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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 15, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. sous tsunami conditions create quite a show in the bay area. fortunately advisories for this area have been lifted. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm cristina rendon
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. this is a developing situation and conditions have been changing all day images coming to us from across the bay area show how these conditions impacted people along the coast today, but people on the pacific island of tonga are getting hit the hardest. a map from the national weather service tsunami warning center shows how the entire west coast was impacted by a tsunami advisory at one point today. the areas impacted were shaded in yellow, while the advisory for most of the bay area was lifted a few hours ago . people in monterey bay facing advisory up until around nine o'clock tonight, we begin tonight's team coverage of this event with ktvu elissa harrington yukon up with people impacted by tsunami conditions in santa cruz. well santa cruz certainly felt the impact of the tsunami here at twin lakes state beach. look at the difference between the dark sand, which is the wet sand and the dry sand that shows you just how far those waves traveled. yeah cellphone video shows some of the flooding in santa cruz saturday as tsunami waves
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reached the harbor water, swallowed cars and inundated the parking lot. i came down to the beach and was here and watched as the tsunami arrived. randy chase said he was visiting the area when he saw the waves rush onto the beach, pushing around large logs. there was three bigger waves. that pushed the high tide line up. maybe 30 or 50 ft. on this beach. this satellite video shows an underwater tongan volcano erupting in the pacific. this triggered tsunami advisories at beaches and marinas across the west coast. typically when we have tsunami events, they're generated by earthquakes. but this, however, was generated by a volcano. and volcanic eruptions aren't necessarily exactly the same as earthquake energy, the national weather service reported some large waves in california between 1 to 4 ft. high meteorologist brooke bingaman said. this type of event can cause dangerous surf and people should stay out of the water. we're seeing these
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fluctuations happen within 30 minutes and so some places yes, have seen larger waves. but the dangerous thing is that when these fluctuations happen so quickly, that means energy is rushing in and then it's rushing back out, so those currents are very strong in the under toe can quickly sweep people away. and so that has been our main concern. still we saw plenty of surfers searching for big waves were just getting pitted out there. so pitted brothers terrance and robert cub in said they did encounter some powerful waves and noticed a difference in the water. just the rip was a little brutal. i could suck me around the rock a couple times i got to climb out. we're definitely we're getting sucked out. toward the harbor a little more. the tsunami advisory prompted the santa cruz beach boardwalk too close for the day beaches up and down the coast, where evacuated and emergency crews were busy making rescues. this is video from san mateo county. two men had to be
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rescued after they were swept away by a large wave while fishing at san gregorio state beach. those under chose can be extremely strong. so we want people to realize that just because you don't see a huge tsunami wave coming at you, it doesn't mean that the risks aren't still there in santa cruz, i'm elissa harrington ktvu. fox two news. we don't yet know the entire scope of damage caused near the site of the volcanic eruption that triggered today. tsunami conditions. so people on the pacific island of tonga started posting videos of swells of water overwhelming the coast this afternoon, right on the coast waves were pushing debris onto beaches further inland. you can see how waters swamped some neighborhoods. video streamed live on facebook. showed how water flooded churches and nearby homes. communication with tonga remains very limited right now. surveillance flights to the area will need to wait until an ash cloud clears. back here at home.
