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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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tom vacar joins us from the rohnert park area, the side of two venues that regularly hold concerts that have had to cancel shows there, tom and plenty of others, including the mystic down in petaluma, which has had to cancel a lot of concerts. but the question is, what are the rules? really 50 folks indoors? maximum 100 folks outdoors maximum. it's confusing, and here's what we learned. the epicenter close to santa rosa's coffee park is a massive food sports bar, sports activities and entertainment venue. bowling lane arcade trampoline park. indoor soccer fields, basketball court, our barn restaurant here at victory house as well as partner and coffee, which is our coffee shop, since it can hold hundreds and hundreds of people. will it be open? we get lots of calls. lots of emails. are you open regular hours? do you have capacity limits? i think there is a lot of confusion with the 49ers crucial playoff game this weekend, the events center will be a place that many will want
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to come to totally normal, no capacity limits or anything. so we will be open all weekend and next week, martin luther king on monday the great and casino and rohnert park fresh off canceling his 4000 guests. private new year's eve gala, also canceled and rescheduled this weekend sold out appearance by cedric the entertainer. until march, the 1600 seat luther burbank center canceled and rescheduled . the price is right live from the 21st to november. the centers rescheduling nine other events during the one month health order major event prohibition. the 5400 ticket holders will be contacted directly and updates will be posted on the center's website and social media sonoma state university's green music center is also canceling and rescheduling many events. big and small. we probably canceled 12 to 15 different public events that were going to happen here that includes two concerts the
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center was presenting some santa rosa symphony events and mostly presentations of the sonoma state music department. we need to negotiate with the artist about it because the artists are counting on the money that we were to pay them, but even more than the money concert venues want to do what makes them they're artists and their ticket holders. truly happy. we're about putting people in space together. and feeling the magic and the power of being part of a community. now the length of the health order will expire on february. the 11th and that's good news. unless, of course, circumstances cause it to be extended. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. new cal osha rules go into effect today on workplace covid testing and safety. fully vaccinated people who are exposed to covid but don't have symptoms can stay at work. if they wear a mask and stay distance from coworkers for
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10 work days. people exposed who have not gotten boosters have to isolate for at least five days, employers must provide fda approved tests to expose workers , including, including vaccinated asymptomatic employees. the use of an at home test must be overseen by either a telehealth professional. or the employer. their questions that many of us have had. when should we use at home? covid test one should we try to make an appointment for a pcr test today? santa clara county's health officer cleared up some of the confusion ktvu jesse gary live now at the county fairgrounds, with more on how the county is trying to ease that testing shortage, jesse christina county fairgrounds quiet right now, but that is not the case most days most of the day. this site serves 5000 tests per day. quiet now, but 5000 tests per day. officials say that knowing which test to use and when could ease the strange strain and shortage of covid tests in this county and beyond.
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santa clara county officials say covid test appointments at its site at the county fairgrounds running at least one week behind demand. we don't expect this situation to last for that much longer to midday news conference, county health officer dr sara cody saying antigen tests should be used to determine if quarantine can be ended. when am i no longer infectious? when am i no longer a risk to others, and an urgent test is the best test to use their a pcr test should be used to determine if you've been infected with the covid virus or one of its variants, using the correct test for the corresponding situation could help ease the overall shortage, according to officials. people who have previously tested positive so consumers they have a higher loading their body. then those home tests could help that as well. so you don't have to lose the pcr test that you would have otherwise had. yes that's correct. also friday, county health officials called out private healthcare providers
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for not doing their fair share of testing. officials say the county serves 15% of the population's health needs but conducts 20% of covid tests. kaiser served 30% of patients but does only 12% of testing. and the palo alto medical foundation serves 16.5% of county residents, but only does a little more than 2% of testing. this is a health order. we have in the past taken enforcement with respect to the testing order, we're prepared to do so again. a spokesperson for sutter health, which palo alto medical foundation is part of says in a statement. we have increased our overall testing capacity. the palo alto medical foundation doubled appointment availability for covid-19 testing, including licensed retail and community sites and at home antigen tests, kaiser officials say we object to any suggestion that our frontline healthcare workers are not doing their fair share. we are baffled by the county suggestion. that anyone is holding back. the
