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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 19, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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to be a possible pipe on inside the courtyard, near flagpole and some planters and right now. officials are trying to determine whether or not this is a real device, and they are not taking any chances because this building contains the u. s attorney's office, federal courtrooms, the irs and other federal ah, a lot of federal offices right now. they have evacuated several blocks around the oakland federal buildings is right here in downtown oakland. they do not know if this is incredible device, but we did talk to the fbi and the alameda county sheriff's office about their plan of action. here's what they said. just to set expectations were going to be very meticulous and how we examine this device that is ongoing. alameda county sheriff's bomb squad has a lead on examining that device. federal protective service has done a great job, and it's been fastidious in observing this and bringing these these teams together. we always approach these problems trying to rule out that it's a device. and also
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keeping in mind that it could be a real device. so we have not at this point been able to rule out that it's still incredible device. it's got a lot of characteristics that are concerning to us. and so we were working slowly and diligently to do our diagnostics use our tools used the technology that we have. we have a very experienced bomb team here, probably one of the most experienced teams. in the country working on this problem right now. so the alameda county bomb squad says they're still diagnosing what this device could be before determining what next steps they could take, whether it's rendering a safety related. let's say a water canada, perhaps a containment vessel that is still yet to be determined. as far as evacuations. several blocks happening evacuated, including businesses, oakland city center, which is right across the street from the federal building again , they're taking no chances because of your recall in 2020. a federal security guard was shot and killed right outside the federal building by alleged member of the boogaloo movement
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who also is accused of fatally shooting a santa cruz sheriff's sergeant. so they're not taking any chances when this is real or not, that still has yet to be determined, reporting live in downtown oakland, henry lee ktvu boxer named henry. it looks like it's still a very active scene. any idea or estimates as to how long that area will be shut down , they say for at least a couple more hours. they want to take a very close. look at what this thing could be. if you don't want to rush anything at all, all right, we will continue to watch the situation. they're in downtown oakland, where a couple blocks have now been shut down because of a possible explosive device. henry lee, thank you. trust generates safety and safety generates thrust. however we are here today because there is a deficit of trust in santa clara county. there are deeply concerning allegations california attorney general rob bonta announced today that he is launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office. the move comes amid multiple
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accusations against the sheriff and the department ranging from corruption to misconduct. ktvu is andre senior, is live outside the santa clara county sheriff's office with details, andre what claudine, the sheriff and her deputies have been the subject of some disturbing allegations. within the last hour. the sheriff herself released a statement, and we're also not hearing from santa clara county supervisor who has been a critic of the sheriff's department. senate clara county sheriff laurie smith and her deputies are once again under the microscope. accusations that have proven could have far reaching consequences within the department. that is why today i am launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county tariffs office, california attorney general rob bonta announcing wednesday, but he's launched an investigation to determine whether the sheriff's office engaged in a pattern and practice of unconstitutional and unlawful conduct. this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning
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allegations relating to conditions of confinement. in the offices. jail facilities resistance to lawful oversight and other misconduct among the most well known of cases of death of santa clara county inmate michael tyree. he was allegedly killed by three correctional officers back in 2015. and then there's a $10 million at the county paid out after inmate andrew hogan while in the throes of a mental health crisis, kept banging his head against a jail transport van while guards looked on and failed to intervene. there have been deaths and injuries in custody. um and we want to be. we're going to be looking at all those, including the use of force as well as um, treatment or lack the potential for lack of appropriate treatment, including for mental illness. there. also the issues surrounding sheriff laurie smith herself who was formally accused in december of quote willful and corruption misconduct by a simple grand jury, citing evidence of corruption and jail
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mismanagement. senate clara county supervisor joseph media has been among those pushing for some sort of investigation. i think for each and every one of us, there comes a point where you say this just can't go on any longer, and we reached that point somebody in says change is needed in the department. amid years of troubling allegations and the possible result of the a g's move is the first step public institutions are subject to public oversight. and we've had a sheriff's department that has absolutely refused to provide the opportunity for folks to look into how the work gets done and what the consequences of that might be. now here's that statement that sheriff laurie smith released upon the age announcing that move earlier today, says quote i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office and we will immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial