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the tsunami advisory force more than 100 people from their boats and floating homes at the berkeley marina. we take these things seriously, and we don't want we absolutely don't want to see anyone get hurt. ahead at 10 30 ktvu is amended. quintana shows us how residents responded to urgent calls to evacuate and in san francisco, at least one surfer had to be rescued this afternoon. it happened off kelly's cove at ocean beach. greg liggins picks up our team coverage of the tsunami advisory impacts. santa cruz harbor was one area impacted by a mix of high tide and tsunami surge that sent water levels rising throughout the surrounding area , and this dock was damaged at richardson bay in marin county. the tsunami advisory issued saturday morning put the entire california coast and beyond on alert for potentially dangerous waves and isolated flooding. by afternoon water levels were receding, but the danger level remained high. we're still going to see in the tsunami rolling through as we drop down towards
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low tide. this means that there still is a risk in a threat towards beach areas. because of the risk. many beaches were temporarily closed, and people were asked to stay clear of the water. but in san francisco, several surfers took to the waves off ocean beach despite the closure, and a fisherman cast caution to the wind as he waded into the surf. but one paddle boarder, respected the risk and altered his plan for an open ocean excursion made me think about where to not paddleboard curiosity captured the attention of many as people flocked to the beach to catch a rare event of mother nature. some got closed, while others preferred the safety of a vista high above any potential rogue wave. heard on the news that but the just an army the possibilities, and i was closed by brought my dog to the that and i said, why not stop by and take a look? others came purely by accident having no knowledge
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of this tsunami advisory. but sensing something seemed different. no wonder the ways they're so high for helps. the advisory was issued because of what experts say is a 123 ft amplitude of a tsunami, meaning water levels are at least that much higher than normal, and the largest waves don't always come immediately following the triggering event. sometimes they come in the middle. sometimes they come in, then later later part so what we want to see is a consistent tsunami amplitude below a foot. so we wait for three hours of the tsunami amplitudes below a foot before we dropped the advisories regulations ktvu fox two news. as eliza mentioned earlier and underwater volcanic eruption of tonga triggered all of this, and here's another dramatic look at the satellite images that captured the moment. the eruption released an ash cloud and shockwaves. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo joins us now with some perspective on all of this. some of these images are incredible mark yes,
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that's right, christina. typically we're used to talking about underwater earthquakes generating these tsunamis. but you're gonna volcano into the mix. that's kind of a kind of a new frontier for us to attract today and also with all the tsunami activities, so as you heard the tsunami advisory has been canceled for the burial coastline as that we take a look at the maps that happened earlier today. and as you heard what the forecaster in that story before that before this weather segment, they need the amplitudes to come down to under a foot for three hours. thankfully that has been happening. that advisory has been allowed to expire, but here you can see way out in the south pacific ocean, an underwater volcano eruption and all that energy moving thousands of miles across the ocean toward the west coast, and that's why we've had the tsunami threat. all day long. in fact, all these areas earlier today under the tsunami advisory, but things haven't changed around quite a bit just within the past few hours. just to put this into perspective. we have a number of watches and
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warnings to the warning would be the most serious situation. thankfully that was not the case today. the advisory has expired , but still, that was out to reflect the possibility the likelihood of strong currents and waves and also danger near the water. the watches the level of the load that take a look now at the water levels. take a look at a couple sites from monterey here, and we're showing you a bunch of information here, but one thing i want you to look at. is that curved line that is just the normal tide cycling at the high i tied and the low tide that blue line those little amp. of those little peaks and valleys around that that is actually the water level says it goes up above the line. that means the water level is surging in as it goes down. it's surging out. you could see the past few hours that amplitude has been decreasing. so that's a good sign. that's why the advisory has been allowed to expire earlier. it's earlier today we had that we had a surge amplitude of almost three ft. monterey same story in san francisco. you can see all the activity from this morning, going up and down below that
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line and then really decreasing, diminishing. this evening, but just a heads up, although the advisory has expired because still have some pretty strong currents of the ocean for tomorrow, so keep that in mind if you are heading to the coast, christina mark, thank you. turning now to another developing story tonight. all four people taken hostage today at a synagogue in texas are safe . investigators say. the man who held those hostages hostages in colleyville is dead. details of his death in the hostages is rescue or not being immediately released, but fbi agents on the scene don't think there's any additional threat. i do not have any information right now. that indicates that this is part of any kind of ongoing threat we obviously are investigating will continue to investigate. about this. the hostage taker will continue investigate his contacts. our investigation will have global reach. we have been in contact already with multiple fbi league acts to include televisa and london. we've been working closely with secure community network in the jewish federation and i want to
