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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 6, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we're five reflecting and remembering how americans are marking the anniversary of the deadly attack on the u. s. capitol. as we were escaping down stairway. the mob was trying to break in to the hallway. members of congress, certifying electoral college votes were suddenly forced to run for their lives. today, they share some of those disturbing details as part of our team coverage, plus straining and already fragile system. we're learning that some bay area teachers staged a sick out today. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage. and i'm julie julie haener today marked a somber day on capitol hill, where a very different scene played out exactly one year ago . that's when a mob approach trump supporters swarmed the heart of the nation attacking police officers, breaking windows and vandalizing offices . president biden said the rioters held a dagger at the
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throat of democracy but failed to succeed. for the first time in our history. president. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. former president trump slammed the speech. yeah he said it was political theater and a distraction. and while republican leaders have largely condemned the violence, many of them argue that democrats have overly politicized the tragic event. well. hundreds across the country have been charged in the attack, including four people from the bay area are crime reporter henry lee here now, after taking a look at where those cases stand, henry alex. the feds say these are some of the locals who ended up in washington, d c and invaded the capital out of the 41 of them has pleaded guilty and another is a fugitive. a year after the capital invasion in washington, d c criminal cases against four bay area residents are still pending. u. s attorney general merrick garland says the
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government wants justice the actions we have taken. thus far will not be our last work at mariposa. castro of guild worry has pleaded guilty to demonstrating in the capital last january, 6th were inside the capitol house. got inside the capitol, federal prosecutors build a case against her with the help of her own video she posted on facebook and the instagram account for her yoga studio and tea lounge. castro, who has made no secret of her support for former president trump is set to be sentenced six month in a statement, her attorney, a little motto, said she came to the capitol grounds with a peace flag because she believes in peaceful demonstrations, gatherings and rallies. daniel goodwin, a self proclaimed member of the proud boys in a san francisco web developer, was indicted also with the help of video footage. in one post fed say, goodman wrote. i didn't break or take anything but i went inside for a couple of minutes. daniel shaw was arrested just last month in santa rosa. the government says he, too, recorded his presence in the capital, and evan newman
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of mill valley remains at large after being indicted on charges of assaulting law enforcement during the attack. investigators say he was caught on camera inside the capitol wearing a gas mask while punching and violently pushing police officers warrants issued for his arrest. officials say he may be in belarus. the justice department remains committed to holding all january six perpetrators. at any level. accountable under law. across the country. 725 people have been arrested and charged in connection with the capital riot reporting live henry lee ktvu box. okay, henry. thank you for the update. during the attack on the capitol, south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren said she focused on keeping her staff safe and getting back to certifying the election results . she recounted her experience to ktvu is greg lee and explained her focus now is on laying out all the facts of that day. said a real assault on our
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democracy and our constitution. january 6 2021 is seared in the memory of south bay congresswoman zoloft grant. as congressman and joint session to count and certify electoral college votes. she spoke on the floor, urging her republican counterparts not to object to the will of the voters in the united states. we abide by the choices of the people modern elite few, a short time later from a back room, she watched in horror as rioters stormed the capital, smashing windows, beating police officers forcing their way into the building. lawmakers were evacuated lord as we were escaping down stairway, the mob was trying to break in to the hallway at the other end of the hallway. so it was tumultuous day after more than six hours of lawmakers and their staff sheltering in place, and officers, clearing the angry mob of former president trump supporters from the building. lofgren and the rest of congress got back to work as soon as we
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were able to secure the floor, we went back, and we, uh we certified the election of the winner of the election. a year later, lofgren's focused on getting answers about the deadly attack. she's part of the house select committee made up of seven democrats into republicans. the panel is preparing to go public with its investigation soon. lofgren couldn't give specifics, but said she's been shocked by some of what they've found a wide swath of the plot is pretty shocking. and um, that it extended back farther in time than one would have assumed. republicans have slammed the committee, calling it partisan they're doing because they've got nothing else to talk about, and it's entirely political. as the department of justice continues to prosecute those involved former senior adviser to president obama, david axelrod and former senior adviser to george bush, karl rove agree accountability is critical democracy relies on
