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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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enforcement response. and this is what the person wanted to get. now also show you some video from before is about 12 30 this afternoon when a man was caught on video. putting down a plastic bag that put that it contained what looked like to be a pipe bomb inside the courtyard of the oakland federal building on clay. now we're about a block away from the building. and so oakland police and fbi and different law enforcement agencies cordon off a couple blocks around the federal building brought in the bomb squad to look at this potential device. but after hours of diagnosis, they determine this was not a real device. in fact, they found a handwritten note directed at law enforcement, saying something they did not want to say exactly what this message said. but suffice to say they are looking for the man caught on video who left this classic bag with a hoax device inside the courtyard. now there's no word right now. as far as what the motive is, and now we heard from the lieutenant ray kelly at the alameda county shares office. here's what he had to say. after many hours of
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work and. diagnostics by our bomb squad. we were able to render the package safe and looking at this. this incident was designed to get this type of response so that the person that left this package wanted this type of response. and got that the response that they wanted and looking at the evidence. there was a specific message in there for law enforcement that was left we have since taken all of that evidence and turned it over to the fbi who's collected it. they'll do their analysis and further investigation from there so kind of a unique situation where this individual left this. wanting this type of response wanting this type of attention left and had a message for law enforcement. i'm not going to go into what that message was. that's up to the fbi, but this was all by design. because this happened on federal property. if the man is
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identified, he could face federal charges of possession of a destructive device. even if this was not a real bias. now the investigation is continuing. fbi is the lead agency because this is federal property reporting live in downtown oakland. henry lee ktvu fox studios. alright thanks so much henry for that live report and that update, california attorney general rob bonta announced a civil rights investigation today into the santa clara county sheriff's office. the move comes amid multiple accusations that range from corruption to misconduct. ktvu is andre senior live now outside the santa clara county sheriff's office with the details, andre well, julie, the sheriff and his deputies have been the focus of some disturbing allegations over the years and now the attorney general says he wants to get to the bottom of what's happening inside the sheriff's office. senate clara county sheriff laurie smith and her deputies are once again under the microscope. accusations that have proven could have far reaching consequences within the department. that is why today i
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am launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county tariffs office, california attorney general rob bonta announcing wednesday, but he's launched an investigation to determine whether the sheriff's office engaged in a pattern and practice of unconstitutional and unlawful conduct. this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning allegations relating to conditions of confinement. in the offices. jail facilities resistance to lawful oversight and other misconduct among the most well known of cases of death of santa clara county inmate michael tyree. he was allegedly killed by three correctional officers back in 2015. and then there's a $10 million at the county paid out after inmate andrew hogan while in the throes of a mental health crisis, kept banging his head against a jail transport van while guards looked on and failed to intervene. there have been deaths and injuries in custody. um and we want to be.
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we're going to be looking at all those, including the use of force as well as um, treatment or lack the potential for lack of appropriate treatment, including for mental illness. there. also the issues surrounding sheriff laurie smith herself who was formally accused in december of quote willful and corruption misconduct by a simple grand jury, citing evidence of corruption and jail mismanagement. senate clara county supervisor joseph media has been among those pushing for some sort of investigation. i think for each and every one of us, there comes a point where you say this just can't go on any longer, and we reached that point. somebody in says change is needed in the department. amid years of troubling allegations and the possible result of the eggs move is the first step public institutions are subject to public oversight . and we've had a sheriff's department that has absolutely refused to provide the opportunity for folks to look into how the work gets done and what the consequences of that
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might be. sheriff laurie smith released a statement that reads in part quote. i've always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office and we will immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation if systematic misconduct is found, bonta says the department could be forced to changes that can also be forced to institute those changes under the guide of an independent monitor. back to you, julie. alright andre senior live outside the santa clara county sheriff's office for us tonight, andre. thank you. oh, macron cases continue to rise, but there are some promising signs that the surge may have hit its peak in some parts of the bay area. san francisco has seen the steepest drop the city reports and almost 37% decline in average covid cases with the peak around january 8th at 2100 cases a day. marin county appeared to have its peak on
