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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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. fox two news. this is the fourth welcome to the four i'm cristina rendon and however, went up frank mallicoat their questions many of us have had. when should we use at home covid test and what should we try to make appointments for a pcr test today? santa clara county's health officer tried to clear up some of that confusion. ktvu is jesse gary joins us live at the county fairgrounds with more on how the county is trying to ease the testing shortage. jesse frank. good afternoon to you, and this is the county's biggest test site here at the fairgrounds they do about 5000 people each day just closed the gates as the last car pulled down his drive through testing, county officials say, knowing which test to use and when could alleviate a shortage of tests in this county and beyond. santa clara county officials say covid test appointments at its site at the county fairgrounds running
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at least one week behind demand. we don't expect this situation to last for that much longer to midday news conference, county health officer dr sara cody saying antigen tests should be used to determine if quarantine can be ended. when am i no longer infectious? when am i no longer a risk to others, and an agent test is the best test to use their a pcr test should be used to determine if you've been infected with the covid virus or one of its variants, using the correct test for the corresponding situation could help ease the overall shortage, according to officials. people who have previously tested positive so considerably, they have a higher loading their body. then those home tests could help that as well. so you don't have to lose the pcr test that you would have otherwise had. yes that's correct. also friday, county health officials called out private health care providers for not doing their fair share of testing. officials say the county serves 15% of the population's health needs but
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conducts 20% of covid tests. kaiser served 30% of patients but does only 12% of testing. and the palo alto medical foundation serves 16.5% of county residents, but only does a little more than 2% of testing. this is a health order. we have in the past taken enforcement with respect to the testing order, we're prepared to do so again. a spokesperson for sutter health, which palo alto medical foundation is part of says in a statement. we have increased our overall testing capacity. the palo alto medical foundation doubled appointment availability for covid-19 testing, including licensed retail and community sites and at home antigen tests. and the county council says he'd like to hear from anyone who's tried to get a covid test from their private healthcare provider, which are under orders to provide those types of people. that person subsequently has been turned away. they want to hear from you. we're live in san jose this afternoon. jesse gary
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ktvu fox two news. we'll check in again in the next hour and we will see you then. jesse, gary. thanks. the white house released new details today on how americans can request free covid tests from the federal government. starting next wednesday. people can go to the website covid tests dot gov and request up to four tests per household at no charge. the white house says the tests will typically ship out within 7 to 12 days. the new government program comes amid high demand for those tests across the country. foxes jonathan syria has more on some of the other plans from the biden administration to help amid this omicron search. it is very important to know your covid status and to take the proper precautions afterwards. demand for covid-19 testing remaining high across the country as the ah micron variant continues to drive infection rates up long line seen at testing centers while in some states mass testing sites are opening back up. we want to make this available to people who have any
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reason to want to test like if they have symptoms. if they are have been in corral and someone that they know was infected or if they have any reason to believe so. our goal is to make testing available widely to all. the biden administration announcing their own plans to help with demand ordering one billion tests that are set to become available to americans, the president, saying a website will be launched later this month, where americans will be able to have the testing kits delivered to their homes for free this month, it's estimated that we will hit approximately 15 million tests today. and we'll have over 375 million at home rapid test in january alone. that's a huge leap. in addition to testing president biden, also announcing that he's deploying military medical teams to six different states hit hard by staffing shortages at hospitals. this will be added to the more than 800 federal emergency personnel and 14,000
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national guard members already deployed throughout the country. president biden, also announcing us insurers will be required to cover eight over the counter tests each month for americans in atlanta. john terry fox news students, parents and teachers hope it's a step towards stability. the unions representing san francisco teachers, they reached an agreement with the district on covid safety measures. ktvu sally rasmus. has more now on what is included. folks are out sick right now burning through whatever time they may have accrued, the president of san francisco's teachers union says , getting an extra 10 days of covid sickly for the remainder of the school year was an essential wind for her members. also as part of this agreement, all 6000 sf usd, teachers, counselors and para educators will have access to at least one covid test every week at their school site. covid concerns earlier this month had led to calls among some teachers to call out sick as a form of protest to pressure the school
