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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 16, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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ones about a massive volcanic eruption and tsunami, cutting off lines of communication. also 49ers fans are celebrating tonight after a big win today that moves them ahead in the playoffs. this is ktvu fox. two news at six. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage. i'm andre senior. the tsunami advisory that covered the bay area and the entire western us yesterday. is now over. that advisory was triggered by an undersea volcanic eruption thousands of miles away near the tonga island chain, and there are concerns tonight about the residents. their communication is still limited tonight after phone and internet lines were cut soon after the eruption. but
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we are hearing from some tongan residents who say the islands look like a moonscape with ash from the volcano everywhere. there were no reports of any injuries or deaths on the larger islands, but we don't know about those living on the smaller islands that were closer to the eruption of the bay area is home to a large takin community and ktvu greg liggins is live in the newsroom. after speaking with some very attendants still awaiting word from their loved ones. tell us about it? yes andre. one woman i spoke to says she was actually on the phone with her mom when that eruption began. that was the last time she had contact with her. tokyo marijuana's in redwood city was serving up traditional tongan comfort cuisine sunday to local tongans who can use all the comfort they can get because they are waiting to learn the fate of loved ones. really we don't know we have no communication at all. anna leiden splits her time between utah and the bay area and showed us a picture of her mother's birthday gathering in tonga. taken just hours before the eruption and tsunami. she was on
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the phone with family when it began but hasn't heard from them, since. they have to hang up to save the battery because we were not sure. if they can, if they're going to have it enough for that night for us to call back, but that was the last time edward michael and his family live in the bay area, but he has a dear friend in tonga he's desperately trying to reach oh, yeah? oh, yeah. every hour every hour. i hope she's fired. the undersea volcanic eruption triggered a tsunami that hit the remote nation. the literal ripple effects were even seen here in the bay area, where places like santa cruz harbor soft flooding. there are early reports of damage to parts of the main island and it's not sitting well with tongans here. i feel like nothing is good back into ireland right now. i don't know how they're going to have food water. the tongan community is close knit and largely religious right now they are clinging to two things each other. and their deep faith. one thing we know that we just got god have us. you know, um, we
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know that they are okay. you know, even though that we don't know, but but we trust god. that's the only thing that all tongues have. new zealand has already sent a surveillance flight to assess the damage. so far, there are no reports of injuries or loss of life in the newsroom. greg liggins ktvu fox two news of families looking to hear from their loved ones on the island. thank you so much. well, 49ers fans are celebrating after today's big playoff win over the dallas cowboys. a lot of people got together all across the bay area this afternoon to watch the nfc wild card game. the athletic club in oakland was packed with people all wearing red and gold. it was a nail biter down to the final seconds, but ultimately the niners prevailed. fans we spoke with tell us that they think the team is going to go all the way this year. over nine er nation right here. we're going to make our mark this year. we're going to go down to the super bowl. win the super bowl. this is it.
