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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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this is ktvu fox two news at six. it's just like weird, like overall and every way you could think, well. the bay area surge of covid cases left some parents scrambling to come up with alternate plans for their kids today. good evening. i'm on very senior. and i'm cristina rendon . we see the surge of cases beginning to cause disruption in education. hundreds of oakland educators stage of protest instead of going to work today. calling for better covid safety measures to be put into place by the district at the same time schools and went west castro cost of school district closed. we begin tonight with ktvu, rob roth and the education disruption in oakland. a noisy scene in front of school district headquarters on broadway in downtown oakland friday, dozens of teachers held a car caravan protest is part of a sick out that included more than 500 educators. that's twice
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the number of teacher absences is previous days. they say they don't feel safe in school because of covid with principles out. case managers out teachers out. it creates an unsafe situation at our schools to have that little supervision at a time. that's this serious and dire. this is something that was approved. it was unauthorized and it is technically illegal. it's not supposed to happen. the sick out forced the district close 12 schools for instruction , including nine high schools, parents of younger children had to stay home or find daycare. among the school cancelations was oakland tech, although students at a handful of classmates were inside, along with a few teachers, it's been kind of weird. there's no one in the halls at all, and all the doors are locked and dark. and it's really quiet. one oakland tech parents said she supported the decision to close if they're going to have a sick out. i think it's better to basically just closed the school rather
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than have a lot of kids show up and being an auditorium, especially during omicron. the teachers are demanding the district give out k n95 masks to students and staff more sickly than remote learning. the district says it is not considering distance learning, but it is in the process of giving out the mask and his granting more sick days to teachers instead. half it feels like a wildfire and we're trying to get out ahead of it, and you need to be able to communicate. and we're on the front lines were with students every day seeing what's happening, seeing the actual mask situation, seeing the spread in our community. as of now, there's no indication the sick out will spread beyond friday, so monday should be school as usual. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. schools in the west contra costa school district were also close today and will be again on monday due to the spread of the omicron variant administrators say they're seeing covid drive up teacher absences. the district's website shows 44 teachers have covid with 320 students testing
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positive. the district offered covid testing at three sites today, while some parents believe closing schools is a good idea. health expert disagrees. the end of the day. you know, this is not 2020, or 2021. vaccines are widely available and as long as schools are adhering to the standard for cautions, like, you know, mask wearing washing of hands, um and providing protective measures. um we should be in a place where all schools can remain open. and stay open. in a statement, the school district says, quote the safety of our students and staff is our top priority and closing schools to prevent further outbreaks is an action we take very seriously and will only do when it is absolutely necessary. the milpitas unified school district is back to virtual learning after a large number of students and staff tested positive for covid 19, the m usd board of education voted last night to send students back home until january, 18th the hope is
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that it will give students and staff enough time to quarantine and return to the classroom. virus free london breed says fill ins are stepping up to cover the first responders who were absent because of covid. she tweeted today that 184 members of the sfpd are currently out because of covid out of a staff of 210,140 of the fire department's 1700 employees are out. and 122 community workers are absent from a workforce of about 6000 breed, insisting the city is providing the critical services residents deserve despite the absences. a new statewide health order is forcing district guidelines on people visiting nursing homes. i don't think he's going to be with us for long. and i'm just fearful that the last couple of years of his life you know it's going to be pretty miserable. coming up in the next half hour will explain the requirements. visitors must now meet to meet their loved ones until the combination of the omicron surge and bad weather back east,
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causing continued flight cancelations and delays across the country. you're looking live at sfo right? there were more than 100 flights were canceled today. ktvu is christian captain tells us the one silver lining to the current flight problems. staff shortages due to omicron and snowy weather on the east coast have led to another day of cancelations and delays for air travelers. san francisco international airport is reporting 102 cancelations or about 11% of flights and close to 70 delays impacting about 7% of all flights. it is appearing to be a mix of weather related issues not only here but in other parts of the country, along with those staffing related concerns, and unfortunately we really don't get a breakdown of how much is one of the other. the airport says airlines are working hard to notify passengers early enough so they don't show up at the airport waiting for hours for a flight. really what we're seeing is a lot of these cancelations are happening. not an hour before departure there happening well in advance.
