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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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workers to keep coming in. we need to make sure we don't have staffing shortages. governor newsom is also requiring booster shots while 95% of nursing home workers are vaccinated. only 39% have reported getting a booster , the california association of health facilities says it comes down to access facilities don't have the ability to order vaccines for their staff. they can do it for their residents. obviously their that's their patients. without logistical help. many say caregivers won't make the governor's february 1st deadline. i think there's gonna be massive noncompliance with the booster mandate. i guarantee it, attorney tony chicken tell has been concerned with the state's enforcement of vaccinations. his group california advocates for nursing home reform says there are lax requirements or little verification of those requesting a medical or religious exemption. states just given out these exemptions like candy.
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anybody who wants one can get one. anybody who wants to claim one can have one. it's sort of the wild wild west. in terms of the vaccine mandate. we found more than 160, california nursing homes have less than 90% of workers vaccinated. three are in the bay area valley house rehabilitation center in santa clara, richmond post acute care and medical hill health care center in oakland. we have causes for concern. chicken tail found facilities with extremely low vaccination rates, filing five complaints with the state begging for accountability, but it comes at a time when nursing home staff is critical. i think we want to be supportive of all of our workers. we need every single person we can get back, then hated or not family. um because we don't have enough people. i would like to see everybody vaccinated for families. it's worrisome not knowing what's going on inside and struggling to see a loved one. it's super frustrating. it's scary. it's painful. it's
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stop you. you know you feel like there's nothing you can do. we have reached down to all of the bay area nursing homes with low vaccination rates. at this point , we've heard nothing back, but the california department of public health says it continues efforts to encourage vaccinations and boosters and ensure their easily accessible and available. in the newsroom mind. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, brooks. thank you. starting tomorrow, people will be able to get the cost of at home. covid-19 tests covered by their insurance in most cases, when people pick up the tests, they'll only have to give their insurance information, but some may have to submit a claim. private insurance will cover eight tests per month. the biden administration has a new plan to help you get at home tests. the white house confirmed plans to launch a website next week, which will allow you to request to four test kits. it's called covid tests dot gov. the kids will be shipped for free about one week after their order. it's
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estimated. that we will hit approximately 15 million tests today. and we'll have over 375 million at home rapid test in january alone. that's a huge leap. in addition to ramping up testing, the biden administration announced today, defense department medical teams will be deployed to six states hit hard by staffing shortages at hospitals. those states include new mexico, michigan, ohio, new jersey, new york and rhode island. revised osha rules went into effect today on workplace covid testing and safety. fully vaccinated people who are exposed to covid. but don't have symptoms can stay at work if they were a mask and stay distanced from co workers for 10 work days, but people exposed to haven't gotten boosters have to isolate for at least five days, employers must provide fda approved test too exposed workers, including vaccinated asymptomatic employees. the use of an at home
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test must be overseen with either a telehealth professional or the employer. santa clara county health officials work today to clear up confusion over the type of test you should use . ktvu is jesse gary explains. they hope this will ease the regions testing shortage problem. santa clara county officials say covid test appointments at its site at the county fairgrounds running at least one week behind demand. we don't expect this situation to last for that much longer to midday news conference, county health officer dr sara cody saying antigen tests should be used to determine if quarantine can be ended. when am i no longer infectious? when am i no longer a risk to others, and an agent test is the best test to use their a pcr test should be used to determine if you've been infected with the covid virus or one of its variants, using the correct test for the corresponding situation could help ease the overall shortage, according to officials. people who have previously tested positive, so conceivably they
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have a higher loading their body. then those home tests could help that as well. so you don't have to lose the pcr test that you would have otherwise had. yes that's correct. also friday, county health officials called out private healthcare providers for not doing their fair share of testing. officials say the county serves 15% of the population's health needs but conducts 20% of covid tests. kaiser serves 30% of patients but does only 12% of testing. and the palo alto medical foundation serves 16.5% of county residents, but only does a little more than 2% of testing. this is a health order. we have in the past taken enforcement with respect to the testing order, we're prepared to do so again. a spokesperson for sutter health, which palo alto medical foundation is part of says in a statement. we have increased our overall testing capacity. the palo alto medical foundation doubled appointment availability for covid-19
