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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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event venues in the north bay after sonoma county places a ban on large gatherings for one month. i'm hoping that you know , this is a 30 day thing and goes away, but i've been hoping for good stuff for a couple
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years now, and it's not happening. well caterers, event planners and wineries, all among those impacted by yet another round of restrictions. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm julie julie haener. the ban on events takes effect in just two hours, and so far, sonoma county stands alone in issuing these new guidelines. ktvu zach sauce joins us now live from santa rosa with more on how the areas hospitality industry is reacting, zack. good evening for those businesses, businesses. i spoke to very much a feeling of here we go again that order taking effect at one minute past midnight tonight, affecting both indoor and outdoor gatherings in the county. it's definitely a roller coaster over the last few years. renee blix winery in santa rosa weathering wildfires followed by covid-19 and now the omicron variant. it's going to be more bumps in the road for our business. paradise ridge grappling with a new health order issued in sonoma county, limiting indoor gatherings to 50
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people outdoor events to 100 unless guests are able to socially distanced by six ft or more. exactly the type of business this winery relies on their calling up and they're basically postponing because they don't have the option to have that event. corporate clients, learning their events are too large sum now worried they're simply unsafe, all having a trickle down effect impacting area event planners and caterers to just kind of seminar cancel on us from march there were the company and not in orange county. i think corporate is. not really interested in doing a lot of things right now. and with wedding season just around the corner, he's now fielding calls from concerned future grooms and brides right now, it hasn't affected us. too badly. it's this continues into march. that's all another ballgame. destination writings are really important to the economy, the hotel rooms, the rental car is
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the restaurants. they don't come for a day. they come from four days, five days. people who are booked weddings people who are planned planning meetings. i mean, when you get into a environment of uncertainty that is sort of the worst possible scenario for the tourism industry. back at paradise ridge , renee left wondering if there could have been another way. i mean, if people are vaccinated they could show up negative test or whatever, i think, you know, you should be able to gather his business used to do 70 weddings a year, bringing in roughly $1 million no more now toasting to a better future. just not sure he'll get one. i'm hoping that you know, this is a 30 day thing and goes away, but i've been hoping for good stuff for a couple years now, and it's not happening. and one thing most businesses i spoke to say they'd like to see more of more notice . they say it takes months to plan events like this, and they say this order went into effect
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practically overnight live in santa rosa's access. ktvu fox two news. yes it comes as a disappointment to many, zack. thank you not included in the ban on gatherings are places of worship. workplaces shopping malls, cafeterias and museums. also sonoma county health officials are urging residents to stay home and only leave their homes if necessary, but they say that is not a formal order. san francisco mayor london breed announced new order today requiring hospitals to show they are helping to meet the needs of the city's testing needs. the city's asking hospitals in large healthcare systems prove to prove that they are providing coronavirus tests for patients with symptoms or who have been in contact with a positive case within 24 hours of her request. city health officials said. they are averaging 10,000 tests per day and about one in five are turning up positive. dr grant colfax, head of public health says we'll likely haven't or we likely have not seen the worst of the late surge. it is likely
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that that rate will continue to increase over the next few days. next slide, please. and in keeping with these very high case numbers are hospital census continues to climb. the city is seeing record number of daily cases about 1250. but san francisco is not looking at enacting any new restrictions, and the school district is vowing to keep schools open. the palo alto unified school district is turning to parents to help deal with covid related staffing shortages. ktvu is jesse gary tells us officials are hoping the new assistance will help them keep schools open. i'm really happy. that we have parents that are willing to help. so i'm thankful to have a community that i know i can reach out to covid pandemic fueled workers shortage has forced businesses and nonprofits into a perpetual help wanted status. added to the list sunday , palo alto unified school district superintendent dr don
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austin, posting on the district website and urgent need for volunteers for us to finally be able to look people in the face and say forget about us closing . we are not going to close. austin says 670 parents so far have registered to volunteer assignment areas include, like custodial work, assisting in covid testing lines outside of schools and serving as classroom assistance. the first thought it's like, oh, no, what's happening right? like because if they're asking for parent volunteers, that means staff is you know this is sorted. assorted of staff. raylene sand . buenaventura helps out during lunch period at addison elementary. i want to support my kids and their education and also the community in general, the kids here, experts say. using parents to fill gaps promotes a seamless educational experience. we know that districts were really stretched with staffing, so it is actually not all that surprising, given what we're seeing now on the rise in case numbers. that this is an approach that some districts are able to take. we're trying to be prepared for
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the bad day. that hasn't happened yet. instead of waiting for that day to occur, and then scrambling, all volunteers, you just show proof of covid vaccination and submit to health screening before entering a school site. you'd like information. our website ktvu .com will link you to the p a usd in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. bishopigh sd has now switched to remote learning for at least two weeks . the catholic high school says a surgeon positive covid cases led officials to begin virtual teaching. yesterday officials cite campus transmission as well as an unprecedented number of daily absences up to 20% among students. the school says it plans to use the two weeks to conduct contact, tracing, assessed testing options and reinforce campus operations. like many businesses, united airlines is struggling with staffing right now. but the airline also shared some positive data related to its employee vaccine mandate. the airline says about 4% of its u.