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county council says he'd like to hear from anyone who's tried to get a covid test from their private healthcare provider, which under orders to provide those tests since september of 2020. and have not actually gotten a test they'd like to hear from anyone in that position. we're live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox. two news will head back to you up in oakland. jesse. thank you. the unions representing san francisco teachers have reached an agreement with the district on covid safety measures. an extra 10 days of covid sick leave for the remainder of the school year was an essential win for members of united educators. sf also, as part of this agreement, all 6000, san francisco unified teachers, counselors and para educators will have access to at least one covid test per week at their school. covid concerns have led to calls among some teachers earlier this month to call out sick as a form of protest to pressure the school district to act during health and safety
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negotiations that, combined with the spike in covid cases has resources stretched thin. our teacher absences are still at about 400 a day a little bit more than 400 a day. um, and on a typical day before the pandemic, we would see about 250 to 300 teacher absences, so it's still a little bit higher than usual. for iraqi start to school following winter break students , parents and teachers are hoping the agreement is a step towards stability. board members of the hayward unified school district or deciding right now, if online classes should continue beyond this week, the school district decided to return to distance learning this week due to the recent spike in new covid cases. that decision came despite the advice of the alameda county office of education, which it advised the district to keep hayward schools open and the district could lose more than $12 million in daily attendance funds from the state this week alone. hundreds of thousands of disability claims in california are frozen. the state says it's to battle suspected organized fraud rings
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, but it has left some unable to get the benefits they say they deserve. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz joins us now with how disability insurance is the new target for fraudsters. brooks hey, greg will this large government program is not typically a target for fraud. workers pay into it, and there are 800 or 900,000 claims filed each year and for those who desperately needed finding a frozen account. means they're really on the losing end. it is amateur irresponsible and just downright wrong are sh words aimed squarely at california's employment development department, nikola gooses filed a disability claim last fall for ongoing pain and problems following a car crash hit head on by a distracted driver, but he's since been hit with a frozen account. without warning , no warning. nothing to plan for boom. they withheld it right
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right before the holidays. medusa's is one of 345,000 disability claims left in limbo , taking action in recent weeks to stop a widespread identity theft scam. a crime ring is suspected of using stolen credentials and filing false claims. as hdd is put in new filters to prevent fraud and unemployment insurance. um some of these same groups have moved to disability insurance, another large government program. michael bernick, is an attorney with duane morris and eat. it is former director. he says something had to be done to stop the scam. 27,000 suspicious medical provider registrants were flagged. affecting people like theresa holt. i am angry. the fact that i'm stuck in this loop hole that they've created for a month and a half, unable to pay bills, rent and make ends meet. i feel it's unacceptable. um it's a hard workers and in
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california, um we pay into it, and it's something we should be entitled to if we need it. i went down to negative $34 in my account. all while egged works to verify legitimate claims versus those filed by fraudsters challenge of balancing paying people quickly and preventing against fraud, so i think what we'll see is a bdd or move quickly to unfreeze these accounts again. they're acutely. acutely aware of the criticism. we want to work. we can't work and they're on the verge of making his homeless. eddie says clearing legitimate claims is its top priority is also working to with medical providers to verify identities to avoid paying out on any fake or fraudulent claims. in the newsroom and brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news brooks we think because all this focus was on shoring up unemployment fraud that led to protections for
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disability kind of falling through the cracks here. well, that's exactly right. i mean, there were safeguards put in place for unemployment insurance . now they have to put those same safeguards in place for disability insurance, and it also speaks to how fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and looking for any loopholes or potential to exploit personal identifiable or medical information. alright are brooks jarocz in the newsroom brooks? thanks for your reporting. thank you. a somber, silly for a man gunned down before getting to see his dream become a reality. top alameda county sheriff's officials honoring recruit david wynn. plus fed up with damaged roads, a group of so called pothole vigilantes takes measures into their own hands coming up. we'll tell you what the city thinks of their work. and if you have looked up at the sky during any time this any week day this week for the sunsets, you've probably been blown away. what is behind this stunning sunsets will explain. another beautiful one
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out there this evening as we continue with high clouds overhead and mild conditions for your bay area weekend. we'll check it on the current conditions and show you you can expect for your weekend coming up in just a little bit.
