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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:59pm PST

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schools right here in the bay area that changes some districts are having to make to keep students in the classroom. is it something that recently went away here in california, and now workers are coming together to urge lawmakers to provide two weeks of covid sick league. and a woman hit and killed by a driver in antioch what witnesses are saying as police continue their investigation. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone i'm mike mibach i'm gasia mikaelian new at noon. just a short time ago, the supreme court announced its stopped the biden administration from enforcing requirement that employees at large businesses be vaccinated against covid or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask on the job. the same time here, the court is allowing the administration to proceed with the vaccine mandate for most healthcare workers in the united states. the ruling comes as we're seeing a spike in covid cases and as the biden ministrations boosts efforts to
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get more americans vaccinated. the court's conservative majority concluded the administration overstepped his authority by seeking to impose the vaccine or test rule on us businesses with at least 100 workers. schools in marin county have relaxed some of the rules about when and how long students and teachers have to quarantine after being exposed to a positive covid case. ktvu erasmus life in the newsroom with what's changed ali? well, one of the biggest changes mike marine county schools are doing away with the automatic 10 day quarantine for kids and staff who test positive for covid. here's what they will now do. if a person tests positive, it has no symptoms or their symptoms resolved quickly. they can test again on day five, and if they're negative, they can go back to school. it's becoming more more nuanced, um, so that people would be able to return to school. um rather than automatically, um, being out for 10 days. this is actually something that's a statewide guide, and we are applying that
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here in our community. another change. there is no quarantine recommended for students or staff who are fully vaccinated as long as they have no symptoms. also if students or staff are unvaccinated and exposed to someone if they've been infected for the last 30 days, they also don't have to quarantine now. another big change is exposure notices the county will only notify and education officials will only notify people who have been exposed by close contact, and the definition of close contact is changing. it will be things like people who share carpool with you, or sports teammates or close friend. imagine there's a student and he has the best buddy and not best buddy. he is with all day long every chance he gets that would identify that as a close contact as opposed to a student who is sitting proximate to a child in a classroom. marin county health officials explained that at this point, everyone should assume they are going to be exposed to covid, so the definition of a
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close contact has to become more specific and focused in a webinar to parents and community members last night, marin county health officials also pointed to some encouraging news about the latest omicron surge average daily cases of covid and marin county are half of what they were just a couple weeks ago. they peaked on january 4th. with an average of 637 cases a day for the previous week. now the daily average is about 300 cases . marin county has one of the highest vaccination rates in the state 93% of people ages five and older, there have been fully vaccinated. garcia and mike back to you. all right, ali. thank you. for that. health officials are raising concerns about low covid vaccination rates specifically among young children. as ktvu is jana katsuyama reports, some pediatricians are very worried about those low rates. the covid vaccine pop up site in san leandro. parents brought their children to get the pediatric covid shots. at first, i had concerns because of the after effects of the vaccine. but when they had their first vaccine,
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they had no issues. pediatric shots for children ages five through 11 have been available since november. but as of tuesday, only about 17% of those children are fully vaccinated nationwide only about 19% in california, a concern for many pediatricians. in the 5 to 11 year old age group. but covid-19 is actually in the top 10 causes of death in that age group in the united states, and we're seeing a lot more children come in with covid like symptoms were cough and runny nose and feet, variance or throat. dr rajesh staff tree director of pediatric emergency medicine at sf general says. fortunately most of the cases are mild. in the bay area . pediatric vaccination rates are topping 50% in some counties at oakland's la clinica. demand has been increasing. right when it first came out. we saw more hesitancy around it being two new people hadn't known very many other children who had got it. we are seeing more demand for it. i think people are saying a little bit more
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comfortable with it. but some parents still have questions such as whether allowing children to catch covid provides the same immunity as the vaccine. even if kids have a milder infection upfront. we're not sure we understand who goes on to develop those long term consequences of covid-19 infections, vaccines can really induced strong immunity, um and act much more quickly and much more safely than getting a covid-19 infection and taking the risk of having a severe complications. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news a coalition of essential workers, is calling on the state legislature to provide covid supplemental paid sick leave workers, union leaders and state lawmakers gathered this morning to urge the legislature to provide two weeks of paid sick days. the previous supplemental sick leave offer expired last sve only hae infected with covid. unless these policies are extended
