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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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train in new york by a mentally ill man. there's not going to be that much instruction happening as there hasn't been for last couple weeks now another day of miss classes in oakland today after a walkout shuts down three schools, the demands by students and teachers. and free covid test kits right to your home. the partnership between the white house and the u. s. postal service that's now underway. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex seven. and i'm cristina rendon. you can now order the free code at home test kits promised by the white house . the federal government is now accepting requests online, the website up and running, considered a soft launch one day ahead of schedule. it will officially launch tomorrow morning. it's in the beta testing phase right now americans are already ordering their free covid-19 at home test kits through the website, covid tests dot gov. the south to
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launch one day ahead of the official launch, is working out any kinks in operating in a limited capacity. every website launch in our view comes with risk. we can't guarantee there won't be a bug or two. but the best tech teams across the administration and the postal service are working hard to make this a success. the government's side takes you to a u. s postal service web page where you can request one set. of four rapid antigen at home tests per household. these tests give you results within 30 minutes. orders will ship in 7 to 12 days starting in late january. the postal service says it can't process duplicate orders for the same address. we're looking forward to getting free tests out to the public. the test can only be sent to a home address, not a business address, which make us problems for those who live in apartments. but the majority of people are reporting no issues, saying they've already received confirmation of their order. if you can't wait for a shipment, you're encouraged to make an appointment at a free testing site. or you can buy an at home test kit and get reimbursed from your insurance company. the ap
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reports said at one point today, more than 750,000 people were accessing the website at the same time, but it's unknown how many orders have been placed. it was a chaotic start to the school week in oakland today, thousands of students stayed at home and a large number of teachers called out sick. that prompted three schools to close for the day. and late today. the district spokesman reacted to those sick outs over covid safety issues by highlighting the hardship these protests put on parents. sick outs. that's not the most ideal situation for our kids, especially when we're talking about elementary kids there. you know, all the other families. you know, they have to work short notice when they find out last night that their school maybe close today because we don't have enough staff that's going to put them in some hardship because they have to, you know, maybe fine childcare when they don't have easy access to it. and a variety of other things to allow them to go to work and make sure that their kids are safe. so that's that's a challenge. ktvu james torres
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has details on what teachers and students are calling for and more on the impact of today's sick outs. just outside the campus at united for success academy, a group of teachers were telling students were walking into the classroom either go back home or join the protests today because in person instruction was just not happening. these teachers say they are standing in solidarity with students who are protesting against the oakland unified school district. being divided. teachers stood in front of the school instead of in front of students, parents forced to pick up their kids from a school day. that just didn't happen because teachers and subs didn't show up . teachers are supporting the student strike, and they're welcome to come. and um, but there's not going to be that much instruction happening, as there hasn't been for last couple weeks. now half of our students are outside of the classroom. sick out. shut down three schools, you have to say
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bridges academy and acorn, woodland elementary. about 1200 . students signed this petition, saying they would not show up to school today, either. they say the district needs to supply them better access to medical grade masks on site testing at every campus twice a week. and create outdoor spaces to eat lunch when it rains. these safety demands are something that teachers, staff and the wider community have been asking for since the start of this school year. the school district says they are meeting these demands. the district distributed more than 200,000 k . n95 masks last week and says more will be delivered to students this week. rain protected outdoor spaces are in the making, but materials have been backlogged for months, and the district calls they're testing system robust. there are 10 testing hubs with plans to have on site testing at every school at least once or twice a week. teachers here say they've heard guidance from healthcare professionals suggesting in
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person instruction is safe. but they are not convinced. i think that there are some, um professionals that are kind of being persuaded by big business that has put pressure on institutions like the cdc and others to get their parents working and, oh, usd spokesperson says they will continue to follow the guidance from the alameda county department of public health. i did reach out to the student group organizing the weeklong protest, they say if they don't feel their demands are met, they will hold a rally on friday that will go on until they are satisfied with the district's response. reporting in oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. students in the hayward unified school district were back in the classroom today after a week of virtual learning . the district switched to remote learning last week after staffing and testing shortages, roughly 200 teachers and staff across the district tested
