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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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, and i'm julie julie haener. this deadly encounter unfolded this morning at the international terminal in front of the bart. station officials say the man was armed with two handguns and was acting aggressively has evan sernoffsky spoke to witnesses and police and has the very latest evan. right, andre. this all unfolded during a busy morning at sfo. police said they received multiple 911 calls about a man acting aggressively. when they got here to the scene. they said that man brandish to firearms and advanced on them. shots police gunfire erupted inside sfo thursday morning, sending travelers diving for cover. it began just before 7 30 when officers received multiple calls about a man inside the airport's international terminal. right in front of the bart entrance. sfpd officers responded, and they found individual who was brandishing two firearms
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displaying aggressive and threatening behavior, sfo spokesman doug yakel said police confronted the man within minutes, officers attempted several non lethal measures, including beanbags to subdue the individual. continue to advance with the two firearms that he had in his possession, at which time the officers discharged their weapons several times. an airport employee described the chaotic moments. just as the shooting unfolded, all the patrons will start coming up. that's what i start telling everyone go back. go back. they don't want us to come back. shooter shoot at us yelling shooter shooter after the shooting stopped, police and paramedics attempted life saving measures on the man, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. officials said. a bystander was hit by a ricochet during the incident. that bystander was treated at the scene and ultimately transported to a local hospital. with non life threatening injuries, as if petey spokeswoman grace get panned in, said the department has notified the california department of justice about the
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shooting in accordance with state law. the man has not been identified, and police are still investigating what he was doing at the airport. at this point. we know that the individuals armed with firearms, it's still under investigation on what type of pistols you know. these are what type of handguns. the shooting is also being investigated by the sand material, county district attorney's office and sheriff's office as well as the san francisco department of police accountability. police haven't said. what kind of firearms that man had, but they were very explicit in saying they notified the cow doj understate law and under state law, any police shooting of a person who is not armed with a deadly weapon. needs to be investigated by state prosecutors, not deadly weapon can be something like a firearm or an air, soft gun or an unloaded firearm. we should learn all of these details when the sfpd holds a town hall meeting coming up in the next 10
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days, reporting live at sfo. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, evan, thank you so much. well, police say he stole one car and tried to steal another before he took aim them coming up at 5 30. the search for answers after this wild ride now to berkeley, where police say they arrested a 15 year old boy who was found with a bb gun at berkeley high school officers responded around noon yesterday to a fight involving several students. witnesses say two students had threatened others with what appeared to be a handgun. the two ran from the officers but were detained a short time later, police say they found a bb gun in one of the students, backpacks that closely resembled a real handgun. a 15 year old boy who does not attend berkeley high was arrested these eh francisco city attorney turning up the heat in the weeks long investigation into a covert testing site. the city attorney's office has filed a series of subpoenas looking into the companies involved. ktvu christien kafton has been following the story as it unfolded and he joins us now with details. christian andre
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remember. it was just last week that the city attorney's office said that it had sent letters to these covid testing companies requesting information about whether their licenses were currently the city attorney's office said they didn't receive much of a response. so now they've issued subpoenas demanding proof that those companies can operate legally. san francisco's city attorney served a pair of subpoenas to community wellness america and crestview clinical laboratories to companies tied to questionable testing sites in san francisco community wellness, setting up this covid testing site at 18th and delores streets last week with outdated clinical laboratory improvement amendment or clear licensing for crestview labs on display, the city attorney asked the companies to clarify the licensing issues last week. and we had sent a letter requesting information to them last week, they have been less than four forthcoming and we are now sending subpoenas so we can get more information to understand what's going on here. the subpoenas requests both companies preserved documents pertaining to one another.
