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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to use a tragic and horrifying day in new york city of fire at an apartment building in the bronx leaves more than a dozen people dead, many of them children, and there is confusion after a bay area school district scrambles to switch back to in person learning after telling kids not to come to school tomorrow. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm cristina rendon and i'm julie julie haener. we are following developing news in new york city , where a fire today killed at least 19 people in a high rise apartment building in the bronx. of the 19 people killed nine our
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children. new york city mayor eric adams called the numbers horrific and said this will be one of the worst fires we have witnessed in modern times. the fire was caused by a malfunctioning space heater inside a duplex apartment on the 2nd and 3rd floors of that building. the smoke conditions were said to be unprecedented. was it like black black smoke? i can barely see from me to use but they won't. we opened the door to smoke. just let us we ran to the hallways of the exit, and i just had it and i got scared. the victim suffered from severe smoking elation. the mayor says many of them were immigrants. they came from gambia. and we want to make sure that we're sensitive to the cultural needs of the me's office is going to coordinate. to make sure that we respect the burial. rights of the muslim community as well as others. today's fire happened less than a week after a fire at a row house in philadelphia killed 12
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people, including eight children. now to the spread of the l macron variants. someday area schools are pivoting to distance learning as they deal with high covid case counts and staffing shortages. tonight. we're learning. the milpitas school district is reversing course and its plan to go virtual ktvu magus is here with more on what the district is now telling parents, emma christina school district is telling parents to bring their kids to school tomorrow, after all, reversing their decision to go fully remote for 10 days. parents say it's one email after another coming from the milpitas unified school district this weekend. right now, i'm waiting for the email because it's not clear yet. parents were told to keep their kids learning from home starting monday until january, 18th but on saturday, a note from the superintendent's office said, in part after consulting with the santa clara county office of education, we learned that we are not able to offer a district wide quarantine as shared in our friday communication, but teachers and staff are testing positive and
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landing in quarantine. on friday, the school districts reported that they're short staffed. leaving parents with questions heading into monday. it's frustrating not knowing you know what monday today is sunday , so it's kind of hard to plan things for tomorrow. last minute if parents want to opt for distance, learning, they'll have to sign an independent study contract with their school, according to the superintendent's office, so i don't know what to do. honestly. last week, teachers in san francisco and oakland schools held sick outs, claiming their districts were not adequately protecting them from the omicron variant. though both school districts maintain learning can and should continue in the classroom. private schools are also pivoting. over the weekend . one parent told me her son in a milpitas private school now has the option to temporarily learn remotely given the omicron surge, christina gosh, reporting for us to emma. thank you. the hayward unified school district says it's returning to distance sorting for all students starting tuesday and continuing at least through friday.
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teachers will be at schools tomorrow, making preparations for remote learning. the school board is set to meet on friday to decide if online classes should continue or if students can return to classrooms starting tomorrow. the west contra costa unified school district will require all teachers and staff members to wear medical grade masks while on campus. the district says it has ordered k n95 masks for every one of its 3000 workers and supply is enough for the rest of the school year. medical experts say medical grade face coverings provide far more protection than cloth masks the san francisco unified school district gave out thousands of home covid test kits over the weekend while continuing a rapid testing program at district headquarters. ktvu is james torres tells us there is hope the federal government will help with the test shortage. this will likely be the last weekend . you see lines forming outside of district headquarters for a rapid covid-19 test. a majority of people in this line do not have an appointment. a lot of the kids are being turning
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positive, you know? covid purse and stuff. parents teachers, family members all wait in line this morning outside san francisco's unified school district headquarters. we don't got no appointments. so we're in this line schools dealt with a tough week of covid. hundreds of teachers staged to call out protesting the district handling of the overgrown surge. appointments for covid-19 tests are still hard to come by, and there's still very little luck to find at home tests in stores . well, yeah, at the stores. they're all sold out this weekend, the district gave out 4000 at home test kits. while still offering rapid tests at a number of different campuses. according to the district calendar. today will be the last weekend day of this service. but most weekdays in january the district will offer a test at at least one of its campuses. i just want to peace of mind, you know, since since i work in the food industry and then so i want to make sure that i'm trying to so i don't bring nothing back to my family, you know, to my to my house editor. muniz already got
