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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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rates remain low among children. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now a new data shows just 19% of 5 to 11 year olds in california have gotten the vaccine. hello again. i'm andre senior. and i'm julie julie haener. health officials are sounding the alarm as covid cases now rise among kids. ktvu jana katsuyama is in the newsroom after speaking with three pediatricians, janna julian andre nationwide only 17% of 5 to 11 year olds have been vaccinated. the bay area rate is much higher, and i asked some pediatricians for answers to some of parents common concerns. the covid vaccine pop up site in san leandro. parents brought their children to get the pediatric covid shots. at first , i had concerns because of the after effects of the vaccine. but when they had their first vaccine, they had no issues. pediatric shots for children ages five through 11 have been
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available since november. but as of tuesday, only about 17% of those children are fully vaccinated nationwide only about 19% in california, a concern for many pediatricians. in the 5 to 11 year old age group that covid-19 is actually in the top 10 causes of death in that age group in the united states, and we're seeing a lot more children come in with covid like symptoms, cough and runny nose and feet, variants or throat. dr rogers, staff tree director of pediatric emergency medicine at sf general says. fortunately most of the cases are mild. in the bay area. pediatric vaccination rates are topping 50% in some counties at oakland's la clinica. demand has been increasing. right when it first came out. we saw more hesitancy around it being two new people hadn't known very many other children who had got it. we are seeing more demand for it. i think people are saying a little bit more comfortable with it. but some parents still have questions such as whether allowing children to catch covid provides
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the same immunity as the vaccine. even if kids have a milder infection upfront. we're not sure we understand who goes on to develop those long term consequences of covid-19 infections, vaccines can really induced strong immunity, um and act much more quickly and much more safely than getting a covid-19 infection and taking the risk of having a severe complications. now as for vaccine safety doctor daftari at sf general says that they have not been seen any of the big vaccine side effects of blood clots or heart inflammation that were concerns early on, he says millions of children and adults have been vaccinated safely. julie janet. thank you. a federal judge has blocked a state law barring protests vaccination clinics. that law was introduced after protests or shut down one of the country's largest coronavirus vaccine sites at dodger stadium in los angeles. it was signed into law last october. it was challenged in court. the chronicle reports that a federal magistrate has barred enforcement of the law,
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saying it could violate freedom of speech. another hearing is set for april. the oakland unified's good listrik says it has reached a tentative agreement with teachers on the eve of a reported sick out tomorrow. the agreement includes a teacher's wellness day and friday, january 14th and the district has extended its covid leave policy through the end of the year. tonight the principle of montara middle school in oakland asked parents to keep their children home tomorrow, and most teachers and support staff freak united academy of language. have also called out sick. google is providing employees access to at home covid test, but that doesn't include company contractors or temporary workers. full time google employees and families can get free rapid tests even if they're working from home. but according to the alphabet workers union, thousands of on site workers don't have the same access to those rapid results. they can only get mail and test or on site testing. the union suggests that it only makes sense for those who work on site every day to have access to rapid tests or following a
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developing story out of east contra costa county, and police are investigating a deadly hit and run there. we first heard about the incident around 8 45 tonight in the area of delta fair boulevard and san jose drive. now at the scene we heard from someone who says she knows the victim and heard the crash. so i went over there and i was holding her hand. and she passed. it was a good she was a good person. she wanted to make sure everyone did well out here. she was always good, but they didn't stop. they just kept going like they go down for a second. they just they just took off. police have asked people to avoid the area while they investigate. they have not, by the way provided a description of the suspect's vehicle. well san francisco prosecutors have dropped all charges against burglary suspect who police said resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer. last year. the san francisco public defender's office today released this photo of the suspect, sergio luego, following his arrest last
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february. they say he was falsely accused of assault. and the officers illegally detained him after beating him up now. police chief bill scott refuted that characterization and expressed his disappointment in the charging decision. he said his officers were violently assaulted and one was wounded with an exacto knife. he said in a statement. quote these kinds of attacks are unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated by a criminal justice system. when they are it sends a dangerous message that emboldens criminals to use violence. police in san ramon are looking for a con woman who they say made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. police say she takes it right off her victims. next all in their sixties and seventies. ktvu zach sauce tells us they may be connected to robberies in other bay area communities. i'm definitely shocked news of a con woman targeting seniors quickly spreading across the windermere section of san ramon, a close knit and largely south asian community where three robberies took place over the course of less than 12 hours on tuesday.
