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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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awesome. alright jason. thank you. next at 11. he had such a big heart. every year. a big heart and just cared for everybody. we just hope that he's at peace, and we hope that he didn't struggle. friends left heartbroken and confused after a nurse missing for days is found dead. the 11 o'clock news on fox news starts now. body of 23 year old michael o'dell was found today along the bay in fremont. hello again. i'm andre senior, and i'm julie julie haener. he worked as an icu nurse for stanford ktvu jesse gary tells us friends say the oklahoma native moved to the bay area to help with the coronavirus pandemic. friends say michael o'dell smile lit up a room. it was in oklahoma by birth, who found his way to the bay area to enter the urgent need for health care providers. michael was a great guy. um, yeah, he was fun. he was in tuned, you know, with what was going on. he's just a
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big had a big heart for his friends. late thursday afternoon heartbreak for o'dell's family and friends. the alameda county coroner confirms his body was found in fremont on the banks of the san francisco bay national wildlife refuge. hotel worked as a traveling nurse for stanford healthcare. friends say he arrived three months ago and love the area and his job. he left work early tuesday and hadn't been seen since. we have lost touch with them overnight, which isn't uncommon because his job is very demanding. and you know, he just cares so much for his patients. when he hadn't shown up after work. they started looking for him, and they found his car in an unusual spot. odell's car was found at the dunbarton bridge toll plaza . friends say this isn't an area he frequented, but he did love hiking and fremont is just across the bridge and the bay from palo alto. what brought michael o'dell to this tranquil place? and what ended his life is still a mystery. in a
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statement. stanford healthcare says they are heartbroken to learn from authorities traveling nurse who was missing has been found deceased. we express our deepest condolences to the nurse's family and loved ones he was living with his best friend, uh, really working hard. making ends meet, just doing doing all the right things. the alameda county coroner will determine the cause of the 27 year old's death. o'dell's friends say it's too soon to talk of a memorial, but they ask everyone to pray for his family. in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. an update now on a story we told you about last night 4 16 year old boys have been arrested in connection to last night's shooting in the parking lot of hillsdale mall in san mateo. police say the man who was wounded is in critical condition but stable and is expected to survive. detectives say they tracked down the four suspects using descriptions from witnesses and security footage at the mall. the suspects were arrested on suspicion of assault
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with a firearm, attempted robbery and conspiracy. it's now been two years since the first known case of the coronavirus was detected in the u. s it was identified at a providence regional medical center in everett, washington. that patient was a 35 year old man who had traveled to wuhan, china. covid-19 is since killed more than 857,000 people in the us and infected 69 million around the world. more than 5.5 million people have died. the oakland teachers union and the school district are meeting tonight. teachers are threatening to strike and if they do not reach an agreement on coronavirus safety protocols by tomorrow night, ktvu really joins us now live from oakland and amber. has there been any progress? by just checked in with the union president. he tells me no breakthroughs so far earlier tonight, i spoke with a parent and students about the possibility of a teachers strike. you can feel that the kids behind the student level is
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not as they used to be, because they need their teacher with them in the classroom ran, kaiser is picking up her 12 year old son from claremont middle school. she says a teacher strike in oakland public schools over covid safety demands is unnecessary. i think the district is doing their best. you know, i really appreciate everything they're doing. kaiser's son tells me the school is offering rapid testing and masks. more than half of the class is empty. and the teacher . i feel like we're a little more calm about it because there's not a lot of students that she has to teach and deal with. the oakland educators association, the union representing teachers says it wants a written agreement from the school district that addresses three core demands. weekly covid testing at all schools with extended hours up to six p.m. the highest grade mask available to staff and students and a certified adult in each classroom. if a teacher is out, we see um cafeterias and
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auditoriums being used as classrooms where we have 23 classrooms and one space we need from the district. written agreements to make sure that there's accountability and enforcement at oakland tech high . some students tell me there is only half the normal number of people in their classes, and they have mixed reactions to a possible strike. part of me is definitely in support of the strike, but also at the same time. i don't think, um, our school district or just our school is like prepared to go online. i missed school because i caught covid. this student says she got sick during winter break and now wears two masks. she says she'd like to see the district do more to protect staff and students such as weekly testing. everybody is making an effort to just try and get through our school year and try to finish it strong, especially as a senior. the district and the unions say they are hopeful they can reach an
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agreement if no agreement is reached by friday. at midnight, the union president tells me teachers will take a vote this weekend and there could be a strike. early next week. andre is taking thank you so much, amber. well if you've had problems ordering free covid tests through the government website this week, you are not alone. people living in multi family dwellings, say the system reports an error. when more than one unit places an order. the information came up that kids have already been ordered for before your address. so you're not entitled to any so that calvin grown a wig lives in a four unit property, each with its own apartment number, but once his son in law ordered the freak covid rapid test this week no one in the other units were able to do so. the white house has acknowledged the problem, saying it's affecting this small percentage of people, the u. s postal service, which is handling the distribution, recommends people fill out a service request on their website, however. gonna wag says there's been no resolution to
