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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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answer, but it is. it is a challenging balance of risk that needs to be taken. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth also this afternoon, a new warning from health officials do your research before you get a covid-19 tests as some locations may not be qualified to give you accurate results. welcome everyone to the four on this monday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage has oh, macron cases surged. the demand for testing is through the roof right now, but health experts are warning everyone to be careful which sites they go to for testing. ktvu christian captain joining us now from san francisco's mission district. and christian city. health officials have already sent out a warning about unauthorized sites like the one you found today. yes that's right. for hours there was a covid testing site. that was a pop up site right here today. when we checked out their licensing and certification. it was out of date. now the person
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who was staffing that site directed me to call a supervisor from crestview clinical labs when we called that woman as soon as identified who i was and where i was from she hung up on me. since at least last week, bob soto has been setting up this testing tint at the corner of 18th and delores streets and within minutes lines of people wanting covid tests show up many of those patients unaware that this site is not operating with the proper licensing and certification. a problem. crestview clinical laboratories argues, does not endanger patients and should your patients at all be concerned. no. soto blames the out of date permits on a supervisor who sent him to this location without the proper certification. it appears that the permits are expired or out of date. because that one is known to date. i think that one's okay. uh i'll point that out because we found out that out today, but i'll point it out to her and then i'll get new ones. and i think tomorrow we tried calling that supervisor
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who hung up on the phone as soon as i told her who i was. san francisco's department of public health has been warning that with the increase in demand for covid testing, unlicensed pop up sites are showing up in the city quote. we are aware of groups offering covid-19 testing in this city that do not appear to have the appropriate permits and licensing to set up testing stations. people should use caution and not use testing sites that seem too good to be true. because they may not be trustworthy. so far, the health department has not said if there's any kind of enforcement effort to stop unlicensed vendors from providing tests patients that stopped at this location, said the urgency of testing right now has them unconcerned that the vendor that now has their private medical information is currently unlicensed. i have kaiser but they ran out of appointments and i happened to drive by and working out perfect for me, and it doesn't bother you that they're that they're a licensing appears to be out of date or expired. no, i think they're still medical professionals. at
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the same time, the department of public health says the crushing demand for testing coupled with staffing shortages due to the omicron variant means the city has to reduce the overall number of tests that can process the city says it's looking to reduce testing. by about 4% or 250 tests out of 6000 practically what that means. the city will be operating on limited hours at four testing sites for a day or two to reduce the overall number of tests where live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu , fox studios and christian for the folks setting up these unauthorized testing sites. what what is the endgame here? why have they decided to do this? but we're trying to get to the bottom of that. presumably they're trying to continue these testing and turn these tests in the gentleman with whom i spoke today, said that the tests were going to be processed. he said that the tests were accurate and that they were people seemed to indicate that he felt he was doing a civic duty by coming out here and offering a service that people said that they needed but again, you've got to keep in
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mind that if they're unlicensed, you are turning over private medical information. you're also turning over personal information, including your email address and your phone number to this company so they can contact with these results because these are pcr. tests so the tests actually be performed and then have to notify the patient at some point in time. so you're not only turning over that medical information to them. you're also turning over personal information as well. all right, but they are not charging people to have these tests done right. they were not charging at the site now. alright. christien kafton live in san francisco. thank you. the hayward unified school district is now moving to online only learning for at least one week and that will start tomorrow. the district voted to switch to distance learning due to short staffing and an emergency meeting that was held on friday. they say that on friday, 365 staff members were absent. 117 staff members tested positive for covid and another 33 were out because of possible exposure. county health
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officials offered extra help, including staff to work as substitutes, but the district said closing would be better and that it would better protect the health of students and staff. the alameda office of education, says that it urged the district to stay open. but we told them was we want to support whatever you can to remain in in person instruction, and that was the same thing that the state told them. their board made a different decision, and it's a decision that's not without risks. they're at risk of losing funding if they're not providing the appropriate educational level or the appropriate educational support to their students. the district could lose $2.5 million for every day that the district's 20,000 students remain in distance learning hayward unified those says that they believe the switch is allowed because kids who can't log on at home. can attend online classes at one of six learning hubs across the district. all teachers and staff in the west contra costa unified
