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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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sophie i stadium in red and gold to see a big win. 49ers fans look ahead tonight to run in the playoffs. good evening, everyone . i'm julie julie haener, and i'm christina rendon. it is a good night for bay area sports fans. not only did they see the
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long awaited return of klay thompson to the warriors, the niners clinched a spot in the playoffs at a comeback win. against the ramps. ktvu joe fonzi joins us now with the celebrations across the board, joe well, you know, it would have been hard to drop a scenario that was a greater test for 49, or fans, loyalty or for the team's character than what happened today in los angeles loss against the rams and the regular season finale and a new orleans win meant the 49ers would be out of the playoffs didn't have to tell 49ers gm john lynch about that scenario, who wasn't feeling too good when his team fell behind 17 to nothing, but the 49ers got a field goal before halftime, then stormed back with a 14 point third quarter, its receiver deebo samuel, pass into the end zone. where do you want? jennings is all alone? the 49ers should come all the way back to tie the game at 17, with more than a quarter left to play, but last second heroics necessary to send the game to overtime. jimmy garoppolo throws jennings at the goal line with just 16. seconds left are falling behind again the 49ers back even at 24, the
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49ers kicked a field goal in overtime and then clinched on ella's possession. in ot. matthew stafford throws long for odell beckham but 49ers rookie embry thomas makes the interception. thomas had been the target of many a quarterback this year, but he makes his biggest play of the season. 49ers can take a deep breath with the knowledge that they are a playoff team. san francisco will travel to dallas for a game a from today, but that's just one of the big stories in various sports today after more than two years of rehab for two different injuries. clay thompson was back on the court tonight for the warriors. frank mallicoat, was that chase center to take in the biggest game so far at that arena. it was pretty obvious who everyone came to see on this sunday night. oh, it's just a feeling of having you know a guy come back up after all these injuries and just and just come back to the level and he's playing out and just dominating come back and we love to play. i mean, he's like part
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of the warriors. and inside chase. it got louder and larger. dubs fans were on their feet for over a minute. 941 days of rehab over and with 2 52 to go in the second quarter. they fell out of their seats after this now and on a switch, he went to reach. think he's healthy. it's funny, saying dunk the whole two months of scrimmaging, but when those lights of the brightest i just felt bouncing, and it felt so good and throw that down. i did not expect that and i'm great te him back like after two years. it's just it's overwhelming in the end play scored 17 points at 20 minutes of play, but this had nothing to do with statistics tonight. it was all about
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welcoming, play back to the team and dub nation and boy did they ever and with 43 games had to play the best team of basketball just got a little bit better at the chase center. i'm frank bolick. oh ktvu. box two news. oh and did we mention the winner go home game between the raiders and chargers, which the raiders won in overtime. lots more coming up in sports and at 11 30 on sports wrap. we will see then an amazing day in the bay area today. yes, so many great games all the way around. i love it. when clay says he feels bouncy. it's great to see him back. it's a good sign. oh, thank you. new attend. a man is dead in brentwood tonight, and family members of a family member has been detained in connection to his murder. it happened at about 4 20 this afternoon at an apartment complex on sycamore avenue. police say they were called to that complex on reports of shots fired. officers arrived and found a man outside who had been shot at least once . he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say preliminary information shows the man was 43
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years old from turlock, and he was shot during a family disturbance. the suspect is a family member and was detained at the scene. police say they recovered a gun, but no word yet on a motive. also new at 10. governor newsom signed an executive order this weekend aimed at preventing price gouging on covid-19 at home test kits. the order banned sellers from increasing the price of a test kit by more than 10. violators face a $1000 fine and up to six months in jail. state attorney general rob bonta says. anyone who's been a victim of price gouging on a covid test kit should file a complaint with his office or call police. he said californians should not have to worry about being cheated while dealing with the effects of the coronavirus and with a micron surging. many people are now finding it hard to find one of those take home at home test kits or get an appointment for a booster shot. ktvu elissa harrington is live in the newsroom. um, after speaking with consumers and a doctor about the rush on those items, elissa well, you know only about 40% of californians
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who are vaccinated have also received the booster shot. and now with this surgeon omicron, if you're looking for an appointment, you might have to wait. tests are very hard to get right now. you can't find them anywhere. in these days of covid . there's some of the hottest items out there rapid take home tests, which seemed to be sold out almost everywhere. it's frustrating to have a to live a normal life when it's so difficult to get tests a lot of people there around their families, and they've been traveling for the holidays and they can't they can't get tests . the shortage comes at a time when oh, macron is surging, and when many people want to be sure they aren't infected before heading back to work or school take home. covid tests are completely sold out at the cbs in orinda. i did get a chance to speak with the clerk and he told me they're not expecting any new ones for at least two weeks. 2 to 3 weeks to get it too bad because i mean, don't you only have it for like 23 weeks. you
