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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 8, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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was just a glance away ♪ ♪ a warm, embracing dance away ♪ ♪ and ever since that night ♪ ♪ we've been together... ♪ testing sites deal with the covid surge, and with increasing cases and severe staffing shortages, more schools are pivoting to distance learning, despite public health officials warning against it. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm christina were don't and i'm andres seniors. covid cases continue to surge both across this bay area and the state, the governor's office today announcing new additional funding for the state emergency covid relief plan. ktvu magus has details now on how much funding california hospitals and testing sites will soon be getting and when that could happen, emma christina and andre
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governor, newsom will be asking the state state legislature to approve some of the funding very quickly. the goal is to add an additional $1.4 billion to the budget for this fiscal year. with more than 10,000. californians hospitalized with covid 19 on saturday and thousands more isolated at home with the omicron variantmediates covid-19 emergency response package to the tune of $1.4 billion that includes more than 4.7 million assisting hospitals strained by surging cases of the virus. and another 4.1 million to continue and expand testing capacity and staffing. the money for vaccine distribution. also funds efforts to combat disinformation, particularly in communities of color. u c s f dr monica gandhi is confident that investment will lead to increased vaccinations and vulnerable communities. we need to combat that misinformation and they know it's too bad that we're in this position that we have to, but i love that he's
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putting money into that. another $1.3 billion is being proposed for the next fiscal year's covid response. the bulk of that more than $7.4 million will continue to support covid-19 testing sites, most likely with all of these respiratory pathogens. we're going to have every winter we're going to just start testing people who are symptomatic, not asymptomatic. why? because i think before we were hoping we could eliminate it with lots of testing and contact tracing, but not with, um record public health experts are helpful. the omicron surge in california could be nearing its peak. i think we can extrapolate from south africa and the uk and that extrapolation means around mid january peak going down for a while and then by the beginning of february, at least in this state things looking good. governor. newsom will also ask legislatures on monday to implement a new supplemental paid sick leave policy, given the impact of macron on workplace staffing, christina from here. thank you so much.
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well the governor announced last night. he is sending 200 national guardsmen to testing sites across the state that will serve as interim clinical staff and capacity for walk ins and help fill in for staff who are absent. some guardsmen were already in the bay area yesterday. this is video from the any, uh, community center testing site. it is now doubling the number of testing appointments available each day . mr newsome says additional national guard members will be deployed next week. another of various school districts are pivoting the distance sorting amid the democrats urge families within the milpitas unified school district are asked to begin a 10 day quarantine, but it's ktvu is james torres reports. public health leaders disagree with that move. a special meeting calm thursday night within the milpitas unified school district for more than an hour, parents sounded off both supporting and turning down the idea of temporary remote learning if they want virtual. i think that's a legitimate request, and i think yeah, we could do a split where some some kids are. virtually
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some kids are in person based on what's right for the family because i don't believe it's our place as a board to dictate that. everyone has to be virtual or everyone has to be in person. public health officials urge in person learning is safe for children. the transmission hasn't been the highest in school systems. it's really been highest in our communities and when we're seeing positive cases it is coming from the communities. but even if transmission isn't happening within schools, teachers are still getting infected. the district reports more than 100 positions went unfilled at several schools this week. matt forced classes to condense and teachers and staff to take on more students than they are used to. as a result, the board enacted a district wide 10 day quarantine starting today. that's against the advice of santa clara's public health officer. we've learned that in person education um, is what they need and remote learning doesn't support their mental
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health, emotional health and academic well being the superintendent of santa clara's office of education, agrees and says her district will continue with in person learning. virtual instruction is no longer funded by california education leaders . but a bill passed by the legislature allows milpitas to science students up for up to 14 days of independent study. students will only need to do that for four days. according to m. u s d s plan there would be full time full day for the full four days. with their teachers live online parents need to sign an independent study contracts. students are expected to return to in person learning after the mlk holiday weekend. the district says those students do not need to show a negative covid-19 test in order to return to the classroom. and there is an option for students who either have troubles with wifi or supervision at home. they can come to a physical school campus log on a laptop computer. enjoying a live classroom there.