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sheriff's recruit who was shot and killed on an oakland freeway was taken to a mortuary along the peninsula today are crime reporter henry lee joins us now , with the latest honors for the fallen deputy and training henry. well in a small motorcade , but it in no way diminished the large loss that david wins, family. friends and fellow recruits are still trying to come to terms with a somber salute by top alameda county
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sheriff's officials as the flag draped casket of recruit david wynn was taken from the coroner's office. very tragic event. but it was hard way to pay respect to one of our best young recruits when was driving home to san francisco from the sheriff's academy in dublin when someone opened fire on his personal vehicle, a prius. he was on the mcarthur maze approach to the bay bridge in oakland. when he was shot on january 4th. we want to make sure that he's not forgotten. i want to make sure that we can try to do our best to represent what he was going to be. alameda county sheriff greg ahern escorted dwayne's casket along with the recruits, sister barbara wynne and his girlfriend , shannon istvan. it's very sad that he never got experiences real dream of joining law enforcement, and he's going to be remembered as a hard working, dedicated young men win and his parents immigrated from vietnam to the u. s. when he was two. it was also part of the california national guard and wanted to serve and law enforcement in
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part to represent underserved communities. the chp is investigating but have not made any arrests. they're working on a couple of leads, and they have, uh, some ideas that they need to develop winds killing has hit his academy classmates hard. who really, really has been impacted by this before their careers have even started . they've already dealt with loss and tragedy, and so our prayers are with them as well. a small motorcade escorted winds body to a coma mortuary. a funeral service is set for january 24th in livermore, but because of covid restrictions, there might be some limitations for the public. the event may be live streamed live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news so heartbreaking for this family, henry. thank you. now to the details about a homeless man's dog that was stolen during a car theft in oakland rough sweeney has been reunited with his owner, gregory branscum. branscum says ruff was reunited to him by a woman who said she got the dog from her boyfriend. ruff was taken monday when someone stole the man's nissan maxima with that little dog inside the car is still missing.
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but branch kim says he's grateful and relieved to have his dog back. millions of dollars from a state grant is coming to santa clara county to support local small businesses. the counties receiving $2.4 million from california's micro business covid-19 relief grant program. it will enable the county to provide $2500 grants to about 875 small businesses to qualify, they had to have fewer than five employees in both 2019 and 2020, as well as less than $50,000 in total revenue. 2019 county plans to partner with community groups to identify businesses that are eligible for a grant. dozens of children in san francisco joined a bike bus to get to school about 40 families participated in this morning's event. the group met at eighth and jfk and rode to the soma neighborhood. organizers say. not only does the bike bus gives children the chance to ride their bikes to school for the first time, it also gives them a way to do it in a safe environment. we just
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have a great opportunity right now with jfk closed to cars and was slow paid street to take advantage of that, while it's available and to use it into bike and then also, of course, we want to let our elected officials that we really value those things. the event was put on by kids safe if it's a group that advocates for safe spaces for children in the city. all right. we have had quite the sight across bay area skies. look at this for the past week. some incredible colors at sunset hues of red, pink, orange yellow . the science has to do with pressure systems to our north and south. meteorologist rosemary oroczo is much smarter than me. and she is here to explain rosemary. yes hello to both of you happy friday. yeah man, those sunsets out there these days have been quite spectacular. we typically get some pretty spectacular census this time of year. part of it has to do, of course, with the lower sun angle that we have right here and a lot of it has to do with the atmosphere and although those high clouds play
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a huge factor they are not necessarily creating the color. they are just acting as the canvas giving you a live look here over san francisco, the golden gate bridge and towards the marin headlands. take a look at that sunset there so as the sun begins to set the light, which we all know has all the colors of the rainbow travels through so many layers of the atmosphere. it bends it scatters and with all that creates the colors, but we need those clouds to act as a canvas in the high clouds are definitely one of the more perfect types of clouds as they are very high, and they are compressed mostly of ice. we know if we have low clouds outside our door. we can really see a thing. we can't even see the sunshine most of the time, so those high clouds continuing to bring us this gorgeous house sunset and perhaps a gorgeous sunrise, and i'll show you why you talked about those clouds that are spilling in over california continuing to do so. as we are watching a system here off the coastline of southern
