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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. an arrest two months after shooting and eniac and tonight the victim's mother is remembering her son as fun loving, outgoing and hardworking. it's very hard. um, knowing that i won't be able to
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see him again or talk to him. 25 year old john to white and his friend were shot while at a gas station in what police say was an unprovoked attack. good evening. i'm andre senior and i'm cristina rendon. the shooting happened back on november 10th at 10 50 in the morning at a gas station on lone tree way near clayburn road live coverage now from ktvu, sam berlin and camberwell. police have arrested one suspect they're still looking for another. that's right. christina the victim's mother, is speaking out publicly for the first time . she tells me she wants justice for her son that she and her family are devastated by the loss. i love to laugh. um joke around, demitrius white spoke to me while she's working out of state. she tells me her son, john t. white was a hard worker. he was about to start a full time job at tesla and a part time position at bed bath and beyond, when he was shot and killed. that was my ah, baby boy. and, um, we was very close,
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so it's very hard on the morning of november. 10 police say jonte and a male friend, we're at a gas station on lone tree way and was about to drive off when another vehicle pulled up. two men got out and started shooting at dante and his friend who managed to drive to the hospital. i was certainly described the incident that happened as very brazen and clearly a danger to the community. jonty was shot in the head and died the next day. the friends survived. police say the two men were targeted, but that the attack was unprovoked. the two victims were not armed. it's really tragic, senseless. last month, police arrested 24 year old raymond jenkins. he's being held without bail. in martinez. investigators are still looking for the second suspect. 23 year old robert mathews. investigators say both men are gang members, but no motive was given for the deadly shooting. police are asking the public for help if they see uh robert
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matthews do not approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. mom tells me jenkins had bullied her son when they attended middle school and high school. but says she doesn't know why. as adults, jenkins or the other suspect would shoot her son, white says this is video of john to dancing during her birthday celebration last january. nobody got every minute and him with his sister singing during that same gathering this year is like very sad. very very down right now. because he's not here. i think they should go to jail for a long time. mom shows me the necklace you keeps with her. it contains jonty ashes. both suspects face charges of murder and attempted murder with gang enhancement and again if anyone sees suspect matthews do not approach him and contact police right away. christina in
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their son's death, amberleigh live at any oxygen. q. amber also at any other, we're learning more about deadly hit and run accident. police now say they're looking for a white vehicle that hit and killed a woman and sped off. it happened last night at the intersection of delta fair boulevard and san jose drive. witnesses told police that the victim was crossing the street when she was hit. she died at the scene after officers tried to save her life. people who knew the victim tell us she was homeless and was loved by the homeless community in antioch. police say they don't have surveillance video of the incident. but if you have information, you're asked to give them a call. the man who shot and killed robert f. kennedy back in 1968 will not be released from prison despite a recommendation from the parole board. the board denied freeing sirhan sirhan 15 previous times over the decades, but in a surprise move last summer the penalty term in the 77 year old is no longer a danger to public safety and recommended parole and two of kennedy's surviving children backed his release. but governor newsom told ktvu
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political reporter greg lee today how he came to his decision to deny her hands release. i personally went and i reviewed the archives. and saw the gun. and read through the diaries, sirhan, um and looked at all the evidence. in this case. we took this to a whole another level of consideration. kennedy was shot at the ambassador hotel in los angeles, moments after he claimed victory in california's democratic presidential primary. he was 42 years old when he died. the kennedy family released a statement in response to that decision, saying, in part quote, we are grateful to governor gavin newsom and deeply relieved by his decision today to deny parole to the killer of robert f. kennedy. we are practicing tin you robert kennedy's vision of fair and compassionate criminal system, one with an ultimate goal of rehabilitation , but only for fenders capable of achieving it. word tonight of a deal between san francisco teachers and the district over health and safety. the district
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has agreed to offer 10 additional days of covid sickly for teachers, and the agreement notes that the district will continue to offer weekly testing and high quality facemasks to students and staff. the district says he delivered more than 46,000 pcr test to schools last week, and this week they're distributing more than 73,000 k n95 masks well. nine schools in oakland closed today after teachers and students staged too sick out over covid safety precautions in the classroom. other schools stayed open, but officials say very few students showed up as ktvu is rob roth reports. the district says it's in the process of meeting their demands. at skyline high school thursday, one student said the classrooms were practically empty and it oakland tech. it wasn't much different. most classes only got like 5 to 6 people in it. so it's like a lot of people missing students staged sick out thursday, which many teachers supported. the students are demanding n95 masks and more covid testing