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positive for covid after the holiday break, and others were quarantined while waiting for delayed test results. the district says enhanced safety measures are in place for today's reopening. but some parents we spoke with a burbank elementary say virtual learning should have been extended. i wish they would have extended it at least to the end of february to make sure that the kids lives were, you know, not at stake, but we're back. um everybody seems to be back, but i feel like they could've done a little bit more. the state of california brought in a testing unit for our staff to be able to offer them specifically testing . the county provided home tests for our staff. hayward schools are urging and also providing surgical masks for students in k n95 masks for staff, and this week, elementary school students are on a minimum day schedule, and secondary students are on a block schedule to help limit exposure. today the state of california along with public and private universities, rolled out details of a new program to help
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students pay for higher education. the californians for all college core is designed to give financial aid and real world work experience to low income students. here in the bay area. u c. berkeley san francisco state, san jose state and cal state. east bay are among the 45 colleges statewide , where students can receive as much as $10,000 in grants and scholarships. san jose state student provided science tutoring under a similar program. is a great way for me to receive a living allowance and educational ward for my service, which includes providing access to computer science to underserved kids, which is really important to me. the students will do work in three priority areas through 12, education, climate action and food insecurity. each university will provide students with information on how to apply the program will launch next fall. a vigil is underway in new york city for a bay area native who
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was killed in a horrific attack on the subway. there's an answer . and we will. people are gathering in times square tonight. not far from where 40 year old michelle go was killed . new york police say a homeless man pushed her in front of a subway train at the times square station on saturday. members of michelle goes family who live in fremont released this picture of michelle with her parents and brother. they described her as a quote. beautiful brilliant, kind and intelligent woman. police have not determined if the attack was racially motivated, but many see it in the context of increased violence against the aapi community. really need to continue to support one another to breathe, um, and provide solace for one another. we need to continue to gather allies because protecting our community safety as an effort that's going to take all of us. a classmate of goes from american high school in three months, and in a statement to ktvu quote, i was just reading her yearbook messages and emails
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to me, and i think what ultimately sticks out is that she's just so friendly and always seem to be having a good time. which was infectious. here in the bay area, people will gather for a candlelight vigil in san francisco at six o'clock tonight at portsmouth square. that's at clay and kerney streets. several of the alleged victims of the so called party mom spoke out at a bail hearing earlier today in the south bay. shannon o. connor of los gatos is facing dozens of criminal charges, including child endangerment, sexual assault and providing alcohol to minors. she's accused of hosting drunken sex parties for her son and his teenage friends and her former los gatos home. o connor has been in jail since her arrest back in october. at today's bail hearing the alleged victims and their families spoke about the fear they would face if she was let out of jail. deputy district attorney rebecca weiss says o'connor is currently on a no bail hold and prosecutors want to keep it that way. the people are going to argue that we are extremely afraid that if the
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defendant is released from custody, she will continue to commit crimes against children here. in this case, we have a pattern. a criminal pattern where she committed 39 acts of criminal conduct against children had an opportunity to reflect on her actions and continue to commit those crimes against children. she's a danger to our society and the only way for our community to be safe is to keep her in custody. why, said o'connor is considered a flight risk because she fled to idaho when bay area authorities first began investigating her. today's bail hearing was continued until next month. an outpouring of support and donations, the effort in the bay area to get some critical supplies to tonga after the recent volcano eruption and tsunami at a $50 billion plan from the white house to help prevent wildfires here in california and other western states. the preventative measures that it calls for. and why they're a bit of a cool down
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today across the portions of the bay area, but it looks like a sunny weather stretch and a dry weather stretch will continue on our
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be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. released, showing the effects of the volcanic eruption on the south pacific island of tonga. this is the capital city before saturday's eruption, and then afterwards you can see the city is coated with dark ash and soot. here's another look before and neighborhoods dotted with greenery. and then afterwards you see, they're completely coated with ash. tongan officials say at least three deaths have now been confirmed, and the island chain suffered significant damage to its infrastructure and homes. ktvu tom baker is joining us now live from the newsroom with some of the local efforts to try to bring relief to this extremely remote area, tom local. indeed, the container ship leaves friday , so there's still time to help you can help for the longer. many people, including many of tongue and ancestry, have been
