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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. sick very well, knowing that we have the virus. we'll not be a good fit for our patients. some healthcare workers can't believe what they're hearing tonight. they say they're being asked to go to work even if they test positive for coronavirus. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and
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i'm andre senior. we see action being taken today on many fronts to combat the states surgeon covid-19 cases. and not everyone is happy about it. governor newsom, in fact, revealing today he plans to propose on monday at $2.7 billion emergency response package. this news comes the same day the california department of public health rolls out new guidelines making it okay for some health care workers who test positive for covid 19 to go to work. we begin tonight's coverage of the state's surge of covid cases with those new guidelines. that don't sit well with many health care workers. it's a major disaster waiting to happen. healthcare workers speaking up across the state, raising concerns over new public safety guidelines released today, i think it's very callus. and you know it's putting our patients and ourselves in grave danger. this morning, the state department of public health declaring all healthcare workers who test positive for covid and show no symptoms may go back to
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work immediately without isolation and without testing. health care workers who were exposed and show no symptoms of the virus may also return to work immediately without quarantine and testing, but they must wear an n95 masks. the rules go in place starting today through february. 1st it's scary . the idea that we could be transmitting covid. ah to the people that we care for every day. dennis anderson is in his 20th year as a flat bottom ist. he works now with dignity. health in folsom. when you step into any er right now, or you walk through an icu. um people are giving that deja vu already inundated with non covid related issues. they're also working through another covid surge that experts say could peek in a matter of days. march 2020 march 2020 all over again. i brought
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these concerns to the state. a representative did not respond to my question about whether the guidelines could expose patients to covid-19 but row due to critical staffing shortages currently being experienced across the health care system because of the macron variant. the california department of public health is temporarily adjusting the return to work criteria in order for us to be able to take care of our patients. we need to be in the best of health. and so going to work, you know, sick very well, knowing that we have the virus. we'll not be a good fit for our patients. that was stephanie lid reporting as leaders say they'll fight for patient and workers' safety. the union represents more than half a million healthcare workers across the state governor newsom has a new plan to fight the state's covid surge. in addition to tasking 200 national guardsmen with the job of helping testing sites
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across the state, he wants to dedicate more than $1 billion to virus fighting efforts. ktvu gas picks up our team coverage of the push to limit the spread of this virus with a look at how the money would be used. week more than 10,000. californians hospitalized with covid 19 on saturday and thousands more isolated at home with the omicron variant governor newsom is proposing immediate funding to the states. covid-19 emergency response package to the tune of $1.4 billion that includes more than 4.7 million assisting hospitals strained by surging cases of the virus. and another 4.1 million to continue and expand testing capacity and staffing. the money for vaccine distribution. also funds efforts to combat disinformation, particularly in communities of color. u c s f dr monica gandhi is confident that investment will lead to increased vaccinations and vulnerable communities. we need to combat that misinformation and they know it's too bad that we're in
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this position that we have to, but i love that he's putting money into that. another $1.3 billion is being proposed for the next fiscal year's covid response. the bulk of that more than $7.4 million will continue to support covid-19 testing sites, most likely with all of these respiratory pathogens. we're going to have every winter we're going to just start testing people who are symptomatic, not asymptomatic. why? because i think before we were hoping we could eliminate it with lots of testing and contact tracing, but not with corn. public health experts are helpful. the omicron surge in california could be nearing its peak. i think we can extrapolate from south africa and the uk and that extrapolation means around made january peak going down for a while and then by the beginning of february, at least in this state things looking good, given the impact of the omicron variant on staffing governor newsom will also ask legislators on monday for a new supplemental paid sick leave policy. reporting in the newsroom demagogues. ktvu fox
