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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 12, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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already strained for resources and the update. we're about to get from governor gavin newsom after the latest surge continues to have an impact on schools will take a look at what's being done to keep students in the classroom. then one person killed. several others hurt in a crash in san jose. what we're learning about this investigation. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon . i'm gasia mikaelian beyond mike mibach, california has hit a new record for weekly covid cases. the state is now averaging nearly 100,000 cases a day. that is more than double the previous high of 44,000 in january of last year. but despite the rapid surge, the milder omicron variant and current vaccination rates have led to a dramatically lower death rate. the 70 averages less than 50 compared to 561 year ago , coming up at 12 30 were
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scheduled to hear a live address from governor newsom regarding his new covid-19 emergency response package. meanwhile parents in the oakland and west contra costa unified school plar more teachers sick outs this week. teachers at several bay area schools have told families they won't be coming to class as a form of protest. ktvu saleh rasmus live now to explain what the teachers are calling for alan garcia. educators organizing and supporting these sick outs say they need to do this to put pressure on school districts to provide more covid safety measures. meanwhile some school districts across the state are now calling on california leaders to give them more flexibility when they experience extreme staff shortages at steve elementary in richmond teachers plan to sick out at school today and it appears students and families got the message and kept their kids home. teachers here in the west contra costa school district say the sick out is a protest to put pressure on the district. to provide k n95 masks to all students, as well as weekly covid testing a few parents who did drop off their
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kids this morning felt conflicted. i'm with the teachers and also i'm with. you know, district too. i mean between you know, because i needed my kids to get education. and they've been closed last year, and it was very hard for us. to home school in the oakland unified school district . teachers at montara middle school are planning a sick out there tomorrow. all across oakland. unified teachers are calling on the district to provide everyone with can 95 or other medical grade masks as well as weekly covid testing on campuses. teachers at frick united planning a sick out today and tomorrow called on a mandatory quarantine anytime the school has three or more covid cases in response to those demands. oh, usd superintendent announced the district plans to get another 200,000 can n95 masks for students and that they're adding air filters to oh, usd cafeterias and common rooms. it's clear that school districts are reaching the breaking point. troy flinches, the spokesperson for the california association of school boards, the lobbying group in sacramento. that represents just about all of california's 1000.
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cool districts. they said the teacher's sick outs appear to be happening mostly in the bay area, but that statewide school districts are struggling with staff shortages because of covid . the group says there is a push among school districts to ask state leaders for more flexibility. to switch to remote learning. i know many people are still resentful from the long period that kids weren't on campus during the past two years, and there is a sense of, uh for me once. shame on you fool me twice. shame on me, but this is actually a very different circumstance. clothing schools are going to remote learning is absolutely a last resort in this case. some of the biggest challenges with staff shortages, finding enough substitutes to supervise kids. yesterday the governor signed an executive order making it easier for school districts to hire substitute teachers. could take a little while for that to fully go into effect. but in the meantime, many school districts have called on parents and other community members to step in as volunteers to help keep classrooms open. michael garcia
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back to you. all right, ali. thank you. the white house, making a move here to keep students safe inside the classroom. the administration says it's going to provide 10 million more covid test a month to schools across the united states. these tests include five million rapid test. and five million pcr tests. the first shipments will be delivered later this month. sonoma county residents are under new covid restrictions. ktvu magus reports from santa rosa on how businesses and residents are responding to this new health order. in downtown santa rosa wednesday, the hot coffee was flowing at aroma, roasters and customers tired of working from home. we're getting work done from there. well, i'm an adult. i can i can make adult decisions . i mean, i'm aware of it. i'm vaccinated. right so i get it. but at the same time we've got to go on living our lives, don't we? i think i mean, i just i'm not comfortable. i don't want to be inside. um just away from
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other human beings for the rest of my life. the month long ban on large indoor gatherings, limiting them to no more than 50 people is in effect at wedding and event venues, auditoriums, gymnasiums and large conference rooms across sonoma county at paradise ridge winery in santa rosa. that means more lost business from couples who would normally be visiting the winery scouting out their wedding venue . for us. the problem is basically that you know, people can't plan anything. they don't know when things are if i'm going to get stricter and shut down more or if they're gonna, you know, open up again, so it's hard. it's hard to plan an event and right now it's a corporate. event time of season and those are we've had some postponed because of this ordinance. many businesses need not worry about the new gathering restrictions, shops and restaurants, museums, malls, places of worship and schools are not included in the county wide ban. here's why in