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they're happening overnight. such that passengers can find out before they ever show up to the airport, which is which is always what we hope for. the airport is also saying one of the few silver linings of covid is that airlines are more understanding when passengers want to cancel or change reservations. so if a trip isn't necessary right now, try to reschedule. let's take advantage of that opportunity. if you want to make changes yourself if you don't and your flight gets a delay or cancelation take advantage of the technology sign up for those proactive flight notifications. so you know about it before you ever set foot in the airport. and one final interesting point. sfo pointed out that the airport had great flying conditions earlier this weekend. no delays only cancelation, so that may be an indication that the delays are being caused by the weather. cancelations are likely staffing related. at sfo. christian captain ktvu fox two news. transit is warning rogers to prepare for delays after 72
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frontline employees called out sick today, the agency says those workers either tested positive for covid or came in close contact with someone with the virus. those workers include bus operators, mechanics and service employees, agency officials say. busses that normally arrive every 15 minutes may now be about every half hour or temporarily canceled. it would six investigators have 1/5 person they think is involved in the killing of a carl, mont high school student. belmont police officers say they arrested someone who was a juvenile at the time. mohammed othman. was shot to death in 2019. they did not identify the suspect for other suspects in the case were arrested in november. investigators believe othman new, the group of people responsible for his killing he was shot to death outside central elementary in belmont. the three men convicted of murdering amount are very were sentenced today. the sentencing comes nearly two years after our very was shot and killed while jogging through georgia neighborhood ktvu alex savages in the newsroom. now with what happened in court today,
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christina entree and emotional day in the courtroom. ahmad are berries family cried as that sentence was handed down today. his mother said she always knew they would get a victory in court and before announcing the sentence, the judge in this case described our berries killing by three white men as chilling. it is a chilling truly disturbing. seen. and we got there because travis mcmichael father saw ahmad are very hauling down the street. and calls out. let's go . montgomery, aubrey was then hunted down. and shot. and he was killed. because individuals here in this courtroom took the law into their own hands. mr mcmichael court sentences you as follows. count one. malice murder life without the possibility of parole. this case
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travis mcmichael, his father, gregory mcmichael and their neighbor, william roddy bryant, were all sentenced to life in prison. today the judge denied the chance for parole for travis and gregory mcmichael, their neighbor. however, william roddy brian will be getting the possibility for parole in 30 years. now. this case gained national attention after brian's video was released to the public showing the mcmichael is confronting are very before sentencing, the court heard powerful victim impact statements from ahmad are berries, father. mother and sister. the loss of a mind has devastated me and my family. some accident that the man that killed him. be given the maximum sentence available to the court. just wamsley. he heard the testimonies from from each from each witness. he gave us a very good verdict. and he gave us a very good sentence. yes i do.
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also want to thank the prosecutors who came in and fought with my family and i defense teams for all three men said that they do plan to appeal the convictions next month. all three of those men are facing a second trial. this time it will be in federal court where they are facing federal hate crime charges. andre all right, alex. average reporting for us live in the newsroom. alex. thank you. with no arrests down to the case. the alameda county sheriff's deputy association is now offering a $10,000 reward for information in the shooting death of a deputy recruit. the shooting happened tuesday afternoon on the west 5 80 80 connector in oakland. investigators say 28 year old david wynn was in his personal car driving home to san francisco from the sheriff's office academy when he was shot when was expected to graduate from the academy next month. and that was it. anyone's fault that it snowed or anyone's fault that the wind blew. um but the lack of response continued
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frustration in the sierra tonight at 12 straight day without power. coming up. how soon see how people are trying to get through it. and i'm like are back. he just wants his car back. this little boy martinez, please. for the thief who stole his race car to have a change of heart. and a barrier weather tracking a few rain showers forward today, but the clouds already clearing out we are expecting a little bit of a warmer weekend. we'll have the update coming up, mark. thank you. we'll show you how separate weather extremes when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice...