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school district are now required to wear medical grade masks while on campus because of the recent surge and kelvin cases. okay. and 95 face masks have been ordered for all 3000 school district employees. all schools in the district were closed friday because of an increase in positive covid cases among students and staff. virtual learning took place today at the classrooms are scheduled to reopen tomorrow. despite the pandemic, california has a huge budget surplus, and today governor newsom outlined how he would like to spend it. the governor unveiled his $286 billion budget proposal this morning at the state capital. california is projected to have a budget surplus for a second year in a row, the governor says. this one is estimated at over $45 billion. now governor newsom is proposing $2.7 billion go towards covid-19 testing and hospital staffing $22.5 billion to combat the climate crisis and wildfire prevention. and also
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more spending for infrastructure , law enforcement and dropped preparedness. we are mindful of our need to do better to prepare not only for the short term medium but long term realities of a world that's been re plumbed literally and figuratively as it relates to the extremes. of weather. and so last year we put out 5.2 billion again. california comeback, multi year commitment to invest in drought preparedness this year we're trying it up with an additional $750 million billion dollars governor's budget proposal is in the first steps of a month long months long process. he will now be negotiating with lawmakers who must approve a final budget by june 15th. also governor newsom is taking action now to prevent price gouging all those at home covid test kits. he signed an executive order over the weekend banning sellers from raising the price of a test kit by more than 10. the fines for violators are
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$1000 and up to six months in jail, the governor said californians should not have to worry about being cheated while dealing with the effects of covid-19 police in panola, now closing the city's public safety building until further notice due to covid-19 concerns. the temporary closure will begin at 7 30 tonight. police officers, of course, will be continuing to patrol city streets and phone lines will remain open at police headquarters for the public to report crimes. well concerns this afternoon after california issued new guidelines for health care workers who test positive for covid are south bay reporter jesse gary joins us now live in san jose. with more on this change, jesse heather. the new order removes the quarantine period and allows covid positive healthcare workers to return to work under certain circumstances . the states nurses association believes this action could lead to increased covid deaths. we
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were beyond this belief that they would make a decision like this. the president of the california nurses association says she and her members were blindsided by saturday's change. governor gavin newsom and state health officials now saying vaccinated healthcare providers who are covid positive, but asymptomatic can return to work without quarantining for five days, unvaccinated workers would still need to quarantine for five days and then face prioritize staffing placement. the changes necessitated by a critical shortage of health care providers. due to sick calls from the omicron variant surge. i think one of the challenges with all things covid. there's been a extraordinary challenge to balance all of the competing interests. san jose state university biotechnologies, dr mark schwarz says, having a symptomatic covid positive workers returning could lead to more infections, but running out of hospital workers are running critically short of hospital workers would create a significant number of issues for patients and the hospitals as
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well. union nurses fear subsequently the death toll if we go to work, knowing that we are infected with the virus we can further, in fact, our patients and our co workers as well, so that puts our most vulnerable patients and immunizations breast patients at greater risk of getting ah, very, very ill. state health officials say the temporary change is only for the most dire staffing shortages, asymptomatic nurses would only treat other people who are already covid positive, and they continue to use precautions such as n95 masks and gloves to limit the potential spread. there is no best right answer. but it is it is a challenging balance of risk that needs to be taken. we cannot allow further transmission more transmissions of this virus to happen. the
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changes in effect until february , 1st, at which point state officials say they will check the numbers see what's happening with the omicron variant and change accordingly. we're live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. all right, jesse. thank you. we continue to follow major developments in the pandemic with a special section on our website for updates. just go to k t b com slash covid. tennis star novak djokovic wins his visa appeal, but his fight to play in the australian open isn't over yet coming up by the australian government is still threatening to cancel that visa and deport him. also a changing death toll after that high rise in new york city caught fire over the weekend and update on the investigation tonight. around the bay area this afternoon, a dry conditions and warmer conditions. i'll have a look at the current conditions and what
