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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 5, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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who was shot and killed while driving on 5 80 in oakland, you know so far about the victim as law enforcement continues to search for the shooter. plus challenges as students return to class across the bay area, the problems districts are facing as the omicron surge continues in california, then we continue to follow the latest developments in philadelphia, where more than a dozen people were killed in a fire. what investigators say about the smoke detectors in the building. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon . i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach commanders with the alameda county sheriff's office are meeting with recruits into current academies to talk about the killing of one of their own 28 year old deputy recruit was shot and killed yesterday afternoon on 5 80 in oakland. data views jesse gary as the latest on the investigation.
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wednesday morning, alameda county sheriff's recruits raised flags to half staff outside their double and training center . the honor reflects the impact of the loss of a fellow class recruit. sergeant j. d. nelson says regular classes have been canceled and grief counselors brought in and the captain and the lieutenant were the first ones into address each and every person of the of the recruit, recruit class and just said, hey, this is, um this is tough and we're going to all get through this tuesday night, the body of the 28 year old killed in a freeway shooting was moved from highland hospital in oakland family stood in stunned silence. as law enforcement members saluted the flag draped casket. investigators say around 4 30 tuesday afternoon, the recruit was headed home from a day of training at the alameda county sheriff's academy in dublin as he made his way to the mcarthur maze approach to the bay bridge and unidentified gunmen fired into the recruits vehicle. the victim crashed into a guardrail before first responders arrived and rushed
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him to highland hospital. he was pronounced dead a short time later. apparently this guy is a very well liked a young man in the in his class. and highly motivated, but as of right now, there's nothing that that we believe that came from this academy that led to this murder . officials say the slain recruits secured one of the coveted spots in an academy training class. his death is being investigated by the chp. but sheriff's deputies and oakland police say they'll assist in any way possible. alameda county sheriff's officials say they don't have any information about the shooting suspect. they ask anyone who knows anything to call them or the chp. in dublin , jesse gary ktvu, fox two news happening now, san francisco's teachers union is about to speak out on what it's calling a lack of planning from the district. during this latest covid surge, the union president tells ktvu at once san francisco unified to require all students, staff and
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teachers to take weekly covid tests for the remainder of this school year. ktvu solid rasmus live now in our newsroom with this update, alley garcia, representatives from the united educators, san francisco just began their news conference a few minutes ago. they want sf usd to do what los angeles unified is doing. test everyone on campuses. on a weekly basis and require a negative covid test as proof to come to class. you'll hear at alvarado elementary school in san francisco. students hurried to class on day three after the winter break. most kids and their parents told us so far so good. my kids are fully vaccinated. we did rapid test before we came, i think must have been pretty responsible, especially because i think most parents want schools to be open , and nobody wants to be that parent a general sense of relief that schools in san francisco are open. i think it's great that they're working really hard to try to keep the kids in class as much as possible. across the district. there has been an increase in staff absences district wide. sf usd says about 625 teachers called in sick
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yesterday they don't have updated numbers for today yet, but it's double the number of normal sick calls in a non pandemic year. the district is waiting for a shipment of take home covid rapid tests from the state to give to all staff and students. they haven't arrived yet. and sf usd spokesperson says they're hoping to get them later this week. parent volunteers with the group sf parent actions say the district is working on a plan to distribute those tests. once they arrive. there's a moving company that's now been contract id to get every single test from the warehouse. will it be delayed where there will be delivered from the state to the class to the schools and then distributed to each kids, so they do have a plan? but the san francisco teachers union wants the district to do more than just hand out tests. they say they want schools to set up weekly testing schedules for everyone on their campuses and require that proof of a negative test in order to be on campus again. they're speaking about this topic at a news conference. right now, we are monitoring it as we speak, and we're going to
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have an update on what they say in about 30 minutes from now. garcia ali rasmus. thank you. the state school superintendent tony thurman is announcing plans to deal with the ongoing challenges students are facing during the pandemic. thurman was in los angeles this morning to talk about efforts by the california department of education to keep schools open and safe in the face of the omicron variant. he praised efforts by districts here in the bay area and in southern california. to get test kits to families after the holidays. he also announced the department's plan to hire 10,000 more mental health workers. i can't think of anything more important right now, in terms of dealing with the trauma that students and families have experienced, but the reality is that there is a shortage. there just aren't enough counselors at many schools and in many communities , urban suburban rural, we need more counselors. thurman said the department is introducing several bay area programs programs that will be done statewide to help students and families recover and thrive