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s workforce or about 3000. people are currently positive for covid, however, according to ceo scott kirby, since united vaccine mandate went into effect , there have been no employee hospitalizations. and for eight straight weeks, there have been no covid related deaths among its vaccinated employees. prior to the mandate, more than one united employees on average per week was dying from covid. new attend crime and covid concerns in oakland's chinatown at a time sidewalks would normally be packed ahead of the lunar new year. merchants say there are few people ktvu is amber lee joins us now live in amber merchants say police patrols are helping, but an unprovoked attack just yesterday is fueling concerns. julie we're three weeks from chinese new year, but many merchants tell me they're closing early due to safety concerns, and that business has been slow. oakland police have a high profile presence in chinatown merchants tell me it's reassuring, but crimes targeting
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the asian community are still top of mind, especially as the lunar new year approaches concerning because you see we closing very early right now. sandy child's hair salon closes around 4 30 instead of six or even seven. during what would have been the busiest time of the year for chinatown businesses right now, the covid no, they can't make any money. child tells me covid and crime concerns are keeping away customers, people getting their hair done before chinese new year accustom the business various low you know? compare with back few years ago. a few doors down. kv discount is also closing up shop early before nightfall. it is a little bit scary, even scare lee covid. scary something bad. the owner says she's been in business here for 30 years, but the last two have been difficult, worried about being attacked and robbed . add to that there's a little foot traffic. this is very job. good right outside of st. no
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people walk on monday morning, an asian woman described to be in her seventies, was walking when she became the victim of an unprovoked attack on ninth street near franklin. person shoved her, causing her to fall to the ground of witness said the victim suffered minor injuries. police are looking for help identifying the woman and the suspect. despite this attack , the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says the police presence is a deterrent. we still happening, but the good thing is, you know is the frequency and the seriousness of sexually a much much better than before. he urges people not to carry a large amount of cash as they shot for chinese new year and for merchants to accept forms of payment other than cash. two years ago, they would say no. but last year, they said , maybe, but this year they're saying that they will changing it back at the salon. the owner says most customers are regulars , so she's on high alert. when strangers come into her shop, everything's really you know, and just just uncomfortable. is really uncomfortable. the
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oakland chinatown chamber of commerce tells me there will be even more police patrols in the area as it gets closer to chinese new year, which falls on february 1st. despite concerns merchants hope business will improve. julie amberleigh live in oakland's chinatown tonight, amber. thank you. alameda county prosecutors have charged the woman in the shooting death of a transgender woman. oakland police arrested rene colvin on friday. the 31 year old is accused of shooting and killing the kind david in the early morning hours of december. 3rd 33 year old victim was shot inside of a truck parked on 14th and castro streets. police say the shooting was over the quality of drugs they were using , and that the suspect used a gun that belonged to david. now to san jose, where police say a pedestrian was killed by a car this evening. it happened at about 5 45 in the area of curtner avenue, not far from noah's garden when a car hit a pedestrian the victim died at a local hospital. this is the third traffic fatality in san
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jose so far in 2022, the second involving a pedestrian san francisco's parents and teachers calling for more covid safety measures in schools at 10 30, the new action announced by the district tonight. and i'm tracking the fog that's forming in some of those inland bay valleys, plus the warm three been saying, i'll have the details on tomorrow's forecast, as well as the five days at first we've gotten used to low interest rates, but that could soon change today's announcement when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about.
