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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 19, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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area, there could be some promising signs for the near future, though, was scientists are saying about this latest wave. then two people killed, one injured after being hit by a vehicle in san jose. what we're learning about the investigation now underway, then a big announcement today by attorney general rob bonta. what we're learning about the civil rights investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach new at noon. state attorney general rob bonta is launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office, according to bond to this investigation will seek to determine whether or not the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional conduct, as follows allegations related to conditions of confinement at the county's jail facilities.
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resi it is time that truth comes to light, and we will use our authority under the california constitution to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or practice of violating state. and or federal law and, if so identify and compelled the correction of any systemic violations of the communities, constitutional and civil rights. bonta also says he has not made any determinations about specific complaints or allegations or even about the sheriff's office policies and practices. sheriff laurie smith has not yet commented on the investigation now too promising signs that crown surge may have hit its peak in some parts of the bay area. as ktvu erasmus explains. public health officials and scientists are weighing some of the latest data alley on where we are in this wave. garcia we've heard from several public health departments here in the bay area , and the tone seems to be one
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of cautious optimism that's based on looking at things like new covid cases, the number of them and wastewater samples as well. san francisco has seen the steepest drop in recent weeks. they had an almost 37% decline in new covid cases, with the peak happening around january 8th 2100 cases a day. marin county appeared to have its peak earlier than that january 4th, and since then, the number of daily new cases has dropped almost 8% contra costa county reports and almost 10% drop in new covid cases, while alameda county has had a slight increase in cases just over 1. most health officials tempered this good news with some caution. hospitalizations tend to lag about two weeks behind new cases and hospitalization numbers are going up across most area counties, but dr. matt willis, marin county's public health officer says even with an increase in hospitalizations, the situation in this surge is much different now compared to six months ago. the good news is that for people who are fully vaccinated and boosted days tend to be shorter stays, not a lot
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of oxygen need, buffed up for a couple days in the hospital and sent home. very rarely. are we seeing people seriously critically out coming into the icu like we did before? with delta? i am feeling encouraged that our case counts are dropping. um we're seeing less virus in our wastewater. our schools are open or hospitals are stable. while there's some stress, you know they're able to manage cases are not canceling even elective procedures. hopefully that will begin to sort of usher and the next stage of this health officials with contra costa in san francisco also got back to us with a similar message. things look good now in terms of case numbers, but we still need to wait for hospitalizations to stabilize. dr willis with marine county says it's still too soon to start thinking about real asking, relaxing any mask and vaccination requirements. but if things continue the way they're going, we may be in a better position to reevaluate those things. another month from now live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. all right, ali, thank you. for that. the federal government is now
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offering hundreds of millions of free at home coronavirus tests. and n95 masks. the biden administration announced it will start shipping 400 million and 95 k n95 masks to pharmacies and community centers all across the country. just last week. the cdc's the n95 masks provide the best protection against that omicron vary it now these mass will start being shipped out from the federal stockpile this weekend and then distribution should begin by early next month. as for testing the website where you can order a free kid of four rapid covid does is now up and running. white house press secretary jen psaki said they decided to do what's called a soft launch yesterday a day early, just to make sure that the site would work smoothly before the big rush on that site. you enter your name your home address. email is optional. and if you have appeal box that actually works to each household can request one kid of four at home rapid test the postal service will not deliver to business addresses, though. we do have a link on our website at ktvu dot com. that will take you to that government page. it could take
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up to two weeks to get the test and as of yesterday, more than 700,000 people had clicked onto that website. in just about an hour from now president biden scheduled to hold a news conference at the white house is latest covid measures are expected to be one of the big topics and you can watch that news conference right here on ktvu fox to when it begins at one o'clock, the latest covid surges, making things even more difficult for restaurants and bars struggling to stay in business right now, people can order alcoholic beverages for delivery, but only if they also order food. from the bar or restaurant. napa state senator bill dodd says changing that could help struggling small businesses and he's introduced a bill that would allow people to order alcohol without having to order food for delivery. in some places where they do have the good craft cocktails. yeah, you could buy $20 worth of have drinks and have to spend $120 and food that didn't make any sense to us at all. now, some people oppose the idea, saying it could lead to safety concerns . san jose police are releasing
