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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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get a booster or risk losing your job. san jose becomes the first city in california to require its workers be boosted. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex seven. and i'm heather holmesis updated covid-19 vaccine requirecouncile of the toughest in the state when this toughest help mandates requiring proof of a booster shot. ktvu henry lee is here now , with the details of this expanded requirement. henry heather san jose is now the first city in california with his employee booster mandate by the city council also watered down the requirements for the public to enter city owned buildings. we want to ensure at our own workforce is boosted. every city worker in san jose must now get booster shots as a condition of employment. that's under a mandate approved unanimously tuesday night by the city council, and mayor sam
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liccardo the great benefit for those individuals who are boosted as a dramatically reduces the likelihood of actually in him. hospitalized the city has also now softened what it takes for the public to get into city facilities like asap center, the convention center in a center for performing arts must provide either proof of full vaccination and proof of being up to date on boosters. or proof of a negative covid 19,000. that's different from before when you have to be vaccinated to get in the city buildings, san jose says, allowing a negative test aligns with state and federal guidelines. this update takes effect early next month. certainly we want to avoid risks at locations where we have many people convening in large. venues had it not been for my positive test. nobody would have known that they were sick. jose city council member magdalena carrasco says she's still battling a cough after she got covid. i do hope that people um , really heed the warning if we
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haven't learned anything in the past two years, i mean, i don't know what else to say. but i'm a true believer of the vaccine and of the booster. the order for brewster's or negative test for the public in city buildings goes into effect on february 4th . there's no timetable yet for city worker boosters and discussions are still pending with their unions live the newsroom henry lee ktvu fox studios, obviously something that there's some things they've got to iron out there. all right, henry. thank you well following california guidelines. san francisco also updated its requirements for people attending large events. with more than 500 people indoors starting on february. 1st though 16 and over will have to provide proof that they have received a booster shot at least one week before the event. the same rule goes into effect for 12 to 15 year old starting on march 1st children between the ages of five and 11 will have provide proof of vaccination or get a negative covid test. in the oakland andas some educators
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refused to come to class as a form of protest. organizers of the sick out say they're necessary to put pressure on school districts to provide more covid safety measures. the teachers are calling on the districts to provide k n95 masks to all students and weekly covid testing as well. teachers at frick united academy in oakland who are planning another sick out tomorrow, want a mandatory quarantine anytime the school has three or more covid cases at a time. some parents tell us they're conflicted. i'm with the teachers and also i'm with. you know, district too. i mean between you know, because i needed my kids to get education. and they've been closed last year, and it was very hard for us. to home school. in response to the teachers union. oakland unified is planning to get another 200,000 masks for students, and it's adding new air filters to cafeterias and
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common rooms. the california school board association says, closing schools and going to remote learning would be an absolutely last resort. with so many teachers and staff calling in sick and one south based school district parent volunteers began coming to schools today to fill the void. hated his rob ross spoke with parents and school district officials and has our report now from palo alto. lunchtime at jail, stanford middle school in palo alto wednesday with teachers and support staff shortages. district wide supervising a scene like this would be difficult, if not impossible. that's where those people in the orange vests come in. they are parent volunteers, filling the void left by covid sick calls, they answered. the districts cry for help. they went pretty good. easier than i thought. i first time mending the lunch line as it was something new community really wanted the schools to be open, so we are doing our little part of helping uh, the schools to
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stay open. the parallel to unified school district says it has doubled the number of sick cause as usual. we had no way of knowing if the double was a peak or if the double is a start. so we plan for the worst superintendent, don austin issued a plea for parent volunteers over the weekend. more than 750 of signed up today was the first day the volunteer army came in emotional grateful feels so good that when we asked people didn't blink, we saw volunteers handing out sports equipment, helping with lunch and wiping down tables and chairs. jobs at school employees are stretched too thin now to do it's not just teachers. it's our custodial staff. it's our food service. and when we have, you know different individuals out and there then we don't have enough food going out to the student's. without this. i can't look into a camera and say that we're going to be open tomorrow. and with this, i can parent
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volunteers must be fully vaccinated and covid tested weekly. they are not left alone with the child. the volunteers say they get as much out of it as they're putting in. i've been hearing a lot about your there, my boys, their friends, and now it's a nice to put a face to their names. but how did teenagers feel about having their parents hovering around the schoolyard? my gives didn't want me to be here, but i said, if you want to go to school, they need help. let me help and they were fine. how many school districts may not have the same resources or parent availability as palo alto. still this program is gaining national attention, heather i'm sure that many more schools are going to have to rely on parents as we continue on, rob. thank you. governor newsom was in los angeles county earlier today to talk about the impact of the omicron variant and the covid-19 response plan laid out in his budget proposal this week. it calls for spending $2.7 billion on efforts related