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district to act during health and safety negotiations with the union that combined with the spike in covid cases, community wide lead to a bumpy returned to school after the winter break. we know people are actually sick. there are over 600 teachers. who are out our teacher absences are still at about 400 a day a little bit more than 400 a day. um, and on a typical day before the pandemic, we would see about 250 to 300 teacher absences, so it's still a little bit higher than usual in the meantime, sf usd says they are able to cover the staffing shortages with substitutes and assigning workers from the district office to classroom duty. they've also begun distributing rapid test kits from the state to schools and additional high quality masks. we know this is remains a challenging time for the community. but health experts have said that this surge, while intense, is expected to be relatively brief, and so we hope that that continues to be what health experts say in the coming days. sf usd plans to distribute
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about 73,000 k n95 masks to any staff member or student who would like one and in a zoom call earlier today at the board of supervisors, health officials promised to help the school district procure some of those still hard to find covid test kits in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news a new report finds that a lot of college students are staying out of school during the pandemic, according to the report for the national student clearinghouse, california's undergraduate enrollment dropped by nearly a quarter million students last fall. that's compared to the pre pandemic fall of 2019. the report also saw an overall decline of more than 99,000, or 4.3% in undergraduate enrollment from 2020 to 2021. it was driven largely by nearly 10% drop in community college enrollment. well, the 49ers are now on their way to their postseason showdown with the dallas cowboys. niners left their training facility. levi stadium about an hour ago to head over to the airport
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caravan of busses received police escort to san jose manetta 49ers coming off an oppressive overtime victory last sunday. a comebacker over the rams niner tight end george kittle says they are thrilled to be back in the post season and he says all of his teammates will bring their a game come sunday afternoon. it doesn't really matter what your role is. you have to do it the best your ability every single snap because you don't know if you're gonna get another one. you know, we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. 49ers cowboy rivalry brings back memories of the catch. by dwight clark joe montana's pass in the end zone a little over 40 years ago this week. it marked the beginning of the 49ers dynasty of the 19 eighties. and the nineties kickoff for sunday's big wild card game. 1 30. bay area sports bars are also getting ready for the nfl playoffs this weekend. the athletic club on grand avenue in oakland is gearing up for a big crowd for that 49ers game, as well as the wild card game between the las vegas raiders
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and the bangles. the athletic says that they will have outdoor seating as well as seating inside and plenty of big screens to catch all the action. so we have 40 screens inside, upstairs and downstairs and private rooms . we have 12 tables outside heating gets really, really packed outside. good crowd should be a good weekend. the restaurant is asking people to be vaccinated, where a mask when possible, and social distance. they say all of their servers and other staff are vaccinated. up next no parole for robert f. kennedy's assess and i'm next. we're going to talk live with rfk son. we'll get his reaction to governor newsom's decision and an outpouring of support today for the alameda county sheriff's cadet killed in a freeway shooting. at 4 30 the procession today to honor the life of david wynn. all around the bay area this afternoon. i mostly sunny skies. we are looking at a warmer temperatures around the bay area this afternoon as well. with little
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change expected for your weekend . i'll have a look at what you can expect outside for this evening. and your bay area i revw
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the gun. and read through the diaries, sirhan and looked at all the evidence this case we took this door whole another level of consideration. governor newsom yesterday morning just hours before he blocked the release of sirhan sirhan, the man convicted of killing senator robert kennedy in southern california. back in 1968. it was her hand 16th appearance before the california state parole board. is now 77 years old and has spent 53 years behind bars. joining me now is chris kennedy is the son of the late senator, and we want to thank you so much for your time, mr kennedy. thanks for joining us. thank you, frank. thank you for having me out of the gate. what is your
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reaction? and was there any doubt in your mind or your family's mind? our reaction, i think is one of great relief and i think we owe a great debt of gratitude to the governor and the governor's team for the diligence with which they approach their decisions, so we're very appreciative as to whether or not there was doubt there really hasn't been doubt. um over the last 50 years. there have been 15 parole hearings that that's her hand has been party to and he's performed poorly and all of them and we really didn't think there was risk and then this summer. we were shocked and surprised by the fact that there was a recommendation from the two member panel to release him. the governor has done the right thing. your father was all about social justice and giving a voice to those that had none. what do you think his reaction would have been? i think he he.