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testing, including licensed retail and community sites and at home antigen tests, kaiser officials say we object to any suggestion that our frontline healthcare workers are not doing their fair share. we are baffled by the county suggestion. that anyone is holding back. the santa clara county council says he'd like to hear from anyone who requested it. covid test from their private healthcare provider and has not received a covid test. those private providers under orders since 2020 to provide those tests in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news board members in hayward unified school district are expected to decide if online classes should continue beyond this week. school district returned to distance learning this week due to the recent spike in new covid cases. that decision came despite the advice of the alameda county office of education, which had advised the district keep hayward schools opened and the district could lose more than $12 million in daily attendance funds from the
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state this week alone. the san francisco unified school district has reached an agreement with the unions representing teachers on covid safety measures. the district granted the teachers and extra 10 days of covid sickly for the remainder of the school year. all 6000, san francisco unified teachers, counselors and para educators will also have access to at least one covid test per week at their school and high quality face masks. hundreds of teachers stages stick out last week calling for more protections and the district is just has struggled to find substitute teachers to cover six calls on other days as well. our teacher absences are still at about 400 a day a little bit more than 400 a day. um, and on a typical day before the pandemic, we would see about 250 to 300 teacher absences, so it's still a little bit higher than usual. superintendent says he's grateful for teachers helping keep schools open despite challenging conditions right now many events have been canceled this holiday weekend in sonoma county, where new new covid
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rules just took effect. still not everyone is sure what's open and what isn't we get lots of calls. lots of emails. are you open regular hours? do you have capacity limits? i think there is a lot of confusion. coming up later in the newscast will explain how businesses and event venues or handling all of these new rules and which shows are postponed. new at six and pablo police have released body camera footage of a deadly shooting by officers last month. let me see your hands. put them up. put them up, hands up. officers were called to a grocery store on market avenue on december 15th on a report of a man waving a gun. the man then drove off in his truck when officers stopped and they say he got out holding the apparent firearm and racking it as if he was getting ready to shoot. for san pablo. officers opened fire, killing him. police say they later determined the man was carrying an air soft pellet gun. the state identified the bb pellet gun as a deadly weapon. so the state department
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of justice is not investigating that several other investigations are underway. a strong motorcade escorted the body of david wynn to a mortuary . today he's the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was shot and killed on an oakland freeway . our crime reporter henry lee tells us friends and fellow recruits are still trying to come to terms with the shooting. a somber salute by top alameda county sheriff's officials as the flag draped casket of recruit david wynn was taken from the coroner's office. very tragic event. but it was hard way to pay respect to one of our best young recruits when was driving home to san francisco from the sheriff's academy in dublin when someone opened fire on his personal vehicle, a prius. he was on the mcarthur maze approach to the bay bridge in oakland. when he was shot on january 4th. we want to make sure that he's not forgotten. we want to make sure that we can try to do our best to represent what he was going to be. alameda county sheriff greg ahern escorted dwayne's casket along with the recruits, sister
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barbara wynne and his girlfriend, shannon istvan. it's very sad that he never got experiences real dream of joining law enforcement, and he's going to be remembered as a hard working, dedicated young men win and his parents immigrated from vietnam to the u. s. when he was two. it was also part of the california national guard and wanted to serve and law enforcement in part to represent underserved communities. the chp is investigating but have not made any arrests. they're working on a couple of leads, and they have, uh, some ideas that they need to develop. winds killing has hit as academy classmates hard. who really, really has been impacted by this before their careers have even started. they've already dealt with loss and tragedy, and so are our prayers are with them as well. a small motorcade escorted winds body to a call my mortuary. funeral services are scheduled for january 24th in livermore, but because of covid public access might be limited the event maybe livestrong in oakland, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. santa clara sheriff laurie
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smith promises to fight corruption charges against her coming up what she did when she showed up in court today. cannabis industry workers have been saying for weeks that their businesses are on the verge of collapse at 6 30 they get assigned help may be on the way. and a burial, whether another mile day out there, but we will be tracking a few high clouds. as we start off the weekend, we'll have the update coming up. plus san francisco drivers get warned they can start getting tickets for driving faster than tickets for driving faster than 20 mph and more areas. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas.