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reporting milpitas. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. the hayward unified school district will also return to virtual learning next week in response to the surge of new covid cases. that decision came during an emergency meeting last night. teachers will hold a private session on monday to prepare them for the zoom classes that will take place for the rest of the week. students will then resume online classes tuesday morning, the border said to meet next friday to decide whether to extend online classes beyond next week. well this morning we spoke to a stanford pediatric infectious disease specialist who says we need to find other ways to mitigate the spread of covid other than closing schools . kids i think, don't necessarily have a voice in this pandemic in school. they have been one of the first groups. we have leaned on to close in the context of the pandemic. i think we have to learn how to live with with covid-19 in general and find a way to make sure that we can create those safe
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environments for our kids. they have been greatly impacted by the pandemic far more perhaps than any of the rest of us, and i think we're still now beginning to just recognize the burden that covid has had whether or not they have infection, but the burden that had on their emotional help, uh , and their mental health as well as their physical health. the u. s surgeon general last month took the rare step declaring a health advisory on children's mental health, he said high levels of fear economic instability and forced physical distancing from loved ones. have all played key roles and worsening mental health among children and teenagers. sonoma county received its first shipment of pills to treat covid-19 this week. unfortunately that first shipment is only enough to treat about 120 people in a county with a population of nearly half a million. and so number county is now averaging about 232 new covid cases every day, the county health department says another shipment of covid pills from drugmakers fighter and merrick could come from the state sometime next week. but at
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this point that second shipment is not certain. as we have seen with schools, hospitals and the airlines is highly contagious coronavirus strain is causing severe labor shortage is a companies big and small foxes charles watson takes a look at how workplaces are coping with low staffing levels. as the arm across varian once again pushes hospitals around the country to capacity. it's having the opposite effect on many workplaces as businesses in essential services struggle to fill their ranks amid a record number of call outs being such a small ah company and smaller employee basis. it can be tough to lose just one person, even for two days, let alone a week or two. the increased transmission of a micron is causing more people to come down with cold and flu like symptoms . in new york city. staffing shortages are slowing down trash and subway services as well as diminishing the number of first responders available to respond to emergencies. the problem is worse at hospitals where icu
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beds are filling up, but the number of people available to treat patients is going down lines for covid tests now stretch around the block in many areas and even the people tasked with administering those tests are getting sick. standing up here for three hours now, i kind of anticipated there to be a surge after thanksgiving, but i don't think anyone was prepared for the amount of people that we've seen. california has called in the national guard to help staff testing facilities at home. tests are flying off the shelves of pharmacies in the hardest hit areas really went through. hundreds of them and two days the white house is finalizing a plan to send 500 million free tests to american households. the administration is hoping to start sending them out. in the next few weeks in atlanta. charles watson fox news staffing shortages are forcing a number of bay area banks to close their branches. batelco credit union and lafayette is among several banks and credit
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unions closing its doors. the company closed eight bay area branches, chase and wells fargo also closing temporarily while they deal with covid sick calls. they're asking customers to use their mobile and online banking platforms during the closures. mew at six, a sad ending to the search for us here who went missing christmas day at northstar ski resort. the body of rory and gelato was discovered by rescuers this morning, officials say the 43 year old was found a half mile from a residential neighborhood near truckee, which is a considerable distance from northstar ski resort boundaries. researchers are searchers rather believe angela to may have gotten lost during quite a condition conditions and died as a result of the elements. pedestrian is hospitalized with life threatening injuries tonight from a hit and run in san jose. it happened at about 8 30 last night, your center road and southside drive near east capitol expressway. investigators say two cars were involved in the collision while collecting evidence during their investigation last night. police
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urged the public to stay clear of this area now the identity of the victim or possible suspect vehicle descriptions have been released. san francisco's emergency medical system is being overrun by collars experiencing covid-19 and flu like symptoms are people are all working mandatory overtime. we've hired over over one third of our staff today is on mandatory overtime. and so it's a strain on on all of the folks that are able to come to work. as well as those who are, um, who are getting sick. the san francisco fire department, along with the department of public health is urging people to call 911 only when it is a life threatening emergency situation . authorities say emergency medical services are being impacted by ems workers being exposed to covid and getting sick or having to quarantine health officials are reminding people that most cases of covid 19 or mild and can be safely treated at home and to address
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the demands of on the emergency medical system. san francisco zuckerberg is telling us again only call 911 when necessary. are coming up almost two dozen dead near a mountain resort and pakistan authorities said happened and made a sudden winter storm and we'll have details on the international uproar caused by australia denying entry to one of the world's top tennis players. at a barrier weather after some fog this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon and then we're tracking slightly warmer temperatures and your sunday forecast. we'll have the update coming up. heading to a mountaine