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january 4th, and since then, the number of daily new cases has declined almost 8% still, the hospitalization numbers are going up. but marin county health officials say the situation is much different now when compared to just six months ago. the good news is that for people who are fully vaccinated and boosted days tend to be shorter stays, not a lot of oxygen need, buffed up for a couple days in the hospital and sent home very rarely. are we seeing people seriously critically upcoming into the icu like we did before with delta? contra costa almost also reported in almost 10% drop in new cases, while alameda county has had a slight increase in cases just over 1% with covid-19 cases still rising in many places, the sonoma county board of supervisors is reviewing the county's most recent health order under that order, which went into effect last week, indoor gatherings in sonoma county are currently limited to 50 people. an outdoor gatherings to 100. the order also encourages people to only leave
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their homes when necessary. some of the supervisors have publicly criticized the health department over this new order. where are we going? we are in and i'm really concerned about the statistics that we are reading about and hearing about the sheer number of covid patients and transmission circulating through our kana me. the supervisors are hearing from hospital and school leaders about the omicron surge, the county reported nearly 1000 new covid cases yesterday, raising sonoma county's total number of cases to almost 63,000. and the spread of covid is leaving the san jose police departments stretched thin right now, more than 50 police officers are out after testing positive for covid , the mercury news says most of these officers working patrol, forcing the police department to ask other divisions to fill in to meet the city's requirement of at least 525 officers out on the streets. voluntary overtime
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shifts continue through sunday, but could become mandatory if the situation gets worse. the biden administration today officially launched a new website where anyone can request free at home covid tests as foxes, geri willis reports. the white house is also trying to get millions of free hospital grade masks out to those who need them. the federal government's official covid test website open for business officially launching on wednesday after a beta test tuesday. every website launch. in our view comes with risk. we can't guarantee there won't be a bugger to but the best tech teams across the administration and the postal service are working hard to make this a success this coming after president biden announced in order for half a billion total at home covid testing kits. to keep up with demand as the macron variant continues to surge across the country. with the launch of the website, americans are able to order the rapid test kits and to have them delivered to their homes for free. some concerns arising
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during the testing phase, including americans who live in multi unit buildings, having issues placing their order because their neighbors have already ordered a test from that address apartment complexes houses with basements those types of things again, that's going to be a fiasco. the united states postal service website saying orders will begin to ship at the end of january. typically shipping within 7 to 12 days of ordering some saying that's too late, in addition to testing kits that biden administration has announced they will be making 400 million n95 masks available for free. throughout pharmacies and community sites. this in order to offer americans easier access to medical grade masks as covid infections continue to spike. a testing kit order is limited to four tests per residential address in new york. geri willis fox news and
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to order the free at home tests go to the website. covid test dot gov. the white house expects tests will typically shipped within 7 to 12 days of ordering the u. s. postal service will handle deliveries. and the cdc is advising americans against traveling to more countries due to the spread of covid 1920 countries have been added to the avoid travel list, among them argentina, australia, the bahamas. egypt israel, qatar, the cdc says travelers should avoid visiting these countries regardless of vaccination status , but the trip if it's absolutely necessary, they're saying make sure you're fully vaccinated before you leave. coming up. what? we're learning about a fatal crash in san jose that left two pedestrians dead and another injured. also ahead the rally today against the proposed new a stadium just hours before a key meeting by city officials. 12 days. it's been 12 days since we've had any rain here in the bay area. will we go another 12 days, the forecast straight ahead. and a
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new infusion of cash for the century old seawall along san francisco's embarcadero, where the money will go and where it's coming from and taking a live. look right now at the wednesday evening commute, this is highway 24 in lafayette looking west, the commute direction there on the left heading toward walnut creek. it's a little heavy there in b when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