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new information on a deadly collision after three people were hit by a car. police say two men were killed. the woman was sent to the hospital with non life threatening injuries after last night's crash at almaden expressway in foxworthy avenue. officers say the driver had a green light while heading north bouton almond in around 8:30 p.m. when the three victims cross the street outside of the crosswalk. the messages. please use a crosswalk right, especially at night, especially on an expressway. like i said, i don't want to do any victim blaming right, but it was a bad decision crossing an expressway at night outside of a crosswalk . you know, it's going to take a collaborative effort from not only drivers, pedestrians us as well. you thinking like officials say all five deadly pedestrian accidents in san jose this year happened outside of a crosswalk. the driver in last night's crash, stayed at the scene and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a t and t and verizon or halting the activation of some five g cell towers near airports as airlines make adjustments to
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flights. reporter mike tobin is in chicago with more on the changes to the five g rollout. including the impact on some international flights and a few out of sfo. several international airlines canceled or altered flights to the us today ahead of the new five g wireless service rollout. emirates air india and lufthansa are among those citing safety concerns. the decision coming even after a t and t and verizon agreed to limit turning on the switch near most of the nation's biggest airports were still in the investigation face and because of that, we can't take a chance with the safety of the flying the flying public, so we have to be. we have to delay the implementation. five g relies on radio frequencies needed by planes for safety and navigation . telecom companies argue the technology has proven safe and dozens of countries but airlines expressed concern it would make it harder for planes to land, especially in bad weather. the faa updated its safety guidance tuesday, saying the five g rollout could particularly impact the boeing 7 77. an aircraft used by carriers around
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the globe telecom companies and the federal communications commission say both the airlines had plenty of time they had plenty of time to check their equipment to make sure their planes can operate safely. president biden praised the temporary rollout delay, white house press secretary jen psaki said the administration is working with the faa and wireless carriers. to reach a solution. we believe that with continued cooperation, we can chart a path forward, but certainly minimizing flight disruptions. today, delta airlines is preparing for possible cancelations at some locations due to poor visibility. in chicago. mike tobin, ktvu fox two news. america's top diplomat is in ukraine, and he is warning that russia could attack ukraine at any moment. secretary of state anthony blinken is midway through a week of diplomacy in which he's promised sanctions against russia. if they were to attack foxes. lauren blanchard has the story from washington. russia has ratcheted up its threats and a mask nearly 100,000 forces on ukraine's border. which it could double on
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relatively short order. in kiev , secretary of state antony blinken is trying to promote diplomacy while also warning russia. we've made very clear to moscow that if it chooses to renew aggression against against ukraine. it will be met and it will face very severe consequences. the u. s will give $200 million in defensive military aid to ukraine in a press conference with the foreign minister, secretary, blinken promised more aid if russia does invade. efforts are focused on. making sure that the situation in ukraine stays stable. the white house, though, is sounding the alarm and, as promised, president biden will impose sanctions if moscow attacks we're now at a stage where russia could at any point launch an attack and ukraine on friday, secretary blinken will meet with the russian foreign minister in geneva. blinken has said there are some russian demands that are non starters. it's not clear what ohh.
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russia's central demand is or is not. however the administration's response is being criticized by some. i just didn't think they have a plan going forward before he meets with russia's foreign minister on friday. blinken will stop over in berlin for talks with german and other european allies on thursday in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. still to come at noon, an emergency declaration for the santa cruz harbor how much the city says it will cost to repair the damage caused by a tsunami following that underwater volcanic eruption in tonga. plus. choose just so incredibly smart and sweet and carrying because she was thoughtful. she just always was like the light in the room. she was a leader, remembering the woman from the bay area killed after being pushed in front of an oncoming subway train in new york. the vigil held in her honor here in the bay area, then let's go outside where we can finally see the clouds of part of the sun is out east bay looking gorgeous, all those blue skies ktvu
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you will always be in our hearts and memories. hundreds of people gathered in times square in new york city, where a towering image of michelle go stood over them. she was pushed onto the