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probably didn't go run out of time to get tested and see if you have it by the time you get one and the rush is not only for tests. it's taking weeks for some people to schedule getting a booster shot. unfortunately while we have the vaccines available all along with this big rush that we're seeing now what we've set up to work on a steady state doesn't work when there's a surge of interest, dr john schwartzberg and infectious disease specialist at uc berkeley said. this mimics other behaviors we have seen during the pandemic. he said. when there's a surge, people get anxious and all those who are procrastinating or now rushing to get a shot. there's actually enough certainly more than enough vaccine for everybody to get it. it's just the allocation in the resources to deliver it. and what's compounded that problem is the people who are administering the vaccines and the people who are delivering the vaccines. um a lot of those folks are out sick, so the supply chain has been hindered. doctor schwartzberg said he
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expects cases to continue climbing for at least the next couple of weeks. and while the weight might be frustrating, getting vaccinated and getting boosted is the best way to protect yourself. health departments are also warning of unauthorized testing sites, and they say that you should only use at home tests that are approved by the fda reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, melissa. thank you. thanks. parents and teachers waited in line this morning for an at home covid test kit outside san francisco unified school district headquarters. the district gave about 4000 at home test kits over the weekend while still offering rapid tests at a number of different campuses, according to the district calendar. today was the last weekend day of handing out covid kits and testing. i just want to peace of mind. you know, since since i have work in the food industry and then so i want to make sure that i'm fine too. so i don't bring nothing back to my family, you know, to my to my house. going forward. the district plans to offer a test at one of its campuses on most
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weekdays in january, the milpitas unified school district is reversing course on distance learning for students, causing anger and uncertainty for parents. it's frustrating not knowing you know what monday today is sunday, so it's kind of hard to plant things for tomorrow. last minute ktvu reporter m. agus has more on how parents are dealing with the flip flop decisions by district officials a bit later in this newscast. fans of actor and comedian bob saget wasted no time tonight, working honor hisg up tonight to the san franci home portrayed to be the house where sag it's hit show tv show full house was said after learning about his death box news. ashley morgan has more now on sega's life and legacy. johnny and me and coming. he's he'll bob saget, the actor and
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comedian who brought laughs and fatherly advice is tvs. danny tanner on full house has died at the age of 65. the orange county sheriff's office said in a statement. deputies were called to the ritz carlton orlando grand lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room . the man was identified as robert sagon and pronounced deceased on scene. detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use. in this case. oh, saget start on full house from 1987 through 1995. and reprised his role in the reboot fuller house. early work also included hosting america's funniest home videos. in recent years, he focused primarily on his stand up. he also made an appearance on the mass singer in 2020 and hosted a podcast called bob saget is here for you. saga was on a comedy tour at the time of his death. his last post on his social media was about his love for his job. he thanked the audience, saying he had no idea he did a two hour set, adding he
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felt like he was back in comedy like he was when he was 26. celebrities sharing thoughts include longtime co star and friend john stamos, who wrote, i am broken. i am gutted. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobby. actor joel mchale called saget one of the most kind and thoughtful people, and he just happened to be one of the funniest on the planet. tv writer norman lear says he was hilarious. we were close friends and i could not have loved him more raising dad co star kat dennings posted he was generous , protective, caring and wonderful, adding he talked about his kids constantly. bob saget is survived by his three daughters from his first marriage to sherry kramer and his second wife, kelly rizzo in hollywood. ashley barkin, fox news. probably another sad story tonight, this time out of new york, and i just hang and i got scared. she managed to get out
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of live 19. others did not coming up what investigators are learning about a deadly fire that trapped people inside an apartment complex in the bronx plus i expect judge davila to potentially hammer her because she's expressed no remorse. former federal prosecutors weigh in on what to expect next indicates that rock silicon valley and beyond. when i return, we'll go looking for some rain talk about the valley some rain talk about the valley fog this out there already and mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation
