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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 19, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. it is on fire. breaking news. witnesses capture video of a car fire in the south bay after a crash involving a suspect vehicle and police shooting. my parents thought it was like, um
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, fireworks, but immediately when i had been doing my school shooting training school, heard at night like, you know, that's good. gunshots. police just confirmed in a briefing moments ago that suspect wanted for carjacking is dead following a shootout with police. good evening. i'm julie julie haener . and i'm claudine wang. it happened around seven o'clock this evening in the area of west heading street and park avenue. we get the breaking news from ktvu demagogues live at the scene. and emma, you just got an update from police. police just shared that it was around seven o'clock. as you said, when a man driving a stolen vehicle crashed into another vehicle. there were two people inside that vehicle. the man then gets out of the car gun in hand. when he sees officers he starts shooting. here's more from sergeant christian camarillo with sanders, a police the suspect was hit. he was quickly
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transported to a local hospital, where he has been pronounced deceased. all of our officers are okay. there was more than one officer involved in the shooting. i will have those details for you coming soon, but but i can confirm for you right now. this was an armed suspect. he was driving a stolen car. he attempted to carjack another vehicle and person in the city of santa clara. drove to san jose. crashed. exited the car gun in hand and shot at our officers. bar is on fire. police have been monitoring this stolen vehicle when they got a notification about the vehicle being stolen. they watched from an aircraft as it drove from san jose san jose to the city of santa clara attempted to carjack another vehicle on successfully , then half back in the stolen vehicle drove to san jose. right here on heading and parks streets, and that's when the crash occurred of the two other
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individuals involved in the crash were transported to a local hospital, and i'm told they suffered minor to moderate injuries. the car burst into flames and i was there and i watched it. get on fire like full on not just smoking like real flames. it was kind of surreal. it went from sort of a pop. pop pop. and then all of a sudden there was like a like a whole lot. that was a neighbor, a man and his teenage son who heard the sound of the cars crashing and also heard gunshots from their kitchen window. they came outside and watch, they say , as the car did erupt into flames. now police are telling me that there will be more details coming out tomorrow, but they've shared as much as they can for right now. emma it looks like still a fairly active scene behind you this evening. do we know how long that area is going to be kind of shut down for this investigation to continue? they
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have said over twitter that the streets in the surrounding area happened blocked off and they will be posting more tweets as they clear out the area, but nothing yet in terms of opening back those roads, okay, certainly something to keep an eye on it and watch that situation. thanks so much for that. update, emma. in san mateo. one person was wounded, and this was in a shooting outside the hillsdale mall. police say it happened just after 5 30 in the most parking lot arriving officers found one victim and say there was no threat to any shoppers inside. the victim is expected to survive. now to downtown oakland and a surprising discovery as the bomb squad investigated a suspicious device left outside the federal building. police shut down several streets around clay and 12th street this afternoon and evacuated nearby buildings. investigators say the device itself was a hoax, but something inside the package caught their attention. ktvu jana katsuyama live now in oakland with the details, jannas
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say when they first saw the outside of the package. it looked very similar to a pipe bomb, so that's why they made those evacuations downtown. but when they finally were able to look inside they say they found a message for law enforcement officers. oakland police say they got a call about 12 30 wednesday afternoon from a homeland security worker. a person was seen leaving a suspicious package outside the federal building at the foot of a flagpole. the alameda county bomb squad said it appeared to resemble a pipe bomb inside of a bag, but the package had been placed inside a planter difficult to access. police shut down roads and workers inside the building said they suddenly heard announcements telling people to evacuate immediately. they just call for the loudspeaker. telling that everybody had to leave. i've heard the announcement while i was doing the 15th floor north evacuate, stood out in the cold, unable to go back inside for nearly five hours. this worker said she had no time to collect her things. very frustrated. my
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clothes, my shoes. my purse. police also evacuated surrounding businesses, including a fitness club right across the street, where employees helps them two dozen members. get out. i immediately took action and went upstairs and started getting all of our club members together so we can get them out of the building as soon as possible about 5:30 p.m. the bomb squad was able to pull the device out of the planter. and found something surprising inside once i would call it a hoax device the best way to describe it not going to get into details on what it looked like or how they put it together when we got into the package and took it apart. that's where we discovered the message. investigators say it was a handwritten note addressed to law enforcement officers. there was a specific message in there for law enforcement that was left we have since taken all of that evidence and turned it over to the fbi. and even though it wasn't a real bomb, the fbi says the suspect could face federal charges potential for weapons of
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mass destruction charges. we really need to determine the motivation behind it before we could go down that path. investigators say that there is surveillance video that the fbi will be reviewing. but at this point they're not releasing any information about the suspect or what that message to, law enforcement officers said. julie it'll be interesting to find out more details in the coming days . any description at all of the suspect that they are potentially looking for tonight? we did ask them that and they said at this point, there's still early in the investigation. they are not releasing any of those details about who that might have been or whether they left on foot or in a car. but certainly that's something which they said if anybody has any tips or anything like that, you are asked to call police all right, well jana katsuyama with the latest on that major disruption in downtown oakland this afternoon, janet. thank you. we have an update now to a story we first told you about last night, u c.