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appearance with children who've been infected or quarantine because they've been exposed, will oftentimes have no other option but to leave their jobs entirely. if we're going to tell people to do that, and we are telling them to do that, make no mistake, and then we have to pay them. anything less would be so form of indentured servitude. during the rollout of governor newsom's budget blueprint on monday. he said a new emergency paid sick leave law is a top priority. it would use funds from the state's budget surplus as covid cases continue to surge nationwide. president biden is announcing new measures to help slow the spread and support hospitals. in an address this morning, the president announced he's doubling the number of free test that will soon be available to the public for a total of one billion at home tests to meet future demand. starting next week. the government is deploying 1000 military medical personnel to six of the hardest hit states to help overwhelmed medical facilities. they're part
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of a major deployment of our nation's armed forces to help hospitals across the country manage this surge of their crime virus. surges have an impact on hospitals. like all healthcare workers. they are heroes, and i'm grateful for what they do. the teams are in addition to the more than 800 military personnel already deployed in 24 states and more than 14,000 national guard members activated since thanksgiving. the president said the government also plans to start manufacturing n95 masks to provide them to the public for free, adding more details are to be released next week. investigators in antioch are looking for whoever was involved in a deadly hit and runs happened late last night in the area. boulevard in san jose drive. police say the victim is a woman in her late forties. one woman who heard the crash said she actually knew the victim. so i went over there and i was holding her hand. and she passed. it was a good she was a
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good person. she wanted to make sure everyone did well out here. she was always good, but they didn't stop. they just kept going like they go down for a second. they just they just took off. so far, police have not provided a description of the vehicle involved in the collision. witnesses at the scene have only said that it was a white car. police in san ramon are looking for the person who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry right off their victims as ktvu zach sauce reports these crimes could possibly be connected to other robberies. another bay area communities. i'm definitely shocked news of a con woman targeting seniors quickly spreading across the windermere section of san ramon, a close knit and largely south asian community where three robberies took place over the course of less than 12 hours on tuesday. the descriptions are are almost exactly the same each time, police say a man and a woman, both of south asian descent, pull up in a dark suv with a child in the back, police say the woman who is believed to be in her thirties, gets out of the
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passenger side of the car. and approaches the person walking the victims all out for a walk or exercising europe park the suspect asking for directions and next thing you know, the person is putting on these this costume jewelry. and then when they take the costume to read off, they take the valuable piece of children. police say the criminals likely keep a range of cosmetic jewelry on them decoys similar to the ones they are targeting. they've made off with rings and necklaces, police say are worth anywhere from 800 to $80,000. i'm not shocked that it is $80,000 worth describing. the seniors who live here is mostly immigrants from india, where valuable and sentimental jewelry of jewelries which has been there since their marriage, i would assume there is no linguistic barrier. i think that's the biggest thing. so if someone is approaching you and talking in your language, it's natural to say hi. hello first robbery on tuesday involving an 86 year old woman around 10 in the morning. then
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in the afternoon, a 77 year old woman and a six year old man also had their jewelry taken right after thanksgiving. berkeley had some of these and then we had some as well. in the same area. same i've seen method of operation one of those cases involving a 95 year old woman who was robbed while walking on a trail in berkeley, a diamond ring in gold necklace worn by the victim's mother taken there, working as hard as they can to identify who this is in san ramon zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. still to come at noon. governor newsom makes a stop in santa clara county to highlight transportation investments here in california. we'll take a closer look at his goals as the state looks for cleaner projects. plus, it's so quiet. it's so empty. everywhere we go. the latest surge of covid cases affecting business in san francisco. how many business owners are having to adjust as the pandemic drags on, then it's
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covered california. this way to health insurance. transportation and infrastructure investments proposed in his budget, the governor made a stop at the caltrain station in santa clara this morning to push for climate
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friendly, clean transit projects. he also talked about the state's ports. and speeding up the transition to zero emission vehicles, newsom says increasing funding for clean transportation is necessary to future proof california because the transportation sector is responsible for more than half of the states greenhouse gas emissions there is an integration and intentionality in this year's budget to focus , economic development workforce development.r place to connect those dots in the areas of infrastructure and notably transportation. governor. newsom's budget blueprint calls for $9 billion in additional funding for transit projects today, the republican national committee said it's planning a rules change that would force presidential candidates seeking the party's nomination. to sign a pledge, saying will not participate in any debate sponsored by the commission on presidential debates. meantime president biden is banking on an