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fire tore through an apartment building in the bronx, leaving at least 19 people dead. many of the victims were children. foxes alexis mcadams is more on what caused the fatal fire. is a night of tragedy and pain. and tomorrow we begin to rebuild, rebuild their lives and give them hope. at least 19 people, including nine kids lost their life in a fire that authorities say was started by a space heater. the marshals have determined through physical evidence and through dog firsthand accounts by the residents that this fire started in a bedroom in a portable electric heater. neighbors watching in horror, small kids were carried out of that burning, building the fire crews doing everything they could to save the people who lived there once the fire department got there, and they was able to get
10:15 pm
us out. they said. follow the stairs until you see like more than 60 people injured when that five alarm fire broke out sunday morning inside of the 19 story apartment building near east 181st street in the bronx. at least 30 of those people have injuries described as life threatening. the commissioner says that fire spread rapidly. at least 200 firefighters were at the scene. crews say all 19 floors of that building were filled with heavy black smoke victims located on every floor. all had severe smoke inhalation in many went into cardiac and respiratory arrest. new york's mayor eric adams, speaking his family's search for their loved ones, the mayor working to find out which hospitals each victim was taken to heartbroken over this tragedy. this is going to be one of the roasts fires that we have witnessed during modern times. this comes just days after a devastating fire and philadelphia took the lives of 12 people, including eight kids in the bronx. alexis mcadams fox news. new attend tonight. the sonoma county sheriff's office
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is investigating a body that was found in a remote area near cloverdale. that body was found friday in a field of geysers road and highway 101. the sheriff's office says a resident alerted a chp officer about the body. the sheriff's violent crime and crime scene. detectives were then called to the scene. there has been no additional information about that case hospital in san francisco is asking for help in identifying a patient who has been there since november. st mary's medical center says they can identify a woman who was admitted on november 25th. she's 67 years old is bilingual in korean and english and his five ft. tall she's homeless. it is from the richmond district hospital, says she may have relatives in the san mateo area. anyone who knows her identity is asked to contact st mary's medical center. one big area school district is reversing course on plans to go back to only distance learning programs . ktvu magus has more now on what the milpitas school district is telling parents. parents say it's one email after
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another coming from the milpitas unified school district this weekend. right now, i'm waiting for the email because it's not clear yet. parents were told to keep their kids learning from home starting monday until january, 18th but on saturday, a note from the superintendent's office said, in part after consulting with the santa clara county office of education, we learned that we are not able to offer a district wide quarantine as shared in our friday communication, but teachers and staff are testing positive and landing in quarantine. on friday, the school districts reported that they're short staffed. leaving parents with questions heading into monday. it's frustrating not knowing you know what monday today is sunday , so it's kind of hard to plan things for tomorrow. last minute if parents want to opt for distance, learning, they'll have to sign an independent study contract with their school, according to the superintendent's office, so i don't know what to do. honestly. last week, teachers in san francisco and oakland schools held sick outs, claiming their districts were not adequately
10:18 pm
protecting them from the omicron variant. though both school districts maintain learning can and should continue in the classroom. over the weekend. private schools also pivoted. one milpitas mother told me that her two sons in private school now have the option to temporarily learn remotely given the omicron surge. reporting in the newsroom. emma goss, ktvu fox two news. hey, we're unified school district says it's returning to distance learning for all students starting tuesday and continuing at least through friday. teachers will be at school tomorrow, making preparations for remote learning. the school board is set to be on friday to decide if online classes should continue or if students will return to campus. starting tomorrow. the west contra costa unified school district will require all teachers and staff members to wear medical grade masks while on campus. the district says it is ordered the k n95 masks for every one of its 3000 workers. and the supply is enough for the rest of this school year. medical experts say those medical grade face coverings
10:19 pm
provide far more protection than cloth masks. cdc director dr rochelle walensky was forced to correct supreme court justice sonia sotomayor, who claimed last week that there were roughly 100,000 children hospitalized with covid-19. today on fox news sunday, dr walensky confirmed there are actually fewer than 3500 kids with the virus in hospitals. comparatively the risk of death is small, but of course you know children are supposed to die. so you know if we have a child who's been who is sick with covid 19? we want to make sure that they we want to protect them. we will have more on dr walensky, the supreme court and the federal vaccine mandates set to take effect tomorrow, coming up a little bit later in this newscast. it was a bit of a cold one, especially inland today. i mean around the coast. we had plenty of sunshine and around the bay, but it was chilly, and that's because all that fog that
10:20 pm