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california, move a little bit closer to the coast. you can even see a little bit of green there on the screen, providing the possibility maybe a few scattered showers to southern california. we're not going to see any of that we're going to continue to see those high clouds overhead. you also noticed to the north. we've got storms rolling through the pacific northwest, and for at least today, a little bit farther north into canada. those clouds have been sending high clouds are away from time to time. unfortunately we're not seeing any rain out of either system to the north of us, nor to the south. here's a look at the temperatures outside in around the bay area was awfully mild out there today, several degrees above average in many spots. 61 degrees still at this hour in san francisco for the north bay, we have 56 in napa for the inner east bay, 55. livermore. and many of us still at least a few degrees warmer out there. oakland hayward's palo alto san jose via 56 even seven degrees or so the other story in our hills today was the wind. you can see most of us
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enjoying just a light breeze. that was the case in and around the bay area for today, but in the hills quite breezy matt diablo still reporting 35 mph. was gusting closer to 47 right around lunchtime. so a little bit of a drier air, of course, moving in with that north and northeast wind, and with that, tomorrow morning, we could wake up some patchy fog, but not likely to be as widespread as this morning. meanwhile the future cast here will show you the clouds are going to continue to move through the bay area, and we will continue to have those pretty sunrises. and pretty sunsets through most of the weekend temperatures again have been awfully mild. it is beginning to going tomorrow morning. do expect temperatures in the low to mid forties, so chilly start to the day 40 degrees in santa rosa 46 in san francisco and in the south bay, 42 over san jose. your average for tomorrow. we're looking at upper fifties to about 60 degrees, typically here's what we do expect for santa rosa tomorrow. 64 so even though you're not going to be as warm
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as today, you're still going to be several degrees above the average 61 in oakland, 64 expected over san jose. not much change for your bay area sunday . in fact, not much change in the extended forecast. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and the extended forecast. coming up. all right, rosemary. thank you. san francisco voters will have a say not one but two pivotal recall elections in the coming months, but the outcomes will say about politics in the city plus let me see your hands. put them out. put them up. put your hands up. were worked out tired. newly released body camera video sheds light on what happened moments before police officers shot and killed a man in the north richmond tonight at six what investigators are six what investigators are revealing about the case. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion
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today, peninsula congresswoman jackie speier announced plans to widen and realign connecting ramps at highway 11 in 92, congresswoman speier says before the pandemic about 400,000 cars traveled through the interchange every day. making the area at risk for accidents. what you will see on the highway is. a number of things, among them skid marks from accidents, broken parts from cars that were parts an accident. and. it is often times overloaded. construction for the project is on track to begin next year. congresswoman spear says funding will likely be available through president biden's infrastructure bill san francisco will see two pivotal recall elections this year, the first in just a few weeks where voters will decide whether to recall three school
5:26 pm
board members that in june they'll vote on whether to recall district attorney chase a boudin. ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky spoke to political analyst and insiders about the implication of these elections. he joins us live from the san francisco hall of justice tonight of it. that's right. these back to back recall elections have the potential to reshape the city's political landscape. and if they go through, will then be up to mayor. london breed to appoint any replacements. the current school board has proven itself on fit to cover supporters of the effort to recall three members of san francisco school board rallied friday at civic center. it's the final push before the recall election day. now, just one month away as a matter of priority, they have the wrong priorities. it's the city's first recall election. in nearly four decades, voters will decide whether to unseat members. allison collins,
5:27 pm
gabriella lopez and fogelman liga following a run of controversies. they are just playing politics and not doing their jobs. opponents of the recall say it's too costly and the school board members represented diverse group of san franciscans. whether people are frustrated and feel like these members of school board are not doing a good job, whether it's incompetence or mismanagement or something else, i think that would be driving most voters. political science professor jason mcdaniel said the school board has gone especially foreign alienating themselves from the electorate. that means a lot of the more passionate people on all sides of the recall issue will be the ones that will most likely be out in voting. voters in june, will then decide whether to recall district attorney chase a. boudin who campaigned on ending mass incarceration. favoring rehabilitation over punishment, but surging crime during the pandemic has invigorated his detractors who gathered enough signatures last year to force the recall. i think the dea
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recall will be a real sense of where politics is in the city. i think more so than the school board recall because i think the school board recall is three candidates who are relatively unpopular. now, just as a reminder those ballots went out yesterday. they're due back on election day, february 15th, or they need to be postmarked by that date, or san franciscans can go to one of their 314 authorized polling places or city hall reporting live in san francisco, evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. thank you. getting at home tests to all americans. that's the latest challenge for the biden administration. we're speaking with former fema coordinator marking a vote to learn how it will work, and then you crime clue that could help police catch the person who ransacked in east bay preschool.