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sounds good to me. the excitement does continue next weekend when the niners will take on the green bay packers, and we'll have highlights from today's game coming up later on, it's sports authorities are searching for the armed robbers who held up to women at gunpoint in castro valley, taking their dog and keys and later their car. it happened around 5 30 last night in north bridge road, authorities say a mother and her adult daughter or walking their french bulldog when four or five people pulled up in a black 2019 kid, nero suv got out and surrounded them. three of the men were armed with handguns, and one of them snatched a purse with the victim's wallet and keys to her home and car. another grab the dog named tito and then drove off. authorities say the suspects and went to the woman's home. and stole her mercedes now that kia suv used in the robbery was reported stolen by oakland police authorities say it has been used in several holdups cat that was stolen during a smash and grab burglary last month in san francisco has now been found safe. cesar granados and his
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wife were visiting the bay area from southern california. they left their cat made a lusa in their car briefly while they ran to do some errands. someone stole the cat, but left other valuables behind. the couple put up flyers everywhere, and they say an anonymous good samaritan reached out to them, and they drove back up here to the bay area this weekend to pick up their cat. well, tomorrow is martin luther king jr day. the annual holiday marks the life and legacy of the legendary civil rights leader. tomorrow would have been kings 93rd birthday, but monday's mlk day celebrations will be scaled back dramatically for the second year in a row due to the pandemic. many events in the bay area have been canceled, including caltrain celebration train. other events will be held online . president biden and first lady jill biden helped out at a philadelphia food bank today. mr biden also stopped at the non profit last year to mark the martin luther king day holiday, which is designated as a national day of service. the
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bidens thank the food bank's chief executive for the emphasis that he has put on child hunger. the recent surge in covid cases in thisreated a shortage of volunteers for food banks here in the bay area. ktvu james torres tells us how that shortages slowing the process of getting food out to those in need. bay area food banks now reporting they don't have the help. they need to help those in need. they now say the omicron varying of covid-19 is forcing its volunteers to stay home and isolate. and eight am alarm clock brought nearly a dozen volunteers to this warehouse and conquered stocking £3 bags of produce at the food bank of contra costa and solano counties . we try to do it at least two or three times a month. the food bank is dependent on these volunteers to get their job done of feeding nearly 250,000 people a month. that's been a challenge lately. we always anticipate some type of change and our volunteers after the holidays, so i guess the biggest message to share is that hunger happens
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year round. it's not just during the holidays and especially, you know, throughout covid throughout the holidays, endings still have individuals in our community that are food insecure. all bay area. food banks now reporting volunteers, shortages, some getting sick from covid 19 others not comfortable enough to volunteer with other people were also seeing a shortage of volunteers at our actual this tribute in so whether that drive through distributions are just helping us set up and really coordinate those sites. we were able to give the food directly out to our community members without volunteers. getting food out to the community is a much slower process to help keep people safe. all volunteers are required to wear mask and practice social distancing when possible. they do not have to disclose vaccination status. rene topiary says she thinks the proper protocols are in place to give a helping hand safely. but everybody has their own comfort level. i feel like i've accomplished something. you know , i'm here at 8 30 in the morning on a sunday and when i look around, and i've packed up
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a bunch of produce, i look at the bin that it's going in and realizing it's going to go out to the community food bank in alameda county is planning a day of service for the martin luther king holiday. in total, the food banks served 12 counties in northern california and about a million people a month. reporting and conquered. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. all the hostages are alive and safe, and the gunman is dead following a tense 11 hour standoff at a synagogue in colleyville, texas. i'm dan spring will have the details coming up. tennis star novak djokovic is deported from australia and now officially eliminated from the australian open coming up what he's saying about today's court ruling. while we are absent with rain. we haven't seen any in a w
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appear to be overwhelming hospital emergency rooms across our state. a state wide study conducted by the times found the virus is now spreading at its fastest pace since the beginning of the pandemic, and that's expected to lead to another hospitalization crisis. despite evidence of macron generally causes minor symptoms. the research found a growing number of california hospitals already being forced to cancel scheduled surgeries. and experiences are
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facing long delays dropping off patients. san francisco health officials report. teenagers have the highest rate of covid infection of any age group in the city. the health department reports 90% of residents between the ages of 12 and 17 are vaccinated. the san francisco chronicle reports. officials say there are probably several reasons teenagers have a higher rate of infection. but experts say one of the most likely contributors is teenagers are usually more socially active or involved in school events in younger children. apple will reportedly require it's employees who work in stores and in corporate offices to get the covid-19 booster shot. initial reports from the verge claimed the new policy requires workers to get their booster within four weeks of eligibility. if an employee chooses not to get the booster, they'll have to take covid test frequently starting on february 15th. last month, apple said it was delaying the return to the office for employees indefinitely because of the latest surge in covid cases. the government of greece
