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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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different. the owner of a french bulldog stolen at gunpoint in oakland is now pleading for her pets safe return. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. a woman in oakland is devastated after she was robbed at gunpoint of her french bulldog. hello again. i'm greg lee and i'm cristina rendon. the incident happened in the adam's point neighborhood while the woman was out walking her dog tonight, ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the owner and joins us live with that woman's message. alyssa. christina yet it's so sad that this keeps happening and in this case, the owner said that she was only about a block from her house when somebody came up from behind her with a gun. she is now offering a $5000 cash reward for the safe return of her dog. i know that with every act of cruelty, there's a million acts of kindness and i just point you can still look at just please, if you could just keep your eyes
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at all read award of oakland shared these pictures of her seven year old french bulldog desmond, who she also calls daisy. she hopes someone recognizes this face. daisy was stolen from rita at gunpoint while she was taking him on a walk around her adam's point neighborhood. then a man ran up from behind me. he had a gun in his hand. he was blurting some stuff that was gibberish. i don't even know what it was. i was so shocked. he grabbed my dog, and he ran into his suv. and ran off. this happened thursday around 7 30 in the evening near montecito and lenox avenue. now flyers are posted on just about every poll neighbor, pete walton said he was watching tv with his wife when he heard the robbery take place. we were just in the living room watching tv and we heard the screams from across the road, and then they cost screeching on the corner, rita said. she's distraught. she misses daisy and wants him home . she filed a police report
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posted disease picture on missing pet websites and is offering a $5000 cash reward for her dogs. safe return. it isn't member of my family, okay, and it's not a purse. it's not $10,000. it's not something that someone steals from someone's house. this is a family member. okay it's not like an object different. daisy is just the latest french bulldog targeted by thieves. last year, a san francisco woman was attacked and her puppy chloe was stolen at gunpoint in russian hill. earlier this month, rosie of french bulldog was taken from her owner in the city's marina neighborhood. that dog was found and reunited with her owner. police say that this is an active investigation and anyone with information should contact oh pds robbery division reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, elissa. thank you. view at
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11. alameda police are asking for the public's help in finding whoever was driving this car last night. they say around six o'clock, a family was walking in the crosswalk at 18 bona vista when the driver pulled a large knife on the family. police say it stemmed from a traffic related incident if you witnessed the incident or have information about the silver suv , you're asked to call alameda police. members of robert f. kennedy's family say they are relieved that governor newsom denied parole to kennedy's assassin. the governor said yesterday that he believed sirhan sirhan still poses an unreasonable threat to public safety. we spoke to chris kennedy today on the four who said the decision honors his father's legacy. he was many things that senator but he was also attorney general of the united states, and he brought to he he was many things that senator but he was also attorney general of the united states, and he brought to the eighties office some of the brightest minds from around the country to work on civil rights, and they brought those lawsuits that
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changed this country for millions and millions of people. that that dedication and the rule of law is what is so great about this decision because the governor ground in his decision not in in somebody he admired, but in the legacy that he admired, which was that legacy that law matters and we should live up to it. you can see the entire interview with chris kennedy ktvu .com. starting tomorrow, businesses in oakland will be required to post notices about the city's new vaccine mandate people dining inside of restaurants in oakland or visiting other indoor public spaces will be required to show proof of covid vaccination beginning february, 1st. the oakland city council approved an emergency ordinance for that vaccination requirement last month. it will require adults to show proof of vaccination at restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and gyms. the biden administration is aiming to ease
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the supply crunch on coronavirus tests, officials announced today it has doubled the number of tests it will send out for free. and starting tomorrow, health insurance companies will be required to reimburse people for at home tests. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live with what you need to know. greg. starting at midnight. this new policy kicks in and you'll be able to get reimbursed from your private insurance company for those at home covid tests, but you'll want to savor seats and there will be a monthly limit. 22 weeks before supplies catch up to fill empty store shelves. swapping your nose to test for the coronavirus might not feel so great. but getting at home test kits for free. take some of the sting out of your wallet. i already bought some. but if there's free one, i'm going to pick some more. the new policy starting saturday allows americans with private insurance to be reimbursed for up to eight of the at home covid test kits for each family member every month. getting tests right away, though, could be a big challenge. many pharmacy shelves
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are empty, waiting for supplies to catch up after people stocked up for holiday gatherings and travel. my wife's been looking for some because my daughter is getting married and so people want to test because they're traveling being reimbursed. it doesn't matter if you can't get him, some pharmacies say when they have received a shipment of several 100 tests. they've sold out within hours. we usually stop them back here at now are except pharmacy delivery service in pleasanton. they sold out after the holidays and are being flooded with calls from customers. checking on supplies, probably 20 calls a day here, but even more to other locations are supplier does not have them . they're going to allocate certain amounts for each pharmacy, so i don't think you can just get an unlimited. supply initially, the white house announced it's launching a new website covid tests dot gov . where americans can order free at home tests online starting wednesday, january 19th. president biden says his
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administration has doubled the original order to boost federal supplies. additional 500 million more tests to distribute for free i made a billion tests in total. and the white house says to make sure there are enough tests. at the beginning of this program, each household will be limited to order up to four free tests per address. and then once you ordered the tests are expected to ship within 7 to 12 days. right? good information there, janet. thank you. pharmacy hours, maybe changing at some walgreens and cvs stores . the wall street journal reports the chains are cutting pharmacy hours at some locations because of employees calling out sick due to covid. both companies have been dealing with severe staffing shortages in statements from walgreens and cvs, the companies say. at this point, pharmacies will remain open on weekends, but the situation is fluid. so far, there's no evidence that any bay area stores are affected.
