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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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joins us now live at levi stadium where and it already feels almost like game day is here. it does. there was a music , flag waving and lots of cheering the goal to make sure the team felt loved and supported as they hit the road. go naina 49ers load up and head out for green bay fans are ready to send them off in style. oh, no. i got to sit my boys off to be able to say all right, all right. we're here for you. we're giving you all the support that you need. yes indeed. we will support them. let them know that we're there. behind them 100% all the way from here to wisconsin. and the fans know this kind of support makes a difference. boost their morale 100% and not just here, but on the road to many of these fans were there cheering in dallas last week and are hitting the road for green bay now. if we can deal with with with single digit degree weather like that, and they see us out there, man.
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we traveled that far for them. imagine how that bumps him up seeing all that red. wherever they go. we take over a stadium. of course, there's no lack of confidence in their team forces will be with the niners. it is all about victory. it's all about revenge. we need this. we gotta get that super bowl and they're convinced bill get there that the packers are just another obstacle to overcome more than confident. i'm ready to buy super old tickets right now on a plane ticket and everything else. the fans who were traveling to green bay say they are packing lots of warm clothes since temperatures are expected to be in the teens are possibly single digits by game time. of course, game time is 5 15 pacific time and you can watch that game right here on ktvu, julie andre. yeah. no shortage of enthusiasm. all right, we're all going to be watching and thank you. here's the starting lineup. pregame coverage begins at 4 30 on saturday and stay with us after the game for the ktvu postgame show. it is all happening right here on channel two. well the
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investigation is intensifying into a covid testing company that appeared to be operating in san francisco without proper permits. as ktbc christian captain tells us the city attorney's office has now father series of subpoenas looking into the companies involved. san francisco's city attorney served a pair of subpoenas to community wellness america and crestview clinical laboratories to companies tied to questionable testing sites in san francisco community wellness, setting up this covid testing site at 18th and delores streets last week with outdated clinical laboratory improvement amendment or clear licensing for crestview labs on display, the city attorney asked the companies to clarify the licensing issues last week. and we had sent a letter requesting information to them last week, they have been less than four forthcoming and we are now sending subpoenas so we can get more information to understand what's going on here. the subpoenas requests both companies preserved documents pertaining to one another, but we've been concerned about is that there are rogue testing operations in san francisco and
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beyond, where folks are not using appropriate and safe health techniques and gathering information crest. few labs responded to our request for information via email, saying in part quote, we responded to the inquiry letter from the sf city attorney's office immediately upon receiving it, and we provided all proper licenses. and inform them that we do not have any site in sf or anyplace. further progress you says, quote the clear inspector from the california department of health has paid us an unannounced visit for auditing. he was pleased and confirmed our position. and he said he would discuss with the sf city attorney on our behalf. both subpoenas from the city also asked specifically for any documents concerning dr philip milgrom seen here in a youtube video on his professional website. he's a southern california doctor who was featured on a reality television show and is also facing allegations in san diego. he used his own genetic material to impregnate a patient. according to the california medical board, the doctor surrendered his license in 1999. it was
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reinstated in 2000 and four. his name is listed on documents that we have seen, so we want answers from him about his role. we also understand that he has been investigating the past by other state authorities. we haven't we have questions for him. i did call dr milgram and spoke with him briefly, he said community wellness is simply trying to help people and that he served as their medical director, which allows them to perform tests any further questions and he referred me to the ceo of community wellness. now we did reach out to that ceo into community wellness in general via phone and email. so far, we've not heard back. at this point. this is not a criminal investigation. the city attorney says he's simply trying to investigate here to make sure that people aren't being defrauded or being tricked by a company that would be willing to do people who are desperate for covid tests. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news if you've had problems ordering free covid test through the government site this week, you are not alone. people living in multi family dwellings say the system reports an error when
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more than one unit places an order. the information came up that kids have already been ordered for you before your address, so you're not entitled to any calvin grown away lives in a four unit property, each with its own apartment number, but once his son in law ordered the free covid rapid test this week, no one in the other units has been able to do so. the white house has acknowledged the problem, saying it is affecting a small percentage of people. the u. s postal service, which is handling the distribution, recommends people fill out a service request on their website. however grown wig says there's been no resolution to his problem as of yet. since the milk comes to apartment 123 or. four i can't believe believe they wouldn't have already in the system. but, um yeah, that's kind of where we are a little frustrating. the white house acknowledges that tech firms are working on the issues trying to make the covid test roll out a success. each residents is supposed to be entitled to four