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has been 12 days now since storms knocked out service pjd is outage map gives you an idea of how widespread those outages are right now you can see all of the yellow triangles on the map. that means as many as 500 customers could be without power in that one area in grass valley . dozens of residents at four springs mobile home park are
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still without power. the community is for people ages. 55 older residents say they are frustrated and layering up to try to beat out the cold. there's just frustration because it goes on. people can put up for a day or two. and they understand the situation that wasn't anyone's fault that it snowed or anyone's fault that the wind blew. um but the lack of response the community does have a clubhouse with the backup generator where neighbors stay warm and get a hot meal. well every range in washington state have caused massive flooding and triggered road closures. this is what it looked like in lewis county this morning, nearly 30 mile stretch of interstate five just south of sahara south of seattle. completely underwater drivers could be seen stuck on the highway for miles as many detours to avoid flooding. some though, weren't as lucky and rescue crews had to be called in , or flooding is expected in the region as a river is expected to
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crest this weekend. none of the east coast where people are dealing with another weather extreme tonight a storm system moving over the region, dumping more than 11 inches of snow in some places, including boston and buffalo, and the good news here is that the weather in that area is beginning to clear live earth cam images now from cambridge, massachusetts. know how snow is piled up, but people are managing to get around. as fox weathers will nunley reports . some people have been digging out or have digging out work ahead of them. winter storms, leaving millions across the u. s under severe weather alerts pressure system, dumping several inches of snow from the mid south to the northeast, the winter weather creating a traffic nightmare in kentucky on thursday, heavy snow, causing drivers to slide right off the road or into each other. now that storm snarling the northeast, some parts of connecticut waking up to a foot of snow drivers say the roads were slick, many taking it slow or avoiding travel altogether. it was terrible this morning, but it's not bad right now and where and when was a terrible
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about seven o'clock this morning. describe the terrible nous roads were not plowed that well and very slippery in new york city schools staying open with crews working for hours to clear the roads but about 1500 plows and hundreds of salt spreaders. new york's governor, advising people to avoid unnecessary travel. i do commend yorkers for how you've managed this. we're tough. we get through these things out on long island. heavy snowfall, blanketing neighborhoods and leading to icy roads and traffic delays in the mid hudson region, also seeing up to six inches from more of snow. forecasters say this could be the year's first bomb cyclone for north america as it moves towards coastal canada. employment massachusetts will nunley fox weather. we had some rain showers here in the bay area for parts of the bay area today. but of course, the main action kind of focused up another portions of the country as we take a look at the national maps right now, as we show you the maps, you can see some of the activity. we're
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actually just looking at all of the storm reports out there and pretty impressive. all these storm reports correspond to heavy snowfall, wind and some flooding so you can see kind of get an idea of the overall jetstream with this overall pattern here. things have been clearing out in the east coast. as you can see, here is the radar throughout the day and the snow coverage has been decreasing over the past few hours. as he moved the maps out to the west. you can still see some lingering rain showers up in the pacific, northwest and northern california in the bay area. things are clearing up. we were not expecting a ton of rainfall, but still some measurable amounts for half moon bay and santa rosa right around 0.15 san francisco about 1/10 of an inch oakland 0.2 in san jose . just trace amounts of rainfall here is a satellite. you can see that band of cloud cover heading to ourselves, so that is our old front that is going to continue to move out of town and as a result we have lots of clear skies this weekend fact the satellite right now we have partly cloudy conditions. the only cloud cover will be some fog first thing tomorrow morning that could impact visibilities
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current numbers in the fifties for san francisco 50 to san jose 53 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge, so no rain chances weekend just partly sunny skies and after a chilly start a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. what about more shower chances? well, there's a slight chance we'll have more on that in your five day forecast in a little bit more. thank you. a race car belonging to a young martinez boy was stolen in livermore just weeks before his first race of the season. crime reporter henry lee tells us the boys devastated and had been looking forward to the race for months. angry. why tell me why you're angry. because if i have no car, this is what five year old eastern rite of martinez should be doing whizzing around a track in his blue quarter midget race car, you go super fast, and you could pass people . but instead, the kindergartner is heartbroken because his car is now in the hands of a thief. robbers broken story. it happened before dawn monday outside the tri valley quarter