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security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. in atlanta, georgia this
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afternoon, where he called on the senate to approve two key voting rights bills. i've been having these quiet conversations , the members of congress for the last two months, i'm tired of being quiet. georgia is among a number of states that passed restrictive voting laws after the 2020 election, the president and vice president said they would support a change in the senate filibuster rule if necessary to get the legislation passed. vice president, harris said. future generations will judge this moment. we cannot tell them that we let us senate rule. stand in the way. of our most fundamental freedom. the president and vice president
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also stopped to lay a wreath at the resting place of dr martin luther king jr federal reserve chairman jerome powell until congress today that if inflation continues to surge, the fed will raise interest rates sooner than originally planned. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live from the newsroom with how that could impact your family's finances. while andre interest rates have been kept at historic lows to encourage spending, but now the fed says that it could be pulling in the reins and raise short term interest rates 3 to 4 times this year. for shoppers interested in a new car . 0% interest financing deals have become a common sight on dealer lots. a lot of money on interest rates. pope paul karimi is general manager at hayward nissan and says new vehicles are rolling out with rock bottom interest rates pretty much holding new vehicles 2021 22 is we carry on the stock? i have 0% after 36 months, those low interest deals might not last long, though. on tuesday, federal reserve chairman jerome
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powell told congress the fed's policy of keeping low interest rates might no longer be needed to stimulate spending during the pandemic. if we have to raise interest rates more over time, we will, powell said the faster than expected rebounding consumer demand, along with supply chain issues has led to the high inflation. and that is impacting employment and the economy to get along expansion. we're going to need price stability and so in a way high inflation is a severe threat to the achievement of maximum employment on wednesday, a report on consumer prices is expected to show a 7% increase over the past 12 months. they've been growing the grocery stores like crazy right now, for like basic things that you need. some consumers worried that higher interest rates could eventually impact credit card rates, loans and even home mortgages. but others say they hope that could help ease high housing prices that may actually bring down the home places a bet. because right now people are at all you know the yellow estate agents, they will up the prices of the
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imports are down because there's people then go. we can afford a bigger you know, marty gauge. i think it's important to note that he's interest rate rises are going to be pretty minimal consensus now is that they were raising interest rates every quarter about a quarter percent . financial adviser james mcbride says. that would mean about a 1% increase in the next year. he says there are promising signs that inflation and the jobs outlook are looking better. you know, the unemployment rate just came out and it was less than 4. yeah the height of the pandemic. the unemployment rate was 14% we do have the best unemployment rate of 50 years. mcbride says. when it comes to your retirement savings accounts, cds and bonds could see a slight bump but not big gains, and he anticipates that this supply change shortage will likely get better this year if the pandemic eases and companies are able to catch up. alright jana katsuyama reporting for us live, janet. thank you. meantime, on wall street traders seem to take the likelihood of
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higher interest rates in stride, sending stocks higher. today the dow was up 183 points. the nasdaq rally. 210 points. and the s and p added 42 points you attend tonight, a federal judge ruled today. the ftc antitrust suit against facebook, now known as meta can go forward in june court ruled the ftc did not have enough proof that facebook was buying competing companies such as instagram and whatsapp to stifle competition. the judge now says the amended complaint provides new facts that are quote far more robust and detailed than before medicine and in an emailed statement, it is confident the evidence will reveal the fundamental weakness of the claims. okay we are tracking that weather. i want to show you the numbers on rainfall as we start off here, where we are today date and it's impressive. we've known that for a while. we had such a robust it's fall and early winter that santa rosa is 153% of rainfall.
