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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 14, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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in the classroom. what some district are doing as covid infections continue affect area campuses, plus increasing covid testing across the country, the planned by the by the administration and when americans can sign up for this free at home tests, he promised. that excitement is building for sunday's playoff game for the 49ers will take a look at how they're preparing for the game as they head off to texas. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach, parents, students and teachers, all hoping it's a step towards stability in the san francisco unified school district that unions representing teachers and staff did reach an agreement with the district on covid safety measures. ktvu zahle rasmus joins us live from the newsroom with what's included here, ali. well, mike. in short, more covid tests, more high quality masks and union leaders say, maybe most importantly, more paid covid sick leave for educators. folks are out sick right now burning through whatever time
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they may have accrued, the president of san francisco's teachers union says getting an extra 10 days of covid sickly for the remainder of the school year was an essential wind for her members. also as part of this agreement, all 6000 sf usd , teachers, counselors and para educators will have access to at least one covid test every week at their school site. covid concerns earlier this month had led to calls among some teachers to call out sick as a form of protest to pressure the school district to act during health and safety negotiations with the union that combined with the spike in covid cases, community wide lead to a bumpy returned to school after the winter break. we know people are actually sick. there are over 600 teachers. who are out our teacher absences are still at about 400 a day a little bit more than 400 a day. um and on a typical day before the pandemic , we would see about 250 to 300 teacher absences, so it's still a little bit higher than usual in the meantime, sf usd says
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they are able to cover the staffing shortages with substitutes and assigning workers from the district office to classroom duty. they've also begun distributing rapid test kits from the state to schools and additional high quality masks. we know this is remains a challenging time for the community. but health experts have said that this surge, while intense, is expected to be relatively brief, and so we hope that that continues to be what health experts say. in the coming days. sf usd plans to distribute about 70 throughout that 73,000 k n95 masks to any student or staff member who would like one and in a zoom call with the board of supervisors, officials with the city's department of public health promised to help the school district. get more of those still tough to find. covid tests live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu fox two news, ali thank you. just a short time ago , we learned the federal website where americans can request free covid test will start accepting orders on wednesday. the website is covid tests dot gov supplies are limited to four free tests
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for home as jonathan siri reports from atlanta. the biden administration is making a big push to alleviate some of the demand. the biden administration . ramping up testing is the ah micron variant continues to surge across the country, the president announcing a new order of rapid at home tests for americans directly my team to procure an additional half a billion additional 500 million more tests to distribute for free. i made a billion tests in total. to meet future demand as the demand for testing increases . cities and states across the country are seeing long lines at testing centers, with some mass sites reopening once again waiting lines at somebody's test sites. you know, go into the hours that people waiting in their car to get to the front line and get a test and i encourage someone if you're feeling sick, if you think you've got symptoms go get a test. get in the line and wait. the national guard being brought into assist in areas, including places like atlanta's mercedes
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benz stadium, as well as hospitals across the country who are experiencing critical staffing shortages due to the highly transmissible macron variant. this is non clinical personnel to across the state to help hospitals to assist in non medical tasks. to alleviate issues, particularly in their emergency departments. and also to add testing capacity at these hospitals to get the testing to alleviate the challenge and emergency departments here at mercedes benz stadium, they can test approximately 2000 people per day. in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news, despite the rising number of covid cases reported by local health departments and other form of testing could suggest that we may be close to the end. than we think. atvs james torres reports from san jose, where county officials say our wastewater is painting a different picture. researchers will typically take samples of sewage in order to get an understanding of how many viruses or even drugs are within
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our communities. the same goes for covid-19 infections. in the simplest sense, everybody poops , and so we get that information , regardless of whether they're going out getting those clinical tests. oh yes, there was a ton of information that can come from the waist. you flushed down your toilet, but when the covid pandemic started, we realized that we could actually use this technique. to track a respiratory virus like covid, because we do have, uh, the virus come out in our faces when we're infected, professor marlene wolf from emory university is one of several across the country, helping to develop the tools necessary to measure samples of covid-19 our sewage. recent data in the south based shows a number of cities in santa clara county, finding less and less infection since the january 7th spike. the researchers doing these tests say this method can be a little bit more of an accurate idea of where we stand in the pandemic, and as we start moving into an environment where people are