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investigation now. if systematic misconduct is found. bonded does say that the sheriff's office could be subject to changes and they will also have to undergo an independent monitor. they will monitor any activity through the sheriff's office and make any changes that are necessary to right the ship. as you might say back to you, claudine. the story continues into this case. never andre, do they have any idea if it launches today? with how complex it sounds like this investigation is how long it's going to take to complete it. a great question. it is very complex a lot of layers here. he does not yet have a timeline. claudine of how long this investigation could take, just because of the sheer amount of things that they have to go through with detailed them here over the years, right here on channel to the issues that have happened inside the jail inside the sheriff's office, so no timeline yet on when this could be completed following it. thanks so much andre senior reporting live. with covid-19 cases rising. the sonoma county board of supervisors is reviewing the county's most recent health order under that order, which went into effect
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last week. indoor gatherings in sonoma county are currently limited to 50 people and outdoor gatherings to 100. the order also encourages people to only leave their homes when necessary . some of the supervisors have publicly criticized the health department over that new order. where are we going? we are in and i'm really concerned about the statistics that we are reading about and hearing about the sheer number of covid patients and transmission circulating through our company. the supervisors are hearing from hospital and school leaders about the omicron surge, the county reported nearly 1000 new covid cases yesterday, raising sonoma county's total number of cases to almost 63,000. about 40 firefighters with the short staff, santa clara county fire department are asking for an exemption to the county's new booster mandate. the county announced last month that all workers in high risk settings
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are required to get the booster shot by january. 24th. the fire department says 93% of its staff is fully vaccinated, and most have received booster shots. the fire department may apply for a waiver with the county health department that keeps the boosted firefighters on the job. if they obtain exemptions and the spread of covid is leaving. the san jose police department stretched thin right now, more than 50 police officers are out after testing positive for covid. the mercury news says most of these officers work in patrol, forcing the police department to ask other divisions to fill in to meet the city's requirement of at least 525 officers on the streets. voluntary overtime shifts continue through sunday, but could become mandatory if the situation gets worse. stay with ktvu for the latest coronavirus information. we do have an entire section of our website dedicated to the latest developments on the pandemic. just go to ktvu .com slash covid san francisco shelter in place hotel program for the city's homeless is coming to an end. ktvu christien kafton tells us
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work is now underway to make sure those who are staying in the hotels don't wind up back on the streets. in april of 2020 as the covid pandemic grew as a looming threat, san francisco mobilized to get the homeless out of large congregate settings , moving 3700 people into 25 shelter in place hotels around the city. the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the program was always a temporary measure and is now winding down. this program was an emergency response supported by fema. and it was really always intended to be temporary. now the department says it's working to capitalize on this unique opportunity and has already transitioned 915 people out of the shelter in place hotels and until longer term housing solutions. as we move through the pandemic moved towards recovery. we learn more about covid. we really want to ensure that we build on the opportunity. we've had to build these relationships over the last 20 months with people in
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the city hotels and transition them into permanent homes. nicole mcdonald is in a homeless shelter herself and says she's frustrated that more people aren't being allowed in myself. so i'm seeing that they're not letting people in. they don't let people in the shelter. they didn't more people out. they tell them that it's no big available the department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the city shelters are not yet operating at full capacity department said. it's not as simple as filling up beds. there have to be wraparound services on place for those seeking shelter. and with the omicron variant still posing a threat. safety has to be paramount congregate. shelter continues to play a very important role in the homeless response, but we need to do it responsibly within a covid context. this city says it's aiming to close the last of the shelter in place hotels by september of this year. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news is a food pantry facing closure has raised enough
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money overnight to stay open, the city of san jose told the lighthouse ministries food pantry. it needed to pay $15,500 for a special use permit. it had to be paid by february 14th or the food pantry would have to close a go fund. me campaign, which started on monday, has now raised over $16,000. one anonymous contributor donated $10,000. the lighthouse ministries food pantry feeds more than 6000 people a week. new at five tonight. the u. s supreme court will allow the release of presidential documents to the committee investigating the january 6th. u. s capitol riot, the justices rejected a bid by mr trump withhold the documents which are held by the national archives. they include presidential diaries, visitor logs, speech drafts and handwritten notes. the court said the former president's assertion of privilege would fail under any circumstances. the new year, kicking off with more pedestrian deaths in the south bay how the pandemic has played a role in these traffic tragedies. also
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ahead, cal francaise highway 37 in the north bay is in dire straits. we're speaking with the agency about keeping a major highway connector above water. and a very weather after some dense fog this morning, some sunshine this afternoon fog regroups overnight, but eventually temperatures will be warming back up. we'll have more warming back up. we'll have more your forecast coming we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ new year, new start. only pay for what you need. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card.
