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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 6, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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much. as well as everyone here an emotional vigil in the east bay. a man reads a letter for his late girlfriend after she was stabbed to death and found inside a car driven by her former boyfriend. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. tonight's vigil was held at the fremont intersection where 35 year old christina raymond's body was found. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener , and i'm alex savage family and friends remember her as funny, caring and loyal. creative use. elissa harrington was at the vigil tonight and tells us they want her killer to face justice. there were time was cut short carry you within my heart every single day, dozens of candles and bright bouquets of flowers mark the spot where 35 year old christina raymond's body was found in the back seat of her car. she was allegedly killed by her ex boyfriend in milpitas while she was out, making
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doordash deliveries. police say she was stabbed the suspect, then put raymond in the back seat of her own vehicle and drove into fremont, where he crashed at the intersection of warren avenue and kato drive. there are no words for that. you know, it's very tragic and i'm still. had a very hard loss, and everybody is raymond's new boyfriend, leonard person said he was on the phone with raymond when she realized she was being followed. he said her death has been devastating. and he misses her every day. they say you meet that one girl. which changes your life. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you were my once in a lifetime, family and friends said raymond was loyal, funny and had a heart of gold. she loved to dance and she loved music, and she was just so vibrant. police arrested anthony john juco and said juco and raymond dated in the past, juco suffered injuries from the crash and also had self
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inflicted wounds. person said his girlfriend had mentioned issues with her ex she even said he had been sending her threatening e mails. she said he was scary and crazy. you know, that's that's some of the words you know, just to be sure that she did say, person said they all want justice. and for raymond to be remembered as a beautiful person. the suspect duka was first taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries and then booked into jail in santa clara county. he is scheduled to make his first court appearance friday. in fremont. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. tonight members of congress gathered on the steps of the u. s capitol for a vigil one year after the mob attack on the center of government. free memory. one year ago, rioters stormed the capitol building following a speech by former president trump and trying to stop the certification of electors for joe biden. it has speech inside
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the capitol today, president biden accused the former president of stirring up the insurrection and laying the groundwork for anti democratic laws. because the former president lost. instead of looking at the lecture results in 2020 and saying they need new ideas or better ideas to win more votes. the former president. and his supporters have decided the only way for them to win. is a suppress your vote and subvert our elections. we didn't see a former president tuesday. the president and vice president are set to travel to georgia to push for new federal laws to protect voting rights. a new report out tonight, says then vice president elect kamala harris was at the democratic national committee headquarters went a pipe bomb was found outside a year ago. politico cites sources saying she was evacuated minutes after it was found that afternoon
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despite a sweeping investigation . authorities are still looking for the suspect. who left the pipe bombs outside both the dnc and the rnc rallies and vigils were held across the bay area in remembrance of the events one year ago, many who attended said they will do whatever it takes to make sure a similar riot never happens again. ktvu zach sauce was at tonight's event in oakland and has more zach yeah, that crowd gathering outside of oakland city hall tonight. a number of the speakers involved heavily involved in last year's election, remembering with number amount of fear. what happened as people attacked the u. s. capitol. one year later, we are gathered here to mark this shameful anniversary speaker after speaker at oakland's frank ogawa plaza glued to their television screens last year, one year ago today how horrified. how frightening. how angry. i felt a
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time honored tradition and us elections, the certification of the electoral college vote by congress devolving into a scene of mayhem and at the dawn of 2021. were greeted with an angry white mobs storming terrorizing our capital. i saw people pushing over metal fences and then using them as weapons against the capitol police. it seems surreal to me, and then over time it really sank in that actually did happen. laurie grossman so disturbed by the events of that day that she had to turn away from her tv, i never watched it. i couldn't i can't watch violent movies and i couldn't watch it. rally organizers described. in january . 6 2021 as a wake up call for them, realizing that you know, we have to get engaged and we're further away from, um, a reliable democracy than ever thought we were the group urging congress to pass a number of pieces of legislation tied to