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tracks. in the new york city subway over the weekend, and people who knew michelle came to celebrate her life. michelle go grew up right here in the bay area, and as ktvu is amberleigh reports, this attack reminds them of the violence many asians still faced today. every time there's an event like this that happens, i boil in anger for days and emotional and somber vigil in memory of michelle. alyssa go the bay area native killed at a new york city subway station. community leaders, friends and co workers of the 40 year old gathered at portsmouth square in san francisco chinatown trying to come to terms with what happened, it could have been any of frustrated. she was just so incredibly smart and sweet and caring because she was thoughtful goes family says she loved life and enjoyed traveling. she lived in new york city and worked for deloitte as a consultant, helping other companies with mergers and acquisitions. she just always was like the light in the room. she was a leader goes, life was taken suddenly and senselessly
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saturday morning, police say a homeless man pushed her from behind, shoving her to her death in front of a train. it's unclear what his motive was a killing that has shocked people and serve as a sad reminder of other attacks on the aapi community made me angry and sad and frustrated, and just another news of an asian american woman being being killed. you see, someone you think might be at risk. amy lee organized this vigil. she's the founder of dear community, a grassroots movement dedicated to increasing engagement in the aapi community . it's you when you're doing everyday things i really wanted to do something to show solidarity and to show people that this is still happening. friends of the go family came to pay their respects and find comfort when it's ashamed as that for 10 years, she was advocate for the homeless and there was a homeless person. that was her attacker. we should be able to walk down the street without fear of being assaulted
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or spit upon. the organizer urges people to donate their time to help keep the vulnerable safe, many at the vigil. tell me it's important to let the public know that attacks against members of the api community are still happening. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. people in one san mateo county community woke up to a warning about an aggressive mountain line in the area. belmont police say the large cat killed another mountain line and was later spotted around two o'clock this morning on hastings drive. near hidden canyon park and the upper creek trail. we're still waiting for a response from fish and wildlife police officer we spoke to this morning said the active search is off, and the mountain lion has apparently left the neighborhood . alright we turn now to the sunshine starting to pop outside on this wednesday afternoon. mark tamayo joining us with local forecast mark hi there. mike and gaza? yeah. now setting up this little weather presentation a few minutes ago, i brought the thick coat because
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the fog was stubborn, pretty chilly out here in the backyard, but things have cleared out rapidly over the past few hours and the neighborhood dogs are barking. it's nice day to get outside this afternoon. now in terms of the rainfall, of course , it has been a dry weather stretch. our last system was on friday, january seven, so we actually a few sprinkles last weekend, but not enough to really call a system. so it has been a dry stretch and looks like this pattern will continue. this week and possibly into next week as well. but of course, the big story this morning. the dead fog. the dense fog advisory expired for the north bank at 11 o'clock this morning, so about an hour ago and you can see the visibility reports throughout the morning hours near zero visibility, too few spots up in portions of the north bay. but things haven't changed around quite a bit. and as you can see, things have been improving out there, but still a quarter mile visibility napa, and that's having a big impact on the temperatures right now, you can see napa still in the forties san francisco 54 in san jose right now checking in 54 degrees this afternoon when the speech
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now on the higher elevations. you can see that mount diablo site winds are gusting at 37 miles an hour. we will have some breezy conditions in the berry hill's today with the winds accelerating now the northeast, probably by friday, a couple days from now we could actually have some stronger winds, and there's a chance even closer to sea level. we can have winds from around 22 with 30 miles an hour so friday could be a breezy to windy day around portions of the bay area. our live camera, looking out toward oakland with the fog has been clearing out with some hazy sunshine this afternoon. high pressure still in charge of our weather pattern, keeping that storm track focused up to our north whenever you to highlight this, though that stability it's kind of like a lid on the atmosphere kind of traps the moisture. that's why we had the dense fog this morning and we could have a few patches return. some patchy fog returned first thing tomorrow morning. but for today hazy sunshine, some breezy conditions up in the hills and no signs of a rainfall just yet , hopefully later in the month as we head towards february, we could be talking about some rain chances. overall pattern change
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sets up, but nothing to show you just yet. here's the forecast models. you can't see hazy sunshine this afternoon. we could have some patchy fog tomorrow morning, but the overall trend it will be a warming one for your thursday and into your friday temperatures, fords. they were. the fog is stubborn will have some fifties but in the sunshine will have some more sixties out there. so some patchy fog still kind of up in portions of the north bay hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. you could see temperatures getting close to 70 degrees by friday and into saturday, li watching out for the stronger winds by friday morning into friday afternoon, but it looks like the fog, which is stubborn this morning is clearing out and lots of sunshine this afternoon. you're looking for gas. still to come in. still to come at noon, many families in the bay area waiting to hear from their loved ones following the underwater volcanic eruption in tonga. we'll take a look at the efforts to send people in the area some