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the past two weeks, sonoma county's case rate increased by nearly 400% and test positivity is higher than at any point during the pandemic. gatherings and especially large gatherings have been identified as the source of many of the infections . these waves just keep happening. so what should we do? i mean, get vaccinated. be careful try to be fairly cautious and double up on surgical masks or upgrade to a k 95 or 95. health officials say. this is a high quality one. right um, so i'm yeah, it's the n95 masks. these new venues forf reducing crowds and controlling the surge in cases of the omicron variant. a parting in santa rosa, emma goss, ktvu fox two news. santa's a police are investigating a deadly crash involving two vehicles. this happened around eight o'clock this morning, right there at the intersection of south white road
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and almond drive. police say. one person died at the scene and two others were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the intersection was blocked for hours while investigators were there at the scene. no word yet on what happened leading up to the collision or who's at fault. this is the fourth fatal crash this year in the city of san jose. a pedestrian was hit and killed by a driver in san jose last night. this happened about 5 45 in the area of curtner avenue and the almond in expressway. police say the pedestrian was crossing outside of a crosswalk when he was struck by the driver. the victim died at the hospital. officers say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. crime and covid concerns in oakland's chinatown at a time when sidewalks should be packed just ahead of the lunar new here as ktvu is, amberleigh explains. police say the patrols are helping, but an unprovoked attack just this week is fueling concerns. oakland police have a high profile presence in chinatown merchants tell me it's reassuring, but crimes targeting the asian community are still
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top of mind, especially as the lunar new year approaches concerning because you see we closing very early right now. sandy child's hair salon closes around 4 30 instead of six or even seven. during what would have been the busiest time of the year for chinatown busiss, they can't make any mon. child tells me covid and crime concerns are keeping away customers, people getting their hair done before chinese new year accustom the business various slow you know? compare with back few years ago. a few doors down. kv discount is also closing up shop early before nightfall. it a little bit scary, even scare lee covid. scary something bad. the owner says she's been in business here for 30 years, but the last two have been difficult, worried about being attacked and robbed . add to that there's a little foot traffic. this is very job. good on our side of street. no
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people walk on monday morning, an asian woman described to be in her seventies, was walking when she became the victim of an unprovoked attack on ninth street near franklin. person shoved her, causing her to fall to the ground. a witness said the victim suffered minor injuries. police are looking for help identifying the woman and the suspect. despite this attack , the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says the police presence is a deterrent, but thd thing is, you know is the frequency and the seriousness is actually a much much better than before. he urges people not to carry a large amount of cash as they shot for chinese new year and for merchants to accept forms of payment other than cash back at this salon, the owner says most customers are regular. everything is ready, you know, . this really uncomfortable tellse even more police patrols in the area as it gets closer to chinese new year, which falls on
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february 1st. despite concerns merchants hope business will improve. in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. lawmakers in washington, d. c paid tribute to the late former senator harry reid today during a ceremony at the us capitol, the body of senator reid laid in state in the capitol rotunda, will vice president kamala harris senators , house representatives and family joined the ceremony. it was closed to the public under covid protocols read served longer in congress than anyone from the state of nevada and was the senate majority leader alongside two presidents. house speaker nancy pelosi called read a legendary leader of great integrity. harry would be the first to admit that he wasn't the biggest the loudest or the strongest. but he was tough. and relentless, he conquered the impossible. and he made the world a better place. i quickly learned but even though harry
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talked softly what he said carried the force of thunder. he was honest. he was direct. and he was original. harry reid died of pancreatic cancer last month at the age of 82 still to come here again, flight cancelations continue across the country. we take a closer look at the struggle for airlines as they continue to deal with staffing shortages, plus can't just, you know, keep throwing good money after bad and but it was it was hard. this is my baby. you know, i birthed this. i created this and end of an era in the city of oakland will have more on the closure of the beloved brown sugar kitchen. and mild, warmer temperatures across much of the bay area as we give you that live look at downtown san francisco ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo forecast for your neighborhood. on its schedule. ts
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thousands of workers are calling out sick due to covid, leaving thousands of flights canceled. san francisco international reporting 28 delays and 33 canc in new york city with the latest holiday flight cancelations are dragging on well into the new year. united airlines, becoming the latest carrier to trim its schedule as covid cases are on the rise, ceo scott kirby, saying the airline