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this problem just yet. since the mail comes to apartment 123 or four i can't believe believe they wouldn't have already in the system. but, um yeah, that's kind of where we are a little frustrating at the white house, said the tech companies are working on the issues right now trying to make the covid test relied of success. each residence is supposed to be entitled to four free at home. koba tests one year since taking office, president biden is facing a dip in approval ratings , according to a new associated press poll. the president's approval rating has dropped from 59% last summer to 43% right now that is slightly higher than former president trump's rating of 39. this past year, president biden signed covid relief legislation into law set relief checks to families and saw big economic growth. but with a spike in covid cases, inflation and the failure to pass several key bills the president's agenda is facing resistance from
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republicans and some progressive democrats. the trouble is, they were trying to do all of those things all at once. and it was going to be too expensive in the minds of some democrats like joe manchin, and it was a lot to swallow all at once, and furthermore, it was a lot i'm really hard thing to sell, because there wasn't just one thing. it was lots of things. i think if you break it up you focus on one or two things and say these are the things we're going to do. we're going to pay for them. i bet that get that done. president biden hopes to pass bills to lower prescription drug costs, address climate change and have universal preschool policies popular with americans that could help democrats as they face midterm elections. oakland police targeting violent crime in east oakland the new strategy as they deal with three shootings since yesterday, including one tonight and a netflix slump. how the number of nooses subscribers
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where police are investigating a homicide at this hour. police responded to the 1400 block of center street just before nine tonight on report of a shooting. our photographer found officers collecting evidence on the street and on the sidewalk and evidence of one victim. so far, oakland police have not provided any details. it is just the latest shooting in oakland in the past 24 hours. police are investigating two other shootings that left two men dead last night at about 7 40 police
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say they found a man shot on campbell street in west oakland . he was taken to the hospital, where he died and a shooting early tuesday morning left to hayward man dead on 16th avenue in oakland. the names of both victims have still not been released. no arrests have been made. so as this is happening, the oakland police department will be moving additional officers into east oakland earlier than expected. what this edition we feel we'll be able to respond much faster to our calls for service, help reduce the violent crime and work with our community to make east oakland much safer. last week, oakland police chief said 48 officers were scheduled to be shifted into east oakland on january 25th. but those officers will now be patrolling the area starting saturday. it's all in an effort to help rising crime in that part of the city. the state attorney general has joined the investigation into a deadly police shooting at sfo this morning. police were called to a chaotic scene at the international terminal. it was happening in front of the
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airport bart station around 7 30 this morning, witnesses say a man was brandishing two guns. police say they tried to subdue him with non lethal measures, including beanbags before they opened fire, killing him. this point. we know that the individual was armed with firearms. it's still under investigation. on what type of pistols you know. these are what type of handguns the man has not been identified, and police are investigating what he was doing at the airport officials say one bystander was hit by a ricochet during that incident. we're hearing from a woman in the south bay who says she fought off an attacker from a man our tech rather from a man who was armed with a shovel. as ktvu xenon gas tells us she doesn't feel safe going back, and she's asking the city of san jose to do more to keep its parks safe. so i was on that trail. jacqueline who did not want to share her last name, was on her daily walk near the taylor street bridge on the afternoon of january, 8th when she says a man came out of his tent and
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attacked her. he took the shovel that was in his hands and he started swinging at me like the shovel was a baseball bat and he was hitting me with it. she blocked the blows to her face with her forearms before charging at the man allowing her to escape. her arms were bruised and bloodied. i was screaming at the top of my lungs during this ordeal, and i look up the trail and i looked down the trail and i realized, like no one is coming to help me and that's you know, i knew i had to help myself. i knew i had to go around this guy anyone had to get past him. if i wanted to live, she said san jose police responded within minutes and arrested the man. now she wants the city council to act before someone else gets hurt. from my perspective. it was like a frog being boiled alive that things have gotten so bad, but i didn't realize it because i see it every day. i think that we've almost become immune to the homelessness problem, you know, pre pandemic. this just didn't look like this. nobody wants to walk that trail. nobody wants to go to those parks. you know, i'm a father. i have a six year old
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daughter. i don't want to go to san jose parks anymore. scott largent lives in an rv at a homeless encampment just up the road from guadalupe river park. he says he no longer feels safe there because more people have moved in, and many of them are suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. i hear the screams, i hear yelling, you know if it sounds bad enough that somebody is in crisis, i will call 911. in the city of san jose, began clearing out the 40 acre encampment by the san jose airport over the summer per federal aviation administration safety requirements. around the same time, more tents began popping up near largent and along jacqueline walking route. you're just pushing the problem down the road, you know, and i feel like that's what the city did. you're just pushing the problem out. you know, like at some point, it could be somebody else's problem. it's not going to be somebody else's problem. we have to solve this problem now in san jose magus ktvu fox two news shout to the san jose city council and mayors office
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were comment, but we have not heard back. still ahead tonight, a wearable covid tracker. how clip on device could tell you if you've been exposed to the virus. all right, let's take a look at the bay area weekend. tomorrow's friday. i'll have that forecast when i return. and they were a big head during the pandemic. peloton boxes what we're talking about what the companies now halting there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time.
