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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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with a message on martin luther king jr day from coast to coast. it was a day to honor the holidays namesake while calling on congress to protect voters. in washington, d. c a peace march took place across frederick douglas memorial bridge. dr king's family took part in that march. it was a similar site in arizona demonstrators are urging congress to pass voting legislation. meanwhile in south florida, the annual wheels up guns down unsanctioned demonstration. those taking part in the ride out, say it honors dr king before delivering a speech on voting rights legislation in atlanta. president biden and vice president kamala harris paid tribute to civil rights battles of the past. they took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the crypt of the late reverend king and his wife, coretta scott king. cnn higher ground and all these students want to come out and help you know where it matters. most down here is just amazing. it's a great feeling, and i'm really excited to get to work today. back here. in the bay area. student volunteers
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took part in a community clean up in oakland. at least 50 students from oakland tech picked up trash in the eads avenue area as part of the 15th annual day of service. the event was organized by the higher ground neighborhood development core. it included music, food trucks and a tree planting. in richmond. volunteers from bay hills church honor dr king's legacy by packaging more than 10,000 meals. the church partnered with the international non profit rise against hunger for that event, volunteers filled each package with rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, invite mints. organizers say the meals will be shipped to people facing hunger around the world. in san jose, the holiday was marked with a giveaway to help those living on the streets. homeless advocate pastor scott wagers and other volunteers distributed sleeping bags, tarps , blankets, socks and clothes to homeless camps in the city. wager said the giveaway was an opportunity to honor dr king's legacy and follow his example. by being an advocate for the poor and working to serve others. we are at a crossroads
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of the conscience of this country, and it's not the first time that we've been here. now to chicago were voting rights were on the mind of labor leaders at a rally today, participants said there should be no mlk celebrations until legislation to protect those rights is passed. and dozens of mental health workers today walked the picket line outside kaiser's oakland medical center . they're frustrated that the martin luther king jr day is not a paid holiday for them. ktvu demagogues live for us in the newsroom with their call during this one day strike, emma clubbing. one reason for frustration today was that kaiser had originally told it's therapists today would be a paid holiday, but later backtracked on that, saying they'll recognize martin luther king jr day next year across the organization. we want our freedom. morita holding holding signs with dr king's iconic face and memorable words. mental health professionals at kaiser permanente picketed monday outside the kaiser medical
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center in oakland. they thought they'd be getting today off as a paid holiday, but last month learned that wouldn't be happening after all cars are telling us that they can't give it to us for 2022, but they've given it to other unions who bargained it. by the way, it shouldn't be a bargaining issue. it's a civil rights issue, and then they're telling us you'll get it. january 2020 2023 in a statement, kaiser permanent said there was miscommunication within one department over martin luther king day being a paid holiday. citing operational factors that made it impossible to implement this year, adding quote. local leaders have apologized to employees who may have viewed the mistake as in any way conflicting with kaiser's deep commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity, but it's an insufficient response and frankly, it's infuriating because they had so many months. this is not something that was just out of the blue that we asked for. like i said, we've been asking for this since may of right after george floyd was murdered in 2020. foreign chicano therapist jessica dominguez, recognizing
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mlk day for kaiser therapists was meant to be a first step in a list of anti racist practices she and other therapists have spelled out. now she questions kaiser's commitment for me. this is very much a tipping point. if my organization kaiser can't step up and do the right thing when our communities of color and crisis when are they going to step up to the right thing? i can't recruit my friends to be therapists in oakland, for example. when they learned that we don't have martin luther king's day is a paid day off to them. that means their needs aren't valid and aren't important. so it's it hurts our recruitment. 8% of kaiser therapists are black higher than the national average, but not high enough to meet the needs of black patients, says therapist sabrina show met. it also hurts retention. we lose black therapists and therapists of color often call it sometimes the supremes because i'm usually one of three kaiser permanent employees who are represented by
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other unions do have today off as a paid holiday and rather than the traditional day of service this year, kaiser hasn't expanded week of service opportunities to commemorate martin luther king junior's legacy. well emma, you can see a frustrated everyone is i guess the question is, is there anything retroactive? kaiser could do maybe to fix this year's holiday. and is this pledge to at least have next year as a paid holiday doing anything to calm the frustration ? well, the women i spoke with are still frustrated. they're happy that they get to recognize martin luther king jr as a holiday next year. but they say it's really about principle not as much about pay for the holiday and they really want to see kaiser permanent step up and bring more resources and support to the people of color in kaiser permanently. alright thanks for that report, and the gas reporting live from the newsroom. san mateo county says it is investigating how surplus ppe and other supplies got left outside. during the recent storms from sky fox, you can see the soggy looking boxes of equipment at the event center. the county manager says the
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boxes were moved outside during an event and the supplies were damaged. the gear included nonmedical grade isolation gowns, space shields and goggles . there are also cleaning supplies such as bleach and mop buckets. the county says its supply of masks and gloves is stored indoors. they plan to donate any undamaged goods to a non profit. nursing homes are being hit especially hard by this latest wave of covid nationwide nursing homes, reported 32,000 covid cases among residents in the week ending january night. that's about a seven fold increase from a month earlier, a total of 645 covid related deaths among residents were recorded during the same week. that's a 47% increase from the earlier period . officials say they're responding to the outbreak by limiting visitors to common areas instead of allowing them into residents rooms and by bringing back social distancing requirements. nearly two years into the pandemic, health officials are preparing for covid to ultimately become an endemic disease that won't go