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free at home covid tests but with the omicron variant producing more breakthrough infections, experts say the strategy to deal with the virus has changed. ucsf infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong told us that four vaccines are still the key to preventing serious illness, but people also need to consider upgrading their mass and testing is playing a bigger role in prevention. as for the future, doctor chen hong says, well, it's hard to predict, but he thinks we could be getting a break soon. i think we're going to have a few months off as much as six months, if not longer, starting in about 3 to 4 weeks, which is the time it took south africa to descend from their peak to somewhat normal t so the next few months. i think it's going to be back to march 15th of 2021, where we felt that sense of normalcy and again. we don't know how long that would last, but i think it will last for a few months. dr chen hong added that new treatments on the horizon will also help prevent more serious
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illnesses and stay with ktvu for the very latest coronavirus information. we have an entire section of our website. dedicated to the latest developments on this pandemic. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. an investigation is underway into a deadly shooting by police of a man who they say was armed at san francisco international airport. as ktvu s evan sernoffsky tells us it happened in front of the airport bart station at the international terminal with travelers nearby. shots police gunfire erupted inside sfo thursday morning, sending travelers diving for cover. it began just before 7 30 when officers received multiple calls about a man inside the airport's international terminal. right in front of the bart entrance. sfpd officers responded, and they found individual who was brandishing two firearms displaying aggressive and threatening behavior. sfo spokesman doug yakel said police confronted the man within
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minutes, officers attempted several non lethal measures, including beanbags to subdue the individual. continue to advance with the two firearms that he had in his possession, at which time the officers discharged their weapons several times. an airport employee described the chaotic moments. just as the shooting unfolded, all the patrons will start coming up. that's what i start telling everyone go back. go back. they don't want us to come back. shooter shoot at us yelling shooter shooter after the shooting stopped, police and paramedics attempted life saving measures on the man, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. officials said. a bystander was hit by a ricochet during the incident. that bystander was treated at the scene and ultimately transported to a local hospital. with non life threatening injuries. sfpd spokeswoman grace get panned in said the department has notified the california department of justice about the shooting in accordance with state law. the man has not been identified, and police are still investigating
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what he was doing at the airport. at this point. we know that the individuals armed with firearms, it's still under investigation on what type of pistols you know. these are what type of handguns. the shooting is also being investigated by the sand material, county district attorney's office and sheriff's office as well as the san francisco department of police accountability. police have not said what kind of firearm the man was armed with, but we should learn new details when the sfpd holds a town hall meeting coming up in the next 10 days. at sfo. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news coming up hundreds of thousands of state disability claims still frozen what the state is telling legitimate recipients left in limbo. it's stressful. that's the best way to put it. it's stressful, and it's not prepare to us. and we'd advisory for parts of the bay area. i'll have that forecast and the weekend back here after the break. and we'll take a look at the impact
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optimistic about the future despite being on what many feel is a tipping point on climate change. reporter heather waldman spoke with gina mccarthy about the u. s strategy to reduce greenhouse gasses and what's being done to deal with the drought. intensifying droughts, bigger, hotter and more frequent wildfires more days with dangerously poor air quality. all of these trends have a tide increase in global temperatures fueled by increasing greenhouse gas emissions. over the past year, the white house climate team has been focused on mitigating these threats with jobs and infrastructure and investments through the build back. better plan. well it's a situation where we have to absolutely accelerate our investments in clean energy, and
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that's you know, the opportunity we have to do. that is quite remarkable. we're talking about investments in public transportation investments in water resources. we're talking about actually closing those oil and gas wells in those coal mines that continue to spew methane into the air. drought conditions reached new extremes last year in northern california , but every other state experienced some level of drought in 2021. mccarthy says. that's a big motivation to think ahead. we also must invest in the smartest solutions moving forward, and so we have to be smarter, not just about water use, but how we invest in water systems that recognize that that those those you know the ice at the top of those mountains just isn't there anymore. and again that was heather waldman reporting some bay area residents woke up to a familiar sight this morning. check out these amazing pictures of the dense fog. the national weather
