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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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international what one man was doing before he was killed by police, plus a chaotic scene in san jose after a carjacking suspect is killed in a shootout with police the wild chase that led to the gunfire. and long wait times at hospitals all across the state. what workers are saying about the safety of patients as hospitals deal with the recent rise in macron cases , the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. we'll start with the developing story. the investigation underway after an armed man was shot and killed by police at san francisco international airport this morning. ktvu evan sernoffsky live at the scene to bring us what you've learned so far, evan. that's right, garcia. we're here right at the international terminal by the bart entrance. and as you can see behind me, there's some barriers up right where the shooting happened. it's still an active and ongoing investigation. police tell us
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that around 7:30 a.m. this morning they got a call from a t s. a agent who witnessed a man acting erratically and aggressively. when police got to the scene, they confronted this man. they said he had two guns and advanced on them. they tell us that they tried to negotiate with him. they tried to use less less lethal force using a beanbag round on him, but he continued to advance on them with those two guns. resulting in this shooting that killed the man. now a nearby homeless person was wounded. he got hit by a ricochet. he's since been treated and released. that man, his body is still here. the coroner's still here and as i said. this is still an active and ongoing investigation. now. we just recently spoke to an airport spokesman as well as a witness who heard some of that gunfire. i'll play that video for you now. fortunately this is a very rare type of occurrence. you know, one of the things that
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we really message to our airport community. our employees and passengers. is that idea of if you see something, say something. asking people to report report suspicious behavior when they see it. i think this is a good example of that, playing out, all of their patrons will start coming up. that's what i start telling everyone go back. go back. they don't want us to come back shooter shoot at us to yelling. shooter shooter. now we're still waiting to learn some answers. the sfpd police chief is expected to give us a little bit of a briefing in a few minutes here. we're still wanting to know who the suspect is here that was shot. what he was doing here how he got to the bart station. now. this is currently being being investigated by the sfpd but also the sand mateo county district attorney's office as well as the coroner's office. we're going to learn if the sfpd is going to hold their usual town hall meeting that they do. within 10 days of a police shooting. it's a little unclear right now because we're in san mateo county, so we're in a little bit of a different
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jurisdiction. we're going to find out hopefully in a couple minutes when were briefed from the sfpd. reporting live at san francisco international airport . evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. all right, evan, thank you for that. update in san jose, a carjacking suspect is dead after a shootout with police officers. san jose pd says the suspect tried to steal a second vehicle crashed and began firing at police. ktvu is james torres has the story. this is what's left over at the intersection of parking heading here in san jose, you see tire marks here on the roadway debris left over from that car crash dirt. what looks like shattered glass on the sidewalk here, a fire hydrant thrown to where it's not supposed to be all of this happening about an hour after parents picked up their kids from a local daycare. this. toyota towed away early this morning about 12 hours after a crash, shutting down several streets in san jose's rose garden neighborhood. yeah i was in my backyard. my dog was barking, crazy barking looking at the helicopter. police say
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they used a helicopter to track the stolen car last night. according to pd. the man behind the wheel drove to santa clara trying to steal another car, then drove back to san jose, where he crashed into a third car with two people inside. after a shootout with police. the man died in the hospital. people who live nearby, startled by the leftover damage, hoping children were not inside the car at the time of the crash, dropped my kids here every day money to fight. solis says. he picked up his son at the daycare right at the corner of where the crash happened. they let the daycare at six. police shot the suspect after seven margin that hopping like when the kids outside people start shooting and this wall is not as strong to hold a bullet. officers say the two people hit by the car are recovering in the hospital, and they're expected to be ok. the police chief plans to hold a news conference tomorrow morning to release more details. reporting in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. cal
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osha is investigating the death of a tesla worker at the company's fremont plant, a production associate working on the powertrain line at the site collapsed and died early yesterday morning. state investigators are now gathering more information to determine if the death was actually work related. the identity of the employee who died has not been released. as more people across california become infected with covid first responders in sacramento. we're talking to state lawmakers about long wait times at hospitals during a legislative hearing at the state capitol yesterday, ems workers and firefighters said they are waiting hours to transfer patients from ambulances to hospital emergency rooms. they say the delays are unsafe for patients and make it harder for ems crews to respond to new emergency calls. this comes as california's seeing a rise in hospitalizations due to the omicron variant. you could have upwards of 8 to 10. ambulances sitting at the emergency rooms for upwards of 58 10 hours at a time. waiting for a bed. doctors