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to vaccines. boosters medical personnel and increased testing. i think it's important that you understand what this state has done in terms of testing. 6000 288 sites, 6200 and 88 sites. our existing or rather persist and are providing access to testing in the state of california. that's roughly 31. of all of the national testing sites, at least as of a week or so ago. the biden administration is promising 10 million monthly covid test for schools nationwide. california will be able to request them after they become available later this month. well here now to discuss the big questions about the omicron surges. doctor jean noble, head of covid response for ucsf's emergency department . thank you so much, doctor for joining me again. are you seeing signs that the infection wave driven by the overgrown variant
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may be nearing a peak? well we haven't peaked yet, but there are indications that the peak is coming soon at the east coast of the united states has is going is just past its peak now and based on wastewater studies at boston just announced that they're the viral level and their wastewater. he's gone way down. hopefully we won't be far behind that, so we're still looking to peak in the next several days to the next 10 days or so. okay so while omar grahn is still shattering infection records, it appears to cause less severe symptoms, something that we talked about before. so are the new health orders that we're seeing, for example in sonoma county banning large gatherings are those new health orders necessary? i don't think banning large gatherings really has a lot of data behind it. and we did that very early in the pandemic, and you know, along with our lockdowns, and we didn't have a lot of tools in our tool kit. i think now that we have had, while widespread access to vaccines, very effective vaccines for a long time. benny mass. gatherings
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probably is not a lot of bang for the buck, and hopefully these policies will quickly fall by the wayside after we have passed our peak. okay. governor newsom today, really stressing the importance of testing when it comes to testing the doctor, there seems to be some confusion about how long a person with covid test positive how long can a person after they had covid continued to test positive for the illness? you know, it depends on the test that's being used in, you know the quantity of virus in their in their nose and throat, so it is variable. we do think that the period of infectiousness is roughly 48 hours before the onset of symptoms to 48 hours afterwards , so a positive test within that range is most likely to correlate to represent. the person being tested is actually infectious to others. we do have people who test positive for much longer periods of time. uh,
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and at some point in time we say that positive test doesn't really mean anything. it doesn't mean that you are still infectious. so that's that's problematic when we have a prolonged positive, right, so could could a person them potentially test positive for weeks or maybe even months. we? we have definitely seen that. it's not. it's not common, but it happens. and we've seen that more with our pcr tests that we have. you know some patients who are persistent positives who tested positive for weeks and weeks and we just you know we would bring our infectious disease doctors together and, you know, put in their chart. they are not considered an infectious patient. they are just a persistent positive and so you know, not common like i said, but it happens and it is problematic when it happens. okay. so given that are the testing requirements, for example, in schools and workplaces are those effective strategies. well i really think we're going to have to re find these covid policies. so testing a symptomatically to go to
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school or return to the workforce is, uh, is going to result in school closures and workplace closures and we really have to. we really have to articulate. why are we doing this? so if somebody is safe, asymptomatic and testing positive. we don't let them go to work or go to school theoretically to slow down, asymptomatic spread. but when we have these large numbers, you know, over half of people it looks like now who have omicron don't have any symptoms at all. and don't get sick. to what extent do we want to shut down our economy? to what extent we want to shut down our schools to prevent a symptomatic passage from one person to the other in the context of a highly vaccinated population. what are the serious health outcomes that were really preventing by these policies, and i think that really needs to be clarified, and that was something that you focused on in a tweet recently, you said that schools need to remain open, saying that
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teachers and in many places most students are vaccinated that they are protected by the vaccinations and that this is what we were waiting for. that's what you tweeted. so what do you telling folks? and what are you hoping that health officials do with this sort of information? i would like to see us get away from universal testing and really try to get back to life is normal. we are are are vaccines have performed incredibly well, they've done exactly what we've asked them to do. they prevent serious illness and death. and so it is time i think for us to get back to, you know, 2019 living to treat covid as an upper respiratory virus. cold virus for the majority of our population. if they get it, it's going to be of limited consequence. i know that we're not going to radically change. our policies are pulled back restrictions. just as we're about to peak from this summer concerts, but we've really got to be forward thinking and in the next weeks we need to think
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long and hard about how we're going to live with this virus. it's attenuated. it's much weaker now less of a threat. and not let it continue to dominate our lives throughout 2022 beyond. yeah that is a very good question. how and also advice for us to prepare for living with covid beyond this omicron surge. alright doctor jean noble really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. thanks for having me. issues related to election reform, took center stage at the capitol today, we'll hear from a political expert coming up about what will happen if there is no deal that gets done on a pair of election bills, also another twist in the saga of novak djokovic. the troubling admission today by the unvaccinated tennis star who recently tested positive for covid. adding whether lots of sunshine today some pretty mild temperatures, but high clouds moving in right now. it looks like temperatures cool off a bit, and your thursday forecast