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yesterday's apartment fire in the bronx. fire officials say the victims were taken to seven different hospitals and explain to revision from 19 to 17 fatalities. as the result of a double count in two cases. eight children are among the dead and dozens more remain hospitalized . well now new york governor kathy hopeful says that she plans to include a victims compensation fund in the state budget. to try to help those fire victims find temporary housing and to recover burial costs. fox news brian dennis is in new york force and tells us what a preliminary search of that building found. grief overwhelming a bronx community on monday after new york city's deadliest fire in three decades . i'm sorry for the people. that lasted children and their mothers, because allah one. and for this to happen. it's. it's
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horrible kids grew up with i'm not just kids about him only wilson. jesus kids, kids. i went to stephen. investigators say a malfunctioning space heater sparked thing a door to the apartment was left open, allowing smoke too. quickly spread through the building. now open the door the whole way. i cannot even see what i'm going to york city fire code requires apartment doors to be able to slam shut automatically, mayor eric adams says they're looking into whether there was a maintenance issue that prevented it from closing. firefighters found victims on every floor. most in cardiac arrest or a tory arrest from smoking elation. residents say the building did not have a sprinkler system. we have to ensure that the housing stock is brought into 20 into the 21st century. when it comes to fire safety. we're going to get through this moment and we're going to get through it together. and this tragedy is not going to define us. it is
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going to show our resiliency as we help the families through this. new york governor kathy huckle says she plans to include a victims compensation fund in the state budget to help fire victims find temporary housing and to cover burial costs in the bronx. brian dennis fox news a vacant building in milpitas may soon become a preschool that building on jacklin road had at one time being considered for a hotel. but there was opposition from neighbors and the city council voted against it in april of 2020. according to the mercury news. the proposal by primrose preschools to convert the site into a preschool seems to be acceptable to neighbors. we'll rescue crews used a helicopter to pull an injured mountain biker off of a trail in marin county to safety over the weekend. the chp assisted cruise from california state parks and the marine county fire department with aerial support a chp helicopter age 30 located the injured cyclists and helped to get her off the coastal trail
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yesterday afternoon. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. such a pretty day over the bay area. we started out with a lot of cloud cover this morning as a weak system, a kind of moved through the front exiting the area and left behind blue skies and a warmer day for us giving you a live look here. over the bay. alcatraz the golden gate as we look off towards the west 40 minutes or so until the official sunset and here's a look at storm tracker to where you can see a god a time lapse on their 12 hours. i had to go all the way back to early this morning to show you a little bit of that cloud covering. you may also see some of that green on your screen indicating a little bit of verga. a little bit of rain, nothing. what we had hoped for no accumulation with this week's system, and it's already moving out. here's a look at what's going on over the bay area. this time, you can see where mostly clear and then as we head into
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the sierra, mostly clear here, as well with no advisories for travel along highway 50 or 80. this afternoon temperatures came up and well above where we were yesterday afternoon. right now, livermore eight degrees warmer than yesterday at this time in the north bay, napa seven, nevado seven half moon bay. seven degrees warmer and half moon bay, one of the warmer spots 63 degrees right now, the inner east bay 63 in santa rosa as we head to the inner east bay low sixties over brentwood and into a san jose 64 outside your door, your future cast model will show you getting into the evening hours and four tomorrow we'll continue with the mostly clear skies. we see a few high clouds that pass through as we get into tomorrow morning, we may start out with a little bit of patchy fog and that is going to be it. we're looking at temperatures to warm as we get into the coming days. and as you take a look here with this feature cast model, you can see that rain as well to the north. we are not going to see anything come our way in the next few days. in fact, we look to be dry
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through the weekend. so tomorrow morning, we get out the door. it's a chilly one upper thirties to start your morning in santa rosa, upper thirties in concord around the bay, 43 hayward 44 in san francisco and then for the afternoon above average by several degrees over santa rosa, where 64 is your afternoon high for tuesday, upper fifties in san francisco, low sixties in oakland, as well as livermore and 64 over san jose. a better look at these afternoon highs expected for your baby area tuesday and what you can expect all the way through your weekend. coming up in just a little bit. okay see you, then. rosemary haters who will represent the u. s at the 2022 olympics next month have ties to the bay area. what is vincent joe, who grew up in palo alto will compete in the men's event after winning the bronze medal at the national championships yesterday, and he's considered a medal contender in china. karen chen of fremont and alice, aloof from richmond will compete in the ladies' olympic event. all three will also be considered for the skating team event. the beijing winter games start 25