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crest. few labs responded to our request for information via email saying in part quote, we responded to the inquiry letter from the sf city attorney's office immediately upon receiving it, and we provided all proper licenses and inform them that we do not have any site in sf or any place. further rescue, says quote the clear inspector from the california department of health has paid us an unannounced visit for auditing. he was pleased and confirmed our position, and he said he would discuss with the sf city attorney on our behalf. both subpoenas from the city also asked specifically for any documents concerning dr philip milgrom seen here in a youtube video on his professional website. he's a southern california doctor who was featured on a reality television show and is also facing allegations in san diego. he used his own genetic material to impregnate a patient, according to the california medical board . the doctor surrendered his license in 1999. it was reinstated in 2000 and four. his name is listed on documents that we have seen, so we want answers from him about his role. we also understand that he has been
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investigating the past by other state authorities. we haven't we have questions for him. no. i called dr milgram and spoke with him briefly about an hour ago, he said community wellness is just trying to help people and that he served as their medical director, which allows them to perform tests and we also reached out to the group running those tests. the ceo of community wellness america, that is who dr milgram referred us to. if we have any further questions, we tried to reach out to that ceo via phone and via email so far. we have not heard back from it. this point there are still no criminal allegations and all of this, this is all still just an investigation. the city attorney says that there simply conducting this investigation to make sure that there are no bad actors trying to take advantage of people who are desperate. for covid tests right now we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox to do details on the story still unfolding, christian. thank you. well if you had problems ordering free covid test through the government's site this week, you are not alone. people living in multi family dwellings say the
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system reports an error when more than one unit places an order. the information came up that kids have already been ordered for you before your address, so you're not entitled to any so that i thought calvin grown a wig lives in a four unit property, each with its own apartment number, but once his son in law ordered the free covid rapid test this week, no one in the other units has been able to do so. the white house has acknowledged the problem, saying it is affecting a small percentage of people. the u. s postal service, which is handling the distribution, recommends people fill out a service request on their website. however grown weak, says there's been no resolution to his problem. just yet. the mail comes to apartment 123 or four i can't believe believe they wouldn't have already in the system. but, um yeah, that's kind of where we are a little frustrating. the white house acknowledges that the tech teams are working on the issues trying to make the covid test roll out
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a success. each residence is supposed to be entitled for free at home. covid tests well, any numbers show covid cases in san francisco are trending down. major london breed updated residents today on the development as ktvu town, baker reports. the reasons behind it are the key components that experts have been pushing all along. the good news is, things are starting to plateau. covid cases peaked on january, the ninth in the city when the seven day case average beginning to steadily dropped from 2100 and 64 cases a day. to 1705. just a few days later. the light at the end of the tunnel is here. we may go through another tunnel again, but just know that there is hope, and there is like and because san francisco vaccinations and booster rates are so very high, most cases have been mild or asymptomatic. we are indeed seen covid-19 cases. dropped relatively rapidly in the city, and we can
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now confidently say that we are on the beginning of a downward trajectory with regard to this search, but, says dr grant colfax, since hospitalizations occur after infection. san francisco hospitalizations will continue to climb for a few days , but nowhere near where they will overwhelm hospitals. he also noted that in january of 2021 165 san franciscans died from covid. as opposed to january of 2022 so far this january, only five have died. at this point, it looks good with regard to making it through. we are likely to make it through this surge and come out in a much better place to really know what's happening. the city will make testing much more accessible, affordable. and fast . this will allow the city to drop restrictions whenever warranted. we are working with our state and federal partners to make rapid over the counter test, easy to come by and are
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requiring our health care system partners to step up. and you their part with regard to testing, the mayor said the city attorney's office will continue to deal decisively with anyone not authorized to conduct testing in the city. tom baker ktvu. fox two news. 49ers are headed straight into an arctic blast in wisconsin to face off against the packers on saturday in the divisional round playoff game. here at home. diehard fans are hoping a warm send off will help keep them hyped up for this big game. ktvu is an ruben joins us now live at levi stadium where and it almost feels like game day already. that's right. there was music flag waving a lot of cheering the goal to make sure the team felt loved and supported as they hit the road. go naina 49ers load up and head out for green bay fans already to send them off in style. oh no. i got to sit my boys off to
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be able to say all right, all right. we're here for you. we're giving you all the support that you need. yes indeed. it will support them. let them know that we're there behind him. 100% all the way from here to wisconsin. and the fans know this kind of support makes a difference. boost their morale 100% and not just here, but on the road to many of these fans were there cheering in dallas last week and are hitting the road for green bay now. if we can deal with with with single digit degree weather like that, and they see us out there, man. we traveled that far for them. imagine how that bumps him up seeing all that red. wherever they go. we take over a stadium. of course, there's no lack of confidence in their team forces will be with the niners. it is all about victory. it's all about revenge. we need this. we gotta get that super bowl and they're convinced they'll get there that the packers are just another obstacle to overcome more than confident. i'm ready to buy super bowl tickets right now on a plane ticket and everything else. the fans traveling to
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green bay. tell us they're packing lots of warm clothes, with temperatures projected to be in the teens are possibly single digits by game time. game time is 5 15 pacific time and you can watch that game right here on ktvu. julie. they will need lots and lots of layers out there. all right, and thank you. and be sure to tune in to ktvu to catch all the action. pregame coverage begins at 4 30 on saturday and stay with us after the game for the ktvu postgame show. it is all happening right here on channel two. coming up. fraudsters are targeting california's disability insurance program. hundreds of thousands of claims have been frozen and ktvu has heard from lots of legitimate claimants who say they had no idea. until the money stopped coming. it's kind of maddening and this heartening to know that something like this went on and the states. just been kind of tight lipped about it. governor gavin newsom hoping
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to clean up an ugly mess in southern california. how exactly the real public safety plan is expected to help this trouble on the tracks, and it looked like the sky made its way down to the ground more on the fog that likely had drivers gripping the searing wheel a little tighter this morning. and in fact, in that weather, we don't have rain in the forecast, but some of these temperatures up into the upper sixties we'll talk about what that means for the barea weekend, and when we we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. call 833-317-4673, free to zoom without a meeting request. free to enjoy savory bites, and stunning sights. and free to reunite with old friends...and new. it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free.