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away permanently but can be managed. we really don't want to get into the whack a mole approach towards every new variant where it comes up, and you all of a sudden have to make a new uh, a new, uh, booster against a particular very and it gets up because you'll be chasing it forever. moderna ceo says they're working on a single shot booster that will protect people from both covid-19 and the flu. the goal is to streamline that vaccination process as much as possible. meanwhile, divided administration says free covid test will be available for people to order online by wednesday. each household can order up to four tests free of charge. president biden has pledged to allocate one billion free tests for americans and stay with ktvu for the latest coronavirus information. we have an entire section of our website dedicated to the latest developments on the pandemic. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. some damage assessments are starting to come in from tonga after the eruption of an underwater volcano on saturday
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sent shockwaves around the world , the u. n says the main island sustained significant damage to infrastructure, but said so far there's no evidence of mass casualties. australia and new zealand sent surveillance planes to get a closer look. there are reports the island chain was battered by waves and left covered in ash eruption, knocked out phone and internet services. ancient anxious families waited for news. i feel like nothing is good back in the island right now. i don't know how they're going to have food, water. we know that they're okay. you know, even though that we don't know, but but we trust god. that's the only thing that all tongue its head. officials say one person is confirmed dead. the victim is a 50 year old british woman who ran an animal shelter. her brother says she was swept away by a wave trying to save the rescue dogs. san francisco's outdoor emergency alert system will not return any time soon. the system was
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designed to warn people of disasters but was taken offline two years ago for repair. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from ocean beach, which just had a tsunami advisory two days ago, christian and most people learned about it on their phone. but the way that they may have learned about it in the past was from sirens. you can see those sirens out there from the public address system, the outdoor alert system those silent, those sirens are going to be silent for at least the next two years. the city's department of emergency management says they're an important redundancy to help warn people about tsunamis. or other major disasters. hundreds visited san francisco's ocean beach just days after a volcanic eruption near tonga sent waves 5000 miles to california's coastline. most learned about the tsunami advisory on their phones and a few who are already at the beach. heard about it from first responders. the police officer told me, he says, we're closing the area. i go. what's going on? he says. oh, there's a tsunami warning. where people didn't hear was the outdoor alert system, which has been in place since the 19
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fifties. right now the sirens are offline. um and they are offline due to the fact that there was some significant security issues related to the technology. and so we had to take them off line about two years ago. the city's department of emergency management says this tsunami advisory would not have triggered an outdoor alert even if the system were up and working because of the low risk to the area. director mary ellen carroll says the department relied on first responders securing the beach and existing wireless technology to push alerts to the mobile devices of those who have opted in to alert sf and if necessary, even to those who have not. we would not have sounded the sirens for this alert, and we did use sf alert are texting alert to let people know what was going on. the outdoor alert system was supposed to be back online this year, but covid put the project on the back burner. now the city is working to secure funding to get the outdoor alert system up
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and working again. we would love to have the sirens back online. um we love redundancy and emergency management and preparedness and we'd love to have that redundancies, so we're hopeful that we'll be able to get the funding. to get those online. the department of emergency management says that while the tsunami advisory did not pose a risk to people living in the city, it serves as a reminder that we all live in a seismically active area. they're encouraging people to text their zip codes to 888777 so they can get automatic alerts anytime there's any kind of major emergency in the area. we're live in san francisco at ocean beach. christian captain ktvu. fox two news. it is nice to have options, christian. thank you. metal mangled for cars smashed coming up a decision that proved deadly in the north bank. also ahead. they've been dealing with snow and ice as well as power outages and travel problems coming up a live report on the freezing temperatures expected in the southern part of the
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country later tonight. and we've had a really, really nice weather around here. plus, these sunsets have been going off to another good one. tonight i'll be back in a little bit. we'll talk about why the sun sets are so great. we'll also talk about when we might see some rain back here in a minute. and what a gang niners walked away with a victory against the dallas cowboys. it had everyone on the edge of their seats more on those stressful final minutes and how the team is now turning its attention to green bay. ♪ ♪ ♪ easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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law enforcement says a driver made a deadly decision to get behind the wheel and that caused a four car crash and ended with
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a teenager. dead are crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the very latest on that investigation, henry we'll see. each piece says the driver responsible for this crash was under the influence of drugs and ended up killing one of his passengers. this video shows a chp helicopter getting ready to land on highway 1 16 and sonoma county along lush green fields. the view from the sky, though, transformed into a horrific scene. this is what's left of a cadillac that crashed on the highway near walmart road. a 16 year old boy riding in the cadillac was killed. so there was one fatality. i believe at the moment. we have two other major injuries visible in the mangled wreckage, a child safety seat. there was apparently no small child, though in the car. csp sergeant cruz korea said the cadillac had been heading west on the highway at about 11 15 sunday morning, weaving in and out of traffic. it was reported as driving recklessly crossing over solid double yellow lines, passing other vehicles that were traveling westbound. the cadillac then crashed into and ricocheted off an oncoming car.