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as many legacies and the two that you identify or critical among them, but so is the dedication to the rule of law. he was many things that senator but he was also attorney general of the united states, and he brought to the eighties office some of the brightest minds from around the country to work on civil rights, and they brought those lawsuits that changed this country for millions and millions of people. that that dedication and the rule of law is what is so great about this decision because the governor ground in his decision not in in somebody he admired, but in the legacy that he admired, which was that legacy that law matters and we should live up to it. in your family's eyes. do you believe sirhan sirhan should ever be paroled? i don't think i don't think that there should be
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a never parole issues. but i would say this. he has if you combine the magnitude of the crime and his rehabilitation in in jail. he has he created a heinous crime. and he has done very, very little to rehabilitate himself. he's never taken responsibility for yet he does not take responsibility for the crime. um and he's made no attempt to create a sense of empathy for his victims to show remorse. and without those two things you can't have the personal insight that allows you to grow as a human being. two. to stop you from ever doing that again. you said a convicted murderer. any remains that and until he grows as a human being. we can't let them out in the streets of pasadena. you were just a young boy back then. not even five years of age when your
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dad passed in 1968 tell us something about your dad that you remember as a young boy. you're one of the things that is hardest about that event for me, which was the fact that just today's i guess. two days earlier, we had had so much fun together. disneyland and i went from doing some of the most fun things i've ever done in my entire life. to living through the hard tragedy of his death. my earliest memories of watching my sister cry uncontrollably at arlington cemetery. i could not process what was going on. i did not understand why she was crying. i did not understand that. but i remember clearly as it happened yesterday or earlier today, and those are disturbing memories. mm hmm. we're all we're all the victims in this one. and i'm not talking about just the kennedy family, but our country's suffered as well.
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greatly. i remember the day i was in third grade, and i was four when jfk we lost your uncle as well. um i'm curious. if your dad was alive right now, he would be 96. what do you think he would say? about our world. today we made progress taking a step back. what do you think your father would say? i think my father was, you know, deeply affected by his brother's murder. um his brother's assassination. and yet he continued to try to lead the country, the country that he loved. and i think the notion of political violence was probably the most disturbing thing that he came up against. obviously he battled, um, the mafia and gangsters, but the idea of political violence was was in a very limited sense in america, but 19 sixties i mean, there were these great uhh assassinations and horrible events. but they were considered
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so abnormal and so out of the norm that it it's i guess we got comfort in knowing that we all believe they were wrong. and now we live in a country where millions of people think that violence is a well, it isn't acceptable. means to a political end, and that would be deeply deeply distraught. disturb my father. and actually, there's almost no one speaking out against that was an elected official. i know you all do a great job press talking about political violence, but who are the elected officials who are standing up to it? gavin newsom did that this week by saying that this was an important crime , different level of, uh of crime in the united states, and he is the first elected official to stand up. the violence in the united states for political needs. what was your mother's reaction? um. my mother is.
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deeply deeply appreciative of what the governor has done, and i think she's a woman of great faith. and i don't believe she ever thought there would be an a different outcome. she has incredible faith and confidence in that faith daily communicants and someone who thinks that the world will end right? and that's a beautiful thing to grow up with. in a perfect way to say thank you for your time, mr kennedy. chris kennedy, the son of rfk, thank you so much, and we really appreciate you sharing your heart and some of the memories of your father. as well. thank you very much. thank you. another gorgeous day around the bay area after a little bit
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of fog and very cold conditions this morning. we are looking at a beautiful weather, not only for this afternoon but into your weekend. we do have a temperatures in and around the bay area at least a few degrees warmer than yesterday. and here's a live look over san francisco as we take a peek towards the golden gate bridge in the marin headlands. you can see those high clouds still overhead. and looking forward to another beautiful sunset. here's a look at the temperatures outside in and around the bay area cooler day over areas of half moon bay, but most of us still in the sixties at this time 63 in san francisco, we have mid sixties and walnut creek and in the north base 64 over areas of santa rosa santa rosa. few degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. five a popular number for napa conquered hayward, palo alto, oakland, six degrees warmer, so you'll well, you're filling the difference of for today. meanwhile the winds have been generally light around the bay area in our hills quite gusty and strong. let's check in on areas over sfo at this time. six mph livermore reporting nine