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have not been paid out. california employment development department says a massive fraud ring is to blame
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for this, but for those who depend on it, they're left with more questions and answers. kate to be investigative reporter brooks jarocz digging deeper into this recent fraud attack and who's left on the losing end of this brooks jarocz about this until we aired a report and since then i've heard from dozens who all say the same thing. they have a legitimate disability insurance claim. that is stuck or in limbo. but when they try to contact the state, they end up in this endless cycle of not knowing what's happening. mother selena maya just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. she had pregnancy complications in her doctor suggested and signed off on a disability claim, but she still hasn't seen any money. i mean, i already went through all my savings. um i'm struggling. maya was working at a walmart warehouse, but says her recent claim is one of the 345,000 frozen by the state and flagged as potential fraud. go back to
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work already. i mean, it's been three weeks that i had my daughter, but if i don't get any income, i don't know how my rent just this week, she received an eviction notice and blames california's employment development department. the head , says 27,000 medical providers were targeted by identity thieves and the state suspended the associated claims several weeks ago, but many claimants say they were never told communicate with anyone at all with no warning notification of any kind. even to this day. albert martin has a similar story and operations supervisor for a construction company. he filed for disability in october and had to undergo surgery. come december 1st. he was cut off from his benefits. it's stressful. that's the best way to put it. it's stressful, and it's not fair to us workers pay into it. but dozens tell ktvu. they can't get the money they need. eddie blames it on aggressive scammers, while
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promising our top priority is to quickly identify the legitimate medical providers in the mix and clear any legitimate claims that may be temporarily held up. hdd is also sending emails to impact in medical providers notifying them to validate their identity through i d dot me as quickly as possible, not fast enough for martin, who has since gone to governor gavin newsom writing a letter and begging for help. i am calling on you and your office to fix this matter. as soon as possible. please i am approaching ironi. the deed could not give us updated numbers on how many claims are still frozen, but it is identifying thousands of fraudulent claims. right now, there is also no timeline on when all those legitimate claims will be cleared. in the newsroom and brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news to see all those people who really need this money be left in the dark like this, brooks a memorial is being created now to
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honor a former santa cruz county sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. the memorial will be built in willowbrook county park in aptos in honor of deputy damon goods. wyler. the park will also be getting a new flag area a new children's playground and resurface basketball courts , all in honor of the fallen deputy willowbrook park, is where he often went with his children and dogs. gosweiler was killed in june 2020 in an ambush in ben lomond after responding to a call about a suspicious van containing guns and possible bomb making materials in oakland , a driver's recovering this evening following a severe traffic crash that sent his car flying into the air and landing in a creek. it happened after 7 15 this morning on northbound interstate 8 80 north of 66th avenue. the chp says the driver was reportedly cut off here to the right and lost control of the car. the vehicle hit a guardrail, which caused it to go airborne flip and land in the bushes and the creek. the driver
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was not wearing a seatbelt but survived and was taken to highland hospital. he's got an obvious lacerations to his head in his face, and his hands got played a pain to his shoulders and possible broken bones. for the chp now asking that anyone who saw this unsafe lane change this morning. give them a call. full of familiar sight rolling through the bay area this morning, check out what it looked like above and below the dense fog. the national weather service issued an advisory that has since expired. and for the first time in two years we've heard from carl. the fog that's the person behind the bay area. twitter account writing hope you still recognize me, adding that he moved in with his parents at the start of the pandemic, always beautiful to see the fog. but when it clears away, man, we've been having some great weather in parts of the bay area . let's go over to our chief meteorologist, bill martin. now with more on what looks like a dry forecast for now, huh, bill yes, that's exactly it. julian and you're like you said before. i mean, the weather has been not