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after an unprecedented two years . cdc panel is meeting right now to consider whether or not some teenagers should be given the fighter covid-19 boosters shot on monday, the fda did authorize boosters for 12. the 15 year olds and children 5 to 11 with moderately or severely weakened immune systems. the cdc panel is detailing data concerning the safety of the vaccine, including information on heart inflammation in male teens. it's also discussing trial evidence, side effects and other issues. we start with 317 preliminary reports of myocarditis and children these ages in the flow diagram on the right shows how we ultimately adjudicated 265 reports. that met the case definition of my card itis. median age for these reports was 14 years, and much of the data here reflects what we've seen in older age groups. after the panel votes. cdc director rochelle walensky will then
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decide whether or not to sign off on the panel's recommendation. if so, then doctors, drug stores and other sites could start be giving out . the shots and investigation is underway in philadelphia now where 13 people, including seven children, were killed in a house fire. the fire chief called it the worst fiery seed in his 35 year career, adding that for smoke detectors in the building were not working. the philadelphia housing authority says the alarms had been inspected annually and that at least two had been replaced in 2020. the fire started on the second floor of the building just after 6 30 this morning, and flames quickly spread to the floor above. there was heavy fire, and this would what would be for them. the kitchen area the front of the front of the second floor. and then it was an open stairwell to the third floor, so the only thing that was slow in that fire down from moving was was nothing slow in their fire down from moving that
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fire was moving. one adult and child were taken to the hospital . people who lived on the first floor were able to get out themselves. the cause is still under investigation. cal fire now confirms that the dixie fire was caused by a tree falling on pg any electrical distribution lines. cal fire says the tree fell on lines near the crest, too just northeast of the town of paradise. cal fire says it's sending this case onto the butte county d, a who may file criminal charges in a statement , pg and e said the tree that fell is one of more than eight million trees within striking distance of its power lines. the utility says it still plans on bearing electrical lines and high risk areas. the dixie fire was the second largest fire in california's history. it destroyed more than 1300 homes. flights are still being delayed and even canceled at airports all across the country, including right here in the bay area. at least 1200 flights have been canceled today and 400 have been delayed. widespread problems are due to a
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combination of winter weather and covid-19 staffing related shortages. meantime the winter weather also causing problems out there on the roadway. a highway in virginia is now back open, but only after hundreds of drivers found themselves stuck for hours in their vehicles. reporter katie byrne has the story. we were jammed in cars behind us cars around us a nightmare on virginia highway over today, as interstate 95 reopens after hundreds of drivers were stranded, some for over 24 hours following a severe winter storm driver is running out of gas, food and water as they waited for the highway to reopen water. so walk all the way from half of 95 to the nearest convenience stores really hard because you're trying to stay warm. but you're running out of gas, according to the national weather service, up to 11 inches of snow fell during the store. authorities say a perfect storm of events led to the backup that includes a crash involving tractor trailers combined with quick accumulation of snow. that left cruz in a tough spot, having trouble navigating the roadways to clear
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out the snow. in addition, heavy rainfall prior to the storm met some roads were not able to be treated. every prayer. i could think of was coming out because i didn't want something to happen. um to either a to injure my family, or b block us from getting through. meanwhile in lynchburg, virginia, trouble on the tracks, passengers were stuck on an amtrak train headed to new york for more than 30 hours as resources. there also began to dwindle. passengers now looking for answers on the lack of preparation for a storm that was predicted. i really would just like to hear bag from p buttigieg's or anybody at the department of transportation to see what they're going to do about amtrak. because this is not this is not right. we're not in siberia. i shouldn't have been stuck in a winter tundra for 20 hours. a review of the incident is expected by the virginia department of transportation. and dale city, virginia. katie byrne, ktvu fox two news. still become at noon, long lines, continuous testing centers across the bay area, the