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rights legislation, even altering senate rules if they have to. to get those bills passed as foxes, lauren blanchard tells us tonight. republicans pushed back today on claims. that new voting restrictions in many states are targeting people of color. i'm still talking talking. that's where negotiations on voting rights legislation stands among senate democrats in its way republicans and at least two democrats who do not support getting rid of the filibuster. they argue there should be dual party by in. i know we're not there yet, but i am encouraged by their engagement in the conversation both on the substance and on the process, things have a way of changing quickly here. especially if the public is aroused. the senate leader has promised there will be a vote on reform by monday, mlk day, but first thursday, president biden will meet with the democratic senators to throw
4:17 pm
his political weight behind voting legislation and changing the filibuster to make it easier to pass bills after a fiery speech in georgia. president shouting that 52 senators and millions of americans are racist. unless he gets whatever he wants. is proving exactly why the framers built the senate. to check his power. republicans say democrats are trying to gain political advantage with the legislation and that the democrats changes are unprecedented. no party has ever been so power hungry? and show short sighted. is to shatter the norms and traditions of this institution. the white house says. the president and vice president will be working the phones over the next several days, pushing senators to rework the filibuster and support voting legislation in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news all right for more. we're joined now by david mcewan , political science professor at sonoma state university, david
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always good to have you on and get your perspective here. obviously we saw that virus speech yesterday from president biden clearly stepping up the pressure on congress to pass voting rights legislation or to change filibuster rules in order to do so. how does the president go about getting a deal done? alex that's a fantastic question . and here's why, well with the president's speech did yesterday and where democrats find themselves as they've solidified republican opposition. we saw that today as lauren talked about in the lead in peace. you've given republicans or reason to stay whole so what democrats have to do is they have to search for a senator on two pieces of legislation the freedom to vote act. and the john lewis voting rights act. that's all going to be difficult to do because of those two acts. you've got one republican who's wanted to pay attention to that. and that one republican is lisa murkowski from alaska, and she'll dessert on that bill. so that means you have to go after more than joe manchin more than kristen cinema, jon tester, the whole series of senators, and
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really, this is going to be a difficult place for the white house to be headed into a vote next week. if they do change the filibuster rules immediately. what will happen is mitch mcconnell is going to bring forth four or five pieces of legislation where he's going to be able to hold all of those republicans and grab one or two democrats and move things forward. a potentially could backfire on them, alex yeah. i mean, obviously, that's the political risk involved here if president biden and the democrats move forward with with changing the filibuster rules, it certainly could come back to haunt them in the future. how how do they sort of way that as they as they try to figure out what happens here with this vote coming up on martin luther king day this coming up this monday when senate majority leader chuck schumer is going to bring this up for a vote? so what democrats have done well is they've been able to set the optics of what happened on january six. they've been able to set well, the optics of going to georgia and absolutely critical state in the 2020 presidential election, right? the home of john lewis, the home
4:20 pm
and really activism of the sixties, and dr martin luther king's legacy, however, where they have miscalculated is look. there are three supreme court justices where they changed the filibuster rules and move forward under donald trump. hundreds of federal judges came forward when they changed the filibuster rules on judicial nominees. all of that presents the white house in a bit of a quandary were built back better is losing momentum changing the filibuster rules on bony rights. is losing momentum. the democratic brand is losing momentum headed into the midterms. this is a real pickle for them moving forward so they need to do more than rally the base and senators they need to draw in some of the middle of the road, folks. that's been the difficult place because joe biden is a creature of capitol hill and a creature of the senate, but he hasn't been able to move his former colleagues forward and mitch mcconnell's fiery speech today is an example of the change in tone of what's happening. placing democrats in a real pickle as they head to next week and beyond. all right, so president biden you know up
4:21 pm
until now, really, it seems, as has been sort of reluctant to wade into the debate over over the issue of voting rights. you know why? why jump into the fray? at this point, and did he sort of get involved on this issue a bit too late to actually get something done. yeah that's an excellent question. and what you have is, democrats can do two things headed into november . they can talk about how things are being affected. affect of this. you know the affect of trump the affect of what they're doing, or they can offend voters , and they can push back there, hoping that republican attempts to offend voters to scare voters. will backfire on them and that the affect of what they're doing moving forward can be helpful. headed into november . the problem with that approach is it assumes inflation is under control. covid is under control and that your base shows up. all of those are big, heavy lifts here early in 2022, as we look forward to an election in november. that's about 300 days away. yeah come back very soon.