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two news. san francisco's emergency medical system is being overrun by collars, experiencing covid-19 and flu symptoms. our people are all working mandatory overtime. we've hired over over one third of our staff today is on mandatory overtime. and so it's a strain on on all of the folks that are able to come to work. as well as those who are, um, who are getting sick. the san francisco fire department and department of public health, urging people to seek emergency care only when it's a life threatening medical situation. authorities say emergency medical services are being impacted by ems workers. being exposed to covid-19 getting sick or having to quarantine health officials are reminding people that most cases of covid 19 or mild and can be safely treated at home. well the white house is finalizing a plan for a massive mailing of at home test kits. the biden administrations. initial plan is to send 500
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million rapid at home test kits to households across the country through the u. s postal service. that's, according to the washington post. the shipments would begin later this month. and while the president has not confirmed those plans, he did say this week that he thinks things will get better despite a record setting number of cases nationwide. no i don't think covid is here to stay that having covid in the environment here and in the world was probably here to stay but covid as we're dealing with it now. is not here to stay. the new normal doesn't have to be. we have so many more tools we're developing and continuing to develop that contain covid and other strains of covid. the washington post also reports that biden administration plans to set up a website where people can request at home test kits, several university of california schools and cal state university has announced plans to delay in person courses. due to the covid-19 surge. i think that is a really good move from the university, and it really makes
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us get relief, but on the other hand is a little sad that we cannot see. our friends again at class. ahead of 10 30 elissa harrington will have a full report on students uncertain return from winter break. new at tennessee. hp says it has recovered dozens of items believed to be stolen from the home depot. it started with the traffic stop by san ramon. police on new year's day. officers suspected of possible retail theft connection and say chp took over the case. chp says the person arrested is a known booster or shoplifter. the suspect allegedly stole all 93 items you see here from home depot, the merchandise is valued at more than $3000, also new at 10 and battled sharks forward evander kane has been placed on unconditional waivers. the sharks told the embattled player that they plan to terminate his contract for violating h l covid-19 protocols. evander's 21 game suspension for falsifying vaccination records ended in
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november. and he was placed on waivers to be assigned to the sharks minor league affiliate, the san jose barracuda. pedestrian is hospitalized tonight after being struck by a vehicle whose driver kept going . the victims suffered life threatening injuries during the incident that happened around 8 30 last night near center road and southside drive near east capitol expressway. investigators say two cars were involved in this collision that the identity of the victim or possible suspect vehicle descriptions have been released. any suggestion that i am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone? that's that's a lie. this is a process. actor alec baldwin blasts critics on social media coming up his take on why he has not handed over his phone to investigators working the fatal movie set shooting case, and nasa celebrates a $10 billion mission designed to give us a better understanding of cosmic creation. at a barrier weather
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call 833-317-4673, and any lawyers. i'm working with it. what have you is a lie? that's a lie. we're gonna as soon as we go through this process then by all means we will comply. but, um, but i have no worries about that. i have no worries about that. it's all gonna work itself out. you see there? alec baldwin. he's using a post on social media today to blast critics accusing him of not cooperating with the investigation into a fatal shooting on a movie set at issue here, a search warrant for baldwin's cellphone as foxes, christina coleman reports. investigators hope that phone will provide information that will help figure that it will help them figure out how a cinematographer died on set. alec baldwin has a home in
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suffolk county, new york, so authorities in new mexico have reached out to authorities in new york for help in trying to get ahold of his cellphone. they released a statement saying quote the suffolk county sheriff's office has received a request from the santa fe, new mexico, authorities requesting assistance in obtaining alec baldwin's phone. this request has been forwarded to the suffolk county d a s office. to work out the differences in laws between new mexico and new york last month, baldwin's attorney said they proactively requested that authorities get a warrant to obtain his phone to protect his family and his personal information that is unrelated to the investigation. a search warrant was issued for the device on december 16th nearly two months after the deadly october 21st shooting on the set of rust, but baldwin still has not turned over his phone. detectives say text messages or emails pertaining to the film could be helpful to the investigation. any suggestion that i am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone? that's bull. that's a lie. this