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average 189% in oakland of average, 129 san jose, no 1 71% of average san francisco. i'm showing you that, because now i'm going to show you this. we're looking at the next 5 to 10 days of dry weather, and you say, wow, that's depressing, but not when you have that much rainfall in the bucket, and it's not that unusual, as we've said earlier, marking our time with this earlier today. that it's very normal to have a couple weeks of dry a couple weeks straight of dry in the middle of the winter season, and that's kind of what we're seeing now, so we looks like we're going to be dry for at least the next week or two. the dry stretch now is only four days. but as we had into the next two weeks, you know it could extend up to 14 days. maybe 13 14 days, so we'll watch it for you big thing. the big weather story right now for us really is a little bit of fog in the morning and then those daytime highs. we've seen some mid sixties, even upper sixties down towards san benito county in the last couple of days, so it's going to be another day tomorrow. a lot like today. that
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means temperatures back into the mid sixties and the warmest bay area locations. i'll be back here. we'll give you the complete forecast in just a minute. bill. thank you. mayor. london breed wants more electric vehicle charging stations in san francisco introduced new legislation to update the city's planning code, which would allow gas stations or parking lots to become new electric vehicle charging stations. the stations would be open to the public and would include amenities like restrooms and self serve vending machines. full board of supervisors will need to approve it first. still to come tonight. oakland taking action against ghost guns plus. well the man's dog was stolen while it was in his car here. why the timing of this theft came at a time this homeless man should have been celebrating. and how san francisco officials are taking action after uncovering coronavirus testing sites operating without proper
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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in the city goes guns are unfurnished on serialized guns that officials say are commonly used in crimes in oakland data shows that in 2020 ghost guns accounted for nearly 22% of all firearms confiscated by police in oakland. the legislation bans the possession, sale, purchase receipt or manufacturing of the kit required to assemble a ghost gun. the measure returns to the city council next tuesday for final vote. it's becoming all too familiar story here in the bay area, a dog now missing after the car he was in was stolen. our crime reporter henry lee tells us that the theft happened the same day the victim was finally able to move into a new home. i would love for somebody just to bring my dog back to me. i got gregory branscum is worried sick after someone stole his car in oakland with his dog rough inside. he was in the car. he had his leash on. he was waiting for me to come back and get him out of tha
10:24 pm
minute. branscum who had been homeless for a about 7 30 monday morning. by the timeup the road. i imagine it happened near the corner of galindo and harrington near 35th avenue in oakland. alright, first thing i did was i didn't drop because all i could think about is my dog brands come had the keys to his 1998 white nissan maxima the whole time, but the car's ignition had been broken. and he thinks someone used a screwdriver to start it. i just hope somebody has a little compassion because he's my service animal and we've been our first night together last night. roth is 2.5 years old. the mix to our they call them, i think can weenie and it's like a wing yu garden chihuahua mix. the dogs helped him through some difficult times . well, he yeah. he does a lot. he just keeps me content and have a lot of issues and he's like a kid to me, my kids. i do anything? i don't care about the car. i just want my drug back medical issues caused branscum,
10:25 pm
a former forklift operator become homeless. he'd been living in his car until recently hotel through section eight. rebecca kaplan of adobe services help brands can find his new home, but now it feels empty without rough. the dog is never known that how else yes, because he was just literally moving in that morning. so unfortunately, i mean, all we can do is just hoping to pray that the dog might reappear. for now, all brands can do is walk the streets passing out flyers. he's looking for me. he's definitelyy confused right now wonder more about gregory can't afford a ormation is asked to call the oakland police department. in oaklan. hey lee ktvu, fox two news. but it is disappointing to me that there wasn't some way to pull together and just do whatever it took to work together. an east bay school district reopens its classrooms after covid related closures, how the first day brought familiar problems. and a
10:26 pm
heated exchange between dr anthony fauci and senator rand paul. their argument on capitol hill over covid policies. the stanford cardinal handed unbeaten usc trojans their first loss of the season sports director mark albania's is all the highlights later in sports plus how the state of california is hoping to lower the cost new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7.
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on testing efforts at public schools. we have been, um, working all the time trying to keep increasing the testing as much as we can. i think everybody knows that this is not a school district alone challenge. the district says turn around times for pcr test gets used by schools have increased from 24 hours to 2 to 3 days because of high demand.
