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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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delores streets and within minutes lines of people wanting covid tests show up many of those patients unaware that this site is not operating with the proper licensing and certification. a problem. crestview clinical laboratories argues does not endanger patients and should your patients at all be concerned. no. soto blames the out of date permits on a supervisor who sent him to this location without the proper certification. it appears that the permits are expired or out of date. because that one is no date. i think that one's okay. i'll point that out because but i pointed out to her and then i'll get new ones. and i think tomorrow we tried calling that supervisor who hung up on the phone as soon as i told her who i was. san francisco's department of public health has been warning that with the increase in demand for covid testing, unlicensed pop up sites are showing up in the city quote. we are aware of groups offering covid-19 testing in this city that do not appear to
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have the appropriate permits and licensing to set up testing stations. people should use caution and not use testing sites that seem too good to be true. because they may not be trustworthy. so far, the health department has not said if there's any kind of enforcement effort to stop unlicensed vendors from providing tests patients that stopped at this location, said the urgency of testing right now has them unconcerned that the vendor that now has their private medical information is currently unlicensed. i have kaiser but they ran out of appointments and i happened to drive by and working out perfect for me, and it doesn't bother you that they're that they're a licensing appears to be out of date or expired. no, i think they're still medical professionals. well governor gavin newsom signed an executive order this weekend aimed at preventing price gouging on covid-19 at home test kits. the order bans sellers from increasing the price of a test kit by more than 10. violators face a $1000 fine
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and up to six months in jail. state attorney general rob bonta says. anyone who's been seen or been a victim of price gouging on a covid test kit should file a complaint with his office or call police. also today, governor newsom unveiled a $286 billion budget proposal of wide ranging spending plan. to tackle what he described as five existential threats facing california as ktvu is, henry lee tells us today's proposal touches off a lengthy budget negotiation process. it's always important to remind folks not every single detail, but 300 page budget is included. governor newsom spent three hours summarizing his proposed $286 billion state budget one, buoyed by a text surplus. the governor's spending plan outlines $10 billion to address covid climate change, homelessness, income inequality and public safety, he said. these are the state's top five threats. these are referred to often by some his ex distention one headline. the governor wants
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the state to be the first to offer a universal health care coverage for everyone, including those who are undocumented means full scope, medical count. including long term care. i just s behavior health to all low income californians. regardless of immigration status. as for the coronavirus, newsom wants to spend $2.7 billion to ramp up vaccines, boosters, testing and healthcare staffing, with science come and sense being open argument interested in evidence, not ideological in terms of our approach, and the governor wants to expand community testing, support hospitals and fund so called surge staffing, especially because of the omicron variant. we've been clear we've been forthright. we've leaned in and we've been willing to set the pace and tone and tenor for many other states across this nation, and we haven't waited for permission to governor said california has a lot on its plate, but expressed optimism overall and acknowledge that we have to do more and better on homelessness and housing costs and address the issues of reform , which are stubborn and difficult, and it's a point of
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pride that we continually the nation and our response to covid . the governor's budget proposal takes advantage of a $45 billion surplus. his budget revision is set in may and it won't be until this summer before anything is signed pending review by the legislature. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. new at six. state health secretary dr mark galli said the governor's budget proposal provides important investments in public health for covid response includes $1.4 billion of. what i would describe as early action opportunities to continue to support the ongoing work of this covid response in the areas of health care stirred vaccinations support testing as well as communications. the spending plan comes as the state is seeing its highest daily case rate since the peak a year ago. dr galli says the rising cases are putting more pressure on the state's hospital system. also know it's six state health officials are considering