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say delays and lab work and insurance authorization contribute to the backup of ambulances. they also say too many non urgent patients are seeking care at the emergency room. it was one year ago today , president biden took office. he spoke to the nation and tried to reassure the public yesterday on his work that his administration has done in the past year. kate easily rasmus here to explain how behind the scenes alley, the administration is already looking ahead to the midterm elections. that's right, garcia. those midterm elections just 10 months away. and while the president's approval rating is hovering around 40% right now, political analysts say there is still time and opportunity to turn things around before november. i think president biden had really strong first half of the first year and i think he's had a really rough second half, san jose state political science professor donna crane says part of that is due to circumstances beyond the president's control problems like the spread of new covid variants and supply chain issues are global in nature. my
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read of how the public assesses elected officials is that they want the public wants to see hustle and competence. we have more testing going on anywhere in the world. and we're going to continue to increase that. did we have it at the moment? exactly when we should have moved, and could we have moved a month earlier? we could have it was everything else is going on. i don't view that as somehow marketing competence, according to several recent polls, the president's approval rating hovers around 40% right now only former president trump had a lower approval rating at this point in his presidency. i don't think i've over promised at all , and i'm going to case stay on this track. he needs to be out there and a lot more visible. and i think he needs to bring a sharpness and a focus back to his team that they had during the first half of the first year, and i think i think that will go a long way toward assuaging the public's frustration with this never ending pandemic. professor crane
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says in the months ahead, that focus will likely turn to what the biden administration can get done before this year's midterm elections, when democrats are likely to lose their majority in the house, crane is optimistic that the senate could break out and pass parts of the president's social spending bill that failed earlier this year. the elements of that package that seems to have the edge at the moment is the pieces that pertain to climate change? because you know the clock is ticking, given that the whole country has been seeing the effects of climate change. there's pretty broad consensus that that might be near the top of the list. and professor crane says one thing that might end up helping the democrats as we get closer to november is if former president trump becomes more outspoken and visible in his support for republicans running for congress this year, crane says, hearing mr trump on the campaign trail this fall could remind voters about what they did not like about the former president. live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu fox two news, ali. thank you. memorial is being created to honor a former
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santa cruz county sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. this memorial will be built and willowbrook county park in aptos and honor of deputy damon gets willer. the park will be getting a new flag area, a new play area for children and resurfaced basketball courts. willowbrook park is where deputy guts willer often went with his children and dog. the deputy was killed in june of 2020. in an ambush in ben loman after responding to a call about a suspicious van containing firearms and possible bomb making materials. san francisco federal judge monitoring pg any is criticizing the utility company as its probation period ends next week. following the 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion, the chronicle reports. judge william alsup issued an eight page opinion about genies rehabilitation efforts after being held liable for that blast that killed eight people. the judge wrote. pg and e while on probation was responsible for 31 wild fires that destroyed nearly 24,000 structures and killed 113 people. the judge called the
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utility quote a continuing menace to california. pgd responded by saying it's new leadership is intensely focused on public safety has implemented reforms and will soon be under an independent state monitor for the next five years. there are those founder elizabeth holmes is reportedly trying to overturn her guilty verdicts by raising potential issues about the jury . according to the mercury news here, her attorneys filed a motion to keep juror questionnaire sealed from the public. because those questionnaires, maybe a quite a reason for appeal. we've seen similar tactics used recently by dylan maxwell and scott peterson to argue that their trials were unfair due to juror misconduct. holmes was convicted earlier this month of defrauding investors. she is set to be sentenced in september still to come at noon, a surprising discovery in downtown oakland has led to an fbi investigation what was discovered inside a suspicious device left outside the federal building that led to evacuations. also the 49ers are packing up and headed to green
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bay today how the team is preparing for the cold weather come kick off for that big divisional playoff game. and what a difference a few hours makes the fog was in, but now it's starting to pull back still there at the golden gate, as you can see in that life picture. we'll check in with meteorologist mark tamayo with ts
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package in a busy part of