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the descriptions are are almost exactly the same each time, police say a man and a woman, both of south asian descent, pull up in a dark suv with a child in the back, police say the woman who is believed to be in her thirties, gets out of the passenger side of the car. and approaches the person walking the victims all out for a walk or exercising europe park the suspect asking for directions and next thing you know, the person is putting on these this costume jewelry. and then when they take the costume jewelry off, they take the valuable piece of jewelry. police say the criminals likely keep a range of cosmetic jewelry on them decoys similar to the ones they are targeting. they've made off with rings and necklaces, police say are worth anywhere from 800 to $80,000. i'm not shocked that it is $80,000 worth describing. the seniors who live here is mostly immigrants from india, where valuable and sentimental jewelry lot of jewelries which has been there since their marriage, i
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would assume there is no linguistic barrier. i think that's the biggest thing. so if someone is approaching you and talking in your language, it's natural to say hi. hello first robbery on tuesday involving an 86 year old woman around 10 in the morning. then in the afternoon, a 77 year old woman and a six year old man also had their jewelry taken right after thanksgiving. berkeley had some of these and then we had some as well. in the same area. same ah seem method of operation. one of those cases involving a 95 year old woman who was robbed while walking on a trail in berkeley, a diamond ring in gold necklace worn by the victim's mother taken there, working as hard as they can to identify who this is in san ramon zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. alameda police are now searching for two people involved in an armed robbery. it happened yesterday, just after 6 30 in the evening at the monkey king at the brewery restaurant on park street and buenavista.
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police say a man and a woman started arguing with a customer there. the man then pulled out a gun and robbed that same customer. they fought over the gun and the gun went off. luckily no one was hurt. if you recognize the two suspects you're asked to contact alameda police. improvements in cancer treatment. the new report that shows deaths from cancer are falling drastically. at first in 90 seconds, 15% of san francisco workers will still be remote next year why the city says it
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around 15% of office workers will continue to work remotely into next year. in a new report released today, city officials say the shift will hurt business tax revenue, with many offices empty business tax revenue is predicted to grow just 1% from $957 million in the current fiscal year. 2 966 million in the next fiscal year, which starts in july. well, the latest surgeon omicron cases appears to be affecting foot traffic in san francisco today, the streets and sidewalks and some normally busy districts look nearly empty. ktvu amberleigh tells us that pandemics persistence is weighing on people and businesses to. in san francisco . it appears there are few people on the streets in commercial hubs and tourist spots. it's so quiet, it's so empty. everywhere we go at pala
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teahouse in ghirardelli square. general manager dennis leong says business so far this week has dropped in half compared to the week between christmas and new year's day. it was pretty dramatic. this is video from monday, december, 27th before noon. staff say there was an hour and a half wait at times. but liang says macron concerns are now keeping customers away that there were five cancelations of parties with 20 to 40 people last weekend, more than three weeks. he would talk about another two months and so on. that will be very concerning to many may lose some hope and feel like we're in this thing forever. but of course, we're not in this thing forever. santa clara university psychology professor thomas plant says it's important to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though the pandemic is lasting longer than expected, and to practice patients. a lot of people. adults are acting like toddlers out there getting
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all angry and upset on airplanes and in restaurants and grocery stores. you know, the more kind we are that has a boomerang effect. at lola, a gift shop at pier 39. the owner tells me business is slower than expected post holiday people right now are getting what they need and limiting their time in the store. and that affects business . crispy potbelly back at the restaurant pivoting to take out once again, offering a chinese new year feast for take out or outdoor dining. cross training staff in various positions. the idea is to find a way to move forward and remain optimistic. it's always nice to see it a little more lively, but i'm still enjoying it. professor plant advises people to connect with others in the safe way and to get outdoors to exercise and know that things will. fox two .
