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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 6, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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board docked in san francisco what passengers are saying and what's next for the ship as it prepares to welcome even more passengers, plus covid in classrooms following the winter break, the effect it's having on schools. in san francisco plus mob. ricky windows. kicking in doors breaching the capital. it has been one year since the attack on the united states. capitol president biden addresses the nation as we take a look at events happening right here in the bay area to mark the day. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. we're learning more about a cruise liner being monitored by the cdc because of covid cases on board, the ruby princess docked at the port of san francisco just before six this morning. ktvu is ali rasmus spoke with passengers on board about their experience. it went on as a regular ship. as far as
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i could tell. everything seemed normal to me. joe donnelly of elio says he is fully vaccinated and had no concerns about covid risks on board the ruby princess cruise ship. plenty of room to get around and everything like that is i mean it was the best type of cruise to be on wasn't really proud at all. me. everybody seemed to be happy. the ship returned to san francisco this morning after a 10 day journey to kabul, san lucas, mexico and ports in southern california. three days before it returned. the san francisco department of public health asked the ruby princess to do covid surveillance testing the cruise ship tested 25% of its roughly 700 passengers. it found 12 positive cases of covid 19, all of them either mild or asymptomatic. they had a section up there that they had a quarantine section. so as soon as someone would come down with it, they would isolate the people. those 12 passengers spent two days in quarantine on board the ship and we'll spend another three in a designated hotel in san francisco, paid for by princess cruises. in a statement, the cruise liner told ktvu as with all princess
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itineraries, this cruises operated as a vaccinated cruz as defined by the cdc, with guests and crew vaccination rates approaching 100. what a difference vaccines and two years can make. it was march 2021, another princess cruise liner, the grand princess docked at the ports of oakland because of one of the first known covid outbreaks. for many people, scenes like this if people in hazmat suits rushing passengers off the boat marked the beginning of the pandemic back then more than 100 passengers tested positive for the virus onboard the grand princess. seven of them died. this time around other than masking and testing passengers on the ruby princess tell us it felt just like any other pre pandemic cruise with restaurants open and live shows at night and we've done 28 cruises on princess and i think the entertainment was better than it has been, so i think they've had a lot of time to practice after cleaning up and clearing passengers out. the ruby princess is scheduled to depart for its next cruise to mexico. at four o'clock to date
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in san francisco. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. while san francisco public schools are open today. this has many unionized teachers remain off the job this week due to reported covid related illnesses . ktvu jesse gary has the story from san francisco. fresh off the holiday break. the sf usd is trying to prevent mass school closures. covid test continue to be made available in hopes of slowing the highly infectious macron variant reassured that they're giving yes, then why, sir? uh because the staff is able to test wednesday there were nearly 700 requests for substitute teachers. this has hundreds of educators were off the job, having called in sick during the week. unfortunately, a district management team that is disconnected and doesn't understand the severity of the crisis at our school sites. the teachers union is in the midst of negotiating its health and safety contract with the school district. members say sf usda
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officials can do more to keep them safe from covid infection while they're on the job. safe working conditions are not met. but it's very possible people are working in conditions that are unsafe. and that is not okay some point to the los angeles unified school district as an example. it offers weekly tests to help stem the spread of covid infections. what we are trying to do is prevent a complete shuttering of schools if we do not have the staff because people couldn't ensure their safety and that of their families. the public deserves to know what the district is doing. i will continue to ask and advocate for those safety measures. we need action, not statements that needs safety up to the personal choices. two individuals who are already overworked. the sf usd has been providing in person pcr tests for students and staff since december, although testing has been recommended not required. the state has sent 112,000 rapid covid test kits to san francisco