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students in hayward will return to in person learning next week after the district temporarily closed schools this week due to a high number of covid cases. in a virtual meeting tonight, school board members voted to reopen schools as planned on tuesday after the holiday weekend. the district says enhanced safety measures will be in place. all teachers will now get n95 masks masks and have access to testing 98 teachers in the district tested positive for the virus last week. when the team comes through, man. it is the greatest feeling it makes your whole weekend. 49ers fans keeping the faith ahead of this weekend's wildcard game. how some are planning watch parties while keeping the coronavirus in mind. and streaming. your favorite shows just got a little more
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to run away out packers in oakland. yes this video was shot last weekend and malcolm avenue near the oakland zoo. the owner says their names are boogie and woogie and their father and son. pretty cool, huh? they managed to escape your unlocked gate as the owner and his family went for a hike. they eventually caught up with the animals and got them home safely. can you imagine being on that street and just wondering what just passed us in the car? i wish i was there. i'll packers are good luck. i don't excitement is building for the 49ers playoff game sunday. businesses hope to benefit and fans plan to watch
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in a covid safe environment. ktvu is amber lee spoke to one super fan who has gone all out for an outdoor watch party. i will let you take this and i'll take the grill to the front. petty could tommy shows me his stadium seats from candlestick park that will be put to you sunday for his 49ers playoff watch party on the front lawn of his pleasant hill home. do you want to be together with friends ? you want to do it responsibly and fun safe way. last sunday's game, he hosted 15 friends and neighbors. this time, khatami expects about two dozen, he says only the vaccinated or welcomed and the gathering is all outdoors. let's do it all right. a large screen tv set up in front of his home lawn games, part of the entertainment 39 27 nearby at mvp sports cards, the owner tells me whenever a bay area sports team makes it to the playoffs, it's a win for his business lot of new customers during that time period, your
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regular customers will be there. usually they in day out, but it brings a whole new group of people and they get caught up in the frenzy. 49ers penance and bumper stickers are sold out. one fan says the home team in the playoffs is much needed at this time. hopefully this will. this will help their beria and help everybody. ah, kind of get out of the covid blues and raise everybody's spirits. little bit . got to go with the real charcoal bill when we're playing in the playoffs, back it to tommy's front lawn, the season ticket holder tells me it's about recreating the tailgate party experience. all you need is for the team to mm hmm. get it done. when the team comes through, man, it is the greatest feeling. it makes your whole weekend. the 49ers fan tells me he's been hosting the small gatherings for every road game this season. he says. it's one game at a time but of wind sunday definitely means another step closer on the road to the
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super bowl in pleasant hill, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news bay area landmarks will be in the niners spirit tomorrow. san francisco city hall, san jose city hall, san jose international airport and sfo will all be illuminated in red and gold tomorrow night to show support. the price of a monthly netflix subscription is going up in the u. s. and canada as of today, the company says that users with the basic plan, which does not include hi def, streaming will pay a dollar more up to 9 99 a month. standard plans will increase from 13 99 months to $15.49 and premium plans will be up to 1999. netflix last race prices about a year and a half ago. actor alec baldwin has turned over his cell phone to investigators looking into the deadly shooting on the rust film set, his lawyer said baldwin's phone was given to authorities in new york state this morning. the santa fe sheriff's offices, gathering more evidence about what led to
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the fatal shooting of cinematographer halina hutchins in new mexico. last october. baldwin shot and killed hutchins and injured the film's director, joel sousa. during rehearsal. his attorney said today that baldwin did nothing wrong and quote there are no answers on his phone. hundreds of thousands of ballots in the mail at san franciscans prepare to vote on not one, but two recalls a look at what those elections mean for city politics next and whether if you high clouds painted to visit this weekend, but the mild pattern will continue. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming in. and making history. we introduce you to the teenager working to be the youngest woman in history to fly solo around the world.
