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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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stick out the protest covid protocols. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and the city of oakland wasn't the only city. dozens of other schools around the bay area were closed today because of the current covid surge almost two years now into the pandemic. and another disruption in education , putting stress on students, parents and teachers. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. hundreds of oakland educators states to protest instead of going to work today, they're calling for better covid safety measures to be put in place by the district . ktvu rob roth has more now on their demands and the district's response, rob alex. the sick out meant more than 8000. oakland, students from a dozen schools were asked to stay home today. teachers were protesting that the school district is not doing enough to keep them and their students safe from covid. a
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noisy scene in front of school district headquarters on broadway in downtown oakland friday, dozens of teachers held a car caravan protest is part of a sick out that included more than 500 educators. that's twice the number of teacher absences is previous days. they say they don't feel safe in school because of covid with principles out. case managers out teachers out. it creates an unsafe situation at our schools to have that little supervision at a time. that's this serious and dire. this is something that was approved. it was unauthorized and it is technically illegal. it's not supposed to happen. the sick out forced the district close 12 schools for instruction , including nine high schools, parents of younger children had to stay home or find daycare. among the school cancelations was oakland tech, although students at a handful of classmates were inside, along with a few teachers, it's been
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kind of weird. there's no one in the halls at all, and all the doors are locked and dark. and it's really quiet. one oakland tech parents said she supported the decision to close if they're going to have a sick out. i think it's better to basically just closed the school rather than have a lot of kids show up and being an auditorium, especially during omicron. the teachers are demanding the district give out k n95 masks to students and staff more sickly than remote learning. the district says it is not considering distance learning, but it is in the process of giving out the mask and his granting more sick days to teachers instead. half it feels like a wildfire and we're trying to get out ahead of it, and you need to be able to communicate. and we're on the front lines were with students every day seeing what's happening, seeing the actual mask situation, seeing the spread in our community. as of now, there's no indication this sick out will last beyond friday, so it should be school as usual. on monday, alex and ron just to clarify
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there are no plans at all happening within the district to shift over to remote learning at any point. no there are no plans to do that. they think the best way for education is to keep the schools open, and they're committed to that. that's what they say. okay. rob roth live in the news from bob. thank you. how many times schools in the west contra costa school district were also close today and will be again on monday due to the spread of the omicron variant administrators say they're seeing covid drive up teacher absences. the district's website shows that 44 teachers have covid with 320 students testing positive. the district offered koba testing at three sites today. and while some parents believe closing the schools is a good idea, health expert disagrees. the end of the day. you know, this is not 2020 , or 2021. vaccines are widely available and as long as schools are adhering to the standard for cautions, like, you know, mask wearing washing of hands, um and
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providing protective measures. um we should be in a place where all schools can remain open. and stay open. in a statement that school district says the safety of the students and staff is their top priority and that closing school to prevent further outbreaks is an action that they take very seriously and will only do when it is absolutely necessary. the milpitas unified school district is now back to virtual learning after a large number of students and staff tested positive for the coronavirus, the m. u s. d s board of education voted last night to send students back home until january, 18th. now the hope is that that will give students and staff enough time to quarantine and return to the classroom virus free, worrisome trend when it comes to young children and covid hospitalizations of kids under five with covid-19 have soared in recent weeks to the highest level since the pandemic began. four out of every 100,000 kids are hospitalized right now, the
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cdc's reporting particularly high hospitalization rates in five states, including california. it's important to note, though these numbers include children hospitalized for other reasons, and then later found to be infected with the virus. as foxes, jonathan serrie reports, health officials are urging families to make their older kids or make sure they're older kids are vaccinated. to help protect those younger children. the latest covid-19 surges, sending more young children to the hospital since christmas, the number of pediatric covid patients has doubled to around 4000. cdc data show a growing number of hospital admissions involved children too young to be vaccinated. dr rochelle walensky, saying friday it highlights the need for older kids and adults to get their shots. it's critically important that we surround them with people who are vaccinated to provide them protection. this includes that home at daycare and preschools and throughout our entire community. dr