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to win super bowl tickets. if you donate blood right now are the organization says it's seeing the worst blood shortage in more than a decade and to entice donors, anyone who donates in the month of january has entered to win two tickets to the super bowl in los angeles. all expenses paid another nonprofit is also offering blood donors a big reward. vela tint is entering. our is entering its january donors into a raffle for $5000. the risk of dying from cancer is now dropping, according to a new report released by the american cancer society. deaths from cancer fell by 32% between 1991 and 2019. the declining death rate translates to about 3.5 million fewer cancer deaths over that 28 year period. the american cancer society says the drop is in part due to earlier detection in lung cancer and increased access to screening and care. the state attorney general is filing a lawsuit against the healthcare program it says scammed thousands of
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californians. today's action should serve as a warning to all entities operating in the healthcare market. the doj is watching. we will take action if you violate the life. attorney general rob bonta announced today the state is suing a lira and the moses family, a group that acted as a nonprofit health care sharing ministry. bonta says the group collected millions of dollars by selling unauthorized health plans. health care sharing ministries are groups whose members share religious beliefs and help pay for the medical costs of other members. bonta says allora instead misled consumers and kept most of the money. addressing crime in oakland, we sit down with the police chief about how he plans to target robberies, break ins and homicides in the new year. the benign weather pattern a will continue, but the changes you need to know about the forecast is up next. and still and a new mural pays tribute to betty
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officer stopped their car with two giant bags of cans and bottles on its roof. the officer stopped the chevy impala because it was unsafe to drive with those large canvas bags on the roof. a closer look than determined the passenger, a convicted felon on parole had brass knuckles and methamphetamine and the driver had drug paraphernalia. the officer also discovered the bags were filled with recyclable stolen from a local recycling center. the bags were returned to that recycling center and the two people were arrested for theft, among other charges, well, people in oakland uneasy over the rise in crime between homicides, car break ins and attacks on the asian community.
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many are wondering what's being done to crack down on the problems. i spoke with the police chief about his plans to address crime in 2022. in less than two weeks. a new plan is set to take shape within the oakland police department targeting a section of the city dealing with crime more than any other. we know that east oakland has seen the vast majority of our violent crime. including shootings and homicides. it also represents the largest percentage of calls for service , so it's really important that we balance our resources based on where we're seeing crime occurrence, chief laurent armstrong says 48 officers will be shifted into that section of the city starting january, 25th. it will be. in addition to the 96 officers currently assigned to that area. it's an area where more than half of 2021 134 homicides took place. a troubling trend of the chief is hoping will finally be brought under control. cooper and gang violence has been the largest percentage of our violence and
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so we want to use our ceasefire strategy to be able to address that violence outside of east oakland, though there is one particular crime that affects many residents, car break ins. the chief says it's an area of focus, highlighting the department's ability to use bait cars to catch unsuspecting thieves and technology that can alert officers to one of vehicle is burglarized and tell them who's responsible. he also says those arrested for violent crimes are of particular focus because we know that they're involved in violence but also involved in those crimes related to auto burglaries. we often judge the police based on their visibility in the community, whether we see them on the streets, but armstrong tells me work has been underway that you can't see. especially through the violent crime operations center, a division he formed as one of his first acts after becoming chief, and they have been responsible for making over 60 homicide arrests. they also have made 200 arrests of violent crime suspects. they also wore a part of our recovery of over 2 1200 firearms in 2021, another
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area of focus attacks on members of the asian community, particularly in chinatown. incidents he says, are taking place with far less frequency. he counts the drop by the way. among his successes. chinatown is safer than it was. we are anticipating a lunar new year. that will be at think one in which people will feel safe in chinatown because we will have a presence there. so there are 687 police officers currently on the force, but the department is authorized to have 731 now. currently 35 recruits are undergoing training with the hope of joining the force in the future. i didn't see the blame. mild day again here in the bay area with our highs. banking between 58 degrees at sfo to 68 degrees and gilroy, well above average. taking a look outside. right now it's our live weather camera there now towards the seaport. other ports of oakland . you can't tell, but we do have
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mostly cloudy skies unveil the clouds roughly between about 12,000 and 20,000. ft high temperature wise 53 incentives say no clouding conquered where the temperatures dipped into the mid forties. same in santa rosa . otherwise clouds in san francisco in the fifties. we've all been waiting for more rain. it's been five days since we've had any raindrops here in the bay area, so let's go ahead and check when do we anticipate rain here in the bay area? well the precipitation outlook doesn't have any iranian our forecast for the next 6 to 10 days. with drier than average precipitation through mendocino county all the way into san diego county. but this looks so impressive. we have a high shoulder clouds all associated with the cut off low, just due west of los angeles. very light precipitation of short. otherwise, look at these up north. these are beautiful, textbook perfect areas of low pressure. laden with precipitation plowing into the pacific northwest, bouncing off