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issuing an order that would postpone many elective surgeries in response to staffing shortages and hospitals, a third of hospitals across the stadium, reporting a large number of workers calling in sick due to covid-19. elective means a surgery is not an emergency and can be scheduled in advance, such as cardiac and replacement surgery, removing kidney stones and other procedures. well there are concerns this evening after california issued new guidelines for health care workers who test positive for covid governor newsom and state health officials are now saying that vaccinated healthcare workers who come to test positive but are asymptomatic can return to work without quarantining for five days. if we go to work, knowing that we are infected with the virus, we can further in fact our patients and our co workers as well. well healthcare workers would continue to use precautions such as n95 masks and gloves. we will have more on the new guidelines coming up later in this newscast. we have
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an update tonight on a story we first told you about. on friday, someone stole a race car belonging to five year old eastern rite of martinez. it happened outside the tri valley quarter midget association racetrack in livermore. the car has not been found. but eastern will be borrowing another child's car to race this weekend for the first time this season, his family says. they're also grateful that others have donated their tools and parts to help eastern race. the livermore police department is still searching for that stolen race car. while daly city police, along with state fish and game rangers, checked out a report of a mountain lion sighting today, police warn people who live in the area of west moorpark to use caution at about one o'clock this afternoon. we're told that police responded to a request my homeowner on pine haven drive to escort him to his car. after he said he saw mount line under it . so far. no word on any other sightings. but mountain lines have been seen in daly city before in september, young mountain line wandered into the back yard of a home. then slipped away at $2500 reward is
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being offered for information on a vandalism case in santa rosa. police say the fountain at the holocaust memorial in santa rosa memorial park was knocked over last friday and sustained major damage. that fountain was also vandalized and knocked over two years ago. that case is still unsolved. police say they are both investigating are investigating both cases as possible hate crimes. anyone with information should call santa rosa police and so sorry for the people. that lasted children and their mothers, because one and for this to happen. it's at home. overwhelming grief in the bronx tonight. coming up work begins to help survivors of an apartment complex fire that killed 17 people. also ahead tonight, find out where people think they may have a shot at seeing their water restrictions eased. and we are tracking in
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the next chances for rain. also some fog in the morning talking about that and some mild to warm weather this week, i'll see you back here with that. look at that daring rescue unfolding los angeles coming up more from the site where police officer saved a man. just seconds away from being hit by a train.
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devastating act. we feel great about the response. we've never seen something like this, and we were even surprised. volunteers work tonight to help victims of the tragic fire in the bronx section of new york city. for now, no residents are being allowed back inside the apartment complex where 17 people died over the weekend. reporter antoine louis was in the neighborhood today. we're investigators are working to figure out exactly what went
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wrong. 911 calls started coming in around 11 sunday morning. this video from citizen app shows flames coming from the twin parks, northwest apartment building and the fordham heights section of the bronx. the f d. n y says the blaze was started by a malfunctioning electric space heater being used to heat a bedroom duplex that span the 2nd and 3rd floors. officials say 17 people lost their lives. mine adults and eight children one as young as four years old and the fire. was contained to the hallway just outside this two story apartment, but the smoke traveled throughout the building and the smoke is what caused the jets and the serious injuries. officials say the smoke traveled so quickly because the door to the unit where it began was left open and likely, according to mayor adams when the occupants were trying to get out, it is our obligation to reinforce the concept of closed the door closed the door. but what we don't want to do is just add more trauma on the family that
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was simply trying to escape very dangerous in a very frightening experience, the f d. n y says the door to the apartment and one on the 15th floor did not automatically closed as they are designed to do and finding out why is now the key focus of the investigation. the building smoke detectors were working, though some residents say those detectors routinely went off. at least 44 people were injured, and officials say at least 15 remain in critical condition. we will be working with the developers and those on the ground to make sure that everyone has adequate housing as soon as possible if they cannot come back to the building. and that was antoine louis reporting for us fire. investigators say the space heater that started the fire had been running for quote prolonged period before the fire began, would cause it to malfunction, though, remains under investigation. if you're pulling out your space heater, not here are some safety recommendations to remind you of choose a heater with thermostat or overheat protection. place