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smith today made her first court appearance to answer to allegations of corruption filed against her by a civil grand jury. she did not enter a plea. smith is facing seven counts of corruption and misconduct. including political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapon permits during today's proceeding over zoom
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sheriff did not admit to or deny the grand jury's accusations. the court will now consider whether the case will go to trial. if tried a guilty verdict would remove the sheriff from office. another hearing on the case is scheduled for march also knew it. six martin shkreli has been banned from the pharmaceutical industry for life . a federal judge ordered the imprisoned ex ceo to return the $64.6 million in profits. he and his company reaped from inflating the price of the lifesaving drug daraprim. the so called farmer bro was ceo of the company, which obtained the exclusive rights to that drug. it treats a rare parasitic disease. the company increased the price from 13 50, a pill to $750 a pill. today actor alec baldwin turned over his cell phone to investigators looking into the deadly shooting on the movie set rust, his lawyer said baldwin's phone was given to authorities in new york state this morning. the santa fe sheriff's offices, gathering more evidence about what led to the fatal shooting of
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cinematographer halina hutchins in new mexico. last october. baldwin shot and killed hutchins and injured the film's director, joel souza, during rehearsal. his attorney said today that baldwin did nothing wrong and quote there were are no answers on his phone. now no more evidence of ongoing theft of rail cargo containers in los angeles from the air. you can see all the discarded packages left behind these steps have apparently been going on for months. the tracks are now littered with thousands of shredded boxes. investigators say thieves are taking packages from cargo containers that stop in the area to unload or wait for open track. union pacific, which patrols the track says it's made more than 100 arrests for rail theft in recent months, but the charges are often reduced and the suspected thieves are released. tobacco store and paulo alto was the scene of an armed robbery. police say eight people, some armed with guns, entered the raw smoke shop on california avenue shortly before 10 o'clock last
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night. the robbers pistol, whipped a store clerk and took off with stolen merchandise and the cash register surveillance photos captured images of the people. the clerk had minor injuries and no arrests have been made. if you have any information about this case, you're asked to call paul otto police. at a barrier weather another mile day out there with widespread sixties and even a few spots right around 70 degrees. it looks like there's mild, quiet weather pattern will continue into the weekend and into the next week take a look at the highest from this afternoon temperatures ranging from 57 in pacifica to 70 and fairfield, widespread sixties in between, for center fell. oakland fremont and san jose 66 degrees, also windy and a few spots, maybe not in your neighborhood. you could see it for the higher peaks. mount diablo wind gust of 65 miles an hour. healdsburg hills, 45. oakland oakland hills 37 miles an hour, so some breezy conditions for the higher elevations. here's the plan this weekend for saturday, mostly
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cloudy skies after some patchy fog and then partly cloudy skies for sunday and into monday, so we're not going to have completely clear conditions. few high clouds will continue to roll in from the pacific. and you can't see the source of the cloud cover because he all those clouds have heading from the fighting for the south down towards southern california and also approaching the area. so there's a slight chance of some rainfall closer to a san luis obispo county. but for us, we're just expecting a few high clouds . current numbers out there for the six o'clock our upper forties for fairfield, san francisco, 57 half moon bay 50 degrees, and here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. as i mentioned, we're tracking some high cloud cover into the weekend. we'll have more on that. and your updated five day forecast coming up in a little bit, mark. thank you. pharmacy hours, maybe changing at some walgreens and cvs stores. the wall street journal reports. the chains are cutting pharmacy hours at some locations because of employees that are calling out 62 covid. both companies
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have been dealing with severe staffing shortages in a statement from walgreens and cvs , both stores say at this point , pharmacies will still remain open on weekends, but the situation is fluid. so far, there's no evidence that any bay area stores are affected. san francisco drivers need to slow down coming up the new places where you can get tickets for going faster than 20 mph and find out how much more it's find out how much more it's about to cost you to there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind even if you've looked before, built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing