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doing more testing at home, you know that testing energy testing doesn't get reported to the public health department. and so we can use the information in the wastewater. scheuer sheds attracted overall community trends, and we also have that person's waste ending up in the wastewater the same day that they're sick and so we don't have to wait for those test results to come back, which can take quite a while they test for strands of rna using similar technology. as the no swap. santa clara county is one of the only counties in california publishing their data for the public. it's researchers found levels of omicron before any local testing lab. infectious disease experts say the number one takeaway from number two research is preparation for any future surges or hospitalizations. from now on. when we get to the endemic phase of this, we could always do genomic surveillance on wastewater to make sure that there's not a new variant. scientists say. it's a great
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tool to get an idea of whether covid is leveling off. but it's not to say to put your guard down because when you look at the concentrations of sars, cov two and wastewater now it's still significantly higher than we were a year ago. which indicates that there's still quite a bit of community spread going on being exposed to the sewage will not transmit covid-19. but who would argue with leaving this kind of work to the professionals? in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. tobacco store in palo alto, was the scene of an armed robbery. police say eight people , some armed with guns, entered the raw smoke shop on california avenue shortly before 10 o'clock last night. the robbers pistol, whipped a store clerk and then took off with stolen merchandise in the cash register surveillance photos here capturing images of the people. the clerk had minor injuries. no arrests have been made. if you do have any information about this case, you're asked to call palo alto police. president biden is touting the progress of
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his bipartisan infrastructure law and announcing new funding to repair and replace bridges nationwide this morning, president biden highlighted key investments, including $53 billion to modernize highways and reduced congestion and 240 million to improve ports in 19 states. the president's main focus was a $27 billion investment in the new bridges formula program, which will improve 15,000 highway bridges as well as off system bridges that carry smaller road. these are the bridges that when they're closed, shut off deliveries and routes to school working home. they create longer delays for first responders when every second counts. so we've included. 27.5 billion for smaller bridges, including dedicated funding for those off system bridges. i just described the administration plans to send out $5.5 billion of those funds to states and tribes this fiscal year here in california estates getting $850 million in federal
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funding this year from the new bridge formula program. over the next five years, our state will receive $4.2 billion to make bridges safer and stronger through the new infrastructure law. house speaker nancy pelosi says the investment directly impacts communities across california by increasing union jobs, providing shorter and safer commutes. and preventing destruction from climate disasters. the stage is now set for the latest playoff showdown between the san francisco 49 ers in the dallas cowboys. the niners are packing their bags and headed off the dallas this weekend kickoff set for sunday. 49ers coming off that impressive overtime victory over the rams and are looking to take that momentum all the way to texas for the 12 win cowboys. it's another year of super bowl or bust. but this year and really right now, the cowboys are rolling on offense. san francisco tight end george kittle says the 49ers are thrilled to be back in the playoffs, and he also says that all of his teammates are going to be bringing their a game on sunday. it doesn't really matter what your role is. you have to do it the best your ability every single snap because you
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don't know if you're gonna get another one. you know, we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. the 49ers cowboys rivalry brings back memories of this iconic moment in sports known as the cats, joe montana. they're rolling, right looking and looking and then finding dwight clark in the back of the end zone for the game winning touchdown that play mark the beginning of the 49ers dynasty in the eighties and nineties. five super bowl appearances. five super bowl titles. kickoff for sunday's wildcard game is set for 1 30 in the afternoon still to come at noon, another sign that the area housing market remains a red hot. coming up. take a look at your screen. how much someone was willing to pay for this fixer upper in san francisco plus a preschool targeted by thieves in dublin. now parents are rallying to raise money to replace what was stolen. we'll take a look at what the thieves got away with as police search for the person responsible. then we had a foggy start to the morning on mornings on two, but take a look at the difference. just a couple of
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limited availability in select areas. will have a lot of first time voters next month. this is all due to the effort of a group organized to get out the vote, according to the chinese aapi voter outreach task force. a