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downtown oakland yesterday as ktvu jana katsuyama explains. authorities say the device was a hoax with a surprise inside. oakland police say they got a call about 12 30 wednesday afternoon from a homeland security worker. a person was seen leaving a suspicious package outside the federal building at the foot of a flagpole. the alameda county bomb squad said it appeared to resemble a pipe bomb inside of a bag, but the package had been placed inside a planter difficult to access. police shut down roads and workers inside the building said they suddenly heard announcements telling people to evacuate immediately. they just call from a loudspeaker. telling that everybody had to leave. evacuees stood out in the cold, unable to go back inside for nearly five hours. this worker said she had no time to collect her things very frustrated. my clothes, my shoes. my purse. police also evacuated surrounding businesses , including a fitness club right across the street, where employees helps them. two dozen
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members get out. i immediately took action and went upstairs and started getting all of our club members together so we can get him out of the building as soon as possible about 5:30 p.m. the bomb squad was able to pull the device out of the planter. and found something surprising inside once i would call it a hoax device the best way to describe it not going to get into details on what it looked like or how they put it together when we got into the package and took it apart. that's where we discovered the message. investigators say it was a handwritten note addressed to law enforcement officers. there was a specific message in there for law enforcement that was left we have since taken all of that evidence and turned it over to the fbi. and even though it wasn't a real bomb, the fbi says the suspect could face federal charges potential for weapons of mass destruction charges. we really needed to determine the motivation behind it before we could go down that path. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. and overnight house fire in pittsburgh is now under investigation. a neighbor called
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911 about a fire southeast of pittsburgh high school that was just before five o'clock this morning, and when firefighters arrived on scene, they saw flames coming from the garage. as well as part of the main house. they were told that someone possibly could be inside, but a search of the structure found no one was living in the house as it's currently being sold and is now in escrow. this house is what we typically referred to as a hoarder house, which means that there's a significant amount of materials, household belongings , clothes, et cetera inside the house, and this makes it very difficult for us to effect a rescue and put the fire out because there is so much volume of material inside the house. the battalion chief there. bob atlas says the cause of that fire is not yet known. let's step outside and enjoy some of this glorious sunshine took us a couple hours to get here. i'm sure if you and your backyard earlier today, mark would have been a lot of fog. yes, once again another big batch of fog this morning. some stubborn fog gaussian. it looks like it's still cut around portions of the base. so not 100% clear just
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yet, but we are heading in that direction. over the next couple of hours. so more sunshine expected later today. in fact warming temperatures as we head toward the weekend satellite just like yesterday. as we check out the fog pattern, you can see kind of filling the bay. the overall coverage has been decreasing, but it looks like still if you leftover patches right around the bay itself is becoming closer right now put a pause on the satellite and you can still see some clouds. right around the right around closer to sfo approaching hayward as well. so as i mentioned, not 100% clear visibility reports near zero across portions of the bay area earlier this morning, right now, things have been improving. that's a reflection of more sunshine that we that we are experiencing this afternoon has been a dry stretch almost two weeks. of course, we had a few sprinkles last weekend, but not enough to call a real storm. so last system nearly two weeks ago, and it looks like this dry weather stretch wants to stick around this week and possibly into next week and possibly for the rest of january, and fortunately, it looks like we're kind of locked in this dry
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weather pattern. current numbers out there. oakland 50 degrees san jose, checking in 59. you can see some fifties and sixties at sfo site is missing, but i'm kind of checking on the site right now. 55 degrees in downtown san francisco and santa rosa in the upper fifties. here's our live camera above san francisco, looking out toward the bay bridge and get the idea. we still some lingering pays and some lingering fog nearby as well. but more sunshine's have hazy sunshine later on today, this area of high pressure wants to stick around so that'll keep the storm track amplified and weigh up to our north. we have the fog today. maybe if you patches tomorrow morning, but probably not nearly as widespread. it's been two days. in a row of a dense fog advisories. probably not the case for tomorrow. tomorrow will be windy and warmer and into the weekend, starting off with a bit of a breeze with lots of sunshine all weekend long, but the storm track is once again weigh up to our north northwest side of any breakthrough storms to impact the bay area. friday forecast of the wind will
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definitely accelerate and for the higher elevations, we could have gusts topping 50 miles an hour closer to the valleys. winds could be around 20 to 30 miles an hour so breezy in the lower levels as you go up at elevations. pretty windy, a borderline wind advisory for tomorrow afternoon. forecast ties for this afternoon upper fifties warm spots will be approaching the low to mid sixties. so you can see forecast is actually pretty nice today will continue to warm things up into your friday the warmest locations close to 70 degrees. it's breezy on saturday, but it looks like the sunny weather will continue into sunday and monday as you kind of reflect on those temperatures in the sixties and seventies as the niners head out to green bay. take a look at that kickoff temperature 12 degrees and probably after halftime, we could have temperatures down into the single digits, so it'll be nice to watch a football game here in the bay area. those mild temperatures, but keep in mind those very frigid temperatures, as you would expect in green bay this saturday. thank you. mark still to come at noon. tensions rising between russia and ukraine will have the latest on