4:22 pm
all right. we'll see how this all plays out with that big vote coming up on monday. always appreciate your perspective. david mcewan, political science professor at sonoma state, take care. thank you very much chunks. adding whether another mild day out there temperatures widespread sixties looks like today, probably one of the warmer days the week because we will cool things off a little bit in your thursday forecast, but these are all just some minor day to day changes. that will take us into the weekend. but yeah, it's january. we're talking about temperatures above the average. no records at the extreme like that, but still, you can see the advertised for today. in the first column and the second column we're talking about some sixties at least the preliminary highs for santa rosa liver more and down in san jose 66 degrees has been at least a mini dry weather stretch. so far. last rainfall we had was friday, but it looks like we're at on quite a few more days or five day forecast is dry, and it looks like it will be dry for quite some time. so at least at this point there's no real david could point out the calendar in
4:23 pm
january and say it's going to rain again. hopefully we can eventually but at least for right now, this dry weather pattern will continue back. here's the forecast model. let's see the update here. you can see about 1/10 of an inch of rain up in eureka, and that's just about it. you can see a bunch of zeros for the north bay down toward monterey bay as well. current numbers for the four o'clock hour right now fifties and some sixties san jose 64 oakland, checking in an ice 58. santa rosa 61 degrees reporting some high cloud cover. in fact, you can see the satellite. we have some clouds moving in from the north, but the main cloud shield right now is moving in from the south, approaching monterey bay approaching the bay area, so we have the clouds in place right now. our live cameras picking up on that. so a few hours ago, we had complete sunshine. but now kind of just that high cloud deck increasing just within the past few hours. take a look at the overnight lows. first thing tomorrow morning, we will have patchy fog. we had some dense reports up in santa rosa this morning. mostly cloudy skies that start out your thursday morning temperatures will be in the forties, but it will be dry. here's the forecast model for tonight, bringing in the clouds.
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and then throughout the afternoon hours on thursday looks like partly cloudy skies and it looks like we're gonna have a mild pattern kick in once again, just in time for the weekend, we'll have the full forecast the full update. coming up in a little bit. tennis star novak djokovic back training on wednesday after making a shocking admission. i'm jonathan hunt in los angeles. i've got the details comi a star novak dje
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4:26 pm
able to defend his title in australia, djokovic now admitting he did not immediately isolated after a positive covid test. fox news. jonathan hunt has reaction now from people there in australia. pakistan novak djokovic now admits he didn't immediately isolate after testing positive for covid, the serbian world number one who is unvaccinated says he knew he was infected when he met with two
4:27 pm
journalists for an interview and photo shoot last month. in a statement published a social media, djokovic apologized for not isolating and for a false travel declaration given to australian authorities, saying it was submitted on his behalf by his agent. and was simply quote human error. i've seen his statements and it does seem that he's been telling a few febreze too. so i think he should just probably go back. australian residents have mixed reactions to djokovic's statement. i think we should give him the chance to correct that human error or mystic, whoever he has committed. and but i think it's good for everyone of us to see him playing on the court on monday, and australian federal court dismissed the government's decision to cancel djokovic's visa. they did so on procedural grounds, ending his detention and appearing to clear the path for him to play in the
4:28 pm
australian open. but the country's immigration minister is reviewing the case and could still revoke the stars. visa the 2022 australian open is set to begin on monday with or without the world's number one player. in los angeles. jonathan hunt, fox news. from gas to your groceries, the cost of everyday necessities is rapidly rising. coming up, we'll look at what's driving inflation to its highest rate in 40 years, and what will have to happen in order for prices to come down. also looking for a few good men and women, the generous bonus the u. s army is now offering for ce
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lawrence shows us the consumer price index shows just how much more people paid this past december compared to just a year ago. consumers are paying more to fill up their shopping carts . a new report showing this surge in inflation year over year for december at 7% putting it at a 40 year high. it was so high in fact, that millennials and anyone younger have never faced such a big jump. the numbers that came out today only confirms what the american public already knows. it's more expensive to fill up your car at the gas pump. it's more expensive at the grocery store, the rising inflation eating away at strong gains in wages and salaries american workers have seen in recent months. it functions like a tax on all americans, and that's what working everyday americans are feeling every day president biden touting a decline in month
4:32 pm