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is a process get to specify what exactly they want. you can't just go through your phone and take you know you're. your photos. who your love letters to your wife or what have you? i really don't no, but of course we are 1000 sent going to comply with all that legal expert brian claypool questions why authorities didn't issue a warrant for baldwin's phone immediately. now we are weeks later and they don't have the phone. are you kidding me? last time i checked whenever you issue a search warrant. you take the warrant. you go over to somebody's house. you don't call up the lawyer and say hey, since you wrap a big time celebrity, we want to try to arrange the you know, serving the search warrant. that's not how it works in the real world, even though baldwin was holding the gun when it went off, killing cinematographer halina hutchins and injuring the film's director , he says he is not responsible for the tragic incident. he says he did not know how live rounds
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got on set. he also said that he did not pull the trigger and in his tell all interview he also said he was told the prop gun was cold, meaning that it did not contain any live rounds. no one has been charged in the shooting yet, and the d a. s office says it could take months before this investigation is over reporting in los angeles, christina coleman fox news. we have a set update on the search for skier who went missing christmas day at northstar ski resort. the body of rory and gelato was discovered by rescuers this morning, officials say the 43 year old was found half a mile from a residential neighborhood near truckee, which is a considerable distance from northstar ski resort boundaries. searchers believe angela to may have gotten lost during whiteout conditions and died from exposure to the elements. in pakistan, at least 22 people heading to a mountain resort are dead after an intense winter storm there, authorities say 10 men, 10 children and two women were found dead. many after suffering from hypothermia. some died after getting snowed in and
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stuck inside their vehicles while others were killed after the heavy snowfall knocked down trees within a dozen still stranded paramilitary troops. and especially military mountain unit are said to be assisting with the rescue operations. in washington state. now people want to see floodwaters recede after a major weather system moved through. mudslides continue to be a threat tonight in the western part of the state , where combination of rain and melting snow is causing a lot of trouble. video posted to twitter shows how the to shoot river has water rushing through the city of tumwater. that's about a one hour drive southwest of seattle . emergency managers blaming flooding. for at least one death in the state water started rising there a couple of days ago. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo joins us now with a look at the weather. we're in the clear right now. but will it have a ripple effect through the bay area? mark? that is the big question now. yeah hi there, andre. yeah there's a chance. we are tracking some more storms, but it looks like the main
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impact will be focused up to our north up in the pacific northwest. so for us, we have a dry weather stretch. but up and washington the river as you were describing, they are still cresting. still taking some time taking a look at the satellite and we are showing you another atmospheric river this time not focused here in the bay area, but as you can see, focused up to our north up towards portland and seattle, as you can see the progression through friday and then into it today. things beginning to improve, with those clouds gradually clearing out as becoming closer to the radar the past three days. overall in washington rainfall let's take a look at some of the rainfall totals between about 3.5 inches and 9.5 inches of rainfall, and we still have flood warnings right now. all the areas in red as you can see, in fact, this one area toward the grays harbor this one spot that is actually in effect until tuesday morning , 8 27, so it's going to take several times for this water levels to go down. the forecast for tomorrow keeps the pacific northwest dry and our forecast is drive forward tomorrow and
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then some changes up to our north. worth. as we head into the monday forecast outside right now they are back in the bay area. it is cold if he stepped outside for a little bit 39 degrees in fairfield, napa, 42 santa rosa reporting some dense fog with visibilities down about a quarter of a mile and widespread forties for oakland, fremont and in san jose. here's a satellite once again, we have a storm out there in the pacific, but to know what no rainfall for us here in the region are live camera right now, most areas in the clear, but some patches of some fog will read. reform overnight so that could impact local visibilities. first thing tomorrow morning cold start with thirties and forties to start your sunday but into the afternoon hours, a few spots could be right around 60 degrees this weekend is driving. what about next week? we'll have more on that with your full update coming up in a few minutes. alright, mark. thank you. a nasa project in the works since before the nineties, finally coming to fruition today, nasa's james webb telescope, the space agency's most powerful telescope to date will soon provide