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has about 3000 workers who called out sick. after testing positive for the virus. that's 4% of its entire workforce. airlines said it tough christmas with cancelations. now we're seeing that the spread of the macron another variance, even with thousands of covid cases, united says it's vaccine requirement is working. among vaccinated employees. the company has had zero hospitalizations and zero deaths before the mandate, united average more than one death a week, and united is that alone as it deals with delays and cancelations. jet blue recently cut its scheduled by about 1280 flights, roughly 10% of its schedule because the crew members getting sick consumers are on high alert. i mean, we saw it over christmas with the cancelations. this spike here could even be bigger on united. we're waiting to see for other airlines. since but you have to have that plan b cancelations coming as bitter cold weather in parts of the country has many travelers looking to book a sunny spring break, boy come
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february. there's going to be pressured to get as many flights in the air as possible. united says it has offered pilots to offset shortages. in new york. cheryl cassani, ktvu fox two news. governor newsom is in southern california today to talk about the plan and his latest proposal to address the state's homelessness crisis. the governor was at a homeless encampment in san diego this morning, highlighting his proposal to add $2 billion to the states multiyear plan to confront homelessness. governor newsom's plan would create 55,000 new housing units and mental health and substance abuse treatment centers, which were eliminated in the 19 sixties and seventies the last year. we put out a budget unprecedented in u. s history, not california history. $14 billion over the next few years will be invested for interventions out on the streets dealing with underlying issues. long term but also short term solutions. the governor's plan
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also provides $500 million toward encampment resolution grants that can be used by local governments to implement short and long term re housing strategies for people living in the encampments statewide. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo in that backyard. he's got right there. it's a beautiful beautiful winter afternoon out there, mark. yes, temperature is, um i got to the chilly start. actually it's nice to be outside this afternoon. lots of sunshine. i'll call it beautiful as well with the temperatures on track to reach the sixties. of course, we always want some more rainfall, but it looks like this dry weather stretch will continue for today and right on through the weekend and into the next week, so temperatures today with forecast highs. it's kind of the big weather story, no records, but we are above the average instead of some fifties across most of the bay area, that would be the average high. for today. most neighborhoods will be in the sixties. maybe if you continue. here's the forecast model where we're taking this in can see up until january. 19th we're showing you a bunch of zeros
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over the bay area, maybe just over 1/10 of an inch up along the north coast of california right around eureka area, so we'll see if this can change. it looks like this dry weather pattern will continue. into the weekend and into next week. current numbers out there after that cool start most areas in the fifties but already some 60 showing up out towards san jose paolo alto. 60 degrees have been base 63. we have a pretty big swell out there as well. no high surf advisory, but still some dangerous conditions that just offshore in the pacific as he back out the maps. we are showing you this, and as you can see, some high clouds mainly focused. up to the north of the bay area, so we'll call it mostly sunny for today. tomorrow will be mostly cloudy and some of that cloud coverage drifts in from the north for your thursday forecast outside right now, our live camera looking out toward sfo still mostly clear conditions. a bit of some hes so kind of with this pattern in place kind of traps the pollutants in the lower levels of the atmosphere and as a result of that hes can develop. here's the main. the main
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weather pattern. the storm track that big green line is focused up to our north, so it looks like that dry weather stretches here to stay mostly sunny skies for this afternoon we had that mild pattern. and then into what your thursday we bring in this week cold front and this will just bring in some more clouds and cooler temperatures, but no hope of rain with that system is a kind of falls apart pretty quickly over the bay area for tomorrow or thursday. here is the forecast model. now we will bring in some high clouds not only from the north, but also from the south. later on this afternoon and into the evening hours tomorrow we're calling it mostly cloudy for the morning hours. we could have some breaks in the activity into the afternoon hours. so partly cloudy, maybe by mid afternoon on thursday and then will gradually clear things out by friday. for today, mostly sunny . it's nice to warm lots of sixties out there, in fact, kind of flirting with the 70 degree mark. in morgan hill. 67 degrees san francisco. there is that 60 and look ahead your five day mostly cloudy for your thursday especially for the first half of the day and then looks good as
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well as you can see for your friday forecast and more sunshine into the weekend, so it is nice to get outside. hopefully we can eventually track some more rain drops here in the bay area, but between now and then it's a great day to get outside for a hiker biker. mark tamayo thank you still to come at noon, providing rent relief to millions. the bill unveiled today that we give some much needed help to the most vulnerable californians.