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frustration among people having a very hard time either getting an appointment or finding it at home covid test kit. plus. as the one year mark of the january six attack on the capital nears . house lawmakers investigating the riot a ramp up their probe. i'm martha rivera in washington with more on today's testimony from the capitol police chief coming up and a mostly cloudy day for us here in the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast and he'll let us know and we could see the let us know and we could see the return of rain. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. committee, saying the agency is making improvements in the aftermath of the attack at the u. s capitol as madeline rivera . reports from washington tomorrow will mark one year since a group of rioters stormed the capitol building. the january 6th committee is cranking up the pace of its investigation with just one day to go before the one year anniversary of the attack at the capitol members are now calling on former vice president mike pence to voluntarily speak with them. the president and his team were escalating their attacks on mike pence their attacks on the election and the propagation of the big lie in the days in advance. while it's unclear whether pence will do so. the capitol police chief is speaking with congress wednesday, he says
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his department has put in place over 90 recommendations for improvements over the last year. at january six taught us anything. it's that preparation matters as capitol police work to make changes, federal prosecutors are showing no signs of slowing down their investigation into the riot. more than 700 people have been arrested so far, and tomorrow the president is expected to address ongoing threats to democracy. he also speak to the work we still need to do to secure and strengthen our democracy and our institutions. former president trump, however, is scrapping his plans to speak on thursday. he and his supporters are slamming democrats calling the probe into january six partisan they're doing because they've got nothing else to talk about, and it's entirely political. there's bipartisan support in congress to provide more resources for capitol police. as they struggle with an uptick and threats and staffing shortages. they're still 400 officers short in washington mother rivera, ktvu
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fox two news. we've just learned that the grammys will be postponed due to the risk of the omicron variant. the ceremony had been scheduled for january. 31st in los angeles with a live audience. meantime the biden administration says the definition of what is considered being fully vaccinated against covid. will remain the same. the white house coronavirus response team says either two doses of the vaccines from pfizer and moderna or a single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine means you are fully vaccinated. this comes as health officials warn of waning protections from the initial doses. now, despite the decision, the biden administration continues to urge americans to stay up to date on their virus protection by getting booster shots when eligible. if you're fully vaccinated, and especially if you've gotten a booster shot. if you're eligible for a booster shot. you're highly protected. and it's very unlikely that you'll get seriously ill. but if your unvaccinated you have a good reason to be concerned. if
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you get covid, you're at a high risk of getting severely ill. being hospitalized and even dying. the decision to keep the initial definition of fully vaccinated means that federal vaccination mandates for travel or employment won't require a booster dose. a big wave warning for people who live out there along the coast. the pacific appear was hit hard just yesterday by some large waves. king tides across the bay area have officials wanting people to be very cautious along the beaches and those peers across the bag. we're halfway into this wednesday. we've yet to see the sun most of us, mark tamayo you don't have it in your neighborhood. no gaussian still looking for the sunshine. i did see a few peeks out there earlier this morning, but overall, we're talking about mostly cloudy skies this afternoon across the bay area with some sunny breaks, maybe by mid afternoon. but overall, it's a break in the rainfall. we have been, of course, celebrating with the recent storms here and the much needed rainfall here.
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the bay area's so it's everyone ever get a nice break. we could take a look at the rainfall totals and santa rosa for the season. go back to july 1/22 inches, san francisco over 16 santa's ever six. but all these numbers all these values well up above the average. of course, we need some more rainfall over the coming weeks and months to really help us out, but at least a solid start and also just the rainfall has been step. beneficial with these systems moving in now, in terms of the future here with rain, of course , we have to talk about the forecast, right and we are expecting our next system to come on board and friday, but we're not expecting major accumulations at most, maybe half an inch for the coastal hills of the north bay, but most areas between point a 12. about a quarter of an inch, and then into the weekend. it will be dry into next week that this particular forecast model trying to bring in some rain chances, but other forecast models keeping his dry so we'll try to fine tune that fuzzy forecast into next week, but it looks like no major storms to talk about in the barrio forecast. as
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far as the satellite. you can see those clouds are queued up to our north. that is a ridge trying to build in, but we still have those clouds streaming in. so we have the low clouds and fog and the high clouds streaming into the regions of the net result, mostly cloudy skies with a few sunny breaks. that's the case this afternoon, and that will probably be the case once again for tomorrow. here is the satellite right now still showing you some, the clouds drifting overhead. current numbers right now we'll check in on the 12 o'clock readings most neighborhoods in the fifties. the warm spots, though and the lower sixties out toward palo alto and san jose, so the warmest locations this afternoon could be hovering right around 65 degrees. here's a live camera. let's check it out. our sfo camera was still lots of overcast. here we have the lower clouds and fog firmly entrenched over sfo. so that's what we have the overcast guys for today, so incoming clouds that fairweather ridge keeping us dry for the most part, we had some drizzle this morning. but those clouds will continue to stream in from the pacific. so that'll be the case for today and also into your thursday this