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berkeley police say they have arrested a man they believe carried out at least three unprovoked attacks on campus. authorities described one attack at the hospice school of business where a victim was pushed from behind. causing injuries to his face. the suspect was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest and probation violation. the state attorney general announced today . he's opening a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office as ktvu is andre senior reports. the move comes amid multiple accusations of corruption and misconduct aimed at sheriff laurie smith. today i am launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county, garrett's office, california attorney general rob bonta announcing wednesday, but he's launched an investigation to determine whether the sheriff's office engaged in a pattern and practice of unconstitutional and unlawful conduct. this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning allegations relating to conditions of confinement. in
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the offices. jail facilities resistance to lawful oversight and other misconduct among the most well known of cases of death of santa clara county inmate michael tyree. he was allegedly killed by three correctional officers back in 2015. and then there's a $10 million at the county paid out after inmate andrew hogan while in the throes of a mental health crisis, kept begging his head against the jail transport van while guards looked on and failed to intervene. there have been deaths and injuries in custody. um and we want to be. we're going to be looking at all those, including the use of force as well as um, treatment or lack the potential for lack of appropriate treatment, including for mental illness. there also the issues surrounding sheriff laurie smith herself who was formally accused in december of quote willful and corrupt misconduct by a civil grand jury, signing evidence of corruption and jail mismanagement. santa clara county supervisor just comedian
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has been among those pushing for some sort of independent oversight of the department of public institutions are subject to public oversight. and we've had a sheriff's department that has absolutely refused to provide the opportunity for folks to look into how the work gets done, and what the consequences of that might be. sheriff laurie smith released a statement that reads in part quote. i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office and will immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office, and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation. if systemic misconduct is found, bodies says the sheriff's office could be subject to an independent oversight to monitor them going forward. that depends on what happens, though in his investigation i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. about two dozen inmates at santa rita jail say they are on a hunger strike. the group is protesting over the
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quality of cafeteria food and rising commissary prices. now they claim the cafeteria food is an edible and sometimes served with rat droppings. so the inmates say they turned to the commentary for food. but they say prices there are rising. one inmate told us he's upset that snacks such as ramen cost $1.39 with the same item is 25. cents at walmart, or 50, cents at the jail in san francisco. a spokesman for the sheriff's department denies that there is a hunger strike underway and they claim commissary prices recently rose 3% due to inflation. stanford university is getting pushed back against its mandate for booster shots for students and staff. more than 1700. people have signed a new petition on change dot org, urging the university to repeal the mandate. stanford phd candidate monte fisher started the petition last week. the university is requiring students and staff to show proof of their booster shot by january. 31st fisher says students are not against the vaccine, but says the booster mandate is
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unethical. and course it employees at starbucks are no longer required to be vaccinated against covid-19. the company reversed course after the supreme court ruled against president biden's workplace vaccine mandate. starbucks though, is encouraging all workers to be vaccinated and boosted against the virus and says the vast majority has received their shots. some good news in the north bay. the water restrictions now rolled back after all the rain we've received in the past few months , somebody say rain. when will it make its comeback? the dry forecast is still straight ahead. and a mountain lion spotted on camera after a deadly encounter with another big cat, how neighbors are now taking things into their own hands to find the aggressive mountain lion. the main thing for me. it's just an informed the
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peninsula woke up to a frightening scene right in their own front yard, a deadly fight playing out between two mountain lions all caught on camera more now from ktvu zach sauce in belmont. it was just after two in the morning along this quiet street in belmont when a doorbell camera picked up this series of startling growls and