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dead after an intense winter storm, more than a dozen are still stranded. authorities say 10 men and 10 children in addition to two women were found dead, many suffering from hypothermia. some died after getting snowed in and stuck inside their vehicles, while others were killed after the heavy snowfall knocked down trees. officials say they are working with paramilitary troops and a special military mountain unit. un rescue operations now. an international incident has erupted in australia involving two of the world's top tennis players, among them novak
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djokovic, who has been denied entry to australia because he is on vaccinated. as foxes can be, logan explains. he's hoping to play in the australian open and not get deported. novak djokovic tested positive for covid last december, which was why he was given a medical exemption to the usual requirement to be fully vaccinated when entering australia. djokovic's team argue he did have a valid visa and all the right documents to enter australia. but the government revoked that visa and isn't letting him budge from this immigration hotel. his team believe he should still be allowed into play because his recent covid case allows him not to be vaccinated, but to add to the confusion, pictures on social media painted djokovic at public events. after the date his team claimed he tested positive fans outside the detention. hotels say conditions there just aren't good enough for this top tennis star. but in australia, there's been one of the strictest lockdowns anywhere in the world. and many people
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there are unsympathetic to his case. others say his fate has become politicized as an election looms in australia back in djokovic's home country, serbia family and fans also demonstrated for his release. they believe he's being treated unfairly blamed the australian government. even the serbian prime minister has waded in and complained about his treatment. brockovich is ranked number one in the world and is the defending champion at the australian open. the tournament starts on january 17th and this delay means losing critical preparation time. his team want him moved to a hotel with a tennis court and to have a special diet while they try to untangle this bureaucratic mess . there will be a legal court hearing on monday to decide whether djokovic can appear on a tennis court. at the tournament. in london. kitty logan fox news. two presidents, along with other democratic leaders gathered
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today in nevada to commemorate former senate majority leader harry reid. harry's like president joe biden was there, along with vice president kamala harris, former president obama delivered the eulogy at the service he credited read for his willingness to work across the aisle to get things done. for harry, the whole point of holding office. the whole point of wielding power. was to actually get things done on behalf. those you represent. during his time as leader. that is exactly what he did. he got things done, people in nevada, you lost a beloved son. but the spirits always gonna burn as bright as the desert sun. to a nation. we lost a giant. america. plain spoken.
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honorable, decent, brave. unyielding man. will this be his legacy? call on each of us to be our best. the longtime senate leader died december 28th at age 82. a special 5 50 k walk is underway in the east bay to raise awareness about the mental health of first responders. the hike from livermore to alameda began this morning in honor of ed smith, the third, a former firefighter in alameda for 30 years. smith died by suicide in 2020. his son barney created the 50 k walk last year to raise awareness of the emotional struggles. first responders deal with every day. the event ended today in castro valley. it will pick up there tomorrow and end in alameda at the firehouse where smith was stationed. and at risk teenagers suffering from severe mental conditions has been located after authorities say he jumped out of an
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ambulance two days ago. fremont police say the 18 year old was in an ambulance gurney. and about to be admitted to fremont hospital thursday evening when he took off running towards waterstone apartments, police said the team was located yesterday. authorities did not say though what condition he was in or where he was found. uc berkeley has revoked its official recognition of three fraternities over hazing related incidents that chronicle reports chi thigh and data delta chi how their status stripped until january 2026 while sigma alpha absalon has its revoked until january, 2029 you see, officials have not disclosed what kind of hazing incidents led to the status change. the school says the fraternities are not allowed to recruit students on campus while they're unrecognized. more than 5000. pgd customers remained without power in the sierra. it's been two weeks since the snowstorm caused widespread outages there. pgd is getting help from other utility company still we're storing service has been difficult, they
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say, because there is a so much damage and some affected areas are hard to reach. half a million households lost power in that storm. pjd says more of its sierra customers will have electricity by tuesday. the shared number of downed power line remains a big problem to contracting electrical workers fell 50 ft and had to be hospitalized. liberia weather looks like kind of a quiet weather stretches. we do approach mid january, not much in the way of major rainfall. in our forecast. the storm's track is up to our north and just a minor day to day changes over the next few days into and next week as you can see the rainfall forecast model. we've been showing you some pretty hefty numbers over the past few weeks and storms have moved in, but as you can see up up the upper portion of your screen, that's just the day and the clock moving and as far as the rainfall accumulations, not much expected here in the bay area, there is a slight chance of a shower in your monday forecast, but for the most part, it looks like a quiet to weather pattern. and temperatures, in fact, could be warming up a little bit by