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continue to do that, and we will continue to do that throughout the country. reporter david said injury has a breakdown of what transpired over 12 hours at the synagogue. we are about a half a mile away from the scene right now is law enforcement is keeping everyone away. they had the streets coming in to the congregation blocked off. it's been that way for several hours now we are told at this time, no injuries, but again, this is still a very active scene. i would like to take everyone back to where this all began, which was around 11 a.m. this morning when colleyville police, the local police department received a call about some sort of a disturbance over at the synagogue, and once they arrived, they immediately started to clear people out. from the surrounding areas. if you know colleyville, texas, you know that this is an area that is very much a residential community. a lot of people living around here so many people were having to leave their homes and get away from the scene. in the meantime, the fbi and swat were called out here, so they established a perimeter around the synagogue. no, i did speak with the chairman of the secure community
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network. i'll explain what that is. that's a network that utilizes online intelligence to try and prevent attacks on jewish institutions throughout the country, and it says it was alerted about this situation earlier today and afterward immediately contacted the fbi to let the fbi know what it had learned. meanwhile a few of its members came up to the scene. here's what they had to say. it's hard to describe that we use jewish institutions as leverages against issues that occu and ah, the entire jewish community of the world knows about this issue knows about what has happened here today. i've spoken to a number of people in israel and a number of people across the united states. and we are standing here with the families of these people and hoping and praying for their safety. now the synagogues morning services were being streamed over facebook live this morning when the hostage situation initially took place, but that stream was taken down just before two p.m. central standard time. the
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person who we believe is the suspect who is on the inside. you could hear him communicating through the facebook stream audio. he was talking about a motive, but law enforcement officials have not. fully gone on record at this time with what they believe the motive is or who is inside reporting in colleyville davidson century fox news. bay area shows love for the 40 niners tonight. coming up, see how fans are getting ready for tomorrow's run in the playoffs, and the cdc comes out with new guidelines for mask with new guidelines for mask wearing during the pandemic. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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insurers are required to cover the cost of up to eight at home rapid covid tests per month per insured person. people have the option of buying tests at a store or online than seeking reimbursement from their health insurance provider. officials are encouraging people to save receipts for later reimbursement and to reach out to their insurance providers for more
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information. starting today, insurance companies are required to pay for those at home test, as we just mentioned in this new policy covers the costs. it comes from the biden administration. it is getting ready to ship millions of test kits to homes free of charge as foxes, charles watson reports. the cdc also has new guidance on masks. the biden administration is working to get at home covid test into more people's hands, promising to distribute 500 million free tests starting this week to keep up with demand as the omicron variants surges this month. it's estimated that we will hit approximately 15 million tests today. and we'll have over 375 million at home rapid test in january alone. that's a huge leap. the centers for disease control and prevention updating its guidance on mass, the agency says. people can buy respirators such as in 95 kn 95 without being concerned . they'll call supply shortages
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. one manufacturer in new jersey has been ramping up production as the omicron variant continues to surge across the nation. we're working 24 7 at this particular time we're hiring nonstop. we're flying in new machinery were ordering excess raw materials to be able to accommodate whatever that that the country needs. meanwhile new research indicates the omicron variant is inherently milder among children under the age of five, scientists say when children are infected with this variant, the outcome is significantly less severe than when they're infected with the delta variant, the cdc's says covid-19 hospitalizations among children have reached record highs in recent weeks. due in part to a mccracken's high transmission rate in atlanta. charles watson fox news to order the free at home tests. you'll need to go to any website covid tests dot gov orders won't begin until wednesday. the white house