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the meeting today with top american and european diplomats as concerns grow that russia could invade ukraine. met with hn
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germany and his greg palkot reports. the talks are coming as fears grow, russia will invade ukraine. american and european diplomats holding talks in berlin today. secretary of state anthony blinken meeting with officials from germany, france and britain, the allies
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presenting a united front as fears grow, russia could invade ukraine, blinken, saying russia will face consequences if it moves ahead if any russian military forces move across the ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine. mm. that will be met. with a swift. severe united response. at a press conference yesterday, president biden said he thinks russia will invade, he added. sanctions would follow, but notice it depends on the scale of the incursion. we have to be very careful about how we move forward. and make it clear to him that there are prices to pay. that could in fact, cost his country an awful lot. the build up of russian troops near the ukrainian border has fueled fears of an imminent attack. moscow has denied its planning an invasion, calling the movement of troops a military exercise instead. on thursday, russian officials accused the west of plotting provocations in ukraine, citing the recent delivery of weapons by british
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military transport planes. russia's deputy foreign minister says the country wants guarantees the west won't deploy weapons to ukraine and other ex soviet union nations. we will do our utmost to reverse this situation. to rebalance this situation through diplomatic means secretary blinken will head to geneva where he'll meet with russia's foreign minister on friday in kiev. greg palkot, ktvu fox two news. a new campaign is underway to expand and strengthen access to reproductive health for women here in california. it was announced today in sacramento by the california legislative women's caucus to recognize the 49th anniversary of roe versus wade. they said they'll be introducing a number of bills to ensure that california remains a beacon of reproductive freedom in the united states. california will not just stand by. we are committed to protecting and providing access to abortion and all reproductive services not only for californians, but any
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who seek refuge here. and the women's caucus says it expects to see support from the legislature on their package of bills as well as budgetary action, something governor newsom has expressed he is willing to do. we'll move now to colorado, where one couple found hope when they were cleaning up after the marshall fire destroyed their home. michael parks and his fiancee, kim said they barely had time to grab their dog and get to safety as fire approached their home on new year's eve. they returned the next day to find their entire neighborhood. gone they realized the rings for their upcoming spring wedding were inside their destroyed homes, so they started sifting through the debris. i got what? six buckets and on that sixth one finally found the last one. it was pretty crazy, just really were hugging and so excited. the couple says they felt indescribable joy over finding those rings and say, though, the rings are burned, they will use them in their ceremony in may as
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a reminder of the life they plan to rebuild together to come here at noon changes coming to europe how some countries are shifting their approach when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus as omicron cases hit a new peak, plus i'm out of lion dragon. another mountain. wait! oh, my goodness. an aggressive mountain lion and belmont has some neighbors on edge. what we're learning about a deadly encounter involving a second mountain lion.
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underway into a deadly shooting by police out at san francisco international. this happened at about 7 30 this morning. san francisco and bart police responded to reports of an armed man near the entrance to the bart station. at the international terminal and airport spokesman says a man in his twenties armed with two guns was demonstrating threatening behavior. police say they used nonlethal measures initially, but that the armed man continued to advance and then officers fired several shots, killing the man. homeless person nearby was also injured. airport operations were not affected, and bart trains did not stop at the sfo station. during this incident, a news conference is scheduled to get underway at any moment as soon as it does. we'll take you out to sfo live. in san jose carjacking suspect is dead after a shootout with police. this happened last night around seven
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o'clock at west heading street and park avenue south of age 80 in the rose garden neighborhood. police say the suspect was first driving a stolen vehicle in san jose, but then trying to carjack another vehicle in santa clara. police say he jumped back into the original stolen vehicle and then crashed on heading street. while driving back to the city of san jose. now when the police rushed to the scene, they say the suspect started shooting at them. police say the two people hit by the car are recovering in the hospital and are expected to be okay. people in one neighborhood along the peninsula are on high alert following a deadly fight between two mountain lions. ktvu is exile showed us the surveillance video of the battle that happened right in someone's front yard. makes us nervous, very nervous noises. most people are only used to hearing in a nature documentary at going down hastings drive wednesday as to mountain lines, battled it out one eventually killing the other. i'm outlying dragon, another mountain like oh, my goodness video showing the animal dragging its kill across