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midweek. here's the satellite where we've also traced in the upper level winds, the jet stream and you can see with those clouds. the jetstream roll our king up to our north here, so it looks like that dry weather stretch. is here to stay for the obey area number yesterday we had some rainfall to track, not the case for today . right now we have mostly clear skies alive. doctor sweeps try to pick up some rainfall. but that is not the case for this evening. what will happen just like this morning. we could have some areas of fog regroup, especially if in some of the north bay valleys we actually had a dense fog advisory this morning. current numbers out there. fairfield has cooled off to 49 livermore 46 degrees rest of the region most areas in the fifties for oakland, san francisco. and sfo 52 degrees. here's a live care. we're looking out toward the bay bridge out toward san francisco , and we still have mostly clear conditions has been a chilly start for the morning hours. and that'll be the case first thing tomorrow morning, so definitely want to bundle up. most areas started out the day in the mid thirties to the lower forties
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for your sunday morning, and once again we could have some pockets of fog out there, especially in some of the inland valleys. toward fairfield. maybe alejo santa rosa napa to start off your sunday morning, so it has been a dry weekend. at least so far. it looks like that will remain the case as we head into your sunday once again no major changes compared to it today. although it could be a little bit warmer. we could be tracking some more sixties in your sunday forecast. and then as you can't see this weather system really just kind of flirts with our coastline. this will send in a few extra clouds first thing monday morning and just the chance of a north based sprinkle first thing on monday morning, but that is just about it. no one no major expectations and major rainfall expectations with that guy. so here we are. tomorrow morning. this is sunday morning, eight o'clock and then you'll notice some high clouds moving in throughout the afternoon hours. this high clouds moving in from the southwest, and then on monday, maybe in north based sprinkle or two definitely some cloud cover and then we scale back on the clouds throughout the day on
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monday highs tomorrow will be in the fifties to the lower sixties . san jose 62, oakland 58 santa rosa in the upper fifties and look ahead your five day forecast as you can see here, just some clouds and start off your monday. mostly sunny skies , and it's tuesday fair skies by wednesday thursday just the sun cloud mix so kind of just mellow forecast over the next few days. we could definitely use some rainfall and hopefully we could add some eventually, at some more rainfall to this five. big forecaster beyond as we have the updates coming yeah, it sounds good. mellow isn't so bad, though. market thank you. melo. yeah. it is officially official clay thompson will make his long awaited return tomorrow. joe fonzi has plays a reaction and all the details next in sports tonight on the 10 o'clock news, that euphoric feeling some people get when they noticed their social media post gets a lot of attention. a stanford researcher says the brain's reaction mimics what happens to drug and gambling addicts. she'll break down how to avoid falling into an addic
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more. clay thompson's long rehab is over. he'll be in the starting lineup for the warriors tomorrow evening against cleveland was made official by no less than the man himself.
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i'm back! thompson and workout today as the warriors are coming off consecutive losses on the road against dallas and new orleans that has the warriors right now a game behind phoenix in the west. steve kerr has said for some time now he won't be spotting clay. he'll be back as a starter, and that doesn't bother to players who may be getting less court time as a result. the magnitude of this moment is so big for us for the golden state warriors organization, but just for the bay to like clay's beloved beloved in the bay like plays one of us, you know, clay can move to oakland forever. like more than 95. if you want to. some kind of statement by usf fan this afternoon as the dons hosted. you have san diego. this is how they drop a pick and roll on the chalkboard. it's gabe stefanie with the past patrick to pay with the jam. to pay is also fouled, and he would convert the three point play. the don is pretty much in control the entire game. khalil
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shabbas with the steal, and then he'll take care of business all the way to the hoop shabbas led the dons with 27 points. they win 88 to 73, usf. now 14 and two on the season and a winner in its first wcc gay couple of nfl games on this final saturday of the regular season, pat mahomes and the chiefs trying to stay alive for the number one fcc in denver, the bronx in front 14 10 in the third quarter went mahomes gets the ball to jerick mckinnon. little josie dough from mckinnon on the way to a 14 yard trip to the end zone and put the chiefs in front 17 14 4th quarter now the broncos in position to take a commanding lead, but melvin gordon loses the ball when he's hit by the blitzing melvin ingram picked up by nick bolton , who first got away from quarterback drew lock and then nobody else is there bolton cruz's 86 yards of the end zone. the complexion of the entire game changed. the chiefs went 28 24. they can be the number one fcc if tennessee loses tomorrow , and a lot of things to be decided tomorrow in the nfl,
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including what happens to the 49ers? that's right, all eyes on the niners. hopefully they can catch that play oxford. alright, joe. thank you for nine years and claim us. yeah yeah. all right. thank you so much. see that tonight at! ding! di ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! samples! mmm! mmm. excuse me, do i know you? i don't think so. you look so familiar. why am i picturing a bench ad? minor celebrity. guilty as charged. oh! you're the "accidentes" guy. mm. no. no, no, no. um, i'm, uh... (chuckles) i'm mr. real estate -- phil dunphy. oh, right. i am actually looking for a house right now. wow. well, if i could be of any service... i don't -- i don't have any cards. i'm in my gym clothes. oh, i see you earned that hot chocolate. yeah, i rocked a pretty intense shake weights/power walk combo. morning, neighbors. saw your daughter yesterday. boy, she is growing up fast. my name is angie. here is my number. if you find any good three-bedrooms in the neighborhood,


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