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that heater on a solid flat surface. keep space heaters. at least three ft away from anything around it and do not use extension cords with them. and do not leave your children alone in a room with a space heater. also check to make sure your smoke detectors are working properly. we'll take a look at what people are dealing with in upstate new york today, video posted to twitter shows how a winter storm has created these white out conditions. the national weather service expects to see up to 24 inches of snow in some areas. well pg and e crews are hoping to have power restored to most people in the sierra by tomorrow. sometime tomorrow, some people in that area have been living without service for more than two weeks . now utility crews have been working to repair damage caused by the winter storms. earlier today, as many as 3000 customers were still without service. it's been almost a month since he last atmospheric river in the bay area, and the hope is there will be a lot more rain in the
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coming weeks to help ease or water restrictions. ktvu tom baker tells us there is some good news tonight for two northern california counties. the two major atmospheric rivers and some other healthy rains that came to the bay area region since october, has worked wonders for water supplies. so the marin municipal water district and the santa cruz water company are both seriously considering easing their water restrictions. in santa cruz block loman reservoir is currently at 81% of capacity and just 10 ft. short of where the spillway would actually release water downstream into the san lorenzo river. if loch lomond is full, and we're good for at least that part that next year if it's not full as but you know pretty full, then you know, we take a little bit more up, kasha, please cautiously optimistic, kind of point of view, given that there's at least 6 to 8 weeks of peak rainy season left the odds are santa cruz will be full and restrictions will be gone. it's on or off. we're not going to
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phase them in or face them out. but shana crews would continue to ask its customers to continue conserving. which must already do and will like santa cruz marines. watershed has been thoroughly soaked, allowing for more run off to get into the reservoirs in the last nine days. nicasio reservoir, for example, has gone up two ft if all of that water were in a one square acre water tank, it would have to be a tank almost 1700 ft. tall, twice as high as san francisco's transamerica pyramid in marin in the mount tamil pious, watershed lake lagunitas reservoir has received more than 43 inches of rain. that's more than four times last year's rain and almost twice its historical rainfalls. it's seven reservoirs are 95% of capacity compared to 57% this time last year, as well as above its 77% historical average on this date. fundamentally this year where things are looking kind of good . historically san francisco's five biggest reservoirs have
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averaged to be about 61% full on this date. in reality right now , the average only 36% which means for most to california, the drought is still very much on as well as statewide restrictions. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. almost all of california remains in moderate or severe drought with many counties in the middle of the state in extreme drought, the latest rainstorms have helped compared with last drought with the last drought report. in fact , some areas in california already received more rain in the past three months, then they had in the prior 12 months. yes, julie. we had a heck of an early season rain throughout the bay area again. we're still over well over 100% of average some areas over 150 over 160% of rainfall average for this time of year. we are heading into a dry pattern. you can feel that we've been talking about it since last week. on and it's a
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good thing. we got all that rain. i mean, now we can withstand this dry spell that we're going to have probably the next 5 to 6 to seven. maybe even a little longer than that. i've seen some indications that might be 10 days before we see some rain, but then other things could change. in the meantime, where's the rain going? oh, it's out there, but look where it's going. long range model just sends everything north. look at that ridge of high pressure blowing into seattle up into british columbia, up in the vancouver island and olympic peninsula, and it continues into southern alaska. so that's all the way through started this whole week that that pacific northwest is getting hammered and we are on the south end. so what that means for us in generally is just going to be looking at mild temperatures, which we're seeing low sixties mid sixties. i think valley fog is sort of the weather thing we got. oh, and big surf. the swells really, really come up. it's not there yet, but by tomorrow it's going to be pretty big and it's going to stay big for maybe three or four days and the point to its words. dangerous, dangerous, big. film.