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coronavirus. it is ordered one billion tests for americans later this month. a website will be launched so people can get testing kits delivered to their homes for free. and that is not the only thing the president is doing in the battle against covid more now we're joined by former fema coordinator mark novo. mark, thanks so much for joining us is always curious to know if you know any of the logistics that are going to go into making sure that everyone can get this. this is a very big
5:32 pm
undertaking. it sure is no question to have that many tests available to things come with that they've had to institute or implement the defense production act and that prioritizes raw goods and materials. to be able to manufacture these tests, which is good, although it's a little behind, like many supplies are ultimately thrust government website you'll be able to ask for a test, but keep in mind. you can ask for that test right now from your insurer, and it has to be covered by medical insurance. okay so on that point starting tomorrow, u. s insurers will be required to cover eight over the counter tests each month. we did reach out to kaiser permanente about this, and their response in part was quote we're working to make these tests available at no cost to our members through multiple outlets, tests purchased prior to january. 15th are not eligible for reimbursement. under the new federal guidance, we will share more information on how kaiser permanent members can access at home testing. as it becomes available, you know, mark, i'm curious to know here is should have there should there be a
5:33 pm
better streamlined system because you know they're going off of dates to be reimbursed, and it seems that so many people are just worried about getting their hands on a test. they shouldn't have to worry about getting reimbursed from their insurance company. yeah you would think so. no question about that. but ultimately, the tests are running anywhere from 10 to $15. so although the reimbursement is a question, the bigger part of this is if you can't get a test now there's two sides to that. as we test more and more. we're starting to get more positives, which is creating a problem within society because we're starting to see shortages. of staffing in all different areas, medical care airlines, etcetera, so it's a challenge here to cited. what do you think about these at home tests before we move onto the next topic, just in terms of how reliable they are. we've heard of false negatives, false positive results and how confident should people be? yeah that's the challenge to the at home test. is that the pretty accurate? the challenge, though, comes to cited and that is, for
5:34 pm
the most part if there's an error in these tests it's a false positive, meaning people are thinking that they don't have it, and in fact they do have it and they're not taking necessary precautions for the sem, their selves and their families, so that's something to be cautious up. multiple test isolate. that's really the key to the kind of making sure you're okay. just take a couple of tests again. if you can get your hands on him. sure you know, moving topics now president biden has said he wants to keep schools open. but here in the bay area if we have seen so many sick outs, teachers calling out students staying home. what do you think about the safety that's being played out at schools and should the government be stepping in here? and kind of providing some more guidance through this surge. well, what's happening is by july of this year under governors orders for kids to attend school in person, they're going to need to be vaccinated that teachers are worried about the army. kind of having that uprising in the numbers and things like that, although we're seeing an increase in people that are testing, which is
5:35 pm
ultimately going to those people who you know may have symptoms may not have symptoms. and so that raises a question about what type of guidelines do we want our educators to be operated on her. if you notice in san francisco, they weren't able to sit down. reaching agreement more than 95 tests are masked more tests more days off for the teachers in case they have family problems with covid-19. so they were able to reach an agreement. i'm hoping the rest of the school districts across the country can do the same. okay, last question here. we've heard of this. variant that we're all living through right now. the omicron variant. it is highly contagious. but once you do catch it, we're told that symptoms aren't as strong as other variants. do you think that this omicron variant will change how we think about infection numbers? it is. that's the challenge last year, we know that we had the double number of cases as well as desks, you know , due to covid 19, but of recent most people are end up. having
5:36 pm
the army barry, which is causing them to feel uncomfortable, but home care, for the most part, is able to take care of that. so what you're seeing is a fluctuation of the protocols, for instance, instead of 10 days isolated, you're seeing five days. so what we're going to see as we go through here is more and more lessening of some of these protocols as we get a better understanding of what's going on with this variant. former fema coordinator, mark novo. we always appreciate you coming on. we'll have to leave our conversation there, but we appreciate you giving us some insight here as we all work our way through this latest surge in the pandemic. thank you, christine, and stay with ktvu for the latest quarter virus information. we have an entire section on our website dedicated to the latest developments on the pandemic. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. a virtual celebration took place today in san francisco in honor of dr martin luther king jr day. police chief bill scott mayor london breed other city officials and community members