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service issued an advisory that has since expired. and for the first time in two years we heard from carl the fog the person behind the bay area. twitter account writing. hope he's still recognize me, adding he moved in with his parents at the start of the pandemic. okay for more now on the weather list, go straight to our chief meteorologist bill martin for an update built yeah, we've got less of that fog to talk about. there might be a little bit tonight. but by tomorrow morning, the winds kick up with that wind advisory and the wind advisory. um well, kind of scour the fog away. it'll warm temperatures up a little bit, so we'll see temperatures into the upper sixties might even see a low 70, mostly in the hills will be the strongest winds for sure. and then an areas down the level maybe 25 to 35 miles an hour. here's the model and look at the contour. so here's tomorrow morning, right about the time that wind advisory starts and again why won't there be fog? fog needs a real stable environment to form it needs really almost just the lack of wind. at least the valley fog does a lack of wind
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and just a real good as strong inversion, and that's what they'll have or will have. so tomorrow morning. watch what happens in the purples lineup as we're going to the noon around there, so that area right there. that's probably the windiest part of the day noon to two o'clock, even though the digital numbers 32 miles an hour in fairfield. that's a sea level up high. those purples could be 50 mile an hour winds can kind of see. i just give you this man, cause i kind of want you to see. okay where do i live? okay and you'll see that you know if you're in safe san jose redwood city, not such a big deal, right ? you're into the yellow sea breeze, but at the higher elevations and especially in the north east bay and the east bay. that's where the strongest winds will be. so that is the plan as we head into tomorrow morning into the evening on saturday or into the early morning hours, so the wind strongest maybe 70 mile an hour. that's top mount diablo, though, and then everybody else. most of us will experience 25 to 35. and then and then 1000 ft level. maybe
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maybe 40 50, so not a big deal. we'll see you back here little bit. bill thanks well for weeks , hundreds of thousands of disability claims have not been paid out. california is employment development department says a massive fraud attack is to blame for this. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz digs into what's happening now and who's left on the losing end. mothers selena maya just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. she had pregnancy complications in her doctor suggested and signed off on a disability claim, but she still hasn't seen any money. i mean, i already went through all my savings. um, i'm struggling. maya was working at a walmart warehouse, but says her recent claim is one of the 345,000 frozen by the state and flagged as potential fraud. kind of want to go back to work already. i mean, it's been three weeks that i have my daughter, but if i don't get any income, i don't know how my rent just this week , she received an eviction notice and blames california's
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employment development department. the head, says 27,000 medical providers who were targeted by identity thieves, and the state suspended the associated claims several weeks ago, but many claimants say they were never told they don't communicate with anyone at all with no warning notification of any kind. even to this day. albert martin has a similar story in operations supervisor for a construction company. he filed for disability in october and had to undergo surgery. come december 1st. he was cut off from his benefits. it's stressful there. that's the best way to put it. it's stressful, and it's not fair to us workers pay into it. but dozens tell ktvu. they can't get the money they need. eddie blames it on aggressive scammers, while promising our top priority is to quickly identify the legitimate medical providers in the mix and clear any legitimate claims that may be temporarily held up a. d.
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d is also sending emails. to impact in medical providers notifying them to validate their identity through i d dot me as quickly as possible, not fast enough for martin, who has since gone to governor gavin newsom writing a letter and begging for help. i am calling on you and your office to fix this matter. as soon as possible. please i am approaching irony. the deed could not give us updated numbers on how many claims are still frozen, but it is identifying thousands of fraudulent claims. right now, there is also no timeline on when all those legitimate claims will be cleared. in the newsroom . i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. a san francisco federal judge. monitoring pg and e is criticizing the utility company as its probation period ends next week from the 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion, the chronicle reports. judge william also issued an eight page opinion about pg and e s rehabilitation efforts after
6:19 pm
being held liable for that blast. that killed eight people . the judge wrote. any while on probation was responsible for 31 wild fires that destroyed nearly 24,000 structures and killed 113 people. the judge called the utility quote, continuing menace to california. pg any responded by saying it's new leadership is intensely focused on public safety, has implemented reforms and will soon be under an independent state monitor for the next five years. for three lucky travel enthusiasts could soon be packing their bags coming up the hotel chain that's looking for content creators to stay at 30 of their best properties for free and get paid to do it. plus an update on how the city of san francisco is handling the omicron surge, where case numbers and hospitalization stand right now and why the city's public health officer is optimistic about as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need.