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voter rights. in the ground. sonia dear meyer, deciding to attend the rally last minute. i just felt like i have to do something. otherwise i can't sleep still filled with a flood of emotions one year later. outrage and shock and huge, huge concern, concerned that the events of that day are slowly being forgotten and so worried that i'm not enough of us are taking the aftermath of january 6th last year seriously enough, and, um i just feel like we just got to raise the alarm. and that was a sentiment shared by a lot of the people. i spoke to organizers, saying they'd like to hold the event annually to make sure that history does not repeat itself live in oakland. success. ktvu fox two news. zach thank you. in san francisco. dozens of people in civic center plaza marked the anniversary this evening with a march and vigil to defend democracy and voting rights. are we ready to
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defend our democracy voting rights? san francisco supervisor matt haney called on the group to put up a united front to defend the rights of all all people nationwide. this is not just about our democracy. it's actually about taking the voices and the rights away of people who have fought and won those rights. they want to make sure that women's rights are are on the table for that they want to attack immigrants, takeaway civil rights. they want to make some shirt that black people in our country can't vote students, young people. that's what this is about and there they'll do it by any means necessary. rallies marches and vigils were also held in castro valley, walnut creek, san mateo and other bay area cities today and we have much more on the january 6th anniversary on our website, you can find interviews with lawmakers and the latest on the people charged in the riot. it's all right on our home page. now
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we turn to the coronavirus pandemic with new cases showing no sign of easing across california, the state reported more than 50,000 new cases, even as it said some cases were left out because of a data processing error. test positivity shot up to 21% that's up more than 5% in a week, and it's now higher than last winter surge. hospitalizations have more than doubled in two weeks to over 8600. but they remained far below the peak of over 20,001 year ago. state models show the number of people hospitalized with covid could return to 20,000 by february, and many california hospitals already are finding it difficult to staff their facilities. the fast spreading over crime variant is sidelining, exposed or infected health care workers even as hospital beds fill up with patients. the california hospital association says some 40% of hospitals are expecting to face critical staffing
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shortages. at least one oakland school is asking students to stay home tomorrow due to a threatened teachers sick out. the principle of oakland tech high school, wrote parents to say that teachers indicated they will not report to work on friday. teachers say the district is not doing enough to keep them safe. his omicron cases surge the district argues that most employees are vaccinated and high quality mass are available to all teachers coming up tonight. here at 11 booster required the latest venue to enforce the extra shot for entry, and it's been nearly three years since san francisco approved a controversial navigation center and over one year since it opened. why one city leader says it's a new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice
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voted to delay the opening of a new shelter for homeless people. the building on post street would have provided 250 beds near the tenderloin neighborhood. the chronicle reports that supervisor aaron peskin asked for a one month review to allow for more engagement with the community. mayor london breed set on twitter the city shouldn't let obstruction stop it from helping residents in need. san francisco supervisor matt haney has an update about the embarcadero is navigation center. that center opened back in december of 2019 in a thread on twitter, haney says. since then, the center has served more than 400 people, and there has been a 90% decrease in unsheltered people nearby. the
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centers lease was recently renewed for another two years, and haney says there was little pushback from the community. however shortly after the center opened, some neighbors complained of more needles and homeless camps in the area. haney says the centers progress means the city should consider opening more. some california lawmakers have introduced new assembly bills in an effort to crack down on rampant retail theft. as ktvu sam magus reports . their efforts come as three more businesses in the south bay were hit by smash and grab thieves this week. update it. yeah they empty that landed it on monday afternoon in the tropicana shopping center in east san jose. thieves seen on this surveillance video aren't with sledgehammers stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from three stores. three days have passed, and still there have been no arrests. we need help from maybe the governor, you know to help us, you know, put some restrictions. put some some. you know this
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catch these guys, you know. two new bills are taking aim at california's theft laws and what's considered a felony under proposition 47, which voters approved in 2014. one authored by democratic assembly member rudy salas, representing bakersfield would lower the threshold for felony theft of goods to $400. right now it's considered a misdemeanor for any amount up to $950 worth of goods. there were several customers here, some with children. that witnessed the whole thing. it was pretty horrifying. leonor of credit jewelers thinks that proposal doesn't go far enough. he's already lost thousands of dollars to thieves for his security. we aren't showing his face most of the time, they're going to sell over 2000 and i assume it's a felony as it is, isn't it? another bill introduced monday by republican assembly members kevin kiley, james gallagher and jim patterson aims to fully repeal the rules under prop 47, which they say let criminals off the hook to easily. this jewelry store owner hit the hardest