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very january. like at all or early february as we move forward, we had temperatures today in the mid number sixties. that's how it goes again. tomorrow and really right through the weekend. we're not looking at rain chances anytime soon. of course, you knew that because that's what we've been talking about. for weeks after week, we're well over 10 days. dry will probably go another day week dry certainly maybe a little more than that is our next rain. chances are late january last day or two in january early february. in the meantime, our weather feature which will actually do away with any fog issues. tonight will be this wind and wind advisory for the higher elevations and the hills of the bay area. you're looking at wind gust, potentially from up to 60 miles an hour top of mount town top saying halina 40 to 50 million our above 1000 ft, so we're going to see breezy conditions. if this was two months ago or three months from now, this would be a red flag warning potentially right because of the winds being a fire concern. we'll look at the model. this
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takes us through tonight and it starts us tomorrow morning. seven a.m. and when you look at the numbers are helpful, but the colors will give you an idea where the areas that will be impacted. so here's tomorrow. our friday friday morning and then you'll see those colors really kind of light up as we get into friday, mid morning and then into the evening hours on friday at that, so that's especially looked right about there somewhere around what 23 o'clock. that's some pretty significant wind with gusts. that would be the height of this wind event. so what does it mean for us? view me. i think there's potential for some power outages for sure, you know, not not concerned. super a lot with fire. you always are. but power outages certainly a possibility because of just the wind and the ability to knock trees down things like that. the grounds still pretty wet. so the highest elevations will have the strongest winds down around 2000 ft. above 40 or 50 and down in the valleys of the low lying areas, you might see gusts up to 30 35 miles an hour. something like that so that's the big
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weather story dry, dry dry as the other big weather story, and we're going to stay that way for a while. like i said, these were the highs from today. the highs tomorrow will be somewhere there's that 67. in san jose, and just because, he says, just because santa ros is 66 probably you go. east of santa rose out there towards, uh, you got treasury income valley and some of those higher little areas where you might, you might find temperatures in the upper sixties. so a lot of upper sixties and some of these spots today that just started official spot so when we come back, we're going to look specifically at obviously friday, saturday and sunday because it's your weekend and then we'll show you the long range model and i'll give you an idea what the chances are for that next rank because it's a ways off but again. we're well above average for rainfall. so fortunate. so i'll see you back here. we'll talk more about your weather few minutes. thanks bill with his plans dashed in congress how president biden plans to switch things up to get
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be in your moment. highest level in three months. the labor department says the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits increased by 55,000 last week to 286,000 here in california. claims were up by about 6100. analysts say the job market is being disrupted by the omicron surge, which has set back progress that was being made in the economic recovery. exactly one year after his inauguration, president biden is touting accomplishments and acknowledging setbacks now his second year will include midterm elections just 10 months away. the white house is now signaling try to score smaller victories rather than attempting to pass sweeping legislation. faxes, madeline rivera explains. president biden is rounding out his first year in office with a discouraging marks from americans. a new poll now showing 56% of americans to disapprove of his performance. this has been a year of failure for this president. the erosion of the public's confidence in
5:27 pm
his leadership is a reversal for the president, who began his term with a goal to tackle the pandemic. yet hospitals remain strained from covid cases spurred by the omicron variant, just one issue that republicans have slammed him and democrats for an economic crisis. an energy crisis a border crisis on education crisis. a crime crisis worsening covid-19 crisis. the american people is going through a lot right now, as the midterm elections approach the democrats control of congress is at stake. still the president is optimistic that his ambitious domestic agenda will pass even if it does so in parts. i'm confident we can get pieces, big chunks of the bill back better law signed the law. voting rights measures, meanwhile, have little hope of passing in congress without republican support on wednesday, the president did not say whether the results of the midterm elections would be legitimate. without election reform, a response many are criticizing. yesterday the president told reporters that he might not accept the 2022 election results as legitimate. if his election
5:28 pm
takeover built do not pass congress first all sounds you're really familiar. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president wasn't trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 election, saying instead that the results would be illegitimate if states launched efforts to overturn them. and washington malda rivera ktvu fox two news a south based search for answers after across city crime spree coming up how virtual reality training played a role in taking down a gunman plus and bread. hear that nerve wracking sounds and sights for neighbors and one bay area community when predator becomes prey.