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half moon bay coming from the northwest, reporting nine there then as you get into the hills, mount diablo 36 mph, which is strong enough, but even earlier today, right around noontime let's track and winds at about 47 mph. this is also drying out the air a little bit more. don't expect as much widespread fog tomorrow morning as a result in the north bay middle peak right now, 14 mph pulling back just a little bit. we do have a system over the southern half of california. you can see right there off the coastline. and that is the primary element that is bringing us the mid and high level clouds for today. meanwhile the ridge of high pressure remains locked right over the west coast. you can see it right there, and that continues to push the storm track to the north as well. so we will be high and dry for your weekend into the future cast for you when it comes to the cloud cover, do expect. that was made in high level class to continue to pass overhead coming in from the south all the way into tomorrow morning, so another beautiful sunrise expected, assuming we have less in the way
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of fog covering us, and then as we get into the weekend noticed the clouds just keep coming. you may have noticed a few bits of blue, but it doesn't really get past areas over monterey, so central and southern california maybe a few sprinkles, but for us, we are going to remain dry. i'll have a look at your temperatures for tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon and the rest of your weekend coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you. u s transportation secretary visited ports in southern california to address supply chain issues. what he's saying about the progre
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chase first banking. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits. by creating allowances and assigning chores, they can practice earning every day. with a debit card just for them, they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. secretary pete buttigieg's made his first visit to the ports of l, a and long beach there, he addressed the historic shipping backlogs that led to supply chain issues and inflation across the country. joining us now is alex michaelson, host of our political show. the issue is and alex, you talked to secretary buttigieg's about these shipping issues. what was some of the big things he had to say? yeah. cristina good to see
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you. these issues affect each and every one of us pretty much every time we go to buy something. we went out on a boat with the secretary of transportation exclusively to check out the ports of los angeles and long beach. these are the biggest ports in the country. 40% of all imports into the united states come through this ports. this was actually the secretary's first time that he ever saw it. i think he was sort of struck by how massive these areas are that bring in all of these goods. we had a big problem in october, november, lots of ships out stuck outside, unable to come into the ports. because of that there were fears about christmas potentially being canceled people not getting their gifts. he pointed out the fact that 99% of christmas gifts word delivered, and they are starting to see some progress. take a look. how are we doing on that? because
4:26 pm
obviously there was a struggle in november and december. where are we at in terms of a progress report? well if you look at some of the reports in october, you would have thought christmas was pretty much going to be canceled in 2021, so we were definitely able to keep things moving effect more than that. the amount of goods and moved through this support complex last year is a record it's an all time record. high retail sales in the holidays were all time record high. that's the good news. the other side of the coin is, we still have some real struggles up ahead as long as there is a pandemic, most recently with the ah micron variant. that's going to affect labor availability, and that's going to affect things whether it's right here on the on the grounds of the court or thousands of miles away. yeah and he's especially concerned about what's happening in china , where some of the ports there could potentially be shut down because of omicron. they're hopeful, though that by the summer things will be a lot lot better like back to normal, but
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they say that about 60% fewer ships are off the coast now, waiting, then were back in november, so they are seeing progress. he's excited about that. but there's still is more work to be done. and until all that's cleaned out christina and include that backlog is done. that could mean higher prices for all of us when we go shopping, yes, and that's really the issue here. we're dealing with the same thing up here in the bay area with our ports backed up as well. it least there is some improvement and progress, but the summer seems like such a far time away. you know, in the grand scheme of things, it will be here before you know it, but really everyone's getting hit when they go out shopping, whether they can't find what they need, or they're paying more for the things that they can find. exactly so we'll be talking about that. on the issue is will also be talking with secretary mark galli, health and human services secretary about when potentially could covid be ending in california. when do we call it? an endemic they're actually doing that planning now
4:28 pm