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has announced a tough new measure in its effort to get more people vaccinated against covid-19. starting tomorrow, greece will begin to find everyone age 60 and older who has not received a covid shot. those fines could be as high as $114 a month. greece says 90% of its culprit related deaths are among people 60 and older and the government says these fines would help to boost vaccine rates while reducing the pressure on greece's overwhelmed healthcare system. one of the last remaining to ski gear man has died highly decorated brigadier general charles mckee passed away today at the age of 102. the famed aviator was among the black military pilots who flew pf 3 51 mustang fighters escorting bombers across europe during world war two. mcgee flew more than 400 combat missions over three wars between 1944. in 1968. us defense secretary lloyd austin today paid tribute to mickey on social media, calling
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him an american hero, he said in part quote while i'm saddened by his loss, i'm also incredibly grateful for sacrifice. his legacy and his character. well within the last hour. we have learned that police in britain have arrested two teenagers in connection with that hostage standoff that unfolded in texas yesterday. this comes after authorities identified the suspect involved today as a british national. all four of those hostages were released and the suspect is dead. fox's dan springer has the latest tonight while the investigation texas, breathing a sigh of relief after a tense situation that could have ended in disaster, all of the hostages held inside the synagogue in colleyville, ultimately escaping unharmed after a tense standoff. this is something that you don't ever expect to have in your own city. ah! the rabbi is a personal friend of mine. the attacker identified as british nationals, malik faisal akram first came in during the synagogue saturday morning service the rabbi among the four people held as the
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hostage taker could be heard on a livestream demanding the release of aafia siddiqui, a pakistani neuroscientist believed to have ties to al qaeda. she is currently serving an 86 year sentence in a federal prison in texas for trying to kill us military officers in afghanistan. one hostage was released about six hours after the standoff began. the other three got out about four hours after that swat team entered the building, and police announced a short time later the gunman was dead continue to investigate. about this. the hostage taker will continue investigate his contacts. our investigation will have global reach, though it's not clear why the synagogue was targeted. both president biden and the israeli prime minister released statements praising law enforcement for their quick response and pledging to stand up to anti semitism and extremism in the united states. this was an act of terror. is an act of terror. the fbi is not indicated whether the gunman shot himself or was killed by
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police as they entered that synagogue. none of the hostages were hurt. and colleyville, texas, dan springer fox news elected officials paying their respects at the funeral for victims of the fire at an apartment building in new york city. senate majority leader chuck schumer spoke with people at the islamic cultural center in the bronx, about two miles north of the building. where the fire broke out. new york city mayor eric adams also paying his respects. the islamic cultural center hosted the funeral today for 15 of the 17 victims. malfunctioning electric space heater caused that fire and officials say the victims died from smoke inhalation. they all had connections to the small west african country of gambia. an investigation is underway tonight after a fire at an apartment complex in fremont damaged four units and displaced 10 people. it happened just before six o'clock last night on san pedro drive. firefighters found heavy fire in the first floor unit, and he worked quickly to contain those flames . the fire was contained to that unit where it started and crews had the fire under control about
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15 minutes after arriving at the scene. three other units were damaged by the smoke. and have a look. this bearded dragon was saved by the firefighters who responded here. there were no reports of any injuries to any of the residents or two firefighters. but authorities do say one cat was killed in the fire. because is under investigation. tonight dozens of animals have been removed from a home in yuba county during an animal cruelty investigation. the sheriff's offices 61 animals were seized from a home in oliver hearst southeast of yuba city, thursday. the animals included livestock, poultry and domestic animals. the sheriff's office has many of them were found malnourished inside an uninhabitable residents filled with garbage and feces as well. a dead horse was also found during the search. the suspect's identity has not been released. well the hiker is recovering tonight after she was rescued from a well known east bay hiking trail. fremont fire crews used a fire utility terrain vehicle to reach the woman who was suffering from a medical emergency on mission peak. the crews say she fell down and