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and protect against vision loss. the case of a carjacking that turned into a deadly police shooting. the violence started in eastern san jose then moved into parts of the city of santa clara before its violent conclusion on west heading street in san jose ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary live now at the scene with the latest on what happened, jessie? julie san jose police department is taking the lead in the investigation that now spends two cities departments. police chief says he will hold a news briefing tomorrow to provide more information about the crime and the actions of his officers.
5:32 pm
tonight some community members are reflecting on the loss of life that happened here. late thursday, san jose resident glenn jones placed flowers at the scene where police shot and killed a carjacking suspect a man who dies. in any way like that, in gunfire and we've we've we've we feel for them. as a community. and. specifically for the police officers wednesday night at the intersection of heading in park the violent conclusion to a carjacking pursuit. how big of a role does training play in something like this? so training always plays a huge part in any type of situation like this, the more you train, the more um reactive you become a police say the unidentified suspect initially stole a vehicle in east san jose. he then drove to santa clara. we attempted to carjack a second victim. he was unsuccessful with that attempted carjacking, but it was very apparent at that scene that he
5:33 pm
was armed with a gun, so we knew he was armed suspect then sped south back into san jose, where he collided with two passengers in another vehicle that heading in park. he got out gun in hand and opened fire at responding police officers, obviously fearing for their lives. they were engaged by gunfire by the suspect. our officers on scene here returned fire. the suspect was shot and then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. i'm just amazed it didn't happen. this is a busy street. everybody comes through here to get to you know, point a to point b. i'm amazed something like this didn't happen sooner. policing expert lisa daddio says virtual reality training and time spent at the gun range helps officers home their skills for these types of scenarios helps prepare you and then you can kind of go through in your brain. talking yourself down, calming yourself down and trying to stop the threat. glenn jones says, in addition to praying for the suspect's family is also
5:34 pm
putting up prayers for the officers who were forced to pull the trigger to protect not only their lives but the lives of others, the two people that were injured in the vehicle that was hit here. suffered minor and moderate injuries again. the police chief will have a news briefing tomorrow. we'll have more on that tomorrow morning. we're live in the rose garden section of san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. all right, jesse. thank you. a new campaign is underway to expand and strengthen the access to reproductive health for women here in california. it was announced today on the capitol steps in sacramento by the california legislative women's caucus to recognize the 49th anniversary of roe v. wade. they say they'll be introducing a number of bills to ensure that california remains a beacon of reproductive freedom across the us california will not just stand by. we are committed to protecting and providing access to abortion and all reproductive
5:35 pm
services not only for californians, but any who seek refuge here. the women's caucus says it expects to see support from the legislature on their package of bills as bulls budgetary action something governor newsom has expressed he is willing to do. the supreme court today rejected another attempt to block texas's six week abortion ban. the court refused to step into the med and appeals court returned the case to a district court where a judge has expressed deep skepticism over the law. the three liberal justices of the high court wrote a scathing dissent, it said this case is a disaster for the rule of law and a grave disservice to women in texas who have a right to control their own bodies. well, tesla may be off the hook for a deadly crash in southern california that killed two people while the driver was using autopilot in the first case of its kind. the driver kevin george aziz riyadh has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. he allegedly ran a red light and broadsided a
5:36 pm
honda, killing two people in 2019, even though he may have been relying on his car's autopilot system is likely he will not be able to counter sued tesla in court. claiming a defect. that's because tesla has a mandatory arbitration clause for just about anything in all of its auto sales contracts to keep consumers out of court and away from a jury. you're going to be bound by it, and a lot of people don't understand what arbitration means. it's a very tough thing for consumers often times you will leave your right to seek collective relief, so class, actually class action or representative litigation, so there are significant implications of forced arbitration. los angeles county prosecutors filed the charges in october, but they came to light only last week. riyadh will be in court next month. police and local and are investigating two separate shootings that left two men dead. last night at 7 40 police found a man shot on campbell street in west oakland. he was taken to a hospital where
5:37 pm