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walensky also addressed confusion over the cdc's updated isolation guidelines, she emphasized people should only leave isolation early if covid symptoms have resolved their urge to wear a mask and avoid public places. after that time, you are most infectious. in the two in the 1 to 2 days before your symptoms and the 2 to 3 days after your symptoms. meanwhile the cdc announcing friday, people who received moderna's covid vaccine can get a booster five months after their second dose instead of six months. earlier this week, moderna ceo suggested fourth shot may be necessary in the fall, but medical experts say they need more data booster after booster in a small number of countries will not end the pandemic, while billions remain completely unprotected. about 35% of fully vaccinated americans have received a booster shot in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. sidewalk eating was born during the pandemic as a way to boost
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bay area restaurants. but the fate of those park let's is now uncertain. ktvu tom vacar live for us now unpleasant in where owners were ordered to remove those structures. at least temporarily, tom kind of like the canary in the coal mine, really, for a lot of cities around the state i want you look, this is the last remaining and soon to be dismantled. park lit here in pleasanton. and it will be gone by tomorrow, as was required by the city. the question is, are park. let's hear to stay or they're passing packets pandemic accommodation. at present tense all your restaurant owner marie stis, als watched as just $10,000.05 month old park lit was dismantled. the city of pleasant has directed all park let owners to dismantle them by friday so that it can clean the streets under them and the trees. above them. that's been one of our concerns. is the timing covid macron variants spreading like wildfire. it was
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a bad time to lose such an important, expensive and more covid safe asset 60% of our seating. over these last several months, and now that's been taken away, so we're not sure what's going to happen now. that's especially true when people are highly concerned about any indoor activity where folks gather most of our phone calls that we get for reservations. people the first thing they want to know is are there outdoor seating folks are not comfortable sitting inside park. let's have proven to be popular. it's been fantastic for the last year and a half or so it's kept sort of main street alive. but some non restaurant business folks say they're unfair, especially when they first came to be last summer apartment consumes what four or five or six spaces and you know that's not in the best interests of every business in a downtown, but the reality is here on main street. there's plenty of parking right off the streets, like working remotely from home park blitz may well have become
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an unstoppable desired trend for the long haul. that's here to stay. that dining trend. is here to stay much more fast. editor brings people to downtown and you get to, you know, shopping. some of the local shops here will pleasant since park. let's return to the city is, um promised us that by march 1st they will have site plans ready to go to deliver to the businesses. to start to construct permanent park. let'ss last parkwood is going out some that are actually on the sidewalk like the one right here . they will be allowed to remain for now, but we did try to reach the city of pleasant times. to get some sort of a comment from them, but so far, they haven't gotten back to us. we try to early this morning reporting live. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. the popular first friday's event
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in uptown oakland will not be held later tonight. organizers canceled the arts and community gathering because of the surgeon coronavirus cases. normally it's held along telegraph avenue between west grant and 27th street on the first friday of the month. it had been suspended during the pandemic, but finally restarted in october. the festival is scheduled to resume next month on february 4th. broadway sf says it will now require theater patrons to be fully vaccinated, including boosters if eligible to see a show starting february 1st. this policy covers people aged 16 and older for both the orpheum and golden gate theaters. people between 12 and 15 must be fully vaccinated. children under 12 can attend with proof of vaccination or negative pcr test masks are required except when eating or drinking. in solano county folio city hall is closing to the public starting monday because of rising covid cases. city council board and commission meetings will still take place in person. but the
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council will consider holding future meetings on zoom at their next meeting wednesday, the public lobby of the police department will also be closed through february. 28 san francisco police, fire and beauty also being hit hard by this current covid surge. mayor london breed says that 184 members of the sfpd are currently out because of covid out of a staff of 210,140 of the fire department. 1700 employees are out. while 122 union workers are absent from the workforce of about 6000. it was an emotional day in court as a model robberies family addressed the courtroom before his killers were sentenced. the loss of the mud has devastated me and my family. some accident that the man that killed him. be given the maximum sentence available to the court. coming up. we'll have more on the sentences handed down by the judge today, also a fierce storm, bringing