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bringing nonperishable emergency supplies to sf enterprises on oakland's mandela parkway, a shipping company that specializes in tonga. malika mooney and two friends are paying to send supplies and goods to their families who they say they have yet to communicate with very worried. for the health of all the tongans. and even though that you know, we have an update about the damages ah, i think we have so far three fatalities back in tomah, but it's been how many days that we have yet to make contact because there is no internet. everything is down in tonga. janine longo's daughter lives in hunger. my daughter was face timing during the actual when it first started. and she said that, um the skies were read in nuku'alofa and the children were scared in the car because they were traveling to higher ground and. the ash was coming down so
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hard that they thought that it was going to break the windshield of the car. most of the donated goods will go compliments of the shipper sf enterprises through western samoa. we as a family in his organization, we want to get as close as possible. so like the vessel, leaving this friday, get as much water on here get into some more, and we'll figure out whatever charter whatever we can do to get it into don't you know the most efficient and economical way to haul all of these emergency supplies off the tonga? is it a container ship? the problem is economical is, um, might be. the reality is it will be 4 to 5 weeks before it arrives. there are still a couple of days to donate because of the long transit time. get it on the ship. you have time for to get there. please pray for sandra. now. immediate emergency supplies will come from nations closer to tonga like new zealand. but with no doubt a lot
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of us assistance will be involved in getting them there. tom baker, ktvu fox two news, tom. it is wonderful to see people stepping up here in the bay area to help out thank you. billions of dollars coming west from the white house. the biden administration plans to significantly increase efforts to prevent catastrophic wildfires that have been torching western states. the administration plans to more aggressively thin forests around areas where people live. officials plan to spend $50 billion to more than double the use of controlled fires and logging to reduce vegetation that feeds fires. the work will focus on regions were out of control fires wiped out neighborhoods, including the sierra and the rocky mountains. democrats had hoped to pass election reforms by martin luther king jr day despite failing to meet that deadline. democrats now are pressing forward taking action on the senate, florida move on a pair of voting rights bills. but as foxes mike emanuel tells us, there are still plenty of hurdles ahead. today we have just taken the first steps that
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will put everyone everyone on the record for the first time this congress, the senate formally began debate on voting rights legislation. and we don't protect the right to vote. we won't have a democracy. is that simple. we're going to widely popular voter id laws and making it harder to produce accurate voter rolls is not about making voting easier. it's about making cheating. easier it comes one day after democrats failed to meet senate majority leader chuck schumer self imposed deadline to symbolically passed an election reform bill by mlk day. democrats will continue to fight on this issue until we succeed democrats are combining into one to voting rights bills passed by the house last week. if passed, the legislation would make election day a federal holiday, expand early voting and mail in voting and give the federal government greater oversight over state elections. but not a single republican senator supports the legislation and without at least 10 onboard
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. democrats don't have the votes . instead democrats have proposed altering the filibuster to lower the threshold to advance the bill. but moderate senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema say it's not a move they support despite backing election reforms. the american people deserve to see where their leaders stand on protecting their fundamental rights. today's debate sets the stage for a procedural vote to take place wednesday leader schumer had pledged if republicans filibuster the voting rights bill, the senate will vote on changing the filibuster. in washington. mike emanuel fox news. and in weather looks like this quiet to whether powder will stick around actually over the next few days, which is some minor day to day changes, but it will actually feel a bit warm around here by friday saturday, we could have a few spots approaching 70. degrees so yes, temperatures will be trading up a little bit over the next few days. we're looking for the rainfall. but as you can see,
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with the updated forecast maps here we are just showing you bunch of zeros here in northern california and in the bay area's take a look at the maps right now we're showing you this dry week ahead. there is a good chance of some rainfall just not up here up in the up in the pacific northwest report land and seattle, but we have a mild week ahead. so it looks like another week of a dry weather. maybe we'll see could be tracking some changes late this month. as we do approach february. here's the satellite. you probably noticed a few high clouds throughout the day. those high clouds drifting in from the north. you can see right around eureka writer on kate montecito, so we're not completely sunny and overnight once again will probably be tracking some areas of dense fog that could impact visibilities first thing tomorrow morning for your wednesday morning commute current numbers out there for the four o'clock hours. san francisco checking in 52. we have santa rosa 54 few spots right about 60 degrees out towards walnut creek and livermore, and i think we'll probably have a few more sixties. showing up on the maps for tomorrow afternoon. here's our live camera looking out toward san francisco, where we have the high clouds and also
