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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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an undersea volcanic eruption thousands of miles away triggers a tsunami advisory for the entire west coast of the united states. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm christina rendon. that tsunami advisory was issued this morning and remains in effect at this hour. take a look at what it looked like on the tongan islands in the south pacific. that volcanic eruption happened. just north of the island chain. a tongan resident posted this video to social media today you you can see those tsunami waves crashing over a seawall in into a residential coastal neighborhood. here in the bay
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area. huge waves crashed over see well in pacifica. take a look at this one person got pretty wet there as they tried to take photos of the high surf. this map here is from the national weather service tsunami warning center. it shows the areas impacted, shaded in yellow , the entire west coast of the united states, canada and alaska , hawaii and other areas of the pacific are included in the advisory. hazardous conditions in santa cruz county canceled a surf competition today. the tamil pious high school surf team shared this video of waves crashing against the rocks at pleasure point. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo is here with a look at this tsunami advisory mark. this thing is far from over. we could be feeling the effects for days. yes but the main activity christina should be fading later on tonight into tomorrow morning. there should be a noticeable change, but i should also mention they've had a lot of activity offshore. a lot of energy with already a swell and also pretty hefty big high tide
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earlier this morning, but then when you add that energy from a lot of energy from a tsunami, it just you could see basically notice the impacts quite a dramatically today across portions of the area. so taking a look at the maps right now, it's typically we're talking about tsunamis generated by underwater earthquakes, but rarely, we're talking about underwater volcano eruption to a set off this tsunami and you can see in the south pacific ocean here and all that energy traveling across the pacific and approaching the west coast and all these areas coming up for you an orange under that tsunami advisory, including the obey area as becoming closer that is in place for the bay area right now into tonight, so just to give you some perspective in terms of the different advisories all the different tsunami alerts. the tsunami warning that would be very dangerous. that was not the case for today that would lead to dangerous coastal flooding and powerful currents. as you can see, coming up the advisory. that's what we have right now all day long, strong rip currents and waves dangerous if you're near the water, and then
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a tsunami watch, that's the lower level. that means a dangerous tsunami is a possible but right now we continue to be under that tsunami advisory taking a look at the title gauges throughout the day, a lot of lines we're going to show you probably too much, but here is the water. level in monterey bay. but you want to look at here is just that general curve. this would be the prediction with just the expected tied throughout the day. but then these little red lines going up and up and down below this curve . this represents a different searches moving into the region , and especially this morning in monterey bay. they had a surge amplitude almost three ft. that was the case this morning, but you'll notice it's going up and going down and throughout the day of those videos showing that water movement and rapidly moving out rapidly and moving back in, so that was the case of monterey bay as well. check out to san francisco. the water levels here. you can see the activity from this morning and i should also point out here. you can see this kind of this is the lower tide we have this afternoon into the evening hours . those surge amplitudes are beginning to diminish somewhat.