he died. and the shooting early tuesday morning left hayward man dead on 16th avenue in oakland. the names of both victims were not released and no arrests have been made. skeletal remains found in oregon last week have been identified as a 33 year old man originally from northern california, had been missing for more than a year and a half. the remains belong to that of armando leigh soto were found along a trail in the medford area. investigators say soto was originally from us city in center county but moved to the area back in 2015. they say there's no indication of suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. today is today. san francisco mayor london breed defended her new ballot measure that would allow san francisco police to monitor live surveillance cameras. we have major challenges with public safety, and when i say public safety, it's not just really about theft. it's also about assault and the number of people who have been attacked on our streets. the number of people who have been robbed and assaulted and we want to make
5:38 pm
sure that we are using every tool at our disposal responsibly keep the people of san francisco state. privacy advocates have criticized the measure. but the mayor said when officers view live cameras, they must disclose it to the public and to the board of supervisors. the measure goes before voters in june. wow. it might sound alarming, but it's just a case of mountain lions being mountain lions this evening. residents in the peninsula community are on alert because of a deadly encounter between two mountain lions right in the middle of their neighborhood. ktvu zach sauce gives us a look. makes us nervous, very nervous noises. most people are only used to hearing in a nature documentary echoing down hastings drive wednesday as to mountain lines, battled it out one eventually killing the other. i'm outlying dragging another mountain wait. oh my goodness video showing the
5:39 pm
animal dragging its kill across the street to a neighbor's doorstep. just keep your head on a swivel kevin stanford, part of the area's neighborhood watch, has been advising folks to do since game wardens removed the dead mountain lion. i'm hoping i don't find it, but if i do you know we are pd is really, really good, and they were just respond so fast police who are urging neighbors to be cautious, but not everyone unnerved by the brawl. it's pretty cool. i mean , you know, it's not just one. it's too and they were fighting . wild animals are part of life in this area. still he plans to take a few more precautions in the evenings. when we go out for walks. i think you just have to be more careful neighbors being advised not to leave their pets or small children on attended mountain lions. no. i'm going home to warn my whole family. i'm outlined fight well, shocking in these parts, apparently not entirely rare. it's kind of mountain lions being mountain lions. tiffany yeah, but wildlife expert at the center for biological diversity , it is a common occurrence for you know, outlines kill each other over protecting territory
5:40 pm
. i think sometimes it becomes a greater occurrence. when, um they're boxed in and their habitat is limited, says mountain lines are largely solitary creatures who avoid humans. they are important for a lot of other species and a lot of biodiversity throughout california, but back in the neighborhood. stanford says he'll be keeping up his patrols to provide neighbors peace of mind. i haven't picked up any tracks it to kind of see what direction it took off in or what direction it came in, so that's kind of the sort of the puzzle and try to put together now and so far california fish and wildlife, saying it found no direct evidence that this mountain line is a threat to humans still there urging people in the area to remove any sources of food water that might attract dear to their property, a source of food for mountain lions in belmont zach sauce, ktvu. fox two news. well the city of brooklyn is still polishing plans for a new diamond at howard terminal next by oakland is president dave campbell said las vegas still is not out of the question. also ahead. eminem is they're getting a makeover. we're taking a look
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at the modern, more inclusive branding. you'll soon be tasting. spoke to a president dae
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capital. well what's head to head for the team. the oakland planning commission sent the environmental review on the howard terminal ballpark site to the city council for approval yesterday. and campbell said that affordable housing is a critical element. we have a very robust, affordable housing plan . as part of this large project on the waterfront, we think that's critically important to provide the community benefits that are necessary for the project to be successful for all stakeholders. he wants again added that the coliseum site is not an option. it's howard terminal or bust. the team is hoping to make a decision between oakland and los vegas in the next 4 to 6 months. there is some movement to report tonight in the major league baseball lock out, the players have asked
5:44 pm
the league now for a negotiating session next week. but as foxes matt napolitano tells us the slow pace of the talks. could put opening day in jeopardy. during what had been a red hot free agency period in major league baseball, the league's collective bargaining agreement with the players association expired, with team owners unanimously approving a work stoppage. we instituted a lockout of major league players. we took this action with the support of all 30 clubs. a lockout is when the management side team owners in this case initiates the stoppage, the talks over a new agreement between the league and the players association went nowhere . the two sides met for just seven minutes in the hours leading up to the agreement expiring and the negotiations are still stagnant weeks after the lockout began, with just one virtual meeting taking place last week, where players shrugged off a proposal from mlb officials regarding core economic issues. that players are seeking to address including their shrinking share of league revenues indicated by declining playerssalaries service time