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673, that would allow san francisco police to monitor live surveillance cameras. we have major challenges with public safety, and when i say public safety, it's not just really about theft. it's also about assault and the number of people who have been attacked on our streets. the number of people who have been robbed and assaulted and we want to make sure that we are using every tool at our disposal responsibly. to keep the people
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of san francisco state. privacy advocates have criticized the measure. but the mayor said when officers view live cameras, they must disclose it to the public and the board of supervisors. the measure goes before voters in june. san francisco health officials updated residents today on encouraging news involving the pandemic. new numbers show covid cases in san francisco are trending down and his ktvu is tom baker tells us serious illness and deaths are much lower than the previous surge. the good news is, things are starting to plateau. covid cases peaked on january, the ninth in the city when the seven day case average beginning to steadily dropped from 2100 and 64 cases a day. to 1705. just a few days later. the light at the end of the tunnel is here. we may go through another tunnel again, but just know that there is hope, and there is like and because san francisco vaccinations and booster rates are so very high, most cases
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have been mild or asymptomatic. we are indeed seen covid-19 cases. drop relatively rapidly in the city, and we can now confidently say that we are on the beginning of a downward trajectory with regard to this search, but, says dr grant colfax, since hospitalizations occur after infection. san francisco hospitalizations will continue to climb for a few days , but nowhere near where they will overwhelm hospitals. he also noted that in january of 2021 165 san franciscans died from covid. as opposed to january of 2022 so far this january, only five have died. at this point, it looks good with regard to making it through. we are likely to make it through this surge and come out in a much better place to really know what's happening. the city will make testing much more accessible, affordable. and fast
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. this will allow the city to drop restrictions whenever warranted. we are working with our state and federal partners to make rapid over the counter test, easy to come by and are requiring our health care system partners to step up. and you their part with regard to testing, the mayor said the city attorney's office will continue to deal decisively with anyone not authorized to conduct testing in the city. tom baker ktvu. fox two news. the state is looking into misconduct allegations in the efforts to recall san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin san francisco's democratic party, which opposes the recall, filed a complaint with the fair political practices commission. this complaint accuses recall organizers of sending out misleading campaign flyers paid spokesperson for the recall was identified as an independent victims rights advocate. so far, the person is declining to comment about this charge. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. you can get your child
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vaccinated for free and score free museum tickets at the same time, the museum that's hosting the kid friendly event in just a few minutes and later in sports , jason appelbaum will have health updates for the 49 ours as they had to green bay for their divisional playoff game versus the packers and police in the south based searching for answers tonight after carjacking turned into a deadly police shooting. mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad?
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afternoon, and plenty of fans turned out levi stadium that's cheer them on. 49ers will face off against the packers and the divisional round playoff game on saturday at five and you can catch the game right here on ktvu. the san francisco city attorney has filed a series of subpoenas looking into to covert testing companies. they've been operating in the city, allegedly without the proper licensing and documentation, the city attorney has asked community wellness america and crestview clinical laboratories to clarify the licensing issues. the subpoenas requests. both companies preserved documents pertaining to one another and investigation is underway into a deadly police shooting at sfo. this morning. it happened right in front of the airport, bart station with travelers and employees nearby. an airport official says the man had two guns and was acting aggressively. police say they tried to subdue him with non lethal lethal measures before they shot him. you're watching channel two news at 6 30 san
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jose police detective searching for answers. now in the case of a car jacking that turned into a deadly police shooting ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us police say they were forced to fire on the suspect when he got out of the car and started shooting at them. late thursday, san jose resident glenn jones placed flowers at the scene where police shot and killed a carjacking suspect a man who dies. in any way like that, in gunfire and we've we've we've we feel for them. as a community. and. specifically for the police officers wednesday night at the intersection of heading in park the violent conclusion to a carjacking pursuit. how big of a role does training play in something like this? so training always plays a huge part and any type of situation like this, the more you trained the more um reactive you become a police say the unidentified suspect initially stole a vehicle in east san jose