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a test for his son and his waiting for one today, crystal lopez waits in line with her younger brother, so we got to be in line. and wait, wait, wait, so we can't do anything. life is on past without this. show and prove that you don't get covid the wait for testing. hopefully coming to an end soon. the biden administration reportedly finalizing plans to send 500 million at home test kits to americans covid in the environment here and in the world is probably here to stay. but covid as we're dealing with it now. is not here to stay there. the ceo of abbott laboratories says his company is planning to produce 100 million tests this month in san francisco. people spending time in line waiting say getting a test kit in their mailbox would be a huge help. thing that we have peace of mind for people. that would be very beautiful. but right now we don't have that stuff. so we got to be in line in san francisco. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. ended response to the surge of the omicron vary in the county of san mateo is expanding
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opportunities for covid-19 testing testing is now available in san mateo county event center parking lot between seven a.m. in the morning and for this afternoon seven days a week. the testing site has the ability to provide 2000 pcr tests daily. those tests typically returned results within 72 hours. appointments are required through a third party contractor called virus geeks. people we spoke with today. see the process was quick and easy and much appreciated by the community. i do think it was a good idea with the name the number of cases that have been going on. it's a nice way to get tested. it was quick. it was easy. and they are conducting it outside so that it is safe, right? you have that space or so that you don't feel at risk by doing it close to anybody else. the county currently supports 10 sites that offer pcr lab tests
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with results available within 72 hours, depending on demand. court capacity is roughly 8500 tests per week, with guidance and public health mandates. changing frequently. cdc director doctor was shell wolinski today addressed the recent criticism the agency has faced as americans navigate through the latest covid surge. we have ever evolving science with an ever evolving variant, and my job is to provide updated guidance in the context of rapidly rising cases. and that is what we've done, and i'm here to explain it to the american people. and i i'm committed to continuing to do so and to continuing to improve. dr wolinski again urged anyone who has not done so yet to get vaccinated and boosted, she says that significantly lowers the risk of getting seriously sick with covid and adding to the overcrowding at the nation's hospitals, and we have a special section on our website focusing on the pandemic just log onto ktvu .com/ covid. coming up. sad
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news from hollywood tonight on the death of actor bob saget. what we're learning from authorities also had tonight. this is something you don't see every day, a huge group of people on bicycles riding onto a bay area busy freeway, how the highway patrol managed to corral them off to safety. pretty cool day in a lot of those inland spots. i'll talk about this week. we're not looking at much rain, b we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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sheriff's officials say staggered was found dead in a hotel room this morning at the ritz carlton in orlando. detectives say they found no signs of foul play or drug use. saget was known for his role in the tv sitcom full house and for hosting america's funniest home videos. he was reportedly on a stand up comedy tour for the last few months and had just performed friday. the hard rock hotel in orlando bob saget was 65 years old. in brazil. crews are still searching for victims of a freak accident that killed at least 10 people. yesterday dozens of voters were near a waterfall when a towering slab of rock broke from a cliff and fell onto the people below. as many as 20. people are thought
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to be missing. it happened at a popular lake and tourist attraction about 260 miles. north of the capital of sao paulo. authorities say the rock fall could have been the result of recent heavy rains. interstate 80 in the east bay was shut down this morning in the eastbound direction after crash killed one person and sent to other people to the hospital. it happened at about 6 15 this morning west of san pablo. road. the chp says a driver of a transit van going west lost control, hit the center divider and landed in the eastbound lanes. the ban was then hit by three cars. male passenger who was in one of those vehicles died at the scene to other people suffer major injuries. new at six. a dangerous and bizarre sight today on interstate 80 in berkeley. more than 100 people on bicycles road onto the freeway blocking traffic. it happened just after two o'clock this afternoon in the westbound lanes near university avenue. highway patrol officer happened to be nearby and ran a traffic brake
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to slow those cars down. chp managed to escort the cyclists off the freeway at the powell street exit. hospital in san francisco was asking for help in identifying a patient who has been there since november. st mary's medical center says they can't identify a patient who was admitted on november 25th. she's 67 years old, is bilingual and korean and english and is five ft. tall. she is homeless and is from the richmond district. the hospital says she may have relatives in the center matteo area. anyone who knows her identity is asked to contact st mary's medical center. even though the u. s unemployment fell last month to just under 4% employers added less than 200,000 jobs, and that is far short of expectations and well below the monthly average. for 2021 interviews, tom vacar breaks down the numbers. the latest employment data is both surprising and conflicted. labor lawyer mike bernick of the international duane morris law firm is a former ed director.