built up overnight in the last couple of days in the central valley in place like annual cognac only had 54 degrees for a high livermore 51. so the winds were blowing this way in the winds blow this way they bring in that cooler air into places like redwood city. oakland lucked out, missed it. but heyward was 59. fremont was 57 brought cool air all the way to the coast, so that's probably going to be the story again tomorrow with those offshore winds. in the valley farm. we have valley fog right now. and livermore. we have it in modesto and merced and andy up. we have valley fog pretty much where we had it last night. just not as widespread. it's more patchy at this point more in clumps, but i think tomorrow will be very similar day will wake up with some of that fog. we did have a very foggy weekend for the most part of those inland bay valleys. we have a system that wants to come in tomorrow to the north of us, and it really just brings clouds and with those clouds, it will bring a little bit warmer, overnight lows and it will be you know, maybe we might see a little drizzle. sprinkle but i be surprised. i
10:21 pm
think drizzle be the best bet on this one. so that's what's happening out there. now you can kind of see the clouds building up. and if i just roll it forward a little bit. you can kind of see the clouds by tomorrow morning. start to push off, right? so by tomorrow afternoon, you get some clearing. there's more weather out there to the north and northeast or northwest of us. that's headed for british columbia where they're looking at, um potential historical record rainfall again as they get three days of an atmospheric river focused from about vancouver island north for the next three days. 72 hours of that, so we're on the south end this next still coming in right now, nothing just clouds and then today tomorrow partly cloudy all day temperatures generally in the mid number fifty's couple of sixties i'll see you back here with full forecast. drug through town yesterday, and that's all i could see was pg and e cruz contractors. it's incredible the amount of people they have out here some people who have been waiting for weeks to see their power restored in the sierra applaud the work that's being
10:22 pm
done coming up how they're managing to get through it. dozens of bicyclist tie up traffic on an east bay freeway. how is chp officer dealt with this group of writers and coming up later? in sports? it wasn't just the 49ers and warriors with big days today, check out the wild finish for the raiders, who also ♪ no one knows what we'll see in the future. but i can say one thing for sure.
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at the epicenter of what's become an international incident . in australia. protesters are gathering to show support for tennis superstar novak djokovic . this all comes as a court hearing takes place to determine if the world's number one men's tennis player will be allowed to compete in the australian open. the athletes visa was canceled over his covid-19 vaccination status, but a judge now saying djokovic had received the required medical vaccine
10:25 pm
exemption before he traveled to melbourne for the tournament. foxes trading has the story. the number one ranked player has been held in an australian immigration detention hotel since thursday after his visa was canceled at the melbourne airport. djokovic had been granted a medical exemption to enter the country to play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19. the 34 year old had coronavirus last month, but australian border officials ruled he doesn't meet the criteria for an exemption as he awaits the court case that will determine his fate. supporters have djokovic gathered outside of his hotel this weekend. calling for the tennis player to be released night. i haven't slept since he's come off the plane. we're all sick to the stomach. like every parent, you would never expect this to happen. to your child and office signal could cry so i can't common anymore. that's devastating the debacle over whether djokovic should be allowed to enter australia has now become an internal political issue australian laws related to
10:26 pm
entry during the pandemic have varied on the state and federal level, though the health minister for the state of victoria is saying the case should be decided at the commonwealth level. the australian open begins january 17th so this week will be critical to finding a resolution in this case until aviv trade angst fox news this case will absolutely have an effect in silicon valley and all sent shockwaves through both executives and venture capitalists as their nose. former ceo waits for sentencing we're just beginning to get a grasp of how this case could impact future start ups. coming up. former federal prosecutors give us their take on what to expect next. also ahead, dozens of bicyclist take to an east bay freeway and start blocking traffic coming up. see how the chp cleared up the problem. and oakland's new parkway theater shakes up operations coming up how the operators
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was found guilty last week of conspiracy and defrauding investors. it was the scandal that rocked silicon valley and beyond new attend tonight, ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us what to expect from sentencing and the repercussions that are being felt across the tech industry. typically these cases don't go to trial. but this is part of elizabeth holds her hubris or arrogance to think about that. you have anything to say? now that elizabeth holmes has been convicted of three counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy, the next fierce legal battle is shaping up well her team be able to fight her conviction. and if not just how much time is she going to spend in prison? it's especially consequential, given that holmes had a baby between when she was charged in her trial. i expect
10:30 pm