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if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. pedestrians were killed in the third person was injured. it happened last night at the intersection of almond and expressway and foxworthy avenue , not far from the capitol expressway auto mall. police say the driver remained on the scene . ktvu is jesse gary tells us that vitality czar, the 5th and 6th pedestrian fatalities in just the past few weeks. that is a factor in this collision. obviously it's not a good idea to cross busy streets at night outside of a crosswalk. the loss
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of life marks the 4th and 5th time in the new year. that pedestrian has died due to a collision with a vehicle last year that mark wasn't reached until march. the beginning of 2022. is higher than we have seen it the beginning number here recently, experts with san jose's department of transportation say this is in line with national statistics showing an 18% increase in fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions dating back to 2020. we have been looking at the day to day in the most of the mystery two years. but particularly during the pandemic. it's been a different trends then compared to previous years, vision zero manager jesse mints, roth says the number of fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions in san jose was down before the pandemic and just before shelter and place protocols were lifted, but those numbers increased sharply in late summer and autumn of 2021. i think part of the reason why it's happening is that the drivers have a very distracted
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environment. there were a total of 60 fatal collisions in san jose and 2021, including the case of hillary lopez. the 35 year old was hit and killed on center road december 16th, the hit and run driver was caught and is charged with her death. he was the nicest person they know. she was so empathetic she could really feel your feelings . city experts say the burden falls on drivers and pedestrians to be as safe as possible whether driving, walking or cycling on area roads were working with a consultant. to do some surveys studying benchmarking and will be releasing a campaign i believe later this year. santa clara county medical examiner has not released the identities of the two men who were hit and killed. the driver who stayed at the scene was also injured, but investigators say that person is cooperating with the investigation and the drugs and alcohol but not factors in the collision. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. oakland
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community groups held a rally outside of city hall this afternoon and opposition to a new baseball stadium for the oakland a's at howard terminal. that rally happened just hours before a special meeting by the city's planning commission about the final environmental impact report on building the ballpark. the community groups say they oppose any public funding for the $12 billion stadium. the city and county are slated to spend as much as $800 million on development around the project. some porter workers and labor advocates opposed the project. of the working part of oakland. it's a very important part for working people for containers and they would destroy it for billionaires development plans that's wrong. right now. the planning commission meeting is hearing public comment on whether to recommend certification of the environmental review. they could take a vote tonight to send it for the city council for a vote. the council vote could happen as soon as next month. several airlines adjusted their us balance service today as two major carriers roll out their
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new five g mobile networks. emirates announced it would pause flights to some u. s cities, british airways and korea air substituted different planes, 18, t and verizon say. their five g mobile networks will not interfere with aircraft technology, but they have agreed to set up buffer zones at major airports while the issue is addressed. the manufacturers and the regulator will solve this, if not by more butter zones by introducing better equipment on the aircraft or modifying that equipment. the five g c band network uses a section of the radio spectrum close to that used by ultimate ear's. that equipment helps pilots land during poor visibility. those five g buffer zones are now in place at 50 large airports. they include sfo and mineta. san jose international. despite that, officials say, sfo is one of the airports where emirates is suspending service. air india canceled a scheduled flight from sfo to new delhi and one british airways flight to london was
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also scrubbed. new at six. san francisco is set to receive $5 million in federal funding to help repair the city's aging seawall today, house speaker nancy pelosi announced the funding is coming from the president's infrastructure bill. the sea wall is more than 100 years old and stretches three miles under the embarcadero. the new funding will cover the cost of a study that's looking at ways to strengthen the wall to withstand earthquakes and rising sea levels. that's certainly will be money well spent. hi everybody. you know one thing about the lack of rain is that when we don't have the randy got to embrace what we do have and it was a gorgeous day. once the fog finally dissipated across the bay area, look at those temperatures anywhere from 58 degrees apiece in hayward and fremont. to check out there filled reporting 69 degrees, backing through travis, mid sixties and livermore at an annual socket was 60 and san francisco. the fog is now sweeping in towards the golden gate bridge. it's low level clouds. you can tell that