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midget association racecourse in livermore. on the surveillance video. you can see a man backing up a truck that he stole nearby. he connects it to the families trailer and then takes off the stolen truck was found abandoned in pittsburgh on friday morning , also recovered the family's trailer, which was cleaned out after someone drilled the locks. this is the little league of nascar, their tools, a generator in air compressor, and the race car with easton's name on it are still missing, and there's really possibly no worse of a person than a thief and especially somebody that goes and steals from children. tim wright says his son burst into tears when he learned his car was gone. it's just it's heartbreaking. you know that. i have to tell my five year old son that somebody had broken in and stolen something of his. easton has been racing since july. he hopes to be a nascar driver when he grows up asking for a little bit more help to help us find the rest of our stuff so we can continue on with our racing season and help him grow and follow his dreams crashed honestly, so, um, are our winner series starts next
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week and we don't have a car right now. so it's just sad eastern had this message for the thief car back. eastern desperately wants his car back in time for his first race this season. anyone with information about his car is asked to call the livermore police in martinez , henry lee ktvu, fox two news. police in oakland or investigating a deadly shooting that claimed the life of one man . it happened before seven last night on abbey street near alan dale elementary school. when officers arrived, they found the man suffering from more than one gunshot wound. paramedics treated him at the scene, but say he did not survive. police haven't said whether an arrest has been made in the case, but anyone with information should contact opd. he's still a present since the idea of using a simple robot to project you into a conference or a meeting. this would really be a next sort of next step, where you could really interact with environments using a robotic avatar, so imagine here having a robot sitting for you at a meeting as you coming up. the consumer electronics show proves
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we're not too far from the making that a reality. and see what could shake up ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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may of 2020 the average rate for 30 year fixed loan ticked up to 3.2% this week up from 3.1% last week. this time last year rates were at 2.65% analysts say it's possible this rise and rates
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could take some steam out of the housing boom we've seen over the past two years, but rates remain historically low, and there is still high demand for houses here in the bay area. as covid cases surge. the december jobs report once again missed expectations, president biden says our economy is still on the right track foxes madeline rivera has a breakdown of the numbers. americans back to work. president biden is praising the latest jobs report seizing on the unemployment rate, which hit a new pandemic low at 3.9% its historic day. for our economic recovery, but only 199,000 jobs were added last month missing economists expectations. about half house minority leader kevin mccarthy is blasting the biden ministrations and democrats accusing them of sabotaging quote what should have been a v shaped recovery. the omicron variant, potentially throwing a wrench into the country's economic growth to stoking uncertainty among employers.
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labor secretary marty walsh is preparing for a possible hit and jobs numbers come january. the only crime variant could have some impact on next month's report. there's no question about it, but right now we're focused on continue moving our economy getting our recovery moving forward. the unemployment rate is likely to keep the federal reserve on track to raise interest rates this year. with inflation eating into wage gains when inflation gets out of control. then what has to happen is that you need really, really big interest rate hikes to get it back under control, and the president is signaling more optimism. covid as we're dealing with it now. is not here to stay. the new normal is not going to be what it is. now it's going to be better. the biggest job gains were in leisure and hospitality, but many employers are still struggling to find workers record 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november in washington. mala rivera ktvu fox two news. my dad still doesn't understand that i
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can just drop by and visit him loved ones of similar sing home residents event frustration tonight over new visiting rules coming up what they think could be done to help their families get through this pandemic safely. pleasant and restaurant owners complain they're being put through hoops that will strip them of a pandemic error tool they've been using to keep business going, and jimmy garoppolo status for the playoff deciding game to sunday is revealed. sports director marquee baniyas will have the update and what cocina han has to say about his status later in sports of murdering amount are vy