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rules and laws and norms and institutions and if they're allowed to be flouted, especially in the grotesque way we saw in january 6th. it just breeds more of that kind of activity. we ought to hold everyone of them losing their was accountable in anybody who helped him plan and encourage him. to be held accountable as well. axelrod and rove also agree in order to move forward. americans must have faith in the electoral system. us democracy is under great strain the fact that large numbers of americans have come to believe that the last election was in some way fraudulent when the evidence points in the other direction. look, i think our democracy is strong. they presented their votes to be certified in the congress on the sixth of january . it was disrupted, but the congress came back in session certified the election and on the 20th of january. we had that special moment of a peaceful transfer of power. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. a number of
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politicians took to social media to recount the attack one year ago. president biden writing last year for the first time in our history, a president who just lost an election trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob reached the capital. but they failed. and on this day of remembrance, we must make sure that such an attack never happens again. vice president kamala harris tweeted on january 6th. we all saw what our nation would look like. if the forces who seek to dismantle our democracy are successful. the lawless this the violence, the chaos. at east bay congresswoman barbara lee posted a message that reads in part this time last year, i was hurrying down flights of stairs in the capital, thinking about how fortunate it was that i wore my tennis shoes. and you can stay with ktvu for more on the anniversary of the capital attack. you can find more of our coverage up on our website. that's ktvu .com. the omicron
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surges impacting students around the bay area, some san francisco school teachers staged a sick out to express their frustration with how the district handled the return to school following winter break. ktvu is christian captain joins us now he's live from mission high school tonight and christian students. they are telling you that dozens of teachers called out sick today to make a statement. teachers were already calling in sick throughout the district, announce students here at mission high school. tell me that as many as 70 teachers at this school alone, called out sick and protesting those students telling me that there simply weren't enough subs for classes to continue with the school today. mission high is one of the school's most impacted by a teacher. sick out . students say they arrived at school in the morning after being warned yesterday that many of the teachers would likely not be on campus. i think more than 70 didn't show up. all the classroom doors were closed and they had signs on them to go. either to a little theater or a specific room to get attendance taken, and there was barely even any enough subs to take
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attendance. at this point. it's not clear exactly how many teachers participated in the protest, but s f usd, says district wide 616 teachers called off work thursday with substitutes able to cover 29% of those absences. katrina cabela's kairos is a health teacher at raoul wallenberg high school and was one of the teachers using a personal day to express concerns about working conditions. those of us who have days and are not symptomatic are coming today to show the district that there are certain things that we need in order to keep our schools safe and open. the stick out was not sanctioned by the teachers union , but it says it understands the frustration. workers are feeling the teachers who called in sick , say the district should have tested students and staff before returning from the winter break. they're asking for increased testing, going forward, adequate safety equipment and sick time for teachers, so they don't feel pressured to come to work. if they're ill. many of us have to work. we have to go, and we only
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have a certain amount of sick days allotted to us so this could end up coming out of our pockets. parents picking up pcr tests at district headquarters are also expressing frustration with how the return to school was managed. liliyana romero has two daughters in san francisco public schools. she picked up two tests after one of her daughters started exhibiting flu like symptoms couldn't go to class for three days. in spanish, she said. we're in the midst of a global pandemic. and as a mom, she thinks that the schools should have made sure that they put precautions in place for the kids, including double masking, and students are expressing their concerns as well. back at mission. high school students said the lack of testing had them worried about their own health, and that's why they were getting tested, and i was thinking of the idea of going hybrid or maybe taking a little break, but i think it's more like having more resources like covid test, um and just like more sanitization for everything. and covid not just
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impacting public schools. victoire a catholic school here in the city is closed today and tomorrow families tell me that multiple teachers called in sick . we have tried to contact the archdiocese of san francisco to see just how many schools were impacted. so far, we've not heard back. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news christian. the teachers say they need more that the district needs to do more to keep them safe. they need safety equipment. in addition to regular testing or more testing kits, what else do they want? so they want those they want to have more sick days is one of the things that they're looking for, so they don't feel compelled to come in again. they're calling for those k n95 masks. they want those available. they want testing on demand at the school site for students and teachers. they say that's critical so that if a teacher does feel a tickle in their throat, they can figure out whether it's allergies or whether it's covid. and that teacher needs to go home. they say that it will streamline the whole process. make it safer and