5:37 pm
took part in this celebration. it was the san francisco recreation and parks departments . 38th annual mlk celebrations. mary breed says the celebration is a way to honor the life and legacy of dr king and recommit to the vision and courage he embodied. dr king once said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. and at san franciscans we have never and will never stay silent. we will always speak up for the underrepresented. we will always speak up for the victims of hate and oppression. because this is the heart of who we are as a city and at the heart of who we aspire to be as a nation. martin luther king jr days this coming monday, january 17th. it is traditionally observed around the country as a day of service , someday area mlk event and parades have been canceled due to covid concerns, but an annual
5:38 pm
oakland event will take place despite the omicron surge. oakland's day of action to reclaim mlk's radical legacy will be held monday as planned. it will be a car caravan and drive through giveaway, which begins near middle harbor shoreline park. the eighth annual event is put on by the end, i police anti police here, project organizers say attendees will demand an all out war on poverty and for healing to bring an end to violence rather than more police. we have new video of a suspect wanted following a break in at a preschool in dublin. this brief image shows a person wearing a dark coat blue jeans. police say it happened monday night at resurrection lutheran child development center on amador valley boulevard. the thieves ransacked rooms and stole everything from office supplies to ipads files were opened up and destroyed and keys to the church and school were stolen, forcing them to change all the locks. a go fund me has been set up to help them recover. it is exceeded its goal
5:39 pm
of $7000. anyone with information is asked to call dublin police. police in concord say they have arrested two women who allegedly used a baby stroller to hide $1000 worth of stolen merchandise. this happened at the four store at the veranda shopping center earlier this week. this aspect. names were not released. they call themselves a pothole vigilantes, and they have spent the last week feeling dozens of potholes around the city of valeo. the group met through facebook over their shared dislike of potholes. one member started to go fund me and then they raised enough money to repair some roads. the group of five men have already filled about 90 potholes. in just one week. they say they cannot wait around for the city to take action. when you get some citizens that are just tired. you know they'll they'll pitch in. they'll help and that's what's happening right now. i'd love them and i plugged them. in a weekly newsletter, the mayor of vallejo, strongly discouraged pothole. visually vigee anil is , um, saying in part quote, it can be a dangerous task to
5:40 pm
undertake repairs without the proper help with traffic control. often these efforts and money will all be wasted without adequate compaction techniques if the rains carry away the asphalt once again. more than 300 restaurants and conquered or offering deals and discounts as part of comfort food, comfort food. we excuse me. today is the first day of the annual event. congress comfort food week is a celebration of local restaurants . organizers say many of them are family owned. this comes at a time when many restaurants are struggling because of the pandemic. we made it through the pandemic, and hopefully we'll make it through this. oh, macron and we're still standing. concords comfort food week runs through the end of january and is also part of california restaurant month. they are in red cross says it's facing the worst blood shortage in the years coming up. we're hearing which blood types are most in demand. plus trouble on the tracks down in southern california, wife thousands of
5:41 pm
packages will not be reaching their destination.
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with the american red cross, saying its inventory is at crisis levels. so if you've ever considered donating blood now is the time to take action. fox's austin west falls live in charlotte, north carolina, for us, where he spoke with the organizations about which blood types are most in demand. austit blood types that are most valuable at times like this when there are these major blood shortages, if you know your blood type that will give you a leg up as far as donating. take a look at some of the most common ones. they say that type o blood is the most valuable one right now. o negative in particular is considered universal. o positive is nearly universal platelets, which are blood cells that help your body
5:44 pm
from forming clots to stop bleeding are also critically needed right now because they only have a shelf life of about five days. now even if you are a different blood type than o or if you don't even know your blood type at all. the red cross still needs your help. the organization does handle 40% of the country's blood supply. and a scene a 10% decrease in donations since march of 2020. the organization says this is largely due to the pandemic canceling blood drives. we asked if there is any specific part of the country that's in the greatest need right now, the red cross says everywhere. the red cross has a national inventory system. so we just distribute where the where the need is, and right now it's impacting every state, every city, every region, equivalently. now the red cross says the shortage poses a risk to hospital patients as well because doctors sadly or being forced to make difficult decisions about who receives blood transfusions and who will need to wait until more blood