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embankment, injuring her leg. rescue crews had to hike down that steep embankment to assess her injuries, then prepare her for an airlift off that hill by a chp chopper. she was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. there is no word tonight on her condition. tennis star novak djokovic left melbourne, australia today after he lost his bid to remain in that country to defend his australian open title. djokovic reportedly boarded a plane heading to dubai shortly after a three judge panel upheld the government's decision to cancel his visa. the world's number. one player has spent the past 10 days fighting to remain in australia and compete in the upcoming tournament, despite not having been vaccinated against covid-19. djokovic said he was extremely disappointed by the court's decision but respected the ruling. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a freight train to derail in los angeles union pacific train derailed yesterday afternoon in the lincoln heights neighborhood just north east of downtown. the
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section of track is the same place where thieves have recently broken into railroad cars. the tracks have been littered with empty boxes and discarded loot. union pacific says 90 containers are broken into every single day. the railroad says it's considering changing its operations. ellie is such an important part of our network. we don't want to divert trains. but if we have to divert trains because of these issues we will do so and i think that's the sad reality that we're all facing. in total 17 cars were knocked off the tracks. nobody was hurt, though, in that derailment. a dangerous winter storm sweeping through parts of the north and northeast. right now, this is what the scene in charlotte, north carolina looked like. today that region received as much as a foot of snow, while ice was a major problem in other parts of the state. ktvu meteorologist bill martin is here now with a look at the forecast here in the bay area bill. yes and if you are traveling andre across the
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country tomorrow you will find some problems on the south east all the way up through that eastern corridor. snow ice rain kind of northeastern type system is causing problems and we'll continue out there for the next 36 hours or so. so flights you know how you know the drill. if you get that ice storms and things like that back there, you want to think about your flights, especially going into new york or boston. these are the highest from today. they are pretty good. pretty warm. 59 was one of the cool spots, but check out morgan hill at 67 degrees highs tomorrow we're going to be about the same. there is downtown oakland beautiful night in oakland, as well as san francisco and san jose is just really nice weather. we are high and drive for a while. i went digging into the long range models and the next chance well, here's here's the long range model. this one goes out seven days. this is now we're tuesday wednesday, so everything's going north. very much like last week. so if you go up past that on 10 days or so you can find an opportunity for some rain towards the end of january. self there you go. we're going to
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have it. it looks like we're going to be pretty dry until then. now with that said, there are some light scattered sprinkles showing up not going to have an impact on much other than nuisance showers but down around monterey week, low pressure center coming through the area dropped a few showers this morning in parts of livermore valley as well, but i just really like stuff kind of a non player if you will. so we are basically into a pattern likely word last week, you know , overnight lows. not that cold upper thirties low forties which is nice might see some valley fog. there's that low and it's kind of it's going to evacuate and move off to the east. and as it does, we'll see what we've seen clouds from. but as it does not high builds in strong and we warm up towards the middle end of the week, so we're going to get back into the mid sixties. and maybe even some upper sixties towards the end of the week. so the model does something like this, so i'm just going to take you through the next few days, and this is the close up model. but there's monday, the whole day. partly cloudy partly sunny here's tuesday partly cloudy tuesday afternoon. partly sunny rain
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stays north, all north of cape mendocino self we are dry, at least for this five day period. hopefully something will change it could, but the models are kind of hinting more end of january early february for something so i was thinking this today so fortunate that we had that massive rain does wrap this fear rivers. the snow falls very fortunate because we would be in a world of hurt. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. like today, i think maybe a little warmer in some places. it really starts to warm up towards wednesday, thursday and friday. we'll see temperatures in the inland as we might even see some upper sixties. certainly on wednesday, thursday and friday and pop in the weekend, and you'll see dry, dry dry. for you gardeners out there. we're looking at above freezing even in those inland bay valley, so that's kind of to me. that's unusual to see. these are pretty mild temperatures for this time of year and those inland valleys overnight. so what's happening? surf advisories been dropped. the swell has dropped immensely. so you're not too dangerous out of the coast. still be careful
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and maybe some valley fog in the morning. and still waiting on the rain. i'll be back tonight at 10 11 and those models change every four hours or so. so hopefully something will change. all right. we'll check in with you then, bill. thank you. there's a new plan to make some of the most spectacular views in the sierra more accessible the plan for a 600 miles long trail along the lost sierra route would include lassen peak at the north end and the sierra buttes in sierra county as the southernmost point it would link 14 towns, creating easy access for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. the plan still does need approval from the u. s forest service. so far, a total of 114 miles of disconnected trails exist, but the finished project would create a more cohesive experience. all right, coming up tonight after the break the underdog 49ers take on the cowboys in dallas today in a game that went down to the wire joe fonzi up next with the highlights. and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news.