5:45 pm
manipulation by ball clubs to delay free agency and arbitration for younger players, as well as bad teams losing on purpose to get higher draft picks with the lockout in effect , and there'll be websites are looking a little different with black and white avatars replacing player photos, which some athletes have taken to using as a profile pic on social media to stand in solidarity with the players association. while teams can't make any changes to their 40 man rosters , ball clubs can still hire managers, coaches and front office staff in new york. matt napolitano, ktvu fox two news. railroad tracks turned into a crime scene after thieves target cargo containers after the break the action now being taken
5:46 pm
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and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. railroad trash and debris piled high discarded packages covering the tracks left behind by thieves targeting cargo containers. it's a problem so
5:48 pm
bad it's brought governor newsom the town reporter, phil shuman joins us live from lincoln heights where law enforcement is stepping up and clean up is underway. phil well, andre, this is a growing problem theft from railcars and governor newsom was here not just as help with the cleanup, which, as you can see, a lot of work needs to be done in that area, but also to announce increased state resources to fight this problem. governor newsom on the union pacific railroad tracks another carefully organized media opportunity to show him as a hands on leader as he cleaned up what's left behind by thieves breaking into trains while trying to make sure he doesn't have to come back again. my frustration with this in particular is the images look like a third world country. the governor pledged more resources towards organized retail theft task force and a new effort focused just on this problem in los angeles ups got their special agents. we've got local
5:49 pm
police departments we've got ups has their own enforcement wings, so it's a it's a deep, broad stroke. collaborative you know, we needed effective solution to handle this, and we're reaching out to both federal state county and city law enforcement agencies. union pacific with its own police say they've made arrests, but few results in serious charges and no bail puts people back on the street. the d a will only say they charge when they have evidence, and it's tough to catch people in the act. this portion of the track hidden well below street level. union pacific has already done things on its own better fencing . trespass detection system drones for patrol police law enforcement. technology infrastructure solutions. and criminal justice. all of that combined is what's going to help us. move forward on this issue. this is not a new problem. what is new is the 160% increase in theft from 20 to 21. all the
5:50 pm
attention. it's now getting we saw memories that never were. because gifts never arrived. we saw experiences that never took place. because we saw ornaments and led lights and christmas trees. they never arrived. back live by the side of the tracks where we are, andre, you can clearly see there's no fencing access is wide open. that's part of the problem. a lot of this happens, though, in more hidden parts of the tracks, particularly in the early hours late at night, early hours of the morning. um you need pacific has been very critical of los angeles county district attorney george gascon. of course, you remember well from the bay area , saying he just chooses to not file felony charges and because of the nobel policy, even a felony charges are filed. then the bad guys are right back out on the street to commit more of these crimes again, the district attorney not making himself available to reporters, his
5:51 pm
office simply saying, and when we have the evidence we filed the chargers governor newsom, careful not to criticize the d a. by name, of course, goes way back with gas going, endorsed him in his race for district attorney here in los angeles county. live in l a. i'm phil shuman. andre familiar story that we've heard here as well, phil. thank you so much for that live report. already we had a little bit of fog this morning. certainly we might still a little bit more tonight because of this setup. but what happens in the early morning hours of the winter shift there already shifting, but they're going to shift more. and so the fog in the morning by the time we get to your morning commute, i think you'll be fine. it's gonna get blown out of there. that fog we saw today that was dense at times. the winds are such especially by the morning hours. 567 a. m. that that fog should be blown out, and that's going to set us up with the warm friday and saturday and the potential for you know, mid sixties upper sixties so more of the same in terms of the weather pattern, which has been dry warm
5:52 pm
or mild. if you will just kind of depends on your perspective, but it's to me i called warm this time of year when you hit 67 in san jose, and like i said before, just because san jose had 67. that's not to say, you know you're gonna morgan hill gilroy, you're down to into san benito county. you're easily finding temperatures in the seventies low seventies. so as we go into tomorrow, it's going to look a lot like this again. these are the highs from today highs tomorrow will be quite similar. and then as we head terror, uh, fridays are saturday and sunday more of the same days are getting longer couple minutes a day generally, and you can see the beautiful atmosphere that has many clouds. so the sunset not as robust as they have been because we've been handling those high clouds around, but now we just have a beautiful clear sky out there. to be a beautiful day on your friday. we wake up mostly clear for all of us, and it stays that way all day, presenting us with temperatures easily into the mid sixties, maybe even a couple of seventies and again. tons of atmospheric river going up and out and away from us far away