they're starting to think about timetables. we'll have that this weekend on the show. alright, looking forward to it as always, you can catch more of alex's interview. thank you, alex. by the way, you can catch more of alex's interview with secretary buttigieg's this weekend. the issue is airs at 5 30 sunday morning. up next here on the floor, a somber procession today for the alameda county cadet killed in a freeway shooting. why, the sheriff says showing support for david wynn and his family is so important. and more than 200 inmates released from sacramento jails because of covid outbreaks, how that decision
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recruit who was shot and killed on an oakland freeway was taken to a mortuary along the peninsula today are crime reporter henry lee joins us now , with the very latest honors for that fallen deputy and training henry. frank it was a small motorcade, but in no way diminished the large loss that david wins, family, friends and fellow recruits are still trying to come to terms with a somber salute by top alameda county sheriff's officials as the flag draped casket of recruit david wynn was taken from the coroner's office. very tragic event. but it was our way to pay respect to one of our best young recruits when was driving home to san francisco from the sheriff's academy in dublin when someone opened fire on his personal vehicle, a prius. he was on the mcarthur maze approach to the bay bridge in oakland when he was shot on january four. we want to make sure that he's not forgotten. you want to make sure that we
4:32 pm
can try to do our best to represent what he was going to be. alameda county sheriff greg ahern escorted wins casket along with the recruits sister barbara wynne and his girlfriend, shannon istvan. it's very sad that he never got to experience is real dream of joining law enforcement, and he's going to be remembered as a hard working, dedicated young men win and his parents immigrated from vietnam to the u. s. when he was two. it was also part of the california national guard and wanted to serve in law enforcement, in part to represent underserved communities. the chp is investigating but have not made any arrests. they're working on a couple of leads, and they have, uh, some ideas that they need to develop winds killing has hit his academy classmates hard. who really, really has been impacted by this before their careers have even started. they've already dealt with loss and tragedy, and so our prayers are with them as well. a small motorcade escorted winds body to a coma mortuary. a funeral service is set for january 24th
4:33 pm
in livermore, but because of covid restrictions, there might be some limitations for the public, and that event maybe live stream line with the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. thank you, henry. palo alto police are looking for a group of people who robbed a tobacco store and pistol whipped a clerk. police say eight people , some armed with guns, entered the ross smoke shop on california avenue shortly before 10 o'clock last night. one of the robbers pistol, whipped the clerk and then raided the store taking merchandise in a cash register. surveillance photos captured images of the eight suspects. the clerk was hurt, but it's going to be okay. anyone with information is asked to call palo alto police after a large crowd of robbers descended on nordstrom in downtown walnut creek in november, people there were told that more police officers would be hired to keep shoppers safe, but it turns out those new officers won't be on the job anytime soon. officials say it could take up to a year to recruit, hire and train new cadets. until then, the city has given the police the go ahead to
4:34 pm
add overtime shifts and by security cameras. as well as a drone to help deter crime to pay for it. the council is using $2 million in federal covid relief funds under the american rescue plan act more than 200 inmates or be released from sacramento county jails because of skyrocketing covid cases. among the inmates reporter or komano has more on the type of offenders now being freed. cassandra blue furred walks inside sacramento county's main jail to visit her fiance, williams, she fears for his safety because of the recent coronavirus outbreak here. his health isn't all that good is older, you know, with the risk of high risk people getting covid and i don't want to diet. there are currently 76 covid cases at the main jail that is tripled in just the past week and at the assembly's correctional center south of elk robe. there are 48 cases last week, there were zero blue ferns . biggest worry a lack of social distancing everybody being so close in their supposed to stay apart. it's very concerning i
4:35 pm
believe he should be home. that's exactly what the sacramento county sheriff's office is doing to stop the spread, announcing the early release of some county sentenced inmates through an emergency order. this is a very hard thing. for the sheriff's office to do this is about having to create quarantine areas. for people that are positive. a total of 203 inmates will be released up to 90 days early that includes 74 from the main jail and 129 from r. c c c major factors behind the decision or that state prisons are not taking transfers right now, and the courts are backlogged. we've got 400 people more then we would normally have. if those 400 people were in the care of the facility where they should be. we would not have to do any releases. two sheriff's office says inmates that will not be released early include those with domestic violence charges. do you want offenses, violent felony charges and also those who are sex offenders? still
4:36 pm