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that vehicle collided with the first vehicle, which was traveling eastbound that caused a chain reaction that involves a total of four vehicles. the chp determined that the driver of the cadillac 24 year old genesis alexander of nevada, was under the influence of drugs. he suffered major injuries and was trapped after the crash. he was taken by ambulance to a hospital. one of his passengers , a 16 year old boy was killed. another 16 year old boy in the cadillac was hurt. a chp helicopter landed on highway and the flight crew took them to santa rosa memorial hospital. it looks like it was a severe impact. there was major damage to the vehicle. major structural damage all around. chp says the deadly crashes serve as a warning for those who decided drive while under the influence. it's a tragic event that happened. you know what i like to serve as a reminder of before the people out there just to be careful and drive at the speed limit don't drive while under the influence of any alcohol or drugs and that seems to be tells me the 2 16 year old boys are
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from mill valley. the surviving teenager has since been transferred to ucsf benioff children's hospital, oakland sonoma county d a or review the case before determining whether to formally file charges. against the driver live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news and henry, i guess at this point we do not know how they're related and how they knew each other in that car. that's right. nothing nothing further in that regard, okay? we'll continue to follow the story. henry lee, thanks so much reporting live from the newsroom tonight. investigators in the north based say the bodies of two women found four days apart do not appear to be connected. the body of 33 year old amber dylan of willits was found january 7th in sonoma county and the body of 22 year old alyssa may saadi of u k a was found in mendocino county four days later. both were found along highway 11 about 25 miles apart . forensic autopsy on dylan was performed january. 12th official results are not expected to be released for several weeks. oakland police say one person was killed in a crash on
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frontage road near 10th street early this morning, investigators say a ford explorer collided with a trailer that was parked in the center divider frontage road just before two a.m. the driver. a 50 year old man from oakland was killed. nobody else was in the explorer. it is not clear why that trailer was parked there. santa's a police say pedestrian who was injured in a hit and run crash earlier this month, has died. it happened 10 days ago on center road in south san jose. investigators say the victim was walking outside the marked crosswalk when he was struck by a blue or green pickup truck. the driver of that truck, then sped off. so far, no arrests have been made. but if you have any information you are being asked to call police. a strong winter storm is now making roads slick and dangerous. along the east coast. many drivers are struggling to maintain control of their cars more than 100,000 people lost power in the carolinas because of that severe weather. and airlines canceled hundreds of flights is icy conditions. threatened travel plans. box news mills hayes joins us now from charlotte, north carolina, with more on the
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frigid conditions expected tonight, mills. the roads in downtown charlotte. look worlds better than they did just yesterday. it's made it a lot easier for people to get out and about and drive around. but we still really haven't seen a lot of cars on the road. it is mlk day, which means many people do have the day off. and the north carolina department of transportation is still encouraging people to stay off the roads. if they can not want to take you guys back to win. the storm really began. it was late saturday night into sunday morning, and that's when we began to see the snow and the sleet covered the roads. and one of the biggest concerns was freezing rain. that's when rain freezes immediately when it hits something, and the weight of that ice can cause trees and power lines to fall, but also makes the roads dangerous and slick charlotte expected impacts of the storm to be more widespread, but thankfully, the damage has been relatively minor . we have seen power outages across the state. but right now,
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duke energy is reporting only about 15,000 power outages. and that, for the most part excludes the charlotte metro area. keep in mind that a majority of the people here in downtown are not used to this kind of weather. the national weather service says that this is the most know that the state has seen in nearly three years. many stores and businesses closed yesterday and today because of unsafe driving conditions. some people in the health care field don't have the luxury of staying home. yesterday i work by myself just because, like i told my technicians don't get on the road or anything like it's not worth it like i can handle it. i had maybe, like eight people come in. so a super slow and usually we're super busy because we're doing probably like at my store around like 40 covid shots a day. and now on top of the prescriptions, of course and covid testing, but yesterday was definitely dead. more travelers were able to catch their flights this afternoon as the airport got back to normal. we do know that at least two people have died in car wrecks in south