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district superintendent meets with union reps today over concerns the widening omicron variant. union members at risk when they have to work inside classrooms in san francisco, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news california's mask mandate was set to expire january 15th, but officials have decided to extend it. this mandate will now continue all the way through february. 15 ktvu is andre senior has the story. i can't see dr margalis, secretary for the california health and human services agency announced wednesday afternoon that all residents of the state must continue to wear their masks indoors until at least february, 15th. and while galli said the state would reevaluate hospitalization numbers on that date, he could not provide the criteria that would trigger an end to the mask mandate right now, we don't have a specific number, so i know people would like to have. hey this is the number we're watching for before this requirement gets lifted, galleys referencing
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hospitalizations. 51,000 people are currently hospitalized in california, 8000 of which are currently battling covid-19 infections, he says any future decision will be balanced against the effects on medical staffing, which is being assisted by 1800 personnel that california continues to bring in from out of the state. this has allowed us to support over 150 different facilities. some of those are exclusive surgery abilities that allow us to add bed that surgeon personnel comes as there is a rise in the number of pediatric coronavirus infection, says galley. we have admitted more patients on a day to day basis. over the last few days, then we did, even at the peak of last of interest search and made the sobering development. the health and human services secretary reports that getting schoolchildren tested remains a top priority was 6.2 million tests delivered to schools across the state since december 22nd with more tests still on the way we have
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significant capacity of available at many, many schools to provide students. pcr testing would turn around times of 24 to 48 hours. you know, not as immediate as those over the counter test, but still a very significant and important approach to testing. galli says. the majority of the people hospitalized with covid 19 are vaccinated. so he's again encouraging those who have not done so to get the shot and the booster to help reduce hospitalizations at this point about 83% of the state's population have had at least one dose and 66. are fully vaccinated with at least two doses in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. today marks exactly one year since the violent attack at the u. s. capitol madeline rivera is in washington now, with more on how president biden is marking this day. president biden says january 6th as a day of historical significance, one
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when democracy itself withstood a deadly attack. this isn't about being bogged down in the past. it's about making sure the past isn't buried from inside statuary hall. president biden marked one year since the deadly attack on the u. s. capitol reflecting on the destruction. a mob breaking windows kicking in doors, breaching the capital as well as the heroism our democracy held. we the people endured. the president also took aim at his predecessor, former president trump for the first time in our history. president. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. trump fired back in a statement, calling the speech, political theater and just a distraction for the fact biden has completely and totally failed, but the president urged the nation to focus on the future. we have to be firm. resolute and unyielding and our defense of the right to vote.
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have that vote counting. house speaker nancy pelosi followed up from the house floor. that conclude i want to acknowledge. our fallen heroes of that day. now i ask all members to rise for a moment of silence in their memory. house speaker nancy pelosi has a full day of events, concluding with a prayer vigil on the capitol steps. meanwhile to republicans are planning their own event to expose what they say is the truth. about the january 6th riot in washington. mala rivera fox news. several events are scheduled in the bay area today, marking one year since the attack at the capitol . a candlelight vigil will be held at 5 30 tonight frank ogawa plaza in oakland. a protest against the insurrection has set for three p.m. at the corner of south el camino real and third avenue in san mateo. vigilance set for 5 30 tonight at the corner of north main street in mount diablo boulevard in walnut creek. and there's a 4 15 rally today at san francisco civic
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center plaza happening now we're hearing is taking place in san francisco and the progress of the seismic retrofit project at the millennium tower, which has been sinking in leaning for six years. now the hearing is being held by the san francisco board of supervisors, government audit and oversight committee. work on the project has stopped because it was disrupting the soil around the building's foundation . the current plan calls for fewer piles being installed to shore up the buildings tilt. as of last year, the millennium tower had sunk 18 inches and tilted more than 22 inches still to come at noon. we're learning more about the alameda county sheriff's office recruit killed in a freeway shooting how he's being remembered as investigators continue to search for the gunman. plus new information to bring you in that fire that killed more than a dozen people in philadelphia how a christmas tree is now with the center of the investigation, then a cloudy day and more rain heading to the bay area. ktvu meteorologist marked miles up next and he has your full forecast.