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limited availability in select areas. been placed on a 15 day lockdown to try to slow the spread of covid, according to the marin i j at san quentin. the prison reported six active cases among inmates and 73 amongst staff just in the last couple of weeks. san quentin spokesman says 91% of inmates and 66% of correctional staff are vaccinated. state lawmakers will soon consider a bill to bring financial relief to millions of california renters. a bill was introduced this morning by east bay state senator steve glazer. it would increase the state's renter's credit for the first time since 1979. glaser says the proposed legislation but also reform the credit to give more help to single parents and 2.4 million low income renters in our state. with this bill, we have the opportunity to make an immediate and lasting impact, helping those in low income communities that struggle with the skyrocketing cost of rent and helping them right now. if passed, the bill would provide a $500 tax credit to individuals
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and $1000 tax credit to single parents and couples who rent homes and apartments. well it's the end of an era in oakland, the beloved restaurant brown sugar kitchen has served its last meal. ktvu cristina rendon spoke with the chef and owner tanya holland about what's next . i mean, it's where i ended up chef tanya holland built brown sugar kitchen from scratch 15 years ago. now it's goodbye. you can't just, you know, keep throwing good money after bad and but it was it was hard. this is my baby. you know, i birthed this. i created this brown sugar kitchen served its last meal the day before christmas eve. holland and her partners made the decision not to reopen on monday as planned. she filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year while offering take out during the pandemic, staying open no longer feasible. nobody got to plan their last meal, you know, which makes me sad. there's just so many factors that contribute to why we're closing covid, you know, high price to rent empty storefronts, empty offices. um
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some crime, you know, lack of police force. it's just all compounding. and that's kind of you know where we are. yeah perfect storm. exactly holland always envisioned opening up a soul food bistro. she first worked her way up through kitchens in new york, boston and france. this is from 1992. and these are my notes from cooking school for agra. you know salmon terrine. i was cooking much fancier food, and i thought that was the food that i was going to end up cooking. but it was her crispy fried chicken and cornmeal waffles that put brown sugar kitchen on the map. the restaurant spent 10 years in west oakland before moving to uptown on broadway in 2019. she made appearances on a number of television shows, including top chef and master chef looking back now, holland says she was under resourced from the start and things compounded. i don't and you know, the sad thing to me is like meyer sound put in the state of the art sound
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system for me, and i can't take it with me and whoever gets this, it's such a gift. the tables and chairs are staying behind for the next owner, with this chapter closing the next one opens, holland has projects in the works. she's releasing a third cookbook in the fall. some television appearances are set to air and she'll keep people posted on social media, all of it her next recipe for success. what's sad? yeah, that you know, i have to leave this but at least like i got to do this which a lot of people don't have a chance to in oakland, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. mayor london breed is looking to make too big attractions in san francisco's golden gate park free for those who live in the city. today, the mayor proposed legislation that would make admission to the conservatory of flowers and the japanese tea garden free for city residents. the san francisco botanical garden is already free to residents. this heads off to the board of supervisors budget and finance committee for review later this month. still to come at noon. demand is high for covid tests in san francisco with the mayor
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says about the city's response and how she plans to help protect students and staff at schools, plus the um macron variants surge, causing staffing shortages at both hospitals and schools. i'm jonathan, syrian atlanta,
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serrie as more on what the states are doing, as the omicron variant continues to spread. health care is truly in a crisis . that's the mccrone variant continues to spread across the country. covid hospitalizations hitting a new record in the u. s topping 145,000, surpassing the record set last january hospitals experiencing staffing shortages as their employees are becoming infected, pushing an already overwhelmed system to the brink. the national guard called in in some states like massachusetts to help this staffing shortage. is the most serious we have ever seen hospitals canceling elective surgeries as they see icu bed shortages and wait times of nearly 10 hours in the emergency room supplies for testing supplies for treatments, supplies for hospital beds. are declining. meanwhile, many parents are left wondering what's best for their children and whether it's safe for schools to remain open. as this surge continues, the cdc and biden administration insisting