5:21 pm
carolina related to the storm. now temperatures will drop below zero again tonight, which means that driving tomorrow could be a little tough and that wintry weather it might not be over. quite yet. many local forecasters say that we could see another system rolled through here by the beginning of the next weekend in charlotte mills. hayes ktvu fox two news, all right. thank you so much for that live report. all right. julianne was kind of watching the atlanta snow this morning because i get a kick out of when they get snow in the south. they're not squared away with a lot of snow removal equipment, and that's one of the problems are going to have is they do a job where they kind of have scrape it. you ever seen bad snowplowing or road clearing? you know what i'm talking about? a lot of just junk chunks of ice left on the road. whatever. and melts a little bit during the day. and when it freezes tonight, that stuff becomes lethal. so tomorrow morning, atlanta carolinas they're going to have all sorts of issues against mostly, but they just don't have the vast amount of
5:22 pm
snow plow equipment that we have . next thing involving automobiles is the golden gate bridge. north bong traffic. i just watching it. they got a little record something going on there so you can see that flashing light up by the first of the south tower. you can see a flash or light there. so that's what's going on there. if you're waiting for somebody, and then what's going on up here is just yet another ridiculously beautiful sunset we have had night after night after night after night of great sunsets. why is that? what's going on? but the main thing you notice in the winter when it's not raining, and there's sparse clouds like this. the sun angle is always constantly lower, so the sunset starts a lot earlier than you would expect. so i mean, i've been watching it since four oclock. it's not a sunset necessarily, but it's low on the horizon. it's just kind of hovers on the horizon for awhile. so you get these sunsets. it seemed to go on forever and ever, and then, on top of that, you add in this moisture coming from a low pressure center down here. and you get yourself some cool clouds and you get yourself some
5:23 pm
really ridiculously great sunsets. so that's what all the other thing about winter is. you have plenty of rain and the atmosphere is really clean, for the most part, typically, and so you have these these vistas, especially after a rain event or something like we had a few sprinkles this morning. the atmosphere gets really clear, so that's why a couple of reasons why there's other reasons that we're seeing great sunsets. you see some shower activity. this is just offshore. europe is stuff out on long poke. you kind of see this guy ramping up. it's just a low pressure centers sitting offshore, bringing us clouds keeping us mild overnight lows tonight. back into the upper thirties low forties this time of year coming into late january, february, i expect twenties and thirties and we're looking at thirties and forties , so that's good. if you're worried about your plants, we are dry for a while. i do this every night. just say you don't think i'm i'm messing with you that we're not going to see rain for a while. here is seven days of no rain seven days ago when there's wednesday there's thursday seven working with the
5:24 pm
rain's going everything's going up and over. that's a ridge of high pressure. it does appear late in the month last couple days of february, january into february. we have a pretty good shot at some significant rainfall. fingers crossed and again. why was that early range so important? oh, my gosh. you imagine if we didn't write, we were 10% or 20% of average right now. we're 121 131 140 150. of rainfall average around the bay area, the mountains are getting down to about 110% of water of snowpack, but still we're going to see snow and rain before that gets to the point where we're really concerned, so that's really a very fortunate thing we have. there's another shot of the most beautiful bridge in the world. i hope you had a really nice weekend. a lot of folks driving home now getting back from wherever they were. the work week is starting when i get back, we'll look at the five day forecast and set you up. there's no rain. i gave that away already. but we'll get into the subtleties of it. i'll see you back here a little. okay. thanks, bill. only kind of five
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g s about to roll out. but when the new tech goes live, things are going to have to change at airports across the country. the impact air travelers here in the bay area, then at six, google and medic get hit with a lawsuit accusing them of manipulating accusing them of manipulating how ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs.