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exposed to covid-19 researchers at the school of public health developed an easy to clip on device that can help detect low levels of the virus. according to the study, the device captures virus laden paracels that deposit on a silicon surface recently similar but
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larger devices have been developed to detect virus particles in the air. last year, a plug in screening device to detect airborne covid-19 particles in indoor spaces was put on the market encouraging news in san francisco today, city officials said covid cases are on the decline. and as ktvu is, tom baker tells us serious illness and death are much lower than the previous surge. the good news is, things are starting to plateau. covid cases peaked on january, the ninth in the city when the seven day case average began to steadily dropped from 2100 and 64 cases a day. to 1705. just a few days later. the light at the end of the tunnel is here. we may go through another tunnel again, but just know that there is hope, and there is like and because san francisco vaccinations and booster rates are so very high, most cases have been mild or asymptomatic.
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we are indeed seen covid-19 cases. drop relatively rapidly in the city, and we can now confidently say that we are on the beginning of a downward trajectory with regard to this search, but, says dr grant colfax, since hospitalizations occur after infection. san francisco hospitalizations will continue to climb for a few days , but nowhere near where they will overwhelm hospitals. he also noted that in january of 2021 165 san franciscans died from covid. as opposed to january of 2022 so far this january, only five have died. at this point, it looks good with regard to making it through. we are likely to make it through this surge and come out in a much better place to really know what's happening. the city will make testing much more accessible, affordable. and fast . this will allow the city to drop restrictions whenever warranted. we are working with
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our state and federal partners to make rapid over the counter test, easy to come by and are requiring our health care system partners to step up. and you their part with regard to testing, the mayor said the city attorney's office will continue to deal decisively with anyone not authorized to conduct testing in the city. tom baker ktvu. fox two news bulletin is temporarily halting production of its fitness equipment due to a drop in sales. the company plans deposits bike production for two months to control costs. it also won't manufacturers treadmill machine for six weeks starting next month, production of its more expensive bike plus was already halted last month. pellet on sales took off at the start of the pandemic when most gyms and fitness centers were closed, but have since stalled. pellet on stock was down nearly 24% today. shares a netflix were also down sharply today on disappointing subscriber growth . let's cotto's company says it
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added 8.3 million new subscribers last quarter about 200,000 fewer than expected shares plunged 20% after hours. the streaming service still has the most subscribers in the industry. but analysts say rivals are beginning to catch up and some markets like the u. s. and canada, maybe saturated. now to our weather. take a look at this time lapse from the national weather service showing the fog spilling into san francisco early this morning. how cool is that? let's go now to chief meteorologist bill martin for more on the weather built yes, juliet fogs kind of hanging on at the coast or some fog or valley fog as coastal fog that happening bay right now at the golden gate bridge, and then there's inland valley. fog up in vacaville and up by davis, sacramento and marysville. so we got both working. but they're not going to be here for long. we're going to see the winds pick up tonight and blow most of that fog away. by the time you wake up, that's the hope the plant. these are the highest from today. sixties kind of like
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the last couple days, low sixties some mid upper sixties. the plan is for this high to kind of allow the fog to form late tonight. but then the winds kick up and with the highest strengthening and blow the fog out. so the fog will beat it like if you're traveling on late tonight, you're going to find fog, but i suspect in the morning once the sun comes up, most of that fog will be gone. golden gate bridge right now you see a little fog hanging underneath it, but that's the coastal stuff. just as well to the north of us were it has been for 12 or 13 days now, and it's going to continue to stay up there right through the end of this month or very close to the end of this month. i'm watching the winds on mount diablo right now and you can see right here. that 24 that arrow pointing down is a north wind, and it's blowing at 24 miles an hour so that wind is steadily come up, and that's the wind there were watching to start to go offshore. that will scour that fog out. it's also gotten us a wind advisory that goes into effect tomorrow morning friday morning through our apartment friday morning that tomorrow morning and through saturday morning, so the winds will be