over month inflation it was down slightly from november. wall street seeming to shrug off the red hot report. this is a market that's looking right through. oh, macron, looking through inflation seemed that the economy is in rebound mode. meanwhile on tuesday, federal reserve chairman jerome powell telling congress, the fed is prepared to accelerate the interest rate hikes it plans to begin this year. if it deems necessary to curb high inflation market understands that the fed even if it starts delivering rate hikes faster, it's not going to remove so much stimulus is to derail what is, i think a sense that this is a riskless time. to be investing. it isn't today marks the seventh month in a row. the gauges been above 5% at the white house. edward lawrence fox news. here to talk with us now about the inflation. borys is mitchell barks at the college of business at san francisco state. thank you so much. mitchell for being here. consumer prices as we just mentioned, rising again, hitting a 40 year high. explain for us
4:33 pm
the main cause here. well one way to approach the explanation . heather is supply and demand the good old first rule of economic supply and demand. and the big culprit is the supply side, so let's just take a quick moment and talk about the demand side. there's been increased demand the huge government payouts during covid while they were necessary to keep the economy on its feet. they have overheated the economy, and there's been so much money put into buying things that that's putting upward pressure on prices. secondly is the great resignation. if people aren't working, they have more time to shop. simply put it. and there's also a new mentality, especially among younger consumers, something we used to call the layaway plan. it's buy now pay later people, especially during the covid era, are saying who cares? if i can pay for it? i'm just going to buy it now. i'll put a little bit money down, so that's putting the demand that's putting the demand side up. but as i said, the big culprit is this applies side and it starts
4:34 pm
with the globalization of the supply chain. if you buy a product, you know if you have your iphone or whatever. lot of it comes from different parts of the world. so it's the weakest link thing. if something if there's a problem in one part of the world, it's going to affect what you buy here in the u. s. there's also a slew of workplace issues. you've probably heard truckers aren't trucking people aren't working at manufacturer things like that. and finally there's a ship in crisis. that has just put a paralysis on a lot of the of the product out there. that puts downward pressure on supply and that helps contribute to inflation. ok, add it all up. and we're all paying a whole lot more. mitchell it seems everything is more expensive. what though, are the big areas of let's say household budgets affected most by these higher costs. well certainly, fuel has gone up cars , especially used cars. there's been a big issue with chips for new cars. um transportation has
4:35 pm
gone up if any of your viewers have tried to rent a car recently, you rental car prices have gone up. and, um i think what we're going to see next is healthcare. there's been a lot of costs incurred in the health care system due to covid, and we're going to see a big jumping, although that healthcare currently is not participating in the inflation as much as those other industries i mentioned keep an eye out for that in 2022. okay, so what can the minded administration and the federal reserve due to address what has become the biggest threat to the u. s economy? raise interest rates, you have to make money more expensive. if it's cost more money for me to pay off my credit card or costs or if i'm a big business person, and i want to buy something and the money to borrow to purchase that is much more expensive. the laws of economics suggests that if we make money more expensive by raising interest rates, then that will help tame inflation. but you never know inflation
4:36 pm
ugly. it's just ugly. it's just it's just gets out of hand. and hopefully that containment but there's no guarantee. okay the concerns though mitchell the worries about raising inflation rates. what are those? well, there's something called stagflation, which were the inflation goes up and the rest of the economy is stagnant. you know if our incomes all went up 7% a year, that would be great. um but there is there is you know the problem with raising interest rates, but you're asking about is really that it gets in what's called a price spiral. and i raised my rates and then the person i sell. my stuff raises their rates. so if i'm a wholesaler, and i raised my rates than the retailer has to raise their rates, and it just builds in a very escalating manner, okay, so mitchell, how is inflation overall, affecting the recovery of the economy from the pandemic? something that all of us were looking forward to and really hopeful? for a robust rebound. i don't think it's had
4:37 pm
a huge impact yet, but many more months of this current rate, and then we're going to see some problems as the piece you played right before. this to mention the stock market is kind of shrugging it off. so that's staying healthy. people are still have a good amount of savings to go through. so we have a bit of a safety net. but if it's this has got to be controlled in the next few months. that's when you're going to see the ugliness. otherwise yeah, the fed reserve, hinting that they are in fact going to be making some difficult decisions soon. mitchell marks always a pleasure. thank you, sir. thank you, heather. bye bye. the u. s army is now offering bonuses of up to $50,000 to new recruits in order to qualify for the maximum bonus recruits must sign up for six years of service. the final figure will depend on when they agreed to ship out for training if they already have critical skills, and if they choose airborne or ranger posts. the head of recruiting command says that closed schools and the competitive job market during
4:38 pm
the pandemic have posed significant challenges. well another attempt to try to curb oakland's rising crime we're going to hear from the city councilman about his plan, focusing on untraceable guns known as ghost guns. and a barrier, whether another mile day out there with widespread sixties but you probably noticed the clouds moving it forward tonight. what does that mean for your thursday forecast will have the update coming up.