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limited availability in select areas. keep shoppers safe after a large crowd of robbers target nordstrom in november, creating all out chaos, but it turns out those new officers won't be on the job anytime soon. the city's police chief says it could take up to a year to recruit, hire and train new cadets. until then , the city has given police the go ahead to add overtime shifts and by security cameras as well as a drone to help deter crime. to pay for it. the council is using $2 million in federal covid relief funds under the american rescue plan act. the san francisco department of elections today announced it started mailing out ballots to residents for the february 15th municipal election. that election will decide if three school board members are recalled. and it's not the only recall election coming up. ktvu evan sernoffsky has more. the current school board has proven itself unfit to cover supporters of the effort to recall three members of san francisco school
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board rallied friday at civic center. it's the final push before the recall election day. now just one month away as a matter of priority, they have the wrong priorities. it's the city's first recall election. in nearly four decades, voters will decide whether to unseat members allison collins, gabriella lopez and fogelman liga following a run of controversies. they are just playing politics and not doing their jobs. opponents of the recall say it's too costly and the school board members represented diverse group of san franciscans. where the people are frustrated and feel like these members of school board are not doing a good job, whether it's incompetence or mismanagement or something else . i think that would be driving most voters. political science professor jason mcdaniel said the school board has gone especially foreign alienating themselves from the electorate. that means that a lot of the more passionate people on all sides of the recall issue will be the ones that will most
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likely be out in voting. voters in june, will then decide whether to recall district attorney chase a. boudin who campaigned on ending mass incarceration. favoring rehabilitation over punishment, but surging crime during the pandemic has invigorated his detractors who gathered enough signatures last year to force the recall. i think the dea recall will be a real sense of where politics is in the city. i think more so than the school board recall because i think the school board recall is three candidates who are relatively unpopular. if any of these recalls go through, it will be up to mayor london breed to appoint an interim successor. that may give the mayor unprecedented power to reshape the city's political landscape in favor of her agenda. so far, she's only come out in favor of the school board recall. hasn't said anything about the d a in san francisco. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. embattled santa clara county sheriff laurie smith today made her
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first court appearance to answer to allegations of corruption filed the cancer by a civil grand jury. she did not enter a plea. smith is facing seven counts of corruption and misconduct, including political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapons permits. during today's proceeding over zoom, the sheriff did not admit to or deny the grand jury's accusations. the court will now consider whether the case will go to trial. if tried. guilty verdict would remove the sheriff from office. another hearing on the case is scheduled for march. at a barrier whether the weekend almost here we're just tracking some minor changes that there and no chance of rain this weekend. this dry weather stretch will continue into next week. in fact, we'll jump right into your weekend forecast for saturday and sunday. probably some cloud cover for your saturday then scaife becoming partly cloudy on sunday and basically the same deal into monday, with afternoon highs ranging most areas will be in
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the lower sixties. all weekend long. here's the satellite where you can see some cloud cover moving into central and southern california even the bay area, which interesting a little bit of some green showing up on the radar, so maybe the chance of a few light showers approaching southern california but for us no chance of rain out their current number is in the forties and the fifties san francisco checking in 54 san jose right now, 50 degrees, and here's our live camera tonight, looking out toward the golden gate bridge or the high clouds will gradually drift overhead at least to start off the weekend. so we're calling tomorrow mostly cloudy with some breaks in the cloud cover as well. here's the plan tomorrow morning temperatures most areas will be the forties. i know we haven't dealing with some dense pockets of fog for the morning hours, and there's the chance we could have some patchy, dense fog return tomorrow morning to start off your weekend. here's the satellite. the overall big picture here this area of low pressure. this would be the source the cloud cover into your saturday. so high clouds for
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tomorrow. that's still sun cloud mix for sunday, so not completely clear this weekend. this area five pressure, though, wants to stick around for quite some time. so we have this mild forecast in a dry weather. wanna dry a pattern as well with temperatures, mainly in the sixties? here's the forecast models showing you some cloud cover once again, pivoting in from the south throughout the day on your saturday and then into sunday, basically the same pattern. lake tahoe. it's a chilly 18 degrees in truckee right now in the plan this weekend. after some gusty winds today, things that should calm down. we're expecting partly cloudy skies on saturday and more sunshine by sunday. back here in the bay area, temperatures will be in the sixties across most neighborhoods, upper fifties to the sixties and the look ahead. you can see temperatures not moving around too much overnight lows. the thirties and forties. this dry weather stretch will continue into next week. hopefully by the end of the month, we could be talking about some rain chances here in the bay area, but between now and