5:45 pm
becomes available. here in the southeast. a winter storm is going to be coming through over the weekend. the red cross anticipates that storms of that nature are only going to further complicate this blood shortage. if you're looking to donate blood, and you're in the bay area you can go to the red cross's website at red cross blood. org. greg us and obviously, covid has wreaked havoc on this, and this is the main culprit here. but what are the rules for people who have had covid have recovered and may now want to donate blood? yes the people who have had covid can donate blood. the only rule is that you need to have completely recovered from covid. and then it needs to be 14 days. two weeks after your last symptoms, so your symptoms need to have been subsided for 14 days. after the 14 day period. you can donate blood just like anybody else. all right. good information there. austin, westfall and charlotte austin. thank you. oh bay area food banks say they're facing a critical shortage of volunteers . second harvest of silicon valley, alameda county community food bank and the san francisco
5:46 pm
marine food bank are all reporting an increase in requests for home deliveries of free groceries as more people are forced to isolate due to this overgrown surge. food banks say they typically see a drop in volunteers during the holidays in the early months of the year, but that's not the only problem they're facing right now. need increased whole lot during the start of the pandemic, and it has not gone back down. but volunteer numbers are just they keep changing, and there's some seasonality. genuine february is always a hard time. and with the current conditions we're seeing even less volunteers right now. if you'd like to volunteer to help you can sign up any time with your local food bank. we also have information on our website ktvu .com. all right. it's almost that time. nine our gang. the team is on the way to dallas for a huge wealth card game coming up, we'll talk to our sports director, mark avancez. plus a sky high saved when a hike turns harrowing off the southern california coast. fs
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
ago, the 49ers were seen boarding their busses. they fly , i say, fly out to dallas today . there's jimmy g to face the cowboys on this winter go home wild card game this sunday. let's bring in our sports director marco banias mark you've been through just a few of these big time playoff matchups between the cowboys and niners. seems like they sort of roll around every generation for an iconic matchup. as i was watching that video of them getting on the bus. it just brought back a flash your memories, you know, greg before 9 11. they used to let a lot of the reporters like us. get on the field and watch these games. i mean, i was on the field, probably. 30 yards away from dwight clark when he made that great, iconic catch back in the 82 january and then in 94 when the 49ers won a super bowl behind steve young and company
5:50 pm
the absolute intensity of those games is palpable. and although they haven't been to the playoffs since 1994 had the head. you could just sense the tension growing right now. the talent, the intensity both sides in the here and now it's different names, of course on those jerseys, but you can't over analyze this thing. as much as you want, but it'll come down to this. the line play on both sides. cowboys number one ranked offense, although they did play in a week division niners got the great front seven on defense , so that's going to be a great matchup to watch how those two go ahead ahead. star filled rosters on both sides. you thought nick bosa there? course leaving the 49ers defense and dak prescott of the cowboys. 37 touchdown passes. he's got zeke elliott the hand it off to and, of course, the 49ers get the good news today that trent
5:51 pm
williams made the all protein and so did deebo, samuel and you're going to hear from mika parsons, one of the league leaders. insects on the defense side, but first get loaded debose thoughts about this game. what you're willing to do for the guy next to you. you know what i'm saying? we have a great bun. we have a big brotherhood here. i don't want this to be the last time that i put on the uniform with all the guys because, you know, not everybody you see on this team right now is going to be a part of the team. so you just taking that into consideration is just, you know, i'm saying bond with your brothers and put it out there for each other and just go out here and give it all 49ers have known to play bully ball, can you billy a liar. no you can't. it's actually funny. you say that i was having fun with the guys and i was telling like, i'm prepares. berg where the bullies get bullied. you know what i'm saying? so, you know there's a bullet in every gym is a bully. everywhere you go. but at one point is going to take someone to stand up and you know and fight and i ain't never backed
5:52 pm
down from a challenge. i don't know if the 49ers are a bunch of bullies, but i'll tell you this. they play a very physical, aggressive game and i really feel that's going to be the difference in it. i don't think the dallas cowboys have played a more physical team than the 49 years and that that's why i'm predicting the 49ers will win in a very tight matchup comes sunday afternoon. you heard it here that is whiteboard material mark. we're very excited, but we look forward to it. mark. we appreciate you. you got it. all right. we have a nice evening. setting up. the winds are generally light. we will begin to cool off, though, if you're going to be out late to expect a chilly one out there giving you a live look here from ktvu across the oakland city where you can still see a little bit of light in the sky and again another beautiful sunset out there this evening storm tracker to hear the clouds that continuing to pull in from the south at system there off the