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front to this next front kind of falls apart over northern california in the bay area, but this will trigger some showers, especially in the north bay. but once again we're not talking about any major accumulations. and by the weekend looks like we're to clear things up. here is the forecast models you can't see into your thursday. still lots of cloud cover friday. there's a front kind of falling apart over the bay area. looks like it could be primarily friday morning because by the afternoon hours we could have partial clearing and in the sierra, this could actually add a fresh dusting of snow, maybe around 3 to 6 inches for the higher elevations. highs this afternoon will be in the upper fifties to the mid sixties for your wednesday afternoon san jose 64 san francisco 58 oakland 59 degrees into your friday. there's one rain cloud out there and they're going to clear things out into the weekend. in fact, quiet weather pattern this weekend and into early next week, we'll try to kind of figure out that fuzziness in the forecast for next week, but it looks like it looks like there's a possibility that dry weather stretch could continue into
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monday, tuesday and wednesday. mark tamayo thank you. we continue to follow. the latest in the elizabeth holmes case. we'll take a look at what's next, says the founder of theranos awaits sentencing. after a jury finds the former ceo guilty of fraud and conspiracy.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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found her guilty on federal charges of fraud and conspiracy
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. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has more on the consequences. elizabeth holmes is now facing. and now that the guilty verdict command had some time to think about this as the repercussions from the four guilty verdicts against elizabeth holmes continue to reverberate around silicon valley and beyond. focus is now shifting to her punishment. she faces a potential 20 years in federal prison, although it's unlikely she would be sentenced to the maximum. holmes was convicted on three counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy for defrauding investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. the jury acquitted her on four other counts related to defrauding patients. and deadlocked on three others. next week, attorneys will meet with the judge to resolve the remaining counts and set a date for sentencing. former federal prosecutor neema romani said holmes risks getting hammered by the judge if she continues to
12:25 pm
deny her crimes. elizabeth holmes can go one or two ways she can continue denying responsibility for actions proclaim her innocence. in which case that will preserve her ability to appeal the case. but she won't get any reduction for acceptance of responsibility under the guidelines. homes will be interviewed by the federal probation office, which will provide a pre sentencing report to the judge. the judge indicated shortly after the verdict was read that he may wait to sentence homes until after her co defendant, sunny ball. juanita's trial is complete. that's scheduled to begin in february. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. now to colorado, where search crews are still looking for two people reported missing after last week's wildfire this week. people have been allowed back into their neighborhoods to see what's left officials called it the most destructive wildfire on record in colorado. nearly 1000 homes were destroyed just northwest of
12:26 pm
denver, near boulder, even people whose homes are still standing are having trouble. we don't have water that is potable in our house. so we are both boiling water and you've seen the plastic bottles were fine. but this is our town. we love our town. the entire town is hurting. everyone just wants to help. because of the fire is still unknown. investigators are reviewing a number of leads. that sonoma county jail on lockdown. what? we're learning about an outbreak of covid cases in what public health officials plan to do at the jail today, plus we had a lot of plans, you know, and that was it's all gone. milpitas woman being remembered what we're learning about her death and the man who is now in jail after leading poli freeway shooting of an alama
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county sheriff's office recruit . investigators say it happened around 4 30 yesterday when the 28 year old recruit was heading home from a day of training at the alameda county sheriff's academy in dublin. and identified gunman fired into the recruits vehicle as he was driving on 5 80 near the bay bridge classes at the academy or
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canceled today and grief counselors have been brought in. the captain and the lieutenant were the first ones into address each and every person of the of the recruit, recruit class and just said, hey, this is, um this is tough and we're going to all get through this. investigators say as of right now, there is nothing to indicate the shooting is related to the fact that victim was a sheriff's office recruit. the san francisco teachers union says it wants san francisco unified school district to require all students, all staff and teachers. for weekly covid test for the remainder of this academic year. union representatives have been speaking on this topic now for the past 20 minutes. ktvu sally rasmus has been monitoring the news conference. she is live with us once again with the latest update, ali. well, mike union representatives are calling for things like free k. n95 masks for all educators special covid sick leave for the remainder of the year. as well as weekly covid testing for all students and staff. the teachers union wants sf usd to do what