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you can see earlier today somewhat of a peak just over one ft. but the key is that surge amplitude has to be below one ft for three hours as theirs, and that would lead to the cancelation of the tsunami advisory. and there's a chance that could happen later on this. evenings. we'll keep an eye on that we'll have more on your forecast. coming up in a little bit mark. looking forward to it. thank you. at least one surfer had to be rescued this afternoon off the coast of san francisco during the tsunami advisory. it happened at kelly's cove at ocean beach. ktvu is greg liggins. joining us now live with the impact of this advisory, greg christina. so far, there have been no reports of deaths here in the bay area, but certainly some close calls. there was flooding and some minor damage and some places and lots of beaches that were supposed to be off limits. santa cruz harbor was one area impacted by a mix of high tide and tsunami surge that sent water levels rising throughout the surrounding area, and this dock was damaged at richardson bay in marin county. the tsunami
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advisory issued saturday morning put the entire california coast and beyond on alert for potentially dangerous waves and isolated flooding. by afternoon water levels were receding, but the danger level remained high. we're still going to see in the tsunami rolling through as we drop down towards low tide. this means that there still is a risk in a threat towards beach areas. because of the risk. many beaches were temporarily closed , and people were asked to stay clear of the water. but in san francisco, several surfers took to the waves off ocean beach despite the closure, and a fisherman cast caution to the wind as he waded into the surf. but one paddle boarder, respected the risk and altered his plan for an open ocean excursion made me think about where to not paddleboard curiosity captured the attention of many as people flocked to the beach to catch a rare event of mother nature. some got closed, while others preferred the safety of a vista high above any potential rogue wave. heard on
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the news that but the justin army, the possibilities and i was closed by brought my dog to the vet. and i said, why not? stop by and take a look? others came purely by accident having no knowledge of this tsunami advisory. but sensing something seemed different. no wonder the ways they're so high for helps. the advisory was issued because of what experts say is a 123 ft amplitude of a tsunami, meaning water levels are at least that much higher than normal, and the largest waves don't always come immediately following the triggering event. sometimes they come in the middle. sometimes they come in the later later part. so what we want to see is a consistent tsunami amplitude below a foot. so we wait for three hours of the tsunami amplitudes below foot before we drop the advisories. the national weather service as tsunami surges remain possible into the night and some areas so
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that advisory will remain in force until conditions improve in the newsroom. greg legans ktvu fox two news, greg thank you. the high serve today caught two anglers off guard in san mateo county. the men were fishing at san, gregarious state beach when a wave swept them out into the ocean. when rescuers arrived, one of the victims was trying to pull the other out of the water, who appeared to be unconscious. one man was taken to the hospital by ambulance, the other by helicopter. their conditions are not known at the shower and evacuation order at the berkeley marina has been lifted. that area was put under a mandatory evacuation earlier today in response to the tsunami advisory about 115 people were ordered off their boats and off the docks. ktvu semantic indiana shows asswipe authorities there are especially cautious. people living on their boats in the berkeley marina were woken up by police going boat to boat with a loudspeaker ordering them to evacuate whatever it takes to get people. notified and to
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leave area emergency officials say the tsunamis 1 to 2 ft waves could carry enough dangerous energy to damage boats and ducks , triggering the evacuation. we take we take these things seriously, and we don't want we absolutely don't want to see anyone get hurt. it's better to play it safe and make sure that there's no injuries. it might not look like much, but these strong currents going in and out of the berkeley marina are a result of the volcanic eruption near tonga. it'll come in for three or four minutes. i don't know. five knots or suddenly 2 to 5 knots as i'm like, that's quite strong. and then it'll go turn around, and then it will go back out. jacqueline bought with the states geological survey's tsunami unit came to the marina to observe the currents who calls a lot of damage in the slips in the marina. because there's a really strong currents and they go for several hours as the tsunami surges in and out. the marina has seen damage from
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this kind of event before this, bringing flashbacks of that experience to some evacuees. few here from 2011. and that was the tsunami was triggered from japan, and there was some damage done to the docks and boats and so i think they're very grateful for the for the warnings. but while the red cross helps them stay warm with coffee and blankets just along the bay in emeryville, there were no evacuations. ward carter had to have a friend to tell him to get off his boat. i don't think they're aware of it. i think a lot of people were totally unaware of i mean, let's see. we're listening to the news. they're having no idea. it's coming. voters even kayakers were out on the water there with a lot of onlookers trying to see what the advisory would bring. no i'm just sitting here watching for some evidence of it coming. amanda king, donna ktvu, fox two news. the tsunami advisories all due to this undersea volcanic eruption, take a look at that dramatic video captures the moment it erupted off the tongan islands, triggering a tsunami advisory for several south pacific
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islands. the national ocean and atmospheric association released the satellite video warnings also went out to japan, new zealand, hawaii, alaska and british columbia. the last major tsunami to hit the bay area was more than a decade ago. take a look at these images from santa cruz back in march of 2011. it happened after a massive magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck japan's northeast coast hours before hundreds of people in japan died in the tsunami swept one band out to sea along the northern california coast. the damage costs of that 2011 tsunami was in the millions. you can find more information about today's tsunami advisory on our website ktvu .com. still ahead, details on a massive a lot 11 alarm fire in a chemical plant in new jersey plus americans can now get free at home. covid test that pharmacies across the u. s or online. i'm charles w people .