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in person plea to persuade senate democrats to give him a win on voting rights. lauren blanchard now has more from d c. on the so called nuclear option is party is also considering vice president kamala harris is leading the administration's push to reform voting rights in america. we don't give up and we will not give up. but thursday it's president biden making an in person plea to senate democrats to get two bills bundled as one over the finish line. it's the people who should have the power. if republicans won't help. then he's asking democrats to do away with the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to move the legislation forward. this is not about a fair election. this is about gaming the system and putting your thumb on the scale for democrats to try to keep control of the congress. the house is setting up the john lewis bill and the freedom to vote act as one piece of legislation combined. that bill would make election day a federal holiday expand mail in voting, allow for same day registration and expand
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the types of ieds allowed. however the president is facing criticism for this week's fiery speech in georgia. comparing opposition to the bill as jim crow two point oh, the president's rent. rant yesterday. was and coherent. incorrect. and beneath his office. perhaps the president went a little too far and his rhetoric some of us do, but the fundamental principles and values at stake are very, very similar. the white house remains unapologetic. the majority of the american public elected the president to do hard things and to fight for her things. lawmakers are looking at the possibility of a working weekend . senate leader chuck schumer wants his chamber to vote on this issue by monday. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. all right. look much like claudia, i should say it mark as we check back in with you on this thursday afternoon outside, but still pretty nice afternoon out there.
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yeah, hi. there, mike. kind of kind of that filtered sunshine effect of this afternoon with some of the sunlight, making it through those thin claude bands and that'll be the case throughout two today will probably have some more sunshine, though, by this time tomorrow, but all of this in the back drop of rain free forecast that will continue into the weekend and into a next week, so it is a dry weather pattern with no sign of any rainfall out there. as we take a look at the graphics were surely will show you the rainfall forecast model you can see as we put this into motion. a little bit of activity and just a little bit up way up to our north. barely measurable point to one, maybe some drizzle of monterey bay, but in terms of real rainfall, significant rainfall, not part of the area forecast for today or over the next 5 to 10 days, possibly longer than that current numbers out there most areas in the fifties, the warm spots the approaching the lower sixties out toward fairfield 62. so we're expecting a little bit of a cool down for today compared to yesterday, but it's still fairly warm in a few spots, but primarily the south bay, not
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private, biggest change in temperatures compared to yesterday because see the satellite those high clouds marching in from the southwest. and that's the source of the cloud cover for today, so we'll hold onto mostly cloudy skies with some of that sunshine making it through. you can see our live camera in oakland. we kind of have a bit of some haze haze layer developing once again just like yesterday. so we have moderate air quality levels for today would be great to have a front come on through to early, clean out the atmosphere, but that is not a part of our forecast. there is a nice front up to our north of the pacific northwest, where they do not need any more rainfall, and that's where the other stormy weather is once again for today, high clouds of will continue to move in for your thursday afternoon and a little bit of a drop off of those numbers across most varied neighborhoods as that low kind of scoots out to the east, an area of high pressure rebuilds offshore the pressure difference for tomorrow. could generate some the stronger northeast winds, especially for the north bay hills out toward the east bay hills. we could have winds maybe
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approaching 30 miles an hour, so it could be that breezy across parts of the bay area in your friday forecast and the winds will grab you back off. at leaso the weekend. here's the forecast for today. scattered high cloud cover for o'clock this afternoon could have a beautiful sunset to later on today and then into your friday morning. you know, we had some areas of fog this morning, especially in the north bay. we could have a repeat perform. it's for tomorrow but especially out towards the central valley. and then partly sunny skies throughout the day and friday and the weekend looks quiet as well. the temperatures may be trending up a little bit for both saturday and into sunday for today forecast highs upper fifties to the sixties oakland 61 fairfield approaching the mid sixties, san jose 62 yesterday san jose right around 66 degrees because an idea of the magnitude of the cooling it's not much into friday breezy conditions fair skies this weekend. they were attractive sun cloud mix into sunday and monday. hopefully eventually we could add some rain clouds this to one of these panels, but at
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least over the next five days, it looks dry here in the bear. mark. thank you. this is the first time that the red process ever declared a national flood prices. it is being called the worst shortage in more than a decade. that challenges some people are facing when it comes to booking an appointment to donate blood right here in the bay area.