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a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. new nature's bounty jelly beans. live bountifully. volcanic eruption right near that south pacific island. this is imagery from a surveillance aircraft that was sent to the island by the new zealand defense forests. we're also getting a new look. on the ground. the main island is covered in almost an inch of ash and supply planes still can't land due to that ash covering the airport's runway. officials say at least three people were
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killed. by the tsunami that hit after the volcanic eruption. and there are efforts underway right here in the bay area to help people in tonga. but as gay tvs , tom vacar reports, it could be weeks before supplies actually arrived. i think many people, including many of tongue and ancestry, have been bringing nonperishable emergency supplies to sf enterprises on oakland's mandela parkway. a shipping company that specializes in tonga. malika mooney and two friends are paying to send supplies and goods to their families who they say they have yet to communicate with very worried. for the health of all the tongans in, uh, even though that you know we have an update about the damages. um i think we have so far three fatalities back in tomah, but it's been how many days that we have yet to make contact because there's no internet. everything is down in tonga. janine longo's daughter lives in hunger. my daughter was face timing during the actual
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when it first started. and she said that, um the skies were read in nuku'alofa and the children were scared in the car because they were traveling to higher ground and. the ash was coming down so hard that they thought that it was going to break the windshield of the car. most of the donated goods will go compliments of the shipper sf enterprises through western samoa. we as a family in his organization, we want to get as close as possible. so like the vessel, leaving this friday, get as much water on here get into some more, and we'll figure out whatever charter whatever we can do to get it into don't you know the most efficient and economical way to haul all of these emergency supplies off the tonga? is in a container ship. the problem is economical is, um, might be. the reality is it will be 4 to 5 weeks before it arrives. there are still a
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couple of days to donate because of the long transit time. get it on the ship. you have time for to get there. please pray, for example, immediate emergency supplies will come from nations closer to tonga with no doubt us assistance. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. an emergency declaration was issued by the santa cruz port commission after the damage caused to the harbor after saturday's underwater volcanic explosion. waves from the tsunami caused as much as $6.5 million in damage. according to the santa cruz sentinel, the flooding and high tides damaged infrastructure and pilings. facilities such as restrooms and showers at the harbor were flooded with more than three ft of water. some people who live on their boats tied up to the docks are still without power. the biden administration is planning to spend billions of dollars to help prevent the catastrophic wildfires we've seen in western states in years past, federal officials plan to spend $50 billion to more than double the use of controlled burns and logging to reduce the vegetation
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that feeds fires. the work will focus on regions were out of control. fires have wiped out neighborhoods, including in the sierra and colorado's rocky mountains. two more major insurance companies are cutting back on homeowners insurance coverage. a i, g and chubs say they'll no longer ensure some multimillion dollar properties that back up to wild land open space. the move comes after years of non renewals by other companies on more moderately priced homes. a i g says it's issuing non renewal notices to more than 9000 properties. but that some of them may be eligible for a different class of policy, one that costs up to five times as much and would pay off less than current policies still to come in noon, 49ers fans getting fired up for this weekend's divisional playoff game against the packers out at lambeau field, an update on some critical injuries and also the biggest challenge ahead. when it comes to the freezing temperatures in green bay saturday night, plus the white house is ramping up efforts to stop the spread of the omicron
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variant. i'm steve harrigan in atlanta. t
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omicron varying from offering free testing kits and mass steve harrigan has a closer look at what's being done to stop the spread. federal health officials are making a big push to stop
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the omicron surge on tuesday, the government website for ordering free at home. covid tests went online one day earlier than expected, and on wednesday, the administration announcing 400 million n95 masks from the national stockpile will be made available to the public at no cost. some are welcoming the announcement, while others say the extra layer of protection is not needed. it offers better protection. okay great. i'm willing to wear a 95 is a little bit more restrictive. i think it's more for people who are working at construction debate over masks and social distancing, returning to the classroom this week with the growing number of schools hit hard by the omicron surge, most are still pushing ahead with in person learning, leading to backlashes and student walkouts in several big cities, with students and teachers calling for more masks, more testing and more access to outdoors. spaces safety demands are something that teachers