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limited availability in select areas. on an oakland freeway. authorities say 28 year old david wynn was set to graduate from the academy in just weeks. our reporter henry lee tells us that when is being remembered as hard working and well liked
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alameda county sheriff's recruit . david wynn is the latest victim of a deadly bay area freeway shooting that officials called senseless before dawn. fellow deputies and training raised flags to half staff at the sheriff's academy in dublin, which is now on hold when was in his personal vehicle prius and headed for home in san francisco from the academy. he was on an approach to the bay bridge in oakland when he was shot at about 4 30 tuesday afternoon bullet that uh, penetrated the right front window. the bullet then struck. the driver, which led to the crash. wind died at highland hospital in oakland deputies and chp officers saluted outside the hospital as his flag draped casket was placed into the corners. van winds, sister and girlfriend and sheriff greg ahern walked behind it. the csp is investigating. a motive isn't known, but officials don't think it's related to his law enforcement training win was just four weeks shy of graduating from the academy after months of grueling physical training and academic coursework win was popular among classmates and had hoped to serve the community. henry lee
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ktvu, fox two news san jose police are investigating. the deadly hit and runs happened last night when a cyclist was struck just after sunset around queens lane in old bayshore highway. police say a white cargo van was traveling on queens lane when it made a turn onto bayshore. hitting the cyclist. the victim died after being transported to a hospital . this mark san jose second deadly collision of the new year. the bay area. weather is bringing us a lot of what we saw just yesterday. mark tamayo that means a lot of gray and very little son. yes, that's basically the same plan at least compared to yesterday. gaussian mike. we still have some low clouds and some dense fog still kind of hovering over portions of the bay, so it's not going to be a crystal clear blue sky. a forecast for your thursday that will be the case as we head into the weekend, so just count on more clouds this afternoon and in terms of rain, we still have a break from the rainfall taken. look every thursday. they have the new would route maps out there. and here is the most recent drought updated. you
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can't see and actually some improvement here in northern california. the bay area. lately we've been dealing with extreme drought and exceptional drought . you can't see on this map. we have more severe drought conditions and extreme conditions, but no more exceptional drought, so at least a step in the right direction. but we still have a long way to go to take us out of this drought, but at least we have attracted some rain chances here in the bay area. in fact, the next chance of some rain will move in first thing tomorrow morning. here's the satellite right now. big pockets of us some low clouds and fog out there so not much in the way of clear skies, except maybe closer to up. portions of monterey bay. here is the satellite. should be shown you there we go. that's the low clouds and fog still kind of drifting over the bay area so mostly cloudy skies for today, current numbers out there temperatures only in the fifties . so compared to yesterday at this time, most areas a little bit cooler. so today one of the cooler days of the week here's our live camera looking out toward sfo, where you can see lots of cloud cover and places still, some thick pockets of fog that will continue to impact
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visibility across portions of the bay area this afternoon, and here is the setup the game plan for it. today we still have mostly cloudy skies. there is our next front. it looks impressive on the satellite, but it will really fizzle out as a approaches the south bay, but it will move in tomorrow. we are expecting some steady rain up in portions of the north bay and rightful expectations up to the north bank could be over a quarter of an inch of rain. but down in the south bay, maybe point to one or point to as that front kind of falls apart as it makes its way to the south. end of the weekend. it looks like it will be dry as this big area of high pressure wants to rebuild and that'll keep the storm track up to our north, and that will allow temperatures to warm up a little bit. for both saturday, and it's his sunday here's the future cast forecast models showing you the clouds out there this afternoon and then into your friday. there we go at that front coming on board, moving into the north bay first thing friday morning to the commute could be a little bit more of a challenge into a 12 o'clock. still, it could be tracking some scattered showers and in this system quickly moves on out, and
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that will set the stage for our dry weekend so mostly sunny skies. and the berry forecasters saturday or partly sunny into a saturday and sunday highs this afternoon will be in the fifties to the lower sixties. once again a little bit cooler, compared to a yesterday and still mostly cloudy conditions here is look ahead. there we go that one rain cloud for tomorrow the weekend will be dry. we do bring in the chance of a few more showers in a monday, but it looks like in terms of major rainfall are strong storms, really not showing up in the bay area forecast at least tomorrow. that's nice to attract. a few will rain shower room, few rain showers approaching the region. alright, mark. thank you still to come here at noon two tickets matching last night 600, plus million dollar powerball jackpot . drawing will tell you where those tickets were sold, including one right here in california. whether a christmas d
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a house fire that killed a dozen people, including eight children . the fire chief indicates some initial survivors could die because of the severity of their injuries. already this is the deadliest fire in philadelphia and more than a century. the home was divided into two units , one on the first floor and the second unit on the two floors above. investigators are looking into the possibility that a child somehow set fire to a christmas tree and flames swept through the building. tragic. it's heartbreaking. and it's just can't think of anything worse. authorities say as many as 26 people were living in the