5:53 pm
central southern california coastline will work its way inland and bring a few sprinkles two areas it looks like maybe right around monterey to the south for us, we will continue with the clouds in place and dry through the weekend and drive beyond take a look at that as we get into saturday evening, and then into sunday, that's system that we're watching kind of pushes off to the east, and that storm track to the north of us doesn't really drop, either. it continues well to the north. even up over in areas near canada. the entire tahoe area is going to be dry as well, giving you a look here at some of the temperatures outside us south lake tahoe right now, 35 degrees in truckee 36. wolf and as we get into the overnight hours into the teens, not only for saturday sunday but into monday, so if you're thinking about getting away for the holiday weekend, tahoe is a great place to be, but do pack the warmer clothing. temperatures in the afternoons under partly cloudy skies upper forties temperatures around the bay area at this time 61 degrees in san francisco, 56
5:54 pm
napa mid fifties and livermore 61 in walnut creek so relatively mild, but that begins to change tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll wake up once again in the forties, 45 expected for the north bay over san rafael for the inner east bay. 40 degrees conquered as well as livermore. partly cloudy skies a little bit of patchy fog. we do have drier air that has moved in, so perhaps not quite as foggy as we started earlier this morning into the afternoon temperatures will range from the upper fifties to low sixties going to shave off a few degrees from today, but still very mild still above average in many areas and continuing this trend through your bay area weekend and beyond. monday tuesday into wednesday. upper thirties, too low forties to start the mornings low sixties for the afternoon under partly cloudy skies back to you. rosemary thank you coming up at six. police body camera video reveals the day sent caballo police shot and killed a man. plus it's scary. it's painful. it's you
5:55 pm
know, you feel like there's nothing you can do. some families worry that new pandemic rules put their loved ones in nursing homes at risk. at six. they vent frustrations with those rules that they think don't make
5:56 pm
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brought in crews from the ground and the air this morning, first responders were called to palos verdes estates said about eight a.m, where a hiker tumbled from a trail along the cliff. the hiker was taken by helicopter to the hospital. the extent of their injuries is unknown, more evidence of ongoing theft of rail cargo containers in los angeles from the air, you can see all the discarded packages left behind. these thefts have
5:58 pm
apparently been going on for months. now the tracks are now littered with thousands of shredded boxes. investigators say thieves or taking packages from cargo containers that stop in the area to unload. this is ktvu fox two news at six. put some kind of recommendation together that advises family members to get tested as frequently as they can. but don't put in place these strict and stringent regulations. that can't be met when the supplies are not yet available new at six families with loved ones in nursing homes, vent frustration with what they're seeing unfolding tonight. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm cristina rendon and i'm greg lee . the families worry they are being kept away from their loved ones, while healthcare workers who are infected are being allowed to work. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz joins us from the newsroom with a breakdown of this dilemma balancing risk and critical worker shortages. brooks one single week. there
5:59 pm
have been about 6000 new infections among healthcare workers in california nursing homes, but now this stain is allowing them to keep working if they test positive and are asymptomatic all while new visitor policies has family members left in limbo or simply lockdown of facilities. it's scary when you can't see your loved one. who's completely vulnerable. andrea do browse mother, gail has alzheimer's and leaves at this danville nursing home, but routine visits are restricted now with new rules must be vaccinated, boosted and show proof of a recent negative test. if you can get one, don't blame the families. i don't think we're the ones bringing covid into the facility. don't keep us out data shows right now , more than 10,000 nursing home workers are infected statewide roughly 800 new cases popping up every day. the state is now allowing infected asymptomatic
6:00 pm
workers to keep coming in. we need to make sure we don't have staffing shortages. governor newsom is also requiring booster shots while 95% of nursing home workers are vaccinated. only 39% have reported getting a booster , the california association of health facilities says it comes down to access facilities don't have the ability to order vaccines for their staff. they can do it for their residents. obviously their that's their patients. without logistical help. many say caregivers won't make the governor's february 1st deadline. i think there's gonna be massive noncompliance with the booster mandate. i guarantee it, attorney tony chicken tell has been concerned with the state's enforcement of vaccinations. his group california advocates for nursing home reform says there are lax requirements or little verification of those requesting a medical or religious exemption. states just given out these exemptions like candy.


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