4:39 pm
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happened around eight o'clock this morning at the intersection of south white road and almond drive. police say one person died at the scene and two others were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the center section was blocked off for several hours while investigators were there at the scene. there's no word yet on what happened before the collision, or who was at fault.
4:41 pm
this is the fourth deadly crash in just the first two weeks of the new year in san jose. san jose police releasing images and surveillance video of a car that may be connected to a deadly shooting. that happened last year. it happened too early in the morning of may 31st near light rail station on west virginia and the highway 87 overpass surveillance cameras caught a silver honda accord speeding away from that area. it's described to be a 2000 and 2 to 2005 model with the missing right rear hubcap. police say the man who was killed 49 year old thomas, colombia. anyone with information about this case is asked to give san jose police a call. in an effort to address the rise in violent crime. in oakland, several city council members have now introduced legislation that would ban the possession and sale of ghost guns. those are homemade firearms made with parts that are typically bought online. the guns are unregistered and untraceable, and police say they're becoming more prevalent
4:42 pm
on the streets of oakland. for more on this effort. we're joined now by councilman dan cobb. councilman great to have you on appreciate your time. all right, so explain to everyone. how would the ordinance that was introduced by you and your colleagues this week make it more difficult for people to create these ghost guns. and to help take more of these weapons off the streets of oakland. thank you. yes. this legislation will ban the possession sale purchasing receiving manufacturing of any ghost gun or any unfinished part of a ghost gun. or that only or anyone serialized gun from anywhere in oakland, and not only does it that we make this a criminal offense as other cities have done, but we also adds civil penalties to this so you could be fined thousands of dollars. if you possess one of these guns or try to sell one of these guns or parts to help make one of these guns now we know that no law is going to end gun violence in oakland or any other
4:43 pm
city. but if we could add in additional tool to the toolbox and making it harder for some people to get to get these guns or these guns kits and put them together, and we could reduce the number of these guns on the street. that's a good thing. do you think your legislation at the local level is going to be able to put any pressure on to these online retailers? the folks who are selling these unregistered gun parts online or is that something that has to change at the federal level? well you know, our goal is to make it harder for people to have these guns and, of course to use them, especially people who are already restricted from owning any guns, convicted felons, people with certain serious mental illnesses, a history of domestic violence and so on. um we don't want them to be able to bypass existing prohibitions and get a gun like this. and so if pressure at the local level by us passing this ordinance along along with other cities in california and other states can add to state and
4:44 pm
federal pressure to better regulate these guns and materials for these guns, and that's a good thing. so that's what we're trying to do. we'll do whatever we can in oakland and with our sister cities nearby to try to get these guns off our streets and make it harder to put these together to purchase these and to use these. and as you alluded to councilman more and more cities across california across the country are moving forward with similar bans on these ghost guns. and obviously, it seems as though and it's pretty clear that state and federal laws just haven't quite caught up yet. to this trend of people buying these unregistered gun parts online and that assembling the weapons themselves. it's hard to understand how it can be that you can have that it can be legal under state and federal law to have unregistered untraceable guns in this country. you're absolutely right. and there are all sorts of pressures at the federal level that make it hard to pass the strongest laws that we need to pass at a national level.