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limits. work is underway to lower speed limits to 20 mph in many areas. san francisco city attorney david chiu joins us now with perspective on why this is being done. david always appreciate your time. these changes are possible after all state law went into effect, allowing you to adjust. speed limits on select streets, explain to our viewers how those streets were selected. so we have had an epidemic of traffic violence in our streets. too many people have died or have been severely injured because of crashes that are completely preventable. unfortunately speeding has been the number one reason for this traffic violence . and so this is why we want to make sure that on some quarters that have had documented records of traffic violence that we're reducing the speed limit in these instances by five miles an hour from 25 mph to 20 miles an hour in order for us to save
6:22 pm
lives and really see that this will work. it never showing viewers map of where those streets are. this is part of the vision zero plan that plan says on average 30 people die 500 seriously injured on city streets every year. how big of a difference though that's five miles make well, a few things to know is over 75% of the traffic violence in our streets happen on only 13% of all of our quarters and even dropping the speed limit by a few mph will help save lives. so let me give you a stat. if you're traveling at 20, mph, and you hit someone listen 90% chance that that person will survive if a car is traveling at 40 mph. there's only a 20% chance that that person will survive even an incremental difference of five. mph can be the difference between death and serious injury and not david, i want to ask you as part of a pilot project. you lowered the speed limit in the tenderloin to 20 mph back in
6:23 pm
april. have you seen success there? um you know, off the top my head. i'm not sure specifically on that. but i would guess that that would be the case. we have seen the data all over the country that when you reduce speed on quarters that were previously very dangerous. you save lives, and we're going to be piloting these first seven quarters. i know the san francisco municipal transportation agency will be looking at the data to make sure that this is working as we consider it elsewhere in other quarters that have been challenged, but at the end of day we have to save lives. we've had years of a traffic epidemic , traffic violence and anything we can do to really prevent these tragedies. we i think we have to david. i only got a little bit of time left but very quickly. how important is the enforcement piece of this? well it's gonna be enforced in the way that all of our traffic laws from force, but an important component of what our city will be doing is educating people on
6:24 pm
the importance of obeying the speed limit. and the fact that on these quarters were reducing speed by five mph good information there. san francisco city attorney david chu always appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. thanks for having me. a new highway project is expected to improve traffic in san mateo today, congresswoman jackie speier announced plans to widen it real line connecting ramps at how a 1 to 1 and 92. congresswoman speier says before the pandemic about 400,000 cars traveled through that interchange every day, putting many people at risk of an accident. what you will see on the highway is. a number of things, among them skid marks from accidents, broken parts from cars. we're parts of an accident. and. it is often times overloaded. construction for the project is on track to begin next year, and congresswoman
6:25 pm
spear says funding will likely be available through president biden infrastructure bill. we probably canceled 12 15 different public events that were going to happen here. people in sonoma county have a new batch of pandemic era rules . they're trying to get used to coming up how that's impacting businesses working to cash in on holiday weekend crowds. warriors seeing right in chicago today, the dubs taking out their frustration on the bulls sports director mark ibanez has the highlights later in sports and governor gavin newsom signals he's ready to help cannabis industry workers worried they cannot compete w
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david wynn from the coroner's office to a mortuary. today he's the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was shot and killed in an oakland freeway. alameda county sheriff greg ahern escorted winds cascade along with the recruits, sister and his girlfriend. so far, no arrests have been made in the case. families with loved ones and nursing homes are worried amid the recent rise in covid cases and the lack of healthcare workers that are up to date on their covid vaccinations. in a single week. there have been more than 6000 new infections among healthcare workers in california nursing homes. 95% of nursing home workers are vaccinated. but just 39% have reported getting a booster. people will be able to get the cost of an at home covid-19 tests covered by private
6:29 pm