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record number of non citizen voters have registered to vote in the school board recall, they're utilizing a new law that allows noncitizen parents to vote only in san francisco school board elections, a large number of asian americans who are citizens but never voted before have also registered to vote. the group says the recall is very important to the city's asian community. fact that the school board has not done their job has done a lot of things that to our community we feel discriminated against we want to, and we need to speak out and use our votes to speak out. three members of the board are facing a recall, including board president gabriela lopez. they're accused of mismanaging city schools. the recall election is set for february. 15th preschool in dublin is working to recover from a burglary thieves took thousands of dollars in supplies everything from ipads to furniture to diapers. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with the school's director and parents who say they are
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heartbroken. up now, but they kind of dismantle the diaper area over there and have tampered with the books. watch mom s array is devastated. someone broke into her dublin preschool breaking doors, ransacking rooms and stealing everything from office supplies to ipads. unfathomable i don't know. i don't know what goes through this person's mind. it happened monday night at resurrection lutheran child development center on amador valley boulevard. intruders went through different rooms and trashed the place. it's not even about what they took anymore. the emotional pain that we are all going through right now it's been really hard pre school and church officials have been taking stock of the damage writing vulgar messages on our office door files were opened up destroyed. keys were taking keys to the whole entire church and school were taken. this locksmith went room to room changing all the locks. it's heartbreaking. courtney treff corns two year old son goes to
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the preschool. she started a go fund me page after learning about everything that was taken . it was like diapers, snacks, teachers gift cards that they received for christmas. teachers personal ipads tools, um, anything they could. they took a whole desk. the preschool had already been shut down this week because of coronavirus infections. this made it even worse. it just feels awful that there not only their has their space spend disrupted but just the emotional toll and wanting to feel safe in a church if they have any any faith, any sort of decency, any sort of you know, kindness and their heart to come forward. the braking is under investigation by the dublin police department. anyone with information is asked to give them a call in dublin. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right, let's turn now to be area whether and check in with rosemary oroczo. the fog is lifting and pretty nice afternoon out there. yeah after that morning of fog in our valley's we are looking at afternoon sunshine and
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temperatures on the mild side for most. it's a warmer day as well. hello to you, mike. hello garcia. happy friday to all of you were looking at very pleasant weather heading into your bay area weekend. here's a live look from ktvu across the oakland estuary, san francisco in the backdrop and a lot of blue sky if you looked at the very top, you can see just some high clouds overhead. those high clouds continue to stream our way from southern areas of california. i'll show you that in just a moment, let's take a look at the 25 temperature change where you can see fairfield is five degrees warmer, as well as santa resident livermore, half moon bay. all five degrees warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday. san jose by four and oakland by three. here's a view of the storm tracker to we've been seeing some really gorgeous sunrises, sunsets and all having to do with these clouds that continue to pour into california. some coming from the north, some coming from the south. those are in our area for today, primarily coming from the south. as you can see, we've got a little bit of circulation right there off the southern
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california coastline and closer to point conception coming in a little bit closer, the wind in our hills is blowing. we do have calm conditions over most areas, novato. reporting calm conditions conquered, reporting calm conditions, but take a look at fair filled. the wind is gusting to 23. then if i put you in the hills there, it's really breezy over areas like mount diablo with 45 mph reported the oakland hills we've got oakland north reporting 17 and middle peak at 22 so afternoon hikes, maybe a mountain biking. you're definitely going to find a breeze out there. outside of that very enjoyable day. the high clouds overhead for today, mostly sunny skies, mild conditions and temperatures several degrees above average in many areas. those numbers coming in just a moment, let's take a look at the future cast model when it comes to the cloud cover what you can expect a for your afternoon notice. not a whole lot. it just continues to roll through coming in from the south all the way into your friday evening, so another beautiful sunset coming our way. meanwhile for your afternoon today 65
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degrees in santa rosa, seven degrees above the seasonal average for you there a little bit above average in san francisco, coming in at 60, 64 oakland low sixties livermore as well as san jose. temperatures will come down just slightly getting into your bay area weekend. i'll have a look at the afternoon highs for the rest of today, as well as what you can expect into your weekend coming up in just a little bit. alright we'll see you soon. rosemary oroczo er shelves across the bay area. customers and people in general are just being creative with what they're buying. but it's not because people are panic buying up next . we'll explain why some items remain in short supply.