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building. when the fire started. friends say the victims included two mothers and their children, whose ages ranged from nine months to 14 years old. we are still feeling the effects of all the holiday flight delays so far, there are more than 1400 u. s flights that have been canceled today. that's an improvement from yesterday when there were nearly 1800 canceled flights, staffing shortages due to flight attendants and pilots having a quarantine because of covid and winter weather, both playing a role here in these delays and cancelations, travelers say getting home after the holidays, it has been a struggle. usually have my flight. i want to clock got delayed four times, just sitting on the plane for, like, an hour and a half. just want to get home. all the delays mean planes in flight crews just are not where they need to be for their next scheduled flight. so the airlines have already canceled more than 600 flights that had been scheduled for tomorrow. travel experts say. if your flight does get delayed, it is a lot faster to rebook your flight on the airline's website or app, then wait to talk to a ticket agent either at the airport or
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on the phone. hong kong is temporarily banning flights from the united states and seven other countries to try to stop. the spread of the omicron vary in that two week ban starts on saturday. the other band countries, including canada, the uk, australia, france, india, pakistan and the philippines. hong kong is also closing bars, gyms and pools and also barring people from dining inside restaurants after six at night. federal courts and the bay area have suspended jury trials for three weeks due to the spike in covid cases. the suspension affects both civil and criminal trials at us district courts in san francisco, oakland and san jose. it does not apply to state trials and superior court, which are still being held in san francisco and other counties. the city of new york is making adjustments to regular public settings due to rising covid cases. ktvu rob roth tells us that officials have once again closed government buildings temporarily due to covid. in the town of newark. you may still be able to fight city hall. you just can't go inside it. the
12:24 pm
building has been closed to the public since monday, along with the police department. the reason covid. the staff of 179, who are working from home, just as it did a year ago. feel back to the future base. mayor michael hannan said the risks were too great to workers and to the public to stay open. we have a number of employees have been exposed exposed anymore. employees we don't have to do is certainly not exposed to public. so for at least the next two weeks, city business is being conducted online and from a distance. we felt that for the past year prior to the opening of city hall were able to provide those services and effective manner to the public. all done remotely. not everyone got the message. people came to the civic center and were met by locked doors. when delivery service worker had to drop off. some papers in other places are still open. you still got to wear your mask. i don't see why they have to be closed. things had a good idea because now it's a new and then you thing i saw growing so maybe it's a good idea. close this buildings
12:25 pm
behind you, too close does not appear to have spread to nearby cities. at least not yet. we know that we're not going to completely shut down or shelter and police like before, but they're all shades of gray of just not having people congregate. i'm not having people spread to each other. so we're just trying to be conscientious of those that come in and see car services every day, the city hopes to reopen its government buildings january 18th. covid permitting in newark . rob roth, ktvu fox two news. we've learned that a powerball ticket sold in sacramento hit the jackpot, the california lottery announced. the winning ticket was sold at a 7 11 store in sacramento. there was also one other jackpot winner in wisconsin. a ticket will be worth $315 million california lottery says the last two powerball drawings have been lucky for california. the other part that makes this wind so exciting for california is this is the second powerball jackpot in a row. ah that hit in
12:26 pm
california. so the last time someone won the powerball jackpot was just back in october three months ago. the 7 11 store that sold the ticket gets a $1 million bonus just for selling that ticket still to come here at noon. it's being called flu rhona, but health officials are saying about the risk of getting covid and the flu at the same time in the push. to get more people boosted as eligibility expands, plus it's gonna be hard to block transmission altogether . it just is because i'mon is so transmissible recommendations when it comes to the type of mask you wear why doctors say the cloth masks that we've all been wearing, since the beginning of the pandemic might not be as effective against this
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deadly january 6th attack on the u. s capital, house speaker nancy pelosi called for a moment of silence on the house floor today and earlier, president biden spoke from inside statuary hall, the president said quote a dagger was at the throat of democracy and democracy prevailed. end quote. president also took aim and former president donald trump for his role in what happened leading up to the attack. for the first time in our history. president.
12:30 pm
and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power he's done so because he values power over principle. because he sees his own interest. is more important than his country's interests in america's interest. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. former president donald trump issued a statement saying today's ceremonies are political theater and a distraction this morning on mornings on two i spoke with a area congressman eric swalwell, who was one of the members of congress who had to be evacuated from the chamber a year ago. and i asked the congressman if he believes democracy is more at stake today or one year ago. the deadly lies continue from the former president. republican leaders are not condemning those lies and the violent rhetoric is heating up in this country that capital help. police chief said yesterday that there were 9000