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suspect, who police said resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer. last year. the san francisco public defender's office released this photo of the suspect, sergio luego, following his arrest. last february. now, they say he was falsely accused of assault and that the officers illegally detained him after beating him up. police chief bill scott disagrees and expressed his disappointment and the charging decision. he said his officers were violently assaulted and one was wounded with a knife, he said here in a statement. these kinds of attacks are unacceptable and should not be tolerated by our criminal justice system when they are it sends a dangerous message that emboldens criminals to use violence. the final stimulus payments from the state are going out with this final round of the golden state stimulus payments. california has now issued more than eight million checks and deposits valued at $5.9 billion. families who earn less than $75,000 a year were eligible for the $600 payments,
12:24 pm
along with an extra $500 for their dependence. and let's highlight some of the qualifications for getting this money. you do need to file your 2020 taxes before last october, 15th. then again, you needed a gross income of less than $75,000 and have dependence, and you also needed to be a california resident for more than half of the 2020 tax year and also a state resident on the date. the payment is issued. lastly you cannot be claimed as a dependent by someone else. the pandemic is causing a national blood shortage. the red cross says inventory is at crisis levels. ktvu cristina rendon explains. why you finding an available appointment may not be easy and how donating will give you a chance to go to the super bowl. this is the first time that the red cross is ever declared a national flood crisis . it's being called the worst shortage in more than a decade. carrie dayton with the american red cross is a lack of donors is forcing doctors to choose which patients received blood transfusions. and who must wait . we're facing four months of historically low blood supply
12:25 pm
and surging omicron cases, which is the perfect storm. there's been a 62% decrease in places like churches and colleges, hosting mobile blood clinics, and the omicron variant is impacting red cross staffing, canceling thousands of blood drives across the country, including some in the bay area. but in just 24 hours of putting out the call for donors, appointments are booking fast. patients is appreciated in this in this season. we are working very, very hard to make sure that there are opportunities available for everyone that would like to turn out and give us and we also urged folks to look not just at this week, but you know next week the week after that in the months ahead and make an appointment, plus anyone who donates in the month of january's entered to win two tickets to the super bowl in los angeles. all expenses paid another nonprofit vital into is entering its january donors into a raffle for $5000 big incentives, all for donation that could save someone's life. blood you know, it can't be stockpiled. it can't be
12:26 pm
manufactured. we really depend on the generosity of the american public to make an appointment, rollling 1 800 red cross. if you're not able to make it, let them know so they can offer your spot to someone else. cristina rendon ktvu fox two news. bart is making some big schedule changes to its service on sundays. starting february. 14th part will once again run until midnight on sunday for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. also for the first time ever, bart will run all five lines on sundays that will reduce the need to transfer for most writers. bart officials say that some departure times will shift slightly. and then, of course, writers should look up their specific trips still to come in noon, addressing crime in oakland, we sit down with oakland's police chief about his plans when it comes to the rise of robberies and homicides in the city. plus you want to do everything we can to keep our schools open, taking extra steps to protect students in the classroom. how the san francisco unified school district is stepping up its efforts to test students for covid-19.
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call 833-317-4673, distributing rapid covid test kits to every student in the district to use at home. ktvu demagogues went to one elementary school to see the first classroom of students getting those test kits. san
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francisco unified school district is distributing 60,000 rapid take home covid test to all students within the district and we got to see inside the west portal elementary school as 600 students received their take home tests. there is a kit that is going to be going home with you one by one second graders at west portal elementary received a highly coveted a hard to come by rapid covid antigen test kit thursday. part of a massive supply sent to the entire san francisco unified school district from the state. so we are one of the larger elementary schools and sf usd. and so we have about 600 rapid antigen test kits to give out to students today. having a rapid test kit to use at home means students can come back to the classroom faster if they've been quarantining at home. results are ready in less than 30 minutes, so we're telling our families when we send them home today to hold on to them only use them if you are showing covid-19 symptoms or your unvaccinated and may have been in close contact with someone who did recently test positive for covid 19 research is mixed
12:31 pm