insurance starting tomorrow, insurers are required to cover the cost of a tests per month. in most cases when people pick up the test, they'll only have to give their insurance information, but some people may have to submit a claim. you're watching ktvu, fox two news at 6 30 sonoma county's first full weekend of stepped up covid rules and all out prohibitions of certain activities has led to some confusion about what really is and is not off limits. ktvu tom vacar tells us to venues that regularly hold concerts had to cancel shows. the epicenter close to santa rosa's coffee park is a massive food sports bar, sports activities and entertainment venue. bowling lane arcade trampoline park. indoor soccer fields basketball court, our barn restaurant here at victory house as well as pine and coffee, which is our coffee shop, since it can hold hundreds and hundreds of people. will it be open? we get lots of calls. lots of emails. are you open regular hours? do you have
6:30 pm
capacity limits? i think there is a lot of confusion with the 49ers crucial playoff game this weekend, the events center will be a place that many will want to come to totally normal, no capacity limits or anything. so we will be open all weekend and next week, martin luther king on monday the great and casino and rohnert park fresh off canceling his 4000 guests private new year's eve gala. also canceled and rescheduled this weekend sold out appearance by cedric the entertainer until march, the 1600 seat luther burbank center canceled and rescheduled. the price is right live. from the 21st to november. the centers rescheduling nine other events during the one month health order major event prohibition, the 5400 ticket holders will be contacted directly and updates will be posted on the center's website and social media sonoma state university's green music center is also canceling and rescheduling many events. big and small. we probably canceled
6:31 pm
12 to 15 different public events that were going to happen here that includes two concerts the center was presenting some santa rosa symphony events and mostly presentations of the sonoma state music department. we need to negotiate with the artist about it because the artists are counting on the money that we were to pay them, but even more than the money concert venues want to do what makes them they're artists and their ticket holders. truly happy. we're about putting people in space together. and feeling the magic and the power of being part of a community. the events. prohibition expires february 11th unless extended. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. a virtual celebration took place today in honor of dr martin luther king jr day. san francisco police chief bill scott mayor london breed and other city officials and community members took part in the celebration. it was the san francisco recreation and parks departments. 38th annual mlk celebration. mayor breed
6:32 pm
says this celebration is the way to honor the life and legacy of dr king and recommitted the vision and courage he embodied. dr king once said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. and at san franciscans we have never and will never stay silent. we will always speak up for the underrepresented. we will always speak up for the victims of hate and oppression. because this is the heart of who we are as a city and at the heart of who we aspire to be. as a nation, martin luther king day is coming up on monday, january 17th. it's traditionally observed around the country as a day of service. no. it's 6 30, a retired san jose police officer, was convicted today in connection with a multi million dollar fraud scheme. robert foster of morgan hill pleaded no contest to a series of felony fraud charges. and will be sentenced to three years in county jail,
6:33 pm
two years of mandatory supervision 48 year old was convicted of $1.2 million in insurance fraud and $18 million in money laundering, as well as tax evasion and worker exploitation. foster is scheduled to be sentenced on february 25th. california's employment development department has frozen hundreds of thousands of disability claims. the state says it's fighting fraud. but as ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz tells us that is like some people unable to get the benefits they're entitled to. it is amateur irresponsible and just downright wrong. harsh words aimed squarely at california's employment development department, nikola gooses filed a disability claim last fall for ongoing pain and problems following a car crash hit head on by a distracted driver, but he's since been hit with a frozen account. without warning, no warning. nothing to plan for boom. they withheld it
6:34 pm
right right before the holidays. medusa's is one of 345,000 disability claims left in limbo , taking action in recent weeks to stop a widespread identity theft scam. a crime ring is suspected of using stolen credentials and filing false claims. as hdd is put in new filters to prevent fraud and unemployment insurance. um some of these same groups have moved to disability insurance, another large government program. michael bernick, is an attorney with duane morris and eat. it is former director. he says something had to be done to stop the scam. 27,000 suspicious medical provider registrants were flagged. affecting people like theresa holt. i am angry. the fact that i'm stuck in this loop hole that they've created for a month and a half, unable to pay bills, rent and make ends meet. i feel it's unacceptable.