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the fact that chronic hasn't um , had yet a significant impact in terms of layoffs. um i think it's the main story of the past week. in fact, last year's 207,000 layoffs nationwide almost matches. a near half century record low for layoffs, employers are keeping on workers holding tight to the workers they have given the difficulty of finding workers nonetheless, 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november. that's the highest month we quit level since those surveys started back in 2000, even with a shortage of workers to replace them. this is not necessarily a bad sign. in some ways that reflects the confidence in many ways the confidence workers have in terms of quitting jobs, believing they can get other and better jobs. paycheck processing giant adp reported. 800,000 plus private sector hires last month. twice expectations, but the u. s
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government count was 199,000 half of expert expectations and a quarter of a dps reported job gains. bernick believes uncle sam's hard count more. the adp number is based more on a survey. um they do healthy government spending is boosting a lot of incomes, which in turn boost the overall economy. finally add in the monumental change in the workplace, thanks to robust, reliable and rocket, fast, remote working technologies that allow millions to work without commuting or come england, whether it's a micron or with a deep um is other businesses are closed or whether there are other dislocations. people just keep getting paid. the labor department reported tuesday that there are 10.6 million job openings still open. and still waiting. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. it's not much, but the average price of regular grade gasoline dropped two cents over
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the past three weeks. it's now at 3 39 a gallon, but industry analysts say prices at the pump could start increasing again because crude oil costs are rising nationwide, the highest average price for regular grade gasses right here in the bay area at 4 74 a gallon the lowest average is in houston at 2 79 a gallon ford is taking steps to stop people from buying its new electric trucks, then quickly reselling for profit. in a letter to dealers, ford's vice president of sales suggest, dealers added no sale provision to contracts for the f 1 50 electric trucks that would prevent buyers from resell within the first year of ownership. the move aims to keep market prices close to the list price. the court hearing is getting underway in australia to determine if the world's number one minister, men's tennis player novak djokovic, will be allowed to compete in the australian open. this comes after his visa was canceled because he entered the country and vaccinated foxes trading reports that fans have been gathering outside of that melbourne hotel where he's being held, protesting his
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confinement. tennis star novak djokovic will shortly appear virtually before a judge in a deportation case that is stirring controversy around the world. the number one ranked player has been held in an australian immigration detention hotel since thursday after his visa was canceled at the melbourne airport. djokovic had been granted a medical exemption to enter the country to play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19. the 34 year old had coronavirus last month, but australian border officials ruled he doesn't meet the criteria for an exemption as he awaits the court case that will determine his fate. supporters have djokovic gathered outside of his hotel this weekend. calling for the tennis player to be released. all night haven't slept since he's come off the plane. we're all sick to the stomach. like every parent, you would never expect this to happen to your child. and also sick now could cry so i can't common anymore. that's devastating the debacle over whether djokovic should be allowed to enter australia has
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now become an internal political issue australian laws related to entry during the pandemic have varied on the state and federal level, though the health minister for the state of victoria is saying the case should be decided at the commonwealth level. the australian open begins january 17th so this week will be critical to finding a resolution in this case until aviv trade angst. fox news. a stripped down version of the golden globe awards is underway in beverly hills tonight. the hollywood foreign press association is going on with its 79th edition tonight. but it's without the typical glitzy television broadcast any of the nominees, celebrity guests a red carpet, a host even a livestream. instead the association says it's holding a 90 minute private event at the beverly hilton hotel. the winners are being announced in real time on the organization's social media feeds and website. alright i hope you had a nice weekend pretty cool inland and even around the bay today, here are
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the highs from today and i just want to point out we've had a lot of fog in the inland bay valley. so like livermore livermore is highly 51 degrees. so you got all this fog right floating around inland and then you get the winds which have been generally going in this direction. and so that cool fog has been pushing into places like san francisco san rafael tiburon. so very chilly day. you know what happens tomorrow? same thing. pretty much exactly the same. thank there'll be less fog because we're going to see high clouds tomorrow and the higher clouds will keep it a little warmer overnight should suppress fog formation. just a little bit. these are the clouds i'm talking about right here. coming and that looks like a weather system. it is, but it's all about british columbia. they're going to see three days straight of atmospheric river as they systems march right up into that area. that's a bee lining for that. so that's going to be a big weather story this week. what happens to southern british columbia for us? we're on the southern and all this so we just get some clouds overnight lows above freezing dew point are up there, so patchy fog certainly will form. but i'm not so sure
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it's going to stick around as long and i don't think it's going to be as robust certainly, as it's been the last couple of mornings five am tomorrow morning. there it is. you can see the clouds. this is the forecast, then tomorrow afternoon, so there's your day. partly cloudy all day, mostly sunny at times and then tuesday morning. and then tuesday afternoon dry by the way, right . you see all the rain going well to the north up in that area, and then, as we head into wednesday and thursday, it's the same thing. so forecast highs tomorrow. it's that same deal, so we got the fog here, right low clouds early. and that wind is going to blow offshore and it's going to take that cool error and push it to the coast. so typically work for that fog. we might be seeing mid sixties and in fact, we are more gun hill has a forecast high and mid sixties tomorrow, but because of that far we're just investing and pushing. really cool air right into the coast, even places like san francisco. so when you look at the five day forecast, what is obvious here, no rain, and that's how it looks. as a matter of fact, i mentioned pacific british columbia. they're getting again
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three days straight on on top of other atmospheric rivers. they've had already this year of rain, so they're going to be having some hydro problems up there for sure. northern washington and for us, we're on the southern end and as a what do we noticing? there's no rain for the first time in a while. we've got a five day that's dr i'll see you back here tonight at 10 11. we'll see them, bill. thank you, the city of pleasant and says the city of livermore is not keeping up with its end of the bargain about the livermore airport. pleasant and leaders say they have received more than 85 emails about noise from the airport and have a petition complaining about noise violations with 6000 signatures . the move comes as livermore is getting ready to consider a request from kaiser air for a maintenance and storage base at the livermore airport. kaiser expects to have about 100 flights a year by 7 37 aircraft in and out of that airport. it would pay livermore and pleasant in school districts, $150,000 each and the city of livermore would get another $300,000 if that plan is approved. win and
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you're in the 49ers ingram's battle it out in overtime for a playoff spot. joe fonzi has the highlights of the wild finish. you have to see to believe next in sports has just ended this game. if he is in bounds, they'll look at it. and if it we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support.