6:31 pm
. he then drove to santa clara. we attempted to carjack a second victim. he was unsuccessful with that attempted carjacking, but it was very apparent at that scene that he was armed with a gun, so we knew he was armed suspect then sped south back into san jose, where he collided with two passengers in another vehicle that heading in park. he got out gun in hand and opened fire at responding police officers, obviously fearing for their lives. they were engaged by gunfire by the suspect. our officers on scene here returned fire. the suspect was shot and then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. i'm just amazed it didn't happen . this is a busy street. everybody comes through here to get point a to point b. i'm amazed something like this didn't happen sooner. policing expert lisa daddio says virtual reality training and time spent at the gun range helps officers home their skills for these types of scenarios helps prepare you and then you can kind of go through in your brain. talking
6:32 pm
yourself down, calming yourself down and trying to stop the threat to people that were injured in the vehicle that was hit here suffered minor and moderate injuries. san jose's police chief says he'll hold a news briefing friday morning with more information about the crime and the actions of his officers. in the rose garden section of san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news the memorial is being created to honor former santa cruz county sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. the memorial will be built in willowbrook county parking app tests in honor of deputy damon got smaller the park will also be getting a new flag area and the new play area for children and resurfaced basketball court in honor of the deputy willowbrook park is where he often went with his children and dogs. swiller was killed in june of 2020 an ambush and ben loman after responding to a call about a suspicious van containing firearms and possible bomb making materials. theranos founder elizabeth holmes is
6:33 pm
trying to overturn her guilty verdicts by raising potential issues about the jury. her attorneys filed a motion to keep juror questionnaires sealed from the public because those questionnaires may be a reason for appeal. similar tactics have been used recently by gillian maxwell and scott peterson to argue that their trials were unfair due to germany's conduct. holmes was convicted earlier this month of defrauding investors. she is scheduled to be sentenced in september. tesla may be off the hook for a deadly crash in southern california. that crash killed two people while the driver was using autopilot. the driver kevin george aziz, riyadh has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. he allegedly ran a red light and broadsided a honda , killing two people in 2019. legal experts say it is likely he won't be able to counter sued tesla over its autopilot system because tesla has a mandatory arbitration clause in all of its sales contracts. you're going to be bound by it, and a lot of
6:34 pm
people don't understand what arbitration means. it's a very tough thing for consumers often times you will leave your right to seek collective relief class , actually class action or representative litigation, so there are significant implications of forced arbitration. los angeles county prosecutors filed the charges in october. they came to light last week. riyadh will be in court next month. no it's 6 30. another children's vaccine clinic is coming to san jose's children's discovery museum this sunday. the clinic is being put on by the museum in santa clara county public health. it follows a similar vaccination effort at the museum earlier this month. children over five can get a shot. and those over 12 can get a booster shut if they're eligible. another clinic is planned for february 13th with two more set for the spring. vaccinations will be available without an appointment on a first come, first served basis from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. sunday. also new tonight, a very emotional adele posted video on
6:35 pm
social media today informing her fans that she has been forced to delay her much anticipated las vegas residency due to covid 19 outbreaks among her crew and other problems. it was set to debut tomorrow. hoffman crew half my teammate kobe they still are, and it's been impossible to finish the show. and i can't give you what i have right now. we brought out of time and. i'm so upset and i'm really embarrassed and so sorry to everyone that traveled again. adele was set to perform a total of 24 shows through april 16th, the grammy award winning singer says she is working with her team to reschedule. right. coming up the sound of two mountain lions fighting in a peninsula neighborhood. we'll hear from alarmed residents where the animals were spotted
6:36 pm
coming up right after the break. i haven't picked up any tracks it to kind of see what direction it took off in or what direction mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. free to zoom without a meeting request.