6:35 pm
um as a hard workers and california um we pay into it, and it's something we should be entitled to if we need it. i went down to negative $34 in my account. all while egged works to verify legitimate claims versus those filed by fraudsters challenge of balancing paying people quickly and prevent against fraud. so i think what we'll see is that bdd or move quickly to unfreeze these accounts again. they're acutely acutely aware of the criticism. we want to work. we can't work and they're on the verge of making his homeless, dd says clearing legitimate claims is its top priority in the newsroom . i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. for the first time in more than a year. families across the us and here in the bay area will not receive a monthly deposit today from the child tax credit more than 30 million families received monthly advancements from july
6:36 pm
to december through president biden's coronavirus relief plan. the congress failed to pass an extension of the program. many democrats wanted to include an extension in the president's spending plan known as the build back better act, but that bill failed in the senate governor newsom says he supports help for the state's marijuana. industry advocates say the legal cannabis industry is collapsing because of high costs, especially taxes. they say consumers are turning to the illegal market to buy cheaper, unregulated marijuana. they're calling on the state to lift or pause some taxes and to expand retail stores. in his budget proposal monday, newsom said he looks forward to working with the legislature on reforms. it is my goal to look at tax policy to stabilize market at same time. it's also my goal to get these municipalities. to wake up to the opportunities to get rid of the illegal market in the illicit market and provide support and a regulatory
6:37 pm
framework for the legal market since marijuana regulations were set by a voter approved proposition in 2016 changes will need either a new vote or two thirds support of the legislature. as we've been reporting, governor gavin newsom denied parole for sirhan sirhan , the man convicted of killing robert f. kennedy the governor wrote that he believes sirhan's still poses an unreasonable threat to public safety. six of kennedy's nine surviving children, said they were deeply relieved. we spoke to chris kennedy today on the floor. my earliest memories of watching my sister cry uncontrollably at arlington cemetery. i could not process what was going on. i did not understand why she was crying. i did not understand that, but i remember clearly as it happened yesterday or earlier today, and those are disturbing memories. mm hmm. we're all we're all the victims in this one. and i'm not talking about just the kennedy family, but our country's suffered as well.
6:38 pm
chris kennedy was just four years old when his father was killed. he also said he was very appreciative of decision the decision and was shocked by the two member parole panel's recommendation to release her hunt. to see our entire interview with kennedy go to the latest video section of ktvu .com. here's your your tonight brothers position and sandra prince charles dodges questions about his brother's involvement in a sexual abuse lawsuit coming up. what's next for prince andrew after being stripped of his royal duties? plus, get ready. netflix prepares customers for another price hike.
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sex abuse lawsuit continues, he
6:41 pm
now has to defend his case as a private citizen as foxes, alex hogan explains. the 61 year old has been stripped of all his royal connections. can i ask you if you and your brothers position since under britain's prince charles declined to answer questions about his brother, prince andrew. on friday, andrew was stripped of all his royal patronage is and military affiliations this week as he battles sexual abuse allegations. the decision came with queen elizabeth's approval , but royal historian penny junor says it should have happened earlier. that she was allowing him to hang on to them and here was not offering his resignation, i think was beginning to tarnish the queen herself, andrews former roles have been handed back to the queen. he will also no longer
6:42 pm
use the title. his royal highness in any official capacity, we will never see him. in public life again, and this is a humiliation, part excellence. the prince andrew. on wednesday, a new york judge rejected andrews bid to dismiss the lawsuit brought by virginia giuffre a alleging that he sexually abused her when she was just 17. his attorneys argued a previously signed deal between jeffrey and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein means she cannot sue andrew. she had agreed to end legal action against anyone who could be described as a potential defendant. buckingham palace says andrew will defend this case as a private citizen and i wouldn't be surprised. sized if there had been a different outcome in terms of, uh what we're just seeing if the judge had ruled in his favor, prince andrew denies these accusations against him and has not been charged with a crime in london. alex hogan, fox news. and a
6:43 pm
barrier. whether if you high clouds will move in over the weekend was still some mild temperatures. but what about rainfall? we're looking long range and we'll have the forecast update coming up. coming up on the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus san francisco's angle comedy festival has been postponed to tell you the new date set for the sketch fest. plus, how does an extra $50,000 sound the hefty bonus that's being offered by the army to new recruits? those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu plus, but first here at six and right after the break, see how business owners task robots with jobs they're having trouble filling
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canada as of today, netflix says that users of the basic plan not including streaming high death will pay a dollar more up to 9 99 a month standard plans will increase from $13.99 a month to $15.49. and premium plans will be up to 1999. netflix based in los cotto's last raise prices about a year and a half ago. we have heard a lot about pandemic labor shortages, and some say that robots are getting ready to have their moment because of it . as foxes, kevin corke tells us robots are showing up in warehouses on the delivery beat. and even an upscale restaurants . the pandemic is contributing to the rise of robots, with more businesses turning to special gadgets to take the place of employees reluctant to return to the workforce. italian eatery pretoria by chef mark is proving its robot server can blend seamlessly into the restaurant
6:47 pm
while also attracting customers eager to catch a glimpse of this futuristic dining experience. but if you haven't been here before you see that surprised. look especially the young ones. they get a real kick out of it when the robot comes to their table. meanwhile the company serve robotics is launching new bots to help carry out orders for uber eats. you place your order and overeat. many other arrives. you answer your codes and you unlock and grab your food, and these little guys really pack a punch armed with advanced automated technology that allows them to avoid safety hazards while performing a task. they have safety capabilities like detecting and attentive driver that enables the robot is to stay safe without humans having to be in the loop, and we're robots don't need to be paid. don't expect tips and won't call out sick. several bots also come with the added bonus of producing zero emissions, making them environmentally friendly.