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were sentenced today in georgia . travis mcmichael and his father, gregory, with michael and their neighbor, william roddy. brian were all sentenced to life in prison. the judge also denied any chance of parole for travis and gregory mcmichael next month. all three men face hate crime charges in federal court. hundreds of oakland educators skip school today and instead staged a protest in front of school district headquarters in downtown oakland . they're calling for better covid safety measures. the district says. it's in the process of giving out k n95 masks to students and teachers and granting more sick days to teachers and staff. today's stakeout force the district to close 12 schools. winter storm back east, combined with staffing shortages due to covid led airlines to cancel more than 2400 flights nationwide today. here in the bay area airports officials tell us that 102 flights were canceled of san francisco international there were also cancelations in oakland airport
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and 27 at san jose airport. ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the list is getting longer to get inside of a nursing home to visit a loved one. as omicron cases. surgeon you statewide health order is forcing stricter guidelines on visitors. yes, ktvu investigative reporter, brooks jarocz explains. that includes tracking down one of those tough to find covid tests. not many moments go by that ozzy rome doesn't think about her father. he's 94 has cancer and parkinson's and living at the jewish home in san francisco. my dad's still doesn't understand that. i cannot just drop by and visit him because covid has been a concern for nearly two years, but now more barriers at nursing homes. do you feel like you've had a jump through too many hoops to be able to see your father? yeah because, um, again , the protocol making reservations, having proof of vaccination and a booster shot
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and now a new state health order requiring a negative covid test within hours before getting inside any facility, a tough task with testing, limited or loved ones waiting in long lines just increasingly looks like visitors are being targeted as unwelcome for reasons other than infection control. tony chicken tell is an attorney with california advocates for nursing home reform. he points out. healthcare workers are only tested twice a week. some are even unvaccinated and have exemptions. yet visitors are left with a long list of rules. then just make it equally applicable to everybody and not just the visitors because otherwise you're undermining your arguments that it's about safety in san francisco and l, a health department said, required nursing homes to provide rapid tests for visitors. but that's not the case in other counties, the training association that represents long term care providers. says it comes down to access to tests. i wish we had the capacity to do it and every
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one of these facilities there like i have to be the bad guy now because i have to tell people look, i can't let you in unless you test and i don't have a test and i don't know where to send you. additionally nursing homes are left to police the new state policy. why isn't the government providing more test kits? the california department of health sentences statement saying in part the state has put millions of at home test directly in the hands of local jurisdictions. these additional testing supplies will continue to flow into the state in the coming days and weeks cold comfort to those who want to safely visit their families, especially as time keeps ticking . i don't think he's going to be with us for long. and i'm just fearful that the last couple of years of his life you know is going to be pretty miserable. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news . alejo is the latest to close city offices to the public due to the rising covid-19 cases. city hall will be closed starting monday, city council
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board and commission meetings will still take place in person, but the council will consider holding future meetings on zoom at their next meeting on wednesday. the public lobby of the vallejo police department will also be closed through february. 28th the u. s. supreme court heard arguments today on whether the government can force the private sector to require workers to get vaccinated or face regular covid tests. the conservative majority seemed skeptical of that mandate. but in a separate case, the justices seemed more open to requiring health care workers to be vaccinated. president biden has argued the mandates are an important tool in defeating the virus, but opponents say the government is overreaching. and that's one of the central questions at the supreme court is going to be deciding is does president biden have the authority to issue these vaccine mandates without a clear and expressed statement of authority from congress? the policies were announced in november, but enforcement was put on hold pending a decision by the high court written rulings could come within a matter of days. restaurant park. let's maybe a
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thing of the past and present it. the structures emerged at the start of the pandemic and quickly gained popularity. but the fate of those park let's now on certain. as ktvu tom baker explains. restaurant owners have been ordered to remove the structures, at least for now. children pleasant or you're a restaurant owner, maurice diesels watched as just $10,000.05 month old park lit was dismantled. the city of pleasanton has directed all park let owners to dismantle them by friday so that it can clean the streets under them and the trees above them, but that's been one of our concerns. is the timing covid macron variants spreading like wildfire. it was a bad time to lose such an important, expensive and more covid safe asset 60% of our seating. over these last several months, and now that's been taken away, so we're not sure what's going to happen now. that's especially true when people are highly concerned about any indoor activity where folks gather most