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among the three is worried. more robberies will occur before police make an arrest. the punishments are so soft that even if there were to grab the guys, right? you know if they grab him too early before they've done enough crime, they're not going to get a harsh enough punishment or just watching the door and she's expecting something else to happen. yes. we're so scared. the jewelry store owners tell me they're now looking into hiring armed security for the building, which actually houses 14 shops, many of them jewelry stores. san jose police say the investigation is ongoing reporting in san jose magus ktvu, fox two news that's a lot of money. of course i was. i was a little scared. i was like, oh my gosh, that's crazy. and uber rider stuck on an east coast freeway for hours hit with a $600 fare. how uber is responding next?ay for the morn. we'll look into that and the five day forecast just one day ago, hundreds of cars lined up waiting for free at home covid
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. sf jazz is changing its safety protocol starting on february 1st all audience members, staff and artists must be fully vaccinated. and have a booster shot at least one week before attending an event at the sf jazz center. if you are not yet eligible to get a booster, but otherwise fully vaccinated, you can show a negative pcr test. transit is warning riders to prepare for possible delays beginning tomorrow, the agency says. covid related sick calls among workers are affecting service transit says writers may now wait as long as 30 minutes
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between busses on some routes, and some lines may be canceled entirely. officials suggest checking the transit website for updates on delays. the fremont unified school district is apologizing one day after a long line of cars clog streets and parents were left waiting for hours, hoping to get free at home covid tests ktvu is evan sernoffsky tells us why today's distribution went better. we think it's really important for the public to get their tests and to get tested, and so they could return back to, you know, day to day life. for the second day in a row families of students and workers at fremont unified school district lined up to get at home covid testing kits. mcnichol right on the rest of the district says it has nearly 34,000 tests to cover its students and faculty. it's better to be safe and sorry, thomas wilson had no trouble picking up a test for his daughter. but things were much different. on wednesday, cars were backed up for hours trying
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to pick up tests at a loan district building. the congestion was so bad fremont police had to get involved warning drivers to avoid the area. making matters worse, many of the people in line were turned away when the district stopped handing out the tests at two p.m. the superintendent later apologized for the headaches. we do recognize that there was a longer wait than we would have liked. and we appreciate the patience and flexibility of our community in that regard. on thursday, the district opened three distribution sites. they were an american high school, irvington high school and fremont adult and continuing education. the district had plenty of people controlling traffic and even used road flares. they were out of the tests and we had to. unfortunately go back home. yudof sharma and his mom were turned away wednesday but came back and got a testing kit. we tried again here today and it was pretty hard because we got here at 10 when we expected things to just getting started really slowly, but, um, there ended up being a lot of traffic
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here, too, and we were stuck in lines for about 45 minutes. at the end of the day, most parents were happy to get kits. and we're being vigilant about keeping themselves and their families safe with surgery of omnicom. we think like testing them before sending them to the school would definitely help. control this whole. each of those kits the district gave out, has two tests in it. officials want students to take one test on friday and the second on sunday before school returns on monday morning. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. u c. santa cruz says it's extending its virtual learning period until january, 31st school officials say the campus positivity rate is now at 5. that's the highest it's been since they started testing students and staff in person instruction will now resume when the schools booster requirement goes into effect. the school is also asking students who live on campus and have not yet returned. to not
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return to campus this weekend. all right. we'll get to our weather in a moment. we just want to take a look at some of these cold low temperatures in the middle of the country. so if you do have travel plans tomorrow, those purple areas that i'm showing you here minus 11 in minneapolis right now, 18 degrees in detroit, that's going to get you some potential icing on some of these planes are like chicago might have some delays tomorrow because of weather because of the cold new york city's at 30, but just be aware if you are traveling about that's what we're up for. outside right now we've got clouds a little bit of valley fog just kind of little clouds and fog. and then by tomorrow morning that's gone because that weather system comes in blows up the inversion and brings an opportunity for more showers. more rain. not a lot. unfortunately well, i said that it's the models are saying not a lot like 102.4, almost a half inch of rain and the heavy spots. but like i say, the models have been under under
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forecasting a lot of these rainfall events, you know, they'll go. okay we're going to get like the last night or 36. hours ago, there was maybe a quarter inch happens in some places we got, like, three inches. so um, there are some disparities there. so maybe this system here on friday will deliver a little more, but it doesn't look like it has the ability to join much more than a half inch just by the movement of it and the fact that if unless it stalls out, it's going to move progress through fairly quickly. showers showing up around point arena right now showers up around sea ranch. temperatures overnight or on the warm to mild side because the clouds and the showers your morning commute. pretty much every, you know they're not. the early morning community at the mid morning commute will be impacted by this, so say there's eight am so there'll be some showers showing up at sfo. san mateo at eight a.m. by 11 a.m. it's into san jose, and then it clears out quickly and then you get into saturday morning looks beautiful valley fog. saturday's the nicest day on the weekend here comes sunday with some