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better for the students and for the teachers districts everywhere facing this new challenge, latest challenge by the omicron variant christian captain in san francisco tonight. thanks, christian. the oakland school district says officials are aware teachers may be planning a sick out for tomorrow. teachers say the district is not doing enough to keep them safe as macron cases rise there. the district argues that most employees are vaccinated and that high quality masks are available to all teachers. earlier today, during mornings on to mayor libby, schaaf said the district has also distributed more than 21,000 test kits. and then hundreds of students stayed home as a result, likely preventing the spread of the virus. i believe our schools should be open unless it is absolutely medically necessary to shut them down. let's i believe the district is doing what it can to make sure that that is happening. the mayor told us that she does support a request by teachers that all students be provided with n95 masks to keep
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the highly contagious omicron variant from spreading. and late today, the principal at oakland tech sent a letter to parents saying the school is aware of plan teachers sick. allison is asking parents not to send their kids to school, he says the school will be open, but it is highly likely that no instruction will be provided. the us average more than 490,000 new covid infections per day over the past week. that's up about 98% from the previous week , but medical experts warn because of asymptomatic cases and limited access to testing the real number infections could be much higher. doctors warn the peak of this surge, maybe several weeks away. it's already strained some hospital resources for non covid patients. patients stay so long in the hospital that at some point they stopped testing positive for covid but still need hospitalization. public health officials are stressing that boosters can offer substantial protection against the omicron variant. but cdc data shows only about 35% of
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fully vaccinated americans have received a booster. and stay with ktvu for the very latest coronavirus information. we have an entire section of our website dedicated to the latest developments of this pandemic. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. 1300 careful but confident cruise ship passengers just sailed away from mexican fund on a ship that came in with 12 positive cases. covid. also ahead, one day after a major traffic tie up in fremont over covid test lines of patients were back so as today any different and new details of how a french bulldog puppy that was stolen in san francisco was found. and the weekend just around the corner. now we do have some rain coming in tomorrow. how that impacts saturday and sunday coming up. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy
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are still taking those trips the ruby princess docked in san francisco, and a small number of people left that ship after testing positive for covid. ktvu tom vacar joining us live now from san francisco's cruise terminal, where the ruby princess, just head itself, tom well, it came in under the golden gate at seven o'clock this morning, and it just left and by now it's headed south towards mexican fun and sun 1300 people confident but very careful. as big as it is the ruby princess capacity, 3080 loomed over san francisco's pier 27 terminal when it sailed away
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with 1300 people. who doesn't will be careful mean to enjoy sun and fun. despite cdc's recommendations, not to cruise the passengers we met, expressed confidence in princess and their own conduct. none more than one woman waiting to board. my name is sharon. get me on the ship better. suren pettis of seattle , says she and her husband are confident after having already cruised 145 times, including just last month. i feel very safe ownership because everybody is very responsible. the food situation is handled beautifully that they follow all the rules. really stringently. we all have to be vaccinated to go on this cruise. we have to show proof of vaccination, and then we had to get tested before coming on board showing we've been negative, according to gerald essence, daughter the eastern family is going on the cruise. well we're celebrating my father's 89th birthday, so that's why we're doing the cruise. and you know, he really wanted to do a cruise again,
5:19 pm
quite confident that things are working out and things will go well. above all, we're looking to lord for his grace. eastern believes there's been too much fearmongering way overblown as far as things that i think they're loose media has done us a great business service. this is far far different than march of 2020 when i stood for day after day in a remote part. of the ports of oakland, where another princess ship, the grand princess, was forced to dock and disembark its passengers who had been infected by covid, a deadly disease. 103 people turned out to be infected. seven of them died and make no mistake. social media is playing a powerful role in deciding whether or not to cruise there's a lot of talk. a lot of people are following what's going online and seeing that, um the ship seemed to be taking care of us. mm now this very ship in march of 2020, the ruby princess had to cut short a
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27 100 passenger australia, new zealand cruise. covid outbreak that ultimately infected 576 people, 28 of which whom later died. as of today, this crew had just 12 infections and all of them very, very mild. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. still all of it very reminiscent of early 2020, tom. thank you. san jose police are looking for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run that claimed the life of a bicyclist . investigators say it happened in the area of queens lane and old bayshore highway at about 6 15 last night. police say the driver who was in a white cargo van, fled the scene after hitting a man on a bicycle. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries. this mark san jose second deadly collision already this new year. tonight san jose police are searching for suspects in a takeover style smash and grab jewelry robbery. in this video, you can see a
5:21 pm