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availability. it's nice to see a lot of people supporting what the causes for and trying to make sure that students are adequately prepared for and safe and just, like, feel comfortable on campus. we want our students in class. we want our teachers with them in class. and so you know, this is an unauthorized sick out by the teachers. the district says it has received 200,000 k n95 masks and is in the process of distributing them. the teachers union supports the sick out but did not organize it. the work that has been done and it's because of, um the advocacy of our students. and teachers that, uh , mask have are are being delivered. the sick out comes on the heels of an agreement reached wednesday between the teachers union and the district . under the terms friday, now will be what the district is calling a teacher wellness day and will not be used for staff development, which had been previously planned. we encourage
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that. but all usd community use . um january 14 to get back to nated or get your booster shots . the union says. staffing shortages, it's some schools have become critical. do we need to look at school by school where we determined because of staffing issues. we need to offer some alternatives for families that could be distance learning. there's no move to close schools here. some students are circulating an online petition calling for another sick out for next week. with the school district. you expect students and staff to be back in class tuesday following the mlk holiday, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. the amount diablo unified school district is offering new incentives to recruit substitute teachers. during the current staff shortages, officials announced today they are raising the pay
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rate $230 per day, or $250 per day for retirees. the district is also offering a $1000 bonus to any substitute who works 20 days between today and the end of next month. to apply. visit ktvu .com and click. on web links. the supreme court ruled today that federal authorities do not have the power to mandate covid vaccines and testing for companies with 100 or more workers, but the court did uphold covid vaccine mandate for most healthcare workers. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live to explain the ruling and the reaction. janet. well business and retail groups said that they were glad this mandate was struck down, saying it could have been expensive and might have caused employees shortages . many health care workers said they were glad the court left that mandate in place at a time when infections are surging. the supreme court ruling thursday said osha did not have authority to mandate covid vaccines and testing for some 80 million us workers at companies with 100 or more employees. chief justice
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john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh where the swing votes siding with justices alito , barrett, gorsuch and thomas. they said osha could not issue broad nationwide mandates, forcing companies to require the vaccines. the opinions do allow for osha to be more targeted. that what they could do is say, pick out an industry and say this is an industry that because of the working conditions is such that it's vital to have a vaccine mandates. u. c. hastings law professor david levine says that could include industries such as the airlines are factories where workers operate in close quarters, and levin says the court left the door open for state or local mandates . the opinion does say the right place. to do. this is at the state and local and private employee level. there's nothing in these opinions that stops cal osha from imposing appropriate vaccine mandates. at the state level. the ruling comes just
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before cal osha was to consider vaccine and testing mandates. just next week, right caliper cal osha would have voted to put into effect. basically the identical standard in california . now of course, with the supreme court's opinion, whether they'll take that vote up is in question. the court ruled in favor of vaccine and testing mandates for health providers, with justices roberts and kavanaugh ruling with justices breyer, kagan and sotomayor. it was the theory of the case. that was different. and and the reason is that the medicare and medicaid rule was framed as a spending requirements. so if a health facility does not want the vaccine mandate, they don't have to accept. the medicare money. many california health workers applauded the decision where i work, we don't have access to testing on site. i wish it was even a broader decision, but i think for people who work with the most vulnerable who worked with patients i've long wanted there to be a mandate. and that
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nationwide vaccine and testing mandates for health care providers will impact about 10 million workers. christina jana katsuyama in our newsroom tonight, jenna. thank you. the white house announced today. it's working to distribute masks to americans. president biden says his administration is sorting out the details of how to get people free high quality and 95 k n95 masks. he also announced he's doubling the number of free tests that will soon be available to the public for a total of one billion at home test to meet future demand, and starting next week, the federal government will deploy 1000 military medical personnel to six of the hardest hit states to help overwhelmed hospitals. one on one interview with governor gavin newsom at 10 30 what he told us about everything from the omicron surge school sick out and whether we can expect any covid shutdowns. and the weekends just around the corner. now i'll have that forecast back here after the break. so called pothole