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yeah i think mavericks will break. the conditions are right, so you'll probably see some pictures from there. but if you are going to the beach is just be careful. and i know a lot of people are i happen to be out there a little bit, and i see a lot of people but more people than we ever used to see on a warm day when it's 64 63 you feel like i go braiding, but i'd be super careful these next few days. certainly, as we go into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so with that said, it's not going to rain anytime soon. enjoy what we got. when i get back. we'll look at the forecast highs and specifics for your neighborhood. the el cerrito police department is mourning the death of one of its own. el cerrito officer, jared bernstein was killed yesterday morning, you know, multi vehicle car crash on interstate 80 in san pablo. it was his 26th birthday. bernstein was from hercules. the police department says he was a model officer, humbling personality and tenacious in police work. the crash happened on interstate 80 west of san pablo. road according to chp, the driver of a transit van lost
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control of their vehicle and hit the center divider. the van came to rest in a lane of traffic. three vehicles, including bernsteins crashed into it. he died on the scene to other people were hospitalized with major injuries. robert durst, the wealthy real estate heir and convicted murderer, died today at a hospital in stockton. he was 78. his attorney says durst died from natural causes due to a number of health issues. durst was convicted in september of shooting and killing his friend susan berman. in 2000. he was sentenced to life in prison. durst had long been suspected of killing his wife back in 1982 and was indicted in november for second degree murder in her death. he did everything with love and with humor. tributes to bob. second pour in coming up how people are remembering the actor and comedian who died over the weekend plus just hold it. it will stay like this. he will be free and he will place
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despite celebrations in melbourne relatives of tennis star novak djokovic understand the saga over whether he will get to play in the australian open. coming up what to expect next in this battle over vaccination rules.
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for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. be in your moment. saget are popping up around the state in san francisco. people are leaving behind flowers and other items at the home
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portrayed to be the house where sag it's hit tv show full house was set. in l. a. the laugh factory's mark. he is dedicated to sag it with the words rest in peace, make god laugh. saget sudden death came as he was touring with his latest comedy show, and now his passing has left his family and friends in shock boxes. phil keating tells us friends and co stars are remembering him. for sharp wit and his kind heart. i'm just in shock that he is not here. america's beloved tv dad, bob saget, being the country and in hollywood zag, it for his roles on shows like full house and america's funniest home videos. but many are remembering him for his big heart. just two words kind and hilarious, and that's what he embodied the bob that i knew. he just it wasn't that he just wanted to make people laugh. he wanted everybody to be happy. sagon was found dead in his hotel room at
6:24 pm
the ritz carlton in orlando sunday after police received a call about an unresponsive man. authorities say that did not find any signs of foul play or drug use in his room just the night before saget was on stage , performing stand up as part of his recent tour. in an instagram post saturday night, second wrote of the warm reception he received from the audience going on to say, quote. i'm fighting my new voice and loving every moment of it. fellow actors and comedians sharing tributes to sagon on screen daughter candace cameron beerer tweeting. i have no words. bob was one of the best human beings i've ever known in my life. i loved him so much. zakat only 65 years old, his friend dave rubin, reflecting on what his legacy will be. we don't have too many people in hollywood these days who kind of bring everybody together and i hope that that's what bob's legacy will be second leaves behind three daughters as
6:25 pm
well as his wife, kelly. rouz. oh, in miami, phil keating. fox news. a new order about gatherings in sonoma county takes effect later this week. we'll run you through the new pandemic era rules. healthcare leaders want to follow. also had the pandemic takes a toll on the bay area's blood supply, coming up an appeal for donors to come forward. and we'll tell you how raiders kicker daniel carlson raised thousands of dollars for charity for his game winning field goal. this one sports director market baniyas will explain later
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without talking to your doctor. area of west moorpark to use caution officers, along with state fish and wildlife rangers checked out a report of a mountain line siding this afternoon. homeowner reportedly saw the big cat under his car. so far, there is no word of any other sightings. state health officials are considering issuing an order that would postpone many elective surgeries in response to staffing shortages at hospitals. a third of hospitals across the state are reporting a number of workers calling in sick due to covid-19. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 new at 6 30 sonoma county health officials today issued an order canceling large gatherings of 50 or more people indoors or 100, or more outdoors for 30 days starting wednesday. they're also urging people to stay home as much as possible and limit interactions