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. in the night. it might sound alarming, but it is just two mountain lions being mountain lions. yeah, that neighborhood remains on alert tonight after that deadly fight was captured on camera ktvu zach. such zack
6:39 pm
saw shows us more of that video. makes us nervous, very nervous noises. most people are only used to hearing in a nature documentary at going down hastings drive wednesday as to mountain lines, battled it out one eventually killing the other. a mountain lion dragon another mountain wait. oh, my goodness video showing the animal dragging its kill across the street to a neighbor's doorstep. just keep your head on a swivel. well kevin stanford, part of the area's neighborhood watch, has been advising folks to do since game wardens removed the dead mountain lion. i'm hoping i don't find it, but if i do you know we are pd is really, really good, and they were just respond so fast police who are urging neighbors to be cautious, but not everyone unnerved by the brawl. it's pretty cool. i mean, you know, it's not just one. it's too and they were fighting wild animals are part of life in this area. still he plans to take a few more precautions in the evenings. when we go out for walks. i think you just have to
6:40 pm
be more careful neighbors being advised not to leave their pets or small children on attended mountain lions. no i'm going home to warn my whole family. i'm outlined fight well, shocking in these parts, apparently not entirely rare. it's kind of mountain lions being mountain lions. tiffany yeah, but wildlife expert at the center for biological diversity , it is a common occurrence for you know, outlines kill each other over protecting territory . i think sometimes it becomes a greater occurrence. when, um they're boxed in and their habitat is limited, says mountain lines are largely solitary creatures who avoid humans. they are important for a lot of other species and a lot of biodiversity throughout california, but back in the neighborhood. stanford says he'll be keeping up his patrols to provide neighbors peace of mind. i haven't picked up any tracks it to kind of see what direction it took off in or what direction it came in, so that's kind of the sort of the puzzle and try to put together now and so far california fish and wildlife, saying it found no direct evidence that this
6:41 pm
mountain line is a threat to humans still there urging people in the area to remove any sources of food water that might attract dear to their property, a source of food for mountain lions in belmont zach sauce, ktvu. fox two news. now to berkeley, where police say they arrested a 15 year old boy who was found with a bb gun at berkeley. high school officers responded around noon yesterday to a fight involving several students. witnesses say two students had threatened others with what appeared to be a handgun. the two ran from the officers, but were detained a short time later. police then say they found a bb gun in one of the students, backpacks that closely resembled a real handgun . a 15 year old boy who does not attend berkeley high was arrested. checking on the forecast tomorrow's friday the weekend just around the corner. all have the five day in just a minute, bill. let's go to the ktvu alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus, alex. alright, andre. thank you coming up tonight. oakland school teachers are threatening
6:42 pm
to go on strike over their demands for more covid safety measures will tell you about the deadline the teachers union has given to the district. plus a major development in the ongoing search for a missing stanford nurse. we'll have new details on the body authorities discovered today in the same area where he went missing. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break where the a's president says negotiations with the city of oakland stand tonight as the city possibly gets one step a ned
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6:44 pm
terminal earlier today, on mornings on two we spoke with the president dave cavil about the future of the new ballpark
6:45 pm
and the team itself, he says. the a's are working with the city of oakland. but it's taking a lot longer than expected. so we are basically all in on making that happen, but it's taken a long time and there's still uncertainty about whether or not it will be approved. we're hopeful and we're working as hard as we can. and we have a great partner and mayor shaft and the council, but we have to bring this to a final binding vote. and this was an important step yesterday, and we want to keep up that momentum moving to the city council next month. he also said building a new stadium on the current coliseum site is not an option. campbell talked again about being on a parallel pass. working to make a stadium happened in oakland or las vegas . he said the team is hoping to make a decision between oakland and vegas in the next four months. the 2022 winter olympics in beijing. china are set to kick off in two weeks and there are concerns about the safety of the games for the thousands of athletes set to attend foxes. alex hogan has more from london. the opening ceremony for the
6:46 pm