group of people storming into the credit jewelers that story and king on monday afternoon around 3 30. they used hammers to smash the display cases and steal the contents before running off. fortunately there's no reports of anyone being hurt here. so far, no suspects have been taken into custody. and we have new information tonight on the return of a french bulldog puppy that was stolen from her owner on new year's day in san francisco. we've learned that the person who bought the dog in sacramento called san francisco police after hearing about the theft. police reunited the dog with her owner. car linked to the theft was spotted in san pablo by a contra costa county sheriff's deputy. but police say they don't believe that driver was responsible for stealing the dog. alright pretty darn cloudy out there today. dense fog advisories this morning as you got out and about in the early morning hours and just cloudy all day temperatures generally in the fifties, so just not a real warm day and speaking of
5:22 pm
warmth across the country. it's pretty cool. he's that purple area. obviously this ice author map. these are current temperatures. butte montana comes in at 23 degrees. this trough look at the dallas 34 degrees. in in atlanta, just 47 . but look at those numbers in like detroit at 19, chicago's at 10, that type of cold in minneapolis, minus eight. minus 16. bismarck. you'll get flight delays just based on de icing, airplanes and things like that. so if you have travel plans, chicago's a big hub. i think that's something to think about. dallas not so much, but still something to think about. but i think chicago and new york's got a little bit of cold on it as well. so it's cold across the country. it's winter, right? i mean, we're into it now. we're into january. that is pretty much at least from where i was. that's how it looked all day. right? that's that was the day and that is the day that's a live camera shot there again. fog not going to be an issue as much tomorrow because we have a weather system. that's going to come through and the fog needs an inversion. right needs here sinking and right now the air is
5:23 pm
going to start lifting and when it lifts the fog goes away, and the rain comes. so here's the long range model. i just want to give you an idea of what we're looking at coming up. so here we are into tomorrow morning. light showers. this isn't granular. it's a long range model so light showers on friday morning a little bit into friday afternoon booms friday saturday doesn't look how bad it looks pretty good. and then sunday kind of cloudy. mostly cloudy. partly cloudy on all day sunday and then monday, there's a slight chance for sprinkle and then again on wednesday, so that i mean again. that's a real broad brush. but the fact that there's stuff at our latitude. that's the thing to notice like that last piece. look at this last piece on wednesday sits swing in. he doesn't show much resolution, but it's at a low latitude and its energy and its winter and it could bring us some showers. so monday friday tomorrow morning scattered showers. slightly wet morning commute should not be horrible. friday afternoon's commute is fine, and then you've got this pattern with the high over us. now that low comes in tomorrow. i think i showed this to you
5:24 pm
last night, but we'll take a look at it. you can see that we get that frontal system with maybe 1/10 or 100th of an inch to 4/10 of an inch, maybe a half inch at best, so it's a weather system. a winter weather advisory will be up in the mountains. they'll get a little bit of snow up to 5000 ft. and we will continue on with winter. it looks like we're going to go ahead a little dry patch, though, after this early next week, monday into monday, there's a chance of a shower. slight chance i showed you on wednesday. but after that we would drive for a few days. i'll see you back here with the complete forecast. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. the world's largest tech convention world's largest tech convention this year will be a much smaller - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls.
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e s is operating this year. c e s is the world's biggest text show close to 200,000. people come here from across the globe to see the latest products. these halls are usually packed shoulder to shoulder, but as you can see, that's not the case this year, even big name companies like amazon pulled out following a rise in covid cases . he was going to be a smaller shoe. it was important for us to be able to help people spread out. this is what c e s looked like before the pandemic. this is what it looks like this year, plenty of space on opening day exhibitors spread out across multiple hotels and convention centers and masks and covid vaccinations required. they had to pick up their badge and show the proof of vaccination to pick up the badge before they could even get on site, which is different from prior years. smaller businesses and startups need the traffic. morphy is based in france and will launch in the united states this year and being here in the us. give us the opportunity to meet our
5:28 pm
customers and to meet new clients. new data's so yeah, very happy to be here. morphy focuses on mindfulness and meditation with its portable sleep devices when you're going to sleep you have to put your phone away and this is what we wanted to do to have devices that can help you to fall asleep without choosing your fund. another startup company promotes better sleep for children with its smart crib. cradle wise can sense the first signs of a baby waking up and begins rocking to help them go back to sleep. a little bit of technology can augment you and act as an extra pair of helping hands do navigate you through the initial tough yours, baby. those are just a few of the thousands of products to debut here at c. e s 2022, by the way, c e s is closing a day early because of the increased covid kasich. in las vegas. ashley soriano, ktvu, fox two news. less than 24. hours after covid testing led to major traffic congestion in
5:29 pm
fremont lines of patients were back how the school district there was able to avoid a repeat of yesterday's mess. also ahead , a wildfire destroyed nearly 1000 homes in colorado last week , and while many lives were forever changed, dozens of homeowners are now holding out hope they'll soon be reunited with their furry friends.