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right now from sfo this evening as we await the rollout of new five g c band service from verizon and 18 t. but that rollout could cause some headaches for domestic air travelers starting wednesday as ktvu tom vacar reports. that's when five g deployment is set to happen, and airlines warning many aircraft aren't cleared to navigate around it. on monday, bad weather played a key role in the cancelation of well over 1600 flights in the u. s in bad weather, pilots and passengers want every bit of safety technology working when the plane is landing and close to
5:28 pm
the ground has of monday, the faa says only 45. of all u. s commercial passenger and cargo aircraft have authorization for low visibility landings. at many airports. those airports are where telecom giants such as a t and t and verizon have deployed five g c band equipment that goes active on wednesday. resident ceo george homes of five g expert spoke to our chicago's sister station when visibility is low, it claimed might have to wait either land or fertile traded airport. five g is simply the faster fifth generation of cell phone signals . it was acquired by phone companies when tv stations exchange them for digital tv bands. the faa is concerned that potential interference between the high speed and powerful telecom equipment might interfere with aircraft systems like altimeter is critical to safe operations when visibility is low. but the issue may really
5:29 pm
be a turf battle between the faa and the fcc, not aircraft and telecom systems, says bay area tech analyst bob oh, donald, with those things potentially interfere with each other. of course not so the science of it is absolutely clear that there's not going to be any problem. the five g c band was used in satellite television for decades without aircraft incidents. these frequencies are being used in many countries all over the world. world around the airports. and there have been zero issues. the faa has yet to fully disclosed which airports already have adequate buffer zones well away from five g towers. some with buffer zones do include san francisco, san jose and 48. others no mention was made of oakland airport. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. dozens of volunteers spent the day cleaning up parks and playgrounds will show you how the bay area spent a day of
5:30 pm
service in honor of the martin luther king jr holiday, plus the million dollar home in mountain view that you can buy without spending a single dollar. how you can close that deal using crypto currency and why some say could save the buyer from hefty taxes. the nation to mark the mlk
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5:32 pm
holiday, but many people also took time to give back to their communities. ktvu is james torres has a look now at how bay area volunteers rolled up their sleeves in honor of dr king. for
5:33 pm
most people today is considered a day off of work or school, but it's supposed to be considered a day on when it comes to community service. at least that's how about 60 to 70 people felt here in san jose. three game reverse fleet of wheel barrels, tools in hand and a sense of giving back that's all volunteers needed this morning to get out of bed today, we had the day off, so it's a good opportunity to come out. the city of san jose's parks and recreation department hosted a day of service at mary jane hammond park. volunteers cleaned around the playgrounds. the city made sure anyone signing up to help today stayed safe were very strict on keeping everybody super safe with the covid verifications. masks making sure everyone's social distance. we sanitized the tools before and after, especially outdoors, i can say right and we've overturned mask. everybody had their vaccination card check, so i think the protocol procedures are very safe over here. the history of the mlk holiday goes
5:34 pm
back to the civil rights leader's death in 1968. it took 15 years for legislation to pass through congress, and the bill was signed into law by president ronald reagan in 1983, the first mlk federal holiday happened in 1986. but it didn't become a day of service until 1994 you know, so our kids, you know, it's good to get back to the community. the message of getting kids out echoed in oakland at a similar cleanup event put on by students from oakland tech. we're just going to be out here picking up trash. cleaned up the community and just beautifying the area. it'll be really fun. i'm excited more than 60 student volunteers did their part. it impressed mayor libby schaaf and that love of community that sense of power because when you can make positive change herself as a child, that makes you feel like you have agency. that is what led me on my path to being the mayor taking a day on to give back volunteers carry on the
5:35 pm
message from martin luther king jr. to empower americans to make the world a better place for everyone. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. members of martin luther king's family led a march in washington d. c. this morning they were joined by lawmakers in congress to honor dr king holiday marking what would have been his 93rd birthday. marchers remember dr king is a champion of voting rights during his lifelong fight for social justice, and they say the right to vote is now facing one of the biggest challenges in u. s history. while we no longer have to count how many marbles in a jar or recite backwards. the declaration of independence. today's modern day voting suppression is no less pernicious. the freedom to vote. john lewis act would dramatically overhaul american elections with a goal of making sure everyone who is eligible has the right to vote. it passed
5:36 pm