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stuff and the wider community have been asking for since the start of this school year, but school officials say they are already in the process of meeting those demands, and kids are safer when they're in the classroom. when it comes to not being in school. we don't know where they are. we don't know what they're doing. the u. s. is now averaging roughly 5000 child hospitalizations every day from covid. in atlanta. steve harrigan, ktvu fox two news. with covid-19 cases climbing. the sonoma county board of supervisors is reviewing the county's most recent health order. under the order, which went into effect last week, indoor gatherings in sonoma county are currently limited to 50 people and outdoor gatherings. 2 100. the order also encourages people to only leave their homes when necessary . now, some of the supervisors have publicly criticized the health department over this new order. where are we going? we are in and i'm really concerned about the statistics that we are reading about and hearing about
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the sheer number of covid. patients and transmission circulating through our economy. the supervisors are hearing from hospital and school leaders about the omicron search. the county reported nearly 1000 new covid cases yesterday, raising sonoma county's total number of cases the close to 63,000. stanford university is getting some pushback against its mandate for booster shots for students and staff. more than 1700 people signed a new petition on change dot org, urging the university to repeal the mandate. stanford phd candidate monte fisher started the petition last week. the university is requiring students and staff to show proof of their booster shot by january. 31st fisher says students aren't against the vaccine, but says the booster mandate is unethical and coercive. we're learning that 40 santa clara county firefighters are seeking exemptions from a covid booster mandate, according to the bay area news group. the county recently announced all workers and high risk settings must get boosted. the agency says 93% of
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its staff is fully vaccinated but has not had booster shots. the agency is already struggling with staffing issues due to the spread of the omicron variant spread of covid is also leaving the san jose police department stretched thin. see right now, more than 50. police officers are out after testing positive for covid mercury news says most of these officers working patrol and that's forced the police department to ask other divisions to fill in to meet the city's requirement of having at least 525 officers on the streets. voluntary overtime shifts continue through sunday, they could become mandatory if the situation worsens. san quentin state president marin county is dealing with another covid-19 outbreak due to the new variant. the bay area news group reporting that in the last 14 days 240 prisoners and 128 staff tested positive. that's up from six inmates and 73 staff members just a week earlier. with the department of corrections says just over half of the inmates have been tested. officials at san quentin state prison is offering vaccine and booster shots and that 91% of inmates and 76% of staff are now fully
12:34 pm
vaccinated. but inmate advocates are calling for the state to reduce the prison population due to the outbreak. more details are coming out regarding a for car crash and sonoma county that killed a teenager. authorities have now identified the victim as 16 year old liam washington of mill valley. his twin brother, lucas remains in the hospital with serious injuries. investigators say the brothers were riding in a car driven by 24 year old many, says alexander . he's facing charges, including the crash happened sunday morning on highway 1 16 near guatemala road. other survivors involved suffered minor or no injuries. u c. berkeley police are looking for a man responsible for at least three unprovoked attacks. police say the man pictured here carried out the attacks in a 24 hour period earlier this week. all the incidents happened on the calle campus. authorities describe what attack at the high school of business, saying the victim was pushed from behind, causing injuries to his face, police say if you see this person use caution and call uc
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berkeley police across the bay were san francisco mayor london breed is supporting a measure that authorizes police to temporarily use cameras to respond to crime. under current law, the use of real time video by police faces significant challenges except when there is imminent danger or the threat of death to people. during the recent organized retail theft we saw in union square police commander said to tell officers not to monitor live camera feeds. police say they face similar obstacles and disrupting open air drug markets in the tenderloin san ramon. police have arrested two people in connection with the theft of tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. police say they did arrest 24 year old alex guys seal and 21 year old elena gouichi, both of fullerton. investigators say the pair stole the jewelry while tricking senior citizens now the female suspect. would get out of her car and then asked the victim for directions and then steal their jewelry officers tracked down the suspects with the help from automated license plate readers. thieves targeting atm smashed vehicles through several
12:36 pm
storefronts across san jose early tuesday morning. police say the thieves targeted six businesses and less than two hours. those businesses head include three liquor stores, a safeway, a smoke shop and a nail salon. police say they use different vehicles to ran the front doors of some of those businesses and once inside, they either broke into or trying to break into the atms. it was not released. how much cash they actually got away with. some of the tactics they used as they actually use some straps to pry open some of these doors and some of these businesses. police are still trying to determine if any of the vehicles used were stolen. and anyone with information about these cases is asked to call the san jose police department. the chp says it's organized retail crime task force has made a major break in the shoplifting at san francisco's union square in november. chp says it recovered $185,000 in stolen merchandise on monday. the recovered items include dozens of bags of high end clothing and buckets of personal care products and other merchandise. officers say to some of the items were taken