12:31 pm
los angeles unified is doing test. everyone on campus is on a weekly basis and require a negative covid test in order to be on campus. union president cassandra curiel says the district should be able to do that widespread testing, as if usd is expecting a shipment of rapid covid test from the state to arrive any day now. the district also already has a contract with the testing company curative they provided in person covid tests at two school sites. for anyone who needs one since late december. the union wants that contract and option extended through the rest of this school year. curiel also said the city should step up and established testing centers at school sites. with regular testing. we can be smart about this and help avoid a prolonged crisis, both of staffing and of infection. and, of course, the stress and trauma that comes with it. the timing of this news conference comes a day before a bargaining session with the union and district over the health and safety portion of
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the teacher's contract. now across the district. there has been an increase in staff absences, as if usd says about 625 teachers called in sick yesterday. that's just under 20% of the entire teaching staff. and double the number of sick calls they usually get in a non pandemic year. now we've contacted sf usd spokespersons to ask them what the numbers look like for today when it comes to absences also get their response to the union's criticisms that we just heard. the district says it's working on getting that information together right now. so my colleague, christian captain, we'll have an update on this story in our afternoon newscasts . garcia and mike back to you, ali rasmus. thank you now to the north bay as marin county health officials have new recommendations on school activities, they're suggesting schools avoid holding indoor assemblies and that in indoor sports should be played without fans. health officials say those measures could help keep schools open. while the omicron variant continues to spread across the bay area. paolo to unified school district, limiting the number of fans that indoor sporting events to athletes, immediate families only. stanford university says it will follow the same guidelines for
12:33 pm
its basketball and indoor track events. after 175 students tested positive for covid over the next two weeks here, classes at the university are being held online. students we talked with said they're worried that class for the entire winter quarter could end up online. you know, not everyone's back, so no one really knows when everyone starts coming back after two weeks what that's going to do. today, middle and high school students are returning to the palo alto unified school district. school leaders say their biggest concern here is a staffing shortage. no classes today for public schools in chicago after the teachers union there voted to go back to distance learning. chicago is the nation's third largest school district. it resumed classes monday, but the teachers say classrooms are not safe because of the omicron variant. and last night during an emergency meeting, the teachers union voted to go back to virtual learning. the school district and the mayor of the city argue that students should be in the classroom. fortunately tonight, c two leadership is
12:34 pm
compelling its membership to make a decision that will harm hundreds of thousands of chicago families who rely upon cps for their daily needs. you don't want the tobacco of the fedex drop boxes that we experience right after christmas. we want to make sure that the ventilation and the buildings work and that staffing is consistent and supervision is there. teachers say they want regular covid testing and k n95 masks before they go back into a classroom back here in the bay area. public health officials are heading to the sonoma county jail to help with covid testing has nearly 200 inmates are reportedly on lockdown. due to an outbreak, according to the press. democrats seven jail employees and 12 inmates app tested positive for covid 19 cents, december 28th and now two housing units with a combined population of 192 people are in quarantine. sandra the sheriff's department in sonoma county,
12:35 pm
tells the paper. it is not clear how this outbreak started in that a third party contractor working at the site was the first to test positive. there are long lines at walk up covid test sites and at home test kits are hard or even impossible to find. ktvu tom baker looks at the hitter miss situation so many are facing when it comes to being tested for covid. it's a simple but unforgiving matter of supply, being overwhelmed by demand, getting a covid test. any kind of covid test is not a slam dunk in line or online. it was hard to find a place that was having tests we went to one in hayward with the line was ridiculous. so i missed my appointment here at oakland's native american health center. 500 people get tested each session. including some walk ups. the tests are administered daily except wednesdays, assured online appointments are backed up until january. the 12th people need tests. for many reasons. i need to get tests
12:36 pm
because i think i might have been exposed and i felt like i had sniffles. so did he safe. i thought i would just check, so i don't give it to somebody else just for the holiday. they want to make sure everything's okay. spent holidays with the family. i work for the native american health center, and i need to get tested weekly for work tuesday. volunteer noon pop up test site. on a college avenue promenade in oakland advertised online never materialized, and it was not clear what kind of test would be administered. i came to get a pcr test. um i'm watching my grandson three year old who tested positive with a rapid test. and so i took a test and also tested positive people are willing to drive long distances to get or buy tests, but verification and efficacy of those tests, including cost beforehand. may not be possible . i apologize. i'm so sorry. moving along line. ktvu employees successfully ordered