12:31 pm
the street to a neighbor's doorstep. just keep your head on a swivel. kevin stanford, part of the area's neighborhood watch , has been advising folks to do since game wardens removed the dead mountain lion. i'm hoping i don't find it, but if i do you know we are pds really, really good, and they were just responds to pretty fast police who are urging neighbors to be cautious, but not everyone unnerved by the brawl. it's pretty cool. i mean, you know, it's not just one. it's too and they were fighting wild animals are part of life in this area. still he plans to take a few more precautions and the evenings when we go out for walks. i think you just have to be more careful neighbors being advised not to leave their pets or small children on attended mountain lions. no i'm going home to warm my whole family. i'm outlined. all right. we got to jump out of that story and take you live out to san francisco international news conference getting underway about that deadly shooting from police officers this morning at 7 30, let's listen in to the man. and summoned medics to the scene. the man succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. also injured in this
12:32 pm
incident was a bystander who was treated by san francisco fire department emergency personnel. that bystander was treated at the scene and ultimately transported to a local hospital. with non life threatening injuries. this incident is being investigated by the san san mateo county district attorney's office, the san mateo county sheriff's office. sfpd international or sfpd internal affairs division, the san francisco department of police, accountability and the county of san mateo coroner's office. the california department of justice was additionally notified and conformance with state law. additional information will be released as it becomes available. the san francisco police department will convene a public town hall on today's officer involved shooting within 10 days as part of our commitment to transparency, i'll take your questions one at a time. remain indeed part. so at
12:33 pm
this point, we know that the individuals armed with firearms , it's still under investigation . on what type of pistols you know. these are what type of handguns at this point. we do know that there are they were handguns. but saying that at all listening in as we hear san francisco police might describe what happened this morning went , officers ended up opening fire on a person who was armed and inside the airport terminal academia threatening way we're going to keep streaming this for you on our website k tv .com and, of course, the ktvu news app new at noon, the spike in omicron cases may be peaking in san francisco that, according to new data, just a few minutes ago, mayor breed and the city's health director, dr grant colfax , give an update on the city's covid response. they said the surge is not over. yet the number of cases in the city is still very high, but they are beginning to plateau. things are starting to plateau. it doesn't mean that we get super
12:34 pm
comfortable and take our guard down. but even though we are still seeing additional cases, even though our hospitalizations are very high we have the capacity to handle what is coming our way we are urging. urging people to remain particularly vigilant for a little bit longer cases are still very high. cases are indeed still very high, especially compared to prior surges, and we all need to get well past this peak. the latest data shows. covid cases in san francisco peaked on january 9th with a seven day average of 2164 cases day. right now, the seven day average is below 1076 cases a day. two years into the pandemic. some countries are now looking to shift their focus from treating the virus as an emergency to finding ways now to deal with it as something that is just not going away. alex hogan as the story from london. widespread coronavirus.
12:35 pm
crackdowns remain across much of europe, but some countries are taking a new approach nearly two years after the start of the pandemic, but we need to do is get to low levels of disease incidents with maximum vaccination of our populations, so nobody has to die. spain, portugal and the united kingdom are among those loosening their restrictions as vaccination rates rise in cases of the omicron variant begin to peak. uk prime minister boris johnson announcing this week the end of mask wearing in public places as well as the use of covid passports. this is a moment that we can all be proud of. these governments are looking to treat the virus now is something that's here to stay much like how the flu is treated yearly, the way they plan to do. this is laid out by health officials. these pharmaceutical defenses of the vaccines, antivirals, monoclonal antibodies and testing. i think there will be the cornerstone of our future defenses. meanwhile the public
12:36 pm
is divided about easing restrictions, with some saying it's coming too soon. i think it is too early because cases are still very high. and you don't know you know what is going to happen. but others who are covid weary welcome the change. about time we get on with our lives, i think, because that the variants are getting weaker and weaker. meanwhile the cdc has added 22 new countries to its travel advisory list. just this week in london. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news. homeless shelter in west oakland is closed after a covid outbreak statements into pollen san pablo avenue, was temporarily shut down after 20 guests tested positive for covid shelter. officials say most of those infected were moved into county run isolation hotel shelter. some declined to go. it's not yet known when the shelter will reopen across the bay, san francisco's hotel program for the city's homeless to protect them from the spread of covid is coming to an end later this year, as ktvu
12:37 pm