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roars makes this nervous, very nervous noises. most people are only used to hearing in a nature documentary at going down hastings drive wednesday as to mountain lines, battled it out one eventually killing the other. a mountain lion dragon, another mountain light. oh my goodness video showing the animal dragging its kill across the street to a neighbor's doorstep. just keep your head on a swivel. kevin stanford, part of the area's neighborhood watch, has been advising folks to do since game wardens removed the dead mountain lion. i'm hoping i don't find it, but if i do you know we are pds really, really good, and they were just responds to pretty fast police who are urging neighbors to be cautious, but not everyone unnerved by the brawl. it's pretty cool. i mean, you know, it's not just one. it's too and they were fighting wild animals are part of life in this area. still, he plans to take a few more precautions in the evenings . when we go out for walks. i think you just have to be more careful neighbors being advised not to leave their pets or small children unattended mountain lions. no i'm going home to warn
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my whole family. i'm outlined fight well, shocking in these parts, apparently not entirely rare. it's kind of mountain lions being mountain lions. tiffany yeah, but wildlife expert at the center for biological diversity, it is a common occurrence for you know my fault lines kill each other over protecting territory. i think sometimes it becomes a greater occurrence. when, um they're boxed in and their habitat is limited, says mountain lines are largely solitary creatures who avoid humans. they are important for a lot of other species and a lot of biodiversity throughout california, but back in the neighborhood. stanford says he'll be keeping up his patrols to provide neighbors peace of mind. i haven't picked up any tracks it to kind of see what direction it took off in or what direction it came in, so that's kind of the sort of the puzzle and trying to put together now and so far california fish and wildlife, saying it found no direct evidence that this mountain line is a threat to human still there, urging people in the area to remove any sources of food water that might
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attract dear to their property. a source of food for mountain lions in belmont zach sauce, ktvu. fox two news. san francisco is set to receive $5 million in federal funding to help repair the city's aging seawall today, house speaker nancy pelosi announced the funding is coming from the president's infrastructure bill. the sea wall is more than 100 years old and stretches three miles under the embarcadero. the new funding will cover the cost of a study that is looking at ways to strengthen the wall to a stand earthquakes and rising sea levels. the marin municipal water district is now rolling back water restrictions in response to recent winter storms. district officials say there will no longer be limits or penalties for indoor water use. that decision comes after a significant amount of rainfall in october and december refilled the district's reservoirs. to 95% of capacity. there are still limits on outdoor water use for watering plants and filling up swimming pools. okay not so fast . it's not go nuts and take those long showers because let's take a look at our drought monitor report all of northern
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california, southern california and the san joaquin valley, all still in a severe drought. and a big part of this is because we have not seen any rain since january. 7th. that means 12 days ago was the last time it rained here. okay we had a couple of rain drops a couple of sprinkles on sunday. but that's about it. and in fact, as i take a look at some of our long range computer models, i don't see the potential of any rain for the next 12 days. so please continue to conserve right now. take a look at this right here. it's our life. whether camera we see that little finger of fog we're going to sway in from the golden gate bridge into the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. we're currently we have an air temperature of 50 degrees otherwise 44 in santa rosa with the clear skies. san jose is also at 50 degrees. we do have the rain out there. in fact, we have a couple of vigorous storms very impressive well to the north of the bay area. in fact, you can see the precipitation writing well into the pacific
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northwest in the form of rain and also some mountain snow and then right on its heels, yet another system but we still have that area of high pressure. it's huge. it's strong and it continues to divert the storm track. well to the north of the bay area. so that means tonight overnight dry with some overnight fall that could lead to a little bit of drizzle on some of those areas where the visibility is down to zero. you know the spots. the gray spots we saw earlier this morning, but the fog will clear out and then we will have some warmer temperatures in most neighborhoods friday. so when you conditions with the very impressive offshore flow, and that will set the stage for some hazy sunshine and well above normal temperatures for the weekend. rain remains to the north. we'll talk about the potential of brain returning to the bay area that's still coming up later on this newscast. roberta. thank you. an emergency declaration was issued by the santa cruz pork commission after the harbor there was damaged this past weekend the tsunami caused by saturday's underwater
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volcanic explosion near tonga cost as much as $6.5 million in damage to the harbor. according to the santa cruz sentinel, the flooding and high tides damaged infrastructure and the pilings facilities such as restrooms and showers at the harbor were flooded with more than three ft of water. and we have new video tonight showing the impact that weekend eruption had in tonga. this was filmed in tonga's capital, you can see some of the dozens of buildings that were damaged and the streets there are covered in ash crews have been working to clean up the debris in the day since the tsunami at least three people were killed. well coming up. president biden marks one year in office. the fact of the matter is that we're in a situation where. we have made enormous progress. his formal news conference held today as a voting rights bill fails in the senate, up first in two minutes for the first time in three years. drug overdoses in san