some are worried. we understand that the public is rightfully concerned. they're just there's no other option at this point. the county says limited oral therapeutics are being used in the jails to manage the outbreak . something doctors think is a good idea. i would expect to make a difference. because in tight quarters like that, and it with as readily as our variant that we currently have spreads the omicron variant, they need something like that. but some families say letting their loved ones out is the best solution. i haven't got a call saying he's going to get out. hopefully i do . reporting in sacramento manicx people by driving his suv through a christmas parade in wisconsin was ordered to stand trial today. waukesha county commissioner found probable cause of daryl brooks junior committed the crime last november. he is charged with more than 70 counts, including six counts of homicide. defense attorneys argued brooks was high on marijuana and didn't mean to kill anyone. his arraignment is scheduled for february. 11th
4:37 pm
we're learning that actor alec baldwin has turned over cell phone to investigators looking into that deadly shooting on the rust film said his lawyer said baldwin's film was handed over to authorities. in new york state this morning santa fe sheriff's offices, hoping the phone might shed some light into what led up to the fatal shooting of cinematographer elena hutchins in new mexico last october. baldwin shot and killed hutchins and injured the film's director, joel souza, while practicing it quick draw move during rehearsal for that film. bay area food banks in desperate need of help their joint plea today as demand for their services increase. a nice warmup felt over the bay area this afternoon. i'm tracking a minor drop in temperatures for your weekend. i'll have a look at wha
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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in san francisco and honor of dr martin luther king jr day. police chief bill scott, the mayor of london, breed, other city officials and community members took part in the celebration. it was the san francisco recreation and parks departments. 38th annual mlk celebration. mayor breach says the celebration is a way to honor the life and legacy of dr king and recommit to the vision and the courage him body. dr king once said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. and at san franciscans we have never and will never stay silent . we will always speak up for the underrepresented. we will always speak up for the victims of hate and oppression. because this is the heart of who we are as a city and at the heart of who we aspire to be as a nation. martin luther king day. is this
4:41 pm
coming monday, january the 17th it's traditionally observed around the country. it's a day of service, some bay area mlk day events and parades have been canceled due to covid concerns. cal trains popular annual celebration train is one of those it will not be running a monday. caltrain is advising those interested instead participate in the virtual events organized by the northern california dr martin luther king jr community foundation. caltrain hopes to run the celebration train again next year. they area food banks issued a joint plea today they say they are facing a critical shortage of volunteers. second harvest of silicon valley, alameda county community food bank and the san francisco marin food banker all reporting an increase in people who need their services. but a drop in volunteers for more on this. we're joined by cody jiang, associate director of community engagement. thank you so much for joining us today. cody, give us this background here on this call to action for people to
4:42 pm
step up and help you guys out. thank you for having me. yeah like you were saying that need increased whole lot during the start of the pandemic, and it has not gone back down. but volunteer numbers are just they keep changing, and there's some seasonality. genuine february is always a hard time and with the current conditions that we're seeing even less volunteers right now, when you say current conditions are are you also talking about this omicron surgeon? how is that impacting operations? absolutely so we are still going full speed operating as we as we have been serving more people than ever before, but we're doing it with more distancing between people and with increased safety protocols and trying to do smaller shifts, so there's more room for everybody. do you think that also people have chosen not to volunteer because they don't want to be exposed? or maybe because regular volunteers have maybe become sick and they don't want to take that into the food bank area. it's a combination of all those things. you know, we
4:43 pm
reflect the rest of society and that same way we're just like everyone else. and so, um, yeah , we definitely people that don't want to be out right now, and we understand. and we also want people to come help us, though. can you give us some background here? because i know that at the start of the year we talked a lot about new laws that had passed and i had read online that one of them was about restaurants or excuse me grocery stores that where required to donate still perishable food food that was still good should not be thrown away. have you guys seen any of those donations coming in from stores or do you have to provide the means to go pick them that food up any type of wiggle room there in getting food from grocery stores. so when there is food from grocery stores or restaurants and things like that, um, we do try to go get that, but really, we're trying to provide raw uncooked goods at a really stable, consistent way so that people can cook and prepare and plan for the menus that they're going to make it at home on a regular basis. okay, so then, if people
4:44 pm