12:31 pm
threats aimed at lawmakers last year. i know those threats. we get them every day in our office. congressman swalwell says he was very proud that he and others returned to the house chamber at eight o'clock that night a year ago and worked until four in the morning to finish certifying the election. today congresswoman barbara lee will hold a panel discussion called reclaiming our democracy . congresswoman lee called the experience of evacuating the house chamber terrifying, saying that she never anticipated anything like that happening, and she also says it's important for all americans to safeguard what she calls are resilient but fragile democracy. so i want people to know that it's up to them to protect our democracy. domestic terrorism is the highest national security threat right now we have to be vigilant . don't think that january six is over in terms of the violence. congresswoman leaves panel discussion is scheduled for today. 3 30, the event will be streamed live on her facebook page. it may be time to upgrade
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your face mask as health officials say cloth masks are not enough to fight off the omicron variant ktvu is exiles takes a look at some of the options available. it's going to be hard block transmission altogether. it just is because i'm a con is so transmissible and throughout the pandemic infectious disease experts making it clear not all mass are created equal, particularly when faced with the omicron variant. if you really want no exposure at all, i would if you're in the store, i would absolutely do the n 95 other just as effective options. the n95 masks 94 f f p two or a surgical plus clock, not the new guidance, prompting the west contra costa unified school district to mandate that teachers wear can n95 masks starting january, 10th. superintendent kenneth chris hurst, saying in a statement. quote the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. and we believe this is another important preventative measure. we must take at this time. a sign of just how contagious the new variant is, despite masking
12:33 pm
up, getting vaccinated and taking other safety measures. janice holds, says her east coast christmas turned into covid christmas. she's now stocked up with n95 masks multi layer surgical masks, she says, is popular in europe or experience with omicron akin to a bad cold or flu, but it not something one wants to go through, even though thank goodness for the vaccines if you don't have a multi layer surgical mask, another option, doubling these or even putting this with a cloth. but this being on the outside keeping the surgical mask on the outside key because it's made out of polypropylene material, which is negatively charged. so it actually it actually repels the virus physically others opting for the increasingly popular kf 90 four's in the past. i don't know two weeks or so i've been wearing them since the cases have been going up and i just want to make sure i'm safe have 94 also one of the few masks and the 94 95 class that dr gandhi says kids seem to find comfortable otherwise, a
12:34 pm
surgical mask will do because she says. the most important thing is that they keep them on right now. in schools. i would recommend that children still we're comfortable masks, which is what the state is recommending because their children zak sauce, ktvu, fox two news some schools in the west contra costa school district unexpectedly shut down because of a high number of student covid cases and teacher absences with school resumed on monday, king elementary and richmond switched to distance learning after 10 cases were found among students there. than the number of virus cases grew quickly affecting a number of classrooms. students are expected to return to class on january 11th. also the school district plans to use two extra days on its calendar to close all schools this friday and next monday so campuses can undergo a deep cleaning. the fremont unified school district is taking a new approach to giving covid test to students and staff . after there were big traffic jams. yesterday's people lined up to get their hands on those rapid covid tests. we had these images for you live at noon
12:35 pm
yesterday vehicles with families inside, hoping to take advantage of the school district drive through distribution of covid at home test traffic was backed up for hours. the school district is apologizing for the traffic jams and today, test kits are being distributed at four locations until two pm three months. schools reopened on monday at the dublin unified school district is handing out free covid test for students today, the district just received 13,000 rapid tests from the california department of public health. the at home test are available at the dublin high and fallon middle school campuses today till three o'clock paris we spoke with said while their concerns about covid were much greater a year ago, before the vaccine was available , they know they should still do their part and get tested. you know, at some point you've got to say, okay, it's important to go back and do as much as you can. that's normal. and the kids are happy to be back in school, i guess. unless things get a lot worse. i'm not too worried. and these guys wear their masks in school, and they're pretty good
12:36 pm
about wearing their masks when we go out, and so i think that helps and we'll just do the best we can. the district is advising students to test three days before school resumes on monday . dublin is also offering pcr testing at the school district office this week from 7:45 a.m. until seven pm parents in the san ramon valley school district are picking up covid test kits today at four locations in san ramon and danville. there was a long line this morning. the district says. every student can have one test kit that includes two tests. parents can get them at the san ramon valley unified school district education center and monte vista high school in danville, as well as gail ranch, middle school and pine valley, middle in san ramon. they can pick them up until one o'clock today and also tomorrow from 10 am to one pm cal state east bay announced that it is going virtual for the first two weeks of the spring semester. classes will be held online through the rest of this month. cal state east bay president says the decision is to reduce the spread of the virus. the school says that so far there has not been any community transmission, and the decision is to really help