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several inches of snow to several states. the power outages that persists and the flight cancelations piling up. are what weather is moving out of the bay area and dry whether expected for your bay area weekend. i'll have a loo are verr
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today. the sentencing comes nearly two years after our berry was shot and killed while jogging through a georgia neighborhood. ktvu cristina rendon joining us now with more on what played out in the courtroom today. christina alex salmon, aubrey's family cried as the sentence was handed down his mother, saying she always knew they would get a victory in court and before handing down that sentence. the judge described aubrey's killing by three white men as chile. it is a chilling truly disturbing. seen. and we got there because
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travis mcmichael father saw ahmad are very hauling down the street. and calls out. let's go . model marie aubrey was then hunted down. and shot. and he was killed. because individuals here in this courtroom took the law into their own hands. mr mcmichael, the court sentences you as follows. count one. malice murder life without the possibility of parole case travis michael, his father, gregory mcmichael, and their neighbor, william roddy, brian, were all sentenced to life in prison. the judge denied the chance for parole for travis and gregory mcmichael, their neighbor, william roddy. brian will get the possibility for parole in 30 years. this case gained national attention after brian's video was released showing mcmichael confronting are very before sentencing. the court heard powerful victim impact statements from ahmad are berries, father, mother and
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sister. the loss of a mud has devastated me and my family. some accident that the man that killed him. be given the maximum sentence available to the court. just wants lee. he heard the testimonies from from each from each witness. he gave us a very good verdict. and he gave us a very good sentence. yes and i also want to thank the prosecutors who came in and fought with my family. and i defense teams for all three men say they do plan to appeal the convictions next month. all of them face a second trial, this time in federal court on federal hate crime charges. cristina rendon ktvu fox two news, christina thank you. meantime the murder case against a 15 year old charged in a school shooting at oxford, michigan, moved forward today. 15 year old ethan crumbly waived his right to a key hearing. his case now moves to a trial court
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where he will be charged as an adult with murder. his defense attorney suggested there may be a plea agreement down the road. in a separate hearing, a judge denied a lower bail lower bail for his parents. james and jennifer crumbly, have been in jail now. since december, 4th both are facing involuntary manslaughter charges for failing to secure a gun or to intervene on the day that their son opened fire at his high school. four students died in that shooting back on november 30th and seven others were seriously hurt. the element of county sheriff's deputy association is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for shooting and killing a deputy recruit on an east bay freeway. it happened late in the afternoon tuesday on the westbound 5 80 connector to westbound 80 in oakland, investigators say 28 year old david wynn was in his personal car driving home to san francisco from the academy when he was shot. win was expected to
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graduate from the academy and become a sheriff's deputy next month. parts of virginia still digging out after the first no storm of the year. dominion energy says it has close to 5000 contractors and employees out there statewide trying to fix the power issues. down trees, but many customers in the dark now for days, some areas of the northeast ought to eight inches of snow. the national weather service has now issued a winter advisory for new york city, northern new jersey and the nearby suburbs and as foxes will not only tells us more severe weather is on the way. winter storms, leaving millions across the u. s under severe weather alerts pressure system, dumping several inches of snow from the mid south to the northeast, the winter weather creating a traffic nightmare in kentucky on thursday, heavy snow, causing drivers to slide right off the road or into each other. now that storm snarling the northeast, some parts of connecticut waking up to a foot of snow. drivers say the roads were slick, many taking it slow
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or avoiding travel altogether. it was terrible this morning, but it's not bad right now and where and when was a terrible about seven o'clock this morning. describe the terrible miss roads were not plowed that well and very slippery in new york city schools staying open with crews working for hours to clear the roads with about 1500 plows and hundreds of salt spreaders. new york's governor, advising people to avoid unnecessary travel. i do commend yorkers for how you've managed this. we're tough. we get through these things out on long island. heavy snowfall, blanketing neighborhoods and leading to icy roads and traffic delays in the mid hudson region , also seeing up to six inches from more of snow. forecasters say this could be the year's first bomb cyclone for north america as it moves towards coastal canada in plymouth, massachusetts. will nunley fox weather now that winter storm has led airlines to cancel more than 2200 flights today? here in the bay area, airport officials tell us 104 flights were canceled at san francisco