the house last week and is scheduled for a vote in the senate tomorrow. however its passage is in doubt because of republican opposition. in oakland woman says she was overjoyed after being reunited with her dog that was stolen at gunpoint last week read award a says an armed man snatched her french bulldog named daisy during a walk around her adam's point neighborhood on thursday. water, then posted fliers in search of the dog and offered a cash reward for his safe return. today she told our crime reporter henry lee that does. he was safely back home after he was found roaming in the area and now oakland police are investigating, and a search is underway for another stolen french bulldog snatched at gunpoint this time in castro valley. it happened saturday as a woman and her mother were walking the dog named tito. the family member says. that's when a group of five men jumped out of a car, pointed guns at both women and demanded the dog. the suspects got away with tito and a purse investigators say keys found in the purse were later
5:37 pm
used to steal a mercedes benz out of the family's driveway. the theft of the dog is the latest in a series of targets targeting frenchies here in the bay area. students in the hayward unified school district will return to the classroom tomorrow. after a week of distance learning. the school board voted to reopen hayward schools. during a meeting on friday night. the district switched to remote learning last week after more than 200 teachers and other staff tested positive for covid. all teachers will now get medical grade masks and will have access to more testing. hawaii will likely require visitors to have their covid booster shots soon. the state's governor says his office is strongly considering changing its definition of fully vaccinated from two doses have been approved covid vaccine to three doses. that would mean that travelers who have not had their booster shot will have to isolate for five days when they arrive in hawaii at their own expense. right now, only american travelers can visit hawaii, with few exceptions for international tourists. the joint chiefs of staff says chairman general mark milley has
5:38 pm
tested positive for covid 19 and is experiencing minor symptoms. marine corps, also saying it's commandant general david berger has also tested positive. a spokesman says millie received the covid-19 vaccine and a booster shot and it's isolating and working remotely. his most recent contact with president biden was on wednesday. the marine corps gave no other details about burger except to say he continues to work. a new study by the cdc says children and teens are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes a month or more after their covid infection compared to those who did not have the virus researchers compared to different databases over a year. during the pandemic and found children with covid where 116% more likely to develop diabetes . researchers believe the coronavirus could be a perfect storm catalyst with pandemic food insecurity as a possible factor. and stay with ktvu for the latest coronavirus information. we have an entire section of our website dedicated to the latest developments on
5:39 pm
the pandemic. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. a real estate listing in silicon valley is advertising that the condo owners will take cash loans, or cryptocurrency offers in mountain view. this two bedroom , one bathroom, fully renovated condo is on the lower end. as far as bay area. real estate prices go that price just under $1 million, and you do not have to use dollars to buy it. cryptocurrency like bitcoin is the d digital decentralized type of currency. that's made many investors rich in the last decade and purchasing a home with that currency could help avoid some hefty gains right away. with companies like my own that are able to help them diversify and defer taxes makes it so that it's fantastic that they can maintain their buying power pay their taxes later. will be an open to crypto offers us the sellers stand out and could also lead to more offers. still ahead, a rabbi and three worshippers escaped a hostage situation without getting hurt.
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door. and all three of us were able to get out without even a shot being fired. from saturday prayers to praying for their lives. rabbi charlie crichton crichton sharing his escape plan from a texas gunman, the rabbi and some worshippers were held captive inside a synagogue for more than 10 hours. the hostage taking was caught on a live stream of saturday service. the gunman was killed and tonight law enforcement in the u. s and overseas are ramping up their investigations. fox news alex hogan reports. you just don't
5:43 pm
know if it's going to happen at your church residents of colleyville, texas are still in shock after this man 44 year old malik akram took a rabbi and three worshippers hostage during saturday services at the congregation beth israel synagogue. he died at the scene after the hostages escaped, and now the investigation is ramping up with two teenagers detained in the city of manchester late sunday night, akram was from blackburn and industrial city in northern england and allegedly suffered from mental illness getting banned from british courtrooms after yelling in court and making comments about 9 11. but he wasn't on a terror watch list despite having what his brother calls a long criminal history in the uk. he arrived in new york about two weeks ago on a tourist visa. and now president biden is asking tough questions about how he was able to obtain a gun just ridiculous, and it's because of the failure us to focus as hard
5:44 pm