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still layer of haze. air quality still not moderate range, not a lot of mixing to really clear things out of front could actually clear out the atmosphere. that's a but that's not going to happen. just still see a few high clouds moving in from the north overnight lows will start out our wednesday morning on the cold side once again if you want to bundle up upper thirties to the forties, and then into the afternoon hours you could see into your wednesday. there we are some patchy fog. and then into the afternoon hours fair skies with partly to mostly sunny skies for your wednesday forecast highs could be a little bit warmer than today and more warming coming up in the five day forecast or to have that full update. coming up in just a little bit. okay seeing a bit mark. thank you. claim said amazon didn't do enough to save its workers. the lawsuit now being filed over a deadly warehouse collapsed during last month's tornado outbreak in the midwest. do enough to save workem
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tornadoes that ripped through
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the midwest. more than a month ago, six people working at an amazon warehouse died in the storm. foxes medicine, scarpino is live outside that warehouse in edwardsville, illinois, tonight in madison. what do we know about the lawsuit? christina the main accusation is that amazon knew or should have known that a tornado was coming and easily could have sent their workers home. but the victim's mom says that amazon placed profits over the safety of her son. and here's what that warehouse looked like after a tornado hit edwardsville last month, the family of 26 year old delivery driver austin mcewan filed the lawsuit. the suit claims amazon had no warning process and place despite being in an area where they say tornadoes are common. the lawyer representing the driver's family also says the relatively new building didn't have adequate shelters for workers. there's no evidence whatsoever that this building had inappropriate basement shelter or storm shelter, and unfortunately,
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austin mcewan and five others were on the south side of the building, sheltered at the direction of amazon in a bathroom. amazon responded with a statement that reads in part, this lawsuit misunderstands key facts, such as the difference between various types of severe weather and tornado alerts as well as the condition and safety of the building. we believe our team did the right thing as soon as a warning was issued, and they work to move people out to safety as quickly as possible. and right now, when you look at the part of the building that was destroyed, it's clear. that there's still a lot of repair work to be done in. family attorney says they deserve compensation and that amazon needs to learn from this to make sure that it never happens again. live in edwardsville, illinois, madison scarpino ktvu fox two news. alright, madison. thank you. more potential flight delays and delivery disruptions . that concerns forcing two major carriers to delay their
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five g rollout. once again up next we'll look at the pros and cons of this new technology. and the january 6th house committee zeroes in on former president trump's c ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance.
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what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673, technology. this after the airline industry raised alarms about potential interference with important system on systems on planes. foxes greedy tremble is at chicago o hare international airport with more the major u. s airlines are
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putting pressure on government officials and cellular company saying that the rollout of five g could cause chaos for flyers and it seems that pressure is working because both verizon and at and t say they'll delay turning on a limited number of towers around certain airport runways. a tnt says. we are frustrated by the f a's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy five g technology without disrupting aviation services. and we urge it to do so in a timely manner. both companies say they're launching towers everywhere else in the country as planned on wednesday , with the exception of a limited number of towers near airports. the airlines say the five g signal would interfere with critical safety instruments on planes and the rollout could cause mass flight cancelations as well as a suspension of cargo flights. that means that goods aren't moving around as as quickly and effectively as they need to in order to not have
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supply chain disruptions. so this is something that we are very focused on. we've been closely engaged on and we want to avoid that and prevent it. talks continue between the faa, the fcc cell phone companies and the airlines as wednesday's five g rollout deadline gets closer in chicago grady tremble fox business all right. there's a lot to sort out here for more on this five g dispute. we're joined now by the insurer editor at large at cnet. ian always appreciate you taking the time. let's first start with sort of an explainer here. how is it that this five g. this new five g technology, the c band spectrum five g technology. how can those signals potentially affect aircraft or airport operations? that is the multi billion dollar question that very few people seem to have an answer for what it turns out is that in theory, the ultimate ear's, which are the devices that tell the airplanes how far
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they are off the ground, kind of an important feature of an airplane that apparently they work in the same similar, not the same, but it's similar radio band. as these new c band five g wireless networks. now these five g networks are a little different from the ones most of us are using today. this c band stuff is kind of another flavor of it. if you think of it in terms of you know, starbursts, right? this is a slightly better flavor. maybe the strawberry and the result is that you get much better signal. supposedly it works a lot further, so it doesn't need as many towers and stuff like that. but, as you pointed out, the airline industry is very worried that this is going to affect their instruments and has been trying to block it. all right. so when the airline ceos are warning about what they say could be catastrophic consequences for air travel. what exactly are we talking about? in terms of the consequences are we are we talking about flight delays?