12:37 pm
this available six pack of tests for $150.25 dollars a test plus $40 for shipping all six. i successfully purchased a well rated package of two tests on amazon, which is supposed to come between the 12th and 18th. we'll see how that goes. but many online merchants did not guaranteed delivery date and made themselves proved to be unreliable. facebook by nothing groups found in almost all cities and towns have many posts from folks looking to buy tests or learn where to buy them. so we're left with the four b's for now buying bartering. borrowing or begging until supply meets demand. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news and now to a traffic alert in the south bay, fremont police are telling people to avoid auto mall parkway between interstate 6 80 south boulevard for the next few hours here due to traffic congestion that we can easily see. thanks to sky fox right up above. now they say
12:38 pm
it's due to a covid test kit giveaway event for district students and staff only at the fremont unified school district offices. the event is expected to wrap up at two o'clock, but keep this traffic situation in mind if you find yourself in fremont police. they're telling us to avoid autumn all parkway between 6 80 south grimmer at least until two. a man is now in custody, accused of leading milpitas police on a chase with the body of his ex girlfriend in the back seat as ktvu is henry lee reports the victims. current boyfriend claims that there were threats being made months before she was killed. no breakup worth taking somebody's life. you were a coward, and he took one of the most beautiful people i've ever known. leonard person is in mourning. his girlfriend, christina raymond, was killed in milpitas, allegedly by her ex boyfriend. we've built a foundation, you know, and really just built each other up and just loved on each other. you don't we had a lot of plans, you
12:39 pm
know, and that was it's all gone . on sunday afternoon, his girlfriend was delivering food for doordash in milpitas and on the phone with her boyfriend when she realized someone was following her, and she's like, oh, my god, babe. ah that's anthony. police say anthony is her ex boyfriend. registered sex offender. anthony john. juco person says juco have been sending her some disturbing emails since their breakup. others are very threatening emails, and it was just getting worse. and worse than that the prior month, you know, he just kept saying some really nasty things about when he sees her. it's going to be a problem. i'm going to kill you and your family person told her to call 911. he believes he tried to drive to the milpitas police department but ended up in a public works parking lot right next door at some point. police say the suspect stabbed her. when officers arrived. they saw the victims toyota camry, leaving public works and try to stop it. the suspect led police on the chase into free mile where he crashed. officers found her body in the back seat person has now left grappling with his
12:40 pm
loss. and it was such a sweet person. she harder golden she always thought of other people. you know, ahead of herself. the couple enjoyed going to warriors games together and recently visited universal studios. that, too, had talked about a future together. talking about kids we're talking about. our goal is to buy our own house by 20. 2022 because we both do real estate. we're going to say that, you know, purchase their first home. you know, we're talking about our you know our dreams or ambitions. he also hopes justice will be served. i just hope the courts, you know, do the right thing. you hit this guy with the book. the suspect was hurt in the crash and from self inflicted injuries. he's under 24 hour police guard at a hospital. milpitas police also arrested his mother, 60 year old samona tando, for allegedly trying to help her son escape. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. an investigation is also underway in oakland's laurel district after a body was found inside a burned van overnight. this van was located on delaware street, right near macarthur and 35th
12:41 pm
around three o'clock this morning. police say the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. homicide investigators are taking over the investigation and looking into the cause of death. the victim's identity is being withheld at this point until family members are notified. san jose police arrested an armed man involved in an early morning standoff at the meridian park plaza. reports first came in around three a.m. of an armed man acting erratically. he appeared to be carrying a large knife in one hand and acts in the other. police say the man repeatedly ignored commands to drop the weapons, they say, then broke into beast fitness and was seen throwing objects at police officers before barricading himself inside. police say the officers used crisis intervention and the escalation techniques to negotiate with the man. he eventually got rid of the weapons and surrendered on twitter said. jose pd, said the man will have a mental health evaluation before being booked on charges of vandalism. still to come. at noon, the surgeon omicron cases appears to be affecting more children nationwide. i do not think
12:42 pm
people are taking this very serious at all. the warning from one bay area mother after her three month old was hospitalized for the virus, then mostly cloudy day for so much of us here in the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. as your full forecast, including when we could see our next round of rain. the closed tech stocks r
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pressure. the dow jones is falling from a record high we see the dow was lost 268.3 quarters of 1% but that loss is far deeper on the nasdaq, losing almost three full percentage points s and p is down by almost 1.5% so we'll keep our eye on stocks here until the session closes. a new study finds that latino women are much more likely to contract coronavirus during pregnancy. researchers tested the blood of 4500 pregnant women and, according to the center research study, latino women were more than twice as likely to be exposed to covid during pregnancy. researchers say this increases the likelihood of adverse outcomes such as maternal mortality. and preterm birth and stillbirth. panic women were still 2.4 times more increased odds of having been exposed to the virus that are non hispanic white patients. this was not the case for other minority populations. according to the cdc, currently only 40% of