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before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. be in your moment. foggy start this morning with low visibility is near zero. visibility too few spots took some time for the cloud cover lift and then hazy sunshine this afternoon. looks like that'll be the case once again as we head into your thursday forecast, but
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the overall trend we are tracking a warming trend. take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. you can see lots of sixties out there. san francisco 60, santa rosa 64 warm spot out toward fairfield that's travis air force base in the upper sixties, and you can see san jose 63. so here's the satellite from earlier today, in fact, will reset it coming up for you right about now, and there's that cloud cover the fog, the dense fog from earlier today. clouds beginning to lift out throughout the afternoon hours, but already some patches redeveloping out there. you can see the low visibilities from this morning. things improved quite a bit into the afternoon hours. but it looks like we are tracking some fog already developing near portions of the coast, pushing locally back into the bay. current number is for the five o'clock hour. we're checking out some fifties and some sixties while the creek 63 degrees. san jose 57, oakland, 55 san francisco 53. here's our live camera looking out toward the towards san francisco and out toward the salesforce tower and you get the idea the leading edge of this fog bank right
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about here is starting to work its way kind of crawling over the city. so this means some pockets of dense fog tomorrow morning, some low visibilities that could impact your thursday morning commutes. just kind of keep that in mind. first thing tomorrow morning. we'll add that to the forecast and temperatures will be in the forties to start out your thursday morning, so it's not incredibly cold, but just a cool start with us some of that fog out there and at least overcast skies and start out to your forecast for tomorrow. here is the plan, though, is you can't see after that cool start tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the forties role. there's a 40 to 46. then into the afternoon hours, you can see forecast highs on track. most neighborhoods will be in the sixties, so tomorrow will be a mild day. and you can probably get used to this not only for tomorrow, but also friday, and the weekend warmest locations will be approaching the 70 degree mark as we head into the weekend, so as we check out the bigger picture out here in the pacific big area of high pressure off shore. you can see that storm track anchored well up to our north, so it has been a dry weather stretch and it
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looks like that dry weather pattern remains a place this area. high pressure will do two things. first that warms us up and also the wind will be accelerating out of the northeast. especially by friday. coming up, we'll talk more about the windy forecast heading our way by friday and also mild weekend forecast. we'll have the full update coming up in just a little bit, claudia. alright thanks mark with the san mateo county sheriff's office is warning residents about a recent phone scam. the caller pretends to be a deputy to try to get the victim to send a prepaid debit card and incident was reported last saturday. authorities say a scammer called a resident in san carlos and use the name of an actual deputy. the caller said the victim had two outstanding warrants and node $2000. the victim did not pay the caller and instead reported the incident to the sheriff's office and emergency declaration was issued by the santa cruz pork commission after the harbor there was damaged as past weekend. that tsunami caused by saturday's underwater volcanic explosion near tonga caused as much as $6.5 million in damage
5:18 pm
to that harbor, according to the santa cruz sentinel, the flooding and the high tides damaged infrastructure and pilings. facilities such as restrooms and showers of the harbor were flooded with more than three ft of water. taking a live look right now. across highway 37 in sonoma county. hopefully we'll get there in just a moment. i want to show you the traffic there. but recent report by caltrans is correct. that major east west thoroughfare that bridges the divide between highway 1 to 1 and i 80 could be permanently underwater and joining us now to talk more about this to explain what makes this stretch of highway so vulnerable is barney. he's the chief of public affairs for caltrans hobart highway. 37 is one of the north based busiest corridors. tell us about this study. what exactly did it find? well there's been a few studies that have been looking into environmental challenges on state route 37 worth sea level rise is concerned. we're looking at mid century, um, sea level
5:19 pm
rise above 12 ft of water. um and then complete inundation by the by the turn of the century. so while that seems like it might be a ways off, we have to start planning for what we're going to do long term with state route 37. and then there are a number of challenges to the route that go beyond just sea level rise. there are other environmental challenges as well to the native species out there , there are congestion challenges as as well unstable route 37. so we're doing a lot of work right now, with public outreach for the folks that actually commute on that route. to give us input on some of the things that we should be looking at both long term and the future and also short term dealing with congestion. yes so 12 ft of water that is an enormous amount of water. you said. it is a top down the road a bit, but you have to start planning now. a 21 mile stretch of highway a big area. what are some of the options that caltrans and some of the counties are looking at for dealing? with something like this and more on what would be
5:20 pm
the impact to people who use this busy stretch of roadway every day. maybe we start with the impacts because we saw in 2017 and also in 2019 that when we get that perfect storm of king tides and rain coming in the route floods and when we lose state route 37 we go from a 21 mile stretch for the commuters over a 40 mile stretch. so this is a significant problem that we've had to put our best minds on, and we've been working very closely with marin county, sonoma county, napa county and solano county, as well as empty c and b. c d. c on what we can potentially do. so the impacts are fairly significant, um, what we can do and what the first public outreach meeting that we're going to be holding next tuesday is going to look at is long term, or should we build a bridge out there? said we should we raise the ground out there. what should we do to increase traffic blow out there? those are sort of the big term things that we're going to be looking
5:21 pm