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clouds. and then monday. there's a chance for a sprinkle, but it's minimal. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. then as you would expect, it looks like a nice stadium pretty much after the front slides through around lunchtime, so the first part of the day marked with some wetness second part of the day tomorrow , pretty dry for the most part partly to mostly cloudy saturday is going to be money. sunday is not half bad, especially in the morning before noon in the clouds fill in and then monday a chance of a sprinkle. that's it. i'll see you back here sunday night. all right. we'll see you then. bill thank you knew at 11 tonight. there are still problems after hundreds of drivers were trapped on interstate 95 in virginia due to ice and snow. a man returning to virginia from san francisco was in that closure and was later charged $600 for an uber ride. andrew richards was on his way home to richmond from the airport. the original price of that ride was going to be $200, but he was stuck in the car for nine hours and uber tacked on an extra $400. that's a lot of
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money. of course i was. i was a little scared. i was like, oh, my gosh, that's crazy. i didn't mention anything about fares. changing or like i was checking my app when we were in the car. and it didn't accept the original fair price. so i was confused. why why they would put that on after the right had been completed. uber has now re funded peters and says it is glad he and his uber driver both got home safely. alright the warriors take the floor tonight without stephan curry and draymond, green's sports director market chinese is up next to tell us if golden state could handle those pesky
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ride for the warriors so far this season, but definitely hitting a pothole out on the
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road. the last couple of nights , something put. they just can't put the ball in the basket, and they've got a two game losing streak to show for pretty much expected. what would happen tonight without steph curry and dream on green, all with minor injuries. got a good look at rookie jonathan commingle, though. look at the effort on the offensive board, he actually had four rebounds on the same play relentless and the veterans love it on the beds and coming to run a little bit too well, elaine and get the past from under iguodala. to score it hardly, and the warriors were still down in the pelicans by one little example of that was their night. damien lee returns the ball over after the pelicans have given it up. it ends up as a jackson hayes. slam dunk pelicans up seven, but the warriors closed hard down five under a minute. steele jonathan coming to take it to the bucket, two of his 13 suddenly there within three, but a big sequence heared sues pelicans, miss just
11:28 pm
clank. brick weird's can't get the rebound. it results in a foul. jordan's pool commits it free throws and it's a 16 91 oh 1 96 final and the warriors shooting seven of 33 from three. that ain't going to get it done. let's take it to the college courts in berkeley tonight, mark fox and company in tough against the number seven ranked trojans of usc. down six second half corner. it's granted and #### of it hitting. he had 19 for the bears tonight, there within four. but as a mobley helps the trojans close hard here to three at 19 points, nine rebounds. 77 63 is the final trojans are 13 and o after a sensational start. a great night out on the road for the sandals, a shark's first period. they kind of put the game away as they come out smoking in that first period, seven minutes left in it. and they go wild scored three goals
11:29 pm
that much time left nick bonino will get into andrew corigliano and matt nieto. life for layout just like that. it's one nothing in a minute and a half later, san jose won't break it and on the boards watching cotton where the ref is and who comes up with it other than the timo meier dings, the post and that is his 14th san jose up to nothing and on the brakes still in that first period, alexander barbuda leaves it back for turtle wax. it is 17th of the year. three lead. they hold on on the road to win it three to nothing. well with the time we've got left, why not check this out next? and celtics tonight? tiger game 1.5 seconds left. look at that shot by r. j. barrett. to barely beat the buzzer, but daddy does sensational shot and then new
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york knicks. yeah called game right buzzer beater. i'm sure he planned it just like that when the plan was sporting life, right, mark. thank you. thanks right, mark. thank you. thanks for jo what do you think of the picture on my new costco card? wow, you've never put your actual face that close to mine. jay thinks that-- bup, bup, bup, bup. let him answer. uh...okay, you look good. this looks nothing like me! maybe 'cause you're not yelling in it. i look at this, and i'm like, "what the hell? where's the sparkle? where's the guy that scored the winning touchdown and was carried off by his team?" this guy looks like he was carried off by the current. i have half a mind to cut this up and never go back there. maybe you can use one of the scissors from the eight-pack that we bought. hey, jay, you feeling it? you ready to knock down some pins? oh, great. gray and wrinkled, like my tired puss. it's my league finals, and jay agreed to fill in for our star bowler, maurice, who's recovering from a groin pull. an actual groin pull, not the party on fire island. i don't know, cameron. i'm-- i'm really not feeling it tonight.


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