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because the very tip top of the towers of the golden gate bridge stand 746 ft. and we can see the lights flashing their otherwise . temperatures have been cooling down rapidly. we are into the fifties across the board, 54 degrees in san carlos, and in san jose, as well as to the north and center rosa sure. the storms. they're out there. they're well to the north. but they're banking on that ridge of high pressure. this is a very impressive ridge, and it's only gonna slide gently to the east and encompass the great basin. and when that happens, it will continue to bring us this dry weather pattern and more of an offshore component. sure was also said that overnight fog again tonight and throughout early tomorrow morning but it's going to dissipate rather more rapidly, with these winds, returning more to an offshore component, added the northeast. so clarence guys tomorrow a little bit warmer in some neighborhoods downright blustery , with windy conditions on friday, with some of those gusts up to 45 mph, and then the sunshine continues over the weekend. the language forecast is still coming up later in this
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broadcast. julie and claudia. roberta thank you. some people in san mateo county woke up to reports of a mountain lion in the area. belmont police say the large cap fought and killed another mountain lion and was later spotted around two in the morning on hastings drive near hidden canyon park in the upper creek trail. police continued to search for the animal, but by this morning it appeared that the big cat had left the neighborhood. well still ahead. details on the plan for hundreds of people who are homeless, staying in san francisco hotels when that program does come to an end, and amid dismal poll numbers, president biden defends his record as he marks one yea
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♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. from the spread of covid is coming to an end later this year . ktvu is christian captain tells us work is now underway to make sure those who are staying in the hotels do not wind up back on the streets. in april of 2020 as the covid pandemic grew as a looming threat, san francisco mobilized to get the homeless out of large congregate settings, moving 3700 people into 25 shelter in place hotels around the city. the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the program was always a temporary measure and is now winding down . this program was an emergency response supported by fema. and it was really always intended to be temporary. now, the
6:24 pm
department says it's working to capitalize on this unique opportunity and has already transitioned 915 people out of the shelter in place hotels and until longer term housing solutions. as we move through the pandemic moved towards recovery. we learn more about covid. we really want to ensure that we build on the opportunity . we've had to build these relationships over the last 20 months with people in the city hotels and transition them into permanent homes. nicole mcdonald is in a homeless shelter herself and says she's frustrated that more people aren't being allowed in myself. so i'm seeing that they not letting people in. they don't let people in the shelter. they didn't more people out. they tell them that it's no bids available. the department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the city shelters are not yet operating at full capacity department said. it's not as simple as filling up beds . there have to be wraparound services on place for those seeking shelter. and with the
6:25 pm
omicron variant still posing a threat. safety has to be paramount congregate. shelter continues to play a very important role in the homeless response, but we need to do it responsibly within a covid context. this city says it's aiming to close the last of the shelter in place hotels by september of this year. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. new data finds well fatal drug overdoses fueled by fentanyl in san francisco, remain a public health crisis, the number of people dying from overdoses in the city is now down, according to data released today by the san francisco medical examiner. 650 people died in 2021 of drug overdoses in the city that is down 9% from the year before. this is the first time the number has dipped year over year in a decade, but it follows an unprecedented spike in deaths the year before from 441 in 2019 to 711 in 2020.
6:26 pm
president biden looks back at his first year in office while also weighing in on what his second year will include i'm mala rivera in washington with more on his news conference coming up also ahead. klay thompson is starting to look a lot like the player he was before his injuries. that story later in sports and the days of dirt cheap borrowing appeared to be ending
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the oakland federal building turned out to be a hoax. the suspicious package forced evacuations and several hours a street closures, authorities say. inside the package was a message to get the attention of law enforcement. the evidence is now being turned over to the fbi . state attorney general rob bonta is launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office. he says the investigation will seek to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional conduct. this follows allegations related to conditions of confinement at the county's jail facilities, resistance to oversight and other misconduct. san jose police are investigating a deadly traffic collision. it happened last night at the intersection of almaden expressway and foxworthy avenue. not far from the capitol expressway. autumn um to pedestrians were killed and a third was injured after being hit by the car. the driver did stay on the scene. the deaths are the 4th and 5th pedestrian fatalities in just the past few weeks. you're watching ktvu fox