on how accurate rapid androgen tests are when it comes to detecting oh macron. in addition to distributing these tests, the district has pcr test sites set up at schools and the district office throughout the month. the principal says. west portal elementary has seen a low rate of positive cases during the omicron surge, faring better than other schools in the district that have seen overwhelming numbers of staff and teachers calling out sick after testing positive. a week ago, more than 600 teachers district wide participated in a sick out ditching school to protest for more testing options ppe and sick time we want to do everything we can to keep our schools open, and this is in line with our health and safety protocols through sf usd, so it's just one step to ensure ann continue learning. the school district is also distributing k and 95 surgical masks across the schools to students, staff and teachers. the san francisco unified school district calls this one of the largest testing
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efforts. in san francisco. reporting in san francisco. emma gauss, ktvu fox two news. teachers at as many as nine schools in oakland are staging a stick out today in solidarity with students to demand more covid safety measures. they are asking the oakland unified school district to provide k and n95 masks for every student and covid testing twice a week now the school district reached a tentative agreement with teachers yesterday. it includes a wellness day tomorrow and extends a policy on covid leave through the rest of this year. san jose state university is the latest college to delay its return to in person instruction due to the surge in recent covid cases, classes will be fully remote when they return on january 26th. in person instruction is set to resume on february 14th now here in the bay area, sonoma stayed. kelly spec and u. c. berkeley have delayed in person classes for the new term. nurses are holding a day of action at hospitals across the country, demanding the hospital industry invest in
12:33 pm
safe staffing and work protections. the nursing groups are also criticizing the tempory dision by the california health department to address health workers who test positive for covid to return to work immediately. we spoke with the nurse at good samaritan hospital in san jose, who says he was just terminated last week after taking part in another workers' rights movement. and we're continuing to talk about why the hospital is continuing not to follow through on their promises to increase staff. they keep blaming a nursing shortage that is basically created by the hospital because people don't want to work in environments where it feels dangerous and scary because they're not getting support they need a recent survey of nurses found, 83% said at least half their shifts were in what they considered unsafe staffing. good sama
12:34 pm
estimate about 15% of office workers will continue to work remotely into next year. in a new report just released, city leaders say the shift will hurt business tax revenue. with many office buildings empty. the tax revenue is expected to grow just 1% from $957 million in the current fiscal year to 966 million in the next fiscal year , which starts in july. the omicron variant of covid is affecting foot traffic in the city. of san francisco, the streets and sidewalks and some normally, business districts are nearly empty as ktvu is amber lee reports, the ongoing pandemic is weighing on many city businesses. in san francisco. it appears there are few people on the streets in
12:35 pm
commercial hubs and tourist spots. it's so quiet, it's so empty. everywhere we go palette teahouse in ghirardelli square. the general manager says the restaurant enjoyed a busy holiday season. dennis leong tells me business so far this week has dropped in half compared to the week between christmas and new year's day. it was pretty dramatic. i would say. it is even more impactful than the first wave of the covid . this is video from monday, december, 27th before noon. staff say there was an hour and a half wait at times. but liang says r macron concerns are now keeping customers away. that there were five cancelations of parties with 20 to 40 people last weekend if it that's drag out more than three weeks, we've been talking about another two months and so on. that will be very concerning to many may lose some hope and feel like we're in this thing forever. but of course we're not in this thing
12:36 pm
forever. santa clara university psychology professor thomas plant says it's important to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though the pandemic is lasting longer than expected. and to practice patients. a lot of people adulterer acting like toddlers out there getting all angry and upset on airplanes and in restaurants and grocery stores. you know, the more kind we are that has a boomerang effect. at lola gift shop at pier 39, the owner tells me business is slower than expected post holiday people right now are getting what they need and limiting their time in the store. and that affects business . crispy potbelly back at the restaurant pivoting to take out once again, offering a chinese new year feast for take out or outdoor dining. cross training staff in various positions. the idea is to find a way to move forward and remain optimistic. it's always nice to see it a
12:37 pm
little more lively, but i'm still enjoying it in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. an update now in the sentencing of convicted theranos co founder elizabeth holmes, ktvu has learned this hearing has been postponed now until september. 26th her attorneys wanted to wait until after sonny bill want his trial. alwani is her former boyfriend and business partner at their knows he's been charged as a co conspirator. prosecutors also intend to dismiss the three counts against homes. the jury could not reach a verdict on homes remains free on a $500,000 bond. oakland police chief is detailing his plan to reduce the surge of crime in the city. ktvu andre senior, talked with the police chief about the specific areas he plans to target for increased enforcement. in less than two weeks. a new plan is set to take shape within the oakland police department targeting a section of the city dealing with crime more than any other. we know that east oakland has seen the vast majority of our violent crime. including shootings and homicides. it also