6:29 pm
with others. due to the covid surge, authorities say cases and hospitalizations are climbing at an alarming rate. and they say large gatherings are emerging as a major source of covid transmission. well there are fresh concerns this evening after california issued new guidelines for health care workers who test positive for covid ktvu southie reporter jesse gary tells us asymptomatic workers can return to work right away. we were beyond this belief that they would make a decision like this. the president of the california nurses association says she and her members were blindsided by saturday's change , governor gavin newsom and state health officials now saying vaccinated healthcare providers who are covid positive, but asymptomatic can return to work without quarantining for five days, unvaccinated and un boosted workers would still need to quarantine for five days and then face prioritized staffing placement. the changes necessitated by a critical shortage of health care providers due to sit calls from
6:30 pm
the omicron variant surge. i think one of the challenges with all things covid. there's been a extraordinary challenge to balance all of the competing interests. jose state university bio technologist, dr mark schwarz says having asymptomatic covid positive workers returning could lead to more infections, but running out of hospital workers are running critically short of hospital workers would create a significant number of issues for patients and the hospitals as well. union nurses fear one issue could be increasing the covid infection rate and subsequently the death toll if we go to work, knowing that we are infected with the virus we can further, in fact, our patients and our co workers as well, so that puts our most vulnerable patients and immunization breast patients at greater risk of getting ah, very , very ill. state health officials say the temporary change is only for the most dire staffing shortages, asymptomatic
6:31 pm
nurses would only treat other people who are already covid positive, and they continue to use precautions such as n95 masks and gloves to limit the potential spread. there is no best right answer. but it is it is a challenging balance of risk that needs to be taken. we cannot allow further transmission more transmissions of this virus to happen. the changes in effect until february, 1st at which point, state officials say. they'll check the omicron variant numbers and adjust as needed. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news new at 6 30 tonight the bay area is seeing supplies at blood banks dropped to historic lows, the nonprofit blood services provider by talent, says the covid surge has lead community groups to cancel blood drives. they say the rapid spread of the virus has also reduced the number of available donors. they're urging healthy people now to schedule an appointment to give blood.
6:32 pm
public schools in hayward have taken the controversial step of canceling in person instruction beginning today in favor of distance learning. ktvu rob roth tells us the decision comes with huge financial risk to the school district. for public schools in hayward. it's back to the future. every public school is closed this week in favor of remote learning because of covid and hayward high school. one math teacher says more than half her class was absent last week. teachers are out sick or their children are sick, and there's no subs. they're out sick at the urging of many parents and teachers. the hayward unified school board made the controversial decision last friday. to institute in person learning only at least for this week. the district says it doesn't have the staff toclassr5 teachersek we had a shortage ine number of staff we had available at our schools in order to be able to maintain that type of
6:33 pm
safety that we'd like to maintain. what is the threshold ? what is the breaking point for saying, okay, this is not quality instructions. but in shutting down in personal learning, the school district could lose an estimated $2.5 million a day in average daily attendance funds from the state. the alameda county office of education advised the district not to do it. they're at risk of losing funding if they're not providing the appropriate educational support to their students, the county offered to help with staffing in covid testing. we've done all of those things in the interest of keeping them in person instruction. and their board made a different decision. the district believes its plan for distance learning will not jeopardize funding. it's been giving out laptops to students who don't have them and his opening supervised learning hubs for students who can't stay home taking these days. you know, and protecting the health and safety of children and staff. was worth
6:34 pm