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parents called for more ppe and for the district to partner with the city public health department. to handle testing and contact tracing. parents need school site administrators to attend to running schools. parents need to be informed if students do not have teachers present and whether they can or should keep their children home to avoid further disruption to health, safety and education. earlier today. san francisco mayor london breed announced more ppe support the city will provide 500,000 surgical masks for students and 150,000 n95 masks for school staff. in east bay school district has reopened after the coronavirus forced officials to close campuses last week. but it's ktvu rob roth tells us classes resumed in the west contra costa county school district with an updated mask mandate. and teachers calling out sick. that car monsoon middle school in el sereno tuesday school was back in session after a four day weekend, but how much actual
10:30 pm
learning went on is unclear. i just volunteered all morning and kids were telling me about half the teachers are here legally. camellia is the mother of an eighth grader. she wasn't sure what to expect. when she first arrived this morning. it seems surprisingly organized. the kids are not getting their normal. schooling definitely. the pe classes were three classes there together in the yard and just kids were kind of board the west contra costa unified school district reports for carmen soo. teachers were sick with covid. but nine teachers stayed home more than a quarter of the teaching staff. that comes after a letter from a teacher to korematsu families that went out monday evening. it reads quote due to the rising covid cases, lack of safety protocols and staff shortages. teachers at korematsu middle school will not be coming to school tomorrow or the rest of this week. the superintendent issued a response quote employees coordinating with one another to call in sick together is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. but it is
10:31 pm
disappointing to me that there wasn't some way to pull together and just do whatever it took to work together. also beginning tuesday, teachers and staff must wear k n95 masks, which the district is providing. students must wear surgical masks beginning next week. no cloth masks allowed. one pair of professional with the district says she doesn't feel safe in school. regardless of the mask. i think we should go back to distance learning. because they're the big outbreak everywhere. but district and county officials say they are committed to keeping the schools open. rob raft, ktvu fox two news well, napa county is also reporting a record number of covid-19 cases. but so far officials they are not considering any restrictions on activities. public health officials say they've seen as many as 866 cases in a week pea0 residents. they say cases in
10:32 pm
unvaccinated people outnumber breakthrough cases and vaccinated residents by 10 to 1. san francisco city attorney says he is investigating after ktvu reported on a testing site performing covid tests without proper certification, ktvu is christian captain has tonight's update last week, and as recently as monday, a man representing community wellness america set up a covid testing tent at the intersection of 18th and delores street, performing dozens, if not hundreds of covid tests per day. on monday. we stopped by and asked to see the licensing any test facilities required to have on hand called clinical laboratory improvement amendments. the licensing provided at the site was for a company called crestview clinical laboratories, and it expired in november of last year. now san francisco's city attorney is stepping in demanding community wellness. america produced the appropriate paperwork to operate legally. we have sent a letter to community wellness asking for documentation to show that they
10:33 pm
are indeed a legitimate licensed lawful testing facility. we have not yet received information back from them. we reached out to crestview clinical said they aren't operating any covid testing sites in san francisco and an email crest you saidse test sites use crestview name or any other credentials, they must have obtained it illegally. without our knowledge, they must have used our license without our approval, and we will never let anyone use our license. the man operating the site monday told us to reach out to his company's supervisor, a woman named jennifer. when i called monday. she hung up on me as soon as i identified myself. but monday evening at 9 24 pm, she texted a copy of a valid certification again from crest view and tuesday left a voicemail. how does it feel that you just denied your whole community? thousands and thousands of tests you will be, you will have to retract your whole story that you did at this time. the city
10:34 pm
attorney says the operators of the site still have not provided any proof they have the appropriate licensing to perform medical tests. it would be utterly unacceptable if there were rogue actors who are trying to exploit the situation, setting up unlicensed testing facilities to make a quick buck. and we reached out to the ceo of community wellness america based out of san diego, but have not heard back at this point master where this goes now, the city attorney's office says. this is all still under investigation. the city attorney says the overwhelming majority of testing is above board and patients can always ask for current licensing at the testing site. that information should be provided in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news covid testing sites claiming to be operated by community wellness. america also came under scrutiny last year in the seattle area. health officials there warned people not to use them after reporting that staff did not use proper personnel. personal protective equipment handle personal information properly
10:35 pm
and advertise themselves as public health officials. well things got hated on capitol hill today when kentucky senator rand paul and chief white house medical advisor, dr anthony fauci sparred over covid policies, madam chair. i would like just a couple of minutes because this this happens all the time. you personally attacked me. and with absolutely not a shred of evidence of anything you say so i would like to make something clear to the committee. he's doing this for political reasons what you need to do. is he said in front of this committee. do you think your takedown of prominent epidemiologist was not political ? you don't want me to finish. you know what i'm going to say we have faced with the different chat. dr fauci went on to accuse senator paul of public smear campaign that has affected his family, signing obscene phone calls and threats on his life. coming up at 11 new video of a reckless driving incident in the east bay first, the driver does donuts in a parking lot. then he crashes the punishment he is now
10:36 pm
facing. and i'm tracking the weather. looks like going to see some more warmth. tomorrow i'll have a look at the five day when i returned. up after the break, though new york community continues morning. now tonight's candlelit vigil to remember the 17 lives lost in a tragic apartment
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with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ see blood when you brush or floss only pay for what you need. can be a sign of early gum damage. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste deadly apartment fire in the bronx. we are joined here first and foremost we have lost. community members mourn the loss of the nine adults and eight children killed in that fire sunday. all were killed by smoke inhalation. firefighters say smoke spread through the building after faulty electric space heater caught fire.