at. um over the longer stretch of time, and we need input from the very folks that you see out there on state route 37 right now, but those improvements are a fair amount of way. fair amount of time. way, maybe 10 years if we're going to build a bridge. so in the short term, we also have to look at. how can we make improvements now? and so caltrans has had our maintenance teams out there working with things like that, like like bladders and pumps. we've done grading. we've done improvement to drainage out there for the very, very short term. but there's also other improvements that we want to make. in the interim, like what we're going to be looking at on february 2nd. there will be a second public outreach meeting to look specifically at the area from sears point down the mayor island and in vallejo, and what improvement options there can be for congestion. so there's a lot of work for us to do. and right now we really need the people to come and express their opinion means a lot of pieces to come together and some of those aerials we were just looking at
5:22 pm
could see all the cars and the work going on out there. also, you can see that the area is a marshland. it's a very sensitive marshland. it's one of the largest in the bay area known as the san pablo bay lands. what's being done to protect this or to talk about the concerns that people would have in addressing the marshlands out there? well from caltrans standpoint, we're doing the state's first planning and environmental linkages process, and that's a national federal process to streamline all of the environmental work that we're going to be doing on state route 37 so we can move a little swifter and that's what that first public meeting next tuesday at 5. 30 pm is about we're going to be looking at all of the different than migratory birds that come through through that area. the different species that are native to that area and how to protect them as well. as how to what are the best options for the route itself. do we need to relocate the round? do we need to build a bridge? do we need to build a tunnel? there's a lot of different things that we can think of long term that
5:23 pm
we need to rule out and focus on what's the best option. okay well, we will leave it at that. always good to see you. barney with caltrans. thanks so much for taking time to be with us tonight. we appreciate it. my pleasure. the showdown between the nation's major airlines and cell carriers appears to be at a standstill. coming up. we're checking in on the expected five g rollout and how it's impactin we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673, at a standstill, at least for now. both a t and t and verizon have agreed to partially pause there. five g rollout over concerns that it may interfere with planes. fox's austin westfall joins us now live from charlotte douglas international airport with what five g experts are saying as this debate rolls on austin card in many people might be used to seeing a little five g logo at the top of their phone. it has been out for a while, but what? 18 t and
5:26 pm
verizon rolled out today is something a little bit different. it's called five g. c it's a little bit faster. it allows for better streaming things of that nature. but ultimately, the concern with it is that it could interfere with some of the instrumentation that are on aircrafts. when they're landing, so take a look at some video that we rolled here at charlotte international airport today, the cell companies intended to launch their five g c network nationwide today, and they still did. but last night, they announced that they will limit that service around select airports after airlines warned that it would lead to a catastrophic amount of canceled flights. now a slew of international airlines did cut flights to the us and emirates even went as far as suspending travel indefinitely to some american cities. japan airlines and air india were also among some of the airlines to cut flights to the us today now, alex hammer stone works for cybersecurity company trusted sec. and says the worries that the five g c frequency may interfere with instruments that are uncertain types of planes. so the current concern is that the five g and how it's being
5:27 pm
rolled out and where it is on the spectrum. is very close to the spectrum that's used by radio altimeters. so what a plane is landing. obviously they need to know exactly how are they are off the ground, um, especially when they have limited visibility. because i can't see the ground and they're very dependent on these instruments, etcetera. and san francisco international airport sent us a statement reading in part the faa had already previously announced five g buffer zones at 50 large u. s. airports, including sfo. and these buffer zones. five g towers would not be activated for six months to allow further evaluation. we recommend travelers check directly with their airline for the status of their flight. adding that their flights that there were certain flights from carriers british airways, emirates and air india that were canceled at sfo today . now some people who might be living near airports might be wondering well. there's going to be these five g c buffer zones
5:28 pm
around airports. how might that impact my cell coverage? well, the expert that we spoke to said that a lot of these five g c towers they tend to be more of a short reach type of spectrum. so basically what that means is the those types of impacts will be relatively minimal back to you. all right, you know, you mentioned that six month timeline is that enough time i think to find some kind of resolution. i mean, do we thinking at that point, everything will go forward or when we're talking about modernization of some of the equipment or, you know different things. we're looking at something maybe longer for real resolution. yeah you know, cloudy, no pun intended. a lot of this is up in the air at this point. i mean, really, there's a lot of questions that need to be answered about what's even being negotiated. there's a lot of players. better involved here. the faa the fcc a lot of major airlines, a lot of major cell carriers, not sure exactly who is debating this what they're debating on and perhaps most frustrating, as we don't exactly know, even if that six month buffer is exactly what's going on here that list that we
5:29 pm
mentioned of the 50 airports that came out about three weeks ago. this new, uh, buffer if you will around certain airports, not even sure if it's the same 50 airports so not even sure if the timeline we're not sure when all of this will be resolved. well we sure have a lot of eyes on it, though, so we'll continue to watch that conversation as it unfolds. thank you. another crash in the south bay that ends with two pedestrians dead coming up. we're taking a closer look at what happened and how the pandemic has exacerbated these kinds of tragedies, plus how president biden's views his first year in office, while also weighing in on what's to come in year two.