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researchers with their best images yet of deep space. yes foxes alexis alexis mcadams explains. the $10 billion sun orbiting observatory is more powerful than the hubble telescope and can see further into space and every before there it is in front of us. you're looking at this. this animation. this is not a pre made animation. this is based on actual data coming from the telescope to us right now. nasa administrators, breathing a sigh of relief saturday as the james webb space telescope fully deployed the last part of its primary mirror. the last step in an endeavor more than 25 years in the making. i'm emotional about it that what an amazing milestone we see that beautiful pattern out there in the sky and out more powerful than the hubble space telescope. the $10 billion observatory will help astronomers see further into space than ever before scanning the light from the first stars and galaxies. formed more than 13 billion years ago, a chance to see the universe as it was
10:20 pm
perhaps only a couple 100 million years after the start after the big bang with a giant sun shield the size of a tennis court. it was too big to fit into iraq, it fully assembled, and so it had to be set up in segments, the pieces snapping into place and the observatory taking its final form. 600,000 miles above the earth. nasa will spend the next five months tweaking this telescopes mirrors to bring them into focus. they expected to send back first images sometime this summer. alexis mcadams fox news. you get a release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain reward pathway, and we feel pleasure. and that is not after taking a drug. it's when we get a like on our social media posts coming up, a stanford professor lays out how your brain and addicts brain compare when you reach for your phone. and it's officially official, clay thompson will make his much anticipated return tomorrow night. it's clemency eve later in sports, joe fonzi
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djokovic has a message for people gathering outside his
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immigration hotel for a third straight day in an instagram post. it's no longer on the social media side, he said. he feels the support and it's quote greatly appreciated. an international incident has erupted in australia because that top tennis player in the world has been denied entry into the country because he's on a vaccinated. yes, foxes kitty logan explains. he's hoping to play in the australian open and not get deported. novak djokovic tested positive for covid last december, which was why he was given a medical exemption to the usual requirement to be fully vaccinated when entering australia. djokovic's team argue he did have a valid visa and all the right documents to enter australia. but the government revoked that visa and isn't letting him budge from this immigration hotel. his team believe he should still be allowed into play because his recent covid case allows him not to be vaccinated, but to add to the confusion, pictures on social media painted djokovic at public events. after the date
10:25 pm
his team claimed he tested positive fans outside the detention. hotels say conditions there just aren't good enough for this top tennis star. but in australia, there's been one of the strictest lockdowns anywhere in the world. and many people there are unsympathetic to his case. others say his fate has become politicized as an election looms in australia back in djokovic's home country, serbia family and fans also demonstrated for his release. they believe he's being treated unfairly blamed the australian government. even the serbian prime minister has waded in and complained about his treatment. brockovich is ranked number one in the world and is the defending champion at the australian open. the tournament starts on january 17th and this delay means losing critical preparation time. his team want him moved to a hotel with a tennis court and to have a special diet while they try to untangle this bureaucratic mess . there will be a legal court
10:26 pm
hearing on monday to decide whether djokovic can appear on a tennis court. at the tournament. in london. kitty logan fox news. uc berkeley has revoked its official recognition of three fraternities over hazing related incidents, the chronicle reports chi fei and faded delta chi had their status stripped until january. 2026 sigma alpha epsilon had its status revoked until january. 2029 you see, officials have not disclosed what kind of hazing incidents led to the status change. the school says the fraternities are not allowed to recruit students on campus while they're unrecognized. yes, this is definitely right move because it's not a long term issue. we think it's going to be very short. it's a high risk age group one doctor's take on bay area college students getting thrown back into distance learning programs coming up. we talk to students about it. dozens more bay area flights get canceled as airlines deal with staffing shortages and wintry