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days from right now. tennis star novak djokovic says he is still preparing to play in the australian open. a judge reinstated his visa today. but an australian immigration minister plans to weigh in on whether or not djokovic can actually stay in the country. boxes. anna iliopoulos has more for us. novak djokovic returned to the practice court after winning a legal battle to stay in australia for the australian open. the tennis star tweeting out this photo and writing quote . i'm pleased and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancelation. but australia's immigration minister holds the power and is deciding whether to revoke the athletes visa. still djokovic's family is declaring victory just called it it will stay like this. he will be free and he will play in court monday . judge anthony kelly sided with djokovic's attorneys who argued the athlete had done all he thought he could do to comply with australia's covid-19
4:21 pm
vaccine rule from the judge wants to the sky. what more could this man have done? australian authorities pulled djokovic's visa last week when he arrived in melbourne. they determined he did not qualify for a medical exemption from a rule requiring non citizens to be vaccinated against covid-19. djokovic who is unvaccinated, apparently believed he could enter because he had recently had and recovered from the virus . we know he's a truthful and rightful guy, and he will never do anything to across any federal or state law anywhere in the world. the controversy has sparked a debate over australia's vaccination rules. on monday, police in melbourne tried to calm crowds of djokovic supporters. and those who believe he should not be allowed to stay in the country. the 2022 australian open kicks off next monday and iliopoulos fox news. why i just loved him on full house. absolutely he is just so
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great. we are going to remember the life and career of comedian bob saget will also tell you about the growing memorial outside the full house victorian there in san francisco. and how friends are describing his legacy.
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you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. leaving flowers outside of the san francisco home of his fictional tv family on full house played single father, danny tanner on the show from the mid eighties to the mid nineties. and starred in the recent reboot of the sitcom on netflix. over the years that victorian house on broderick street has become a tourist attraction. and now, of course, a place for people to come and pay tribute. his friends and co stars are also remembering him as much for his kind heart as far as sharp wit and humor. foxes ashley devore kin with a look back now at sackets life and career. he's coming. he's coming. he's he'll bob saget,
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the actor and comedian who brought laughs and fatherly advice is tvs. danny tanner on full house has died at the age of 65. the orange county sheriff's office said in a statement. deputies were called to the ritz carlton orlando grand lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room . the man was identified as robert sagon and pronounced deceased on scene. detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use. in this case, zagged start on full house from 1987 through 1995. and reprised his role in the reboot fuller house . early work also included hosting america's funniest home videos. in recent years, he focused primarily on his stand up. he also made an appearance on the mass singer in 2020 and hosted a podcast called bob saget is here for you. saga was on a comedy tour at the time of his death. his last post on his social media was about his love for his job. he thanked the audience, saying he had no idea
4:26 pm
he did it to our set, adding he felt like he was back in comedy like he was when he was 26. celebrities sharing thoughts include longtime co star and friend john stamos, who wrote, i am broken. i am gutted. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobby. actor joel mchale called saget one of the most kind and thoughtful people, and he just happened to be one of the funniest on the planet. tv writer norman lear says he was hilarious. we were close friends and i could not have loved him more raising dad co star kat dennings posted he was generous , protective, caring and wonderful, adding he talked about his kids constantly. bob saget is survived by his three daughters from his first marriage to sherry kramer and his second wife, kelly rizzo in hollywood. ashley barkin, fox news. well there is some good news this afternoon for people who have lost a substantial amount of way from bariatric surgery. recent research from
4:27 pm
the cleveland clinic shows the weight loss reduced their risk for developing severe covid-19 complications. by 60% for the study, researchers looked at more than 20,000 patients with obesity. one group had weight loss surgery and the other did not. and while both groups contracted covid-19 at a similar rate the group who had weight loss surgery had much better outcome. if you eat a lot of prepackaged salads, it may be time to check your fridge. dole says it recently recalled salads that may be contaminated with listeria. those recalled products include pre made salad items, including once it contained iceberg lettuce. they were processed at dole, springfield, ohio, and solid and california production facilities , and they were sent out to dozens of states across the country. dole is telling customers to throw those products away. classes were canceled yet again at chicago public schools today, coming up the latest on the fight between teachers and parents there, and the mayor of chicago, plus the