6:48 pm
officials that serve say there's currently demand for hundreds of thousands of their robots, which is obviously at this point more than they can make. but it's also a sign that robot workers are definitely here to stay. i'm kevin corke fox news. well after a chilly star in the morning hours. temperatures recovery nicely into the afternoon with lots of sixties out there basically the same story as we start off your weekend, it looks like this dry weather stretch will continue members last week. we're rocking. we're talking tracking, talking about both some rain showers here in the bay area, but it has been a dry weather stretch this week and it looks like this pattern will continue at least into next week and possibly longer than that, as we head toward the end of january, so hopefully we'll have a change to us. assurance and more rain clouds, but it looks like this dry weather stretch will continue. here's a satellite where you can't see a little bit of some green on the radar approach in southern california. at most, maybe a light shower approaching st
6:49 pm
louis obispo county, but we are just picking up a few clouds as we start off the weekend current numbers out there for the six o'clock hour right now we have 49. fairfield san francisco 57 san jose mild in the upper fifties 59 degrees, and here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. just a few scattered high clouds moving overhead. tonight we're going to thicken up the cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning quick update on the national perspective and probably into the weekend. you'll be hearing about this storm developing as you can see the midwest dropping to the south and then eventually making its way to the north and to the east, especially by sunday that could pack up potent blend of rain, snow and ice and some strong winds. so we'll be tracking that system all weekend long. overnight for us here in the bay area temperatures most areas will be in the forties. i know we have been dealing with some dense fog, especially in the north bay valleys. we could have a few patches first thing tomorrow morning and we will definitely have some high clouds moving in from this guy. this area of low pressure down towards south in the pacific. so
6:50 pm
this will usher in some more cloud cover, at least to start off the weekend with the sun cloud mix for sunday so high clouds for you saturday and then as you can see, basically all weekend long, still mild and still dry out there. here's the forecast models showing you this and picking up on some of those high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. and then once again into your sunday quick update on lake tahoe, and they had some windy conditions for today, this weekend for the holiday weekend. we are expecting partly cloudy skies or clearing skies all weekend longer. more sunshine for the sierra highs forward tomorrow will be in the sixties widespread sixties. a few spots will be at the upper fifties. and the look ahead kind of the same old weather story. partly sunny skies and the sunday and monday that dry weather pattern will continue into tuesday and wednesday with just some minor day to day changes. i wish we could bring in some rainfall, at least we can get outside all weekend long for hiker biker yeah, it looks like a nice weekend ahead, mark. thank you. virgin orbit launched seven small satellites into space this week a modified boeing 7 47 took
6:51 pm
off from mojave air and space port in southern california yesterday and dropped a 70 ft long launcher one rocket from its left wing. the payload included satellites for the u. s defense department, polish company called sat revolution and the international company spire global. this was virgin orbits. third successful launch. up next in sports, some whiteboard material, said by the cowboys star linebacker sports doctor marquee bonnie's with the preview to sunday's big game. and another w w e friday night smackdown! here's tonight on ktvu. it will begin at eight, when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind.