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vigilantes take over one bay area city how they're taking matters into their own hands to fix potholes and why the city is not happy about it. these potholes, affection, everybody. it affects the car's fixed their tires and rims. and i think that tires and rims. and i think that what we're can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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are filling potholes instead of waiting for the city to send its own crews. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us now live tonight after talking to that group, alyssa. community members that we talked to say that they love this. they say that the city is way too slow to patch these potholes and the groups go fund me has already raised almost $5000. but the mayor of alejo is discouraging this sort of thing all behavior. city officials warn of safety issues and quality issues. we have asked for we have tools. they call themselves the pothole vigilantes. a group of black residents who met through facebook over a shared passion or dislike, i should say of you guessed it. hot holes were just tired of our cars, you know, receiving damage over tired of,
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you know it being a liability in regards to our kids being in the car with us, you know, we want you know, public safety comes first. now this group has already filled about 90 potholes in just one week when you get some citizens that are just tired. you know they'll they'll pitch in their help, and that's what's happening right now. we want to better our city. we want to implement change. garrett tolls explained how this all came about, he said he posted on a community facebook page asking if people would be willing to pitch in to fix the roads. the response was overwhelming. so in other member of the group started a go fund me and they raised enough money to hit the streets filling up these pesky potholes. that's the famous pothole over there. we're going to call that the lip biter because when you run over it, you bite your lip. it is tough work. you've got to have some, you know, you got to put some muscle into it. the volunteer run group has already made quite a name for itself. driver stopped to say thank you as they passed over the newly patched roads. i'd love them and i plug
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them. have linda lived here since i was 13 years old, and these streets are horrible, but the city is less enthused in a weekly newsletter. the mayor said he strongly discouraged pothole vigilante ism. part of the letter read, it can be a hazardous task to undertake repairs without the proper help with traffic control. often these efforts and money will all be wasted without adequate compaction techniques if the rains carry away the asphalt once again. poll said they also got in trouble during one of their unofficial jobs. they gave us a legal notice to start working. in response to that, you know, as long as the community members are donating, and we're going to keep filling potholes until this let's get soft. these volunteers say keeping roads smooth should be a priority for the city. and as long as the money keeps coming in, they'll keep it up. we believe that sometimes you just got to take the bull by the horn. these volunteers tell me
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that they are not stopping at potholes. they say they also want to tackle the city's trash issue and help with the homeless crisis reporting live in vallejo. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alright, alyssa. thank you for that live report. san mateo police arrested two people for allegedly stealing catalytic converters. last night around 8 15, a witness reported seeing someone stealing the part from a car on south claremont street. when police arrived, they stopped the suspect's vehicle 33 year old jose ramirez and 33 year old samuel gonzalez, both from san pablo, were taken into custody. officials say a search of the vehicle uncovered two catalytic converters. electric saws, a carjack drug paraphernalia and what officers suspect was meth. california is completely out of the worst round category. the latest update from the u. s drought monitor shows most of the state is still in severe drought, a difference, though from two weeks ago when parts of the bay area and northern california we're worse off in either exceptional or extreme drought.
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and just a month ago that map was almost entirely in the red. okay looking at the weather. we are doing good for rain for doing well with rainfall because it was so busy early in the fall and early winter. we had plenty of rain and now we're going to go dry. we've been dry for a bunch of days about a week and we're going to stay dry for about another week. this is how it's stands. we haven't seen rain since the seventh of january. that's not that long ago really, and these dry spells in the middle of winter. very normal. it's almost like every winter we get one. so we have a bunch of rain. that's why i was so important to get that for those first range when we did get a lot of it in the bank, because when you go dry like this, if you didn't have we were like 10% of average right now, we'd be freaking out. next week. looks dry, too. as you know, so enjoy the weather. wild last is going to be nice around here. all the rain goes up into the pacific northwest. this is seven days of forecast greens and blues or rain. all the way up
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there. that's all the way through thursday of next week, and so big high pressure ridge. we stay drive. we stay mild to you know, daytime highs today are in the sixties, so little cooler in some places like fremont. that's because we had some cloud cover today. tomorrow we're going to see more sunshine list cloud cover. and that's going to set us up with more were increased temperature so highs tomorrow could be in the mid sixties in your in your backyard so kind of warm for this time of year, but enjoy it while it lasts. we'll get back to the wet soon enough. when i come back, we'll get specific with the temperatures in your neighborhood will take a look at what's going on in the mountains, and then we'll look at what you can expect in the five day period. you back here looking forward to a bill. thank you. santos, a food pantry shut down by the city today actually reopened, people lined up outside the lighthouse food distribution center on north 17th street. the city had ordered that side to close earlier this week for operating without a special use permit. white house says. once word got out about the shutdown, the city retracted its order and gave the pantry until february. 14th to obtain the permit. the #### who