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expects test will typically ship within 7 to 12 days of ordering the u. s postal service will handle deliveries were learning an estimated $7 million worth of personal protective equipment was left outside and damaged in recent storms in san mateo county. the sf chronicle reports the county purchased early in the early days of the pandemic. they purchase ppe and started inside of a building at the san mateo county event center in september. those supplies were moved outdoors when the event center needed more indoor storage space. heavy rainfall at the end of last year, reportedly damaged the cardboard boxes full of ppe equipment. at a bail barry, whether we were tracking the tsunami advisory all day offshore, but also on land a few high clouds over the past few hours and still partly to mostly cloudy skies. in fact, for a good portion of the day, take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. the cool spot still in the fifties toward fairfield and conquer earlier today, oakland 64 san francisco
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63 san jose, though getting warm there at the airport in the upper sixties 68 satellites showing you the source of the cloud cover just like yesterday. those clouds moving in in the south. even a little bit of some shower activity detected on the radar. here. you can see maybe even a slight chance approaching portions of the south based you can see as this kind of moves in from the south. so there's a chance of a sprinkle for tonight, but the main impact for us will be the cloud cover and also the cool to mild weather pattern. current numbers out there. san francisco 57 santa rosa 41 degrees, so it's kind of a cool saturday evening, fairfield 43 in san jose in the upper fifties. here's a live camera looking out toward oakland, where we still have some scattered high clouds in place and for tomorrow. we're just expecting to sun cloud mix once again, we could have some patchy fog to a start off your sunday morning and temperatures will be in the upper thirties in the cool spots widespread forties for the rest of the region. here's the forecast model picking up on some of the
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cloud cover, so won't be completely clear blue skies tomorrow but still maybe partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours by three and by four o'clock, and then as we head into monday, we're expecting another another area of cloud cover to work its way into the area on monday. still, we are in this kind of dry weather pattern over the next few days, that area of low pressure really not producing, producing that any significant rainfall for us what about next week? we'll take. we'll keep it on the long range forecast maps will have more on that. and your updated five day forecast coming up in a few minutes. mark thank you. a winter storm believes a lot of people in the midwest with digging out work to do. max gordon shows us some of what they're dealing with this weekend into more in iowa. temperatures in the teens, but this is the eighth greatest two day snow on record in iowa, seeing 14.3 inches of snow. not only did iowa see heavy snow across the state, this storm also brought strong winds. some gusts at the des moines airport was powerful as 40 mph. that caused tricky travel conditions across the state. there was
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reduced visibility in some areas because of blowing snow large drifts built up, especially in rural areas and roads were slick . last night, our crew had quite the journey driving 90 miles from fort dodge northwest a year to our hotel in des moines. it was very slow going in some places as plows struggled to keep all the roads clear. even though it's the weekend. there are still a lot of folks headed to work. we caught up with a few of those folks digging out their cars here in des moines, it said. five inches, um i was not prepared for you know, like a foot and a half in my car to be snowden. so this is a first for me. i've never experienced this before. so. i'm glad i came out here a little bit earlier today, but i should have came out here a little bit earlier, because i don't think i'm gonna make it to work and time road conditions are improving here in des moines is plows get out onto the roads, but in more rural parts of the state won't roads aren't necessarily as clear. officials are urging folks to check road conditions online before they
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head out on the roadways into more in iowa. max gordon fox weather san francisco city hall , salesforce tower, and a lot of other bay area landmarks are lit up in red and gold in a show of support for the san francisco 49 ers tonight ahead of their playoff game in dallas. the team is taking on the cowboys tomorrow afternoon game three of the nfl's wild card weekend. here's a look at just some of the beautiful sights you'll see around the city. this marks the seventh post season matchup between the 49ers and cowboys. the most recent was in 1994 the nfc championship game. the niners won that game by the way 38 to 28. later in sports franchises starved for a playoff win and the draft ends for one. joe fonzi has the highlights and low lights between the raiders and bangles. plus the president biden gets ready this weekend to do something he hasn't done in months, coming up expectations for formal news conference and we'll get back to today's tsunami conditions, see how they impacted areas outside of
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after the supreme court blocked his vaccine test mandate for large businesses with 100 or more workers now warnings from the pentagon that russia is laying the groundwork for a rating. ukraine lucas tomlinson is in wellington, delaware, where president biden is spending the weekend. in the
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football game of life. the white house can seeds. yes, last week was not a good week, but it's only the end of the first quarter. there's three more to go. there's a lot of talk about disappointments and things we haven't gotten done. we're going to get a lot of them done. i might add the work of an administration continues after one year, and it will continue to press forward and all of those priorities this week. u. s inflation the worst in nearly four decades, prices for household goods have seen a 7% spike. including an almost 50% increasing gas prices at the pump and a 12% jump at the grocery store on the meat, fish and exile. the week started with talks with russia, failing to lower tensions on the border with ukraine. the situation now growing even more tense. a speech in georgia failed to get voting rights passed biden comparing his opponents to segregation lists the supreme court blocking his mandate to force large companies to vaccinate or masking test their workers weekly. a third trip to capitol hill failed to persuade