12:38 pm
represents the largest percentage of calls for service , so it's really important that we balance our resources based on where we're seeing crime occurrence, chief laurent armstrong says 48 officers will be shifted into that section of the city starting january, 25th. it will be. in addition to the 96 officers currently assigned to that area. it's an area where more than half of 2021 134 homicides took place. a troubling trend of the chief is hoping will finally be brought under control. cooper and gang violence has been the largest percentage of our violence and so we want to use our ceasefire strategy to be able to address that violence outside of east oakland, though there is one particular crime that affects many residents, car break ins. the chief says it's an area of focus, highlighting the department's ability to use bait cars to catch unsuspecting thieves and technology that can alert officers to one of vehicle is burglarized and tell them who's responsible. he also says those arrested for violent crimes are of particular focus
12:39 pm
because we know that they're involved in violence but also involved in those crimes related to auto burgers. we often judge the police based on their visibility in the community, whether we see them on the streets, but armstrong tells me work has been underway that you can't see. especially through the violent crime operations center, a division he formed as one of his first acts after becoming chief, and they have been responsible for making over 60 homicide arrests. they also have made 200 arrests of violent crime suspects. they also wore a part of our recovery of over 2 1200 firearms in 2021, another area of focus attacks on members of the asian community, particularly in chinatown. incidents he says, are taking place with far less frequency. he counts the drop by the way. among his successes. chinatown is safer than it was. we are anticipating a lunar new year. that will be at think one in which people will feel safe in chinatown because we will have a
12:40 pm
presence there. andre senior ktvu fox two news. californians doing everything they can to cut back on water during the drought up next we take a look at the bay area county that's exceeding its target when it comes to conservation. also as we give you a live look outside a little bit cloudier little bit cooler compared to yesterday. we're going to check back in with meteorologist mark miles for the forecast in your neighborhood. kn
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arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy and the january six attack on the u. s. capitol law enforcement officers right now at his home. in little elm, texas stewart rhodes is the highest ranking member of an extremist group to be arrested on the death in the deadly siege and is the first time that the justice department has brought a seditious conspiracy charge in connection with the attack on the capital. rhodes is charged along with more than a dozen other members and associates of the oath keepers who authorities say came to washington with the intent of stopping the certification of president joe biden is victory. an update now on president biden's plea to persuade the senate to pass new voting rights legislation just a few minutes ago, the president all but acknowledged defeat, he says he is not sure if his elections and voting rights legislation can actually pass congress this year. president biden spoke at the capital after a key democrat, senator kristen cinema of arizona, announced her opposition to changing senate
12:44 pm
rules to get past a republican filibuster. the president vowed to keep fighting but talked about next year for the legislation. today on russian tv . a top russian diplomat refused to rule out sending the russian military to cubaith the united states continue to escalate. this follows a meeting yesterday between nato and russian officials where nato rejected key russian security demands for easing tensions over ukraine. russia has demanded that nato not allow ukraine to join the 30 nation military alliance. the united states has threatened sanctions on russia if it invades ukraine. moscow denies it will attack ukraine despite positioning 100,000 troops along the border, buckingham palace announced today. prince andrew's been stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronage is with the approval of queen elizabeth. this comes amid allegations he sexually abused a teenage girl supplied to him by financier jeffrey epstein. the palace statement came after more than 150, navy and army veterans
12:45 pm
wrote to the queen asking her to strip andrew of all of his military ranks and titles. well here we are just weeks away from the start of the winter olympics in china, and there is concern about whether the games can go on during the current covid surge. reporter alex hogan has a look at the precautions being taken. the beijing winter olympics are less than a month away, but there are mounting questions over whether the games can be held safely. china is battling multiple coronavirus outbreaks in half a dozen cities more than 20 million people are in some type of lockdown, and in several cases they're banned from leaving their homes. the international olympic committee is assuring that public safety protocols will be in place. the preparations for the olympic went again so are well underway . the athletes to organizers and fans are very much looking forward to when the games will finally begin, beijing officials say they're doubling down on preventative measures. tianjin officials have canceled almost all flights, suspended train