10:21 pm
runs the site says they're grateful to be open again. but unless something changes. it's just temporary because the pantry doesn't have the money for the permit fee of $15,500. yes it's exciting that were open, but that problem still lingering here. and when it comes to pair 14th, are we going to do the same thing again and shut down all those people behind me to go back home, or are we going to solve that problem? is there possibility that city could just wave this whole issue. city officials say they're looking for ways to resolve the issue, hoping to find wiggle room on the fee requirement. alright, coming up a beloved bay area company is moving operations to utah, plus empty shells once again in bay area stores. when we could eventually see supplies replenished next and how tesla is pushing back against the proposal that would lower incentives for people who installed rooftop solar pan
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leaving the bay area. mrs. grossman's paper company confirmed the news on its facebook page, saying it's shutting down its petaluma headquarters and factory and heading to utah. the company has already purchased a building there. mrs grossman says the high cost of doing business in california is just one of the reasons the company decided to leave the state after 43 years in business. new year, same problems empty shelves in stores locally and across the country. it's due to supply and labor shortages. ktvu tom baker takes a look at what's slowing delivery of much needed products. the porch remained jammed so much so that products keep arriving late now bay area air quality officials want the diesel powered container ships anchored in the bay to go out and wait it see, instead of idling in the bay that may delay some goods. but professor choi cut chowdhry, uc berkeley supply chain expert says this things are shifting right. it's not always the same problem that we're dealing with. the biggest delay right now is labor.
10:25 pm
worldwide workers are falling six. so if you don't have people like santa warehouses or truck drivers to take these things, whether the grocery hardware, clothing or other store there are many missing items, freight rates and shipping rates are up double or treat three times. sometimes frankly, it's not worth it for the retailers to get certain products. but there's plenty of food plenty of products. it's just getting it from point a to point b. keith crumble manager of his family owned village market in oakland. says the actual number and variety of food products offered called skews is down south east to have say 10. different uh, scuse now, they maybe have five. just concentrating on the better sellers. consider this pasta pesto case. there are plenty of things available, but they're also holes where no supplies are available. it doesn't mean you can't have pasta and pesto. it simply means you have to make some other choices. our customers and people in general, are just being creative with what they're buying. they can't
10:26 pm
get the thing that they used to buy. they'll try something new, in many cases, what you really want will eventually show up. you might go to a store on a tuesday and you know, there's something you're looking for. it might be out of stock. if you went back wednesday sometime, it would probably be there. one shocking fact about supply demand and inflation the average price of a new car today $47,000 tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. on wall street, a selloff in the tech stocks that pulled the major indices lower. today the dow was down 176 points the nasdaq off by 381 points down. 2.5% and the s and p was lowered by 67 points. investors were concerned about inflation report from the labor department today said wholesale prices were up a record 9.7% last year. wall street is also expecting higher interest rates as soon as march. it's been in the works for decades, and now governor newsom
10:27 pm
is putting even more money toward the high speed rail. while he says it's still a reality, plus the nurses working. don't get any help. they don't get any rescuing work hours. a day of action from nurses across the country, their demands next the warriors looked like deer in headlights as they face the defending champs. today in milwaukee sports director marco baniyas. we'll have the highlights ahead and sports and later tonight, a yearly tradition to honor dr martin luther king jr has been canceled the reason a
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an initiative calling for the state to reconsider a proposal by the state public utility commission that would cut incentives for rooftop solar power. the company says the state should encourage renewable energy and now has a space on
10:30 pm
its website where opponents can voice their concerns. and opponents of this plan rallied outside the cpuc headquarters this morning. the proposal would add monthly fees for solar customers and lower payments to customers for the extra power they generate and supply to the electrical grid. solar companies argue the plant changes would mean the loss of at least 50,000 solar related jobs across the state. governor gavin newsom was in the south bay today another stop on his tour promoting the budget proposal. our political reporter greg lee, sat down with the governor talked about the state's next steps in addressing covid, the economy and infrastructure. we have to get through the next few weeks. the next few weeks, just level set are challenging. governor gavin newsom says he knows people are exhausted by the ongoing pandemic as omicron cases peak. he hopes this is the last big surge and the state can shift its plan from penned emmick to endemic. my hope is when we turn the page. that we