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for those experiencing homelessness. the city council decided yesterday to apply for $40 million project home key grant to buy the motel six on research avenue. that motel could offer 156 rooms for resident apartments and staff overseeing the facility. if that grant is approved, construction would have to be finished by march of next year. then residents would need to move in by june. 2023 san francisco, the city's hotel housing program for the homeless is coming to an end . ktvu christien kafton tells us how the city is making sure those who are staying in hotels don't end up back on the streets. in april of 2020 as the covid pandemic grew as a looming threat, san francisco mobilized to get the homeless out of large congregate settings, moving 3700 people into 25 shelter in place
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hotels around the city. the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the program was always a temporary measure and is now winding down. this program was an emergency response supported by fema. and it was really always intended to be temporary. now, the department says it's working to capitalize on this unique opportunity and has already transitioned 915 people out of the shelter in place hotels and into longer term housing solutions. as we move through the pandemic moved towards recovery. we learn more about covid. we really want to ensure that we build on the opportunity . we've had to build these relationships over the last 20 months with people in the city hotels and transition them into permanent homes. nicole mcdonald is in a homeless shelter herself and says she's frustrated that more people aren't being allowed in myself. so i'm seeing that. they not letting people end. they don't let people in the shelter. they didn't more people
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out there. they tell them that it's no big available. the department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the city shelters are not yet operating at full capacity department said. it's not as simple as filling up beds. there have to be wraparound services on place for those seeking shelter. and with the omicron variant still posing a threat. safety has to be paramount congregate. shelter continues to play a very important role in the homeless response, but we need to do it responsibly within a covid context. this city says it's aiming to close the last of the shelter in place hotels by september of this year. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news and new data finds that well fatal drug overdoses fueled by fentanyl in san francisco, remain a public health crisis. the number of people dying from overdoses in the city is down, according to data released today by the san francisco medical examiner. 650 people died in 2021 of drug overdoses in the city. that's down 9% from the year before.
10:26 pm
this is the first time the number has dipped year over year in a decade, but it follows an unprecedented spike in deaths the year before. from 441 in 2019 to 711 in 2020. coming up first responders waiting hours to transfer patients from ambulances to emergency rooms. what's causing the problem coming up later tonight? plus senate democrats moved to pass election reforms as president biden discusses setbacks and his administration's agenda. i'm mother rivera in washington, with more on both coming up. and the 49ers are preparing for one of their coldest games in team history. sports director mark avancez with that story later in sports and the proposed ballpark for the oakland a's clears another hurdle. what today's vote from the city's
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americans constitutional right to vote. well. legislation designed to protect voter rights goes down and defeat in the u. s. senate tonight as to democrats say they won't change senate rules in order to pass that bill. the defeat was a blow to civil rights advocates who say that republican led states are changing voting laws to suppress turnout. fox's madeline rivera tells us the vote came shortly after president biden marked the end of his first year in office with a press conference that covered a wide range of topics. the motion is not agreed to even before senate majority leader chuck schumer could call for a procedural vote on election reform or changing the filibuster. senator joe manchin seal the fate of both saying he is a definitive no on lowering the voter threshold, allowing one party to exert complete control in the senate, with only a simple majority will only pour fuel on the fire
10:30 pm
political whiplash. and this function that is tearing this nation apart and you don't have to look very far to see how we're tearing ourselves apart. leader schumer wants to lower the required votes to pass voting rights legislation with a simple majority. the move, which requires the support of all 50 democrats, is an effort to override republican opposition on the measures. these are good bills. these are effective bills. and they should be passed by this chamber. as soon as possible. republicans meanwhile , are accusing democrats of wanting to change senate precedent for partisan political gain. if we're going to solve the issues in the senate, we're gonna have to actually work together in a lengthy news conference one day ahead of marking his first year in office , president biden addressed the potential setback on an initiative he championed on the campaign trail. still the president says he's not giving up the fight to advance his agenda. i don't think i've over promised at all, and i'm going to k stay on this track voting rights are a key issue for democrats ahead of this year's