12:46 pm
services and sealed off several residential communities and universities. anyone leaving must present a negative covid test and receive a special permission. during the actual games. officials athletes and staff will be confined to a strict bubble with no interaction between those inside and outside of it. attendees will travel between hotels and competition venues on designated vehicles. they'll also have their food made electronically and delivered by robots. beijing organizers and the ioc believes strictly enforcing these measures should prevent the spread of covid 19. it is really important that that those preventive measures are in place for everybody from now to avoid to contract the virus and spoiled what is coming up, which is a trouble in the next days in the next weeks. the winter olympics officially kicked off on february 4th in london. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news. a new report shows people living in
12:47 pm
santa clara county or exceeding goals to conserve water in november. water use countywide dropped 20% beating the 15% emergency goal issued by the santa clara valley water district. when the district declared a drought emergency in june, the san jose water company made the same request, but after months of failing to meet the target and announced plans for a $7.13 surcharge for each unit of water above that amount, according to the mercury news, the possibility of higher water bills likely helped in the conservation efforts. all right, let's get you outside. no rain to speak of right now, mark tamayo. it is a little bit cooler than we were this time when we last talked yes, that's right, garcia and little bit cooler. and also we have this high clouds drifting in this afternoon, but no chance of rain falling from the clouds for today, we're kind of locked in this dry weather stretching every thursday. we get the new graphic for the drought update and actually some improvement this week. as you can see, we'll take a look and we'll bring up the latest contours here and we have been an exceptional drought
12:48 pm
and extreme drought, but you actually come in the upper level, improving up to a severe drought. so that's good news, but unfortunately, will probably regressive bit of the over the coming oh, weeks with no real sign of rainfall for us or sierra snowfall. looks like this dry weather stretch is here to stay. current number of san francisco checking in 59 degrees santa rosa 56. most of the cooling today will be felt in the santa clara valley, san jose morgen hill and gilroy yesterday in the mid to upper sixties today will be in the lower sixties, so a little bit of a drop off in those numbers. you can see the source the high clouds this afternoon streaming in from the pacific, moving in from the south and from the west, so we'll hold on to kind of that filtered sunshine. look throughout the afternoon hours as those high clouds continue to pay us a visit. here is our live camera looking out, as you can see toward the oakland area where we not only have the high clouds but also a bit of some haze, settling in with moderate eric qualities for today across the bay area, it would be wonderful that the front clean out the atmosphere, but unfortunately all the stormy
12:49 pm
weather is kind of focused up to our north up in the pacific northwest, where they have experienced too much right up there, especially toward the seattle area. for us, though we just have this scattered high clouds for today, a little bit cooler compared to yesterday that area of low pressure up toward our north will kind of slide to our east in this area of high pressure wants to rebuild offshore that scenario could set up windy event, especially in the north bay hills in the east bay hills. maybe mixing down in the valleys and that would be for your friday so clearing skies. most areas we're talking about winds run 10 to 20 miles an hour, but for the higher elevations, we could have gusts approaching maybe 30 to 35 miles an hour. that will be for your friday forecast. in fact, we have the updated model here showing you the wind speeds and you want to keep rivals brighter colors developing for tomorrow afternoon, especially up to our north so that will translate to some stronger winds, maybe approaching 20 miles an hour and fairfield tomorrow those winds out of the north and east so definitely some gusty conditions
12:50 pm
for the berry hill's for tomorrow, tahoe right now, its temperature is in the forties and the fifties. it will be extremely windy for the higher peaks of the sierra. we could have winds maybe approaching 70 miles an hour so very windy tomorrow in the sierra, but then it looks like things calm down this weekend with partly to mostly sunny skies for today this afternoon. heh. bitters. in the upper fifties to the lower sixties for your thursday afternoon. still kind of mild out there track of those winds for your friday the weekend if you want to get outside, we're looking pretty good for saturday and the sunday with fair skies are partly cloudy conditions maybe a few more clouds by monday, as you can see, but still this quiet weather pattern wants to stick around into the weekend and most likely into next week and possibly longer than that. mark thank you. the large student loan servicer. navient has settled allegations of predatory lending practices. it's a settlement that would cancel student loans for tens of thousands of borrowers. it includes some $1.7 billion in debt cancelation and 95 million in restitution. the settlement
12:51 pm
involves 39 state attorneys general, including california's and resolves claims that navin let student borrowers into long term for barents is instead of giving them advice unless costly repayment plans. still to come in noon, an annual tradition of tilting one back now on hold, why people will have to wait longer for pliny the younger and when it's expected to roll out
12:52 pm