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international. there were 14 flights canceled in oakland. and 27 at san jose international airport. weak system moving through the bay area gave us rain this morning sierra snow, but that is now beginning to wind down, at least for us giving you a live look at a beautiful golden gate bridge with a little bit of blue sky there mixed within the cloud cover. the clause will continue to clear out as we get into the evening hours tomorrow morning, likely to see a little bit of fog out there with that residual moisture now hanging on but in any event we're looking at a dry weekend. here's a look at some of the rainfall amounts from this system again, not a whole lot to go along with it. areas over oakland reporting just to 107 inch san francisco less than 1/10 montiel below 6 100 supportive for you there will valley perhaps one of the winners coming in with a 43 1 hundred's half moon bay, 15 100 reported. in the last 24 hours. look here at storm tracker to and you can see, we have just
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about seeing all of what we are going to see out of the rain looking at a little bit closer and putting the radar in still motion over areas of the south bay, especially over our hills. perhaps a few scattered showers just hanging on over the diablo range on the east side of san jose, and then if you look over towards the last cotto's area into the senator's mountains, few sprinkles they're heading into the mountains of the sierra. we've got snow continuing to fall here and it winter weather advisory. that was such a expire at six o'clock this evening has already been allowed to do so. it's still going to be slick getting up over the passes for the evening hours, but if you are thinking about heading up, you are looking good for the weekend. here's a look at the winds generally light in areas over oakland conquered in fairfield, reporting 8 to 10 mph little breezier in the north bay napa reporting 15. nevada we have a breeze they're gusting to about 15. but we are in good shape when it comes to rainfall amounts anywhere from 144% of
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average over san jose. 2 207% of average over oakland so we can rest assured that we've got a good amount of rain, at least for now, and we are moving forward with the dry weather into the weekend temperatures this afternoon in the mid to upper fifties 54 san francisco 55 walnut creek 59 in san jose, but beginning to cool as sun will set to ride around five o'clock this afternoon. better details on what you can expect for tonight. tomorrow morning and the rest of your weekend coming up in just a little bit. the supreme court hears arguments on covid vaccinations that could affect 80 million workers. i'm caroline
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chase first banking. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits. by creating allowances and assigning chores, they can practice earning every day. with a debit card just for them, they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. mandates soon after a year after hearing or oral arguments earlier today, that decision could affect as many as 80 million workers all across the us fox's caroline shively reports now from outside the high court. as coronavirus cases
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surge across the u. s, driven by the new, more contagious omicron variant. on friday, supreme court justices heard arguments over two separate vaccine mandates. in the first case, federal government lawyers argued for a vaccine or test requirement for businesses with 100 or more employees. the agency found that there is grave harm every day, and the numbers are stark. workers at large companies would either have to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. the mandate is set to go into effect on monday but is being challenged by some businesses and republican led states as soon as businesses have to put out their plans. and this takes effect. workers will quit. that itself will be a permanent worker displacement that will ripple through the national economy. the second cases over a vaccine mandate for health care workers at facilities that receive federal funding. that covers virtually all healthcare workers in the us that requirement is set to take effect at the end of the month.
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and that's one of the central questions at the supreme court is going to be deciding is does president biden have the authority to issue these vaccine mandates without a clear and expressed statement of authority from congress? supreme court decisions usually take months, but due to the urgent nature of these cases, the rulings could come down within hours or days in washington, carolina shively fox news president biden will deliver his first state of the union address coming up on march 1st. house speaker nancy pelosi sent the president a formal invitation to speak to congress and the american public one year into his term. it will mark the latest, any precedent has delivered a state of the union address the speeches normally time for january and occasionally february. that delay is driven in part by a busy legislative calendar and a winter spike in covid. cases from the more transmissible omicron variant. the last state of the union address was delivered by then president donald trump on the eve of his acquittal by the senate in his first impeachment trial. he was
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the first african american actor to receive an oscar. look back now at the life of sydney portier, how he paved the way and inspired so many others. this week. cal fire found pg any responsible for starting the dixie fire coming up, we'll hear from the attorney representing some of the people who lost their homes, and we'll tell you their homes, and we'll tell you what's next - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas.