10:31 pm
can then start to lay out a vision for a future where we can start to live with this disease in a different way, with staff sick outs at schools around the state over covid safety demands , newsome remains adamant about keeping classes open for in person instruction. he expressed his gratitude to teachers and urged frustrated parents to hang on. we're doing everything in our power. i just keep it to hold the line. get through these next few weeks and keep our kids in person in school safely. at this point, he says. any new shutdowns are off the table. newsome sat down with us during a stop at a santa clara rail station to tout transportation and infrastructure investments in his budget proposal, the focus on clean energy if you want to be big, you've got to be big in the next big thing, and that's the transformation of our transportation sector that's underway. the governor has been traveling the state to outline his budget priorities, including homelessness, healthcare and climate change. republicans panned much of the plant, assembly republican leader marie waldron wrote. california's
10:32 pm
problems continue to worsen despite years of increased government spending and headline grabbing announcements. this budget doesn't fundamentally solve the many problems facing californians. folks are on the sidelines critics and they don't offer much except oftentimes perspective gets a little old and tiresome as negotiations began over how to spend the state huge surplus. i asked him what many taxpayers want to know . well, california see another stimulus show. we did $12 billion, the largest state rebate in u. s history last year, but this year will look to work with the legislature to try to be creative, and i think the inflation hedge will be a frame that i think is appropriate under the circumstances, the spending on clean energy as part of the state strategy to battle climate change. accordingly there's another $1.2 billion included in the budget to fight wildfires. gregory ktvu, fox two news so included in newsom's infrastructure spending proposal. $4.2 billion for that controversial high speed rail
10:33 pm
project. the money represents the remaining balance of the $9.1 billion approved by voters for the project back in 2000 and eight the original idea of bullet train connecting la to san francisco. the money would be spent to finish a 119 miles section in the central valley. the legislature did not approve a similar request in newsom's budget last year. it faced stiff opposition from leaders of his own party. well we're going to get it done. i mean, god's delays are not gods denials are going to drive it. otherwise you have an erector set with pieces that weren't in complete. it was interesting is that no one's. let's get the job done that's finished. the central valley component. the governor and lawmakers have until june to come up with a compromise. wastewater is showing covid levels falling in the south bay data collected from santa clara county sewage systems show that covid levels measured in the county's wastewater have dropped dramatically since they peaked one week ago. officials made similar findings in boston this
10:34 pm
week. researchers there found virus levels and wastewater dropped off rapidly. health departments across the country have turned to sewage to measure the amount of covid-19 genetic material in the region. well nurses rally today in a day of action across the country, they're demanding safe staffing levels and better priority when it comes to covid protective equipment. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary picks up the story from one rally at regional medical center in san jose. this day of action began earlier in the day and late this afternoon about 20 demonstrators made their way to the outside of regional medical center here in east san jose. their message matches that of other nurses who say they and there were conditions need to be a priority. thursday sees multiple demonstrations spread across the bay area from north to south and points in between the purpose, drawing attention to the plight faced by nurses. we need more staff. we need more nurses, we need more nurse assistants. respiratory therapist all around
10:35 pm
in the healthcare industry. we need more staff to safely care of take care of patients. many nurses say the covid pandemic, coupled locally with the high cost of living has left them short staffed and vulnerable nurses working. don't get any help. they don't get any rest during work hours. because there's nobody will take over their patients during their working times express having give you a safety because again, extra i and if extra hands to help you with your patients. others decry the recent decision to allow covid positive healthcare workers to return to the workplace under certain conditions. the move is meant to address critically short staffing levels. but many nurses say it's a prescription for problems. if we have covid positive employees, they should stay at home, recover and then come back to work. they should not be coming here. and risk spreading covid to their staff and their patients. in a statement to fox, two officials with san jose's good samaritan
10:36 pm
hospital say safety is a paramount importance to good samaritan hospital. no one cares more for our colleagues than we do, especially in the face of this evolving pandemic more when do we want it? frontline picketers outside regional medical center, a sister hospital of good samaritan support their institutions, but say more needs to be done didn't care, but they're not doing enough for us to be get help. one of the things union members point to is competitive pay. they say a lot of their peers have left the area for greener pastures elsewhere, say increasing pay could lure people back to the industry. and back to this area. in the san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. are still to come tonight. the high prices for homes in san francisco no secret but this one might take the cake. how much someone shelled out for a home in the city that has no bedrooms. in the weekend is basically upon us all have that forecast right after the break.