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of drivers clogged streets and parents were left waiting for hours, hoping to get a free at home covid test today, the district opened more distribution locations to avoid a repeat of yesterday's mess. ktvu is evan sernoffsky joins us now with reaction from parents who are trying to get one of those hard to get test seven. that's right, julie. some of those parents waited for hours but still came away empty handed. today things were much different with the district, opening three sites to give away those tests and families were happy things were moving more smoothly. we think it's really important for the public to get their tests and to get tested, and so they could return back to, you know, day to day life. for the second day in a row families of students and workers at fremont unified school district lined up to get at home covid testing kits to rice. the district says it has nearly 34,000 tests to cover its students and faculty. it's better to be safe and sorry,
5:33 pm
thomas wilson had no trouble picking up a test for his daughter. but things were much different. on wednesday, cars were backed up for hours trying to pick up tests at a loan district building. the congestion was so bad fremont police had to get involved warning drivers to avoid the area. making matters worse, many of the people in line were turned away when the district stopped handing out the tests at two p.m. the superintendent later apologized for the headaches. we do recognize that there was a longer wait than we would have liked. and we appreciate the patience and flexibility of our community in that regard. on thursday, the district opened three distribution sites. they were an american high school, irvington high school and fremont adult and continuing education. the district had plenty of people controlling traffic and even used road flares. they were out of other tests, and we had to. unfortunately go back home. yudof sharma and his mom were turned away wednesday but came back and got a testing kit. we tried again here today and it
5:34 pm
was pretty hard because we got here at 10 when we expected things to just getting started really slowly, but, um, there ended up being a lot of traffic here, too, and we were stuck in lines for about 45 minutes. at the end of the day, most parents were happy to get kits. and we're being vigilant about keeping themselves and their families safe with surgery of nikon. we think like testing them before sending them to the school would definitely help. control this whole pandemics. now each of those kids the district gave out has two tests in it. officials want students to take one test on friday and the second on sunday before school returns monday morning, reporting live in the studio. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the city of oakley is distributing at home covid-19 tests to families who need them . they will say that i'm really proud of our community that's trying to get tested and be responsible and know what's happening in their household so that we can go back to school so
5:35 pm
that we can go to work. and so i'm really proud of the community for showing up. at least 800 tests were distributed today under a partnership between supervisor burgess's office and the city of oakland. and the dublin unified school district handed out free covid test to students today, the district got 13,000 rapid tests from the california department of public health parents. we spoke to say their concerns about covid were much greater a year ago before the vaccines. but they know they still need to do their part and get their kids tested. the district is urging students to test three days before school resumes on monday . dublin is also offering pcr testing in the district office this week between 7 45 in the morning. and seven p.m. at night. parents in the santa rhone valley school district picked up covid test kits today at four locations in san ramon and dan bill, there was a long line this morning. the district says. every student can have one tusk. it which includes two tests, parents can get them at
5:36 pm
the district education center and manifest a high school in danville, added gail ranch, middle school and pine valley middle school in san ramon. they will be distributed distributed again tomorrow from 10 am to one pm more bay area universities are going to start their spring semester fully remote amid the omicron, serge, cal state, east bay and hayward and san francisco state university today announced they will be temporarily shifting to virtual classes when they're new semester begins later this month. cal state east bay plans to return to in person instruction on january 31st. sf state says it's decided to play in person delay in person instruction. until february, 14th. federal courts in the bay area have suspended jury trials for three weeks due to the spike in the number of coronavirus cases, the suspension of exposed civil and criminal trials at us district courts in san francisco. oakland and san jose . it does not apply to state trials and superior court, which