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the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. keeping the major indexes on course for their second straight weekly decline. the dow jones is down by about 250 points right now, losing well over one half of 1% s and p is down almost six points and much smaller drop their the nasdaq. one bright spot is up by just more than one third of 1. if you've been to the grocery store lately, you've likely noticed the stores are a little emptier. store managers are telling shoppers to avoid panic buying, telling customers to just buy what they need. shops are reporting at 15% jump in products being out of stock compared to the normal 5 to 10% ktvu tom vacar shows us the reasons behind these shortages. the porch remained jammed so much so that products keep arriving late now bay area air
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quality officials want the diesel powered container ships anchored in the bay to go out and wait it see, instead of idling in the bay that may delay some goods. but professor choi cut chowdhry, uc berkeley supply chain expert says this things are shifting right. it's not always the same problem that we're dealing with. the biggest delay right now is labor. worldwide workers are falling six. so if you don't have people like santa warehouses or truck drivers to take these things, whether the grocery hardware, clothing or other store there are many missing items, freight rates and shipping rates are up double or treat three times. sometimes frankly, it's not worth it for the retailers to get certain products. but there's plenty of food plenty of products. it's just getting in it from point a to point b. keith crumble manager of his family owned village market in oakland. says the actual number and variety of food products offered called skews is down south east to have say 10. different uh, scuse now, they
12:24 pm
maybe have five. just concentrating on the better sellers. consider this pasta pesto case. there are plenty of things available, but they're also holes where no supplies are available. it doesn't mean you can't have pasta and pesto. it simply means you have to make some other choices. our customers and people in general, are just being creative with what they're buying. they can't get the thing that they used to buy. they'll try something new, in many cases, what you really want will eventually show up. you might go to a store on a tuesday and you know, there's something you're looking for. it might be out of stock. if you went back wednesday sometime, it would probably be there. one shopper says he sees one major exception where the shortage is real and widespread gets the covid tests. that have been very hard to supply. you know, for example, a friend got me. somebody going to walgreens at 6 30 am when they were, you know, they get their resupply. one shocking fact about supply demand and inflation. the
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average price of a new car today , $47,000 tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. bay area food banks say they are facing a critical shortage of volunteers. second harvest of silicon valley, alameda county community food bank and the san francisco marine food banker all reporting an increase in requests for home deliveries of free groceries as more people are forced to isolate. due to the omicron search. now, food banks say they typically see a drop in volunteers following the holidays. and if you would like to volunteer, you can sign up with your local food bank. tennis star novak djokovic is facing deportation once again after the australian government revoked his visa for a second time, australia's immigration minister announced today. he took this action due to djokovic's refusal to get vaccinated for covid. at a court hearing, a judge said that djokovic would not be detained or deported. instead he'll meet with australian immigration officials while he challenges
12:26 pm
the visa cancelation. deportation from australia can lead to a three year ban, which could potentially rule the 34 year old out of playing the open for the rest of his career still to come at noon, challenges continue when it comes to finding covid testing here in the bay area. the update. we just got in santa clara county as omicron cases continue to rise, plus tired of our cars, you know, receiving damage. we're tired of. you know it being a liability in regards to our kids were in the car with us. you know we want you know, public safety comes first vallejo residents taking matters into their own hands will introduce you to the group known as the pothole vigilantes and their mission to fix potholes in their city. and why the city isn't too happy about it. south p
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with the state to provide temporary patient beds during this latest surge of covid kinder will be providing 56 beds for non covid patients. officials say the current surge of the omicron variant is spreading quickly, and kaiser is using all options available to meet patients needs. we've been working with the state since the end of december to partner on opening these beds. they've
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supplied a lot of the equipment and the staff. five other hospitals in the sacramento area are also participating in the staff is coming from all parts of the country. classes in san francisco will remain in regular session after a deal was reached between the teachers and the district over health and safety. the school district agreed to offer 10 extra days of covid sick leave for teachers. the agreement also notes the district will continue to offer weekly testing and high quality facemasks to students and staff . we were there yesterday as west portal elementary handed out test kits to students. the district says it delivered more than 46,000 pcr tests to schools this week. they're distributing more than 73,000 k n95 masks to the east bay, where today board members of the hayward unified school district will decide if online classes should continue beyond this week. that school district decided to return to distance learning this week due to the recent spike in covid cases. that decision came despite the advice of the alameda county office of education, which it advised the
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district to keep hayward schools open. the district could lose more than $12 million in daily attendance funds from the state this week alone, there are new incentives being offered by the mount diablo unified school district to help recruit substitute teachers during a staffing shortage. school district leaders now raising the substitute teacher pay rate to $230 a day or 250 a day for retirees. the school district is offering a $1000 bonus. two subs who worked 20 days by the end of february. you'd like to apply head to ktvu dot com. click on web links. as we first reported at noon yesterday, the united states supreme court ruled that federal authorities do not have the power to mandate covid vaccines and testing for companies with 100 or more employees. ktvu is jana katsuyama reports on what this means for us right here in california. the supreme court ruling thursday said osha did not have authority to mandate covid vaccines and testing for some 80 million us workers at companies with 100 or more employees. the opinions do allow for osha to be more targeted.