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legendary actor sidney portier. he died yesterday at the age of 94. he was a true trailblazer, the first black man to win an oscar for best actor reporter jonathan hunt has a look back now at his career. or you don't mind being called mr black man. of course not. why should i? that's what i have a black man. he was a talented, passionate actor who screen work in the fifties and sixties paved the way for countless other african american performers. sidney poitier was born on february 20th 1927 in miami, where his parents took a trip to sell it produce. you start out with a certain amount of values, some integrity, some honesty, you know, he joined the american negro theater and appeared on broadway. it was there he met a young harry belafonte by 1949. poitier was choosing between leading roles on stage and an offer to work in a film called no way out. the films kept coming 1951 cry the beloved country. 1955 blackboard jungle
4:31 pm
1957 edge of the city and in 1958, the defiant ones where 28 became the first black actor nominated for an academy award, but it was in 1963 that poirier starred in the film that would become a part of his legacy. hey man. over lilies of the field brought 28 his first oscar, the first oscar ever won by an african american for best actor speak came in 1967, with three box office smashes that became landmark films. guess who's coming to dinner to, sir, with love and in the heat of the night? i don't think we're going to have any trouble are we birchall? no trouble at all in 2000 and two the academy on 20 again with an honorary oscar for
4:32 pm
his extraordinary performances and unique presence on the screen and also for representing the motion picture industry with dignity, style and intelligence throughout the world, except this award and memory. of all the african american actors and actresses who went before me in the difficulty years. on whose shoulders i was privileged to stand to see where i might go. then seven years later, president barack obama awarded 28 the presidential medal of freedom. sidney poitier, one of the most respected and beloved figures in american cinema. jonathan hunt, fox. and many have been posting their remembrances and condolences online, including former president barack obama. he posted this picture on twitter and said, quote through his groundbreaking roles and singular talent. sydney 48 epitomized dignity and grace, revealing the power of movies to
4:33 pm
bring us closer together. he also opened doors for a generation of actors. michelle and i send our love to his family and legion of fans. and after morgan freedman said that sydney was my inspiration. my guiding line, my friend sending love to joanna and his family. all right, for more now on party is remarkable life and career. we are joined by joe shuman silver, who's the producer of beach blanket babylon in san francisco. great to have you on today. i understand you met party a few years back as you look back. at his legendary career. what stands out the most to you? and what do you believe his legacy is? i met him a few times and had dinner with him a few times. and then i was honored that he came to beach blanket babylon and he saw the show and he loved the show, and he came backstage. and spoke to everyone in the cast and was so
4:34 pm
lovely and warm and dignified and elegant and every other adjectives that you hear about him. so that's what i think again. he was everything. there's a picture of him with the cast backstage. which had to be one of the best nights of beach blanket. everybody was so excited to meet him, and he had a word single word to say to everybody in the cast and crew. he was that lovely to everybody , and we continue to hear those stories about him, you know, obviously as hollywood's first black leading man, he was a trailblazer in so many ways, and he opened the door for so many others who came after him. how do you how do you think he sort of viewed his responsibility in that role as someone who was breaking down? i think it could be seriously. i think it was very proud of what he had
4:35 pm
achieved in life, but i think it came very naturally. dam is elegant and his poise and this dignity was just all a part of him. and he was so gracious and lovely. he was everything you've heard about him. he was that wonderful. that's wonderful to hear. obviously his, you know, his most popular films focused on racial tension in this country, and he really made a conscious decision to reject any roles that he felt were demeaning in any way when you look back at all of all of his films, his body of work here, do you see sort of a common thread? and the characters that he chose to play on the big screen. i think no matter what character he play, you were so elegant about it. and he really brought a special nests. every character he played. it was like he was really proud to play that role in that movie. and he was just he was wonderful, really was
4:36 pm
just wonderful. you know it wasn't you know his journey to get where, where he where he arrived in hollywood. it was certainly not easy. he struggled in many ways, moving to the u. s. as a teenager struggling to get work as an actor, but but eventually got where he wanted to be curious what you think it is about his approach to the craft and his determination that ultimately made him so successful. you know, we were talking about wolf course everybody's talking about him today. but he had a lot of self confidence, not just in us knowing him the little bit that we knew about him and him. got me to the show, and you watch him at the academy awards and in any role he did. he was very confident within himself. that's why he was so believable. and all the roles you played. he just had this wonderful confidence that brought you along with him. finally your lasting memories of sydney