6:35 pm
of our phone calls that we get for reservations. people the first thing they want to know is are there outdoor seating folks are not comfortable sitting inside park. let's have proven to be popular. it's been fantastic for the last year and a half or so it's kept sort of main street alive, but some non restaurant business folks say they're unfair, especially when they first came to be last summer park consumes, worked for five or six spaces, and you know that's not in the best interests of every business in a downtown, but the reality is here on main street. there's plenty of parking right off the streets, like working remotely from home park blitz may well have become an unstoppable desired trend for the long haul. that's here to stay. that dining trend. is here to stay much more best editor brings people to downtown and you get to, you know, shopping. some of the local shops here will pleasant since park. let's return to the city is promised
6:36 pm
us that by march 1st they will have site plans ready to go to deliver to the businesses. to start to construct permanent park. let's we asked the city of pleasant to provide us with some sort of response thus far, we have yet to hear back tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. today's matter. birth was very virtual world with no connection to physical and what i do in the virtual world has to be reflected in the physical world. new technology works to insert digital versions of yourself into real life settings. see how it works coming up. let's see how movie lovers honor the life of an icon. he was
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. to instagram and showing how fans they're showing up to sydney poitier's star on the hollywood walk of fame to honor his life. the legendary actor and trailblazer died today at the age of 94. he was the first black man to win an oscar party . it was best known for films like, guess who's coming to dinner in the heat of the night and lilies of the field. thanks. jonathan hunt takes a look back at the actors incredible career. so you don't mind being called mr black man? of course not. why should i? that's what i have a black man. he was a talented, passionate actor who screen work in the fifties and sixties paved the way for countless other
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african american performers. sidney poitier was born on february 20th 1927 in miami, where his parents took a trip to sell it produce. you start out with a certain amount of values , some integrity, some honesty, you know, he joined the american negro theater and appeared on broadway. it was there he met a young harry belafonte by 1949. poitier was choosing between leading roles on stage and an offer to work in a film called no way out, the films kept coming 1951 cry the beloved country. 1955 blackboard jungle 1957 edge of the city and in 1958, the defiant ones where they became the first black actor nominated for an academy award, but it was in 1963 that poirier starred in the film that would become a part of his legacy. hey man. no over lilies
6:41 pm
of the field brought 28 his first oscar, the first oscar ever won by an african american for best actor 28 speak came in 1967 with three box office smashes that became landmark films. guess who's coming to dinner to, sir, with love and in the heat of the night don't think we're going to have any trouble are we birchall? no trouble at all in 2000 and two the academy on 20 again with an honorary oscar for his extraordinary performances and unique presence on the screen and also for representing the motion picture industry with dignity, style and intelligence throughout the world, except this award and memory. of all the african american actors and actresses who went before me in the difficulty years. on whose shoulders i was privileged to stand to see where i might go.
6:42 pm
then seven years later, president barack obama awarded 28 the presidential medal of freedom. sidney poitier, one of the most respected and beloved figures in american cinema. jonathan hunt, fox news. at a burial. whether the rain clouds moving out of town for tonight. we're expecting some fog tomorrow morning, but a little bit of a weekend warm up. we'll have the update coming up. let's go to ktvu heather holmes now to look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus christina, we're going to continue our coverage of today's sentencing of ahmad are berries, killers. bay area civil rights attorney john burress will join us live to share his thoughts on the life sentences. a new data reveals the pandemics toll on california students. the impact on test scores, attendance and graduation rates after more than a year of distance learning. those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight at seven over on ktvu, plus whether we'll
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with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. one day earlier than originally planned because of the surge in covid-19 cases, organizers say attendance was down 75% this year more than 40,000 people attended the multi day event compared to more than 170,000 and 2020. before the shutdown at the consumer electronics show, one automaker revealed big plans to change everything we do with the help of robots. foxes jackie baniyas looks at the possible benefits of bringing virtual reality into the real world.