10:39 pm
regulators with the consumer product safety commission say they will look into that heater . meantime donations are pouring in for the victims who remained hospitalized in those who lost their homes. flyboy new pair sneakers, some blankets. my grandkids had some went to colts . that was too small. we had several of them. and this little arts and ends and i think this is one stable. we can take part and make a change and start helping out. castro nations are also being made to the salvation army's bronx fire relief fund. by people have been detained in connection with the killing of an off duty. los angeles police officer 27 year old fernando arroyo's was shot and killed last night. detectives say he was looking at a house for sale in south los angeles with his girlfriend when three men in a dark suv pulled up and tried to rob him. there was some kind of argument and arroyos exchanged gunfire with the suspects. he died at the hospital. three men
10:40 pm
and two women have been detained but are being held on lesser charges while authorities investigate oreos was a three year veteran of the department, an event held in san francisco today marked the start of human trafficking prevention month, the san francisco collaborative against human trafficking held its annual modern day abolitionists award presentation. award recipients were recognized for their vital work to prevent human trafficking. the collaborative also held its annual news conference to discuss its ongoing efforts in the bay area to combat what it calls modern day slavery. we have really not been able to abolish the more than 10,000 years of slavery, forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation in the world. still you are here. you were here as responsible, concerned, compassionate community members, leaders. and advocates. the san francisco collaborative against human trafficking was established in
10:41 pm
2010. it represents a coalition of over 50 law enforcement agencies, government departments and community based service providers. the city of santa rosa is stepping up its mental health services. today city leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the launch of a new mental health support team. that team includes a licensed mental health clinician, a paramedic and a homeless outreach specialist. they will travel together in one of six vans to people in crisis and in need of mental health services. well coming up more than a dozen california lawmakers resigning and governor gavin newsom touts his new healthcare plan how immigration advocates say it will help close a major gap and another beautiful and colorful sunset over the bay area tonight. looks like the sky is on fire. chief meteorologist bill martin is back right after the break with what we can expect in our
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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capital this year. 15 assembly members and state senators have either opted not to seek re election in november or have already called it quits midterm to run for higher office. in addition, seven senators are hitting their term limits this year. that means there will be at least 23 new legislators in our state out of 120 total after november's election policy observers say all that change
10:45 pm
has the potential to shake up sacramento politics. well governor gavin newsom was in current county today to highlight a major item from his proposed budget. he wants to expand medical coverage to all regardless of immigration status , but it's ktvu political reporter greg lee explains. the state legislature still needs to sign off on this is a very historic moment. it's a day of celebration with the blessing of civil rights icon dolores huerta governor gavin newsom touted his healthcare access plan in the central valley. the proposal could make california the first state in the nation to offer health care coverage to all low income residents, regardless of immigration status. this is about saving money. this is about strengthening families. and as i said, strengthening communities and the economy here in the state of california, and it's about time the health care plan is part of his $286 billion budget proposal revealed monday . the medical expansion would cost about $2.2 billion a year. if approved, it would go into
10:46 pm
effect january 1st 2024. it would close a gap in the states healthcare system right now, undocumented people are eligible for coverage up to age 26 starting in may. it will cover those 50 and over the state estimates this new plan could cover 700,000 more people, why not invest in treating people and preventing. the most acute conditions that tend to manifest on the back end and as taxpayers be out of pocket as a consequence of that, just having the peace of mind to know that if something happens, you've got a place to go. it's a better way for the patient to get health care, and it's a better way for our health care system to deliver health care to people. immigrants. rights groups cheered the plan one they've lobbied for since 2014. republicans approved of some of the budget items, but we're generally critical assembly member vince fong wrote. it is time for an open and transparent debate on the need for permanent tax relief and more accountability and oversight for
10:47 pm