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hospitalizations reached a new record high topping more than 141,000. americans now admitted with covid-19 as the white house tries to slow the spread. the supreme court may stop the president's vaccine mandates. a decision is imminent from the justices on whether the federal government can require businesses with more than 100 employees to force vaccination or regular testing. there's criticism of justice sonia sotomayor when, during oral arguments on the mandates, she overstated the number of kids hospitalized with covid, and we don't need the supreme court making decisions based on wrong facts, also creating a problem for the federal government. the lack of available tests as the white house waits for their promised 500 million at home rapid tests we want to ensure that there's not only that physical test but the ability to distribute them, which is what we're working through now. a group of 51 u. s representatives and senators are urging the president to take more action to
4:32 pm
get tests into americans hands, quote, ensuring widespread access to free covid-19 rapid testing is among the most effective public health tools. that the federal government has at its disposal, but the current supply shortage is preventing effective utilization of this common sense mitigation strategy . the president pledged those free at home covid test would be made available to americans later this month, the white house says on thursday. the president will give an update to his pandemic response in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news in chicago. classes were canceled yet again today as the district and teachers negotiate over covid safety measures. public school teachers say they want the district to ramp up testing, as local private schools have done. the district has reportedly agreed on some terms, including considering remote learning on a school by school basis, but so far they have not come to a resolution on issues including what metrics would be used to close schools if there's an outbreak. remote instruction
4:33 pm
during this covid-19 surge is the only way to guarantee equitable education for our students and their families. there are no care room. there are no care room eight. imagine that positive students sitting inside the main office or the hallway, in fact, possibly spreading covid to every person that walks through such a main area of the school. chicago city leaders say schools are safe and online learning is detrimental to students. this is the fourth day the classes have been canceled in chicago, deaths from gun violence continued to rise all across the country, according to a new city study. between the years of 2000 and 18 and 20,019 guns were used in 75% of all homicides. and 91% of homicides involving young people , the study's author says the rates of firearm homicides in large metro areas or comparable to those seen a decade earlier
4:34 pm
in 2000 and 6 to 2000 and seven also during this period, overall firearm suicide rates among people 10 years old and up. also increased in major metropolitan areas back here in the bay area , the san jose city council is considering a measure that would allow all adult residents to vote, including people in the country illegally. san jose council member magdalena carrasco and community leaders spoke earlier today about expanding municipal voting rides . the measure would allow non citizens to vote in citywide elections. supporters say the measure would recognize the lasting contributions of the city's most marginalized communities. those who pay taxes should have a say so in how their city grows a c so as to who will protect their interests. of their children. this moment is about our recovery. it's about resilience in the next 10 years ago, said well look very different, and we need to make sure that the voice
4:35 pm
of our non citizen community is not suppressed or erased. there are millions. the san jose city council is set to vote on this measure when it meets tomorrow. marine county is planning to ask voters to decide how to spend $2.5 million on racial equity projects later this year. the county first will ask community nonprofit organizations for proposals on projects. to improve equity and education, transportation, housing or healthcare. a county committee will choose several of those proposals to be given final approval by voters. the money for those projects is expected to come from a federal grant. the coast guard has issued new safety regulations as a result of the 2000 and 19 boat fire that killed 34 people, including many scuba divers from the bay area. now the first rules to go into effect will include requirements to install fire detection and suppression equipment, better escape routes from below deck and a night watchman will also be necessary for boats with overnight
4:36 pm
passengers. the captain of that dive boat conception is facing 34 counts of manslaughter. and victims. families have also filed wrongful death lawsuits against the boat owners. a dramatic overtime win for the 40 niners coming up sportscenter. joe fonzi has more on the instant classic of a game that got the niners to the playoffs and more on its historical significance. i'm tracking a minor warming trend for the days ahead. better details for in thes
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
ago today, joe montana found dwight clark in the back of the end zone for the game winning touchdown against the cowboys in the nfc championship game. the
4:39 pm
catch set in motion of 49ers dynasty that produced five super bowl wins over the next 13 years, and this sunday familiar rivalry will be renewed as the 49ers again face the cowboys in the playoffs for the first time in 27 years. kick off for this game. it's at 1 30 in the afternoon on sunday in dallas for this wildcard round matchup . the niners earned the spot in the postseason with the dramatic overtime win in the final game of the regular season. they they certainly did. and before we get to that game, though, alex, you know i'm from texas, and i just want to say my dad still always so bitter about the cats, even you know your use other side of the catch, right? yeah yeah, yeah, let's bring in now our sports anchor joe fonzi. joe i want to talk about that huge, huge comeback for the niners. that victory yesterday. big yes , no question. but let me just also say, heather that 40 years ago. i can't believe it's been that long ago i was standing on