her without any acceptance of responsibility to look at potentially double digit years in federal prison. neema ramani is a former federal prosecutor in southern california. he said the judge can factor in the dollar amount homes built from investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. the guilty counts add up to more than $140 million. i expect judge davila to potentially hammer her because she's expressed no remorse. if holmes continues to stay defiant, it could come back to bite her. some high profile fraud cases have led to serious prison time in the past, in 2018, martin shkreli, the so called pharma bro was sentenced to seven years in prison for lying to investors in his hedge fund. and the same judge who sentencing homes dealt out nine and 12 years sentences for the couple involved in the famous windies chili finger scam back in 2000 and six they sued the fast food restaurant after
10:31 pm
the woman put a severed human finger into her own chili. holmes his last hope maybe to appeal the verdict, but the judge ran an ultra careful trial and didn't give them much to contest case was litigated extensively by holmes's defense team, and ultimately, she got many of the rulings that she wanted. prosecutors are expected to request a lengthy sentence when the government brings a high profile prosecution like this, they what did in part, uh , turned to add some deterrence to that to essentially send the message that this whole fake it till you make it thing is not going to fly. robert dugdale is a former federal prosecutor who now works in white collar crime defense, he said holmes's effort on the stand to undo a decades long paper trail was too little too late. there was a pretty overwhelming case that really put the defense on the defensive . the conviction may ultimately
10:32 pm
in boldon prosecutors to clamp down more on startups that play fast and loose with the truth. this case will absolutely have an effect on silicon valley, and i'll send shockwaves through both executives and venture capitalists. elizabeth holmes isn't the only one with skin in the game here, her co defendant and former theranos ceo sunny ball, wani. is likely considering the conviction and coming sentencing as his trial approaches next month. in the studio. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. a dangerous and bizarre side today on interstate 80 in berkeley, more than 100 people on bicycles road onto the freeway blocking vehicle traffic . this happened just after two p.m. in the westbound lanes near university avenue. highway patrol officer happened to be nearby and rent a traffic brake to slow cars down. chp managed to escort us bicyclists off the freeway at the powell street exit. it's not much, but the average price of regular grade gasoline dropped two cents over
10:33 pm
the past three weeks. it's now at 3 39 a gallon, but industry analysts say prices at the pump can start rising again because the cost of crude oil car is going up. nationwide the highest average price for regular grade gasses right here in the bay area at 4 74 a gallon the lowest average price remains in houston at 2 79 a gallon the u. s labor department says employers added about 200,000 jobs last month, less than half of what was expected and well below the monthly average for 2021. this is happening despite unemployment numbers following in december to just under 4. ktvu tom vacar breaks down the numbers. the latest employment data is both surprising and conflicted. labor lawyer mike bernick of the international duane morris law firm is a former aide director. the fact that chronic hasn't um, had yets of layoffs. um i think it's the
10:34 pm
main story of the past week. in fact, last year's 207,000 layoffs nationwide almost matches. a near half century record low for layoffs, employers are keeping on workers holding tight to the workers they have given the difficulty of finding workers nonetheless, 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november. that's the highest monthly quit level since those surveys started back in 2000, even with a shortage of workers to replace them. this is not necessarily a bad sign. in some ways that reflects the confidence in many ways the confidence workers have in terms of quitting jobs, believing they can get other and better jobs. paycheck processing giant adp reported. 800,000 plus private sector hires last month. twice expectations, but the u. s government count was 199,000 half of expert expectations and a quarter of a dps reported job gains. bernick believes uncle
10:35 pm
sam's hard count more. the adp number is based more on a survey. um they do healthy government spending is boosting a lot of incomes, which in turn boost the overall economy. finally add in the monumental change in the workplace, thanks to robust, reliable and rocket, fast, remote working technologies that allow millions to work without commuting or come england, whether it's a micron or with a deep um is other businesses are closed or whether there are other dislocations. people just keep getting paid. the labor department reported tuesday that there are 10.6 million job openings still open. and still waiting. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. with coronavirus guidance and public health mandates. changing frequently, cdc director dr rochelle walensky today addressed recent criticism the agency's faces americans navigate through this latest covid search. we have ever
10:36 pm
evolving science with an ever evolving variant, and my job is to provide updated guidance in the context of rapidly rising cases. and that is what we've done, and i'm here to explain it to the american people. and i i'm committed to continuing to do so and to continuing to improve. dr wolinski again urged anyone who hasn't done so yet to get vaccinated and boosted, she says that significantly lowers the risk of seriously getting sick with covid and helps with overcrowding at the nation's hospitals. tomorrow the biden administrations covid-19 mandates are set to go into effect. companies with 100 or more employees must make sure their workers are vaccinated or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask if they haven't been vaccinated, but the supreme court may hand down a ruling that would invalidate the mandate. faxes. lucas tomlinson takes a look. on fox news sunday . bret bear as the cdc director , dr rachelle wolinski about the comments made by supreme court justice sonia sotomayor, who