12:32 pm
that what they could do is say, pick out an industry and say this is an industry that because of the working conditions is such that it's vital to have a vaccine mandates. u c. hastings law professor david levine says that could include industries such as the airlines are factories where workers operate in close quarters, and levin says the court left the door open for state or local mandates. the opinion does say the right place to do. this is at the state and local and private employee level. the ruling comes just before cal osha was to consider vaccine and testing mandates. just next week , right caliper cal osha would have voted to put into effect basically the identical standard in california. now of course, with the supreme court's opinion, whether they'll take that vote up is in question. the court ruled in favor of vaccine and testing mandates for health providers. with justices roberts and kavanaugh ruling with justices breyer, kagan and
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sotomayor, it was the theory of the case that was different and the and the reason is that the medicare and medicaid rule was framed as a spending requirement . so if a health facility does not want the vaccine mandate, they don't have to accept. the medicare money. many california health workers applauded the decision where i work, we don't have e c access to testing on site. i wish it was even a broader decision, but i think for people who work with the most vulnerable who worked with patients i've long wanted there to be a mandate. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. do it noon with people finding it difficult to book an appointment for a covid test. senate clara county health officials are clarifying its testing priorities. just a few minutes ago, county health officer dr sara cody acknowledged there is a testing shortage in the county. it can take days, if not weeks, in some cases to get an appointment. county testing sites have been overwhelmed, and there is concern that not all health care
12:34 pm
providers are doing what they can to help meet this high demand. county officials say residents have a right to be tested. large health care systems are still subject to the health officers september 16th 2020 order regarding testing what that means. is that if you are symptomatic, or you're a close contact, and you're a patient of any of the large healthcare systems here in santa clara county, you have a right to a test. you have a right to a test. immediately if you present or within one day if you call to schedule a test. santa clara county. seven day test positivity rate is now at 16.3% that's the highest it has been since the middle of march. 2020 police in antioch have arrested one man and they're searching for a second suspect. in connection with the deadly shooting last year. it happened the morning of november 10th at a gas station on lone tree way near clayburn road. one person shot two men in what police are calling an unprovoked attack. 25
12:35 pm
year old john today, white and his friend were about to drive away went to men pulled up to next pulled up next to them at a gas station, then got out and started shooting. white was shot in the head and died the next day. his friends survived. last month, police arrested 24 year old raymond jenkins. investigators just identified the second suspect as 23 year old robert mathews. police say both men are gang members. we spoke with white's mother who says her son was fun loving, outgoing and hardworking. that was my baby boy. and um, we was very close, so it's very hard. i was certainly described the incident that happened as very brazen. um and clearly a danger to the community. white's mother tells us that jenkins had bullied her sentence school and that she doesn't know why. as adults, jenkin or the other suspect would want to shoot her son. what was about to start a full time job at tesla and a part time job at bed bath and beyond, when he was shot and killed. police say if anyone sees that second suspect, robert
12:36 pm
matthews don't approach him contact police. the men who shot and killed robert f. kennedy in 1968 won't be released from state prison despite a parole board recommendation. the board rejected freeing sirhan sirhan 15 times over the decades. in a surprise move last summer, the parole board decided that he's no longer a danger to public safety and recommended parole. governor newsom explained to ktvu how he came to his decision not to allow sir hands release i personally went and i reviewed the archives. and saw the gun. and read through the diaries, sirhan and looked at all the evidence. in this case we took this door whole another level of consideration. robert f. kennedy was shot and killed at the ambassador hotel in los angeles in 1968 moments after he claimed victory in california's democratic presidential primary. he was 42 years old. the kennedy family released a statement about governor newsom's decision saying, in part quote we are grateful to california governor
12:37 pm
gavin newsom and deeply relieved by his decision today to deny parole to the killer of robert f. kennedy. we are proud to continue robert kennedy's vision of a fair and compassionate criminal justice system, one with an ultimate goal of rehabilitation, but only for offenders capable of achieving it. they call themselves the pothole vigilantes, and they've spent the last week filling dozens of potholes all around valeo. as ktvu is elissa harrington reports. they say they don't want to wait for the city to send out its own cruise. we have asked for we have tools. they call themselves the pothole vigilantes. a group of black residents who met through facebook over a shared passion or dislike, i should say of you guessed it. potholes we're just tired of our cars, you know, receiving damage over . tired of, you know it being a liability in regards to our kids being in the car with us, you know, we want public safety comes first. now this group has already filled about 90 potholes