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♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. to follow our breaking news. you're taking a live look right now at the federal building in oakland, it was evacuated. the streets were surrounded surrounding there was shut down for mostly afternoon. 14th in clay street is where we're talking about. they are looking at a possible bomb found at the federal building. when we last heard from the sheriff's department, they said that there were enough parts of it characteristics that were concerning and so they were taking their time taking a look at it trying to make sure they can make the area safe. this is a developing story breaking story, and we'll continue to follow it and bring you updates as we get them. two people were killed in a third person was hurt and yet another collision
5:33 pm
between a vehicle and pedestrians in san jose. it happened last night at the intersection of almond and expressed way and foxworthy avenue not far from the capitol expressway auto mall. police say the driver stayed on the scene. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary live now in san jose with a closer look at some disturbing numbers, jesse when it comes to deadly collisions in the south bay. julie hall. martin is a major thoroughfare here in san jose. closer to downtown. it's an avenue, but here it is an expressway. eight lanes of total traffic as you can see, moving at a pretty good clip. san jose police say the trio that was hit yesterday. it's not in the crosswalk and did not have the right of way. that is a factor in this collision. obviously it's not a good idea to cross busy streets at night outside of a crosswalk. the loss of life marks the 4th and 5th time in the new year. that pedestrian has died due to a collision with
5:34 pm
a vehicle last year that mark wasn't reached until march. the beginning of 2022. is higher than we have seen it the beginning number here recently, experts with san jose's department of transportation say this is in line with national statistics showing an 18% increase in fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions dating back to 2020. we have been looking at the day to day in the most of the mystery two years. but particularly during the pandemic . it's been a different trends then compared to previous years , vision zero manager jesse mints, roth says the number of fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions in san jose was down before the pandemic and just before shelter and place protocols were lifted, but those numbers increased sharply in late summer and autumn of 2021. i think part of the reason why it's happening is that the drivers have a very distracted environment. there were a total of 60 fatal collisions in san jose in 2021, including the case of hillary lopez. the 35 year
5:35 pm
old was hidden. killed on center road. december 16th, the hit and run driver was caught and is charged with her death. he was the nicest person they know. she was so empathetic she could really feel your feelings. city experts say the burden falls on drivers and pedestrians to be as safe as possible whether driving , walking or cycling on area roads were working with a consultant. to do some surveys studying benchmarking and will be releasing a campaign i believe later this year. he said. the clark county medical examiner has not released the identities of the two men who were hit and killed here last night. the driver staying on the scene was also injured, but investigators say that person is cooperating with the investigation and drugs and alcohol were not factors in this position. live in san jose this evening. jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you and
5:36 pm
jesse. a third person was injured. did you have an update on that person's condition? that person had non life threatening injuries taken to the hospital, but non life threatening injuries, jesse thank you. to the low teens are facing several charges after allegedly leading police on a chase down highway 29 near napa. officers say they spotted the two teens driving a black 2015 ford suv and wearing black ski masks. the vehicle was wanted by sfpd in connection with a carjacking earlier this month. when officers say tried to pull the driver over. they say he refused to stop. authorities then conducted a pit maneuver. disabling that vehicle . two boys got out and ran, but they were quickly apprehended. the 15 year old and 16 year old suspects were booked into the napa county juvenile hall for felony evading felony vehicle theft and misdemeanor resisting arrest. sfpd is now handling that investigation. and a nurse from stanford has been reported missing, friends say michael o'dell was last seen on monday
5:37 pm
and they became concerned after his car was found in fremont by the dumbarton bridge toll plaza yesterday morning. hotel is in his late twenties with hazel eyes and short brown hair. anyone with information is asked to call law enforcement. the independent institute is out with a negative report about bar . the institute says it looked at five areas of performance and operations using bart's own metrics. it says it determined that bart fails across the board. the areas include bart's finances, which the report calls reckless due to pay benefits and overtime for union workers on time performance, which the report says bart does poorly. customer satisfaction ratings, crime and cleanliness. bart has not commented on this report. president biden is closing out his first year in office and admitting the pandemic has exhausted and demoralized many americans. but fox news madeline rivera tells us the president does have a positive outlook despite many big obstacles he needs to overcome. as president biden ushers in his second year