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picking up as we go into the day on friday, for sure this is the golden gate bridge again and you can see the fog just a little bit of it out there, but again when it shows up on the coast tonight or inlet, it'll be very dense. but again by tomorrow morning, i suspect a lot of that fog is going to kind of pull away as you look at friday, you can see the patchy fog along the coast friday morning will be wind advisory will go into effect and stays in effect through saturday morning. and in the five day forecast is a dry one, but a nice one. and just enjoy it. nice looking weekend ahead. we don't see any opportunity for rain. really until like, i can say the very end of january 1st couple days of february, so i'll see you back here. on sunday night, hopefully off some better news about the wet stuff. all right. well, we'll see you then. the pleasant in police department is hoping to reunite a pig with its owner. police posted these photos on twitter. they say officers found the piglets wondering around the city. he dropped it off with the east county animal shelter. now if the pig belongs to you, police
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say to contact the shelter. directly. steph curry tried to will the warriors to victory in overtime tonight are jason appelbaum has the highlights as the warriors try to turn around their slump? sports is next first you saw pictures of the fog earlier with that was all gone because this is what we saw. made a way for great bright orange sunset over san francisco today, you're watching t in everybody. the warh
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i would say one of their worst losses of the season tonight against indiana as their mid season slump continues. how do you break up the doldrums of a long season while about a little home run derby at practice yesterday. clay thompson looking to go deep. look at this catch
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out there. i can't tell who it was, but nice grab now, back to the game today. fast forward, the fourth gary payton the second big dunc. over goga. but tazi, you've got to see it again as he dunks right over the big fella. but then, but tazi comes over and gives him like a little head nudged so batat c is out of their gets ejected pacers up by two inside of three minutes. i just watched stephan curry on this play. it's just brilliant. tips the ball to himself and then takes it in strong for the reverse layup. little lefty doesn't get the call, but that is just a beautiful, beautiful play curry with 39 points on the night, but it would prove to be not enough against an indiana pacers team. look at that face. that was without their top four scores. but the pacers like i said, wouldn't go away. justin holiday gets free as steph kind of turns his back on him and hits the game tying three was just five seconds ago. we're going to overtime. in overtime. it's key for sykes haven't heard
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his name very much. but a 10 run by the pacers and after 13 ties and 15 lead changes. the pacers pull off the upset 1 21 to 1 17 . the warriors have now lost six of their last nine games. alright you don't have to be a college basketball fan to appreciate a matchup with the number one team in the land. we're talking about top ranked gonzaga. and a rowdy crowd up in spokane for this wcc matchup. the dons coming in 15 and three and they were hanging with gonzaga. khalil shabbas dives for the ball gets it to jamari bustier who's laying it in your had 25 points. and it's a close game, but gonzaga would pull away late. just too many big guys like drew timmy, who slams at home for two of his 23 points . gonzaga wins 78 to 62 the bulldogs win their 22nd consecutive game against the dons. st mary's looking to stay perfect at home in morada with
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herb sendek and the santa clara broncos in town. we're gonna go all the way to the second half late, second half tight game. santa clara's pj pipes knocks down the three cuts the gaels lead to but with 45 seconds left , tommy cuzzi throws up the crafty little floater gales. they win it 73 65 improved to 14 and 4 10 at home. also tonight, stanford routed by number three arizona 85 to 57. all right, first for san jose, the sharks as they traveled to seattle to take on the new franchise known as the cracking, it's a mythical sea creature and the sharks they like seattle early 38 seconds into the game. alexander barb on off the steel taps, tomich hurdle. he stuffs it in for his 21st goal of the season. sharks up one to nothing. but in the second period, we are now tied at one and carson soucy, who had two goals on the night, avoids his teammate and speaks the puck into the five hole passed a
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downhill his second goal on the night. the cracking would go on to win it. 3 to 2. and that's it. that's all we got. the 49ers are in green bay as we speak. very cold green bay. kind of watch (gasps) there is my favorite girl! i'm so excited about our spa weekend! oh, me too. if you think of it while you're there, i'm dangerously low on sunscreen powder. powder? you know, you won't be smirking 10 years from now when your face looks like an old apple. i just got my first perk as c.e.o. of pritchett's closets. i finished a big job for a spa, and as a thank-you, they sent me a free weekend for two. phil's too ticklish for massages, though. but i am not! i heard it's the place where all the stars go to get hot mud poured into their faces. i just can't wait to see this one without makeup. (chuckles) you do, it will be the last thing that you will ever see. (chuckles) i remember my first big perk for a job well-done. i had upgraded some closets for guy who created "alf." hmm.


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