10:37 pm
claims that 100,000 children are in hospitals, many on ventilators. comparatively the risk of death is small, but of course you know children are supposed to die. so you know if we have a child who's been who is sick with covid 19? we want to make sure that they we want to protect them. other supreme court justices also so weighed in on the vaccines. we know that the best way to prevent spread is for people to get vaccinated. remember in the filings? that the 18 to that the younger workers, the 20 year olds who are on vaccinated are actually safer than the older workers who are vaccinated. so they're obviously some differences. washington post fact checker gave justice sotomayor for pinocchio says the highest on the scale, saying she quote went off the rails with her claim and also called it wildly inaccurate. wolinski acknowledged the correct answer is fewer than 3500 children in
10:38 pm
hospitals today. some medical experts say covid mortality in children is not much different than the chicken pox. dr wolinski warned not to take oh macron lightly despite lagging hospitalizations and deaths, want to remind people that in the fall of this year we had a delta surge and we were able to safely keep our children in school before we had pediatric vaccination fast forward to now we have pediatric vaccination. the ocean mandate, which requires companies with 100 or more employees to have them fully vaccinated, or if they're unvaccinated. to require them to have weekly testing, and we're mask that goes into effect starting monday at the white house. lucas tomlinson fox news , the new parkway theater in oakland, kicked off its weekend take out service today. while the iconic theater is currently closed for movie screenings, the parkway is offering take out food between noon and six p.m. every saturday and sunday. the food changes weekly, but they're offering vegan vegetarian
10:39 pm
omnivore options all the time. the theater is also continuing its popular food create delivery program every tuesday and friday. and we have a special section on our website focusing on the pandemic just log onto ktvu .com/ covid. yeah it's been pretty crazy, but powerful up. there was just swinging around for about a week. the genie crews working in the sierra to get power restored to people who haven't had it for weeks. coming up how people are coping without service for so long. we are tracking the workweek forecast. i'll let you know what you can expect in the way of fog or rain as we move into the five day period. and cybersecurity experts rushed to put a stop to hackers using a system that is hackers using a system that is capabl - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok.
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map shows more than 3000 customers are still in the dark in sierra nevada plaster and eldorado county's reporter, lisa mitri has more on how residents are dealing without power. ask anyone here and they'll tell you exactly how long it's been day 14. i was expecting maybe a few days, but two weeks today it's two weeks, two weeks without power, and for some, like mary, beth shuttleworth and cocoa. without water. we really appreciate now running water, warm water bathrooms, but she's not complaining. i think will be good. we're fine, many here in the chicago park area in nevada county, new pg and e had their work cut out for them. judging by the damage the snowstorm left behind. yeah, it's been pretty crazy, but power pole up there was just swinging around for about a week. now they're encouraged to see what one
10:43 pm
resident referred to as an army of crews hard at work to fix it. they are out in full force drove through town yesterday, and that's all i could see was pg and e. cruz contractors. it's incredible the amount of people they have out here. it's already meant good news for some, like ron fernandez, whose power came back on last night at nine o'clock, we asked how long he's lived here, 77. next question. what did he miss most about not having power watching dvds. fernandez called the last two weeks challenging, but he doesn't have time to sit around and think about that. now there's a lot to do a lot to clean up. good luck, folks. thank you. the storm knocked down trees and left branches littered all around his home, so he wasted no time waiting for my landscape. i get over here. getting back to work. and that was reporter elisa mitri. pg and e expects to restore power to most people by tuesday. a new
10:44 pm
hacking threat gets the attention of u. s intelligence officials coming up there working to track down users of a system that is capable of impacting nearly every computer across the globe. and ktvu chief meteorologist b new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. - [narrator] every day, our lives are filled with choices, both simple and life-changing. what's not a choice? addiction to opioids like fentanyl. but even with opioid use disorder, you still have a choice. by choosing treatment, you choose family,
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your career and your life on your terms. choose change, california, and find medically proven treatment options at
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in beverly hills. nbc dropped this year's golden globe awards, but the hollywood foreign press association still held the 79th edition without a telecast nominees a red carpet or host. big winners included west side story the power of the dog and succession and canto was named the best animated film while japan's drive my car won the best non english language film honor. the 90 minute private event was held at the beverly hilton hotel winners were announced in real time on the organization's social media feeds and web site. there are
10:47 pm