it. it's worth it. and if the state feels that they want to penalize for us for that, be it as it may. the school board is set to meet this friday to decide whether or not to extend the campus closures into next week. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. the oakland unified school district says it's meeting most of the demands that were outlined in a petition by high school students last week. the district says it's distributed kate and 95 n95 masks all staff and. have ordered k n95 masks for all students to supplies for new covered outdoor eating space , is it? dozens of schools have also been ordered, but the district says their delivery has been delayed due to supply chain issues. as protests, the district says testing is available at 10 hubs across the district. there is also weekly pulled testing at elementary schools and bi weekly dropping testing at secondary schools. the students gave the district until january, 17th to meet their demands. more than 150 high school students signed this
6:35 pm
petition. a ruling could come any day now from the u. s. supreme court at issue whether it is legal for the federal government to require large employers to mandate vaccinations or testing. but as fox news, lauren blanchard tells us, that's not the only covid related challenge the biden ministrations is dealing with this week. us hospitalizations reached a new record high topping more than 141,000. americans now admitted with covid-19 as the white house tries to slow the spread. the supreme court may stop the president's vaccine mandates. a decision is imminent from the justices on whether the federal government can require businesses with more than 100 employees to force vaccination or regular testing. there's criticism of justice sonia sotomayor when, during oral arguments on the mandates, she overstated the number of kids hospitalized with covid, and we don't need the supreme court making decisions based on wrong facts, also creating a problem
6:36 pm
for the federal government. the lack of available tests as the white house waits for their promised 500 million at home rapid tests we want to ensure that there's not only that physical test but the ability to distribute them, which is what we're working through now. a group of 51 u. s representatives and senators are urging the president to take more action to get tests into americans hands, quote, ensuring widespread access to free covid-19 rapid testing is among the most effective public health tools. that the federal government has at its disposal. but the current supply shortage is preventing effective utilization of this common sense mitigation strategy . the president pledged those free at home covid test would be made available to americans later this month, the white house says on thursday. the president will give an update to his pandemic response in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news and for more information on covid related issues, go to ktvu .com and click on the covid tab. there
6:37 pm
you can find news about a spike in covid related san francisco 911 calls learning protocols in east based schools and what happened to the penal police building because of covid. will all say jose residents who are old enough to vote may soon be allowed to vote in city elections. despite their immigration status. the san jose city council is considering expanding municipal voting rights, a measure before the council would allow non citizens to vote in citywide elections. council member magdalena cross co. says the measure would recognize the lasting contributions of the city's most marginalized communities. this moment is about our recovery. it's about resilience in the next 10 years ago, said well look very different, and we need to make sure that the voice of our non citizen community is not suppressed or erased. the power to vote will benefit or on community or teachers, the tech worker industry construction workers, every single industry that our community touches will benefit. saying jose city
6:38 pm
council is set to vote on that measure when it meets tomorrow. tennis star novak djokovic comes out on top in one battle over his vaccination status in australia coming up why that's still doesn't guarantee he'll be able to compete in the australian open, and cameras were rolling when police officers save the life of a man about to b
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of supporters. they're showing
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love for the best men's tennis player in the world by swarming his car after hearing a judge's decision to reverse a move revoking his visa. tennis star novak djokovic says he is still preparing to play in the australian open. a judge reinstated his visa, but an australian immigration minister will now weigh in on whether djokovic can stay in the country. fox news. anna iliopoulos has more novak djokovic returned to the practice court after winning a legal battle to stay in australia for the australian open. the tennis star tweeting out this photo and writing quote . i'm pleased and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancelation. but australia's immigration minister holds the power and is deciding whether to revoke the athletes visa. still djokovic's family is declaring victory just called it it will stay like this. he will be free and he will play in court monday . judge anthony kelly sided with
6:42 pm