6:46 pm
hyundai is revealing its plans for meta mobility concept using robots to help bridge the gap between the metaverse and reality by connecting robots to metaverse will be able to move freely between both worlds. the automaker believes this will allow humans to accomplish more in the digital world and let humans use the digital world to help robots and other automated devices accomplished more in real life. the idea of using a simple robot to project you into a conference or a meeting. this would really be a next sort of next step, where you could really interact with environments using a robotic avatar. today's metaverse is a virtual world with no connection to physical world. and what i do in the virtual world has to be reflected in the physical world. for instance, deployment of emergency response vehicles could be quicker with cars and jets operated by virtual teams from any location. meta mobility could also allow for new travel opportunities for people with
6:47 pm
disabilities. with the creation of automated personal transportation pods. this is not only for providing freedom is movement movement in the physical world. but also for moving us to a new reality within the metaverse. well, robots are already being used in factories. most are completing basic one step procedures on assembly lines. but hyundai aims to let humans use virtual reality to control robots inside a factory. maximizing their functionality. it's not clear when we can expect to see all these technology advances. but hyundai's expansion into robotics is due in part to the company, boston dynamics which it acquired last june. jackie ibanez, fox news. and a barrier whether we have been tracking the rain showers for a good portion of the day, especially for the first half the day but things as a rank claws are moving out of town tonight, and
6:48 pm
it looks like a dry weekend in stories you can't see it will jump right into your weekend forecast. typically during with a pattern like this, the fog forms so we could have some areas of fog first thing tomorrow morning and then partly sunny skies for your sunday forecast, but dry conditions here will have dry conditions in the sierra as well. current number is a quick jack lew canyon. 34 degrees south lake tahoe check. and 33 is becoming closer. here is the forecast this weekend for the lake tahoe area. lots of sunshine and temperatures for afternoon highs in the upper thirties to right around 40 degrees. satellite clearly shows that big cloud band moving to the south of the bay area earlier today, so those rain clouds are heading out of town moving out to the south and to the east. and right now we have clear skies and partly cloudy conditions and looks like that will be the case as we are for your weekend, both saturday and into sunday current uber is for the six o'clock hour right now we have san francisco 52. san jose 53 napa currently checking in 50. here's our live
6:49 pm
camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge where we still have clear skies right now , but some patches of some fog will actually regroup overnight civil kind of paint that in your forecast first thing tomorrow morning overnight temperatures will be in the mid thirties to the forties. so tomorrow morning , probably all those the cool dog compared to this morning, so definitely a bit of a chill in the air to start up your weekend. it is a dry weekend as this big area of high pressure kind of wants to reassert itself. but whenever it gets whenever you have a stable pattern like this, you'll have the fog that forms for the morning hours, but for the most part, partly to even mostly sunny skies, especially for your saturday into sunday, we are tracking another system that will approach our coastline, and by monday there is a slight chance of a shower. if we were to pick up anything, it would not be much at all. maybe a few hundreds, and it looks like that might not even happen. here's the forecast model tomorrow morning showing you some of the fog out there and then into the afternoon hours. clearing skies . here's your sunday where we can have a few high clouds drift in from the pacific. so this is sunday afternoon, and then on
6:50 pm
monday, this forecast models not too generous with rainfall. for us. that's why we only have the slight chance of a shower in your monday forecast. highest court tomorrow we'll be in the fifties once again some areas of fog clearing skies into the afternoon hours for you saturday. and look ahead. your five day forecast with partly sunny skies for sunday. there's that slight chance be showered on monday, and it looks like a quiet weather pattern into next week, and typically for a mid january. there's a chance we get these dry weather stretches and least at this early stage, it looks like that could be the case for next week. mark thank you. public memorial service for hall of fame coach and broadcaster john madden has been set for next month. the nfl says the event honoring the bay area native and former raiders coach will be held in oakland. february 15th and passed away at his pleasant and home last tuesday. the league says it will release more details about the memorial at a later date. this weekend, the raiders will provide another tribute to the late coach at their home in las vegas. his family, including his wife, children and grandchildren
6:51 pm
, will light the al davis memorial torch in man's honor before sunday's kickoff. in 2011 madden was the first person to light the torch in honor of davis's legacy. legendary coach led the silver and black for 10 seasons, winning seven division titles and a super bowl. john madden was 85 years old. next in sports warriors guard gary payton. two seconds contract gets fully guaranteed for the season sports director market baniyas will show you the moment young glove learned of the achievement. and look for another w w e. friday night smackdown on ktvu tonight. that gets started at eight o'clock, followed by the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock n