12:38 pm
in just one week when you get some citizens that are just tired. you know they'll they'll pitch in their help, and that's what's happening right now. we want to better our city. we want to implement change. garrett tolls explained how this all came about, he said he posted on a community facebook page asking if people would be willing to pitch in to fix the roads. the response was overwhelming. so another member of the group started a go fund me. and they raised enough money to hit the streets filling up these pesky potholes. that's the famous pothole over there. we're going to call that the lip biter because when you run over it, you bite your lip. it is tough work. you've got to have some, you know, you got to put some muscle into it. the volunteer run group has already made quite a name for itself. driver stopped to say thank you as they passed over the newly patched roads, i'd love them and i plugged them. have linda lived here since i was 13 years old and these streets are horrible, but the city is less enthused in
12:39 pm
a weekly newsletter, the mayor said he strongly discouraged pothole vigilante ism. part of the letter read, it can be a hazardous task to undertake repairs without the proper help with traffic control. often these efforts and money will all be wasted without adequate compaction techniques. if the rains carry away the asphalt once again, these volunteers tell me they even got a legal notice to stop the work. but they tell me as long as they continue to raise money, they will continue to patch these potholes. in vallejo. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. san francisco is testing a new plan that will send text messages to some drivers before they get their vehicle towed. the text before toe plan means people whose vehicles are blocking driveways or have been sitting in one spot for three days and more now have the option of getting a text message before their vehicles actually towed. the aim here is to cut back on the number of vehicles the city is towing every year. you will. now if you opt in get
12:40 pm
a text message before the tow truck comes so that you will be given the opportunity to pick up your car and move it before it gets towed. the city says some 12,500 vehicles are towed every year, on average to sign up for the plan. drivers need to opt in and then provide their license plate and mobile phone number to the sf mta more proof here in san francisco is real estate market that it is still red hot . take a look at this home in the valley. some neighbors consider it a broken down eyesore, but it's sold for close to $2 million. the home is located on day street. it's listed as having zero bedrooms and one bathroom this house mike sold for 1.97 million unbelievable, not surprised. humbling. still to come here at noon, the state's disability department is freezing more than 300,000 claims. we take a closer look at the investigation now underway and what's next for those affected? and on this friday afternoon, we give you a beautiful live. look out there at the golden gate bridge and beyond san francisco bay. a lot of blue sky wasn't that like
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that, really today, when we had a lot of fog out there, but a lot of blue sky this afternoon, we're going to check back with rosemary for - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas.
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call 877.only.att.
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limited availability in select areas. investigates possible fraud. in a statement, the dd says it's seen an unusual amount of new claims in the past month now because of that it is freezing many of those applications until
12:44 pm
it can investigate. if they're legitimate or not, it is reaching out to everyone affected to ask for additional verification of their identity and disability status. oakland mills college and its alumni association have agreed to drop their lawsuits tied to the planned merger, but the group calls the agreement reached yesterday a ceasefire, not a settlement. northeastern university in boston, is expected to acquire mills college in june, following years of financial troubles and declining enrollment at the oakland college. but the association is finding the merger, saying mills has the money to stay open and state independent. city college of san francisco trustees have rescued the school's cantonese programs . supporters of the program tell ktvu christian captain. the program is a critical resource and making sure people can communicate and serve their community. san francisco is a tapestry of interwoven cultures . and nowhere is that more clear than chinatown. many of the residents here speak cantonese language taught at city college of san francisco, but the
12:45 pm
curriculum was at risk because of budget cuts. thursday the college voted to preserve and expand the cantonese program. wonderful so unanimous. thank you. trusty wong. first men the resolution and i'm looking forward to seeing our work on this issue. trustee allen wang proposed the changes, saying with just one class offered this coming spring semester, the program was in danger of withering away is not just about protecting chinese culture language. in history, but also ensuring that we can train and support the next generation of public safety, health care and social workers. wong's proposal is aimed at making sure cantonese classes count towards college credits for me, i'm proposing a very practical and simple solution. and it's to get our county's classes to be to be a certificate kareem to lead towards, uh, the language requirement for ucs, current and former students spoke out in support of ensuring the