the spending of taxpayers money on programs that actually produced solutions, not just political statements, a reminder this spending plan is for the fiscal year that begins in july. in the newsroom. craig lee ktvu, fox two news the state is taking steps to produce its own insulin to reduce costs in a tweet today, governor newsom said california will explore ways to contract and manufacturer our own insulin and that insulin should not drain your bank account. the governor briefly touched upon bringing down insulin costs yesterday during his budget announcement. it's part of his larger goal of providing access to prescription medications that at some point could be purchased at a lower cost from the state. the american red cross announcing a national blood crisis for the first time in at least a decade. the organization says the nation's blood supplies and record low territory, the red cross reported a 34% decline in new donors due to the pandemic. and centers across the u. s have reported less than a day supply of certain blood types. because
10:48 pm
of this extreme shortage, the organization says it can't always deliver the requested amount of blood to hospitals. doctors have to force between giving blood transfusion to certain patients or forcing other patients to wait for blood products to be ah, donated by generous donors in our community. the red cross is urging people who can help to do so by scheduling appointments to donate. already checking out the weather out there. this is the circle of rain. if you will. that's where it's raining. hardest. this is the model and i just want you to see that atmospheric wherever continue in the pacific northwest, warm, moist air through thursday, friday, saturday sunday all the way into next week is going to collide with the cascades in that snow. it's going to be a bunch of snow milk because that's some tropical moisture, so we're going to see flooding in washington state, especially north and north central washington state, probably over the next couple of days as that snow gets melted rapidly. and you get into a position where,
10:49 pm
right? you just you lose a lot of snow. quick. it runs off. it's just not ever a good thing and they've already had record amounts of brain. there are the high temperatures from today, mid sixties down towards santa clara. very warm. we had a nice day today, temperatures about as warm as they can get this time of year. they're above average, see the satellite image showing all the clouds moving to the north. those clouds are like i say from the subtropics, and so they're unloading. copious amounts of moisture and not in the form of snow, unfortunately, usually this far north into southern alaska and british columbia. you're looking at snow , but not the case. they're getting a ton of rain right now , and th have some clouds out there now the clouds bit wa. there's no fog at the coast will be a little bit of patchy valley fog inland, as you know, as you would expect, and it's not going to be all that cold tonight. i mean, it's gonna be like last night, upper thirties low forties, so above freezing for most of us right now, it's just in the forties or 46 in capri. that's for this time of year. heck, that's you know, it's
10:50 pm
expect, you know, though, mid thirties this time of night, especially up in the north back. that's not the case. the clouds keep us a little bit warmer. they're not going to bring us any rain. but that's what they'll do is keep us warmer, and they'll filter the sunshine just a bit so that we'll see temperatures slightly cooler tomorrow. so the storm track as i pointed out, heads north. the high pressure is dominant over us, but there are still some clouds of filter and tomorrow so wednesday that where we were living, maybe degree cooler and then maybe two or three degrees cooler on thursday. because more clouds. so here's the model here is tomorrow morning coming up right here and then you see partly cloudy. here's tomorrow afternoon. and then here's thursday morning, see some rain to the north. here's thursday afternoon. and then here comes friday and you can see it just got a nice pattern going for us, and we don't see any opportunity for rain for at least the next 10 days, so we are going to just kind of bask in this. unseasonable warm above average temperatures. 66 in morgan hill , 65. in san jose. enjoy wall last hope you have people in town. you can show it off to and
10:51 pm
again. it's don't freak out. we've got tons of rain, tons of snow. we always need more. but this time of year it happens. you get these streaks and a streak of dry weather. it's very, very, very normal. so there is the five day forecast. i will see you back here at 11. right bill. thank you so much, well girl scout cookie season kicked off today, and that means you can buy boxes of your favorite cookies like thin mints from your local girl scout troop . but with the pandemic, the organization is getting creative in how it raises money beyond in person stands. the girl scouts have partnered with doordash. so you can get your cookies delivered to your home. you can start buying the cookies on doordash next month. the warriors, go on the road and try to stop the red hot memphis grizzlies, who have a nine game winning streak. sports director marco benitez has the highlights and the rest of sports right after the break and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news why disgraced ceo elizabeth holmes? could have her sentencing delayed until after labor day. ir
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
body is with you tonight. the vital room. i don't know what it is. the golden state warriors just cannot get the whole band together. the euphoria of a couple of days ago, getting clay thompson back lasted about seven seconds. draymond green now looks like he's going to be out of extended time and the warriors get real sloppy with the basketball down in memphis to start their road trip, although james wiseman traveling with the team, that's a good side, he's getting closer to coming all the way back from the knee injury, and i'll tell you who is all the way back. clay thompson nice moves drive and finished. and the warriors are in business double figures for him little turnover problem for the warriors to try to save it. 12 turnovers in the first quarter, resulting in smooth and quick points that job marantz getting up. he had 18 in the