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schools can safely remain open if they follow proper safety guidelines. some schools, though , seeing staffing shortages that are making that difficult have that backup plan for a possibility that your student may have to do remote learning for a short period and in chicago staff and students are set to return to the classroom where wednesday following a vote by the teachers union to return to remote learning, saying they were not prepared to deal with the latest surge. in cases it feels like parents are not being represented. it feels like kids are, you know an afterthought, and pfizer says it could have a vaccine out by march that specifically targets the ah macron variant. in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two. news officials in napa county are not planning any new restrictions on activities despite reporting a record number of covid-19 cases. public health officials say they've seen as many as 866 cases in a week. the previous peak 788 cases last winter, the average
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is now up to 60 cases per day per 100,000 residents. county health officials say cases in unvaccinated people outnumber breakthrough cases in vaccinated residents by 10 to 1. the governor has taken a step to help schools deal with staffing shortages. he signed an executive order that temporarily lower state requirements for hiring qualified short term substitute teachers. it also allows substitutes to work on extended assignment. the order will expire at the end of march. again we're going to bring you governors updates on the response to the covid pandemic once that news conference gets underway. to the east bay as the west contra costa unified school district has nine teachers who called out sick yesterday at korematsu middle school in el cerrito. that's a quarter of the staff there. they say they're against the districts decision to resume in class instruction. a letter addressed to students family said. teachers will be out through the end of the week. a similar protest was held at grand elementary enrichment. same district korematsu parent expressed frustration from families are not getting their
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normal. schooling definitely. the pe classes were three classes there together in the yard and just kids were kind of bored. the education news site. ed source reports teachers at stage elementary in richmond and hercules middle school or planning sick outs today, teachers say they want the district to provide k n95 masks for all students rather than those blue surgical masks. west contra costa unified superintendent chris hurst is criticizing the teacher protests. in a statement, he said part employees at coordinating with one another to call in sick together is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. to oakland, where administrators at one private high school decided to switch cases on campus led officials to start virtual classes this week. last week, the school had an unprecedented number of daily absences with up to 20% of students calling out administrators will use these two weeks to conduct contact tracing look at testing options and reinforce campus operations
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. starting today, parents are helping to fill the staffing shortage at palo alto public schools when asked to help close to 700 parents signed up to volunteer assignments include, like custodial work, helping with kobe testing lines, outside schools and even serving as classroom assistance. i want to support my kids and their education and also the community in general, the kids here i'm really happy. that we have parents that are willing to help. so i'm thankful to have a community that i know i can reach out to all volunteers must be vaccinated and must test negative for covid before they can do their jobs. other districts, including san francisco, have had parent volunteer programs during this pandemic. the san francisco school district says demand is high right now at its four covid testing sites. we have been, um, working all the time trying to keep increase the testing as much as we can. i think everybody knows that this is not a school district alone challenge. the district its tess
12:35 pm
at last night's meeting of educd times for those pcr tests are increasing from 24 hours to 2 to 3 days. all because of the high demand. parents are also calling for more personal protective equipment in classrooms and for the district to partner up with the city's public health department to handle testing and contact tracing. san francisco has seen an unprecedented number of new covid cases. but mayor london breed says right now there are no plans for any new restrictions. some public agencies have been affected by staffing shortages due to the omicron very and mooney has had to cut some lines and the police and fire departments are making staffing in overtime adjustments just to make sure that all ships are covered. today. mayor breed joined us on mornings on two and said while this surge is concerning it is very different than the start of the pandemic. we have something now that we did not have before, and that is the vaccine. and what we're saying is, yes. we're seeing
12:36 pm
high numbers, but we're not seeing the number of people die or in the hospital increased in numbers that are out of control , which is why there's no need for us to enforce any additional restrictions. the mayor says the city is also providing additional support to the school district, contributing more mass for staff and students as well as testing supplies to help educators return to the classroom after recent sick outs and staffing shortages, we have an update now on a covid test site, we first reported on wednesday yesterday. san francisco city attorney is now investigating a test site that's been operating in the mission district back on monday, when our reporter has to see the required medical license to perform the test. he found the permits, which had been issued to a company called crestview clinical laboratories. had expired in november. sounds entertaining. i think that one's okay. ah i'll point that out because we found out that out today. but i pointed out to her and then i'll get new ones. and i think tomorrow we contacted crest view, the company said it
12:37 pm