12:46 pm
pregnant women in the united states have received a vaccine during or prior to pregnancy leaves three out of five unprotected against the highly transmissible omicron variant macron bearing it isn't just infecting adults. the american academy pediatrics reports some 325,000 children were hospitalized with covid last week alone. ktvu jesse gary has one family's close call and their message for other parents. what was that? that's danny rivera, three month old donny, still a little groggy from a midday nap is nonetheless ready to engage the world too sharp contrast to his condition just days ago. i really truly feel if it wasn't for tricia at john beer medical center. my baby would not be here, natasha johnson says she just brought her son home after a five day stay in a pediatric icu. she says the trouble started with the christmas day family gathering. although everyone had taken a covid test, some of the attendees were not vaccinated. everybody was okay and then my i
12:47 pm
started noticing after christmas around monday that my son wasn't feeling too good. johnson eventually took her baby to john muir, where he tested positive for respiratory since initial virus and covid-19 the american academy of pediatrics says the number of kids catching covid increased 64% from the week before christmas to the week after christmas. new variant is extremely spreads extremely easy, very, very burial in that regard. and so, therefore, even a modest exposure can result in infection and therefore given what's going on at this point in the holidays that is not surprised to see cases skyrocketing. donny deteriorated quickly, eventually needing forced oxygen to breathe. natasha feared the worst as her son hovered near death's door. i asked her is my baby going to die, and she said, i promise you i will not let your baby die. i said okay, i put my hands up. i backed up and said, do what you need to do to save my baby. that
12:48 pm
promise was kept. donny recovered and rode home tuesday. for johnson. the tumultuous five days are also a cautionary tale for others about the dangers of covid even from family and especially for young, unvaccinated children. i do not think people are taking this very serious at all. say hi in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. the current jeopardy champion, is the latest armed robbery victim in oakland, amy schneider tweeted that she was robbed last weekend on lenox avenue near lake merritt. since then, she has been scrambling to replace her id, credit cards and phone. no arrests have been made in the case. schneider goes for her 26th consecutive win on jeopardy tonight. so far, she has won $918,000 schneider is the first openly transgender woman to qualify for the show's tournament of champions and has won of any female all just mark tamayo just getting a little hint of sun here in the oakland estuary, but again, it's
12:49 pm
been 12 hours in and not much. yes, we're not going to see crystal clear. blue skies gaussian mike this afternoon. still lots of cloud cover out there. but as you mentioned, we will have some sunny breaks, especially by mid afternoon. so we have some of the cloud cover for today and then once again into what your thursday forecast for the most part of the break of the rainfall and also breaking the still fall in this year. i take a look at the still fall accumulations the sierra snowpack and proud to report these big hefty number as you can see the northern sierra 140% 147% of average central sierra 143 and southern sierra 154% on average across the entire sierra or statewide. that's 147% of average. so a nice, beautiful recovery. the snowpack. for the month of december. and there's the chance we could have maybe some minor snow accumulations by friday. here is the satellites as you can see lots of clouds streaming into a northern california in bay area's
12:50 pm
were coming closer. we'll check out the local satellite and we just have lots of cloud cover in place. not much in the way some green, although we had a bit of some drizzle this morning, especially across portions of the coastline right around the bay. earlier today, right now that the satellite is picking up on this, some of that cloud cover once again this afternoon. her numbers out there that 12 o'clock our most areas in the fifties warm spots, though approaching the lower sixties out toward palo alto, fremont and san jose jacket in 63 degrees, a live camera looking out toward sfo still solid overcast right now, so we are expecting mostly cloudy conditions with maybe some partly cloudy skies at times by mid afternoon, the incoming clouds that's kind of the setup . you can see that big area of high pressure offshore for the most part of keeping our weather pattern pretty quiet for today, but the circulation around that high. is drawn in some of that moisture for us here in the bay area. so for today and tomorrow mostly cloudy with the possibility still of some drizzle, and then into friday,
12:51 pm
our next system comes on board. it kind of falls apart over the region, but showers likely especially in the north bay for san francisco, the south based just a chance and rainfall expectations were not expecting much most areas around 0.1 to about a quarter of an inch with that friday deal, and then it moves on out quickly by the weekend. here's the forecast model for today, showing you the cloud cover the rain showers up to our north. here we are thursday. still mostly cloudy skies. the chance of some drizzle here is that incoming front on friday first thing friday morning, it's going to zip on through by the afternoon hours. we should have partial clearing, and that will set the stage for a dry weekend highs this afternoon will be in the upper fifties to the low to mid sixties. remember we had the frigid temperatures a few days ago, kind of mild out there, so it's incredibly cold this afternoon. and look ahead. your five day forecast partly cloudy skies into your thursday showers for your friday once again favoring the north bay, the only a chance in the south bay for the santa clara valley and then into the weekend, it will be