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one other person was released earlier from congregation beth israel synagogue is located in colleyville, about 15 miles from fort worth. services were being live streamed on the synagogues. facebook page when the incident
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happened, negotiations are taking place between the alleged hostage taker and police. the man is demanding the release of the pakistani neuroscientist who he claims is his sister. of fear . sidiqi was convicted in 2000 and eight of trying to kill us army officers in afghanistan. state senator scott wiener of san francisco, serves as the vice chair of the california legislative jewish caucus. he released this statement today, saying, in part, this assault is beyond terrifying but sadly, not surprising, given the continued attacks on american jews in our places of worship. as we pray for the safety of the temple beth israel community, we must recommit to putting an end to anti semitic violence once and for all. starting today, insurance companies are required to pay for at home covid test for covid 19. this is the cdc has updated its guidance on masks. foxes charles watson has more from atlanta. the biden administration is working to get at home covid test into more people's hands, promising to distribute 500 million free
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tests starting this week to keep up with demand as the omicron variants surges this month. it's estimated that we will hit approximately 15 million tests today. and we'll have over 375 million at home rapid test in january alone. that's a huge leap. the centers for disease control and prevention updating its guidance on mass, the agency says. people can buy respirators such as in 95, k and 95 without being concerned. they'll call supply shortages. one manufacturer in new jersey has been ramping up production as the omicron variant continues to surge across the nation. we're working 24 7 at this particular time we're hiring nonstop. we're flying in new machinery were ordering excess raw materials to be able to accommodate whatever that that the country needs. meanwhile new research indicates the omicron variant is
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inherently milder among children under the age of five, scientists say when children are infected with this variant, the outcome is significantly less severe than when they're infected with the delta variant , the city's says covid-19 hospitalizations among children have reached record highs in recent weeks. due in part to a macron's high transmission rate in atlanta. charles watson fox news we're learning an estimated $7 million worth of cemetery counties. personal protective equipment was left outside and damaged in the recent storms. the chronicle reports the equipment was purchased during the early days of the pandemic and stored inside of a building at the san mateo county event center. in september. those supplies removed outdoors when the event center needed more indoor storage space. the heavy rainfall at the end of last year reportedly damaged the cardboard boxes full of ppe e equipment. we have a special section on our website for news on omicron and the pandemic. you can visit ktvu .com/ covid. well police are
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asking for help locating an at risk man who hasn't been seen since before christmas. 46 year old jabari anderson of oakland was last seen in richmond on december 22nd in the 3600 block of park ridge drive. he's five ft nine inches tall and weighs £170. anderson's family told police he is at risk due to mental health challenges. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police investigators in jersey are trying to nail down the cause of an 11 alarm fire at a chemical plant 11 alarms that fire broke out last night in passaic, new jersey, huge plumes of smoke drifted into the sky and could be seen as far away as new york city. well, one warehouse partially collapsed. firefighters kept flames from spreading to the main plant. some people evacuated as firefighters worked to prevent a major disaster. i would hope with him blow up like i'll go down backwards from this factory here, so i was hoping didn't blow up. the chemical company makes pool and spa products and
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stores a large amounts of chlorine despite the concerns of neighbors, environmental protection inspectors say the air quality is at acceptable levels. google is spending a lot of money to expand overseas. the mountain view based companies spending roughly $1 billion for an office building in london, the office spaces in central london. it was previously leased by google. its parent company. alphabet is also building a massive separate new headquarters. we want to reinvigorate the work environment. we're making this commitment to build. we're buying these buildings were going to invest in reinvigorating the officer refurbishing us and we're keen to see everybody come back in and see a vibrant workspace again. google has said it will wait until later this year to decide when it's latest office return plan will take effect, but it encouraged workers to voluntarily continue coming in where conditions allow. google is spending $7 billion to expand offices in the us, which includes a billion dollars here