6:52 pm
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limited availability in select areas. hope you're having a great friday night. seems like everywhere. i've got the past couple of days talking to people who is going to be the starting quarterback for the 40. niners come sunday against the rams. i don't know for sure. but the 49ers today released an official announcement. jimmy garoppolo is officially questionable. we'll go from there. it's we do know and absolutely must have game for san francisco down there in
6:55 pm
los angeles. you can't count on atlanta to beat new orleans. that's probably a long shot, so they've got to win. the thumb apparently has improved substantially in the last couple of weeks. you just cannot put a rookie trey lance into this position, unless you absolutely have to just not enough experience with the season on the line, jimmy g. i predict will be your starting quarterback coach. shanahan definitely knows who he's going to put in there. no i'm not deciding sunday morning would have any practice left. i know where jimmy's at today in or trays out and our teams out and i feel pretty good about where we're at. so i'm excited to get to sunday really glad i have no press conferences after today, so once. once i survived this, i'm done talking about it. comes with the job, my friend. meantime with regard to the golden state warriors, you know there are actually other stories besides clay thompson's return on sunday that we can talk about . in fact, it's one of the many
6:56 pm
feel good stories regarding this team right now, despite the fact they last a couple in a row. how about the urgency of gp two? gary payton, the second barely made the roster out of training camp remember, but immediately proved his value. young glove right place right time all the time playing great defense and last night well, he had his salary guaranteed at about $1.9 million, heard the news after the game from our reporter of all people. was there a moment or time that you felt safe, physical negative, not a moment, or thomas was safe. um i guess i don't know if i still do, but i guess coach coach card what he said so and just threw it and excited to be here and continue to help this team win right now. yeah, thanks for that guys. were
6:57 pm
good for something every now and then. right now, some people you're just happy when they get the big paycheck and gary payton . great guy moving on, you know , last night in that last in the world liens? no steph curry. no draymond green, so opportunity knocks and in particular for young jonathan commingle. and he absolutely barges through that door and takes advantage of the opportunity and a started rolling had 13 points but really more to the story than that just pure energy and presence. and overall for him in the many opportunities. he's had just a willingness to learn things that can't be topped this way. i feel like this disgrace situation and me even when i don't play there is something i learned even when i'm doing something wrong. always got drummond andree, steve! anybody that's way older than me or more experience than me. coming up to me and tell me that i need to do this to get better. i'll save of options.
6:58 pm
it's good bad they want to mend the basin. that young man's upside is unbelievable. he could be a superstar in the making. meanwhile time for friday night at the videos that no it is not as you check this out a james bond movie. no this is real footage of the british royal marines and their jetpacks. it could be used as several ways. yeah i liked that. andre can see you as a candidate for the marines. you know what the idea is here, potentially for marines to board ships that are possibly being? no let's see. you see a possible tom hanks movie in the making right there. it's pretty cool. i needed some building right. make sure it's the rated g version. two all right. thanks so much. mark. appreciate it.
6:59 pm
we'll see you back here tonight we'll see you back here tonight at 10. get out, everybody. carbon. hydrogen. carbon. carbon. and last but not least, carbon. this might be the glue talking, but that was a very pleasurable 139 and a half hours. agreed. what kind of dna is this, anyway? i was trying to design the genetic code of an advanced race of human being. one of my rare failures, actually. what went wrong? the balls kept sticking to my pants. let's just let it dry. hi. hello. hey, babe. oh, don't slam the... don't slam the... (gasps) that was exhilarating. you pick up your dresses? amy: yep. the tailor had to take mine in and let penny's out. best day of my life.
7:00 pm
what about the day you met me? i stand by my statement. well, thank you guys so much for the clothes and the shoes, the plane tickets. you've been so generous. well, it's important that all of our friends get to share this moment with us. and then for years to come, you can tell others you had a front-row seat to history. although, technically, i think your seats are in the second row. do you want to go back to the apartment and see me try on my dress? shouldn't i see it for the first time at the nobel ceremony? it's not a wedding. okay. well, give me a minute to think of another reason i don't want to see it. how about this-- you can practice your acceptance speech while i try on the dress. ah, great. you can help me whittle it down to 90 minutes. was amy suspicious when they had to let your dress out? no. she was so happy, she didn't even question it. someone's gonna figure it out. why don't we just tell people? no, it's too early. i haven't even wrapped my head around it. i have. my head is wrapped. yeah, well... if something else had been wrapped, we wouldn't be in this situation. excuse me, but if i recall, you're the one who went out drinking with sheldon,


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