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two news at 6 30 in a wide ranging white house news conference today, president biden admitted the pandemic has exhausted and demoralized, many americans will defending his record and efforts to bring the pandemic under control. as foxes . madeline rivera reports, the president does have a positive outlook despite many big obstacles he needs to overcome. as president biden ushers in his second year in office, he acknowledges more work has to be done, long said. it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people or america. i believe that more than ever today, but the best days of this country are still ahead of us. not behind us. the president is eager to tout his accomplishments from signing the $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief and bipartisan infrastructure bills into law to a 3.9% unemployment rate in december, a pandemic low we created six million new jobs. more jobs in one year than any time before. but inflation and waging covid
6:31 pm
cases from the omicron variant have shaken americans confidence in the president's leadership. a gallup poll shows an average of 48.9% americans approved of his performance in his first year. one of the low is among modern presidencies, only ranking higher than former president trump. president biden promised to deliver national plan to get the virus under control. but recently, he admitted there is no federal solution and despite campaigning to bring transformative change the president's ambitious social spending agenda and voting rights measures appears stalled in congress. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema unwilling to change the filibuster rules, stirring unrest among democrats. i'm not asking for castles in the sky. i'm asking for practical things the american people have been asking for a long time. the president is also eyeing this year's midterm elections just 10 months away and helping democrats maintain control of the house and the senate and washington mall. vera vera ktvu,
6:32 pm
fox two news the new york attorney general says investigators have uncovered evidence that former president trump's company used fraudulent or misleading documents to get loans and tax benefits. in a court filing yesterday, authorities said investigators need to question mr trump and his two oldest children, donald trump jr and ivanka trump as part of their inquiries, according to court documents. the trump company repeatedly misstated the value of its assets. the former president says the investigation is politically motivated. the u. s. supreme court will allow the release of presidential documents to the committee investigating the january 6th. u s. capitol riot, the justices rejected a bid by mr trump to withhold those documents, which are held by the national archives. they include presidential diaries, visitor logs, speech drafts and handwritten notes. the court said the former president's assertion of privilege would fail under any circumstances. new at 6 30. the federal reserve may soon raise interest rates in
6:33 pm
order to combat inflation, according to information from the mortgage bankers association . the average contract rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage is now at its highest in nearly two years at 3.64. and while the rate increase is slowing applications for mortgage refinancing, it is actually helping increase applications for home purchase loans, which saw their largest increase in six months last week. and on wall street stocks are broadly lower again today. in a choppy day of trading, the dow fell more than 1% with the decline of 339 points. the nasdaq dropped 166 points. it's now down more than 10% below its all time high in november, which puts the nasdaq in correction territory. the s and p fell 44 points, a decline of 1. the ceo of the mortgage company, better dot com, is back on the job following his decision last year to lay off about 900 employees right before the holidays, special guard broke the news to workers during a zoom call. the chronicle is reporting that he
6:34 pm
has since apologized, saying in a letter to employees, he is sorry for the angst, distraction and embarrassment his actions have caused after the zoom call guard took a month long break to reflect on his leadership. better .com has offices in oakland. well president biden today again warned against russian aggression towards its neighbor ukraine, this as russia continues to mass more troops along its border is greg palkot is in ukraine with more a stark warning from the biden administration. russia could attack ukraine with very short notice as both washington and moscow face off over russia's military build up on ukraine's border. secretary state antony blinken is in kiev midway through a week of diplomacy following a meeting with ukraine's president, america's top diplomat, saying russia has two options, diplomacy or confrontation. but urging russia to stay out of ukraine. we've offered two paths to russia diplomatic path. through dialogue to try to resolve these
6:35 pm