4:45 pm
california does a pretty good job in enacting laws, and they recently enacted a law that goes into effect six months from now that can help in this regard, and they could do more. i'm sure they will. but we're not going to wait for that city of oakland , as other cities have done, los angeles and so on. we're going to do what we can at the local level and whatever we can do to get these guns off the street and make it harder to put these guns together. we're going to make that happen. before we let you go, councilman, talk. talk about the effect these ghost guns are having on communities in the city of oakland. i was looking at the stats here and by march of last year, ghost guns had accounted for about 21% of all the weapons that were confiscated by police in the city of oakland. how much of these privately made guns contributed to the soaring. homicide rate in oakland. they have. i don't have the exact numbers in front of me. but our police department believes that as every year goes by a higher percentage of guns that are
4:46 pm
confiscated because they were used in a crime or because they were being possessed by people who can't have them will be these dose guns. and there are they're already seeing it going up over the past few years, and it'll go up even more if we don't do something about it, so it's in all our interests to get these guns off the street and make it illegal and harder for anybody in oakland to sell, possessed manufacturer or purchase any of these types of materials in our city. alright this ordinance banning ghost guns in the city of oakland goes up for a vote. in front of the full city council coming up next week. appreciate you taking the time. oakland city councilman dan cobb. thank you. thank you. well another mild day out there with lots of sunshine, but you probably noticed those high clouds drifted in just within the past few hours, and those clouds will stick around, at least for the first half of your thursday, at least that sort of thinking but as far as temperatures were just talking about a minor, slight cool down until your thursday forecast, these are just some tiny changes because see their preliminary
4:47 pm
highs from this afternoon and then as you can see, coming up into your thursday everybody has a down arrow, but we're not talking about major drop off from those numbers just cooling off by just a few degrees for tomorrow, taking a look, though at the precipitation outlook once again, we have the dry conditions for california and the bay area's that means a higher chance of drier than average conditions essentially looks like it's going to be dry right on to the next 10 days, and possibly longer than that, with no real signs of a significant breakthrough breakthrough storms. to bring us rainfall current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour right now. we still have some sixties to report in san jose paolo alto, 60, san francisco, checking in 61 looks like napa in the upper fifties 58 degrees , but the satellites picking up on the clouds, not only from the north, but also especially down to our south that big batch of high clouds sticking around for this evening. and we'll essentially wake up to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning and the clouds expected to gradually break up throughout the afternoon. hours here is alive pm looks like we're looking out toward sfo, where we had clear skies earlier, a bit
4:48 pm
of some hazy sunshine, but the high clouds have been marching in within the past 22 or three hours. so another front this will bring some heavy rain up in the pacific northwest. but by the time it reaches the bay area and no chance of rain for us, we will just have a few high clouds move in from the north. and as we showed you they are moving in from the south. the more cloud cover for the first half of your thursday and then as you can see into the weekend, this area of high pressure wants to return that will set the stage for a little bit of a mild forecast for saturday and sunday with mostly sunny skies as well setting up for the weekend. here's the forecast model for tonight in the short term, showing you some of those clouds moving in once again, primarily from the south in advance of that front. and then into your friday morning, some clouds out there then we'll probably have partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours for your thursday as you can see, so we'll call it that. mostly cloudy in the morning partly cloudy for the afternoon hours and temperatures in the upper fifties to the lower sixties for tomorrow afternoon for your thursday, look ahead, your five day as that high wants to build
4:49 pm
in our old system moves out to the east. that could boost the wind speed so we could have some locally gusty winds, especially with the north bay and especially for the north east bay hills. that could be on friday. we're talking winds maybe around 30 miles an hour and then into the weekend, clearing skies, lots of sunshine earlier today software cast model that was trying to bring in some rain chances at the end of the month, the latest update completely wiping out those chances. so i was excited for a little bit today, but it looks like those chances have vanished for right now. hopefully they'll come back. we could add some rain clouds to the long range forecast. got your hopes up just a little bit, mark, i guess. yeah. alright little bit. yeah alright. appreciate it. thank you. i do way for you to get your hands on some tasty treats coming up here on the four. doordash is partnering with the girl scouts. how this will all work. plus the new cookie flavor out this year already have my favorite. we'll debate that later. but it's coming up, though at five. we have some new details in the search for rough dog stolen in oakland car theft that we told you about
4:50 pm