12:46 pm
cantonese program continues supporters, including first responders and medical workers, say taking cantonese language classes at sea csf allowed them to help others. working in the medical field for 12 years. i have seen countless times when chinese patients who don't speak english, get confused and lost in the health care system due to a language barrier. by taking these candidates classes at city college has given me the ability to assist the chinese patients with basic communications supporters of the cantonese program at city college. say it will not cost city college any money to maintain the program. and they say it is a very popular language, they say. not only has every cantonese class been 100% full since 2019, they say, every year there's been a wait list of students wanting to get in. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news. that's pretty good looking afternoon out there in san francisco. don't get a little bit worried. rosemary means been a while since we've had some, you know a good amount of rain. you're right. and unfortunately , garcia mike, i don't see any
12:47 pm
rain in our extended forecast. so, yes, we are with this dry stretch of weather once again outside our doors at this time, but we have seen a lot of those men and high level clouds and they continue to pass through and overhead this afternoon a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary towards san francisco. where we have a batch of high clouds right overhead and you can see right there on the screen. so partly cloudy skies this store for today temperatures unseasonably mild for most 61 degrees right now in santa rosa. we have 60 in san francisco low sixties reported in concord upper fifties over san carlos and san jose at 62 getting into the winds out there. i mentioned this in the last half hour, most of us enjoying some nice light winds. livermore reporting 12 mph san jose reporting 13, but you get into the hills, and it's blowing a lot stronger than that. mount diablo lost to reading there. but mountie hablo 45 mph reported in the last half hour 15 to 20 mph in our east bay
12:48 pm
hills over areas of the oakland area, and then as you look to the north middle peak reporting, 22 mph so drier air moving in after some fog earlier this morning. we are now with the mostly sunny skies and if i pull all the way back, you can see over the coastline there off of a southern california and central california. that's where those are high clouds are coming in from at this time. we are going to continue with this pattern. very little change heading into your weekend, although we are likely to be just a little bit cooler, the future cast model here. we'll show you as we get into the weekend areas over southern california, calling for a possibility of scattered showers . unfortunately, all we continue to see the high clouds and that will continue all the way into next week. the timestamp there shows you thursday afternoon and we look to be dry between now and then. so partly cloudy skies mild weather in store for your bay area friday with that dry pattern locked in for the next several days. here's a look at
12:49 pm
you the latest amounts when it comes to rainfall for the season. we're looking at 120% of average over san jose to 150% of average in the north bay over santa rosa 169 over san francisco and 1 86 reported in oakland. so still looking good for the season, although we know we are in severe drought, and we need that rain to come back tahoe, also looking mostly sunny and dry for the weekend, right now, chuckie reporting a very chilly 37 degrees 50 at blue canyon and then into the weekend overnight lows, falling below freezing afternoon highs saturday and sunday, hitting about 50 degrees under mostly sunny skies. so some nice weather there for folks that are thinking about heading up to do some skiing or some boarding. meanwhile for us to into the afternoon for today, loaded mid sixties, mid sixties and napa 60 degrees over san francisco. low sixties expected over san jose. your extended forecast here. temperatures will drop ever so subtly on saturday, perhaps a little bit more on sunday, and then we hold steady monday into
12:50 pm
tuesday with dry conditions. mike rosemary, thank you. so fora is moving its u. s headquarters from market street to mission in san francisco. in the city's biggest least deal during this pandemic, according to the chronicle, the company's sublease 286,000 square feet across 16 floors in the salesforce east building. that's the one across the street from the salesforce tower. the deals the city's biggest sense visa's headquarters lease at mission rock in november of 2019, which was slightly larger at 300,000 square feet. yosemite national park will not require day use reservations next month during the popular fire fall phenomenon. fire fall happens when yosemite's horse tail fall glows orange in february as the setting sun is a light and it attracts thousands of visitors last year, the park did require days. reservations to enter the park in february to limit the number of people due to covid concerns. however park officials say this year with most people being vaccinated, they don't think it's necessary to require reservations. the park service has yet to decide as to whether
12:51 pm
they use reservations will return in the summer, though still to come here at noon, a teenager trying to break a world record what she's trying to do that no other female has done before and nfl wild card weekend and another $100,000 of terry bradshaw's money up for grabs from the fox bed. super six app if you haven't already download the free app. it's also free to play. you could win big and don't forget to watch the nfl sunday on ktvu box jail.