differences peacefully, the other path of russia decides to renew its aggression against ukraine. is one of conflict and severe consequences. moscow sending an unspecified number of troops to neighboring belarus, who have engaged in live fire exercises. that's in addition to more than 125,000 troops along ukraine's border. meanwhile ukraine blaming russian hackers for a cyberattack on its government websites. indicating they're not close to a compromise. but the biden administration maintains if russia invades there will be heavy financial sanctions. it is going to be a disaster for russia. if they further grade you invade ukraine and that our allies and partners are ready to impose severe cost and significant harm on russia and the russian economy, with both the us and russia locked in a stalemate, ukraine says it is prepared for whatever happens next. critical talks between the us and russia said to take place on friday. secretary of state
6:36 pm
blinken meeting russian foreign minister lavrov in geneva. in kiev, ukraine. greg palkot fox news coming up an update on a terrifying dog attack inside a san francisco library. what animal behavioral lists are saying about the attack and what could happen to that pit bull involved? plus. wednesday evening, democrats will attempt to pass a voting rights bill, but without republicans, it's all but certain to fail. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, where demo
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be in your moment. bill and the filibuster. fox news, lauren blanchard explains why both measures are likely to go down in defeat. the debate over whether or not the us needs a massive voting rights bill continues on in the senate face a coordinated and relentless campaign to limit americans constitutional right to vote in attempt. to manipulate people into thinking that 2022 is 1965 wednesday evening, democratic leadership will push the bill toward a vote. republicans are united against it. this bill isn't about protecting voting rights. it's about protecting politicians, democrats say through state election laws passed after the 2020 race, republicans are trying to tip the scales in their favor. i think that there are a number of things we can do if we don't get it all now to build to get it so
6:40 pm
that we get a big chunk of the john lewis legislation without the 60 votes needed to advance the bill. democrats instead want to change the filibuster rule in their way. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema. they do not support the plan to allow for passage by a simple majority. the senate's greatest rules the one that is unwritten. this is an unwritten rule, and it's the greatest one we have is the rule of self restraint. which we have very little of anymore. some republicans called the plan a democratic power grab, they will try to smash and grab as much short term power. as they can carry. the filibuster issue continues to so deep divides within the democratic party, senator bernie sanders now says he may support primary challengers for both mansion and cinema. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news for the biden administration says it has a plan to alleviate supply chain backlogs, the president today announcing the release of $14 billion to the army corps of
6:41 pm
engineers to fund 500 projects aimed at easing the supply chain problem. the projects include upgrades to improve shipping on the ohio river, the ports of long beach in california and norfolk harbor in virginia. the spending stems largely from the president's $1 trillion infrastructure deal. the walnut creek city council has given preliminary approval to create a buffer zone around the planned parenthood office in that city. police say they received more than 40 complaints about clients being harassed outside the building in the past two years that included verbal and physical harassment, along with protesters blocking sidewalks. at least one person was arrested for going inside the clinic and threatening people. the council will vote a second time on the measure before it can go into effect. and we are always looking ahead towards the weekend. and are you ready for some football? we have the 49 years against the green bay packers forecasts coming up let's go to ktvu cristina rendon. now with a look at some of the stories we are
6:42 pm
working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus well, julie. our coverage continues from oakland's federal building that that's suspicious device now deemed a hoax. a live report on what authorities found inside of a blue plastic bag plus white, many more americans are expected to take longer vacations. this year. we're going to talk live with a representative from airbnb on the new travel trends. they're seeing all thanks to remote work . we're going to have those stories and much more coming up live at seven. over on ktvu plus that's not a service dog. that's a protection dog. animal control officials weigh in on a horrifying pit bull attack inside a san francisco library. what could happen to the dog and what experts say we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy,
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library in san francisco, a security guard there was mauled while the dog's owner was unresponsive. ktvu henry lee spoke with sf animal care and control about the attack and has the details now and what happens to that dog. cellphone video shows a pit bull attacking a security guard at the main san francisco public library. it's really sad. i mean, it's terrible. i'm not trying to minimize this in any way. this is a huge injury. it happened just before the library closes sunday night, security guard saw man passed out at a computer. his dog was on a leash but roaming around when the guards approached the man, his nine year old neuter pit bull named georgia attacked one of the guards. a second guard, pepper sprayed the animal. the guard suffered major injuries. some say the dog was just protecting its owner against a stranger. well, all that is true. right? that doesn't mean it's ok. every guardian is responsible for the dog's behavior. no matter what.