2022 winter olympics in beijing are just two weeks away, and covid-19 safety remains a huge concern as omicron sweeps across the globe. china has already implemented a strict zero tolerance covid policy, even locking down some residential compounds to curb the spread of the virus. ioc officials insist the games will be safe for athletes. what we will have surveillance systems in place to make sure that should anything happen, either in the build up to the games are draining them. that we will recognize it very quickly and respond very quickly . cybersecurity risks are also beginning to pop up around the games. they might 2022 app allows athletes to submit health data, medical history and other vital information, but it may be at risk for encryption breaches . a report by a watchdog group says that vulnerabilities could lead to athletes data being accessed by chinese internet providers. the ioc responded to the report, saying that they are looking at it closely and added
6:47 pm
that competitors are not required to download the app. we work closely with the u. s olympic committee. the athletes are going the president's looking forward to cheering. the biden administration will also monitor any security threats that may impact american athletes. it's called for a diplomatic boycott of the games. the president made a very clear decision about not sending a diplomatic delegation. obviously, that wasn't for security purposes that was sending a clear message about human rights in the uk, australia and canada all following suit deciding to diplomatically boycott the games , which are set to begin on february 4th in london. alex hogan, fox news. all right. a lot of valley fog this morning against fog advisories. probably not the case tomorrow. however, there's a potential for some fog and patches late tonight through about 34 am especially the wind sheltered valleys, but after that about the time you're getting up and headed to work the winds will start blowing offshore pretty robustly friday
6:48 pm
morning. wind advisory goes into effect gusty winds as we talked about up on the hills 60 70 miles an hour up high 20 to 35 down low and in between. maybe you know 35 40 so a pretty good wind event. if this was springtime or summer, we'd be looking at a red flag warning is you can see the temperatures today we're above the average and they have been and we continue. to be in a warm, dry pattern that is quite pleasant, quite frankly. but well, it's really only pleasant because we have so much water in the bank, basically, snow and water but we are going to see any rain for a while. we don't expect rain in the bay area until the end of this month and an early into february. so that's how that goes so bay bridge or golden gate bridge, and we've got a lot of clear skies out there. little coastal fog last night. not anything to really speak of tonight. tomorrow should be all gone as those winds really kick in. and the wind is the thing it doesn't when you get you get an offshore wind. it just blows out
6:49 pm
this coastal fog. it blows out the valley fog. and generally sets us up with warmer pattern because when the air rises, it expands and cools, and when they're sinks, it compresses and warms, so the air is going to be sinking and compressing and warming. that's that's kind of what it's been doing pretty much on and off for the last few weeks, but tomorrow i'll be a little more robust. i potential for some higher temperatures than we had today. i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple seventies tomorrow low seventies . the winds are blowing hard at all right now up at the higher elevations. 16 miles now at mount diablo, check those higher numbers tonight at 10 and 11. and we'll probably see winds up to 25 35 miles now, and we'll look for the wind shifts up high first and then as as wind shift, the winds will start to come down to the surface by the morning hours. so another shot of the golden gate bridge. beautiful night out there. you do see pretty much cloudless conditions with overnight lows well above the well above freezing and above the average and certainly in some locations, especially in the north bank. so friday morning, you got patchy
6:50 pm
fog. but then it's gone pretty quick as those winds begin to kick up and really get going about one o'clock or self, so that's the plan anyway. as we look at the temperatures for tomorrow afternoon 64 degrees for a daytime high in san francisco, 66 fairfield and then 62 in livermore. the five day forecast there you go. looks good weekends dry. bill. thank you. new tonight. marriott hotels is searching for creators to boost the company's presence on tiktok. the hotel chain is looking to hire tiktok correspondence to travel the world for a year, showcasing their experiences at its hotels , dubbed 30 stays in 300 days, those interested have until march 18th to follow the marriott bond boy tiktok page. and share a tiktok clip explaining how travel has shaped them and use the hashtags 30 stays 300 days and contest. three winners will be chosen to hit the road later this year. perks include airfare, uber
6:51 pm
vouchers and a $15,000 stipend. not a bad gig. the warriors struggling of late, so head coach steve kerr gets creative practice to try and inject some fun into the routine. jason appelbaum will have the details. next in sports. and tonight on ktvu. it's an all new joe millionaire for richer or poorer than comedies. call me kat and pivoting and later we kat and pivoting and later we hope you'll join us can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps,
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are in route to green bay as we speak, scheduled to touch down about an hour and a half from now as they prepare for their divisional matchup saturday night and some positive news on the injury front defensive end nick bosa was a full go at practice earlier today, he's still in concussion protocol because shanahan says his status for saturday is looking good. likewise for their leading tackler, fred warner, who has recovered from his sprained ankle, he's ready to roll and jimmy garoppolo was much talked about sprained shoulder has apparently healed up nicely over the past few days. through the ball. great um, he's he's looked as good as he did the week before jimmy gets all the reps with the ones trade runs the