12:37 pm
maintain a high level of safety for students. remote operation will pertain to instructional activities only. more children can now roll up the sleeves where he covid booster shun as the cdc endorses fighter shot for those 12 and older jonathan serrie has the latest, including the concern that people could actually get covid and the flu. at the same time. it's been dubbed flu rhona, the unofficial term for a dual infection of covid, 19 and the flu, but medical experts stress it's not a new disease or another variant of covid-19 multiple states have detected cases as a surge of covid infections coincides with seasonal influenza. dr nicole sapphire says measures such as masks and vaccinations can prevent serious symptoms. we're going to have a fluent covid season, and with that now it's very different than where we were at last year, we have vaccines and boosters that are part of our arsenal against covid-19. meanwhile children as young as 12 years old, are now eligible for fighters covid booster shot cdc director
12:38 pm
rachelle wolinski signed off on the recommendation wednesday night following a vote by the agency's vaccine advisers. the third shot should come five months after the initial vaccine series receiving a booster dose is critical to provide protection against covid 19 and the omicron variant. but even as booster eligibility expands, the cdc says, the definition of fully vaccinated still does not include the extra shot. instead boosters are now a way to keep your vaccination protection. quote up to date. the vast majority of hospitalizations and tests are among the unvaccinated americans and completing the primary. vaccination series is clearly a critical step. cdc data show more than 70 million people are now fully vaccinated and boosted against covid-19 in atlanta. john siri ktvu fox two news. the mayor of oakland is promising changes that are meant
12:39 pm
to improve public safety after oakland finished the year with 134 homicides, the most since 2012 today on mornings onto i spoke with mayor libby chef about her plan to help ensure the 2022 is not a repeat of last year. our first and foremost goal is to get people to stop engaging in violence, get them connected with services, jobs, housing. that is our first priority. but if not, we absolutely have to have enforcement and that's why we're also looking at the bail policies and other policies that because of covid have also really hampered our enforcement efforts. the city council also recently approved two new police academies. opd says it takes about six months training for new police recruits to be opd ready oakland as want more immediate changes. what can you tell them is coming in the weeks ahead, perhaps. one thing is we reorganized our patrol sections and we've added a new section
12:40 pm
for deep east oakland that is going to actually bring faster response times and more actual presence to that part of the city, which is where the vast majority of this violence is going on. so that is an immediate change obviously are incredible. dedicated men and women of the force have been working lots of overtime. we're trying to make up for that staffing shortage and garcia. we just welcomed a fantastic new group of officers right before christmas and already started the next academy. so those new recruits are on the way. they are fabulous. they're so dedicated to this community. i also asked the mayor about the covid response at usd as a number of teachers are saying the district isn't doing enough to ensure safety in schools mayor said that she supports the teachers union request for n95 masks for all students. you can watch more of our full interview by heading to ktvu .com. still to come here at noon
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, scary moments for her family in the north bay after a tree crashes right into their home, narrowly missing a newborn. like thunder like a big rumble. and then the treat is crushed out of the roof. huge branch fell right into her crib the long road ahead as the family tries to recover and repair the damage. also, let's give you a live. look outside on this. thursday afternoon, the golden gate bridge, you can see the towers covered in a little fog there. we're going to check back in with meteorologist mark tamayo for the forecasting your neighborhood, including the next neighborhood, including the next chance of rain. want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty.
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says civil rights leader al sharpton will deliver the eulogy at her funeral. valentina peralta was shot and killed while in a dressing room at a burlington store. the day before christmas eve, police were responding to reports of a man attacking shoppers when an officer opened fire and the team was struck and killed. the family's lawyers say. reverend sharpton will also officiate the funeral, which will be held on monday. the sister of the federal officer killed in the city of oakland by a militia member is suing facebook over violent content, she says, encouraged the killing angela underwood jacobs filed the wrongful death lawsuit this morning. her brother, 53 year old david patrick underwood, was shot and killed outside a federal building in may of 2020. jacobs blames facebook for
12:45 pm
allowing the men charged with underwood's murder to connect, she says the sites algorithm also recommended the extremist content that they followed, which glorified violence against law enforcement and government officials. a young family up in the north base still cleaning up after a large tree fell on their home on christmas eve. ktvu somberly talked with the family who says they have a lot to be thankful for. everything you know, we worked so hard for just got crushed in an instant. raul berrigan shows me the damage to the five vehicles parked in his front yard and the roof of his home in windsor, an old oak tree came crashing down on the night of christmas eve around eight o'clock. does that go out earthquake when it happened? mitch wife, cassie berrigan tells me she had just lifted her newborn daughter, camilla from the crib thunder like a big rumble. and then the traders crashed out in the roof. huge branch fell right into her crib . the couple tells me they