6:46 pm
virginia donahue is executive director of sf, animal care and control. it's important for all of us to look at our dogs and not put them in positions where they're going to make. really serious mistakes, the owner said. his pit bull is a service animal. that's not a service dog. that's a protection dog dog behaviorist beverly old brick says the pitbull didn't act like a service dog service dog is trained to get help for their owner to allow people to help their owner to help out people help their owner. she had this piece of advice for someone who might be attacked by a dog go limp. and then if they keep attacking, then maybe start fighting. but the idea is that you immediately fight back. you're saying yes, i'll fight you. i'll take you on i disagree with you wanting to protect your owner, city librarian michael lambert says this was the first incident of its kind. and he doesn't want to repeat. we're going to redouble our efforts to look at our policies. we're going to look at new de esta de
6:47 pm
escalation tactics. the pit bull is now under a 10 day quarantine at san francisco. animal care and control. it will stay there until there's a hearing to determine whether the dog could be ordered, muzzled or otherwise controlled. or euthanized. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. with the red cross is intensifying its calls for more blood donors. the organization says. recent winter weather has made the challenge of getting blood even more difficult. more than 170 blood drives had to be canceled because of storms. and that meant roughly 5000 blood and platelet donations went uncollected. the red cross is offering super bowl tickets and a home theater as an incentive to increase donor turnout. food did you say super bowl tickets? well, we do have the 49 forecast coming up in just a moment. but first things first. you know, the last time it rained here in the bay area, i'm talking brain. good old brain was january 7th. that's been 12 days. okay we had a couple of raindrops in the former sprinkles this past sunday but are rented. that was on january 7th. now that was 12
6:48 pm
days ago, and i believe we are potentially going to go another 12 days before we see any kind of rain in the forecast that takes us all the way through the end of the month. right now. dry skies, temperatures are in the fifties cities 50 degrees in napa and also in half boom, baby. numbers are in the low fifties around the central bay. the winds are predominantly on the light side. we do have the patchy fog redeveloping already tonight. it's seeping in through the golden gate bridge. we will start off on a very great note tomorrow morning before we enjoyed the hazy sunshine. and the mostly study skies and some mild conditions all the way through the weekend, even though we have storm after storm stacked up to the north of us, just banging up against the pacific northwest, leaving us high and dry because of this shoot strong dome of high pressure, so that's going to remain in command, however, as an inch is more to the east towards a great base and sure we'll see that overnight fog developed. but the storm track will remain well to the north of the bay area. we will see some very windy conditions as we have
6:49 pm
a pressure gradient between that high over the great basin and those low pressure systems well to the north of us. so when i say windy on friday what i'm referring to is basically anything about 4000 ft. like your mount hamilton's or your mount diablo. that's awfully close. we're talking about wind gusts up to 70 mph, mount tomah , pius 35 to 45 mile per hour winds and basically have to search surface. the valley floors 20 to 35 mph winds tonight, overnight we will see a slight wind. for the most part, we will have the fog and areas and in the forties tomorrow, slightly warmer away from the valleys. we're talking more like the coast side and around the central bay into the peninsula, 66 degrees and morgan hill. some of these temperatures are averaging 4 to 8 degrees above average. i got to get out of the way for this. yep niners in green bay. right here on fox saturday. 5 15 game time temperature 16 degrees. you factor in that wind of 15 mph. we're talking about a wind
6:50 pm
chill. of one above zero. kettl says. bring it on its football weather. our weather it is more spring like they're indicative temperatures you would feel across the bay area during the march and april months here. 69 degrees are outside number on friday and the string of dry weather continues to you. okay thanks, roberta. well major changes coming to san francisco's castro theater, the 100 year old theater is turning into a live events venue featuring music, comedy, film and other entertainment. it's been taken over by another planet entertainment, which has signed a long term contract to run it. the promotion company puts on hundreds of local concerts at venues like berkeley's greek theater, the bill graham civic auditorium and the outside lands music festival in golden gate park. well coming up. the 49ers are ready for frigid weather at lambeau field this saturday market banias is up next with sports, and here's a look right now at the prime
6:51 pm
time lineup here on ktvu at eight. it's i can see your voice. at nine. it's next level shopping. it's all followed by when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind.