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plus bay area. tech companies subpoenaed why lawmakers want to hear from them about the january
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it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. has subpoenaed several silicon valley social media giants. the committee has asked for records from twitter, reddit and the parent companies of facebook and google. so far, the committee says, those social media platforms have given an inadequate response. the committee is trying to track down records relating to domestic terrorism, the spread of misinformation and efforts to overturn the 2020 election. the founder and leader of the far right oath keepers militia group has been arrested. stewart rhodes is charged with seditious conspiracy in the capital attack . the justice department announced the charges against roads today. he is the highest
10:40 pm
ranking member of an extremist group to be arrested. it's the first time the justice department has brought us seditious conspiracy charge in connection with the riot at the capitol 10. others are facing that same charge. the republican national committee is threatening to boycott the next presidential debates. the rnc says it's planning to demand that any candidates seeking the republican nomination pledge not to take part in any presidential debates run by the commission on presidential debates. the group has organized them for three decades now, and rnc chair ronna mcdaniel said in a letter that the current process is unfair and rigged against republicans. voting rights legislation that has stalled in the senate remains blocked by two key senators. the president met with senate democrats today, hoping to get the two bills over the finish line. the bills would make election day a federal holiday. expanded mail in voting , allow for same day registration and expand the types of ieds allowed. the president is asking democrats to do away with the filibuster, if necessary, which requires 60 votes to move the legislation
10:41 pm
forward. arizona democrat kristen cinema, says she stands against that rule change. i will not support separate actions that were sent the underlying disease of division infecting our country. as long as i have a breath in me. as long as i'm in the white house, as long as i'm engaged at all, i'm going to be fighting to change the way these legislatures have moving. must virginia's joe manchin also opposes changes to the filibuster. democrats were hoping to pass the bills before the midterms to counteract restrictive voting laws passed by republican states following the defeat of donald trump. in 2020. we'll just weeks before hosting the winter olympics. china is dealing with multiple coronavirus outbreaks more than 20 million people in the country are under restrictive lockdowns. still olympic organizers say they're confident the games can take place safely. officials say the games are being held under a quote, closed loop system for athletes, coaches and media traveling to china. that will be
10:42 pm
allowed to move within a strict bubble separate from the rest of the country and anyone who leaves that environment will be subject to a three week quarantine. is not just about protecting chinese culture, language and history. language program saved in san francisco. the emotional appeal to the city college's board to keep the cantonese curriculum on campus and our dry street continues. chief meteorologist bill martin is back with when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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going pro takes time. quitting smoking does, too. but with a little help, you can do it. get the resources and support you need to quit smoking at can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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canceled because of increases in cases of the coronavirus. the early event honors alive and legacy of dr martin luther king jr over the holiday weekend. the train typically tapes people from san jose to san francisco. it's a 54 mile trek, the same distance as the historic march from selma to montgomery, alabama. a language program saved the cantonese program at city college of san francisco was at risk of being cut. but tonight the board of trustees voted to save it. ktvu christian captain tells us why supporters say that program is so important. san francisco is a tapestry of interwoven cultures . and nowhere is that more clear than chinatown. many of the residents here speak cantonese language taught at city college of san francisco, but the curriculum was at risk because
10:46 pm
of budget cuts. thursday the college voted to preserve and expand the cantonese program. wonderful so unanimous. thank you. trusty wong first moon the resolution and i'm looking forward to seeing our work on this issue. trustee allen wang proposed the changes, saying with just one class offered this coming spring semester, the program was in danger of withering away is not just about protecting chinese culture language. in history but also ensuring that we can train and support the next generation of public safety, health care and social workers. wong's proposal is aimed at making sure cantonese classes count towards college credits for me, i'm proposing a very practical and simple solution. and it's to get our county's classes to be to be a certificate kareem to lead towards, uh, the language requirement for u. c s current and former students spoke out in support of ensuring the cantonese program continues
10:47 pm