5:53 pm
from us, and that's how it's going to stay for another week or so. so the next five days when you see it, you're going to see dry conditions and no rain in the forecast just a few high clouds. and then back to the valley fog, probably as we head into the weekend, but by friday morning saturday, but the saturday morning to value fogs, not a thing, but i think maybe on sunday monday we might start to see a return it and that's it. i mean, we're splitting hairs because there's not a lot going on in terms of the weather. 61 fairfield right now, that's pretty warm for this time of year for this time at night, two degrees warmer and fairfield five degrees warmer napa than it was last night. at this time, you can tell there's not a lot of wind out there now because you look at the glass on the estuary. you can see that smooth kind of reflectiveness and that tells you right away. there's no wind. it bumps up and get a little wind that surface gets textured and then you don't see the glass. so forecast for tomorrow about 48 degrees with some patchy fog in san francisco, but it's gone by the time most of you get driving around tomorrow and then friday afternoon san francisco you're at 64 65 degrees, so another
5:54 pm
beautiful day. 62 livermore, 67 morgen hills 68 in santa cruz would be hard to get to 70 degrees tomorrow in a lot of locations, the five day forecast as you look at your weekend, which is here already, technically, friday, is kind of a weekend day. and if you look at the conditions, we have little breezy conditions again on saturday, think sunday we might see a little bit of fog, which turned sunday night into monday morning, and then we just got these kind of wow. mild and dry conditions that last really through the last part of january. looks like we might see some rain early february. and we've been enjoying some amazing sunsets. in the meantime, bill, thank you. eminem's candy has a new look as it seeks to adopt a more modern, more inclusive image to its branding. candymaker mars. wrigley unveiled the makeovers to its characters today and among the changes the green eminem has swapped out her go go boots for sneakers, the brown one is now supporting lower, more practical heels as she describes herself as being not bossy, just the boss. the candy maker says the
5:55 pm
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my new tiny tacos big box with 25 of my tasty tiny tacos and three delicious dipping sauces. perfectly sized to share with a friend, coworker, or the ceo of your favorite restaurant. my new $6 tiny tacos big box. only at jack in the box. in the depths. fox news, ashley strohmeyer has more now on the marine marvel and why scientists say it is so unique. okay. we are going into an unexplored world. exploring the unexplored is rather compelling and exhilarating, deep in the twilight zone, up to 230 ft.
5:58 pm
below the surface of the pacific ocean lies a groundbreaking marine discovery. at pristine coral reefs seemingly undisturbed off the coast of tahiti, but generally core ifs are found up to 25 m in tropical systems, so it's quite impressive to find such system in very good state of health. at that sort of death. the nearly two mile stretch of reef was first uncovered back in november by research divers working with the united nations. it is believed to be the largest at its depth. with some coral spanning more than six ft in diameter, all in affected by climate change or human activities. i think what's important is also raises the issue of you know how coral reefs become more resilient. to climate change because climate change is the main aspects that impacting coral risk the rail reef scientists believe began growing about 25 years ago and is too deep to be destroyed by bleaching or overfishing, which puts a strain on other
5:59 pm
underwater ecosystems. what's really important is really having the capacity to understand how those systems work have interact with the different stresses but also to map them because that's where we have big knowledge gaps in the ocean with only 20% of the world's ocean floor mapped out. divers hope new technology will help them journey even deeper, making way for new discoveries like this. ashley strohmeyer fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. and the rough now it's 6 49 ers head to green bay to face off against the packers, a super send off was held today as a team gears up for this saturday showdown. lots of excitement today for 40, niners fans and the team as they get ready to take on the nfc divisional round playoff game. good evening to you. i'm andre senior and i'm julie julie haener diehard fans are hoping a warm send off will help keep the team pumped up for
6:00 pm
the big game. ktvu is an ruben joins us now live at levi stadium where and it already feels almost like game day is here. it does. there was a music , flag waving and lots of cheering the goal to make sure the team felt loved and supported as they hit the road. go naina 49ers load up and head out for green bay fans are ready to send them off in style. oh, no. i got to sit my boys off to be able to say all right, all right. we're here for you. we're giving you all the support that you need. yes indeed. we will support them. let them know that we're there. behind them 100% all the way from here to wisconsin. and the fans know this kind of support makes a difference. boost their morale 100% and not just here, but on the road to many of these fans were there cheering in dallas last week and are hitting the road for green bay now. if we can deal with with with single digit degree weather like that, and they see


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