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. room. i think panic would be the optimum or describing the warrior fan base last night as they watched the bucks. just blow the warriors off the floor . relax everybody. i think we saw the mirror image of that game tonight as the warriors go into chicago and pull their own. demolition job on the bulls big time game just completed, although it starts with a scare , alonzo ball, hard foul step
6:55 pm
shooting hand. he's holding it. he stayed in the game, but hold your breath. second quarter golden state up 16 andre! let's steal behind the back. wow wow, it's all i can say between two defenders and damien lee finished. that might be a career highlight for andre. and now jonathan commingled get into the act. his turn to steal it. that's just pure, youthful exuberance on display jams it you had 12 in the first half 1 10 left in the first half. andrew wiggins gracefully frees up for three. he had 20 in the first half. 73 45 at that point nice sequence here right before intermission. cuban loony will follow. pools miss and then otto porter jr with a steel he'll get it to step back outside outer limits three right here, and i think it's safe to say that the shooting hand is just fine. in fact, step was on the bench. late all smiles. the final is
6:56 pm
just in 1 38 to 96. so like i said, relax, where your fans it's going to be okay. giddy up . meantime, truth be told. i wish it was rainy, cold freezing. you can have an excuse for just staying in all weekend and watch it. nfl football six game saturday, sunday and monday and the 49ers think the biggest one the one that you really want to see. this is a glimpse of the 49ers as they board the bus headed for the big d down to dallas first playoff meetings since 1994. you're going to see just a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. and pure intensity. if you look at the rosters on these teams loaded with superstars offensively and defensively and the 49 years, i think it's going to come down to how their front seven contains the number one ranked offense led by that guy, dak and then
6:57 pm
the 49ers defensive backfield will be tested, of course. but bottom line gotta look out on outfits for the all pro. why that the dallas cowboys feature highlighted by mika parsons, who had some interesting comments about this matchup. 49ers had no one to play bully ball. can you bully a liar? no you can't. it's actually funny. you say that i was having fun with the guys and i was telling like, i'm prepares . berg where the bullies get bullied. you know what i'm saying? so, you know there's a bullet in every gym is a bully. everywhere you go. but at one point is going to take someone to stand up and you know and fight and i ain't never backed down from a challenge. it's going to be a great match. great individual news for the niners. two players selected first team nfl all pro. you know, it's all about debo. the dual threat
6:58 pm
samuel running back or wide receiver. equally explosive gives san francisco that breakaway threat every touch he gets also named no surprise here . tackle trent williams, widely considered the best in the game didn't allow a sack. throughout the regular season, definitely a future hall of famer. it is friday night at the videos you think of basketball is a non contact sport. not always true. you need to check this out some high school basketball footage. newcastle oklahoma! the racers. this is how they block us. instead of practicing shooting or lay up drills. they're learning how to take charging foul. wow i don't know about that tactic, but it's kind of our to argue. they are seven and two this season, so it's working . you know, like i say, it's a contact game. that's the sporting life for right now. we'll see a little later on,
6:59 pm
guys. alright mark. thank you. thanks so much for joining us thanks so much for joining us tonight. greg is go thanks so much for joining us tonight. greg is go we conclusively proved super-asymmetry, and yet somehow we-we still feel like imposters. yeah, there should be a term for that. oh, for crying out loud, there is a term for that! it's called "imposter syndrome," and you don't have it, because you can't have it if you are imposters, and you are! we're the ones who discovered super-asymmetry, so if anyone's gonna feel like they have imposter syndrome, it's us, because we're not imposters, they are! you're imposters and you're frauds! is that what i would've sounded like? yeah. yikes. sheldon, look at this. (stammers) wait a minute. how do i know this isn't one of those joke phones that squirts water in my face? because that's not even a thing. look.
7:00 pm
you got called into human resources? i'm sure it's because i insulted pemberton and campbell in a room full of nobel laureates. you did do that. it was awkward. people didn't know where to look. this is a twist. usually you're the one getting called into h.r. koothrappali: yeah, now it's amy. who knew you were married to such a bad girl. i suppose the signs were always there. i mean, she did recently go to that rave at the mall. it was a spencer's gifts. there was music and a strobe light. if that isn't a rave, then i don't know what one is. you don't know what one is. guys, come on, i think i'm in trouble. it's no big deal. i used to get called into h.r. all the time. ms. davis is great. pro tip: if you find strong women sexy, do not say it out loud. (phone chimes) oh! she wants to see me, too. all right, let's get our story straight: this is all your fault. relax. you're probably just gonna get a slap on the wrist.


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