12:37 pm
from the louisville thanh store. the chp says one person has been booked and charged on counts of organized retail theft. oakland community groups that oppose building a new ways baseball stadium at howard terminal are holding a rally right now outside city hall. it's taking place just hours before a special meeting by the city's planning commission on the fire . final environmental impact report on building the new ballpark. the community groups say they oppose any public funding for a $12 billion stadium and say the city could spend $700 million on the the pn can vote this afternoon on its recommdati, then send it on to the city council for certification, which could come next month. san francisco 49 ers are preparing for their game on saturday against the green bay packers linebacker fred warner. was back on the practice field for some limited practice yesterday after leaving sunday's game against the cowboys with the ankle injury, it does look like he should be good to go for saturday's playoff game. however, right there, nick bosa did not practice yesterday. he's
12:38 pm
still in concussion protocol after getting hit in the head. during that cowboys game. the niners will have a tough challenge on saturday. no matter who is out there on the field. some say the cold weather could be a big part of the game. prepare to dress warm and prepare to get your mind right? and if you do, then it's usually not a factor. i think we'll be all right. um you know, i don't i don't do well in cold, but i'll be all right in a football game, and i think everyone else will be the same. right now, the 49ers are the underdogs to the packers, and you can watch the big game right here. 5 15 saturday night on ktvu box to alright, we're going to see it. 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo is going to be clear to play on saturday. he strained his right throwing shoulder. in sunday's win over dallas in the second quarter, and it may have affected his ability to throw the rest of the way yesterday. he also had limited practice time but said that he does expect to play on saturday. like me in the shoulder. yeah, being a quarterback, it affects every throw. so uh, yeah. definitely
12:39 pm
had some impact. but i you know if i'm out there, and i'm being put in that spot i got, you know. still make the place that i normally make. so no excuses or anything like that. just i mean, this injury is what it is just we're all dealing with stuff now. it's a pale offs. let's go. it's not just the 49ers who have those injuries. seven green bay packers are on the injury report, including quarterback aaron rodgers, although he, too, is expected to play and says that it's all about winning the super bowl in his 17th season. i understand that in our business, so much of it is focused on the winds and losses, especially in the playoffs. super bowl rings and all that stuff. i understand that's part of my legacy. i'll be judged on when i'm done playing, and every year is important when it comes to further in your legacy. and rogers, who played his college ball at cal is over three in playoff games against those 49ers still to come at noon, shocking video of a pit bull
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attacking a security officer. at a public library in san francisco. what we're learning about the investigation and the condition of that security guard . plus, let's get outside this noontime blue skies. it's a gorgeous day across the bay. ktvu martin, meteorologist mark tamayo, next with the slight changes will be seeing in the full forecast. banning ghosts
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say. as of last march, ghost guns accounted for nearly 22% of all guns seized by police in 2021, except from 16.5% in 2020 . the legislation passed bans the possession, sale purchase or receipt of manufacturing of a kit required to assemble a ghost gun. ghost guns are unfinished and serialized guns commonly used in crimes and many cities, including oakland, san francisco has already banned ghost guns. we'll move now to video of a terrifying scene at the san francisco public library that happened over the weekend. we see a dog mauling a security guard. ktvu is excess tells us the guard was seriously hurt. it was a vicious attack this cell phone video posted to social media capturing the chilling moments sunday is a pit bull turned on a security guard at the san francisco public library . that's about 20 minutes before closing. city librarian michael lambert says a pair of security guards were making routine rounds. that's when they say they noticed a man passed out at
12:44 pm
a computer desk. his dog roaming around this dog was barking and making noise. hizzoner not waking up. they were unresponsive. and our security team in the course of trying to arouse this individual illegal drug use all too common in the surrounding neighborhood. the guards unable to rouse him began to consider administering narcan . that's when his dog attacked one of our security officers. one other guard not seen in the video also jumping in to help when the owner without the aid of narcan regained consciousness. at some point, they were able to get their dog secured animal control, arriving shortly after well, paramedics rushed to the guard, his colleagues speechless. i know this has impacted a lot of our staff that were working that day. the owner was cited by the sheriff's department for failure to maintain control of their animal telling deputies. his dog was a service dog. we don't allow pets inside the library, but individuals who. indicate
12:45 pm
that they have a service animal and that you know the animal performs, but a specific task for them are allowed to bring their animal inside the building animals protected under the americans with disabilities act we have never ever had an animal attack when it works staff the library now reviewing its policies. we're going to exhaust all of our options in, you know, looking at how we can keep our staff and our patrons safe working to ensure that this never happens again. our focus right now is on our dear colleague and his recovery and we're told the security guard was taken to the hospital to be treated for what's being described as serious injuries. he's now recovering at home. as for the dog, it's now in the custody of animal control in san francisco's access, ktvu, fox two news attorneys for a south bay mother charged with forcing teenagers to have sex at parties at her home, wants her to be released from jail. prior to the trial, shannon o. connor faces dozens of criminal charges,