5:38 pm
in office, he acknowledges more work has to be done. i've long said it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people or america. i believe that more than ever today, but the best days of this country are still ahead of us. not behind us. the president is eager to tout his accomplishments from signing the $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief and bipartisan infrastructure bills into law to a 3.9% unemployment rate in december, a pandemic low we created six million new jobs. more jobs in one year than any time before. but inflation and raging covid cases from the omicron variant have shaken americans confidence in the president's leadership. a gallup poll shows an average of 48.9% americans approved of his performance in his first year. one of the low is among modern presidencies, only ranking higher than former president trump. president biden promised to deliver national plan to get the virus under control. but
5:39 pm
recently, he admitted there is no federal solution and despite campaigning to bring transformative change the president's ambitious social spending agenda and voting rights measures appears stalled in congress. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema unwilling to change the filibuster rules, stirring unrest among democrats. i'm not asking for castles in the sky. i'm asking for practical things the american people have been asking for a long time. the president is also eyeing this year's midterm elections just 10 months away and helping democrats maintain control of the house and the senate and washington mall. vera vera ktvu, fox two news well. oakland community groups rallied outside city hall this afternoon against building a new baseball stadium for the oakland a's at howard terminal. that rally happened just hours before a special meeting by the city's planning commission on the final environmental impact report. the community groups say they oppose any public funding for the $12 billion stadium. the city and county are slated to spend as much as $800 million on
5:40 pm
development around the project. labor advocates say it will affect operations. of the working portable oakland. it's a very important part for working people for containers and they would destroy it for billionaires development plans that's wrong. the planning commission meeting just got underway at three pm they're going to be taking what could be lengthy public comment on the environmental review. they could take a vote later tonight descended to the city council for certification and then the city could make its decision as soon as february. another twist in first responders, staffing shortages. it's called wall time how the longer wait times for ambulances are causing concern here in california. and new information on a pit bull attack at the main san francisco public library, the latest on the guard who was injured and
5:41 pm
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downtown oakland. this is where the federal building had been evacuated at 14th in clay because of a suspicious device, the update now, police say that package has been rendered safe. we're doing an additional search around the federal building. authorities are telling us out of an abundance of caution. but that federal building had been evacuated and the streets surrounding it were shut down for the past couple of hours again around 14th in clay streets in downtown oakland. but police now saying that that package has been rendered safe, we're working on getting more information, and we're going to have a live report for you on exactly what happened down there. coming up tonight at six. the biden administration has a plan to alleviate supply chain backlogs. the president today announcing the release of $14 billion to the army corps of engineers to fund 500 projects aimed at easing the supply chain problems. the projects include
5:44 pm
upgrades to improve shipping on the ohio river, the ports of long beach in california and norfolk harbor in virginia. the spending stems largely from the president's $1 trillion infrastructure deal. from police officers to paramedics. there is a national staff shortage of first responders, but there is another issue. the departments are also dealing with which could delay the critical care. you need. fox news giovanni leads he joins us now from sacramento so giovanni what's happening? julie well, the issue is called wall time. it's one first responders wait at the hospital with the patients until there's an open hospital bed, but with hospitals filling up in communities across the country ends here in california, it's leading to longer wait times for those emergency response teams ends taking some of the critical resources off the road. anybody's responding. i wasn't involved with first responders are sounding the alarm minutes can mean the difference between life and death and a lot of
5:45 pm
these situations and the wall times are really slowing down our ambulances and dampening our ability to get people to the hospital in time. wall times are getting longer, leaving first responders stuck at hospitals with the shortage of hospital staff and hospital beds. some of them are forced to wait hours on the wall. because now you know every room and so many of these hospitals across the country are already booked up with covid patients and others. um, and it's you know, hospitals are just at their max because those first responders are stuck waiting. there's less staff responding to calls. we've had wall times go as long as nine hours, which means you remove an ambulance out of service for nine hours, and that's driving up response times. what used to be a four minute wait for an ambulance in sacramento is now closing in on almost 12 minutes . if you simply hold your