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in california. a powerful winter storm is causing dangerous conditions across most of the midwest. iowa is among the hardest hit areas where heavy snow has been falling for the past two days and is showing no signs of letting up. many people in the d moines area are keeping an especially close eye on the local forecast. it's in five inches. um i was not prepared for you know, like a foot and a half in my car to be snowden. so this is a first for me. i've never experienced this before. so i'm glad i came out here a little bit earlier today, but i should have came out here a little bit earlier, because i don't think i'm going to make it to work and time. well there are strong winds, along with heavy snow and people living in iowa and other nearby states are told to expect massive power outages and hazardous driving conditions for at least the next few days. well, a barrier whether we just have a few clouds out there paint us a visit, but no chance
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of rain. noah sierra snow looks like this quiet weather pattern, at least on land will continue. of course, today, though, the big attention was on and continues to be on the tsunami advisory. as far as temperatures out there right now we are showing you some areas on the cool side in the fifties out towards alejo and conquered oakland, 64 san mateo 67 degrees as we check out the satellite. here we go showing you the clouds moving in from the south , even the reports of some shower activity down in southern california and a long beach at some light rain earlier today, and you can see a few showers getting closer to monterey bay. so there is the chance for this evening. we could have a few light showers down, maybe as far north as santa cruz county. but that's just about it. we just have the clouds that paid us a visit for tonight and also into your sunday current numbers out. there are cool one fairfield right now. 45 1 that creek 54 degrees. santa rosa 51 looks like san jose in the south bay in the upper fifties. here's a live camera looking out toward the ocean estuary. there's san francisco and the distance and
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today it's one of those days days where we didn't have completely clear skies, but not completely overcast as well, just kind of filtered sunshine throughout the day, probably tomorrow i'm going to hold on to that partly cloudy weather themes or add that to the forecast first thing tomorrow morning for your sunday overnight lows will be most spots will be in the forties to start out today, this area of low pressure. it's just kind of drifting towards south not moving around too much, but this definitely impacting our weather studying. some cloud cover for today and then also once again into your sunday as well. but the main feature keeping us dry this big area of high pressure, so it's cool to mild with partly sunny skies for sunday are dry weather stretch. it has been over a week and that will continue into next week as well . here's the forecast models picking up another cloud cover and once again, maybe a few showers closer to monterey bay or a few sprinkles. this is sunday morning, nine o'clock and then into the afternoon hours, we could still have partly to maybe even mostly cloudy skies and not completely in the clear for tomorrow and then into monday, we should still hold
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onto mostly cloudy conditions, probably by mid week will clear out the clouds and temperatures will be on the mild side forecast ties forward tomorrow upper fifties to the lower sixties for your sunday afternoon, san francisco 58, santa rosa, 60 and livermore in the upper fifties, with some cloud cover the morning skies, becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. we'll bring in some more clouds as we head into monday, clearing skies by tuesday, wednesday and thursday looks like more sunshine and the storm track remains focused out of the bay area up to our north, so it looks like our dry weather stretch will continue and christina the tsunami advisory continues. but between now and 10 o'clock that could be changing, so we'll have more on that coming up tonight. on the 10 o'clock news. alright, mark. thank you. singer celine dion today announced the cancelation of the remainder of her north american tour that includes a performance in san francisco's chase center on april 1st. dion cited ongoing health issues as the reason for the cancelation.