supporters, including first responders and medical workers, say taking cantonese language classes at sea csf allowed them to help others. working in the medical field for 12 years. i have seen countless times when chinese patients who don't speak english get confused and lost in the health care system due to a language barrier by taking these cantonese causes that city college has given me the ability to assist the chinese patients with basic communications. supporters of the cantonese program at city college say it will not cost city college any money to maintain the program, and they say it is a very popular language, they say. not only has every cantonese class been 100% full since 2019, they say, every year there's been a wait list of students wanting to get in. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. alright i hope you had a nice day out there today. the weather was pretty darn nice, beautiful sunsets beautiful. partly sunny, mostly sunny. partly cloudy skies highs today
10:48 pm
a little cooler than yesterday. that has to do with the cloud cover will be less cloud tomorrow. and so we just a little bit warmer, had some patchy coastal fog. they might still be a little bit out there tonight. winds are going to kick a little more off shore. as we get into the late evening hours, so we might see some breezy conditions up at the higher elevations. but i would suspect that you won't notice it unless you're up on top of diablo or hamilton's right now the winds are light everywhere and all the hilltops lots going on in the pacific that accounts for the large surf we've been seeing and had been seeing. that's because these storms generating winds or creating waves, and so the last couple of days. certainly as we talked about mavericks a couple days ago was breaking really well broke yesterday as well. but it's just been, you know, a lot of served dangerous surf high surf advisories. those have been dropped the high surf advisories as the swell begins to drop down in the storms continue to head north of us and what we have a few clouds over the top of us right now in those clouds, basically just enough to
10:49 pm
filter the sunshine keep it a little warmer tonight. cloud covered like a blanket so overnight lows are going to end up up out where the thirties right now is 48 degrees in santa rosa. that's mild for this time of night. morning in santa rosa, you wake up about 39 degrees 42 in antioch. well above freezing . so partly cloudy mostly clear . tomorrow's could be stunning for your friday saturday sunday looked pretty good to partly cloudy. san francisco redwood city, oakland tomorrow morning and then lunchtime, san francisco and about 58 degrees. i think oakland be closer to 60 and then at the end of the day, san francisco gets to 60 degrees often gets to about 62 degrees. so a beautiful, unseasonable kind of pattern and that warm and mostly sunny. the breezy conditions will come from this low pressure center, which is just up north of us and is it kicks off? the high builds and the winds go offshore in the fall in summer. this is fire danger for us now, with his wet as things are and the situation we're not really concerned about fire. you always concerned about fire, but we're just going to
10:50 pm
see some potentially gusty winds of high elevations late tonight. and early tomorrow morning, so if you look at the forecast model for tomorrow morning, there it is a little fog. the fog in the valley there, it's a little bit of fog, and then we get friday morning. or friday afternoon. sorry and then saturday morning and then saturday afternoon, so just a little bit of fog here and there mostly sunny, beautiful bay area weekend for sure forecast high 64 in santa rosa 64 fairfield inn, 16. and it's beautiful day . beautiful weekend. hope you got a good one plan. i know. i know. i wish had rain for you. i wish i had snow for you. but that'll come soon enough. we'll have rain and snow for you pretty soon as we get past the next four or five days. i'll see you back here tonight at 11 bill. thanks. the san francisco symphony canceled its matinee performance today. the workers just said that an unspecified number of members received positive covid test during routine testing. they decided to cancel the program out of an abundance of caution. they say that plans for the rest of this
10:51 pm
week's performances will be announced soon. at this point. the next concert is still scheduled for 7 30 tomorrow night. super bowl 56 is one month away in organizers hyped up the event at a media conference in los angeles, preparations are already in full swing for the return of the big game to the city where it all started. yes, the first super bowl was in la so far, i stadium in inglewood is expected to be rocking with a sold out crowd, and nfl officials say there are no plans to move the super bowl to another stadium despite the spike in covid 19 cases. no talk anymore of restricting the number of fans that come in here. not at the moment. no talk anymore about moving this to arlington, texas. absolutely not. it's all l a at this 0.100. officials say fans will be required to wear masks. there are a number of ticket giveaways , including one from the american red cross, where you can enter to win two tickets, hotel, state and air travel. by donating blood any red cross donation center this month up next steve kerr weighs in on his level of concern after the boxer
10:52 pm
stampede. the warriors sports director market bonnie is up next and then on the 11 o'clock news how dozens of law enforcement agencies are helping this young boy with cancer achieved his ultimate dream.
10:53 pm
there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full-body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high.