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midterm elections when asked if he thought the election would be fair without voting reforms. the president declined to say but emphasized the need to make the case for legislation to the american people. and washington mother rivera fox news. the president also said that he hopes to bring back elements of his build back better agenda, perhaps as separate bills. in a nearly two hour news conference , he touted his accomplishments, including signing a $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief and instruments, infrastructure bills into law and the 3.9% unemployment rate in december, which was a pandemic low while inflation and the omicron surge may have shaken americans confidence, president biden said, things will get better. some people may call what's happening now the new normal i call it a job, not yet finished. it will get better. we're moving toward a time and covid-19 won't disrupt our daily lives. the president's news conference comes one week after a
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quinnipiac poll showed just one third of americans approved of his job performance. but he said he doesn't believe the polls saying he thinks the country is still with him. ktvu political analyst brian sobel said the covid pandemic presented challenges that the president may have underestimated when it comes to vaccines and testing. what is a massive logistical effort? how happens a lot of times in government, as we all know is, um, a over promise and under deliver kind of scenario, and i think if the president is going to learn anything through this whole covid situation. it's to temper his enthusiasm around what government can do in a quick period of time. sobel said that time may still be on president biden side if the economy improves and the virus subsides in the coming months, the u. s supreme court will allow the release of presidential documents to the committee investigating the january 6th riot at the us capitol. the justices rejected a
10:33 pm
bid by former president trump to withhold those documents, which are held by the national archives. they include presidential diaries, visitor logs, speech drafts and handwritten notes. the court said mr trump's assertion of privilege would fail under any circumstances. several international airlines adjusted their u. s bound service today as two major carriers rolled out new technology for their five g mobile networks. emirates announced it would pause flights to some u. s cities. british airways and korea, air substituted different planes. 80 and t and verizon insist their five g mobile networks will not interfere with aircraft technology, but they have agreed to set up buffer zones at major airports while the issue is addressed. those five g buffer zones are now in place at 50 large airports. that list includes sfo, oakland and mineta, san jose international. still, there were a handful of flights canceled at sfo due to the five g rollout. we spoke with an official at san jose, who said they had no
10:34 pm
cancelations today. it does sound as though the faa telecom providers in the airlines are feverishly working towards the resolution on this and again as an airport. all we can do is really remain engaged at the table to figure out how we can be as supportive of our industry partners as possible. sfo is one of the airports where emirates is suspending service. for now, india canceled a scheduled flight from sfo to new delhi and one british airways flight to london was also scrubbed. a proposed new waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's took another key step forward tonight. the oakland planning commission voted unanimously this evening to send the final environmental review to the oakland city council, the city council vote on the environmental report. could happen as soon as next month tonight. oakland mayor libby shaft called the commission vote a huge win for the region. inside are you? are you serious? opponents of the ballpark gathered at oakland
10:35 pm
city hall. they say they oppose using taxpayer money to support the $12 billion development project. the activists pointed to the oakland raiders deal at the coliseum back in the 19 nineties as an example of a stadium deal that wound up they say hurting the city and county. so we keep rolling out money after money after money for these stadium deals, it happens all over the country. subsidized stadiums, usually cities. are the losers. opponents also say they fear the deal will lead to the elimination of union jobs at the ports with the loss of howard terminal. coming up at 11 an incredible discovery in a pile of debris. the priceless items this couple found after their home burned to the ground and last month's marshall fire. fog is definitely forming at this hour. what you need to know before you head out the door tomorrow morning. at first at first after the break. dr fauci weighs in on when we could see the end
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sonoma county board of supervisors is reviewing the county's most recent health order. under that order, which went into effect last week. indoor gatherings in sonoma county are currently limited to 50 people and outdoor gatherings to 100. the order also encourages people to only leave their homes when necessary. some of the supervisors have publicly criticized the health department over that new order. where are we going? we are in and i'm really concerned about the statistics that we are reading about and hearing about the sheer number of covid patients and transmission circulating through our kana me. the