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late last year, she postponed several dates and hope to begin touring again in march. but dion says she is still experiencing severe and persistent muscle spasms which are preventing her from performing. a detention hearing is getting underway in australia is the world's top ranked men's tennis player continues to find deportation. novak djokovic has been battling the australian government because he's unvaccinated and lied about his recent travels. he wants to play in the australian open, which starts on monday, but the australian government has been trying to revoke his visa. up next in sports. two franchises starved for a playoff win and the drought ends for one. joe fonzi has the outcome of game one of wild card weekend between the raiders and bengals. and tonight on the 10 o'clock news. we'll get back to today's developing story. a tsunami advisory across the coast we see swells from the pacific, causing trouble here in the bay area, and we'll show you how people from chile to the pacific northwest are managing the problem. everyone. here's whs
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happening tonight in sports. somebody would end two playoff drought today as the raiders played in cincinnati. the bengals hadn't wanted postseason game in 31 years, the raiders in 19. for derek carr. it was his
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first playoff appearance in his eighth nfl season. joe burrow there in his second the raiders took a three nothing lead on their first possession, but the bengals answered with a touchdown on there's borough fires to the end zone for cj usama from seven yards out. use a mama with a nod to the past and icky shuffle. 73 cincinnati lead this play was a head scratcher. borough rolls out, gets rid of the ball before going out of bounds. there's an early whistle on the completion to tyler boyd for the touchdown . no question that burrow stayed inbounds. the reason for the whistle never explained. either way, the bangles led 22 6 raiders narrowed the gap to 22 13 going into the halftime locker room car with a strong throat is a jones with just 13 seconds left cincinnati lead cut to seven points. all the other team could manage in the second half was a pair of field goals each came down to this fourth and goal for the raiders at the nine car throws to the goal line work. jones's double coverage german pratt makes the
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interception and the bengals hang on for 26 to 19 win. their drought is over. it will be at least 20 years until the raiders win a playoff game. the stanford basketball team trying to keep a nice little streak alive with the game this afternoon in seattle, the cardinal trailing washington in the second half, brandon angel hits three of his 13 points. stanford down eight with just under nine minutes to play. this hurts dijon davis used to play for stanford. his three for the huskies puts them in front by nine. washington wins 67 64, ending a stanford win streak. at four games, both teams three and two in conference stanford 10 and five overall. no better experience for mark fox and cal and pullman today to face washington state. the bears staying in and here in the first half, grant anticipates is no good from three point range. but andre kelly gets the tip plus the foul. kelly made the free throw the birth took a two point lead to the locker room, but the cougars prevailed in this game that saw 11 lead changes. they
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hit the offensive boards after miss free throw this time, michael flowers good with the three the bears go down 65 57. they weren't even nine and nine overall, two and five in the pac 12 and tough duty for herb sendek, santa clara broncos today hosting mark few's second ranked gonzaga bulldogs jalen williams, one of the few bright spots for the broncos, he knocks down two of his 17 points. but this game was all gonzaga's bollocks, led by 19 at the half and kept it up. rossier bolton inside to drew timmy for two plus the foul. timmy had 32 the bulldogs road well, 1 15 83 win . they set a school record by scoring 100 points or more for the third straight game. so i don't think we need to remind people. there's also a very big playoff game happening tomorrow and borrowing the 49ers in dallas cowboys. yeah yeah, just something to you know, let people know. by the way, i'm sure everyone will be watching tomorrow. okay, so give us your prediction here, can you? well, the 49ers have proven all year
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that they can beat anybody and they can lose to anybody. so if they got the running game going and a pass rush, they win. if they turn it over, they don't that said you my bet, but that's the truth. all right, joe. thank the truth. all right, joe. thank you so much. hey. that staycation beard's really taking shape, dad. (chuckles) it's starting to trap food. it's gone from itchin' to bitchin'. and you're still rocking the sweats. every day this week. same underwear? what underwear? (telephone ringing) hold that thought. do i have to? mayor's office. city of phila-dunphy-a. i'm sorry. i just got done. my computer crashed, and we got four pallets of hinges from taiwan with faulty riveting. at least your story's riveting. it's clever. i'll tell you later. hey, why is the minivan in the driveway? you parked me in this morning. i was running late for a meeting, so i just took haley's corolla. fun. would be if it didn't smell like the inside of bob marley's laundry hamper. anyway, i've got a bunch more calls to make. i'm not gonna have time to cook tonight. we could go out. there's that new restaurant -- sliders. the gimmick is they built it on a slant, and the waiters all wear socks. that doesn't sound good at all. can you just order something? yeah, you got it. great.


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