as we should, and as consistently should on gun purchases. we're also learning more about the final moments of the standoff. congregations rabbi says akram was becoming increasingly agitated as it became clear his demands would not be met. that's when the hostages started looking for an opportunity to escape. i told them to go. i threw a chair at the gunman. and i headed for the door. in all three of us were able to get out without even a shot being fired. fbi investigators are now working with scotland yard to determine if akram had any accomplices in the uk in london. alex hogan, fox news well, one of world war two's greatest mysteries has been solved. a suspect has been identified in the investigation into who betrayed and frank revealing her location in amsterdam to the. jewish notary arnold vanderburgh reportedly was the man who gave up frank, and that's according to research
5:45 pm
from a retired fbi agent, historians, criminologists and data specialist. the team believes it was very likely. vandenberg gave up the frank family to save his own family, and frank was discovered in 1944 after hiding out in a secret now home. she died at the age of 15 and a concentration camp. her diary was published by her father after it was kept safe by one of the families, helpers. honoring the life of betty white, more than more on the new push to donate to the animal charities that white was so passionate about helping throughout her life. and the niners playoff journey takes another step. but if you watch the game yesterday, you're probably still recovering from those last five minutes or so. joe fonzi is up next with more on that nail biter and what the team is saying about taking on the packers next weekend. and weren't we just talking about sunsets? check this out. if you're not looking at your tv, take a peek, and if you're not seeing it now, i'll have it back when we get where they're going. fi key takeaway today for the san
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
francisco 49 ers following their narrow wildcard playoff win over the dallas cowboys on the road yesterday. ktvu is joe fonzi has those highlights plus the niners next test? joe? i was so stressed out watching that game yesterday. i think everybody was as long as you get the w that's what counts. if you're someone who gets nervous watching your team in a close playoff game yesterday, contest between the 49ers and cowboys was not for you. here's how much they were anticipating the game in dallas , all that we're doing here is opening the doors to 18 stadium. much of the game and looked like the 49ers had things comfortably under control. when devo samuel started right, then cut back 26 yards to the end zone. the 49ers had 23 to 7 lead with a little less than six minutes to play in the third quarter. cowboy fans already shedding tears about their teams plight. those tears premature. dallas field golden 49ers turnover if the cowboys
5:49 pm
short field deck, prescott took advantage with this five yard run to the end zone with two left to play, it was a one possession game. 23 17. both teams had two more offensive possessions. this was the cowboys last chance on the design quarterback run press. god goes 17 yards to the 49 or 24. but the cowboys were out of time out. the officials have to spot the ball. by the time that happens, the game clock gets 20 49ers have a heart stopping 23 to 17 win, making them the only visiting teams so far to win in this wild card weekend. so what does that earn them? a date with the team they lost to on a sunday night and week three. the green bay packers. the difference, though, is this game will not be in santa clara back in september that 49ers fell behind 17 nothing before jimmy garoppolo engineered this fourth quarter comeback values check refuses to be denied the end zone 49ers in front 38 27 with 37 seconds left. that's too much time for aaron rodgers. he got the packers into field goal
5:50 pm
range. he had devontae adams with a pair of passes. mason crosby was set up for a 51 yard game winning field goal. crosby put it right down the middle. the packers at a 32 28 when handing the 49 is their first loss of the season. 49ers packer head coaches are not exactly strangers. at both washington and atlanta. green based matt lafleur was the quarterbacks coach during kyle shanahan's tenure as offensive coordinator channel and today in a conference call. asked about that exchanged after the game in september, when it looked like he blew the floor off. no mats. my guy were matt and i are totally good. i was #### after that game, because how the game just ended. that was a tough one. took a while to get over. but we're good. then a #### of a job this year been real happy for him. but that stops this week and to go there in the playoffs with the caliber team that they have what the quarterback that they have. it is going to be a real special game is gonna be huge challenge, and it can be something that i myself and i know everyone involved with this member for
5:51 pm
our lives. guests equipment and here's something else to consider. as we approach saturday's game, fred warner, the 49ers leading tackler, re injured his ankle on this fourth quarter play without any contact warner did not finish the game. here's what he said today in a tweet. he apologized for the scarce says he'll be good to go for the game at lambeau field, which will be played on saturday . as we said there was no update today on the status of nick bosa, who remains under concussion protocol after he took a hit to the head from teammate dj jones, while the two were pressuring deck prescott. one thing we know for sure is there will be plenty of 49ers packer talk in the next five days before the game, and i think we can also depend on the fact that it's going to be very cold this time of year in lambeau field for a night game. yes joe yesterday when we talked to you and said you'll be surprised which way it went. because if the niners are doing everything right, you know they're fantastic. after watching yesterday's game, you know, how are we feeling about yeah. i still stand by that.