4:40 pm
the sidelines. joe montana was rolling towards me early in my broadcast career, so i don't really have the same sympathies as your father, as you just saw in 75 years of 49ers history, there's no shortage of dramatic moments, so a game has to be special to call it an instant classic. but that's exactly what yesterday's when over the rams was that game was wild had, um yeah, that's that's that's a special one. for a game to be a classic. it has to have importance. there's nothing more important to a team on the final day of the regular season, then a game that determines whether or not you make the playoffs. falling into a 17 to nothing hole in the second quarter. isn't this suggested method to win a crucial game? i wasn't stressful at all. ah yeah. i mean, our game plan was going 17 0 17 3 a half. that was our goal. it's a testament this team . what that team then did was epic. it wasn't just a matter of pulling even which the 49ers did
4:41 pm
with the 14 point third quarter touchdown 49ers. it was then about coming back from another seven point deficit with only a minute, 27 left to tie and then winning with the field goal and a clinching interception in overtime. that was a game you dream of being able to play in, you know, especially how the game went. and unfortunately it enough to get the win. and as soon as the playoffs besides the score, what will always be remembered about the game was the effort by the quarterback wherever his career eventually ends up, jimmy garoppolo goes down in 49 are lower as someone who engineered an all time moment while working through a thumb injury on his throwing hand to come back in. lead us down there. how many other yards it was like close to teams a little over 80 to tie it up to senator with an overtime. he was unbelievable today. that's jimmy . he's a good football player. he knows how to bounce back. doesn't think snowball and he just flushes. it goes on to the next place a lot of emotions
4:42 pm
throughout the whole game to just stops and downs. getting off to a slow start and then coming back like we did it was it took everything the 49ers have to win or tie this afternoon to get into the playoffs. another reason why yesterday was a day to always remember for 49 or fans. what they did has happened only four times in team history. most memorably three straight years in the seventies and most recently, 36 years ago against sunday's opponent, the dallas cowboys, needing a win in the final day of the regular season and getting it to assure themselves of a spot in the playoffs. this jimmy garoppolo lead team can now be compared to those led by john brody. he'd like now to be compared to the teams led by joe montana and steve young. and it's hard to call it a bay area double because the former bay area team now called las vegas it's home. but the raiders had an equally thrilling regular season finale last night with just as much at stake the raiders hosting their
4:43 pm
longtime rival, the chargers with playoff status in the balance for both teams. quarterback matchup of the veteran derek carr against justin herbert in his second year down 15 points late in the fourth quarter, herbert engineered to dramatic, dr herbert found joshua palmer for a 23 yard touchdown pass on 4th and 21 played two point conversion made it 29 22. then, on the last play of regulation, herbert hit mike williams in the end zone. the game was tied at 29 headed to overtime. both teams kicked field goals in overtime, and then the raiders ran down the clock, giving daniel carlson of 47 yard attempt on the last play of ot. carlson down the middle, and the raiders had a 35 to 32 wins. they go into the playoffs to meet cincinnati in the first round. the chargers are out car wants more than to simply be a playoff team. i just have this weird feeling in my heart like on the job's not done, you know, like like my favorite player,
4:44 pm
kobe said. job's not done, you know, and it does feel good. it's exciting. but i didn't. i don't set out to just make the playoffs. it feels cool. it's awesome. but you know our goals. you know, this is one of them. but there was more after that, too. throwing clay thompson's returned to the warriors last night and we had a pretty good sports sunday yesterday. next up , though, in the nfl wild card weekend, which this year will be saturday sunday. and monday. back to you guys. yeah good weekend to watch football. just sit on the couch for the whole afternoon into the evening. plenty of drama. no doubt about it. all right. thanks so much, joe. appreciate it. well, thousands of people in the sierra have been without power, now for more than two weeks. probably didn't catch any of the football game, huh? the storms that pushed across the sierra just after christmas, knocked down power poles and in many cases broke lines in eldorado, nevada, and plaster colonies. surprisingly though most of the people who are still in the dark say that they're encouraged because they can see work crews
4:45 pm
making a little more progress every day. they are out in full force drove through town yesterday, and that's all i could see was pg and e cruz contractors. it's incredible the amount of people they have out here. yeah, it's been pretty crazy, but power pole up there was just swinging around for about a week. the genie says it hopes to have the power back on before the end of this week. it's managed to cut the number of people without electricity from 10,000 last week to 3000 today. around the bay area this afternoon. we've got mostly sunny skies, and it's when awake of some nice weather coming our way as we move through the next few days, temperatures are going to be even warmer than today, giving you a live look here outside our doors and a beautiful golden gate bridge the marin headlands areas over san francisco, the golden gate park in there and again. we're looking at dry conditions expected for the next few days.