4:37 pm
portier having met him on on several occasions. what? what will stay with you moving forward his incoming backstage of beach blanket and telling everybody, this is the best show i've ever seen. that's what i remember about it. and unforgettable moment. no doubt about it really appreciate you taking the time today. joe shuman, silver producer of beach blanket babylon in san francisco. thank you. we'll talk soon. thank you so much. and for more on sydney poitier's life and his legacy you can head to our website ktvu .com. okay we've been getting a lot of rain recently. so what kind of dent making in the states drought look at the most recent drought map and what it reveals. outside our doors at this hour. we are drying out, in fact, expected to be dry for the remainder of the weekend. better det
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and businesses were destroyed last week. by that rare winter wildfire, the flames tore through a pair of heavily populated suburbs between denver and boulder. some 35,000 people were forced to evacuate and two people remain missing. president biden met with families one on one, and he also spoke with local officials who are now overseeing this enormous cleanup effort. of the pandemic is creating more obstacles for families trying to recover from natural disasters like that fire in colorado. shortages of workers and bra materials are making rebuilding efforts slower and more expensive. and areas where real estate prices have risen sharply. families are learning that their insurance may not cover the cost to rebuild their homes exactly as they were. and in a tight housing market. there are few homes for sale or rent. making it difficult for families to
4:41 pm
find temporary shelter. this week, cal fire determined the monstrous dixie fire was sparked by pg and e power lines in butte county. those flames destroyed more than 1300 homes last summer , and hundreds of fire victims later sued pgd for damages, claiming the utility is responsible. investigative reporter brooks jarocz spoke with their attorney about what cal fire's finding means. and what comes next. how are the victims? families that you represent the civil lawsuit reacting to this finding, i think there's a lot of relief. they are obviously wanting to get on with their lives, which is the most important thing when you suffer this type. of a tragedy and the first step is to have this determination. then we litigate and ultimately we will get the damages that are necessary from pg and e. in order for them to rebuild their homes, uh, replaced the items that were lost if they were renters and really move on with
4:42 pm
their lives. does this make it any easier for those victims to be able to prove their kids? it does now this i want to make sure that we don't mistake anything. this is not the same as a court finding that pg and e is responsible. this is the investigating agency. it's very similar to if there were a car accident and the police officer right to report, a police officer is going to go. they're going to do an investigation and they're going to say okay. i believe that this is what happened. this is the same type of thing now, obviously, there are a lot more people involved. cal fire is a statewide agency, and they are tasked with not just putting out fires. but then , after fires happen, they go in and they determine what happened . they have experts in all different kinds of fields, and they'll write a very detailed and lengthy report. consulting with the experts saying, this is why the fire happened. this is where it started. this is what started it, and all of those are
4:43 pm
things that we can use again. it's not the same as a court finding, but it's certainly very helpful information. no state fire officials will then forward that report. you're talking about them writing over the district attorney's office in butte county. i know it's still not known if they're going to be criminal charges, but how can this actually, how can their investigative findings affect the entire legal process for you and your victims? well, the most important thing is that it's confirmation of what the plaintiffs have been saying, which is that pg and e s lines and would started into one thing for the plaintiffs to say it. obviously we have a tremendous stake in this. but when you get a neutral agency, which doesn't have any kind of a dog in the fight, they come in. they do this exhaustive investigation, which took several months. and they conclude that pg and e s line started to fire that's powerful evidence, then the other thing that we can do and this is something that we do during the discovery process is that we take the depositions of
4:44 pm
those investigators and those experts that were involved and we ask them those questions. why do you believe that? pg and e s line started the fire? where do you believe it started? what started it. and then they can testify, and that is evidence that we can use in court. so in the end best case scenario. what are the victims want to see a best case scenario? they want their lives put back to the way they were pre fire. now there's some things that can never be replaced. you know the things that we call cherished possessions, but what pg and e can do. and the sooner they do it, the better is to compensate people for the real and personal property damages rebuild the homes, replaced the personal property and pay the alternate living expenses because one of the things that i think a lot of people don't realize is that when you lose your home it's not like you no longer have to pay. if you have a mortgage, you still owe that mortgage. so now people in a position where if they want to keep their