are watching this, and they say, you know what i could step in and help here, what would you give? what advice would you give them? how can they do that? i would say, uh, come out and volunteer website sfm food bank dot org backslash volunteer. check out some sites get in there if you really comfortable , uh and of course, donating food or funds is always a good way to get involved as well. i will say this seems pretty unprecedented to have the food banks from across this region here in northern california, put out this joint statement saying. we are so short of volunteers and we need your help. i mean, is this really unprecedented? i feel like we're in unprecedented times and things have never been like this before. um and so we're just doing the best that we can, and even in good times, we need volunteers to help us and so now is also a great time to step in and lend a hand. okay cody zhang, associate director of community engagement for anyone who is interested. we have posted a link on our website at ktvu .com. you can just visit there and hopefully link up with you guys and
4:45 pm
receive the help that you need. thank you so much. thank you. beautiful winter day around the bay area, and we've got about 15 minutes or so until the official sunset. hopefully you've had an opportunity to catch some of the sunsets lately. they've been for a t spectacular giving you a live. look here over san francisco towards the brand headlands and we've got the golden gate bridge there in view and that little bit of sunlight that is left for your friday. meanwhile temperatures outside are still in the sixties for most in the last half hour, we showed you areas along the coastline near half moon bay pacific in the upper fifties, their areas over santa rosa 64. we have san francisco 63 mid sixties conquered low sixties. in san carlos and san jose, also holding on in the low sixties. the once generally light around the bay area today unless you're in the hills, the hills still continuing to blow even at this hour, multi allah reporting 37 mph. and over areas of the north bay. we have middle peak
4:46 pm
reporting 14 those north and northeast winds and helping to dry things out, and, as a result , not really expecting is much fog tomorrow morning. we could definitely wake up with some but perhaps not as widespread as we saw this morning storm tracker to they're showing you a system off the coastline of central and southern california. now it continues to just push those clouds in our direction and that is going to pretty much be about it for your weekend. we're looking at dry weather and unfortunately it looks like we're going to be dry for the next several days. take a look at the future cast model here for you. friday saturday, sunday and monday. we are going to continue to see those clouds roll in from the southern california even picking up a little bit of blue. they're off the monterey coastline, indicating perhaps a few sprinkles farther south, but for us we are going to remain dry into sunday, monday tuesday wednesday all the way into thursday, getting all the way into next friday notice how far north that storm track is all
4:47 pm
the way into areas over canada, and it looks like just a bit over areas of washington, so we are in store for another dry stretch. partly cloudy skies and temperatures will remain mild, although perhaps a little bit cooler for your bay area saturday. and then into the next several days again, no rain to speak of. here's a look at some of the rainfall amounts for the season. we're still looking good for the season as we know we're in a severe drought. anyway we've got san jose reporting 126% of average. we have 186 in oakland, 1 69 in san francisco and santa rosa 150% of average at this time. if you're thinking about heading to tahoe going to be dry there as well, a nice weekend to get out and do some skiing or some boarding. we've got blue canyon right now. 50 degrees after 30 is too low forties over herself, like tahoe as well as truckee and into the weekend very cold overnight lows, with temperatures falling below freezing. 50 degrees expected for tomorrow, as well as sunday for us tomorrow morning. a cool star we've got
4:48 pm
low to mid forties around the bay area 40 degrees for the inner east bay of livermore and conquered 46 expected in san francisco. the afternoon highs upper fifties to low sixties for most will go 66 from morgan hill . that's one of the warmer spots 61 expected for oakland. the extended forecast. not much change india bay area sunday. not much change across the board. take a look at that overnight lows in the upper thirties to love forties afternoon highs in the low sixties under dry conditions back to you. thank you. rosemary tennis star novak djokovic is once again facing deportation from down under in australia because he's unvaccinated against covid-19, the country's immigration minister. canceled his visa for a second time today . the decision means djokovic could be thrown out of the country before next week's australian open. he's scheduled to meet with australian immigration officials tomorrow while he's challenging the visa cancelation deportation. from australia can lead to a three year ban, which could potentially ruled the 34 year
4:49 pm
old djokovic out of play the open there for the rest of his career. well, coming up vallejo residents taking matters into their own hands will introduce you to the group known as the pothole vigilantes and their mission to fix potholes in the city. why not? everyone is happy about it, though. and coming up at five o'clock. sonoma county's new covert restrictions are causing a bit of confusion. what does it mean for 49 fans looking for fan friendly spots will explain, plus what's behind the spectacular sunsets the barry has been blessed with most of has been blessed with most of this week. we'll there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st.
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when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind even if you've looked before, built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online.