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room tonight. you know, week and a half ago, i would have said the warriors aren't even capable. no way. no. how losing four out of five. but that's definitely happened tonight in milwaukee. they were without draymond green. but one guy cannot make this bigger difference. but man they got pummeled by the world champion milwaukee bucks. who bring along a fellow by the name of yes. the coop. oh, and he brought his egg game, a rare highlight coming up
10:55 pm
for the warriors here instead of curry pulling up. he had 12. he was irrelevant in the proceedings tonight, all milwaukee yannis makes it look easy with the post boob down under no stoppin that they were up 24. he had 30 points. 12 rebounds. 11 assists. sloppy play here. andrew wiggins turnover. unionist grayson allen's group into the bucket. they go up 28 points. is still in the second quarter. missed buckshot. no problem. be honest , gathers it jams it down and the onslaught continued perfect encapsulation of the first half step curry missed. quick transition the other way. bobby portis junior will beat the buzzer to end the half. the score was 77 38. that's the largest first half deficit since the warriors moved from philadelphia. i will say this, they hustled down the stretch, jonathan commingle, but in some good hustle, 15 points at 19 minutes. but there's your final
10:56 pm
1 18 99 warriors shooting only 35% from the floor again. they are ice cold. pierce steve curves assessment of this little mini disaster effort, but i'm not that concerned. um i know we just got got our butts kicked, but we're just having a rough patch in our season. it happens to every team every year. pretty much. um so we're a little out of sorts, and we just got to got to get back on track, and we will alright. the best team hailing from san francisco tonight. definitely not the warriors. how about the guys up on the hilltop usf? in fact, the college kids did all right tonight as they take on loyola marymount. does the dogs first half up for tomorrow with the strip seal and look at the transition. check the no. look for huge in missile ski. who will slam it. he had 13 and usf well on their way. still in the
10:57 pm
first half, putting this thing away except for a 22 to run, nasty step back three by bowyer , who had 22 lopsided usf when 97 73 guns are 15 to overall to it in conference. looking good. meanwhile randy bennett screw looking for their first conference win and they will get it. dad and pepper died second half sales up six driving dish. alex duke is from matthias task to rabbit home task doing it all 10 points. 11 rebounds, seven assists in under two minutes. that is tommy cuzzi. bearing the three to put this thing away. he had 16 off the bench. 77 62 gales 13 and four overall one on one now and conference and take it to the pac 12 stanford coming back off, they're upset victory over the southern california trojans game delayed our 13
10:58 pm
minutes. someone had to get a covid test looked at stanford down as many as 12, but they scramble back as a silver to steal and brandon angel finishing. he had 16 points. that tied it, but now stanford up seven spencer charles when knocked down a three and he had 16 as well. 62 57 stanford now 10 and 43 and one in the pac 12 and playing their best basketball of the season so far , all right, so there you have it. the amateurs doing great nothing but victory representing the bay area, the pros. not so well. the warriors and the sharks san jose riding a little many three game win streak down at the tank. they run into the new york rangers, but they've got an all star tebow meyer named to the nhl all star game, which will be played next month. first period. sharks power play, but they turn it over. result rangers break shorthanded goal adam box to chris kreider past
10:59 pm
eight and hill one. nothing rangers third period. still only one. nothing got a shot at it. but no. there's sharks miscue failed to clear the puck result . it is brayden slider, scoring his first nhl goal in his first nhl game. that's the way to do it. another late goal. it ends three nothing and also ends the shirts. three game win streak with the time left when we end on a positive note from the warrior game, right, check this out. it is the always generous steph curry doing something good and a warrior uniform. and you think that young lady is just a little bit happy with getting that jersey that steps through up there in milwaukee? so they lost the game and steph still doing good deeds. yes that is the sporting life at this hour. we'll get it back to you will be back in about 25 minutes. mark. thank you so much. appreciate it
11:00 pm
next at 11. you also modeling good behavior, and you're basically telling the public that yes, you believe in science, and you believe that vaccines and proper testing is the way to go. the area nurses applaud the supreme court's ruling that holds a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. but the high court did block a different mandate. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. you know? 63 ruling the united states supreme court stopped president biden's push to require employees at large companies to be vaccinated. hello again. i'm christina brando and i'm andre senior. more than 80 million people would have been impacted by this. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom. with reaction to today's decision. jenna andre. the swing votes today were chief justice john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh. one law professor says that the court's decisions left a path open, though for future vaccine and covid testing mandates.


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