4:45 pm
property, they have to pay the mortgage, and they have to find another place to live. that's called alternate living expenses, and it can be crippling. so the sooner that we can get the money from pg and e to replace the lost real and personal property. the better off the victims would be. pg and e says it is working hard to stop future fire ignitions from equipment and to keep everyone safe. the utility is being sued for two other massive wildfires. the 2019 kincaid firing sonoma county and the 2020 zog fire in shasta county. well as we get into the late afternoon evening hours, the storm clouds are clearing out and in its wake. how about a beautiful rainbow? given your live? look here over san jose, where we have blue sky clouds and that rainbow indicating a little bit of wet weather still out there. we've got some beautiful weather coming our way in the way of us sunshine and cool conditions or at least seasonably cool. for
4:46 pm
this time of year in time for the weekend storm tracker to there and you can see it is over areas of the south bay with just a little bit of moisture primarily over the higher elevations, the santa cruz mountains as well as the diablo range. but if you look in right over areas of a san jose, you can see if you sprinkles there. so that's again where we get the sunshine and the rain and hence the rainbow into the sierra. we go where the advisory for winter travel has expired, although you can see it's still falling there and there is a lake wind advisory as well checking in on the current conditions over lake tahoe. just about freezing in truckee, where again it is still snowing out there. snow levels are above 6000 ft. but you may find very slick roadways tonight up over the past self like tahoe and blue canyon coming in right about 36. then as we get into the weekend for you there if you're thinking about heading up , got the fresh powder, maybe do some skiing temperatures in the mid upper thirties for the
4:47 pm
afternoons under mostly sunny skies. but wow, those overnight lows going to be quite chilly below freezing by quite a bit your future cast here for us at home. we are looking at drying conditions saturday sunday. i stopped it for you here sunday night because i do want to point out that you can see some rain there offshore. this is going to hold off our weekends going to be dry, but our next opportunity at some rain will be on monday. and at least from this standpoint, it looks like it will be another week system. so we'll be watching that tracking it for you between now and then. in the meanwhile outsider doors at this hour under partly sunny skies, we do have temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday by four palo alto by foreign conquered. it's still cool one, though 54 reported in san francisco, as well as oakland. and in the north bay, 52 reported in nevado 59 in san jose. tomorrow morning. we wake up with a chill in the arabic thirties to mid forties around the bay area. 43 expected for san francisco in the north bay.
4:48 pm
one of the cooler spots 35 in santa rosa, and we are likely to see some of that patchy fog out there to start the day as we get into the afternoon and near repeat in our temperatures with mid to upper fifties in the forecast. mostly sunny skies and dry conditions. your extended forecast dry tomorrow sunday, a near repeat, starting out with a chill. but then as we get into the afternoon, very seasonal for this time of year, scattered showers in the forecast for monday drying out on tuesday. we'll go with partly cloudy skies on wednesday back to you. rosemary thank you. well all of the recent rain and snow that we've received here in california continues to have a positive effect on the state's drought conditions. this is a look at how much progress we've made over the past three weeks and on the far left is the most recent map that was released just yesterday. no major changes here in the bay area, but much of the central valley moved out of red or the extreme drought conditions this week, and that, of course, is a big improvement from just two weeks ago. now the map on the far right where a
4:49 pm
good chunk of the state was in that dark red exceptional drought categories, so you can really compare that far right map to the one on the far left, which is where we are right now. a dramatic difference there. them. a written municipal water district is considering rolling back water use restrictions and penalties that were adopted during the worst of the drought last year. recent rain has filled up reservoirs and increased water supply. district staff plans to bring options to the board on january 18th by new statewide water restrictions will still be in place if the district rolls back its measures. commercial crabbers say this dungeon is crab season was a big bust from the first the season here in the bay area was delayed until december. 28th so crabbers missed out on both thanksgiving and christmas. they did manage to bring in large loads in time for the new year's holiday. but according to the press democrat now when they go out, they are bringing back fewer crabs, sometimes only two or three crabs per pot. all
4:50 pm
right. it's a big weekend for dub nation after 2.5 years of fan favorite will be back out on the court will have details on clay thompson's long awaited return. and coming up at five o'clock, whether severe weather or covid complications, millions of americans are dealing with more travel trouble how sfo is trying to help passengers after those flight cancelations today. plus but where? where you get your covid test? the latest message from
4:51 pm
- hi mommy! - hi honey!