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our ridge of high pressure, taking all the rain to the north. so how will it affect us ? well, bottom line is that area of low pressure, the frontal boundary will produce more clouds into our area tomorrow so we can call it partly to mostly cloudy. but the rain just flirts just with the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. we will have some minor cooling as a result of that cloud cover tonight overnight with a layer of clouds. temperatures in the forties pretty much mid forties around the central bay 44 degrees from hayward through castro valley into san leandro and san lorenzo. otherwise tomorrow's temperatures gradually coming down from that 66 degrees experienced in san jose to 63 degrees. 60 and oakland mid fifties and san francisco low sixties tribe valley extended forecast has called for a little bit more sunshine but breezy conditions as high pressure rebuilds on friday. full sunshine saturday and sunday and for the holiday martin luther king day on monday
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. partly cloudy and a little bit more seasonal. roberta thank you . a new mural on melrose avenue in l. a is honoring the late betty white and promoting a cause that was close to her heart animal rescues that mural by artist cory matty was already in the planning stages before white died two weeks ago at the age of 99. but matty says that was that with whites passing. she wanted to get the mural up quickly. she says the piece took her 15 hours to complete and it includes the mission statement. be more like betty. so far, the mural is getting rave reviews from fans. i think buddy would love it. i think the idea of the dogs is, you know, spreading hope. enjoying being kind is what we all need to start doing. the artists included a qr code on the mural, which bans can scan to donate directly to wag more pets and organization supporting dog rescues. well a dirty job took place today at
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riggs central coliseum in oakland, 500 truckloads of dirt to be exact. cruz brought in £26 million of the stuff to turn the coliseum into a supercross track. round two of the monster energy supercross series starts saturday. and that is when you will see the best dirt track racers tear it all up again. well coming up. and g can't help but think about his future with the 49ers as he prepares for sunday night's playoff game market baniyas
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but highbrow entertainment talking, of course, about football nirvana for fans saturday sunday, even monday, playoff football in the 49 fans concerned only about one game.
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down and dallas against the cowboys and kind of a cool story. developing really, if you think about all the people that were probably lighten up social media on sunday early afternoon against the rams about this guy get rid of jimmy g. after he threw a couple of picks, but he turned it around, in fact, coming through with one of the all time comeback drives, let them 88 yards in the final minute or so, with no timeouts. deebo samuel helping out right there, of course, and eventually the game time touchdown to juwan jennings and 49ers wind up winning it in overtime. but if you think about it at things not gone so well, that could have been his last game ever. in a 49 are uniform, so same drill this sunday and it is somewhat on his mind. always in the back of your mind. it has been in mind, you know, really this whole season just a newer type of season. it was knew everything that was
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going on, you know, behind the scenes and whatnot. so it was. it was a little different at the same time. it's like you're saying you got told that line because you don't want it too emotional in those moments, you know, the human side definitely comes into play. people got to get behind that guy. he's done a great job. i'm a and jimmy g's quarter. hey let's talk some college hoops. calbert has been playing pretty well of late tonight. little speed bump up in washington against julie's huskiesfirst half after a nice start, sam bqe pimped into himself. he'll take it all the way and score it callup 7.5, but a different story after intervention. washington taking control dijon davis with his sixth steal of the game, pj fuller will fill it. he popped the three huskies taken 64 55, the bears falling to two and four in the pac 12, now kind of a memorable night at pacific. it's stockton tonight against santa clara 948 fans there to
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see a shooting display by keisha justice of the broncos. four threes in the first half wound up with 17. broncos sticking to pacific 84 70. he'll hit another one from beyond the arc coach herb caen deck a send off kids . congratulations to him on his 5/100 career coaching victory. alright we've come to that point of the evening where we must check this out by favorite. clip of the night. this kid is two years old. he's wearing a diaper . i just can't get over the natural swing. i mean, just smooth. it's like better than most adults. i mean, just natural. absolutely and look at the follow through. look at the feet. look at that great, mean just super smooth. keeps the head down. tiger woods. look out
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better than me. sure that is the sporting life at this hour, guys. good night. all right, mark. thank you. so cute. thanks, everybody for joining thanks, everybody for joining us. good night. to miss the chance of a lifetime by not helping me build a duck village today? that was some tricky wording. that's how he gets us. i got it -- i would not hate to miss the chance of a lifetime by not helping you. but only 'cause i have work. i've got a driving lesson. uh, something. honey, you found those eggs weeks ago, and they still haven't hatched. should you prepare yourself for the possibility that they might be... alligators? dead. can you believe your sister? yeah, i do. they're dead. the only thing that's dead in this kitchen is your childlike sense of wonder. morning, dunphys. oh, still no ducks, huh? fascinating creatures. i just read a book about them. you did? yes, mom. dylan reads. it was my nephew's book. it was about a duck and a penguin who go on vacation together.


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