this week as john madden was remembered throughout the nfl, the raiders against the colts and in need of a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. carson wentz rolling out and throwing to the answer on what good things happen. his passing a crowded tips, then grabbed by t. y hilton had put the culture in front 17 13 in the third quarter that was worth another look with raiders casey hayward and trayvon maureen colliding receiver ashton doolan coming up to empty the ball, ending up with hilton. tied at 20 inside a minute to play derek carr gets away from trouble finds hunter renfroe renfroe gets to his feet . he'll go all the way to the end zone. they take a look at it and watch this, they'll determine that ran for was down by contact. just barely with kenny more getting a finger on renfro, but that didn't hurt the raiders because they were able to run out the clock instead of daniel carlson for a 33 yard field goal in the last play of the game, carlson down the middle. and the raiders have a 23 to 20 win. the raiders can earn a playoff spot with a win next week over the chargers. the
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culture right now sit number six in the fc. and the sharks in pittsburgh this afternoon. they were down 5 to 1. after one period, they did come back to at least make an interesting lot of traffic in front of the pittsburgh net here in the third period, fema meyer to logan couture who gets santa's a within a goal. but there was still most of the period to be played. and the penguins ended the drama with two more scores. it's evan rodriguez, finishing off his first career hat trick with the goal to make it 75. the penguins went 8 to 5 sounds a falls to 17 15 and one which is number 11 in the west, so lots more to come with one week left in the nfl regular season. so there's a lot of scenarios for the niners that people smarter than making game out. but the bottom line is 49ers masters of their own destiny here. that's right, beat the rams next week and you're in. otherwise they have to hope for things to break the proper way for them to still be and still a good chance. but yes, take care of business and they're in. all right. thank you
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so much. appreciate it and thank you for joining us. we'll be back tonight for the 10 o'clock news at 11 o'clock news. in the meantime, you can stay up to date on the latest stories of ktvu .com and of social media ktvu .com and of social media web pages it feels like it wasn't that long ago we were here doing this for halley. 'cause it wasn't. which reminds me, before we leave, let's get you a vasectomy. oh, that's sweet, but today is all about you. so, you two ready to find out the sex of this baby? -yeah. -absolutely. is halley hoping for a little brother or a little sister? well, she's nine months old, so unless it jingles or is in my bra, she doesn't care. and how about you two? you know, for the first one, we really wanted a girl, but this time around, we don't have a preference. yeah. boy, girl, as long as it's healthy. well, it's a boy. (heartbeat pulsing)


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