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oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. broadcaster john madden has now been set for next month of the nfl, says the event honoring the bay area native and former raiders coach will be held in oakland on february 15th. madden passed away at his home in pleasanton last tuesday. this weekend, the raiders will provide another tribute to the late coach at their home game in las vegas. his family including
4:53 pm
his wife, children and grandchildren, will light the al davis memorial torch in man's honor before sunday's kickoff. in 2011. madden was the first person to light the torch and honor of davis's legacy. legendary coach led the silver and black for 10 seasons, winning seven division titles and, of course, the super bowl. john madden was 85 years old. 40 niners quarterback jimmy garoppolo is questionable to play in sunday's big game against the los angeles rams coach kyle shanahan says garoppolo has looked good in practice. he's recovering from a thumb injury he suffered a couple weeks ago. shanahan still has not said if he's going with corrupt below or the rookie qb trey lance wide receiver deebo samuel is among those who says garoppolo appears ready to play again. jimmy just look like jimmy to me saying confidence. same throw, same ball, same energy. same everything. i don't think he took a step backwards. i just think you know, i'm saying home he's gonna do best
4:54 pm
way possibly don't look like to me that it's doesn't hurt and he's out there doing a good job this week. the niners are competing with the new orleans saints for the last remaining nfc playoff spot, 49ers win or tie or a saint's loss or tie to the atlanta falcons. and the niners are back in the postseason. you can watch sunday showdown between the niners and the rams. right here on ktvu come back for those 49ers hum. all right. speaking of comebacks , warriors fans, maybe getting something that they've been waiting now for the past two seasons, the return of clay thompson to the lineup, the warriors star could make his long awaited return. sunday evening against the cavaliers. thompson has not played since june of 2019 when he tore his a c l in game six of the nba finals against toronto. several months later, he also tore his achilles tendon during a workout on ticketmaster. the lowest price for a ticket to sunday's game at chase center is $180 in the vip section. tickets are selling for as high as $25,000
4:55 pm
each. a lot of people wanting to be there when klay thompson returns. president biden offered an optimistic take on today's lower than expected jobs. report i'm when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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cases increase, but foxes madeline rivera shows us president biden took an optimistic take on those numbers and says the u. s economy is right on track. americans back to work. president biden is praising the latest jobs report seizing on the unemployment rate , which hit a new pandemic low at 3.9% its historic day. for our economic recovery, but only 199,000 jobs were added last month missing economists expectations about half house
4:58 pm
minority leader kevin mccarthy is blasting the biden ministrations and democrats accusing them of sabotaging quote what should have been a v shaped recovery. the omicron variant, potentially throwing a wrench into the country's economic growth to stoking uncertainty among employers. labor secretary marty walsh is preparing for a possible hit and jobs numbers come january. the only crime variant could have some impact on next month's report. there's no question about it, but right now we're focused on continuing moving our economy getting our recovery moving forward. the unemployment rate is likely to keep the federal reserve on track to raise interest rates this year. with inflation eating into wage gains when inflation gets out of control. then what has to happen is that you need really, really big interest rate hikes to get it back under control, and the president is signaling more optimism. covid as we're dealing with it now. is not here to stay . the new normal is not going to be what it is. now it's going to be better. the biggest job gains
4:59 pm
were in leisure and hospitality, but many employers are still struggling to find workers record 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november in washington. molera vera ktvu, fox two news. ktvu two news at five starts now. it's a disappointment. it's a very disjointed policy now at five new rules for nursing home visitors that will make it more difficult to see loved ones how covid testing will come into play. what a little. hundreds of east bay educators choosing not to step inside a classroom today , leading to the cancelation of a dozen oakland schools. what they say it will take to bring them back. plus could a popular part of the pandemic becoming to an end y park let's unpleasant in were forced to come down today. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm cristina rendon and i'm andre senior as omicron cases search their big changes at california nursing homes and you statewide
5:00 pm
health order forces strict guidelines on visitors that includes tracking down one of those tough to find covid tests . ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz joins us now live with those newly updated rules and requirements. brooks is getting longer to get inside a nursing home to visit a loved one. first you must show proof of vaccination. if you're eligible, you have to be boosted . and starting today, a negative coat. covid test is mandatory. if it's a rapid test, it has to be done within 24 hours of your visit if it's a pcr test within two days, a big ask when tents take time or scarce. not many moments go by that ozzy rome doesn't think about her father. he's 94 has cancer and parkinson's and living at the jewish home in san francisco. my dad's still doesn't understand that. i cannot just drop by and visit him because covid has been a concern for nearly two years, but now more barriers at nursing homes. do you feel like you've


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