christian captain reports work is now underway to make sure those who are staying in the hotels don't end up back on the streets. in april of 2020 as the covid pandemic grew as a looming threat, san francisco mobilized to get the homeless out of large congregate settings, moving 3700 people into 25 shelter in place hotels around the city. the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the program was always a temporary measure and is now winding down. this program was an emergency response supported by fema. and it was really always intended to be temporary. now the department says it's working to capitalize on this unique opportunity and has already transitioned 915 people out of the shelter in place hotels and into longer term housing solutions. as we move through the pandemic moved towards recovery. we learn more about covid. we really want to ensure that we build on the opportunity. we've had to build these relationships over the last 20 months with people in the city hotels and transition
12:38 pm
them into permanent homes. nicole mcdonald is in a homeless shelter herself and says she's frustrated that more people aren't being allowed in. something near myself. so i'm seeing that. they're not letting people end. they don't let him in the shelter. they couldn't more people out to see if they tell them that it's no bids available. the department of homelessness and supportive housing, said the city shelters are not yet operating at full capacity department said. it's not as simple as filling up beds . there have to be wraparound services on place for those seeking shelter. and with the omicron variant still posing a threat. safety has to be paramount congregate. shelter continues to play a very important role in the homeless response, but we need to do it responsibly within a covid context. this city says it's aiming to close the last of the shelter in place hotels by september of this year. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news democrats are back at the drawing board after failing to pass their signature
12:39 pm
voting rights legislation. with the midterm election right around the corner here, the party is trying to figure out what's their next legislative priority. lauren blanchard has more from washington. president biden begins year two of his presidency on the heels of another legislative defeat. you don't pack up your bags after one year, you keep working on it , and that's exactly what we're going to do. democrats alone were unable to pass a massive voting rights bill wednesday night. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema sided with republicans are not changing the filibuster, the president said. he was profoundly disappointed with the senate. we will keep fighting to get the legislation passed because that is critical . so we are not giving up on that. the president refused to say if the 2022 midterms would be legitimate without the voting legislation during his press conference if we don't give the democrats their election takeover bill. then the elections won't be legitimate. that is exactly what joe biden has been accusing us and accusing the former president of doing in 2016 and 2020 thursday
12:40 pm
, the administration is again focusing on where they did win infrastructure and the bipartisan bill passed late last year. working with republicans could be the president's ticket to progress. however new ap nrc polling shows 56% of americans now disapprove of the president's job, and only 10% think he'll be able to work with congressional republicans. we just have to make the case what we're for and with the other teams, not for senator manchin did say he was open to a more tailored voting rights package, one that could draw the votes of enough republicans in washington . lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. the san francisco 49 ers are flying to wisconsin today, getting ready for their divisional playoff game saturday against the packers quarterback jimmy garoppolo is expected to play but won't be quite 100% after injuring his shoulder during the win against the cowboys. he also has that thumb injury he's dealing with on the defensive side of the ball. fred warner and nick bosa, who also suffered injuries, did practice
12:41 pm
yesterday and do appear to be good to go for saturday's game. tight end george kittle says the team will be ready for not just the packers, but that cold weather expected in green bay. it's football. you can't really use a cold as an excuse. you've got to go out there and perform at a high level that it's just gonna be really fun. it just a little bit more adversity for us to try to battle through. some players on this team have well experienced with the cold weather. george kittle played his college ball in iowa defensive stars nick bosa and fred warner played in ohio and utah and jimmy garoppolo also played. in new england. as for lambeau field, as we heard mark tamayo mentioned earlier in the newscast, kickoff temperature in the low teens and possibly single digits by the fourth quarter. there is no snow in the forecast. ktvu fox two is your home for all things 49ers leading up. to the game during the game, and after the game, call your friends and family over to the house to watch the game on saturday night, right here on ktvu fox to coverage starts at 4 30. there will be a
12:42 pm
special news guest right after hopefully another 49ers playoff win against the packers. there you go, alright, still becoming new looks like recent rainstorms are helping the water situation in north bay. we'll take a look at the decision in marin county to roll back some restrictions. plus let's take a live look outside the gorgeous oakland estuary, finally, under blue skies got rid of all that great. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo is also in the sunshine. he has a very pleasant full forecast we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
12:43 pm
or live chat at today. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need
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student is now in police custody . matt finn has the latest on how police were able to track him down. pasadena police on wednesday, arresting sean level smith for the murder of 24 year old brianna cup for after a pedestrian spotted him sitting on a park bench and called 911. smith initially giving authorities a fake name the department's fugitive unit, using his fingerprints to confirm his identity. after being dispatched to the scene, we will get him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the 31 year old who is believed to be homeless, already has a long criminal history for crimes in several states on both coasts . i think you'll find a person who the mental health system failed not only here but failed in other parts. the arrest coming as we learn more details surrounding brianna's final moments during her shift at an upscale furniture store on january 13th, she texted a friend saying she was getting