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cancelations are we also talking about pilots actually having difficulty taking off and landing aircraft from certain airports? right so catastrophic and airplanes are never two words. you want to hear it together and to be clear the airline industry has been very, very aware and been saying very carefully that they will shut down flights before they ever make anything possibly unsafe. so what we've been hearing is that they were planning to actually shut down. a number of routes shut down a number of airplanes going to into and out of some different airports. they didn't say which ones. but it turns out that now with this agreement that the white house helped to broker that's not going to be a problem, at least until 18 t and verizon and the airlines come to an agreement about how they're going to handle all of this, all right? and so that that is the question. obviously moving forward here. things have been sort of put on pause here. the rollout of the new five g
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technology has been delayed, at least around certain airports. so how does this all get worked out moving forward? what? what are some of the potential solutions here? what steps might be taken to roll out the five g technology. without disrupting air travel. you know what's really interesting is that this whole thing has been kind of a mud fight and public and we don't typically see that happening. it's usually behind closed doors. the reality is these two seem very far apart, right. the airlines say that they're very worried and the carriers 18 team, verizon say. we already have research and studies. we have examples in europe over 40 countries over to your using this flavor of five g and there haven't been problems . so i have a feeling that having talked to a number of people in the transportation world that they are very worried about when the tech industry moves. it likes to move fast and break things as we all know, and they don't want that to be an airplane, so i think they're just trying to make sure
4:33 pm
everything's tip top before they agree. alright finally, before we wrap up here, give us a sense of why this new five g service matters. how is this going to change our online experience moving forward? yeah i mean, five. g generally is supposed to be much faster and more reliable right of far more than just another g but with this specific type of five g, the c band that we're talking about. it is supposed to kind of deliver a lot of the promises that we've been given the fact that it will work a lot faster right now are are tests that scene that have been it's working, okay, but it's not really life changing. and this type of thing, which was a planned rollout. they had planned to do this over time. they this is supposed to help to really make it a lot better. all right. well, we wait to see how this all gets sorted out between the big carriers and the airlines here. always appreciate your time. and your insight, ian, sure, editor at large at cnet, thanks for doing it. thanks for having me.
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developments in the investigation into the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol. the house committee investigating the attack issued subpoenas today to rudy giuliani and other allies of former president donald trump. giuliani was the former president's lawyer and close adviser. three other allies jenna ellis, sidney powell and boris epstein have also been called to testify. for the committee, the committee says. all four individuals have defended the president after the 2020 elections and made baseless claims of voter fraud. on wall street. today stocks were lower in a broad based sell off the dow was down 543 points about 1.5% the nasdaq dropped 386 points 2.6% as tech shares to the beating and the s and p was down 85 points. traders are anticipating the federal reserve will raise short term interest rates as soon as march. as inflation continues to rise. traveling to paradise may soon require a booster shot. the new
4:35 pm
rules under consideration for those planning a trip to hawaii. get a very weather still tracking a few high clouds for this afternoon into this evening , but everybody is going to warm up in our five day forecast, and we'll have the update coming. tot
4:36 pm
4:37 pm
want to quarantine or be tested , the governor there says his office is considering changing its definition of fully vaccinated from two doses of a covid vaccine, 23. joining us now is elliot johnson with the hawaii tourism authority. thank you so much for joining us today , and just curious. is this in effect right now, or is it a potential to go into effect? and is it caused by the recent spike of the omicron variant? do you have any christine along? um
4:38 pm
it's not in place right now. discussions are ongoing about the best way to implement this with the least amount of disruption. through our incoming travelers, not only folks visiting but also are returning residents and is that because of the omicron variant spike. it is. we're seeing. we're seeing his counsel. we have not seen before. i believe today was yet another record over 6000 cases and so out of an abundance of caution where asking folks arriving in hawaii to take that extra step? to protect themselves and also to protectively. okay so the cdc doesn't really have guidance around booster shots for international even domestic travel. can you talk about the talks that are ongoing right now and how this sort of fact people who have already booked flights and trips to hawaii? sure so. the decisions we make are in confrontation with arms holding , which includes our public safety professionals are
4:39 pm
healthcare community because at the end of the day this is about considering that we have health care capacity to take care of everybody who might need it, and i'm an island as far away from other hospitals. other resources as we are, that's a primary consideration. and so for folks who have travel already booked. we do recommend you get your booster if it's been you know a while since you got your original series of vaccinations . so if you are eligible for that booster, go ahead and get it. the requirement is not in effect, yet. we expect it to be announced in the coming weeks. certainly once you arrive in hawaii, you'll have a better experience. uh, with that. in. maui county and on oahu, where honolulu and waikiki are there requirements for vaccinations to do indoor activities. indoor dining things like that, so we certainly encourage vaccination and boosters for anyone. planning to come or thinking
4:40 pm