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with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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it going? everybody everywhere
6:54 pm
you go. everybody is talking about this most provocative playoff matchup comes saturday night here. aren't you glad you're gonna be here? not in green bay. it is going to be freezing cold, but the game itself. should really be great. those guys could put up with that kind of freezing weather. and you know, this matchup has produced so many memorable games earlier this season, 49ers looked like they're going to win in the final moments on the touchdown to kyle youth check from jimmy g, but mason crosby 51 yard field goal down at levi's. to win it for them, but let's harken back to the nfc championship game of 19 win. it is most erred on the move ream with 220 yards rushing four touchdowns in the best touchdown dance you've seen but moving across the lambeau field. remember tonight game 5 30 our time. they say a 40% chance of snow and game time temperatures
6:55 pm
, including the will wind chill factor it could be under 1 degrees so there you go. it could below zero. yeah, out on that. but i don't know the 49ers seem ready for it as ready as you can be. it's whatever guys need to do just understand that it is a real deal. the weather is cold out there. um but that's no reason to effect a game. i mean, when does a much bigger factor rain is a bigger factor? you know, we have good mindset going into this thing and we know it's going to be like on saturday, so it'll be a #### of an atmosphere. indeed lambeau field, one of the best places you could ever see a football game, not necessarily under those weather conditions, but maybe more than the weather. the 49ers need to worry about the 12 punch the packers provide on offense talking about aaron rodgers, of course at quarterback and the guy he loves to throw to davante adams. who hails from palo alto 123 catches
6:56 pm
this year for 1500 yards. first team all pro. last time he played the 49ers he made 12 catches for 132 yards and a touchdown. and you know what? he's got the right attitude going up against the 49 years and say, confident to say the least. well, we just got to make each possession count and you know, don't don't come out flat like what we have in, you know, some playoff games against them in the past, you gotta you gotta come out firing. you've got to kind of throw everything you've got at him, not not holding anything back in. you know, we know what type of team they are, but, you know, we've won the last two and we was we kind of have a pretty good rhythm with that. so you to a certain extent had a number right now, so they have their number right now. i don't know 49ers, beating them three in a row in the playoffs. packers too. in the regular season, we'll see which streak continues. let's talk golden state warriors basketball easy win last night never for a moment against the detroit pistons. did you feel like the game was in jeopardy? the story.
6:57 pm
i've got to be clay thompson, right? maybe his best game since returning. he had 21 points on six of 13 shooting three of eight on threes. and overall, the comeback is coming along just fine. me a lot of fun, but just to be able to run up and down the court again and shoot the ball play defense. it's had a great time tonight, instead, five seconds to work with playing a remote three. so i d myself in that instance, and it feels so good to do in the game and to do it. at the buzzer or nearly at the buzzard and get the crowd going a little bit. that's what to make these nights so fun. right the warriors that back to backs coming up on thursday and friday night. in the meantime, we're always talking about all the great athletes. nothing without the fans. you need to check this out in #### celtic fan here, moving
6:58 pm
and grooving to monju. let it go. yes, let's hear the music for a second, right? oh, my god. hey man trying to get other people and he did. look at it. yeah air guitar. yeah, going on. he's got the boobs. and i'm sure the celtics love having him in the house. move it on. let us check this out. you want to see some pure talent from tokyo, japan? this is a youngster. he's blindfolded. he's skipping rope , and he's juggling the basketball. i rather the soccer ball at the same time. and what gets me about this? let it keep going. he finally mrs and he's all of that kid could do three things at the same time. all of which i can't do any of wow. it's impressive live for right now. back to you guys. all right, mark. thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us
6:59 pm
tonight, the seven o'clock news tonight, the seven o'clock news continues. (eerie music playing) all right, just a few more feet. and... here we are, gentlemen, the gates of elzebob. good lord. don't panic. this is what the last 97 hours have been about. stay frosty. there's a horde of armed goblins on the other side of that gate guarding the sword of asaroth. warriors, unsheathe your weapons. magic wielders, raise your wands. lock and load. raj, blow the gates. blowing the gates. control, shift... b! (electronic yelling) oh, my god, so many goblins! don't just stand there, slash and move, slash and move! stay in formation! leonard, you got one on your tail. that's all right, my tail's prehensile-- i'll swat him off. i got him, leonard. tonight i spice my mead with goblin blood.
7:00 pm
raj, no, it's a trap! they're flanking us! he's got me! sheldon, he's got raj. use your sleep spell! sheldon... sheldon? i've got the sword of asaroth! forget the sword, sheldon, help raj! there is no more sheldon. i am the sword master! leonard, look out! damn it, man, we're dying here! good-bye, peasants! (loud whooshing) the bastard teleported! he's selling the sword of asaroth on ebay. you betrayed us for money? who are you? i'm a rogue night elf. don't you people read character descriptions? wait, wait, wait! somebody just clicked "buy it now." i am the sword master! ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪


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