isn't operating any covid test sites in san francisco and suggested someone had illegally obtained copies of the company's license. the city attorney says the operators of the test site have not provided any proof that they have the necessary licenses to conduct medical tests. it would be utterly unacceptable if there were rogue actors who are trying to exploit the situation , setting up unlicensed testing facilities to make a quick buck. the city attorney says the investigation into this test site continues, and that's the overwhelming majority of testing the city is above board. he also said anyone giving personal information or going for a test can ask for proof of licensing, which should be provided immediately. san jose city council has approved the new booster shot mandate. all city employees are now required to get the additional dose of the coronavirus vaccine. starting today, anyone also entering a city on russia, proof of a booster or recent negative covid test. this includes the s, a p center, the performing arts center and the convention center. san jose is the first
12:38 pm
large city in california to enact such a requirement, the head of the centers for disease control and prevention says mask recommendations will likely not change up until now. the agency advised people to wear those disposable were cloth mass. but the spike in omicron cases has some health experts thinking about recommending medical grade and 95 or k. n95 masks some doctors say omicron can easily pass through those cloth masks, but those medical grade masks offer up better protection. president biden says he is not sitting back on voting rights legislation any longer. now democrats in the senate are moving forward loren blanchard has the latest now from washington. do you expect you'll be in over the weekend could be senators could be facing a long weekend as democrats work to pass voting rights legislation wouldn't want it dilute anybody to thinking this is easy. but we're trying to come to a place where 50 senators can support
12:39 pm
two bills senate leader chuck schumer working to rally his chamber to pass voting rights, like president biden rally democrats on tuesday. i believe the threat to our democracy so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bill if senators won't pass the legislation, top democrats say they must do away with the filibuster. how rule used to stall a vote and requires 60 senators for passage. the democrats want to rig the rules of the senate. so they can force through a very radical, extreme , dangerous and scary agenda. republicans say the legislation gives democrats an unfair advantage. the truth is, this is not about voting rights. this is about a partisan political power grab. and they're just trying to dress it up and sell it as something else. the problem for democrats senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema necessary votes say blowing up the filibuster will lead to more division. we need some good rule changes to make the place work
12:40 pm
better, but to get rid of the filibuster doesn't make it work. better leader. schumer says he wants the voting legislation passed or the filibuster rules changed by mlk day or sooner on capitol hill, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news the state is taking steps to produce its own insulin to help reduce costs. yesterday the governor said in a series of tweets that california will explore ways to contract and manufacture our own insulin and that insulin should not drain your bank account. the governor briefly touched on bringing down insulin costs in his budget proposal monday, it's part of his larger goal of providing access to prescription medication that could at some point in the future you purchased at a lower cost from the state. coming up here at noon. we're going to check back in with meteorologist mark two miles weekend. we give you that live look out of downtown san francisco, as mark said, a little hazy out there. but there's going to be a lot of sixties across much debate area. morgan hill. if you live in morgan hill, you may eve
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♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer live to governor gavin newsom, who is talking to reporters hear about the latest attack the fight against the coronavirus right here in california. let's listen in to governor gavin newsom. one of 50 mobile sites that we've set up throughout the state of california would have referred
12:42 pm
to as the optimum served sites. these optimize service sites not only served the needs of residents and paramount in l, a county. the residents all across the state of california. roughly 650 or so folks were served just yesterday. here at this site. it's open between the hours of seven in the morning seven at night, seven days a week. recognizing the need to expand these hours of operation expand access to the opportunity to get tested. we deployed recently the national guard, you'll see a number of national guards, men and women. behind me as well assisting in this operation to make things more efficient and to make sure data is collected more effectively we have distributed across the state of california to support these 50 sites. 200 national guardsmen and women. we have 80 more going out the rest of this week, and 80 represents the number of optimum search sites that will also be set up as the number of
12:43 pm
total sites goes from 50. 2 80 across the state. it's important to note the extent it matters, perhaps less so to people and more dense parts of the state like l, a county, but rural and remote parts of california are also being served and this is an important point. that needs to be emphasized. 90% of the population of the nation's largest state. 90% of the population is within 30 miles of 30 minutes, rather drive of an optimum service site. and while that's impressive, we recognize it's not good enough. nor is the fact that there are lines appearing in sites like this all across the state. that said. i think it's important that you understand what this state has done in terms of testing. 6000 288 sites, 6200 and 88 sites. our existing or rather persist and are providing access to