about coming. okay, so it's going to be a couple of weeks for people to kind of get their affairs in order and maybe schedule that booster if they don't want to quarantine or be tested. if they don't get that booster, and this does go into effect, what is the quarantine time? and what are the options for people who just aren't vaccinated at all? sure. so when you arrived. if you're vaccinated, and when the requirement goes into place if you vaccinated and boosted germany. you're not. the option of taking a pcr test. can you arrive? once you have the test results in hands, you can go ahead and enjoy the islands. okay? without either of those things you're subject to five day quarantine at your own expense. okay all right. well, we will leave it at that. we're having some issues with your audio. but we just do want to let people know that this is not into effect yet, but the state is considering it and things will be changing here in the coming weeks in terms of encouraging everyone to get
4:41 pm
their booster, really. he has johnson with the hawaii tourism authority. thank you so much for joining us today. bobbi kristina allah. liberia whether another dry day out there behind me, though you can see mount tam a few high clouds actually drifting overhead, so we'll hold onto some cloud cover for tonight. more sunshine over the next few days and temperatures in fact will be a trending up. we could be talking about a few neighborhoods approaching the 70 degree mark later in the week. take a look at the maps right now. last rainfall as we take a look at our january calendar if you days ago, that was january. 7th friday, january 7th so, of course, last week was dry this week will be dry, and even into the next week, it looks like it could be dry as well. some of the forecast models have been hinting at maybe some changes later this month into early february. so if you looking out for that and updating you if that were to develop, those changes were to develop. here's the satellite to where you can't see if you high clouds drifting overhead. the main storm track is up here up in the pacific
4:42 pm
northwest, they actually actually have some rain for portland and seattle this week, but for us, it's high clouds moving in from the north impact. in that toward mendocino county, approaching marine county and approaching the golden gate bridge. current numbers out there. san francisco 52 so somewhat of a cool afternoon out, there are lots of fifties warm spots close to 60 degrees for walnut creek and livermore at san jose in the upper fifties . here's a live camera looking out toward let's see the bay now towards san francisco. i can see some of those high clouds up above. also that hes it's kind of been the re occurring returning element. we could have some haze once again impacting our air quality with moderate levels once again for tomorrow, there's just not a lot of mixing in the atmosphere to really clean things out. overnight lows will be in the upper thirties to the upper forties into the afternoon. hours under mostly sunny skies. most neighborhoods tomorrow should be and the low sixties by about three or four o'clock. here's the main storm track. it's big arrow focused way up to our north, so this big area of high pressure actually wants to flex its muscles. over
4:43 pm
the next few days. this will strengthen and that'll be the source of the warming trend later in the week, at least overnight, though, we could be talking about some dense areas of fog, especially for the valley locations. but this week no major changes. hazy sunshine temperatures. there's a bit of a minor warming trend, especially by thursday, friday and saturday and as far as the storm track it is fixed up to our north, so the rainfall is focused up to our north with the no raindrops at all in our five day forecast. of course, you may have encountered a few lights, showers of sprinkles over the weekend, but we're not. wasn't that that real story really want to track over the next step that we could use right now. it's just not in the picture just yet. forecast ties for tomorrow. san francisco 59 santa rosa 63 conquered 62 in san jose 63 degrees and look ahead. your five day forecast mostly sunny skies thursday. it's sunny into friday and saturday. i want to show you another graphic coming up because take a look at those forecast highs into the weekend , warmest locations will be approaching the low to mid
4:44 pm
sixties, maybe the opera sixties . compare that to the saturday forecast and green bay. you'd expect it to be called, and it will be for the football game. mostly cloudy skies the possibility of snow prior to the game, but during the during the game, it should be dry. take a look at that temperature 15 degrees. in green bay by a saturday evening. so for us we had temperatures in the sixties. it's pretty mild, at least feels pretty wild in our forecast. maybe they should just move the game to santa clara. much nicer condition. that's a good idea. alright, mark. thank you. oakland voters are leaning against spending public money to build waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's, according to a new poll. that's out. the current plan would have the city of oakland and alameda county. invest $800 million into the $12 billion project at howard terminal. a new poll of 509 registered voters shows 46% of them oppose spending any taxpayer money on a new stadium . 37% said. they support the idea. the east oakland stadium. allianz commissioned this survey
4:45 pm
. they want to keep the a's in their current location at the coliseum site. even those people who identify in the poll as fans of the oakland a's baseball team , um, are fairly supportive of using tax dollars to make the new stadium happened. 44 42. so it's incredibly weak endorsement among the people in the city who would care the most about keeping the a's in town? 81% of those polled also said they want the age to use their own money for the required community benefits fund going towards parks, housing and other infrastructure. from work to school, and even our health. a pandemic has led to a lot of uncertainty in our lives tonight, we're gonna have a closer look at the work of a local organization that's been providing a lifeline for those experiencing an especially tough time and coming up tonight at five o'clock cleaning up the tenderloin. we're checking in on the project that's now underway. just weeks after the mayor's emergency initiative, plus
4:46 pm
michelle, you know, met on a number of occasions. he's really friendly, engaging a person you can really talk to. those who met her are still in shock after the senseless death of michelle , go, we'll have more on the outpouring of love and support after her life was cut short. we learn about covid-19,
4:47 pm
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone.