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for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. happening tonight in sports. the 49ers have been involved in plenty of heart stopping games through the years, but you have to go back some to find a regular season finale with so much at stake. that also had so much drama jimmy garoppolo getting the start today against the rams, despite the injured thumb that was in a protective wrap. the 49ers dug themselves a big hole when matthew stafford found tyler higbee with this 15 yard scoring play. the rams had a 17 lead in the second quarter. 49ers didn't manage a field goal before halftime, second half saw an entirely different 49ers team on the field. they had pulled within a touchdown. and then mr everything deebo samuel through the first touchdown pass of his career, samuel spots and open
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juwan jennings and the 49ers had come all the way back to tie the game at 17 49 grab the momentum, but there was plenty of drama to come. fourth quarter. now it's still a tie game. stafford throws a perfect pass to cooper cup in the back of the end zone. it's 24 17 l, a just to 29 left to play with the 49ers went 88 yards in one minute and a second . it's garoppolo to a wide open jennings at the goal line, the game tied at 24. and they went to overtime. 49ers got the ball first, and it was jennings on the receiving end of a big play again. jennings breaks a tackle at midfield goes 34 yards to the ramp. 24 49ers got as far as the six and had to settle for a field goal attempt. robbie gold was down the middle with his second field goal that day at 24 yarder. 27 24 san francisco with 2 45 to play, the rams got a chance to entire win, but on a first down from their own 38 stafford threw a pass that was intended for odell beckham
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intercepted by amri thomas, the rookie that teams have been picking on all year makes the biggest player this season. 49ers win 27 24 nailing down a spot in the playoffs behind the clutch effort from their gritty quarterback. took everything we knew we knew it was, we knew was going to be a 60 minute game. little extra in this case, but that's a that's a game. you don't remember this one for a while. this is a special one. what do you think about this team's chances now that you're in the tournament, all it takes to get in, and we'll see what happens going on dallas now. the great challenge for us, but i know these guys are ready. so here's at all finished in the nfc. the packers are the number one seed they get by. the eagles are the seventh seed there'll be at tampa, the 49ers our sixth and will be a dallas and it's an all nfc west battle with the rams hosting the cardinals. the days and times have yet to be announcement will be three days over the coming weekend. the stanford women and mostly empty maples pavilion, scheduling a last minute game against gonzaga
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because of covid issues elsewhere, had to jump nails at three in the third quarter on the way to a 21 point game stanford had led by nine at halftime. and then just a few minutes later, the cardinal takes the ball away. it'll be anna wilson running the floor, making a beauty of a past alexey hall for the basket. stanford beats the bulldogs for the second time this season in the nonconference game this time 66 to 50. second round cardinal is 11 and three and still some playoff stuff going on. right now. the raiders are playing the charges. the winner there is in and the loser is out so more drama to talk about tonight late. there were so many great games today. back to the 49 games. talk about how clutch jimmy garoppolo was today playing injured with that thumb injury, and it really has the respect of his teammates. just talk about the importance of that one of those last rives. well, when you think about the 17 to nothing hold at the 49ers had for themselves and it really did look like the game was going to be all rams and then the momentum shifted in the second half. and you know, you have to go a long ways back. there's
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been plenty of dramatic games for the 49ers in the playoffs, but a regular season finale like that. you've got to go back to the seventies for a game like it was really special to watch. i will say that it really was nail will say that it really was nail biting to the end can we start the movie? before sheldon gets here? last time we did that, he didn't talk to us for a month. so do it! hold on. where is he? well, according to his text, he was on the second floor, then he stopped to tie his shoe. (phone chimes) all tied, and... -hello! -hi. sorry we're late. amy took forever tying my shoe. koothrappali: all right! who's excited to see a documentary? oh, i know this one. nobody ever. hey! this one's going to be great. this is about the rivalry between a cool renegade scientist, nikola tesla, and his arch-nemesis, thomas edison. it's the greatest scientific feud of all time. i mean, you can forget about leibniz and newton.


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