10:39 pm
supervisors are hearing from hospital and school leaders about the omicron surge, the county reported nearly 1000 new covid cases yesterday, raising sonoma county's total number of cases to almost 63,000. first responders address state lawmakers today about long wait times at hospitals during the legislative hearing in sacramento, ems workers and firefighters said they're waiting hours to transfer patients from ambulances to hospital emergency rooms. they say this isn't good for the patients and impedes their ability to respond to new emergency calls. this comes as california seen a rise in hospitalizations due to the omicron variant. could have upwards of 8 to 10. ambulances sitting at the emergency rooms for upwards of 58 10 hours at a time. waiting for a bed. doctors say delays in lab work and insurance authorization contributes to the backup of ambulances. they also say too many non urgent patients are seeking care at the emergency
10:40 pm
room. dr anthony fauci said today the surgeon, the omicron variant will likely be over in mid february. dr fauci says most states will likely see a sharp decline in case rates and hospitalizations by next month. he pointed to falling rates in large cities, such as in new york and new jersey as signs of hope, but in the south where oh macron has not yet peaked, dr fauci says, those cities may see a slower rise in cases and a slower decline. problems on the government's free covid test kit website have now been fixed following yesterday's soft rollout. the senior adviser to the white house covid-19 response team said the issue had to do with postal addresses some people living in group homes or it addresses with multiple families were denied tests they were told their limit had already been reached. today officials announced that problem no longer exists. the cdc is advising americans against traveling to more countries due to the spread of covid 1920 countries have been added to the
10:41 pm
avoid travel list, among them argentina, australia, the bahamas, egypt, israel and qatar. the cdc's has travelers should avoid visiting these countries, regardless of vaccination status. but if the trip is absolutely necessary, they say, be sure you are fully vaccinated before leaving. new details about a gruesome dog attack in san francisco, where the pit bull is now and how an expert is reacting to this shocking video. and are mild weather continues. meteorologists roberto gonzalez takes a look at our five day forecast right after this. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind.
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with its owners after being stolen at gunpoint nearly two months ago. the theft happened back on november 26th the day after thanksgiving. this was near the intersection of valdez and 24th street in oakland. the owner says her friend was watching her dog merlin when she was out of town, her friend told police two men dressed all in black walked up to her on the street outside of the dog owner's home. one man pointed a gun at her face while the other man grabbed the dog and ran off. no word yet on any arrests, or if this incident is connected to recent thefts of other french bulldogs in the bay area. we are learning more tonight about a dog attack we told you about last night, a pit bull attacked
10:45 pm
a security guard at san francisco's main public library are crime reporter henry lee tells us the dog is now in the custody of sf animal care. and control cell phone video shows a pit bull attacking a security guard at the main san francisco public library. it's really sad . i mean, it's terrible. i'm not trying to minimize this in any way. this is a huge injury. it happened just before the library closes sunday night, security guard saw man passed out at a computer. his dog was on a leash but roaming around when the guards approached the man, his nine year old neuter pit bull named georgia attacked one of the guards. a second guard, pepper sprayed the animal. the guard suffered major injuries. some say the dog was just protecting its owner against a stranger. well, all that is true. right? that doesn't mean it's ok. every guardian is responsible for the dog's behavior. no matter what. virginia donahue is executive director of sf, animal care and control. it's important for all of us to look at our dogs and
10:46 pm
not put them in positions where they're going to make. really serious mistakes, the owner said. his pit bull is a service animal. that's not a service dog. that's a protection dog dog behaviorist beverly old brick says the pitbull didn't act like a service dog service dog is trained to get help for their owners to allow people to help their owner to help out people help their owner. she had this piece of advice for someone who might be attacked by a dog so limp and then if they keep attacking, then maybe start fighting. but the idea is if you immediately fight back, you're saying yes, i'll fight you. i'll take you on i disagree with you wanting to protect your owner. city librarian michael lambert says this was the first incident of its kind. and he doesn't want to repeat. we're going to redouble our efforts to look at our policies. we're going to look at new dst de escalation tactics. the pit bull is now under a 10 day quarantine at san francisco. animal care and control. it will stay there until there's a hearing to determine whether the dog could
10:47 pm