4:48 pm
calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. juneteenth a paid state holiday in california. juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the united states and marks the day in 18 65. when enslaved people in texas were among the last to learn. they were freed by the emancipation act, which had been signed two years earlier. the proposal would give all state employees and school workers in california time off with pay on june 19th. but so much uncertainty these past two years have been difficult for many of us mental health association of san francisco has
4:49 pm
been providing support to those who are struggling or simply want to talk. for this week's giving day segment. ktvu frank mallicoat talked with the ceo about the important help line and other services the group provides or one of the leading mental health support organizations throughout the state. actually um, that means 90% of our staff actually identify with living with mental health living with a mental health condition, and so what they do is using their experience their own conditions . they try to provide support to others out there seeking help. and that peer to peer is so important, isn't it? um when you're talking to someone that has walked the walk, i think you can believe a little bit better, right? yeah i mean, a lot of the folks that when our staff members go out and do case management or any type of counseling when they mention that they have gone through the same experiences arrived content the same system. they open up more than engaged more and you can see the results in terms of
4:50 pm
like clinical outcomes themselves. well, it's like that engagement, that relatability of folks, i think really changes the game and the dynamics between two folks. and part of that is the warm line where you where you have some of the folks that have walked the walk per se talking to their peers, right? yeah exactly. i mean, over the last year alone, we've answered, believe 115,000 calls. from all over california, and we looked at the number of folks that actually called installed 15,000 individuals that car throughout the last year or so. and for some of these people on the other end, this is kind of their lifeline, isn't it? exactly a lot of folks don't ever relate to being in crisis, but they just need to speak to someone we like to calling it like to call it. um uh, warm line because it's kind of crisis. it's not a hotline, so if you just need someone to talk and just finish stressed, they need to speak to
4:51 pm
somebody. the woman's right there for you. i think i know the answer to this, but i bet you're busy. i mean the pandemic on top of our world. right now, that's spinning round and round. what's it been like? kind of fighting through that? it's been hectic. i like you just said it's super busy. our call volume skyrocketed. pre pandemic we had about 3000 call volume per month . now it's ranging between 70 12,000. just really depends. on the month we also took on the california the cow hope warm line of much if you're familiar with that, that's something we also do as well and then all our individual services actually spare rocket as well. if there are some people watching this that need help. how do they reach out to you, folks? yeah, they can either gone or website mental health .org or call it california. peer run warm line. it's 8558457. and then we also have the cow holt warm line that's 833317 hope or 4673. give
4:52 pm
us a little idea some of the programs you do as well yeah, we do a lot of individual peer support in case management. so if someone calls in and they're seeking, you know, long term health, so we provide them long term off about 3 to 6 months we get we guide them through the services we got in through resources. they can find it again. like you said, as peers talk about it, they relate. and they tell them how they managed through some of the systems works. we also do a lot of advocacy and education. so when someone is, you know, talking about training their staff, we go out there and talk to them about mental health, because, well, we're trying to do trying to normalize the conversation about the house every day. people are using a very crazy, you know, while all that stuff and those really are stigmatizing, and so what? we try to normalize that conversation, that is okay. not to be okay. and you can learn how to donate or volunteer and get more information about mental health association of san francisco at our website either
4:53 pm
scan the qr code on your screen or had to ktvu .com/ giving day. new allegations against google and facebook accused the companies of collaborating to illegally control online advertising. a new complaint says that the ceos of google and facebook or better made a deal in 2000 and 18 that allegedly guaranteed facebook would bid on and win a set number of ad auctions. the suit also claims google inflated advertising costs, then use the extra revenue to manipulate future auctions and expand its digital monopoly. the entire staff of noah's bagel store in vacaville . quit and how they did it has gone viral video and find out the reasons behind this organized resignation. californi,