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be in your moment. happening tonight in sports. if you're someone who gets nervous, easily, today's 49ers cowboys playoff game was not for you if you expect those games to go down to the wire on the very last second, you got what you were hoping for lots of anticipation for the first playoff game between these two teams and 27 years, it's like a land rush when they opened the doors to a t and t stadium. 49ers looked like the far superior team on their opening drive. they went 75 yards and seven plays elijah mitchell going to final four. great blocking on this player by both brandon aiyuk and car used checkers. it was seven 49ers less than five minutes into the game. this was a worrisome moment for the 49ers just before halftime nick bosses after dallas quarterback dak prescott he's hitting ahead by teammate dj jones both left the game under concussion protocol did not return 16 7 49ers late in the third quarter. prescott past picked off by diving k one. williams 49ers get a short field
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with a chance to add to their lead. great effort by williams. to break on the ball, and it took the 49ers one play to take advantage of oh, samuel starts right, then cuts back the other way all the way to the end zone yet another rushing touchdown for samuel and the 49ers had their biggest lead at 23 to 7. but this was the 49ers in cowboys who have course there had to be drama. fred warner is the guy in the shadow of the 49ers leading tackler all year. he went down with an ankle injury on this play. and then on the next play, prescott rolled to his left and found an open lane to the end zone. it was a one possession game at 23 17 with a little more than eight minutes left to play. the 49ers stopped one dallas possession on downs than the cowboys had one more chance. they snap the ball at 14. seconds left, prescott runs to the san francisco 24. but the cowboys have no timeouts left and can't stop the clock by the time they get to the line of scrimmage to try and spike the ball time has expired. you can
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take another look and see. first the officials have to spot the ball in the right place. by the time they do that time runs out the 49ers hang on 23 to 17. they'll be in green bay next weekend, this game was the epitome of playoff football. san francisco is pretty emotional out. there are lots of opportunities i thought we had. we had to win the game. i felt like we did on a number of times, but those guys just kept fighting and we had a couple mistakes earth and that shouldn't have let it get there. but just the guys that come out and finish that game, especially in that environment, was held a win by the guys. receivers that no drama today in tampa, where tom brady and the bucks hosted the eagles, philadelphia down 17 right before halftime, desperate for some points instead, jalen hurts. throw to the goal line picked off by mike edwards a deeper earlier throw and maybe that's a touchdown. instead the eagles are shut out in the first half, and the bucks are in business. nothing changed in the second half, two bucks up by 24. then brady hits mike evans for 36 yards in the score. evans caught nine passes for 117 yards
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and that touchdown. tampa wins 31 15 will host the winter of tomorrow night's rams cardinal game. lots of things you'd expect in playoff football. absolutely appreciate it. thanks so much. all right. so, you guys so much. all right. so, you guys tonight at hey! look what i got everybody. newspapers? did you find a portal back to the 1990s? to prevent nsync from breaking up. oh, please. i'm glad they broke up. otherwise, justin would never have brought sexy back. one thing you can't get on an ipad, (inhales) the smell of ink and paper. one more reason ipads are better. they reviewed my planetarium show. yeah. it's on page three of the arts and leisure section. oh, look, they still have far side. oh, i don't get that one. oh, he's pushing when he should be pulling. hmm. i don't think he belongs in that gifted school, then.


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