10:55 pm
first half for the grizzlies, who build the lead. in fact, led by as many as 18, but clay's continues, strips were ants step behind the back. beautifully done for gp two and the warriors gouge into that deficit just a little bit toward the half beautiful in pounds. that's a great play. kirk calls there and played drains the three from the corner there down at eight at halftime. steph curry not to forget about him triple double tonight. 27 points. 10 rebounds , 10 assists pops, this three. they come all the way back from the deficit to take a 71 63 lead at this point of the third. but lose the momentum again. down five clay will find ppe to all alone slam dunk and all of a sudden was about a minute 14 left. they're down three, but too much of this guy, john moran . he's got that float game down. he had a couple of those in the final moments. he winds up with 29. memphis wins their 10 straight. you can see they are
10:56 pm
feeling that they've got the warriors number right now. and the warriors with those 17 turnovers tonight, leading directly to 26 memphis points. 1 16 1 await is your final steve kirk concerned a little bit about his teeth. and it's on to milwaukee in a strange way. um you know these next 34 weeks you're going to be about, uh, kind of re establishing our identity because god is going to play a huge role, and so this next month or so, um, you know, we're gonna shuffle the deck a little bit and try some different combinations and try to get everything in order for the stretch run in the playoffs. when you get like i said, it's always something with this team. now. the dream on injury felt a little twinge in his calf before the cavs game sunday played just seven seconds came out and the injuries serious enough now to keep green from joining the team on the road. late word tonight, it's doubtful that he will
10:57 pm
actually joined the team at any point. during what promises to be a real rugged road trip. playing some very tough teams. let's take it to the college courts. stanford they hadn't played a game since december 23rd where they're going to be rusty arrested. well you make that call as they beat the number five team in the country . us jared houses team came out late first half stanford down only three spencer jones forces a turnover keeps hustling. gets the dunk on the transition and the edge 21 2nd half cardinal down to now. trojan sloppy with the ball, harrison ingram, the steel and the ensuing slammed with the left hand, he had 21 points and 10 rebounds. two minutes left cardinal up to jamie dealer just doubles the lead right there with a nice drive. off glass himself. and now this final 10 seconds, the baseball past usc down six. tried to press spencer joe, t. e
10:58 pm
exclamation point on the night . it's the first win for stanford over a top five teams. in 15 years, got some more bay area victory to talk about the san jose sharks feeling good about themselves, put together a little mini wind street get home team that beat him last week. the red wigs in town. working it power play situation. it's jonathan darwin finding team oh, meyer, his 15th goal and the sharks taking a one nothing lead. but we go on to overtime. one minute inbred birch shot on goal. not quite. logan couture. the captain, the mop up man ends it. 32 sharks their third straight win 13 for couture. their next step. the rangers on thursday night. we've come to that point of the evening where we must check this out one of
10:59 pm
our favorites. let's cto and his okay, pension. we're doing strange stuff. we've shown you barely down streets and stairs and paris riding the edge of a now in austria. stunt riding at a ski resort, and i was telling the guys earlier that this looks like an insurance nightmare does look how much areas getting he's like up there. yeah i assume this guy has permission. and i couldn't love this because you know when you go to the arcade, and they rigged those baskets, crisis for all prizes for all yeah, yeah, he's short circuiting the system right there. why not sprinting? i don't understand that. alright that's the sporting life, right ? the #### we're seeing about 25 minutes, mark. thank you so much. appreciate it. next at 11. we don't want to get that black eye or their certain don't want to get a knife in my stomach.
11:00 pm
you know in our head as you scared business owners in oakland's chinatown are on high alert after another unprovoked attack against an asian woman. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the attack comes during a time when chinatown should be bustling with lunar new year shoppers. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, i'm andre senior new tonight. ktvu amberleigh joins us live in oakland and amber merchants tell you that the extra police presence is making a difference, but that yesterday's attack is frightening. andre merchants tell me they close early because of safety concerns. they also say people don't come to chinatown to used to. oakland police have a high profile presence in chinatown merchants tell me it's reassuring, but crimes targeting the asian community are still top of mind, especially as the lunar new year approaches concerning because you see we
11:01 pm
closing very early right now. sandy child's


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