12:46 pm
bad vibes from a man in the store. moments before she was stabbed to death. smith allegedly fled from the store through a back alley, leaving brianna dying inside 30. minutes later, he was spotted on surveillance video at a 7 11. buying what appears to be of a pen police receiving more than 1000 tips, but we're not lead to smith until wednesday morning, brianna's dad, saying the interior design student had a dream of designing her own clothing line, but her life tragically cut short by a random act of violence. we want her to be remembered as a person, a human being and sharing and loving and devoted family member and a great friend and just a rising star in los angeles. matt finn fox news here at home. inmates at the center rita jail will have a chance next thursday to speak on the proposed legal settlement involving jail conditions. a federal judge delayed a final decision wanting to hear first from people inside santa rita before ruling whether the settlement should proceed between attorneys representing mentally ill inmates and the
12:47 pm
alameda county sheriff's office. the proposed deal calls for mentally ill inmates to receive an adequate treatment plant and be placed in therapeutic housing units instead of restrictive maximum security cells. some mental health advocates want the judge to reject the settlement, saying it doesn't go far enough to prevent jail abuses. teachers in the oakland unified school district could go on strike, according to the bay area news group, the president of the oakland unified school district's teachers union gave 48 hours notice to the district to come up with an agreement on an updated covid safety plan. the president says without an agreement, the union will vote on whether or not to strike this week, students across the district boycotted classes by staying home from school. they want the district to supply medical grade masks on site pcr tests at campuses twice a week and covered outdoor spaces. we are reaching out to oh, usd for a response back to mark tamayo we go and it's turning out to be a pretty nice winter afternoon out there. yes that's right, mike. in fact, lots of sunshine after another foggy starting a
12:48 pm
few neighborhoods this morning, still a few patches this afternoon, but the overall trend more sunshine and temperatures. it's actually nice to be outside. and you'll notice that warming trend, especially as we head towards the weekend. every thursday. we get the new drought update map here. you can see this not changing too much from last week's map you can see as becoming closer to the bay area . we are kind of in that severe range once again, so marked approved compared to say just a few weeks ago, but we still have a long ways to go and, unfortunately is to take a look at the forecast model. we had this dry weather stretch. we just have a bunch of zeros in northern california and the bay area we are taking this into next week. this is through thursday thursday morning, eight o'clock next week. and it looks dry all the things to change between now and then it looks like the dry weather stretch will continue, at least for the coming week and maybe longer than that satellites. as you can see the fog earlier today, kind of melting away. we still have a few patches out there. we have some fog reported out toward the hayward airport, the hayward air terminal, and it's like a few
12:49 pm
leftover patches right around the central portions of the bay. beginning to lift away current numbers in the fifties and the sixties. conquered right now. 56 san jose 59 san francisco downtown 55 nevado 61 degrees. here's our live camera up above san francisco this afternoon this thursday afternoon with mostly clear skies once again, we have that hes out there. there's not much mixing in the atmosphere, and as a result, we kind of have just that hayes is drifting overhead and that'll be the case. for today. this big area of high pressure is offshore. that big amplified storm track is way up to our north and no hope of rainfall. course we had the fog this morning. a dense fog advisory. that advisory has lifted as the fog has lifted in the storm track is up there. so here's kind of the game plan today, clearing skies friday windy and warmer temperatures, the war spots could be close to 70 degrees, and then in the saturday sunny and breezy, the weekend will be warm as well. and you can see that storm track is focused up to our north. now,
12:50 pm
speaking of the winds, and the friday tomorrow could be a bit blustery, especially in the bay area hills with could be maybe approaching two. topping 50 miles an hour up above 4000 ft. that's not saying halina. maybe even approaching that point for a mount diablo and then the valley locations. it's breezy. that's not that real strong window wind advisories, but still winds could be around 22 a 30 miles an hour for tomorrow and then could be lingering into saturday morning temperatures for this afternoon fifties to the sixties. some hazy sunshine this afternoon. and look ahead. your five day the winds will kind of top our weather headlines for your friday forecast, but a string of sunny days as you can see into monday and possibly probably longer than that, so no real sign of rainfall for us here in the bay area. hopefully that will change eventually. we hope so. let's think back to all that good rain we got earlier in the winter season. it's allowing the marin municipal water district. to roll back some water restrictions. district leaders say they will no longer be limits or penalties for indoor water use. the decision comes
12:51 pm
after a significant amount of rain in october and december brought reservoirs to 95% capacity. there are still limits on outdoor water use for watering plants and swimming pools. changes coming for san francisco's castro theater up next, the new type of entertainment people here in the bay area will soon be able to enjoy their at the historic theater.