yesterday. plus how leaders in one south bay city or hoping to deal with a noisy nuisance. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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on its side. in october, the video platform said it was pressing forward with its ban on anti vaccine content. it is also banned groups, including qanon and the proud boys, but a letter to youtube today from fact checkers around the world says the sai site is still being weaponized by unscrupulous actors. youtube said that it is always looking for ways to improve and that it has invested in policies and products to reduce the spread of misinformation. activists today rallied in opposition to a new amazon warehouse in san francisco near potrero hill. amazon purchased the six acre site on seventh street from ecology last year. today, activists came out to protest on the birthday of amazon founder jeff bezos. they say the growth
4:53 pm
of amazon is driving out small businesses from the city, and they argue that site should be used for housing. we were right . the site was supposed to be for low income housing, working class housing. if they build a warehouse here, many of the workers will have to end up sleeping in their cars are traveling hundreds of miles to work. they can't afford to live in san francisco. amazon has said the plan delivery hub will bring as many as 500 new jobs to the city, along with faster delivery of products. alright doordash and the girl scouts teaming up offering contact lists cookie delivery to your home this year this year. sales season runs from february 1st march 27th with doordash service starting on february 14. valentine's day. online sales will also continue. many cities will see the return of cookie booths outside stores with social distancing and mask wearing procedures in place. in addition to selling old favorites like thin men's does he does and tagalongs the girl
4:54 pm
scouts this year offering a new brownie inspired cookie called adventure, fels. all cookies are $5 a box and gluten free cookies. run $6 a box. the money goes toward outdoor and camp activities for girl scouts and other virtual and in person programs. i'm all in every year for several boxes of samoas does your faith my favorite peanut butter ones. i know those are good too. but now very convenient. yes delivered to your doorstep. right alright. mayor london breed looking to make too big attractions in san francisco's golden gate park free for those who live in the city. today, the mayor proposed legislation that would make admission to the conservatory of flowers and the japanese tea garden free for san francisco residents. the botanical garden is already free to residents. the legislation now will head to the board of supervisors budget and finance committee for review later on this month. members of congress are honoring the late senate majority leader harry reid as he lies in state at the
4:55 pm
capitol. i'm mother rivera in washington, with more on weeds legacy coming see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste
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4:57 pm
from searchlight, nevada. former senate majority leader harry reid, who died late last month, read lead the senate for democrats during the obama era, pushing obama care and other democratic priorities to passage. he was hailed today for a lifetime of service foxes. madeline rivera has more the late senator harry reid, arriving at the capital one last time wednesday. read lion state authority. honda just steps away from the chamber, where he served as majority leader. president biden came to the capital to pay his respects as former colleagues praised his leadership, even though harry talked softly. what he said carried the force of thunder reed, who was battling. he led
4:58 pm
the senate through one of its most consequential legislative sessions. championing the recovery act to blunt the impact of the great recession in 2000 and nine and helping to pass the affordable care act. despite long odds with his leadership in the congress, working together with president obama and then vice president biden, we forged great progress for american families read will also be remembered for invoking the so called nuclear option in 2013. eliminating the 60 vote threshold in the senate on all presidential nominees except those to the supreme court. senate republicans event took it a step further in 2017 to advance supreme court nominees with a simple majority. donald trump's three supreme court nominees would not have been confirmed, most likely the filibuster. was still in place, and that is part of harry meets like you see as well. democrats are once again considering changing senate president
4:59 pm
getting rid of the filibuster to advance voting rights legislation, which has stalled in congress. in washington mall . la riviera ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. my first time manning the lunch lines. it was something new. without this. i can't look into a camera and say that we're going to be open tomorrow. and with this, i can support staff in palo alto. it's all hands on deck to keep the area school districts open, and even the president is sending help vaccination rules or expanding san francisco announcing what that means for big events, while san jose will start to implement one of the state's toughest health mandates, plus, check out this murder, thousands of crows in downtown sunnyvale and they become a burden. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener . i'm andre senior bay area to school districts are in need of assistance to keep classrooms open. so they become car. they've come calling parents in the form of help here. the
5:00 pm
latest plea for parents coming from berkeley unified the district sent out a request, saying the omicron surge is straining the staff and there was a need for parent helpers for the next 3 to 4 weeks to join testing teams on campuses. meanwhile, pared. volunteers began coming to schools today in parallel to fill the void. ktvu is rob ross shows us how the day white lunchtime at jail, stanford middle school in palo alto wednesday with teachers and support staff shortages. district wide supervising a scene like this would be difficult, if not impossible. that's where those people in the orange vests come in. they are parent volunteers, filling the void left by covid sick calls, they answered. the districts cry for help. they went pretty good. easier than i thought. i first time mending the lunch line. it was something the community really wanted the schools to be open, so we are doing our little part of helping. uhh schools to stay open


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