5:46 pm
breath. you'll start to feel the panic in your body at about a minute. there's no simple solution, they say, but they also say they are hoping to get more help from the hospitals were in this fight together with the hospitals, you know. covid created such a big problem for anyone trying to conduct any sort of business to stay staffed have people there available to meet the community's needs. and julie here in sacramento, more than 28,000 hours were spent on the wall by first responders, and they say this is not an isolated issue. it's happening across the country here in sacramento, giovanni luigi ktvu fox two news because when you factor in four minutes to 12 minutes, those vital minutes can mean the difference between life and death. let's hope they get some help. sooner rather than later, giovanni. thank you. coming up the latest on a shocking dog attack inside the san francisco main library. what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen again and a
5:47 pm
rescue from the rubble? the new video that shows first responders saving a woman moments after a deadly explosion. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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library in san francisco, a security guard there was mauled while the dog's owner was unresponsive. ktvu is henry lee spoke with san francisco animal care and control about the attack and has details. on what now happens to the dog. has a cellphone video shows a pit bull attacking a security guard at the main san francisco public library. it's really sad. i mean , it's terrible. i'm not trying to minimize this in any way. this is a huge injury. it happened just before the library closes sunday night, security guard saw man passed out at a computer. his dog was on a leash but roaming around when the guards approached the man, his nine year old neuter pit bull named georgia attacked one of the guards. a second guard, pepper sprayed the animal. the guard suffered major injuries.
5:50 pm
some say the dog was just protecting its owner against the stranger. well, all that is true. right? that doesn't mean it's ok. every guardian is responsible for the dog's behavior. no matter what. virginia donahue is executive director of sf, animal care and control. it's important for all of us to look at our dogs and not put them in positions where they're going to make. really serious mistakes, the owner said. his pit bull is a service animal. that's not a service dog. that's a protection dog dog behaviorist beverly old brick says the pitbull didn't act like a service dog service dog is trained to get help for their owner to allow people to help their owner to help out people help their owner. she had this piece of advice for someone who might be attacked by a dog so limp and then if they keep attacking, then maybe start fighting. but the idea is that you immediately fight back. you're saying yes, i'll fight you. i'll take you on i disagree with you wanting to protect your
5:51 pm
owner, city librarian michael lambert says this was the first incident of its kind. and he doesn't want to repeat. we're going to redouble our efforts to look at our policies. we're going to look at new de esta de escalation tactics. the pit bull is now under a 10 day quarantine at san francisco. animal care and control. it will stay there until there's a hearing to determine whether the dog could be ordered, muzzled or otherwise controlled or euthanized. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. dramatic new body camera video of new york police officers rescuing a woman after a building explosion in the bronx. this video was recorded yesterday afternoon just moments after a home exploded and partially collapsed. claims can be seen shooting out of the rubble as an officer walks into the home next door to help a woman who is trapped underneath the couch. several officers worked together to free her, then they move on to look for more victims. at least one person died and several others were hurt in that blast. a new video shot today
5:52 pm
shows the extent of the damage to that building. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion. but there is a report one person smelling gas in the area before the blast surrounding buildings were evacuated as a precaution. barrier weather we have, for the most part fair skies right now, but the fog trying to kind of expanding coverage once again for tonight, so another chilly evening out there will lead to a cold thursday morning, but still are dry weather stretch will continue. members just almost two weeks ago. we're tracking our last system across northern california. we had a few sprinkles across parts of the bay area last weekend, but not a real organized system. so for the most part, no significant rainfall last week. no no chance this week and it looks like next week will be looking dry, as well as the storm track is a focused we have to our north. in fact, between now in the weekend temperatures could be trending up beginning tomorrow and a few spots. you can see the advertised for today. the
5:53 pm