5:37 pm
are still being held in san francisco and other counties. a longtime vice chancellor for the san mateo county community college district, has pleaded no contest to felony counts of using district resources for political purposes. jose nunez has served as vice chancellor facilities for more than 20 years at the district, which oversees kenyatta college, the college of san mateo and skyline college. prosecutors say. as part of his plea, nunez agreed to cooperate with the district attorney's office in a wider ongoing corruption probe into the college district. the sister of the federal officer killed in oakland by a militia member is now suing facebook, claiming the social media site is partially to blame for his death. angela underwood, jacobs filed the wrongful death lawsuit this morning. her brother, 53 year old david underwood, was shot and killed outside in oakland federal building in may of 2020 . jacobs blames facebook for allowing the men charged with underwood's murder to connect
5:38 pm
she says. the sites algorithm also recommended the extremist boogaloo content that they followed which glorified violence against law enforcement and government officials. new at five. we're getting word of an apparent attack by an aggressive bull that killed a rancher in discovery bay, the contra costa county sheriff's office tweeted these photos of deputies at the scene near bixler road. first responders were called just before noon on a report that a rancher may have been attacked by the bull. we're told those deputies shot and killed the aggressive animal allowing east contra costa county firefighters and emts to reach the victim. at this point, there is no word on the identity of the man who was killed here. well, most people safely evacuated from a fast moving colorado wildfire that destroyed nearly 1000 homes last week, but dozens of homeowners either had pets who died or still don't know the fate of their dogs or cats. many have posted messages and pictures of their pets on a facebook page for missing animals. others are
5:39 pm
trying to help and they've been posting photos of pets cited in their areas and offering to take them in those who can't live with their owners in temporary housing. the humane society of boulder valley says it has reunited more than 25 pets with their owners. removed from the series. now the cast writers and producers of sex and the city responded to allegations of sexual assault against actor chris not and good for the soul , the mayor of new orleans, delivering a mardi gras message in the wake of a covid surge in her city. gras celebrations wille
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
forward despite covid surges across louisiana and the country , the mayor of new orleans, said. marti gras officials celebrated kings day marking the official start to the mardi gras
5:42 pm
season. it all winds up on march 1st, which is fat tuesday, the day before lent. last year gatherings for largely canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus today, the mayor said that safe celebrations are good for the soul. so in volume soul let's have a wonderful, wonderful kickoff carnival season and let's do everything that we know is necessary to keep our people safe. the cruise marching in the parade will need to wear masks and be vaccinated or take covid tests and people who go to bars and restaurants will also have to show proof of vaccinations or negative test results. travel trouble continues for thousands in the bay area and around the country . today more than 130 flights have been canceled at sfo, oakland and san jose international airports and now more winter storms may only make things worse around the country. fox news, casey stengel has more now from dallas fort worth airport. travel troubles across
5:43 pm
the country, just not letting up for nearly two weeks. now airlines have been plagued by staffing shortages due to covid 19 and also winter weather conditions. all of this started during the christmas holiday was nearly 20,000 flights canceled nationwide since christmas eve. we actually have no idea how long we're going to be here for, but right now our flight yes, it was canceled while still high the number of flight cancelation travelers are seeing is on the decline. on monday. more than 3000 flights were grounded by wednesday that number had dropped to about 1700. but now as another storm makes its way across the midwest airports are preparing to battle yet another round of snow and ice. it's just , uh unthinkable situation. meantime, the cdc is warning against cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status . this is due to the surge of covid cases in the country fueled by the omicron variant.