10:27 pm
all the lawmakers from the president's party to eliminate or weaken the filibuster. there is a path forward for my democratic colleagues to respond to the country, they have so badly disappointed. but it isn't to try to break the senate president biden will mark the end of his first year in office with a press conference at the white house at four p.m. wednesday, the same day the website goes online to offer some half a billion covid tests nationwide. in wilmington's delaware. lucas tomlinson fox news a lot of people have children. i mean, let's see. we're listening to the news. they're having no idea it's coming today. tsunami advisory force an evacuation of the berkeley marina coming up why first responders thought it was necessary to get people out. investigators work to figure out what caused an 11 alarm fire at a chemical plant in new jersey and thieves failed to put a stop to 15 year olds. mission coming up volunteers moving in to help we learn about covid-19,
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limited availability in select areas. lingering effects of tsunami conditions in the bay area, and as aaron haft reports, santa cruz appeared to take the biggest hit in northern california. this morning, chaotic today, reminding people of a large tied that hit this very area back in 2000 and 11 today, people rushing to this very beach to see for themselves what would happen? these cars are getting pushed around, jumped on my bike and i just cruised down here to try and get a look at what's going on. and sure enough, the water was surging in that's josh hawley, and when he got to the santa cruz harbor, this is what he saw. yeah. so i came out this morning. once i heard that there was a tsunami alert and that would be good to come to the harbor and see what was going
10:31 pm
on. emergency responders kicking him out. he says he's thankful, saying he'd be under this water if he stayed where he was. hundreds of people coming to see what was happening. yeah we figured what you would come down and see. you know what the surgeon might look like here, and boat owners being kept off the docks for their safety. they say these river like currents aren't normal. so the docks were actually almost to the tops. they weren't locked. jason colby said he was prepared to cut his boat loose. if things took a turn when you drop a rock in the pond, and you know the waves start big and then eventually get small enough. locals saying the surge seemed 10 ft high for sure the harbor flooded hitting the waves daily south of the harbor, matt and tony say today's strange as i came out, i was watching him. i was like he's sideways in the current wanted to throw me out passage eddie the area's major concerns , riptides and coastal flooding. with surges, damaging docks,
10:32 pm
boats and people, not heeding warnings and staying out of the water and off the beach. just tried to walk down the stairs and get yelled at the ripple effect from over 5300 miles away, still pushing into california. the beauty of mother nature and everything she gives us and then there's always there's the other side of her, too. that was aaron haft reporting. we have new images coming to us tonight showing how the tsunami impacts mendocino county's coast pacific star winery owner sally addison shared these images with us of waves getting very close to the wineries edge. we're told the winery is the closest to the pacific ocean than any other winery in the state. there are no reports of damage there and evacuation order at the berkeley morita is now lifted. that area was put under a mandatory evacuation earlier today in response to the tsunami advisory about 115 people were ordered off of their boats and off the docks. ktvu semantic. indiana has more about the caution from
10:33 pm
authorities, people living on their boats in the berkeley marina were woken up by police going boat to boat with a loudspeaker ordering them to evacuate whatever it takes. to get people. notified and to leave the area. emergency officials say the tsunamis 1 to 2 ft waves could carry enough dangerous energy to damage boats and docks, triggering the evacuation. we take we take these things seriously, and we don't want we absolutely don't want to see anyone get hurt. it's better to play it safe and make sure that there's no injuries. it might not look like much, but these strong currents going in and out of the berkeley marina are a result of the volcanic eruption near tonga. it'll come in for three or four minutes. i don't know five knots or something to five knots or something like that's quite strong. and then it'll go turn around, and then it will go back out. jacqueline bought with the states geological survey's
10:34 pm
tsunami unit came to the marina to observe the currents who calls a lot of damage in the slips in the marina. because there's a really strong currents and they go for several hours as the tsunami surges in and out. the marina has seen damage from this kind of event before this, bringing flashbacks of that experience to some evacuees. few here from 2011. and that was the tsunami was triggered from japan , and there was some damage done to the docks and boats and so i think they're very grateful for the for the warnings. but while the red cross helps them stay warm with coffee and blankets just along the bay in emeryville, there were no evacuations. ward carter had to have a friend to tell him to get off his boat. i don't think they're aware of it. i think a lot of people were totally unaware of i mean, let's see. we're listening to the news. they would have no idea. it's coming. voters even kayakers were out on the water there with a lot of onlookers trying to see what the advisory would bring. no, i'm just sitting here watching for some evidence of it coming. amanda quintana, ktvu,