12:46 pm
including child endangerment, child molestation and providing alcohol to minors. she's accused of hosting drunken sex parties for her son and his friends and her former home in las shadows. o'connor has been in jail since her arrest back in october, the deputy district attorney says o'connor is currently on a no bail hold, and prosecutors want to keep it that way. here. in this case, we have a pattern. a criminal pattern where she committed 39 acts of criminal conduct against children had an opportunity to reflect on her actions and continue to commit those crimes against children. she's a danger to our society and the only way for our community to be safe is to keep her in custody. the deputy d. a there, said o'connor is considered a flight risk because she fled to idaho when bay area authorities first began investigating her. the bail hearing that began yesterday will start once again next month. french actor gaspar oocl has died following a ski accident in the alps. he was best known for his appearances
12:47 pm
and hannibal right raising and was set to appear in the upcoming marvel series. moon night. he was hospitalized yesterday after an accident while skiing but later died. he was 37 years old. starting in july new homes and buildings in unincorporated parts of contra costa county will have to be powered by electricity instead of natural gas. the board of supervisors voted to ban the installation of natural gas piping and all new residential buildings, hotels, offices and retail buildings as part of the county's effort to combat climate change. the ordinance won't apply to future developments already approved. alright, well, it's been a pretty dry month out there for january as we check back in with mark tamayo still some fog and sunshine this afternoon. yes that's right. mike and gaussian fog is beginning to lift. in fact, lots of sunshine starting to break out across a good portion of the bay area. we could have a few leftover patches some fog out there, but it will be dry. for today, and looks like this dry weather stretch wants to continue, possibly for the rest of the month. now in terms of the
12:48 pm
rainfall forecast model, it's not being too optimistic for us here. we're showing you a bunch of zeros. and as you can see, here, i'll put this into motion. the only thing really moving is the clock on the upper right pan or banner there because we just have a bunch of zeros even up along the north coast of california, right around eureka right around cape mendocino, so dry weather stretch here. lots of leftover moisture, though right in the surface, and that allows the fog to form some dense patches, especially in the north bay. the dense fog advisory expired at 11 o'clock this morning, and you can see some of the visibility reports throughout the morning hours down to one year zero for napa and nevada. but things have been changing around quite a bit. and right now, some improvements still a few leftover patches of some fog, but we actually have increasing visibility right now . and with that temperatures beginning to warm up after that cold boarding right now, you can see some fifties handsome sixties the cold spot, though up and napa currently 47 degrees. now the wind speed. you can see some of the reports here that mount diablo gusts of up to 33 miles an hour. a bit of a breeze
12:49 pm
developing in the hills out of the northeast as winds accelerate from the northeast. when i'm thinking, probably friday, a couple days from now we could be tracking some stronger winds knowledge for the hills but also closer to the surface, so there's a chance at least we could be talking about winds around 25 to 30 miles an hour, maybe for the higher peaks. winds could be gusting over 50 miles an hour that once again kind of prepping that forecast for friday this afternoon. they can see what we have our live camera looking out toward the ocean estuary. some hazy sunshine up above and air quality still not moderate range with not much mixing in the atmosphere, so we still have that hes developing dry weather pattern those kind of locked in off the west coast. so as a result, the storm track is up to our north. we could have. of course, we had some areas of dense fog this morning. we could have a few more patches redeveloped first thing tomorrow morning, but the storm track is up there. hazy sunshine, breezy conditions for the hills, probably some stronger winds. by friday and then once again no sign of rainfall for us just yet, with the storm track
12:50 pm
focused way up north. here's the forecast models showing you the plan this afternoon. here you can see into thursday. maybe a few high clouds out there, but it's kind of a mild forecast with temperatures, especially by friday, could be flirting with the 70 degree mark for the warmest occasions here in the bay area. forecast ties this afternoon mid fifties to the lower sixties, maybe even approaching the mid sixties toward anne aachen. fairfield as you can see, here, we will have clearing skies some windy conditions for friday, the weekend if you want to get outside is looking dry as well. i have one more graphic to show you and you kind of reflect on these sixties here in the bay area, take a look at the forecast in green bay on saturday. for that big game temperatures will be right around 16 degrees. the chances of some snowfall probably before the game, but just some lingering clouds so here in the bay area temperatures could be close to 70 degrees. but in green bay kickoff temperatures will be right around 16 degrees . that is a cold one. have a bit of a chill out there. that is a cold one. all right, thank you for that. still to come in here after being postponed due to the
12:51 pm
pandemic. we take a look at the changes coming for this year's grammy award show and why it's moving out of los ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole.