12:52 pm
dry. in fact, we'll bring in some more sunshine by sunday, so it's working out nicely, thanks to talk about the chance of a few drops in this five day forecast, and then we get a chance. to get outside all weekend long. thank you, mark. well it has been 13 weeks now, since there's been a winner for the top powerball prize, and this could be your lucky day. the jackpot for tonight's drawing has grown to at least $610 million. that works out to a cash value of right around 434 million after tax if you're the only one with the winning ticket , the last big ticket was sold in october in san luis obispo county. it was worth almost 700 million. powerball tickets are $2 each. the drawing is tonight just before eight o'clock our time. all right, still to come here. excitement building for the return of warriors star clay thompson when he is expected to play in just how high those ticket prices of climb
12:53 pm
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say was threatening to jump right off a pedestrian bridge. new year's eve, the sunnyvale department of public safety sent crisis negotiators to help a girl who was on the edge of a bridge above the lawrence expressway right near 11. the negotiators talk with her to try to get her to come down, but in the end officers and firefighters physically brought her to safety. i saw the look on thursdays and influence. she was relieved that this particular deal with over the team was then taken by ambulance to a hospital to be evaluated. now, if you were someone you know, are in distress. the national suicide prevention lifeline offers free and confidential support to people in distress. the numbers there on your screen 1 800. 273 talk 1 802 738255. san francisco supervisors have postponed a potential vote on the mayor's tenderloin emergency declaration . the board approved the state of emergency two weeks ago but
12:57 pm
debated a proposal yesterday by supervisor aaron peskin. calling for supervisors to reconsider the issue. supervisor peskin says he worries the declaration wields too much power and says it needs review. i have some fundamental questions. i mean about linkage to what navigation centers to navigate to where. the state of emergency allows the city to bypass bureaucratic red tape and speed up hiring of mental health and substance abuse workers. the board will discuss the issue again in february, city of san francisco's decided to pay for the school board recall election that's set for next month. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to cover the $3 million expense. the school board president, vice president and one board member or the subject of the recall supervisor , rafael mandel. men came up with the proposal, saying the cash strapped san francisco unified school district cannot afford the cost. some san francisco workers could be getting some more paid time off during public health emergencies
12:58 pm
back when the pandemic started, you'll remember san francisco required companies with more than 100 workers to give them 10 paid sick days. the idea was to make sure that people who were infected with covid could stay home long enough to recover now supervisor gordon mar wants to make that time available during any public health emergency, and he's asked the board to approve putting the idea on the june ballot. san francisco city officials say they're also taking action to make sure public services continued to run even as the number of covid cases surges. 81% of people who live in the city are vaccinated, but exposure can force some workers to stay home, officials say. 186 police staff members are quarantined, including 167 sworn officers, 135 members of the fire department and 85. union workers are also quarantined. the san francisco babble at ballet is postponing its gala events this season because of the recent surge in cases. performances were scheduled for later this month at the war memorial opera house and san francisco city hall
12:59 pm
there now rescheduled for the month of march. ticket holders can use their existing tickets for the new date, exchange them for another date or get a refund . san francisco is launching a new mobile recycling program that makes it more convenient to get cash for recycling cans and bottles. it's called bottle bank , the mobile recycling program. is it to sites today? stones town gallery, a parking lot and at two 63rd street near south venice and mission to use the mobile recycling center. you have to sign up online or in person, then phillips special bags with cans or bottles. ticket prices are soaring for the return of warriors star clay thompson. he is expected to play his first game. in about 2.5 years. that's going to happen on sunday against cleveland at the chase center. the game is a sellout, and many warrior fans are turning to ticket brokers on ticketmaster. resale values range from $262 a seat. the v i p sections that range from 9 to $25,000 great to see him back. i don't know if i'm gonna be able
1:00 pm
to get one of those seats, couches free, and so are the snacks at home. so thank you so much for joining us today. you can always follow the latest news online at ktvu .com. and, of course, that ktvu news app. . dr. oz: take a look at this p. . photo. how old does she look? >> the shocking truth of how we age. dr. oz: our guests between 52 and 54, they were way off. >> a wrinkler or sager. dr. oz: how to feel younger to defy your age. >> then. dr. oz: we are helping you kick off the new year with healthy dishes that are actually filling and taste good. >> "the dish on oz." ♪ ♪ dr. oz: aging, although it feels inevitable, it doesn't have to be. today we are unlocking the ways to looking and fee


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