5:44 pm
however some passengers are still taking the chance. i'm sure there are some people who are still worried, but you know, you just have to make your decision for you and your family. this has that norwegian pearl cruise liner. cut a seven day cruise short due to staff members testing positive for the virus. we took a chance. you know, we threw the dice. we didn't win, but we did have a nice three days at sea airlines urgent travelers to build in extra time. also check with your carrier before you head to the airport. that's the latest from dfw international. casey stegall fox news. the producers of hbo's popular sex in the city reboot have reportedly decided to cut actor christian off from its season finale amid allegations of sexual assault against him. north was set to appear in a flashback scene in the upcoming finale of and just like that with sarah jessica parker, but sources say the cast writers and producers all agreed on the decision to remove him from that
5:45 pm
episode. in recent weeks, at least four women have come forward, accusing not of sexual assault. the actor has denied the claims. from raging fires to snowstorms, parts of northern california suffering from one extreme to the next coming up tonight, we're heading to el dorado county to see how communities there are coping. also a wing man and a mom, all in one how times square is being used to search for a date? and we've got a little rain for that morning commute. it's going to be a little wet out there. i'll line it up for you time it out and loo
5:46 pm
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attention and hopefully will lead to love. it's an ad to date , a 30 year old woman named molly and it was created by molly's mother. beth davis says she wants her daughter, molly, to find a good man to love and
5:48 pm
there is some urgency to her request. the 62 year old mom has metastatic breast cancer and wants to know that her daughter will be left in good care. beth davis first created an ad on the dating app wingman. the profile that made its way to wingman founder who was moved by the story and decided to arrange for that billboard in times square. well greenville is one northern california town that was devastated by wildfires, and now it's dealing with mother nature in a very different way, but it's still an extreme way. fox news giovanni luigi joins us now live in nearby el dorado county , where officials are warning that extreme storms could be here to stay, giovanni absolutely julie parts last summer parts of this national forest were on fire. now it's covered in snow. it's a much different scene now compared to last summer. in california families have been hit hard this year and last year's of all by extreme weather events. but california is still far from
5:49 pm
being out of the woods along with much of the west coast. on the highway headed into this historic california town. we've definitely been at the hands of mother nature. you hear the sound of chainsaws and smell the charred trees. communities are the ones that or the foundation of the united states of america . this is the town of greenville , which the dixie fire burned to the ground last summer. there was no stopping it. there was nothing you could do. no fire department on its own could could fight this fire. now families are facing a familiar challenge. the weather, no power , no heat, no reliable water system. our power and water infrastructure had burned. now we're dealing with the snow on top of it all. last year, most of california dealt with extreme drought conditions, fueling the fires that burned an area equal to almost two million football fields. well, that building is the oldest building or was the
5:50 pm
oldest building in greenville. these communities our the backbone of the united states of america, and they cannot be forgotten and they need to be put back to some sort of normalcy. but even with the recent rain and snow 18 states from california to mississippi or dealing with extreme drought conditions from here on, i think we have to adapt and overcome. the weather patterns are extreme and life in the rural areas. it's rugged and especially now runs a summer camp that was passed down from her family and the kids would all come here and play together with fire season already at california's doorstep , and all that's left is the metal counselor bed and the metal roof and the current weather conditions she says she might not be able to ever rebuild. how we do that? i don't know. but. officials here in california say that fire season starts january 1st and ends january 1st. so it lasts all
5:51 pm
year. and those massive wildfires could be the new normal, julie giovanni talk about one extreme from another. they've been through so much of their absolutely, bill. talk about all the recent rain that we've had, how is that impact drought conditions. absolutely so parts of northern california with some of those storms that have moved in. oh well, unfortunately, we lost giovanni luigi in el dorado county. that was that report on greenville. we will thank him now, chief bonnie. thank you. all right. you still got me, julie. all right, let's go to you, bill. let's take it away. all right, so yeah. when he was going to answer about the drought. this rain has helped, certainly, but we got a long way to go. and that's always going to be our story. you hear me to speak of it all the time that this is the way the new the new the new reality. it's an old reality to in california is the idea that water we're never going to have
5:52 pm
enough of it based on population based on agricultural need based on everything, so let's get used to that and start not just crossing our fingers and hoping that it rains and hoping we get 100% or 200% average, let's start making actual concrete. um proclamations regarding water usage and how we're going to do it. australia did it, they crushed it by the way it can be done. okay so enough of that, um oh, actually, one more thing about those fires as you look at the forecast from i want to get into we're talking. giovanni was talking about how the fires you can't really stop them. that nice young woman was talking about. you can't really fight him. and that's the truth. these fires release since the oakland hills fire not. there's been others, but this is the rain that's up for tomorrow, but that since that oakland hills fire we haven't seen fires and when they get blowing like that, you're not going to stop it with a hose and the firefighters will tell you that they're just getting out of the way and just moving when the winterbourne 60 miles an hour. you're not stopping it. you're not stopping if it wins 60 miles an hour and a fire