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12:54 pm
francisco. the murals are painted on wood from boarded up storefronts during the pandemic . it's called the city canvas, paint the void. retrospective organizers of the exhibits say it's the nation's largest exhibit of mural art that transformed san francisco's boarded up storefronts during the pandemic. it features 49 murals painted over the past 21 months. dirty shelter in place really at the heart of it back in 2020 in march and april and may. we started to see this beautiful art come up all over the city, and a lot of it was impromptu artists, you know, just just talking to storefront owners you store owners and saying, hey, you've got this big piece of canvas. basically this big plywood thing out in front of your store. can i can i paint
12:55 pm
it? the mural art exhibit will be open to the public for a limited run on january 22nd and 23rd. then from january, 27th through the 30th at san francisco's historic pier, 70 san francisco mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin last month. now the goal to clean up the crime and to put an end to the drug use. ktvu christian captain shows us what's now being done as part of the mayor's plan. san francisco continues to struggle with homelessness and open air drug use. now the city has launched a new linkage center at u. n plaza aimed at meeting immediate and long term needs. the project got up and running in about two weeks as part of the city's tenderloin emergency initiative. where is it could have been up to nine months in order to ah, you know, there's there were code issues and planning issues and things that if we weren't in emergency, we would have had to go through and asked for variances. the linkage center offers short term services like food, beverages and showers with the hope that by forging a bond with those who
12:56 pm
need those services, it will then have them take advantage of longer term opportunities. to get health treatment and permanent housing. that's how it works, right? we just want to move people any positive step in any direction of health. we want to be there for them. on the first morning, the facility opened its doors, people filtered in and out, ivan von storch said. he's frustrated. he's ineligible for housing, because technically he has friends. he can stay with. they need to get more housing support for these people and try to get them off the street. that's what i'm trying to do. i went in there and try because i'm 65 years old and the senior citizens so almost trying to get some assistance. people are falling through the cracks. now san francisco supervisor matt haney was on hand and said the facility is an important step. but he said there needs to be a commitment going forward to help residents of the tenderloin. both housed and on housed. there needs to be a place or a set of places where 24 hours a day people who are in behavioral health crisis who have we're
12:57 pm
addicted can go and get immediately connected. two services and care in our city with this drug epidemic we're facing. this is not just a short term need. it's a long term need. that site is open seven days a week from eight in the morning till eight at night. the plan is to expand those hours, so it operates 24 hours a day with the capacity of handling up to 100 clients at a time, the lincoln center has a six month lease at its current site on market street. after that, the city can decide if they want to replicate that model elsewhere in the city or make it a permanent feature in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. abercrombie and fitch will soon be the latest store in downtown san francisco to close its doors, according to the chronicle. the store in the westfield mall on market street will close january 26. other major retailers like gap, marshall's h and m and dsw have also closed their stores in san francisco. abercrombie and fitch cited the expansion of online shopping as a factor for the closure. fewer shoppers an inventory shortages. marin
12:58 pm
brewing company will soon be closing its doors after nearly 33 years in business, the larkspur brewpub announced its farewell on social media yesterday. marin brewing company opened up back in 1989 and quickly established itself as a global award winning microbrewery and also one of marines few restaurants to serve a full menu until midnight seven days a week. customers are encouraged to stop by for a beer and a meal while they can before it does close on january, 31st. the national park service has started the process for a new tenant to take over what was the site of the cliff house restaurant for the past 47 years. anyone interested in opening a restaurant that spot looking right down ocean beach has until late may to apply for at least it includes 21,000 square feet with dramatic views of the ocean. the park service says it hopes the new operators lease will start before the end of the year. spacex carried out its second rocket launch of the new year three two. fun. zero ignition. and lift off. the
12:59 pm
latest mission carried 49 starling satellites launched at the kennedy space said here into low earth orbit satellites are part of the system that elon musk is creating to provide internet access to everyone on earth. some scientists criticized the starling program because light from the satellites interferes with the ability to track other objects in space, and the report says private investment in space company set a record last year. space infrastructure companies received $14.5 billion from investors in 2021, according to an analysis investors put less than 10 billion to space companies just the year before, now to music as there are new plans for this year's grammy award show. it was originally set for january 31st in los angeles. but has now been rescheduled for sunday, april 3rd in las vegas at the mgm grand hotel will be hosted by comedian trevor noah. this is the first time the grammy awards will be held in las vegas. alright thanks for watching ktvu fox two news at noon just to remind her here in a few minutes. president biden is
1:00 pm
expected to address the nation and will answer questions from reporters about his first year in office. there's a live picture from inside the white house. we're going to bring this to you live once again underway again right here. on ktvu our next news gasses coming up at four. have a good afternoon. l'. we are doing micro adventure from a salmon leftover dish that went viral to a tip for taco tuesday. pretty simple. then look at this apron they made me. >> i hear that you have a new edgy hobby. >> and things get spicy. this is why you tune into the good dish. that is next. let's dish. >> the klways been the center of my world because life is for delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everyone knows me as a culinary expert and food judge


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