thursday forecast temperatures a few degrees above the average and by friday, we could have a few neighborhoods kind of right around the 70 degree mark. that could be the case by friday and into saturday earlier today, you can see from this morning we had some pockets of us some dense fog out there. identify fog advisory for parts of the north bay. right now. the fog is kind of expanding near the coast and pushing locally back into the bay. her numbers in the fifties and the sixties conquered right now. 59 san jose checking in 57 degrees. here's our live camera above san francisco this evening where we do have the fog kind of back in the picture for tonight, so will impact your thursday morning commute with some low visibilities out there as this area of high pressure kind of squashes that fog bank that leads to the low visibilities and that would be the case once again for tomorrow. so watch out for the fog not only for the inland valleys but also near portions of the coastline, but then hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. that area of high pressure is just kind of locked in offshore. so thursday, clearing skies a bit of a warmer forecast. friday the winds will
5:54 pm
be picking up out of the northeast and the weekend will be dry and also mild, so the rainfall is to the north of the bay area. but the winds on friday could be up there, especially for the higher elevations up above a 2000 and 3000 ft. maybe for the highest peaks. the bay area winds can be topping 50 miles an hour closer to where you live winds could be around 20 to 30 miles an hour. that is in the friday forecast. here you can see tomorrow morning, the dense fog out there and then hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. temperatures will be in the sixties for your thursday afternoon forecast and look ahead. your five day you can see it's windy into friday, the weekend lots of sunshine temperatures close to 70 degrees. just amazing all weekend long. all right. thanks. mark cashing in on the metaverse . high power companies are advancing toward a presence in the virtual world. and coming up new at six. the cdc issues a new travel warning, the country's added to the list. americans should not be traveling to due to the risk of getting covid. and if you're in the market for
5:55 pm
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news kelly a greedy reports now from los angeles. well the metaphors hype is rapidly exploding, with more users and companies engaging every day. we're seeing walmart, ralph lauren and nike all begin to develop metaphor, shopping experiences. disney has filed a patent to build a theme park simulator. but why a traditional companies investing simply, businesses are betting this is where their customers will spend a lot of their time and they want to meet them where they are. for example, the brooklyn nets are the first professional sports team to enter the space, offering a courtside game watching experience look at these images as part video game
5:58 pm
part live experience, and it underscores how entertainment plays are some of the most obvious applications here. what is this? really going to look like? a lot of us are envisioning vr headsets, but some experts say it will be more integrated into daily life. it's going to be a digital overlay onto our physical world and i don't think that that's going to mean that we walk around wearing a vr headset all day and so instead of having to pick up our phone and type something in every time we need it. will have information that we need available at our fingertips. and that could be through a are that could be through holograms. though the futures murky average investors are betting big on the hype, metaverse real estate has skyrocketed with the most expensive piece of land sold at $4.3 million. but even so, some say investing is extremely risky right now, because that could drop once the value proposition is more clear. one of the biggest questions i have is how much influence meta or formally noticed facebook will have. already many companies have admitted to adopting a wait and
5:59 pm
see approach, allowing the tech giant to define the arena in which other businesses play. adding the regulatory questions developing and we can expect to see this change rapidly over the near future in los angeles, kelly o. grady for fox business. this is ktvu fox two news at six. and we are continuing to follow developing news out of oakland at this hour where the bomb squad responded to the federal building, and there is late word that a suspicious device found outside maybe part of a hoax. law enforcement on the scene says the device. looks like a pipe bomb. good evening. i'm claudine wang and i'm julie julie haener. police had to be or had to evacuate buildings and shut down streets in the area while they investigated. let's go straight now to ktvu henry lee. he's been at the scene monitoring the situation for us and joins us now live with late details. henry julie within the past 15 20 minutes. the fbi and alameda county sheriff's office confirmed. this was a hoax device designed to bring law
6:00 pm
enforcement response. and this is what the person wanted to get. now also show you some video from before is about 12 30 this afternoon when a man was caught on video. putting down a plastic bag that put that it contained what looked like to be a pipe bomb inside the courtyard of the oakland federal building on clay. now we're about a block away from the building. and so oakland police and fbi and different law enforcement agencies cordon off a couple blocks around the federal building brought in the bomb squad to look at this potential device. but after hours of diagnosis, they determine this was not a real device. in fact, they found a handwritten note directed at law enforcement, saying something they did not want to say exactly what this message said. but suffice to say they are looking for the man caught on video who left this classic bag with a hoax device inside the courtyard. now there's no word right now. as far as what the motive is, and now we heard from the lieutenant ray kelly at the alameda county shares office. here's what he had


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