djokovic's attorneys who argued the athlete had done all he thought he could do to comply with australia's covid-19 vaccine rule from the judge wants to the sky. what more could this man have done? australian authorities pulled djokovic's visa last week when he arrived in melbourne. they determined he did not qualify for a medical exemption from a rule requiring non citizens to be vaccinated against covid-19. djokovic who is unvaccinated, apparently believed he could enter because he had recently had and recovered from the virus . we know he's a truthful and rightful guy, and he will never do anything to across any federal or state law anywhere in the world. the controversy has sparked a debate over australia's vaccination rules. on monday, police in melbourne tried to calm crowds of djokovic supporters. and those who believe he should not be allowed to stay in the country. the 2022 australian open kicks off next
6:43 pm
monday and iliopoulos fox news. and we are tracking the temperature is pretty warm out there today in some places will look into your tomorrow forecast as well as the five day coming up, bill. thank you. let's go to ktvu heather holmes now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus heather andre, with people struggling to find a covid test, several lawmakers are pushing for the biden administration. to do more, including south bay congressman ro khanna, and he'll join us live on the seven to talk about his request. also a big honor for maya angelou. the quarters now being shipped by the u. s mint. featuring an image of the poet, those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight on the seven over on ktvu. plus we'll see then heather. thank you. but first after the break, we'll take you to the site of a daring rescue in los angeles today see the incident that nearly cost a man
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comcast business. powering possibilities. not one but to close calls in a matter of seconds first. his small plane crashed shortly after taking off and then this is what happened. go. yeah pull them from the from the plane and the train smash right into his plane. police got body camera video captured all of this. those officers acting quickly to get the pilot out of harm's way moments before the train smashed into that plane. the plane ended up on the train tracks shortly after takeoff. the pilot crash assessment into a suburban airfield in san fernando valley area. the pilot is being treated now for his injuries and trauma
6:47 pm
center while the f a investigates the cause of this crash. okay we're tracking the weather. the next couple of days. we've got dry conditions. for the most part. i don't suspect rain anytime soon. and so we are glad that we got so much rain early on outside. it's going to be kind of chilly night, not below freezing, not at freezing but chilly and patchy fog. certainly in the forecast highs from today. pretty impressive, especially morgen hill at 67, a lot less fog. that's why there's inland valleys last few days was inland valleys have been in the fifties , right because of the fire. well, today we're 61 in fairfield, where a couple days ago is just 54. 61 leonis. so let's valley fog, a little warmer footprint for us and thet way. and there's carl. okay, you canasically british columbia, vancouver all the way even portland and seattle getting hit pretty hard and they will continue to get hit pretty
6:48 pm
hard as we go into the next 2 to 3 days. so there is the library are and the, uh, cloud coverage is to the north of us were dry. that's how it's going to stay. these are the current temperatures. you can see. you've got 54 napa 49 fairfield still running a bit warmer than it was yesterday at this time, so as you look outside the live camera shot beautiful sunset tonight. i hope you had a chance to see it. the overnight lows. the forecast with apache valley fog will be a thing. you can hear the dog. i imagine carl. he's got to think what's happening. i'll tell you what you yes, i know. and he keeps going normally doesn't jules this is the model. but what's happening is he knows when i do this last hit, it's the weirdest thing. he knows that's when i feed him right when he knows he thinks his dinner time. yes. so here's me in here. do what he sees the light it. okay. so wednesday at've seen thursday.
6:49 pm
some more we are dry. we're doing good for rain for doing well for rainfall to a great for snowfall. we're in good shape. be nice to see some rain in here soon, but we're not going to see it in this five day panel as american pop sunday and you're going to see we're still you know, dry there with temperatures in the warm spots into the mid sixties for the most part, so pretty pretty nice in terms of almost spring like weather, but don't be fooled. it's still winter. there's still that valley fog to contend with nights and mornings, so be careful driving around. that's going to be kind of a constant, especially if you get out towards modesto or stock dinner, merced. so i will see you back here tonight at 10 11 car will be fed and we'll have it all figured out that carl will be a happy dog. alright, thanks, bill. happy talk. well millions of people every january make a new year's resolution to lose weight, and this year there's a new push by medical professionals for americans to learn to eat more healthfully. some are calling it and anti diet instead of restricting
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6:51 pm