4:46 pm
here's a look at storm tracker, too. had a weak system moved through early this morning, perhaps just a few sprinkles, but not much to speak of in the future cast model shows you exactly where that front is over areas of southern california and then if you stretch your eyes towards nevada we've got it there for us. we're in between the cloud cover there and plenty of sunshine we've got about 15 minutes or so until the official sunrise notice. how's that storm track remains well to the north areas. north of even oregon, washington and into canada, continuing to see the wet weather on and off, but for us, we are going to be dry. it looks like all the way through the weekend, so we'll call for mostly sunny skies a little bit of haze out there for your bay area tuesday and temperatures perhaps even a little bit warmer than today. in most areas today, we're several degrees warmer than yesterday. no rain in the forecast for the days ahead. temperatures outside right now 60 degrees in san francisco. we have upper fifties and walnut creek and 59 over nevado. so a beautiful winter day out there
4:47 pm
and as we get into the overnight hours speaking of winter, we got this. chill back with us tomorrow morning 39 degrees in the north bay of santa rosa 44 expected for san francisco as well as oakland and for the inner east bay upper thirties to about 40. degrees expected from concord into livermore. your afternoon highs will be quite nice. we'll go low sixties around the region, even 66 in the south bay of morgan hill, 64 over san jose in the north base . 64 expected over santa rosa under partly cloudy, mostly sunny conditions. your extended forecast notice temperatures even a bit warmer for your bay area wednesday before we see an increase in cloud cover on thursday and temperatures fall back just a little bit and those numbers carrying us through the weekend, we got thirties and the over nine hours for inland cities love forties around the bay low sixties under dry conditions saturday and sunday. back to you. alright sticking with the sunshine. thank you, rosemary. several countries are now treating pets more like children when it comes to
4:48 pm
divorce settlements coming up how the welfare of animals is now being considered in court when couples split up. also coming up at five o'clock tonight. it is music to the ears of alleviating the drought. we're checking on how healthy water supplies are in the bay area following a few weeks of what weather plus, we'll show you how our southern california pilot came face to face with two death defying situations in just a matter of moments.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. forward last night spike controversy about a lack of diversity and its voting party. the group held a private event instead of a show and winners were announced via twitter. the hollywood foreign press association has been the center of much criticism after an l a times investigation. revealed that the group had no black members and ethical lapses well, the group has since said that it's made changes, including a chief diversity officer. new
4:51 pm
code of conduct restructured governance and added 21 new members, including six black journalists. it's also brought in the acp on a five year partnership. take two interactive software is buying zynga. this is a deal that value zynga at $12.7 billion and unites two major video game companies, zynga has been able to blend video games with social media. it's games include farmville and words with friends . take two makes grand theft, auto civilization and red dead redemption. the deal is expected to close between april and june . zynga shareholders will receive cash as well as take to stock. in several countries. new legal proceedings now consider pets part of the family instead of personal property. fox news salad jeong grosso has more now on how some european countries are moving towards viewing pets more like children. when it comes to divorce settlements. for pet owners. your animal is
4:52 pm
part of the family. but what happens when that family gets divorced? well growing number of countries are now considering the welfare of pets when their owners breakup. we don't have kids, you know, and so our pets are so important in the u. s. a pet is typically considered property with one spouse usually awarded custody of the animal during a divorce settlement. but over in spain a new law is requiring judges to view pets as something more than objects, making them take a closer look at a pet's best interests. when deciding who maintains ownership . important thing is the modification of the law so that they are no longer considered things by beings with feelings before the new law, officials say, the person who registered the pet usually had a better chance of winning custody. but now, proponents believe when more thought is given to the animal's welfare, the pet will wind up in the best home whether that's being shared or given to just one owner. this will help decrease the abandonment and mistreatment of animals. meanwhile it turns out the pope
4:53 pm