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pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now, to see your new lower price. enrollment ends january 31st. the last week filling dozens of potholes around valeo. as ktvu elissa harrington reports. they say they don't want to wait for the city to send crews out or rather to send out its own cruise. we have asked for we have tools. they call themselves the pothole vigilantes. a group
4:52 pm
of local residents who met through facebook over a shared passion or dislike, i should say of you guessed it. hot holes were just tired of our cars. you know, receiving damage? we're tired of. you know it being a liability in regards to our kids being in the car with us. you know, we want public safety comes first. now this group has already filled about 90 potholes in just one week when you get some citizens that are just tired. you know they'll they'll pitch in their help, and that's what's happening right now. we want to better our city. we want to implement change. garrett tolls explained how this all came about. he said he posted on a community facebook page asking if people would be willing to pitch in to fix the roads. the response was overwhelming. so another member of the group started a go fund me and they raised enough money to hit the streets filling up these pesky potholes. that's the famous pothole over there. we're going to call that the lip biter because when you run over it you
4:53 pm
bite your lip. it is tough work. you've got to have some, you know, you got to put some muscle into it. the volunteer run group has already made quite a name for itself. drivers stopped to say thank you as they passed over the newly patched roads. i'd love them and i plug them. have linda lived here since i was 13 years old, and these streets are horrible. but the city is less enthused in a weekly newsletter. the mayor said he strongly discouraged pothole vigilante ism. part of the letter read, it can be a hazardous task to undertake repairs without the proper help with traffic control. often these efforts and money will all be wasted without adequate compaction techniques. if the rains carry away the asphalt once again, these volunteers tell me they even got a legal notice to stop the work. but they tell me as long as they continue to raise money, they will continue to patch these potholes in vallejo. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. city of san francisco,
4:54 pm
plans to lower the speed limits on seven streets are expected to drop it from 25 down to 20 miles an hour parts of 24th street in fillmore, haight street, polk street ocean ab san bruno avenue of valencia street. the lower speed limits are all in response to a new state law that allows cities to reduce speed limits on streets in business districts. the mayor london bridge, strongly supporting that plan. community still has the final vote, though. some children in san francisco, joining a bike bus this morning to get to school about 40 families participated in today's events group met at eighth and jfk and wrote to the soma district. organizers say. not only does the bike bus gives him children the chance to ride their bike to school for the first time, but it also gives them a way to do it in a safe environment. before all out continues from prince andrew sexual assault lawsuit as this case moves forward in
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
against sex abuse charges as a private citizen. the 61 year old duke of york was forced to step down from public duties in 2019 because of his connection to jeffrey epstein. as foxes. alex hogan now tells us he is losing all of his royal connections. can i ask you if you and your brothers position since sandra britain's prince charles declined to answer questions about his brother, prince andrew on friday, andrew was stripped of all his royal patronage is and military affiliations this week as he battles sexual abuse allegations. the decision came with queen elizabeth's approval, but royal historian penny junor says it should have happened earlier. the fact that she was allowing him to hang on to them and here was not offering his resignation, i think was beginning to tarnish the queen herself. andrew's former roles
4:58 pm
have been handed back to the queen. he will also no longer use the title his royal highness in any official capacity, we will never see him in public life again, and this is humiliation, part excellence. the prince andrew. on wednesday , a new york judge rejected andrews bid to dismiss the lawsuit brought by virginia giuffre a alleging that he sexually abused her when she was just 17. his attorneys argued. a previously signed deal between jeffrey and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein means she cannot sue andrew. she had agreed to end legal action against anyone who could be described as a potential defendant. buckingham palace says andrew will defend this case as a private citizen and i wouldn't be surprised. sized if there had been a different outcome in terms of what we're just seeing if the judge had ruled in his favor, prince andrew denies these accusations against him and has not been
4:59 pm
charged with a crime in london. alex hogan, fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. we get lots of calls. lots of emails. are you open regular hours? do you have capacity limits now at five sonoma county residents and businesses both in search of answers. just days after noon, covid regulations go into effect. covid confusion not limited to the north bank. santa clara health officials clarifying which test you should be using while taking aim at private healthcare providers. it has been absolutely the most. stressful. um hopeless feeling. and why hundreds of thousands of disability claims have been frozen by the state. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm cristina rendon and i'm greg lee sonoma county's first full weekend of stepped up covid rules and all out prohibitions of certain activities has led to some confusion. about what really is and is not off limits until february. 11th ktvu is
5:00 pm
tom vacar joins us from the rohnert park area, the side of two venues that regularly hold concerts that have had to cancel shows there, tom and plenty of others, including the mystic down in petaluma, which has had to cancel a lot of concerts. but the question is, what are the rules? really 50 folks indoors? maximum 100 folks outdoors maximum. it's confusing, and here's what we learned. the epicenter close to santa rosa's coffee park is a massive food sports bar, sports activities and entertainment venue. bowling lane arcade trampoline park. indoor soccer fields, basketball court, our barn restaurant here at victory house as well as partner and coffee, which is our coffee shop, since it can hold hundreds and hundreds of people. will it be open? we get lots of calls. lots of emails. are you open regular hours? do you have capacity limits? i think there is a lot of confusion with the 49ers crucial playoff game this weekend, the events center will be a


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