10:35 pm
fox two news. video posted to facebook today shows how swells of water impacted oregon's coast for about 10 minutes, water covered a large stretch of sand near beverly beach completely. there are no reports of injuries in that area, but people have been told to stay away from the water. you can use our rapid website to stay on top of the tsunami advisory. our web team is constantly updating those developments on our homepage as they come to us. we have an update now tonight on a five year old martinez boy whose race car was stolen in livermore eastern rite was able to take part in his first race of the season by borrowing another race car. and now, thanks to donations, his family can buy that car. eastern's original race car was stolen outside of a racetrack and livermore earlier this month and still has not been found. investigators in new jersey are trying to nail down the cause of an 11 alarm fire at a chemical plant. the fire broke
10:36 pm
out last night in passaic, new jersey, huge plumes of smoke drifted into the sky could be seen as far away as new york city. while one warehouse partially collapsed, firefighters kept flames from spreading to the main plant. some people evacuated as firefighters worked to prevent a major disaster. i was hoping he didn't blow up like a dog, you know backwards from this factory. so i was hoping didn't blow up. the chemical company makes pool and spa products and stores large amounts of chlorine despite the concerns of neighbors, environmental protection inspectors say the air quality is at acceptable levels. transportation secretary pete buttigieg's has a plan to get cargo stuck at california docks moving coming up, see what he thinks will help these problems with the supply chain. and a barrier weather looks like we're still tracking a few clouds as we head into your sunday forecast and are dry weather stretch. it wants to continue for quite some time.
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announced new investments that could help with the container ship backlog that has led to supply shortages and rising prices on just about everything. reporter alex michaelson has the details. secretary pete buddha judge gets a firsthand look at the ports of los angeles and long beach via boat. we sit down for an exclusive interview during his first visit here as transportation secretary. you get a sense first of all of the scale of the operation secretary recently announced a $52 million grant to bring railways to the docks of long beach means less shipping delays and less shipping cost. what happens here? impacts virtually every good you buy in the fall, a massive backup here lead to supply issues in stores rise in prices for almost everything and concerns that christmas gifts wouldn't be delivered in time. 40% of all imports into the united states come through here. this is the largest ports in the country, and they are seeing some progress when it comes to the backlog. they're slightly to
10:41 pm
the tenant. mario cordero runs the ports of long beach leaders here say there's been a 60% drop off in aging shipping containers . since that surge, the matter part, 2022 will have some sense of normalcy. the good news holiday sales were up 8.5% to an all time record high and almost all of the gifts were delivered on time. our president, and this entire administration deserves credit for saving christmas. this is the man who saved christmas. one of the reasons why christmas was not. in fact canceled is that ports like l, a and long beach moved record levels of goods jeans, roka runs the port of los angeles. so when we look at a ship like that, we're looking at $200 million could be $200 million worth of goods flowing through this sport on a daily basis. that's just one of them. that's just one of them, he says. there's a lot more work that still needs to be done. and so cal deserves a big chunk of congress's recently passed $17 billion for ports. my message to the secretary has been about investment hat.
10:42 pm
meanwhile the secretary is balancing his day job. with his newest and most important job, dad to two young twins. my husband chats and i are up all night times taking care of them , but it's a it's a labor of love, and also, i think a powerful motivator to think about the longer term and make sure that by the time i'm dropping them off to college and sometimes maybe in the summer of 2039. we put a lot of these economic issues and environmental issues behind us so that they can thrive. that was alex are extreme and arched conditions to work with, and we are planning to use the drills, which are long cubes, which helped us to extractor ice course. scientists go on a digging mission in antarctica coming up what they hope to reveal about climate change and ktvu meteorologists. mark tamayo will join us with a look at weather conditions for the rest weather conditions for the rest of the weekend. stay
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limited availability in select areas. prioritizing climate change as they write their state budgets. they're devoting money to lowering emissions and guarding against natural disasters such as flood and fire. the priorities for democratic governors include lowering carbon emissions by boosting electric vehicles and storage for clean energy, such as solar republicans proposed spending to address the damage from floods, drought and wildfires, though many aren't linking the spending. to climate change. ancient ice could hold the secrets to combating climate change today, and scientists are hoping to go back in time digging deep into the earth to find some of the oldest ice samples ever discovered. fox is actually strohmeyer has more on their mission. secrets to understanding more about today's climate change could lie far below the surface of


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