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everybody marquee body is with it. you know, i've done this for quite some time. i cannot remember a day like yesterday in the bay area as epic as you can imagine, you got clay thompson coming back from the two major surgeries with the warriors and, of course, the 49ers earning their playoff spot. right down to the final moments. incredible john legend stomach churning like unbelievable, and he also had to take a look at the saints game there that didn't go so well for the 49ers so they had to win their game. little trickery. debo from jimmy g to julianne jennings 24 yard touchdown. that tied it and then in the third quarter, jimmy g. again we'll get it to juwan jennings. a big target yesterday . 14 yards that tied at 17 all now down seven. they wind up going with a field goal in overtime and the interception of
6:55 pm
matt stafford's pass clinches the victory. embry thomas, his first ever in an nfl his rookie career. all right now, as fate would have it, the niners will resume their long standing rivalry with dallas today happens to be the 40th anniversary of here it is the catch joe to dwight clark, which propelled the 49ers into their first ever super bowl, the ensuing victory and the niners cowboys as you may remember, some of you may not. they were the cream of the crop in the nfc in the nineties, always fighting it out. next sunday's meeting will be the first since 94 in the playoffs. share the han was asked if his current players have any idea about the history between these two teams. not at all. i wish i could say yes. but being some of these players, um , were born in the two thousands. so you'd like to think so. but every day quarterback room when i asked
6:56 pm
certain questions, like in wedding crashers and stuff, and they don't even know that sometimes very surprised the difference in some of this stuff , but our guys know how big of a deal the playoffs are, and our guys are pumped for this game, no matter who we're playing. believe me, there is a generation gap on his display pretty much every day at our sports department. hey almost as crazy as the 49ers game, certainly as exhilarating, exciting the way the raiders earned their spines in the playoffs. the cut to the chase. it was nerve wracking. it also went to overtime if they tied l. a chargers of the raiders would both go to the playoffs and pittsburgh steelers would be squeezed out. it didn't happen. the raiders dan carlson, with the field goal that wanted and steelers instead will go to the playoffs with the raiders and pittsburgh's always loyal fans show massive appreciation to carlson's. many charities donated a lot of money to pediatric cancer after school
6:57 pm
programs. boys and girls club just to name a few steeler fans , of course, thrilled with the raiders for the moment. yes yeah . let's go. all right. that's the excitement on the downside, of course, the teams that didn't make the playoffs and kind of a shocking firing here. ryan flores in miami first coach ever to lead his team to seven game win streaks and seven game losing streaks in the same season seems to be on the upturn , but he gets fired, as does matt. negative chicago mike zimmer is out as the vikings coach. big fangio from denver as well and then the nightcap on all the sporting activity. of course, the golden state warriors. they won the game over cleveland. that isn't even one part of the story. really
6:58 pm
because played, thompson returns his first game in 941 days. of course, coming back from the serious knee and achilles injuries to triumphantly take it to the bucket with aggression. he had 17 points and provided countless thrills to the fans who were there. here's clay's reaction afterwards. so i'm so grateful to just just compete again. it's uh it's been a long road, but i'm just also proud of myself for persevering and i'll never forget it was. i'm like c equivalent awareness championship, but man, it was pretty freaking close. it was just great to see him back out on the court again. and the warriors obviously happy as well. so while dance sports it's a com monday, but there is a little national championship football game going on. do that's the sporting life right now. thanks, mark. appreciate it. thank you are seven o'clock
6:59 pm
continues. continues o'brien continues. continues o'brien ktvu, plus, have a great night, okay. are you from the star wars universe? yes. were you in the original trilogy? yes. oh, is there a picture of you in my wallet wearing a metal bikini? god, i hope not. and no, i'm not princess leia. okay, okay. my turn. um... are you in all six star wars movies? yes. interesting. are you a droid? yes. do you kind of look like a shiny sheldon? yes. c-3po. you got it. that's preposterous. i do not resemble c-3po. don't get me wrong. i'm flattered. i just don't see it. (cell phone plays "she blinded me with science") leslie winkle. you've reached "friends with benefits." for a booty call, press one now. what exactly does that expression mean,
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"friends with benefits"? does he provide her with health insurance? no. look, uh... imagine you maintained a friendship with someone you had sex with, but you were free to date whoever you wanted. i'm sorry, i can't imagine any of that. all right, back to the game. i believe it's my turn. you may begin your questions whenever you're ready. are you spock? i don't like this game. so, where were we? aren't you leaving for your booty call? no, it was something else. why does everything have to be about sex with you? come on. whose turn is it? we were up to you. great. just start. okay, let's see. are you from a tv series? (sobbing): she dumped me! i bet he's someone from babylon 5. we're never going to get it. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪


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