12:52 pm
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production of its fitness equipment due to a drop in sales . according to cnbc. the company plans to pause its bike production for two months to control costs. it also won't manufacturers treadmill machine for six weeks starting next month, production of its more expensive bike plus was already halted last month held on sales took off at the start of the pandemic, but have since stalled peloton. stock right now is down
12:55 pm
23. a major changes coming to san francisco's castro theater. the 100 year old theater is turning into a live events venue featuring music, comedy, film and other entertainment. another planet entertainment has signed a long term contract to run the historic venue. promotion company puts on hundreds of local concerts at venues like berkeley's greek theater, the bill graham civic and outside lands music festival there in golden gate park. fedex driver was caught on camera throwing a package onto a front porch in san francisco without even leaving his truck. the homeowners said he was having dinner with his family last week when they all of a sudden heard it loud bang and thought someone was a statement saying the action of the driver is unacceptable. and he's addressing the matter. however some people on next door were very impressed with the drivers throwing skills. the biden administration has a plan to alleviate supply chain
12:56 pm
backlogs. the president announced a new investment of $14 billion for the army corps of engineers to fund 500 projects aimed at easing the supply chain problems. they include upgrades to improve shipping on the ohio river and plans to expand capacity at the ports of long beach here in california and norfolk harbor in virginia. the spending stems largely from the president's $1 trillion infrastructure deal. the oakland a's are one step closer toward a new ballpark at howard terminal, the oakland planning commission voted unanimously to send the final environmental impact review to the oakland city council. the council vote on the environmental report could happen next month. oakland mayor libby chef calls the commission vote a huge win for the bay area . opponents of the project say they are not giving up the fight today. on mornings onto the nine i spoke live with these president dave cavill about the future of a new ballpark and the team itself, he said. the a's are working with the city of oakland, but that it's taking a lot longer than expected. so we are basically all in on making
12:57 pm
that happen, but it's taken a long time and there's still uncertainty about whether or not it will be approved. we're hopeful and we're working as hard as we can. and we have a great partner and mayor shaft and the council, but we have to bring this to a final binding vote. and this was an important step yesterday, and we want to keep up that momentum moving to the city council next month. he also said building a new stadium on the current coliseum site is not an option. cavil talked again about being on a parallel path working to make a stadium happened in oakland or las vegas. he said the team is hoping to have a final solution either in oakland or vegas in the next four months untouched coral reef has been discovered nestled in the depths of the pacific ocean, ashley strohmeyer. as details on the marine marvel and why scientists say it's so unique. we'll go and panels on. we're going into an unexplored world. exploring the unexplored is rather compelling and exhilarating. deep in the twilight zone, up to 230 ft.
12:58 pm
below the surface of the pacific ocean lies a groundbreaking marine discovery. at pristine coral reefs seemingly undisturbed off the coast of tahiti generated core ifs are found up to 25 m in tropical systems, so it's quite impressive to find such system in very good state of health. at that sort of death. the nearly two mile stretch of reef was first uncovered back in november by research divers working with the united nations. it is believed to be the largest at its depth. with some coral spanning more than six ft in diameter, all in affected by climate change or human activities. i think what's important, it's also raises the issue of you know how coral reefs become more resilient. to climate change because climate change is the main aspects that impacting coral risk. the rare reef scientists believe began growing about 25 years ago and is too deep to be destroyed by bleaching or overfishing, which
12:59 pm
puts a strain on other underwater ecosystems. what's really important is really having the capacity to understand how those systems work, how they interact with the different stresses but also to map them because that's where we have big knowledge gaps in the ocean with only 20% of the world's ocean floor mapped out. divers hope new technology will help them journey even deeper, making way for new discoveries like this. ashley strohmeyer fox news. a belgian british team has just become the youngest woman to fly around the world. we've been following zahra rutherford stories since she took off for what turned out to be a record setting flight back in august. 19 year old landed back in belgium today after 155 days of travel, she stopped in five continents went to 41 nations. rutherford is now preparing to attend college and mike she hopes one day to be an astronaut. stretch those legs. my goodness, 41 different countries. congratulations bizarre and no doubt she will become an astronaut down the road. thank you for watching at home. i hope you have a great
1:00 pm
rest of your thursday afternoon or next newscast is coming up at four o'clock. more coverage always online at ktvu dot com. and on the ktvu news. i have a great afternoon, everyone. >> the juicy meat, the crackling skin. were talking that rotisserie chicken today. and counting down five ways to make life easier. we're revealing what we all live for. and go for it. putting some of the most popular hacks to the test. literally game changers. that's next. let's dish. life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television but also i'm just a mom trying to get dinner on the table.


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