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monday, and there is a new mural on melrose avenue in los angeles honoring the hollywood legend, while also promoting a cause very close to her heart. animal rescue. this mural was already in the planning stages before she died a couple weeks ago. the artist then sped up the display upon white's death. the artwork took 15 hours to paint. it
12:55 pm
includes the mission statement. be more like betty. to take action to get rid of nuisance crows swooping into the downtown area, making a mess and irritating residents. ktvu jesse gary tells us what the city plans to do. each day. at dusk, a dark cloud descends over downtown sunnyvale. like a hitchcock movie. the birds have taken over and i'm no stranger to noise pollution, but the crows that come out every evening rival the train in terms of how much noise pollution they put into our downtown vice mayor and resident, alyssa cisneros has gotten an earful. first from the birds and then constituents to be fair. this isn't an anti crow movement. but over the past few years, the murder of several 1000 crows has become death for routine life. we've had crows downtown for many years. now the problem has gotten progressively worse, especially under covid outdoor dining spots along historic murphy avenue. a lifesaver for businesses and the
12:56 pm
bullseye for birds who do what they do wherever they want. customers get people on sometimes stuff gets pooped on poop happens is that a thing it is, and it's the last straw. the city is considering mitigation measures. reflective spirals have been installed in trees with little effect. falconer's although expensive are an option . one man even emailed the idea of being hired as a whisperer to teach the ravens where they can be without bothering human beings. none of it will work to sour the fouls love of the area, according to the santa clara valley audubon society, they select different areas. they look for certain kinds of trees. they like. and the group kind of decide togethed, squawking and plentiful pooping as these birds continue ruling downtown roost, the race smart birds. i don't know how good they'll be at paying rent. and they haven't been great neighbors. so far, the city will conduct a pilot program in the next couple of weeks, but use green lasers similar to this.
12:57 pm
these devices have been shown to scare off the birds. try it for two weeks and then assess the situation. in downtown sunnyvale . jesse gary ktvu, fox two news tennis star, novak djokovic was included in the draw for the opening rounds of the australian open today, but he still doesn't know if he's going to be allowed to stay in the country long enough to actually play in the tournament. australian immigration minister is still considering whether or not to deport djokovic, who is not vaccinated against covid. his visa was canceled when he arrived in melbourne for the tournament. djokovic is a nine time australian open champion. he was allowed to stay in the country until australia's immigration minister decides what would be in the best public interest for health and safety reasons now this morning tennis star now analyst brad gilbert told her south castaneda that djokovic will be considered one of the world's greatest tennis players of all time. but this this could change how he's actually viewed. his stance. being unvaccinated, which is his
12:58 pm
right, but in today's moving world, you're right doesn't allow you the same freedom in principles as you had before the pandemic, so traveling now, internationally, all these things will become massively difficult. i think that his legacy definitely won't take a hit. gilbert went on to say, since officials allow djokovic to be part of the actual draw that he is likely to play. that tournament does start. on monday. friends of a popular north bay beer that's only brewed at a certain time of the year will have to wait a bit longer before its release. russian river brewing company in santa rosa announced it is delaying the release of pliny the younger due to the omicron certain thousands of people traditionally show up for the annual kickoff event, which was set to happen. february. 4th of course, sonoma county is now under a ban on large public gatherings due to the covid virus. unfortunately many and i have had to make the very difficult decision to postpone our in person planning younger
12:59 pm
release. the new gates will be march 25th through april 7th that both our pubs before the pandemic releasing that were generated some $5 million to the local economy. san francisco 49 ers are putting on the finishing touches to their game plan for sunday's playoff game against the dallas cowboys in texas. the niners defense, led by fred warner, will look to slow down that high power dallas offense. premier quarterback makes all the throws. uh high, just high level competitor. they're skilled guys. receivers. art or some of the best in the league. you know, making plays and doing things with the ball in their hands. physical nasty group. i'd say they posed pretty good threats for us challenges. hey, on the road this season, the 49ers at a winning record six wins three losses. routines have also won 71% of the games in the wild card round since 2000 and 18 49 ers. they're going to be trouble for those cowboys guys. yeah, let's hope so. alright thanks for joining us here at
1:00 pm
noon. our next newscast is the four news is always on the ktvu news and, of course, ktvu .com. they take. oz. his was a true crime, a reign of terror. dirty john. a psychopathic prince charming who abused multiple women. >> there was an entire website devoted to warning women about john. >> his first wife reveals his chilling phone calls for the first time. >> trust me. >> trust what? >> enjoy the rest of your time on this earth. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and


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