12:46 pm
called 911. they couldn't get out through the front door at the fire department showed up and they just start helping us cut through just to make a walkway. the family spent a week at a hotel returned home for several days. only to be told by a tree removal service wednesday that it's unsafe to be inside the home while the tree is still here if that tree snaps it's going to go down. we don't know what direction but they can. they can do a lot more damage. now the couple says they will be staying with relatives but grateful their newborn daughter was unharmed. we're blessed. because she was laying there. and that was one of the craziest moments of my life. raul tells me it's been a nightmare dealing with the insurance that they spent hours on the phone trying to get through now in insurance adjuster is scheduled to be out at the home monday. the couple says they have no idea if the five vehicles are drive a ble until the tree is removed under there. i mean, you can't your blessings every time you walk under it. the couple estimates
12:47 pm
that the damage to their home to be $10,000 they tell me they're grateful for the community support. they've received donations of money and baby items, their advice to others. they pay attention to your trees. just make sure you get somebody out there and check your insurance policy. yes because it has you are covered tells me this home has been in his family for 25 years. he plans to stay. he hopes to have all the repairs done. by summer in windsor, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. right back to mark tamayo we go. i was so excited earlier this week about rain, possibly tomorrow. but then you're saying all of a sudden this next storm front starting to fizzle here. it is fizzling out, but it will produce some rain around. especially the north. babe, like first thing tomorrow morning, so, yeah, it's not going to be a strong storm but still will produce a few rain showers out there and maybe some snow in this year, so yeah, we're talking about that rain that tomorrow and then into the weekend, it will be dry, so no
12:48 pm
major storms on the horizon, and we just have lots of cloud cover today, some pockets of fog and as far as the storm outlook no major organized storm showers for tomorrow could be around maybe point to one, the south bay and then up in the north. it could be over a quarter of an inch of rain. remember recent storms? we've been talking about several inches of rain. that will not be the case without friday deal weekend will be dry, and then monday. we're just bringing in the chance of a few showers and at the showers word to develop most areas under 1/10 of 1/10 of an inch of rainfall, and that would be on monday. here's the satellite and you can't see still lots of fog blanketing a good portion of the bay area this afternoon. you can see the satellite right now. still for the cloud cover from santa rosa that north san francis cisco and san jose. looks like we have some sunny breaks looks like south of san jose closer to gilroy. this afternoon. current numbers out there. san francisco 53. we have san jose 58 conquered 52 santa rosa 54 degrees here is our live camera looking out toward sfo
12:49 pm
solid overcast here in some stubborn fog. there will be a factor this afternoon so obviously impacting the visibility's across portions of the bay area, and that'll be the case over the next few hours. inlaid tile you can see up above that fog bank. we actually have clear skies right now. you can see current numbers out to our blue canyon, 49 truckee 37 degrees and they do. at least the forecast models you bring in some snow and some rain for tomorrow, snow levels around 6500 ft, so it's kind of a warmer system. and then into the weekend. it will be sunny for both saturday and sunday. so here's the breakdown. today we have lots of cloud cover our next front. it's offshore looks impressive, and it will approach our coastline forward tomorrow, so we are expecting light to moderate rainfall up in the north bay. first thing tomorrow morning could be over a quarter of an inch of rain. maybe they caused the hills approach to half an inch. but that kind of on the extreme end most parts of the bay area picking up maybe point to 12.5 point 54 tomorrow that system quick. klay moves out and that'll be the once it
12:50 pm
does. we're talking about a dry forecast this weekend. here we are this afternoon. we'll take this model into your friday morning. this is eight o'clock, so this is the time it could be tracking some steady rain from places like cloverdale healdsburg standard rose up had alumina down toward novato. and then even in san francisco. we could have some shower activity moving in. and then it quickly moves out throughout the afternoon hours by five o'clock that into the weekend completely dry after some areas of fog first thing saturday morning highs this afternoon a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. mostly cloudy conditions. still some pockets of fog and temperatures will be in the mid fifties to the lower sixties. here's look ahead that one rain cloud for your friday into the weekend it will be dry and the chance of a few showers into monday of next week, so no no signs of real strong storms approach in the bay. area, but at least since the weekend if you want to get outside looking pretty good for both saturday and sunday. mark thank you. caltrans says it's making good progress in clearing snow from highway 89 around emerald bay at south lake tahoe, 89 has been
12:51 pm
closed for more than a week now between emerald bay state park to two miles north of bliss state park. but keep clearing snow until cars and trucks can safely get through there. but no word on how much longer that could take. all right. still to come here noon. have you ever wanted to work only four days a week. not bad. we'll tell you about a bay area startup. that's making that exact change and the reason behind him. affecting thet
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