6:55 pm
scalp team, and we'll get a little and walk through and stuff like that, but, um, nothing is different. i mean, jimmy has been playing through some things, but i mean, that's why he's full go because he's good enough to play and we don't treat it any differently. saturday's divisional playoff game will be a week three rematch, and that game four months ago came right down to the wire. the packers built to 17 lead before the niners came storming all the way back. garoppolo to values check gave them a one point lead with just 37 seconds on the clock, but that was enough time for aaron rodgers to work his magic davante, adams, 11th and 12th catches on the day put the packers in field goal range. rogers clocked the ball with three seconds left incomes. mason crosby to kick the game winner from 51 yards out. the packers won that game 30 to 27, part of a seven game winning streak for green bay while the 49ers went in the opposite direction, and they lost four straight and five of six niners . we're still trying to figure
6:56 pm
out who they were back then. often yeah, i think the first game when we play them early in the year, i think, uh, as a team, we didn't really have our identity then. so i mean now, i mean, we definitely no, it all strengths are and we were playing to that again. like i feel like i played bad that game a lot of numerous like a numerous players. we just didn't play together. so i feel like this time around. we should be. you know it, it should be a dogfight. all right, cal football coach justin wilcox. he's not going anywhere for quite some time wilcox signing an extension that will keep him in berkeley through the 2027 season. this despite a losing record in five years with the program and just a five and seven record last season, but the bears did beat usc and stanford down the stretch. and a few years ago, wilcox lead cal to their first back to back winning seasons in a decade. in december, wilcox reportedly turned down the oregon job to stay put at cal and today, he said, quote if we continue along
6:57 pm
this path, we can do some great things here. game two of a seven game home stand for the warriors tonight with the indiana pacers coming to town, and here's how they're breaking up the monotony of a long season, a little home run derby at practice today, outfielders in the stands. clay's calling the signs goodall is cracking up andrew wiggins. he doesn't like the pitch here, jordan paul. he's doing his thing and then back to play with the first long ball caught on camera. steve kerr on white baseball before a basketball everyone's tired from the all the travel last month or so. and uh i just felt like a good day to unwind and do something fun. you gotta be shocked, but stephane claim were both excellent worst hitter, not not commenting on that. he's not going to talk about that. everyone though, is talking
6:58 pm
about this amazing soccer come back tot no hartsburg tying leicester city in the 95th minute and then one minute later, check this out. another twist. good bull from kane. he's in. he's going to win the game. yes stay with bugs line. i don't believe it. that is it. winnable flight guts. one flying dutchman . that is a great it's a good goal. it is, but it's a great call, and then they goal came at the final whistle. so you know soccer goes 90 minutes. they had injury times. they scored two goals. an injury time to win it. tatton hot spur walking away with a 32 win in that one soccer real football. football football or indeed it is a real real sport. appreciate it and i'll gears looking ahead to the 49th game on saturday at five o'clock . alright, jason. thanks. thanks
6:59 pm
everybody for joining us. good everybody for joining us. good night. you know, i've been thinking about time travel again. why, did you hit a roadblock with invisibility? put it on the back burner. anyway, it occurs to me, if i ever did perfect a time machine, i would just go into the past and give it to myself, thus eliminating the need for me to invent it in the first place. interesting. yeah, it really takes the pressure off. sounds like a breakthrough. should i call science magazine and tell them to hold the cover? it's time travel, leonard, i will have already done that. then i guess congratulations are in order. no, congratulations will have been in order. you know, i am not going to enjoy this party. i know, i'm familiar with you. the last department party, professor finkleday cornered me and talked about spelunking for 45 minutes. yes, i was there. you know what's interesting about caves, leonard? what? nothing. well, then we'll avoid finkleday, we'll meet the new department head,
7:00 pm
congratulate him, shake his hand and go. how's this? "pleased to meet you, dr. gablehauser. "how fortunate for you that the university's "chosen to hire you, despite the fact "that you've done no original research in 25 years, "and instead have written a series of popular books "that reduce the great concepts of science "to a series of anecdotes, "each one dumbed down to accommodate the duration "of an average bowel movement. mahalo." "mahalo" is a nice touch. you know there only eight consonants in the hawaiian language? interesting. you should lead with that. oh, god, look at this buffet. i love america. you don't have buffets in india? of course, but it's all indian food. you can't find a bagel in mumbai to save your life. shmear me. well, here's an interesting turn of events. what? howard brought a date?


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