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weather. at record breaking wildfires are fueling a toxic combo of air pollutants will detail the research that shows it's exposing people in our region to air pollution for region to air pollution for longer periods of time. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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because of the omicron case search. this includes several uses and state university's ktvu elissa harrington is in the newsroom after speaking with some students about this sudden change, alyssa. well, that's right. i was at u c berkeley a little bit later on today, which just broke the news to students last night that they would be going online to start this term. some students i talked to told me that they're okay with that, as long as it doesn't go on too long. it voice us a bit. mention, is a master student at uc berkeley. she just learned
10:30 pm
friday that most classes will be online for the first two weeks of the semester. but shin said some students are worried it could be extended. i think that is a really good move from the university. and it really makes us get relieved, but on the other hand is a little sad that we cannot see. our friends again at clause so far, eight schools in the university of california system have announced plans to delay in person courses as cases of the omicron variants surge. schools include uc berkeley, uc santa cruz and u. c davis. university officials say this is to mitigate the health impacts of covid-19 in email to the uc berkeley campus community said they expect many students and staff won't be able to return to campus right away. because they might be showing symptoms be isolating or need to take care of someone else. part of the letter read with covid-19 cases surging and positivity rates on the rise. it's clear we're in for a challenging january. as we
10:31 pm
navigate the oh macron wave. it's important that we be a specially flexible and patient with one another. yes this is definitely right move because it's not a long term issue. we think it's going to be very short. it's a high risk age group, dr peter tin hong, a ucsf infectious disease expert, said delaying in person class is a good idea, especially since many students traveled over winter break. he also believes this interruption will be brief. you know, this is the age of where you could have removed instruction. unlike elementary school kids that probably don't require that hands on face to face kind of setting. it's probably a little less. it's important for this age group. and thirdly, this is meant to be a very, very short pause button. we expect that omicron will come and then quickly descend. if we look at what's happened in south africa, several cal state universities are also starting this semester remotely, while stanford already started its winter quarter online. students there are asked to take a
10:32 pm
covid-19 tests before coming back to campus and must show proof of a vaccine booster. the uc berkeley semester starts january 18th and students at this time are scheduled to go back to in person learning january 31st reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. verizon infections has also prompted a number of bay area school districts to pivot to distance learning. families within the milpitas unified school district have been asked to begin at 10 day quarantine following a special meeting called thursday night, but public health leaders disagree with that move. they say transmission of the virus has not been the highest in the school systems. they say it's spreading more rapidly within the community, and they stressed children need to be in the classroom. we've learned that in person education, um is what they need and remote learning doesn't support their mental health, emotional health and academic well being. the district reported more than 100
10:33 pm
positions went unfilled at several schools this week. that issue forced classes to condense and teachers and staff to take on more students than normal. the board says. it's the reason they enacted the quarantine that starts today. the hayward unified school district will also return to all virtual learning next week. that decision came during an emergency meeting last night. teachers will hold a private session on monday to prepare them for the zoom classes. that will take place for the rest of the week. the students will then resume online classes tuesday morning. the board will meet again on friday to decide if these online classes should continue beyond next week. staffing shortages are forcing a number of the area banks to close their branches. the batelco credit union in lafayette is among several banks and credit unions closing its doors. the company closed eight bay area branches, chase and wells fargo also closing temporarily while they deal with covid sick calls. they're asking customers to use their mobile and online banking platforms during the closure. until frustrations and cancelations
10:34 pm
continue to plague airports across the country because of staffing shortages due to covid and weather, according to the web site flight. aware close to 900 flights were canceled in and out of the us today and that is down from more than 1300 yesterday. now in the bay area, as you look live at sfo, sfo saw 70 flights canceled today. oakland reporting cancelations. san jose 14. alright so this highly contagious overgrown strain is causing severe labor shortage is that companies big and small foxes charles watson takes a look at how workplaces are coping with low staffing levels. as the arm across variant once again pushes hospitals around the country to capacity. it's having the opposite effect on many workplaces as businesses in essential services struggle to fill their ranks amid a record number of call outs being such a small ah company and smaller employee basis. it can be tough to lose just one person, even for two days, let alone a week