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
quit together and video of their walkout is going viral on tikikk reporter britney hope gives us a look at w this all happened and the message these vacaville workers were tryingg to send is chick talk video is going viral. it shows a group of noah's bagels employees in vacaville going together to qui theijob. posted just two days ago. tonight it has more than 3.6 million views and growing, so you've got 100,000ore views in the past 30 minutes. the 1 1h clip w was pososd by beyonce's sarmento. then it went viral and everybody is likik, make a stat. take a stand. you guys did that. she and 15 of her co workers quit on saturday after they say their general manager was wrongly fired. we're not replaceable. 're not dispable, and you can't just fire somebody and not let them know. last friday, brie kowali
4:57 pm
got a call saying she was on suspsion likely because of a customer complaint. but she said there was no customer complaint . when she got home. she saw her final paycheck in her bank account. now i just wanted to know likike i was terminated becauseobody even said it was terminated, they said. i was suspended. so you know, they had already fired me withoutelling me. . i wasired. a few hours lateter, she was told she was actually fed because of another issue that happened when she wasn't at the store. shehe returned her calls since has employees say this s s the last had been building up. i havet never seen anything like this as well. but that shows you how tight our bond is and how c cloe we are tether, not just as a team, but as a family kcr a reacd out to noah's bagels about this s incident and receid this statement, quote. we take the treatment of our team members very seseriously and are looking into this matter. asn
4:58 pm
organization. we pride ourlves on providing a rewarding work experience for all our team membs as we seek to provide the best possible experience f our guests. the former general exodus, but does fefe gtefuls and proud. this isn't the end of the line f for any of us. this team is very smart, very capable , veryard workersrs, and they will easily find a good jothat they're worthy of.f.nd i feel the same for me to i'll find they want to work a and hope the group actions a viral tiktok send a message. i'i'm hope that this company and i hope other companies have learned a lesson that you cannot treat or tell people they'y're disposed won't expect them to work under those conditions for you in vacaville, britney hope ktvu fox two news at five starts now. think in our commununity to like peoe are 1 degrees from separation from knowing somebody's beeattacked
4:59 pm
or assaulted. now at five, a sobering reality for the asian american community i i the bay areafter the senseless death ofichelle goo ahead of schedule , americans are n n ordering the promised free at hom covid test . so how is the rollout going? anwhy could there could be apartment? plus we're checking in on the conditions in thee tenderloin weeks after the mayor's emergencaction to cleait up. good evening and thank yoyo for joioining us. i'm claudine wang and i'm julie julie haen. a vigil is set to begin in an hour from michelle go. she is the fremont native who died aftfter she was pushedn front of a subway train in new york city are crime reporter hehenry lee is here now and hen, you've been talking with commmmity members about the impact of this trtragedy. clottg they're just devastad. and this vigil tonht will give friends and loved ones the ance to honor andemember michelle go. her family ss she was big hearted served as a role momodel and love to travevel. mimichelle you know, i met on a
5:00 pm
number of occasionshe's really friendly. engaging a person you can realltalk to. richard kanda heads the asian law alliance in san jose. he's in shock o over the death of michee go. the fremont native who was pushed in front of a subway train inew york city. it's just a sad and shocking kind of situation to hear this kind of information in this kind of news . it disturbing and i mean when i realized that, younow, i got very emional police say a homeless man pushed go to her deatath at the times square suby stion in an unprovoked attacack. he later turned himself into transit police. this is really a failure of theental health system in e united states. go worked a deloitte conlting in new york and had degrees from u c l a and why you? her family released this photo in a statement that said, in parart e was a beautiful, brilliant, kind and intelgent woman who loved her family and friends love to travel the world and to help others. her life was taken too soon in a senselessct of violen, and we pray that she gets the justi she deserves. i think in our community to like. people are


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