5:53 pm
starts in oakland and the oakland hills. there's nothing to stop it. there's buildings this stuff, but i mean, if it's if it blows for six hours, so it's a new reality. it's an old reality. we have to start thinking this way and not hope that doesn't happen. know that it will happen. drought will happen. fires will happen. okay sorry. high pressure tomorrow builds back in after the front goes through, so the front goes through. late tonight. early tomorrow morning. there's the system. it's super weak, so it's going to bring 10th of an initial half inch. if we're lucky, hopefully more. these have been over delivering some of these storms, so maybe we do get an inch out of it. but right now the models are kind of in the quarter inch, half inch range. this system comes through very late tonight. early tomorrow morning kind of lingers in the morning commute, especially the like 89 10 o'clock commute, and then it moves on. current temperatures are in the fifties. overnight lows will be in the forties rain in the forecast starting just about sunup for the most part in the central bay. san francisco. oakland, richmond, san jose,
5:54 pm
seven am scattered showers and then by lunchtime. this is what happens, so it's a very narrow front. it's moving at a pretty good clips of it if it doesn't stall we're going to get that rain will get some snow in the mountains as well. if i was going to the mountains traveling, i would take the chain's most certainly. okay so here's tomorrow morning. see where the front is. it's raining right now in the north bay at seven a.m. it's raining in san francisco at seven a.m. and then about 10 a.m. it's across the central part of the bay and then by what o'clock? it's kind of in san jose, and then it's done. mountains are still getting some snow and then as we head into saturday morning, saturday looks pretty nice. sunday looks pretty good as well. little bit of valley fog returns and then monday, we might see a little we'll see more clouds for sure, on monday and maybe a sprinkle, but really our next bout of significant rainfall looks like it's grace off. after friday, and tomorrow's that's significant. if we get a half inch, i'd call that significant. i think not many places will, but so, but after friday, i think when we go in terms of accumulation, we're going to go
5:55 pm
pretty pretty dry in that in that realm. when i come back at six, we will revisit the model and update the forecast. all right. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. tennis star superstar novak djokovic getting ready to defend his title in the australian open, but getting into the country is proving to be a challenge. then coming up at six. we'll get back to that new lawsuit against facebook's parent company, the sister of an officer killed by a militia member in oakland is blaming the social media platform we'll hear social media platform we'll hear from her attorney. and get - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year.
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i'm just glad i can help. different type of court as he
5:58 pm
waits for an australian judge to determine if he'll be granted entry into that country. he's hoping he will be able to take part in the australian open this month. fox news william la jeunesse has the details. no love for novak djokovic tennis superstar locked in a legal dispute over his covid-19 vaccine status and awaiting a ruling from an australian court on whether or not he'll be allowed to defend his title in the australian open later this month. border officials on wednesday denied djokovic's entry and canceled his visa on the grounds that he failed to meet entry requirements. the 20 time grand slam winner of vocal skeptic of vaccines travel down under after two medical review panels granted an exemption to australia's very strict vaccine requirements. mr djokovic has spoken and acted in a way that has done nothing but undermine worldwide confidence in vaccination most australians when they heard that he had been
5:59 pm
given an exemption really were quite furious in their reactions now his legal team launching an urgent bed to keep him in country while he's in quarantine and under guard at the melbourne hotel. fans gathered to defend him to come here and to be treated like that and messed around with it. it's a joke, and hundreds more demonstrated outside the serbian parliament supporting the top men's tennis player. but australia's prime minister says the tennis great failed to provide sufficient proof for the exemption, denying djokovic's being singled out rules rules. and there are no special cases. the tournament starts january. 17th djokovic is expected to find out if he can compete at his deportation hearing scheduled on monday. in los angeles. we must. ness, ktvu, fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. we know
6:00 pm
facebook's knee jerk reactor is going to be able to learn immune from these types of claims. regardless the family of a federal officer who was killed outside of the oakland federal building during civil rights protests says that facebook is partially to blame. and now they're suing. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage and i'm julie julie haener. david patrick underwood was shot while protecting the ronald dellums federal building where he works security during the george floyd protests in may of 2020. the man who pulled the trigger is a member of a far right anti government extremist movement, according to investigators, and now his sister wants meta owned facebook, she says, radicalized the gunman to be held accountable views. andre senior , spoke to her attorney and new at six. andre. he told you why he thinks he has a case here. well alex. investigators say the man who carried out the crime as a member of the anti government bucklew movement. now in this lawsuit, attorneys believe that facebook is responsible. but


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