of babies. a new study published in a pediatrics journal track 255 babies born during the pandemic, and the study found that babies had slightly lower scores on personal interactions. and tasks involving large muscle movements such as crawling or even sitting up. researchers say did not matter whether the families of the babies had covid-19 or not, they say the findings suggest the setbacks
12:55 pm
maybe due to social isolation or stress during the pandemic. some of silicon valley's largest tech companies are taking part in this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas, virtually ktvu magus tells us what this could mean for the future of tech. what brings customers coming through the door at the apple store in downtown palo alto. for one, you can test out the products on display and chat with store employees. it's all about contact. on wednesday, the first day of cs in las vegas, known for debut in cutting edge gadgets and products, some keynote presentations are themselves a product of our time held virtually larry maggot. the ceo of connect safely .org is streaming si es from his home in silicon valley. they were able to put in a lot of media elements that would have been much more difficult to do. in a live in person presentation, so there are ways to both exhibit remotely and certainly ways to observe remotely silicon valley's biggest companies from google to meda, twitter and
12:56 pm
intel also opted to attend remotely. i'm not at all surprised. you know, facebook and google have been very, very cautious, perhaps more so than many other industries. they're really hunkering down trying to protect people. google had planned to bring employees back to their u. s offices this coming monday, but it's postponing its return to office plans indefinitely. given the current surge in covid cases, apple has no set returned to office date either. i think we're going to be hybrid forever. that's the hope among tech workers to who like the flexibility of being able to work from the office and from home. i think i'm so used to working from home. i cannot give give that up that easily that software company twilio segment this employees specializes in creating employee engagement experiences from remote workers. there is always that question of like you really want that face to face engagement and connection from being in the office. but we really do our best to ensure that you're getting that same type of experience in that remote environment to ensure your
12:57 pm
connected a balancing act. the tech industry is still figuring out c e s is ending a day early on friday in light of the omicron variant, and there are over 2000 exhibitors present in las vegas. reporting in downtown palo alto omakase ktvu, fox two news. a san francisco startup company is cutting its work week by a whole day. the e commerce company, bolt has permanently moved to a four day work week. try not to schedule for three months. at the end of last year. 94% of employees said they wanted it to be a permanent change, 80% said they were more efficient with that shorter workweek. company leaders say look, if people can get their jobs done in 32 hours a week, it leaves them more time to be creative. but of course, there's still welcome to come to the office for meetings, or they can also spend time at work conferences. several annual events are being affected by the spread of the omicron variant, the sundance film festival. is the latest to make a move. it will now be fully virtual. the festival had been planned as a hybrid event with street ends in park city, utah, and online.
12:58 pm
sundance will run from january 20th to the 30th and features 82 films. last year's festival was also held. virtually this weekend's golden globes ceremony is not being canceled, but it will be scaled back. the hollywood foreign press association says the ceremony will not feature a live audience , celebrity appearances, press or even a red carpet. is it will focus more on announcing winners and highlighting the group's philanthropy work. the limited number of people who will be in attendance will be masked, socially distance required to have a covid vaccination, a booster shot and the negative test results within 48 hours of the show. the super bowl is just about a month away. and with the rise in covid cases, the national football league is now considering whether or not to move the event out of california. this year's super bowl is scheduled to be played in the new sofi stadium in los angeles spokesperson for the nfl says that they've contacted several other teams about whether or not their stadiums are available in the event of
12:59 pm
quote. unforeseen circumstances . one venue being considered is 18 stadium in arlington, texas, that is the home of the dallas cowboys. the super bowl at sofi stadium is scheduled for february. 13th california's mass mandate was just expanded to february 15th. the golden state warriors are playing the pelicans in new orleans tonight , they might be without their star stephon curry. he hurt his leg in a 99 to 82 lost last night in dallas against the mavericks. the warriors struggled at the three point line, making just 18% of their shots was lowest scoring game of the season for the team ring central coliseum in oakland is getting transformed to host monster jam this weekend. let's give you a sneak peek at that effort here is the arena is being set up with the track inside. more than 500, truckloads of dirt being dumped onto the stadium floor to build obstacles as high as eight ft. tall all this to put those £12,000 trucks to the test again monster jam this weekend ring central coliseum in oakland. we did it two years ago, michael
1:00 pm
right before the pandemic, my boys love loved it loud, absolutely loved it the ladder. it is the better it is dirt. thanks for watching everybody have a great reservoir afternoon. look out for the fog >> coming up next. >> hello. >> hello. >> it all starts with a phone call. >> hi, this is mary from cardio medicare. >> the biggest robocall scam in the history of this country. >> $10 billion has been lost from fraud. dr. oz: don't think you're above this, guys. what you you need to know so ye not a victim. >> tips to avoid an extremely painful virus. dr. oz: shingles. dr. oz: like most people, i've always been annoyed by pesky robocalls. they never seem to stop and the most


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