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in honor of dr martin luther king jr mayor london breed another city leaders as well as community members are taking part. it's the san francisco reckon. parks departments 38th annual mlk celebration. mayor breed says the celebration is a way to honor the life and legacy
12:55 pm
of dr king and to recommit to the vision and courage he embodied. dr king once said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. and at san franciscans we have never and will never stay silent. we will always speak up for the underrepresented. we will always speak up for the victims of hate and oppression. because this is the heart of who we are as a city and at the heart of who we aspire to be as a nation, martin luther king jr day is this coming monday, january 17th. it is traditionally observed around the country as a day of service, marin county's public health and human services agency says there are clear signs the number of new covid cases tied to the omicron variant beginning to level off. the county stop held. experts held a zoom call this week to discuss what they're calling a bit of good news in the battle against macron discussed the latest statistics involving the surge in marin
12:56 pm
county that began just about three weeks ago. we are starting to see evidence of a plateau and our current surge. our search began around december 20th. it was really that inflection point. we have been seeing kind of an increase in delta, and then it really took off micron. it's now almost all across, and we have not seen significant increases in cases over the past few days. marin county's public health experts are still urging everyone in the region to remain vigilant. they're encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. and as of this morning 93% of marin residents five and older are fully vaccinated. some children in san francisco joined a bike bus this morning to get to school about 40 families participated in today's event. the group met at eighth and jfk and rode to the soma district organizers say. not only does the bike bus gives some children the chance to ride their bikes to school for the first time, but it also gives them a way to do it in a safe environment. we just have a great opportunity right now with jfk closed to
12:57 pm
cars and was slow paid street to take advantage of that, while it's available and to use it into bike and then also, of course, we want to let our elected officials that we really value those things. the event was put on by kids safe sf, which is a group that advocates for safe spaces for children in the city of san francisco. flying around the world isn't something most teenagers can say they've ever done. ashleigh strohmeyer has more on the brave young woman looking to break a world record as she aims to be the youngest female to fly a solo trip around the world. its dream of head my entire life. one teenager is soaring to new heights and preparing to not only fulfill her dreams but also break records. 19 year olds are. rutherford is expected to become the youngest female in history to fly a solo trip around the world, she said to earn the title monday when she plans to land her plane in her native country of belgium. where her journey first began back in august. if all goes well, should have flown 32,000 miles, covering five continents in 52 countries. in order for her trip
12:58 pm
to qualify as a flight around the world. rutherford needed to reach two countries on opposite sides of the planet. choosing colombia and indonesia. it may seem like a daunting task to most people, but some say flying is in her blood. both of rutherford's parents are also pilots and encouraged her to pursue her passion. this crazy idea. i always thought it would be impossible, but then i decided. no. if i don't tell anyone about it, then it's never going to explain to happen. so i told my parents and straight away. they're like, yes, let's do this. but this mission isn't just for rutherford, who says she hopes to encourage the next generation of girls to take to the sky. i'm hoping to encourage girls and women to hopefully also going to aviation. and stem so science, technology, engineering and mathematics. rutherford will soon trade in her plane for textbooks. she's preparing to start college this year and dreams of one day becoming and astronauts ashley strohmeyer fox news. a new
12:59 pm
outdoor play area opens at the california academy of sciences. today some families got a preview of wander woods, the new garden place cape gives children the opportunity to connect with nature by crawling and climbing through various areas that stimulate the senses as well as the imagination. parents say. this is exactly what children need right now and more than ever. i think with the pandemic . what ended up happening was people ended up doing a lot of screen time with their kids. this allows kids to be outdoors and run around that. i think that's what kids need to be doing. students from two third grade classrooms in the city were able to get a chance to visit the wander woods outdoor classroom yesterday. the real outdoors has a lot of sun waiting for us today might not have bad idea to get out there and get some. it's such a special spot there in golden gate park. the entire park is phenomenal and a half of it all the way up from the ocean to the panhandle. great spot. i want to go this afternoon. what do you think? be a good day for it. sure get go there now beat the
1:00 pm
traffic. there you go. happy friday. do you guys see a happy friday to everyone at home? enjoy the weekend. our next newscast is coming up at four o'clock. dr. oz is coming up up next, the supermarket squad is back. and they're investigating a maddening new trend. dr. oz: is it called shrink nation. >> from toothpaste to toilet paper. your favorite products are shrinking. but the price stay it is same. dr. oz: two supermarket hacks >> and maria shriver on being a grandmother and boosting your body >> find out about your body. announcer: coming up next. >> i'm on it, dr. oz. >> i got it, doc. >> i'm on my way. dr. oz: meet the supermarket squad. all season long, their


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