be ordered, muzzled or otherwise controlled. or euthanized. henry lee ktvu fox two news. well, the man accused of pushing michelle go in front of a subway car in new york city, was arraigned from his hospital bed. he is now charged with second degree murder. the judge ordered a mental health fitness exam for the 61 year old simon marshall. investigators say marshall's homeless and has a history of emotionally disturbed encounters he is accused of pushing michelle go off the platform on saturday. she was then struck and killed by a train go grew up in the east bay, and prosecutors are still trying to determine whether the attack was racially motivated. the red cross is intensifying its calls for more blood donors. the organization says. recent winter weather has made the challenge of getting blood even more difficult. more than 170 blood drives had to be canceled because of storms. and that meant roughly 5000 blood and platelet donations went uncollected. the red cross is now offering super bowl tickets and a home theater as an incentive to increase donor
10:48 pm
turnout. wow that is an incentive. super bowl tickets. well we will have that playoff forecast with the 49ers versus the green bay packers that's coming up momentarily. but right now, let's get ready to step on . you know, this has been really fascinating to watch. it started off as just a little trickle of fog working its way underneath the golden gate bridge. now it's marching towards the bay bridge will soon be saturating the central bay. and working its way in towards alameda alstory toe and also into oakland. santa rosa's fall get 43 degrees. san francisco says 50 same incentives say it's in the mid forties and throughout conquered all the way into the peninsula in san carlos. so to explain the fog a little bit better. we have the cooling of the temperature, and it's now reaching the same point as the dew point. and once you have that cooling and the relative humidity goes up to 100% that's when you see the fog forming and you can get that drizzle all associated with the fog as well. we're on our way to
10:49 pm
foggy conditions and napa as well. also in throughout the tri valley, it is now 50 degrees at sfo, and now we do have the fog beginning to form in through a porch. oceans. the santa clara valley so well, we have the fog . the storminess is well to the north of us just banking off that ridge of high pressure, diverting all that activity well into the pacific northwest in the form of rain. and mountain snow were the recipient of overnight fog limiting visibility down to zero, and some of those greg places like santa rosa and napa and throughout the tri valley back in all the way in throughout the sacramento valley as well, but by friday, we start to pick up increasing winds at this high pressure nudges more to the east , and that's going to clear out that fog a little bit earlier, while the rain remains well to the north of us. tonight with the areas of patchy fog temperatures into the forties, pretty much where we should be for this time of the year where we're not for this time of the year or a daytime high temperatures climbing anywhere between five and eight degrees
10:50 pm
above normal tomorrow. san jose at 65 degrees, 66 degrees and santa rosa through qatari into gern ville, otherwise low sixties and san francisco american canyon valley ho at 63 degrees notice the peninsula all low mid sixties as well. winds will be slight. now. here you go. you ready for some football on saturday? 5 15 right here on fox cloud cover for the game. a little bit of snow light snow, about a half an inch or less in the morning hours, otherwise kickoff about 16 degrees of wind chill about one above zero. so you know it's going to get below zero. sub freezing at some point to the game and very breezy as well. hey, it's football weather here. we have spring like conditions with temperatures in the mid and high sixties rolling into your weekend. make it a great night. roberta. thank you . well, a major changes coming to san francisco's castro theater, the 100 year old theater is turning into a live events venue featuring music, comedy, film and other entertainment. it's being taken
10:51 pm
over by another planet entertainment, which has signed a long term contract to run it. their promotion company puts on hundreds of local concerts venues like berkeley's greek theater, the bill graham civic auditorium and the outside lands music festival in golden gate park. the ceo of the mortgage company, better .com, is back on the job following his decision last year to lay off about 900 employees right before the holidays. bichel guard broke the news to workers during a zoom call. the chronicle is reporting that he has since apologized, saying in a letter to employees, he is sorry for the angst, distraction and his harassment that his actions have caused. after the zoom call guard took a month long break into quote reflect on his leadership. better .com, has offices in oakland. and coming up. the 49ers must slow down a local kid this weekend if they're going to beat the packers sports director market bunions is next with sports. then on the 11 o'clock
10:52 pm
news, help for the homeless on hold the shelter that's been forced to close ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. free to zoom without a meeting request. free to enjoy savory bites, and stunning sights. and free to reunite with old friends...and new. it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free.
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you. julie claudine. i know you guys remember this. the great dennis richmond always used to say, don't say frozen tundra when the 49ers play the packers in the middle of winter, it's redundant. tundra means frozen. whatever the case the 49 years ago in up there, and it's gonna be real cold. but the 49ers have kind of an interesting recent past. they've lost couple in a row during the regular season. earlier this year, game three. jimmy garoppolo threw what looked like it was going to be a game winning touchdown. takao used check only to have mason crosby in a 51 yard field goal.