12:44 pm
testing in the state of california. that's roughly 31. of all of the national testing sites, at least as of a week or so ago. it's not insignificant. so shows what's been done. but it also shows where the gaps remained. we don't want to see these lines. we don't want to see folks have to line up particularly this side. of the bus, and those are walk ins versus those that have appointments and so we continue to provide more support to expand these sites, more personnel. more expertise and more testing locations throughout the state of california, though, as supervisor noted, perhaps none more important than our public schools. it's interesting. and we're grateful. that the president states, the administration today announced a gold nationwide. providing 10. million tests a month. to our schools. 10 month. for the country. and while that's
12:45 pm
impressive i want to impress upon you. that we just provided. 10.9 million tests. in the last 30 days, just here in california for our public schools. and while that's impressive in many respects, it also gives you i think perspective of what we are up against nationwide in terms of the scarcity. particularly over the counter tests. the fact that california was able to do that is because we're california. it's because we spent the holidays. dr galley and his team and our office emergency service quite literally at warehouses, reports. airports, making sure. that those tests actually arrived and weren't rerouted in other parts of the country. we yes, competed against the federal government. for those tests. that's not the way things
12:46 pm
should be this far into the pandemic. i'm not suggesting otherwise. but i'm suggesting we are able to punch above our weight because we're california. in order to continue to punch above our weight. and to address the weights. and the lines. it's sites like this and all over the state of california. we recognize we have to do more. and today we want to lay out with little more detail are $2.7 billion covid plan that i introduced just 48 hours ago to the legislature includes early action. sense of urgency. we introduce the budget months of deliberation. give and take. we don't want to wait months. you ca. folks are frustrated. so we are working, not calling on because our legislative leaders have been extraordinary. but we're working with our legislative leaders to calendar early action of $1.4 billion that would include hundreds of millions of dollars for more
12:47 pm
staff hundreds of millions of dollars more tests. hundreds of millions of dollars more for more sites to do the most important thing we continue to have work to do, and that's get boosted and to get vaccinated, if indeed you have not gotten vaccinated. so we're here to highlight that early action. 1.4 billion of a $2.7 billion budgetary requests highlight the work that is being done, acknowledged the work that needs to be done in the gaps that need to be closed and reinforce the need to continue to support the federal government's effort at scale to procure the hundreds of millions, no billions of tests that are necessary. to move us out of this space and into a new face. as we turn the page to a new face. let me just acknowledge the phase. we're in briefly. this is going to be a challenging period is a challenging period. for so many
12:48 pm
folks. now we're hoping. after what we experienced last few surges that we would not be experiencing yet another variant, particularly one that is so ubiquitous in our lives would be on the cranberry. and while it's absolutely true, i don't need to hear from me. you've heard from everybody else's relates to the nature of this variant. we all know two things. one is that it is easily transmitted. but we also know that it is less severe than previous variance that said that total number in the aggregate puts enormous pressure. ultimately on our health care system, and that is demonstrated in the monster herbal across this country and not least of which here in california, particularly as it relates to staffing needs and our health care system. and that's why the state of california over the course of the last many weeks. we're not reacting to this. we
12:49 pm
in many ways we're anticipating this. we have brought in at a state contract staff 2000 363 contact staff that we brought into the state of california over the course last many weeks. 1250 more that will be bringing in to help support our health care system and to support our healthcare workers. we are providing flexibility, which we provided in 2020 and 2021. two facilities. as it relates to how they utilize that staff. and we recognize how weary those staff are. you have someone remarkable young woman operating this site . she's a nick. you basically works in the icu for kids. that's her. real job. and she's here working to test because she's feeling the need. and she put her head down. and said, i'm exhausted. and if we kept talking how it started to break
12:50 pm
down a little bit. enter physiology, said all you need to know she didn't even need to share the words were just exhausted emotionally, physically, well, exact every single one. her exhausted by this. and all i'm gonna say is we're going to get through this. just a few more weeks. few more weeks. you're starting to see not just parts of the globe, south africa, uk, but even parts of this country what we're starting to see in the last three or four days. some case level. that's going to happen here in the state of california as well. and while we've outperformed other large states, let me be specific. if you lived in florida. it would add roughly 40,000 more deaths. it per capita death rate was equivalent here in california. we actually have 50% lower per capita death rate in the state of california, 35% lower than the state of texas. we have a 50% lower positivity rate, then that state those states today. all right.