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then, i guess we just have to deal with this beautiful weather into the weekend. alright mark. thank you. a teenager from belgium is expected to become the youngest female in history to fly solo around the world. czar rutherford is set to earn the title monday when she plans to lend her plane in her native country of belgium. that's what her journey began back in august . if all goes well, she'll have flown 32,000 miles covering five continents and 52 countries in order for her trip to qualify, rutherford needed to reach two countries on opposite sides of the planet. she chose colombia and indonesia may seem like a daunting task to most people, but some say flying is in the 19 year olds. dna both of her parents are pilots and encouraged her to pursue her passion. this crazy idea. i always thought it would be impossible. but then i decided. no. if i don't tell anyone about it, then it's never going to happen. so i told my parents and straight away. they're like, yes, let's do this. after completing her journey, rutherford will trade in her plane for textbooks. she's preparing to start college this year and dreams of one day,
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becoming an astronaut. up next in sports. the warriors were humiliated last night, so they made sure come out flip the script tonight in chicago sports director mark ibanez will have their first half statement made against the bulls. but first, the spectacular sunsets just keep on coming. what a stunning way to end the work week. look at that. you're watching the 11 o'clock views on ktvu. we'll
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. you know the warriors that really showed a lot of character out on the road, and they just got bowled over by the reigning nba champ milwaukee bucks last night. turn it around back to back. no problem. they actually had probably their best game of the year, certainly their
11:27 pm
highest scoring, although a little worrisome here, steph goes down early. clutching his shooting hand seems to be okay stuck in the ball game warriors breaking away andre iguodala quick, still going to be in the back past, beautifully done the damien lee, who finished it worth another look, skips in between two defenders. and you know, it's going to be the warriors night. how about jonathan commingle? yet? in a chance to play with draymond out his turn to steel and the young legs? show it off, jams it he wound up with 25 points. 1 10 left in the half. andrew wiggins working for a nice looking 3 20 of the first half didn't need him in the second half 21 for him. warriors 73 45 at that point. nice sequence here. come on, looney cleans up. jordan's pools missed and then otto porter off the inbounds steals it good idea. get it to steph curry. i think the hand is okay . he wound up with 19 warriors. 78 1st half points. that's the
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season high for them. turns out they went at 1 38 to 96. they are back to their winning ways playing the t wolves sunday. stanford number two in the nation. the women facing the undefeated colorado buffaloes, and they teach him a little lesson. number two team in the country does prevail. tara and company, although is closed 41 all fourth quarter and a jump finding can be break down the lane. lay it in up to she had 10.7 rebounds under six minutes left now watch ashton, but it'll chic sizes that jump right. buries the 3 60 to 42 14 straight conference wins for stanford. there are three and oh, the pac 12 49ers. of course , as you know, playing the cowboys on sunday, a real wild card weekend to say the least six games on tap big honors for a couple of 49 years, the first
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team all pro squads named and deebo samuels. you know the dual threat running back and wide receiver. just explosive been big all year for the 49 years. he is first team also named no surprise here. tackle trent williams, widely considered best in the business hasn't allowed a sack all season long. it is time for friday night at the videos, we go back to the basketball courts. and you must check this out. lamelo ball of charlotte comes up with a steel and do not miss the way he feeds his mad miles bridges. that is a sight to behold lamelo doing his thing. showtime and charlotte. they're having a lot more fun there. all right, check this out . we all think of basketball is a non contact sport. this is newcastle. hi oklahoma. the racers practicing taking a
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charge instead of free throws and lands. they're doing that. i don't know about it, but it works. apparently there's seven to this year's gonna be tough. the sporting life you guys have the sporting life you guys have a great weekend. alex: well, i'm off. while i do love our tradition of still getting together on saturday for thanksgiving leftovers, maybe next time we can order a turkey that doesn't have its own event horizon. who cares? i know it's totally gonna slay them in my astrophysics club. first time anyone in that club gets slayed. let me give you a hug goodbye. i cannot believe that you're already going to college. it seems like yesterday when you were a little girl reading at college level. (gasps) check you out! thanks. i have a hot study partner coming over, so -- what are you making, my little chef? i'm making pasghetti! you are adorable. (scoffs) i remember when i had everyone in the palm of my hand with a two-foot putt like "pasghetti." we both know you know how to say it.


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