10:35 pm
or two. the increased transmission of a micron is causing more people to come down with cold and flu like symptoms . in new york city, staffing shortages are slowing down trash and subway services as well as diminishing the number of first responders available to respond to emergencies. the problem is worse at hospitals where icu beds are filling up, but the number of people available to treat patients is going down lines for covid tests now stretch around the block in many areas, and even the people tasked with administering those tests are getting sick. standing up here for three hours now, i kind of anticipated there to be a surge after thanksgiving, but i don't think anyone was prepared for the amount of people that we've seen. california has called in the national guard to help staff testing facilities at home. tests are flying off the shelves of pharmacies in the hardest hit areas really went through. hundreds of them and two days the white house is finalizing a
10:36 pm
plan to send 500 million free tests to american households. the administration is hoping to start sending them out in the next few weeks in atlanta, charles watson fox news. two presidents, along with other democratic leaders gathered today in nevada to commemorate former senate majority leader harry reid. as you see there, president biden was there, along with vice president kamala harris. former president obama delivered the eulogy at the service he credited read with his willingness to work across the aisle to get things done. for harry, the whole point of holding office. the whole point of wielding power. was to actually get things done on behalf. those you represent. during his time as leader. that is exactly what he did. he got
10:37 pm
things done, people in nevada, you lost a beloved son. but the spirits always going to burn as bright as the desert sun. the nation. we lost a giant america. plain spoken. honorable, decent, brave. unyielding man. will this be his legacy? call on each of us to be our best. a long time senate leader died september 28th at the age of 82. climate change keeps us exposed to some pollutants longer these days, coming up doctors layout, the ripple effects this has on our health. and a barrier whether looks like our dry weather pattern will continue when your sunday forecast, but what about next week we'll have the update coming. and to stanford professor thinks social media is
10:38 pm
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you've made a post on social media, and there may be a reason why facebook and instagram can be addicting. neuroscientists say social media is like a drug at least. it has the same effects on the brain. really, thomas said. he explains most of us have experienced it at one point or another, the euphoric feeling when that latest instagram selfie becomes a huge hit, like suddenly pouring in from friends, family and followers. it just so turns out social media platforms leverage the same neural circuitry as slot machines and drugs to keep us satisfied and coming back for even more. what happens when we get a like on an instagram feed is that we get a release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. in the brain's reward pathway, and we feel pleasure. dopamine is a type of neuro transmitter or chemical in the brain. it also plays a major role in how we feel pleasure helping us to strive, focus and find things interesting. ana lemke, a professor of psychiatry and addiction medicine at stanford
10:42 pm
university, explores that connection in her book, dopamine nation. things that are addictive. release a lot of dopamine all at once in the brain's reward pathway, and our primitive brains were not a baptist for those high highs. lemke doesn't just compare social media to an addictive drug. she believes it is one and it's the reason why we're so glued to our smartphones we can enter. compulsive over consumption that exactly mirrors what happens when people get addicted to drugs like cannabis or alcohol? once that dopamine high wears off, were often left feeling even worse than before. the universal symptoms of dopamine withdrawal include anxiety, irritability, insomnia , low self esteem and depression , but that next hit probably won't be as rewarding. the result is not just that we go back down to baseline levels of dopamine. we actually go below baseline levels of dopamine, so
10:43 pm
we enter a little many deficit. believe it or not, you may need to actually take a break from social media and get your fix in a different way. lemke says, exercise ice water baths or even reading a book are all good alternatives if we can just resist the urge, then ultimately what happens is that our brain starts to regenerate our own dopamine and our own dopamine receptors and to re establish baseline homeostasis. so that we're not as mentally preoccupied with checking our phones. and that was really, thomas said he reporting for us experts say, finding something to do besides scrolling through social media may not give you instant gratification, but it will likely be even more awarding in the long run. some scientists expect swings in extreme weather will become normal. coming up. we'll see how one northern california town is coping with exactly that right now and see if the weather is gonna be normal. this weekend, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo
10:44 pm
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