growing fears about a new hacking system that could threaten any computer in the world, including yours. fox news jennifer griffin has the latest now from the pentagon. i t departments around the world are scrambling to close a gap in software used by nearly every computer around the world amidst frantic warnings from top national security cyber officials who fear a cyber armageddon if companies don't act fast to patch the problem, an employee at the chinese tech company alibaba discovered the vulnerability that would allow anyone to use log four j. a widely used software tool to remotely hack into any computer in the world and take over the entire server. the log four j vulnerability. it's the most serious vulnerability that i have seen. in my decades long career, everyone should assume that they are exposed and vulnerable and to check and make sure that they're not vulnerable. the nsa u. s cyber command and cisa are taking urgent action to detect threat
10:48 pm
activity. since the vulnerability was discovered late last week. cyber experts say the us is already under attack checkpoint software reported 800,000 attempted attacks in 72 hours, a pandemic like spread about 100 hacks on the nation's computers and infrastructure every minute as bad actors like china, russia and iran. try to exploit the vulnerability, which some experts say could give them the ability to shut down the internet and critical u s infrastructure. i think everybody wants to tell you there's going to be like a cyber pearl harbor. that's not how this works. what's going to happen is they want to believe us out through cuts. they don't want to have some sort of cyber 9 11 to unify us. rather they want to do lots of small things. this former navy cybersecurity expert compares the latest vulnerability to finding out the salt in your house is poisoned. then you realize you have salt in almost every product in your kitchen. not just the salt shaker fox news has learned. the
10:49 pm
israelis have already reported that iranian hackers tried to exploit the log four j vulnerability. to get into its government computers but failed at the pentagon. jennifer griffin, fox news. alrighty i talked about the atmospheric river heading into the pacific northwest. here's the long range models going to go seven days you'll see all the greens and blues going right up into seattle and british columbia. that's going to be 72 hours of heavy rain, atmospheric river and british columbia. so they're going to have some problems. you see for us. everything's above us right. everything is to the north. there's next friday next saturday. next sunday, so a week from today and that's a big ridge. so we're going to try. that's how that goes. we might see a little drizzle here and there, but it's going to be dry for the most part. as you look at the san francisco live camera, you can see beautiful conditions as foggy out in modesto. right now it's foggy. out in the livermore valley. we've got fog showing up in clayton all around the bay just
10:50 pm
like last night, so fogged back in the forecast a dense fog advisory down towards modesto. y impressive looking but they're kind of drawn out and all that energy. it's all up in here, and that's all this. this is the main flow of the jet stream. so anything down here that's coming towards us is doesn't have a lot of jet stream support doesn't have a lot of dynamics. e this guy right here, which is shearing apart as it comes onshore. it'll be a little bit cloudy tonight. at times, there might be a little drizzle along the coast. you're seeing some returns offshore, but that's not really anything more than drizzle or mist. the forecast overnight lows just like last night valley fog like i said pretty much all over the place. this is the model here we are right now. here's tomorrow morning so cloudy tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy. then we get into tuesday morning partly cloudy. i know right tuesday afternoon or tuesday evening cloudy to partly cloudy and then wednesday in the whole
10:51 pm
time you see everything up here, so we are the next few days. certainly the next three or four days. five days we're going to be dealing with fog. sun cool daytime highs inland like we're seeing here for the forecast and then mild around the bay because it's cold, right? that fog doesn't really get out. get out of the fairfield area of the vacaville area. plus the winds are blowing offshore in this pattern, so it's going to bring all that cool valley fox air from the delta out towards richmond out towards oakland out towards albany. so that's the way it's going to be just like today, pretty much so in the warm spots like santa rose has been doing pretty well in the warm spot. you're going to find those sixties. maybe even some, you know, 62 63 degree readings down towards morgan hill and guilt way you might even find some mid sixties. there is the five day forecast and we'll pop it into the weekend here and you'll see no rain, so we're going to be dry for a while. we're doing well about a buck 40% of average. rainfall to almost 200% of rainfall average right now, but so drive for awhile. watch out for that fog tomorrow morning. i'll see you
10:52 pm
back here a little bit. all right. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you coming up in sports win and you're in. we have complete highlights of the 49ers nail biter today that has them headed to the playoffs. then on the 11 o'clock news opened, public school leaders sent a message to students threatening to stay h
10:53 pm
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as a vsp premier program doctor, my passion is ensuring you see every moment. vividly. all vsp members have access to personalized vision care with the vsp premier program. find a premier program doctor near you. happening tonight in sports. the 49ers have been involved in plenty of heart stopping games through the years, but you have to go back. something to find a regular season finale was so much at stake. that also had so much drama jimmy garoppolo getting the start today against the rams, despite the injured thumb that was in a protective wrap that 49ers dug themselves a big hole when matthew stafford found tyler higbee with his 15 yard scoring play. the rams had a 17 nothing lead in the second