5:52 pm
they did three quarters of doing everything right? and they've proven this year that when they do that, they're as good as anybody in the nfl. but then you get those couple of mistakes. the turnover they had a fake punt. that went for first down, kept to drive alive. they've got a field goal after that, and then jimmy rapallo threw an interception on bad judgment for a ball. all of a sudden, you've got a game that goes right down to the wire, and that's kind of the way it's been for the 49ers all year. playoff football, keeping us on our toes. well, it'll be fun to watch, right. thanks, joe. you bet. already live camera appaloosa out there. beautiful night again. this is, uh sutro tower shot looking out towards, uh, san francisco and just beautiful, beautiful. beautiful night, billy. if you've got another live one, i think you do have one i don't have here looking west. if you can grab that. that'd be great, too, because we were talking about sunsets. and you know this time of year, the sun angle runs on the horizon. narratives like that. the sun the sun runs on
5:53 pm
the horizon for quite some time. and when it does you get these amazing sunsets and that's kind of what we're seeing right now. i think as you look at the next couple of days, we're going to continue to see this pattern of just insane colors and vibrancy . just great. okay so what are these? these are the highest from today. got warm? i mean, 65. morgan hill. it was 64 in san jose 64 in livermore highs tomorrow are going to be about the same height as the next year will be about the same height. next. they are going to be about the same. gonna be about the same each day. we don't have any big changes coming our way we do have that little system offshore that low that's actually making the sunset kind of great too, because you've got this little cut off low this lingering down here. and it just throws clouds up into our area and gives you these really great sunsets again. why in the summer months, right, the sun angles higher, right, so it's way i can affect you can see that something goes up like about here. and right now, the sun angle hangs really low on the horizon for from,
5:54 pm
like, noon on kinda, and so you get these really great, you know, kind of sun shooting through a big, thick layer of the troposphere or the atmosphere shall. yeah, that's what's going on. so again. another live camera shot. beautiful night. maybe some patchy fog tonight. not expecting a lot. but maybe a little bit overnight lows have been mild. it has been the most pleasant pattern. i was going to say that i can remember. but it's been really pleasant pattern because usually when you get this kind of weather you get really cold overnight really cold overnight. there's some gusty northeast winds. but we're not saying that we're having ourselves a really nice run of it, and we're going to stay that way. this five day forecast these upper tier numbers that's going to be like morgan hill gilroy number like that 65 65 on thursday friday, but still really nice weather overnight lows are staying well above freezing and daytime highs are going to be even if the beaches are going to be in the low sixties, so around the bay low sixties to mid sixties. so really, just a wonderful pattern. i'm not sweating because we've gotten so much
5:55 pm
rain, the early on which was great, and we're not really looking at any opportunity guys for rain until we get to last couple days in february or january into february. so we are a ways to go for rain. but we're doing okay. and by the time the rain comes, we should be still above 100% of rainfall average. so why come back? we'll take a look at the latest computer models will see you back here at six. it is out there a ways, bill. thank you coming up at six. find out what's behind a new hike in gas prices, plus most of the things that you're gonna get over the counter make you feel better. that's not necessarily going to prevent people from coming to the hospital. however. it's not hard to get confused by all the changing information about the best ways to fight covid at home. coming up at six. a doctor will help us sort through the
5:56 pm
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going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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betty white today on what would have been the late stars. 1/100 birthday. yes, in the tribute to the beloved actress, google has created a special effect when users search for her name rose petals flutter down the screen accompanied by the message. thank you for being a friend. the words are from the theme song for the golden girls. white starred in the popular sitcom as rose nyland from 1985 to 1992. the white is also being remembered today in a widely circulated social media campaign , encouraging her fans to donate to animal charities in her name . white dedicated much of her life as a champion and advocate for animal welfare. so the betty white challenge has been
5:59 pm
launched, asking people to honor her legacy on her birthday by noting donating $5 to animal charities. we can do a lot with $5. we can feed animals, we can get medical care. we can continue our rescue efforts and all of this we can do and betty white's memory to pay it forward for her legacy of compassion, kindness and love. for almost 75 years what was actively involved with american humane, the group says one of her favorite programs was its pups for patriots initiative, which provided companion dogs for veterans. this is ktvu fox two news at six. is to be all the traffic was. it's for yourself before everybody else out there. investigators say a driver made a deadly decision to get behind the wheel and caused a four car crash in sonoma county. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener and i'm claudine wang. that collision ended with a teenager killed. the crash happened on highway 1 16 near wat moreau, just a few miles
6:00 pm
from downtown sonoma. reporter henry lee tells us what investigators are learning about the case. this video shows a chp helicopter getting ready to land on highway 1 16 and sonoma county along lush green fields. the view from the sky, though, transformed into a horrific scene. this is what's left of a cadillac that crashed on the highway near walmart road. a 16 year old boy riding in the cadillac was killed. so there was one fatality. i believe at the moment. we have two other major injuries visible in the mangled wreckage, a child safety seat. there was apparently no small child, though. in the car, csp sergeant cruz korea said the cadillac had been heading west on the highway at about 11 15 sunday morning, weaving in and out of traffic. it was reported as driving recklessly crossing over solid double yellow lines, passing other vehicles that were traveling westbound. the cadillac then crashed into and ricocheted off an oncoming car. that vehicle collided with the first vehicle, which was traveling eastbound


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