is not happy with people choosing to become pet parents recently criticizing couples who prioritize getting animals instead of having or adopting children. i feel many couples don't have children because they either don't want them or they have only one because they don't want anymore. but they have two dogs, two cats, this denial of fatherhood and motherhood makes a smaller takes away our humanity. in the same speech, the pope says the world is experiencing a demographic winter and called for more people to consider raising children. sal gee and grasso, fox news. coming up. departments are working to fix a gap in software used by nearly every computer around the world. the hacking problems companies could hacking problems companies could run into if it's not fixed real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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is going up. tesla announced the price of itself driving software , known as full self driving will rise to $12,000. that's a $2000 increase from the current price. that feature is still in test mode. the price hike is going to take effect starting next monday. we'll. tesla also plans to deliver its first all electric semi trucks to pepsi later this month. the 1st 15 big rigs will be used in the central valley for local distribution. tesla has struggled to get the semi trucks in production since they were announced about five years ago. the company was facing a lawsuit over its design , but that was dropped last week, frida lay walmart and anheuser busch or among about a dozen companies that have pre ordered tesla semi truck. well there are growing fears about a new hacking system that could threaten any computer in the world, including yours. fox's jennifer griffin has the latest now from the pentagon. i t departments around the world are
4:57 pm
scrambling to close a gap in software used by nearly every computer around the world amidst frantic warnings from top national security cyber officials who fear a cyber armageddon if companies don't act fast to patch the problem, an employee at the chinese tech company alibaba discovered the vulnerability that would allow anyone to use log four j. a widely used software tool to remotely hack into any computer in the world and take over the entire server. the log four j vulnerability. it's the most serious vulnerability that i have seen. in my decades long career, everyone should assume that they are exposed and vulnerable and to check and make sure that they're not vulnerable . the nsa u. s cyber command and cisa are taking urgent action to detect threat activity. since the vulnerability was discovered late last week. cyber experts say the us is already under attack. check point software reported 800,000 attempted
4:58 pm
attacks in 72 hours, a pandemic like spread about 100 hacks on the nation's computers and infrastructure every minute as bad actors like china, russia and iran. try to exploit the vulnerability, which some experts say could give them the ability to shut down the internet and critical u s infrastructure. i think everybody wants to tell you there's going to be like a cyber pearl harbor. that's not how this works. what's going to happen is they want to lead us out through cuts. they don't want to have some sort of cyber 9 11 to unify us. rather they want to do lots of small things. this former navy cybersecurity expert compares the latest vulnerability to finding out the salt in your house is poisoned. then you realize you have salt in almost every product in your kitchen. not just the salt shaker fox news has learned. the israelis have already reported that iranian hackers tried to exploit the log four j vulnerability. to get into its government computers but failed
4:59 pm
at the pentagon. jennifer griffin fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. if we go to work, knowing that we are infected with the virus, we can further in fact our patients and our co workers as well. so that puts our most vulnerable patients and municipal breast patients. a greater risk of getting um, very, very ill. now five disbelief over a decision. the california nurses association trying to comprehend a rule change that would bring back asymptomatic health care workers and demand for covid tests, overwhelming sight so much so that some in san francisco or cutting back hours but that's causing patients to seek testing at places without proper licensing. plus why in east bay school districts decision to switch back to remote learning could prove costly to the tune of about $2.5 million a day. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener
5:00 pm
. i'm andre senior. we begin with the concerns over california's new guidelines for health care workers who test positive for covid 19 ktvu is jesse gary tells us the states nurses union worries the move could lead to more covid deaths. we were beyond this belief that they would make a decision like this. the president of the california nurses association says she and her members were blindsided by saturday's change , governor gavin newsom and state health officials now saying vaccinated healthcare providers who are covid positive, but asymptomatic can return to work without quarantining for five days, unvaccinated and un boosted workers would still need to quarantine for five days and then face prioritized staffing placement. the changes necessitated by a critical shortage of health care providers due to sick calls from the omicron variant surge. i think one of the challenges with all things covid. there's been a extraordinary challenge to balance all of the competing interests, and jose state university bio technologist, dr mark


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