10:55 pm
quarter. the 49ers didn't manage a field goals before halftime. the second half saw an entirely different 49ers team on the field. they had pulled within a touchdown. and then mr everything deebo samuel through the first touchdown pass of his career, samuel spots and open jawan jennings. 49ers had come all the way back to tie the game at 17. 49ers had grabbed the momentum, but there was plenty of drama to come. fourth quarter now still a tie game, stafford throws a perfect pass to cooper cup in the back of the end zone. 24 17, la with just 2 29 left to play. but the 49ers went 88 yards in one minute. on a second . it's garoppolo to a wide open jennings at the goal line. the game tied at 24. they went to overtime. the 49 has got the ball first. and it was jennings on the receiving end of a big play again. jennings breaks a tackle at midfield goes 34 yards to the ramp 24 to 40. niners got as far as the six and had to settle for a field goal attempt. robbie gold down the middle with his second field goal of the day
10:56 pm
at 24 yarder. 27 24 san francisco with 2 45 to play the rams got a chance to tire wind but on a first down from their own 38 stafford threw a pass that was intended for odell beckham intercepted by angry thomas there, rookie that teams have been picking on all year makes his biggest player this season. 49ers win 27 24 nailing down the spot in the playoffs behind the clutch effort from their gritty quarterback. took everything we knew we knew it was, we knew was going to be a 60 minute game. little extra in this case, but that's a that's a game. you know, we'll remember this one for a while. this is a special one. what do you think about this team's chances now that you're in the tournament, all it takes to get in, and we'll see what happens going on dallas now. the great challenge for us, but i know these guys are ready. so here's how it all finished in the nfc. the packers are the number one seed. they get a by the eagles are the seven seed there'll be at tampa on saturday. the 49ers are six there'll be at dallas a week
10:57 pm
from today, and it's an all nfc west battle with the rams hosting the cardinals next monday night. john madden's widow, virginia and the madden family lighting the al davis memorial towards tonight in las vegas before the raiders season finale against the charges the regimen front by a touchdown with five seconds left in regulation, justin herbert throws the ends on where mike williams makes the catch. as time expires, they go to overtime tied at 29. a tie in both teams would have been in the playoffs. but the raiders playing for the win, josh jacobs, picks up the first down and charger territory. as you see, the time left the raiders now in comfortable field goal position. they ran down the clock and called time out with two seconds left was up to daniel carlson from 47 yards out . he was right down the middle and the raiders win. 35 32 there in the charges are out. as the fifth seed. the raiders will be at cincinnati on saturday to open the playoffs. and if that's not enough for you on a sunday of sports, how about what
10:58 pm
happened tonight? at the chase center, home of the warriors in san francisco. 11. tom. after more than two years of rehab for two different injuries, clay thompson was back on the court for the warriors in their game against cleveland. so what are the warriors look for? for their first two for the game, thompson drives the lane, much to the delight of draymond green, who was held out of the game with an injury moment that's had to feel pretty good for clay as well. it's nice to have thompson back , but it's also nice to have a guy by the name of steph curry pulls up for three of of r run, and how encouraging is this thompson with a nice crossover move than stronger than for the jam? he had 17 points in 20 minutes. at least one good snarl along with congratulations from his fellow splash brother. then just before halftime. the words move the ball to thompson, who hits his first three in more
10:59 pm
than 2.5 years. the warriors took control of this game with spurts at different times. curry hitting the offensive boards after an auto porter missed feels like old times with the band back together, the warriors win. 96 82 there 30 and nine and back to tied with phoenix for the best record in the nba and the stanford women in the mostly empty maples pavilion, scheduling a last minute game against gonzaga because of covid issues elsewhere, hannah jump nails at three in the third quarter on the way to a 21 point game, stanford and led by nine at halftime. just a few minutes later, the cardinal takes the ball away. anna wilson will run the floor makes a beauty of a past alexey hull for the basket . stanford beats the bulldogs for the second time this season and the nonconference game this time 66 to 50. second rank, cardinal is 11 and three lots more on all of today's events coming up at 11 30 with jason appelbaum on sports wrap. i will see you then. all right, joe. thank you. next two at 11
11:00 pm
governor gavin newsom takes action to avoid price gouging on covid tests, plus show you watched at eight o'clock friday night with your family, see how bay area residents are honoring the life of actor and comedian bob saget. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm christina . brendan you tonight we begin with governor newsom, signing an executive order this weekend aimed at preventing price gouging on covid-19 at home test kits. the order banned sellers from increasing the price of a test kit by more than 10% violators. face a $1000 fine and up to six months in jail. state attorney general rob bonta says anyone who's been a victim of price gouging on a covid test kit should file a complaint with his office or call police. he said californians should not have to worry about being cheated while dealing with the effects of covid-19. with omicron surging, many people are finding it hard to find those


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