12:51 pm
we've been listening to governor gavin newsom there, address reporters. they're talking about the importance of testing, especially in our schools moving forward in this pandemic and also heard the governor garcia talk about the omicron variant. yes, hundreds of thousands of californians are being found to be positive with this, but compared to two years ago, not as many hospitalizations and that is the one positive there. you can talk about. we are streaming this online at ktvu dot com. in case you are interested in continuing to listen to governor newsom, let's swing back to ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. i love your backyard. i think today's the perfect day to be out there. i see you've got a light vest on which probably helps with a bit of the chill. yes that's right. gaussian fact be prepared to maybe shed the vestal later on this afternoon. it's actually fairly warm out there, especially in the direct sunshine. we're talking about lots of sixties and a few neighborhoods could be approaching the 70 degree mark later on this afternoon. no records but still temperatures well above the average in terms of rainfall. it has been a little bit of a dry stretch. as
12:52 pm
you can see last rainfall was not too long ago was last friday. as you can see, so the tally is up to. well, let's see five dry days we will add on to this quite a bit at least another seven and probably more than that, as that looks like this dry weather pattern wants to linger 6 to 6 to 10 days right now look across the country, you can see a higher chance of drier than average conditions here. and northern california basically across the good portion of the bay area. that's what the long range forecast says, and kind of agrees nicely with this forecast model showing you a bunch of zeros over the bay area, maybe 1/10 of an inch up along the north coast of uk a so things can always change, but it looks like it is dry today. it's mild today a little bit cooler for tomorrow, and then it's a mild weekend, which is some minor day to day changes. headed our way current numbers out there. san francisco 57 degrees oakland 56 half moon bay 63. san jose 61 conquered 56. as we check out the satellite. you can see the clear skies over the region right now, but those clouds up
12:53 pm
to our north will gradually approach the area later on this afternoon, but especially tonight into it tomorrow, so we are expecting more clouds in your thursday forecast. outside right now, our live camera looking out toward sfo mostly clear skies, but still a bit of haze out there with moderate air quality levels. we kind of have just the thing is kind of a stagnant patterns. there's not too much mixing and as a result that hes can develop store track that big green line is not approaching the bay area is focused up to our north. this area of high pressure wants to stick around. so today it's a mild pattern. temperatures widespread sixties mid to maybe some opera sixties this afternoon, and then as you can see, into what tomorrow that weak front moves in. this will send temperatures down by just a few degrees. no hope of any rainfall for us. we'll just bring in a few extra clause in your thursday outlook. here's the forecast model definitely wants to bring in some clouds not only from the north, but also from the south. later on today for the first half of your thursday, we are expecting mostly cloudy skies and then partly cloudy skies by the afternoon hours. looks like
12:54 pm
things will clear out on friday, although the winds could be a factor, especially in the hills , we could have northeast winds maybe gusting to 25 to 30 miles an hour. that would be for friday. today lots of sixties warm spots will be in the mid to upper sixties for san jose and morgan hill's the temperatures above the average and the look ahead. just some more cloud cover in your thursday out, looked on thursday out thursday. outlook it looks nice into your friday the sunshine will return this weekend and mike and gaussian these dry weather stretches are actually normal for this time of year. on average, we pick up about 19 dry days. we'll see if that will actually reach that level, but it looks like a dry weather pattern here in the bay area. hopefully things will change later in the month. mark tamayo thank you still to come at noon, levi stadium being used for more than just sporting events and concerts. how the dirt from the field is being turned into something you can eat. world. not
12:55 pm
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12:57 pm
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he made an error in judgment when he decided not to self isolate after testing positive for covid. instead djokovic went to an interview and a photo shoot in serbia. he also says his support team made an error when it did not declare he had traveled during the two weeks before he flew to australia for the australian open, which starts on monday. there has been heated debate over whether he should have been allowed into the country, even though he's not vaccinated. he is the nine time champion of the australian open the golden state warriors take on the defending nba champion milwaukee bucks tomorrow night. the warriors started their four game road trip last night, losing to the red hot memphis grizzlies. 1 16 1 away. klay thompson scored 14 points in his second game back from injury. steph curry man he had a great game. triple double 27 points, 10 rebounds, tenner says, but the grizzlies finished with 1/4 quarter flurry to naci franchise record 10th straight win. the san jose sharks
12:59 pm
continue their winning ways, but it took an extra period to get their latest win. the shark scored in the first period. the red wings tied it up in the second. the two teams traded goals early in the third, forcing the game to overtime. brent burns shot towards the net and logan couture put it in just across the line, giving the sharks a 32 overtime victory. sharks are six ot this season. alright niners fans, you know, have a chance to snack on potato chips made with the help of levi stadium. wow. that tastes like three super bowl wins 1008 190 like if it's good enough for hall of fame wide receiver jerry rice, it's going to for you, mike. he's in this new ad for free to lay. the company grew potatoes in fields separated by soil that was taken from 29 32 nfl stadiums included the raiders allegiant stadium, the green bay packers lambeau field . there are 200 especially marked bags made for each team. you have two, of course, go to freedom, least twitter account to find those bags. this is the opposite of the five second rule, right? oh, yeah, that's a great idea. i love that bag,
1:00 pm
especially the big san francisco 49 our logo right there, headed into the big game against the dallas cowboys on sunday, so alright, chips. it is the rest of the way from me. thanks for watching everybody. our next news gasses coming up at up nex the beef?es coming up at up nex >> may i have one of your delicious, delicious buggers. >> we're hitting drive-throughs across the country in search the justiest flavorful burgers out there. >> i would mayor are this. >> plus -- dr. oz: secrets for cooking the best at home, well done. >> and the dish on oz. ♪ ♪ dr. oz: we are in the middle of a fast food burger boon, it's after all we have been hitting the drive-throughs pretty hard lately prompting


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