10:55 pm
packers win it. but the 49ers would most certainly like to remember this. raheem mostert is god for touchdowns. 220 yards rushing back in 19 when the great touchdown dance there too. everything went swimmingly that day 49ers, beating them three in a row in the postseason, but this coming saturday night? yeah that's a little glimpse of the not frozen tundra, tundra. whatever you want to cause it could snow. it could be freezing . whatever the case, the 49ers appear ready to go. it's football. you can't really use a cold as an excuse. you've got to go out there and perform at a high level. it's just gonna be really fun. just a little bit more adversity for us to try to battle through. you know, we have good mindset going into this thing and we know it's going to be like on saturday, so it'll be a #### of an atmosphere. do not say frozen tundra when referring to green bay and january hey one thing the 49ers no doubt worried
10:56 pm
about, of course, aaron rodgers . but we always have a local angle right? has herb kane used to say there's always a local angle, and here it is. palo alto's davante adams. what a great pro. he is. first team all pro. matter of fact, 123 catches 1500 yards and in his last game against the niners, 12 catches a touchdown 132 more yards. very confident he is when facing the niners defense. you've got to kind of throw everything you've got at him, not hold anything back and you know, we know what type of team they are, but, you know, we've won the last two and we was we kind of have a pretty good rhythm with that, so we, to a certain extent had a number right now. he doesn't stay at one spot. he can move into the slide. you can play outside, so he's all over the place. we know that he's the top guy. you know, he to me is the only the best receivers in the nfl. don't count on a limb there he is probably the best right there.
10:57 pm
and president state guy and palo alto guy as well. davante adams . look out for him. hey let's talk about the spotlight game in the nba. in fact, it should be called the spotlight player. that would be joel embiid. get a load of this doing it all big men seven footer between the legs around the back into the bucket. he will drive. he had 50 points and he can slam to 50 points in 27 minutes. he's got a three as well. and that is your spotlight. player of the night sixes role to victory, and the golden state warriors have their own spotlight player that would be play thompson looked great last night as the warriors get ready to go back to back on thursday and friday against indiana. ed houston on friday night. but last night, maybe clay's best since it's come back 21.6 of 13 shooting and feeling pretty good comeback is coming along nicely. sell football books. me a lot of fun, but just
10:58 pm
to be able to run up and down the court again and shoot the ball play defense. it's had a great time tonight, instead, five seconds to work with play on a remote three. so i d myself in that instance, and it feels so good to do in the game and to do it. at the buzzer or nearly at the buzzard and get the crowd going a little bit. that's what to make these nights so fun. great to have him back. can't wait till draymond on the floor with them, along with steph see how that rolls on the college courts slim pickens as far as bay area teams. san jose state dealing with wyoming, sean robinson with what you might call your high percentage shot. let the spartans with 14. they try and hang in there. cowboys are talented jeremiah odin will drive. it will jam it. cowboys take it. 84 69, spartans over four and conference. we've come
10:59 pm
to that point of the evening where we must check. this out some more nba basketball. you've got to watch closely. spurs dijon murray between his legs to his teammate, jew. eubanks watch it closely. that is a nice pass right there. he had a triple double and almost an optical illusion right there. we'll help more in about 25 minutes as we get ready to size up. this big match up with the packers and 49 is coming up quick saturday night. that's the sporting life right now. get it back to you guys. it is a big one. all right, mark. thank you. next at 11 are units arrived. he shot at them more than one time. breaking news tonight. a suspect on a crime spree is shot and killed by san jose police after he opened fire on officers. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. police in san jose are on the scene of a deadly
11:00 pm
shooting involving a carjacking suspect. an officer's hello again. i'm clotting. wang and i'm julie julie haener. that suspect was shot and killed after a fiery crash led to a shootout with police. it happened at about seven this evening in the area of west heading street and park avenue. ktvu magus has been following this breaking news. she joins us now live at the scene with an update. emma. julie san jose. police continue to investigate. tonight you can see the scene behind me. there's police tape still blocking off west heading and parks streets. cars cannot pass through at this intersection or this part of the street anyway. there's still police vehicles out here tonight . the scene has cleared up substantially. there used to be a lot more vehicles, and we do know now from police a lot more details. as to what led up to this fatal shooting. police say that it was here around seven pm when a man driving a stolen car crashed into a vehicle with two others inside. the man walked out of the car with gun in hand and


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