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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 21, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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two. we're gonna go away well,
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life show pep rally on the peninsula showing support for the san francisco 49 ers as they prepare to take on the green bay packers and the second round of the playoffs tomorrow. we're rooting for you to win. bring it home, 49ers. 18 faithful out enforced, making sure the 49ers feel the energy from green bay. good evening. i'm andre senior and i'm cristina rendon kickoff is just hours away with the 49ers will take on aaron rodgers and the packers in a very chilly lambeau field that nfl divisional playoff game set for tomorrow. ktvu zach sauce joining us now live from burlingame. after talking to a lot of excited fans. hi, zack. yeah, lots of excited fans. it's you know, it's almost last call here in burlingame, but earlier , plenty of energy almost felt
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like game night. that's how ready these fans are for the 49ers. and tomorrow this bar is expecting one of its largest crowds of the year. from the staff to the regulars. niners all the way when it comes to saturday's big game, let's say folks here at the american bull in burlingame are ready. we're going to be packed bartender freddy doing his best to keep up with the calls. people were calling all day long for reservations, but we're not taking reservations for big games like this and the bar ordering extra everything. we just had our lumpy, a delivery which is the best in the peninsula. we ordered five extra bags, every big game like this. another welcome boost for business after battling through what owner liz jones describes as a seemingly never ending series of ups and downs during the pandemic, it's going to be great. the ground here, as expected, largely 49ers fans, but that doesn't mean they discriminate. a table over john
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and gail hearing none of it a pair of lifelong niners fans. we have our declarations all over and they're not the only ones doing some decorating if you're a fan of the chevy chase classic christmas vacation meet. the 49 are clark griswald, i guess. right russ mussolini, the brainchild behind redwood city zone 49ers pep rally. what started as christmas decorations on its house spreading to the park across the street, and this year, we thought we would extend the christmas time into the 49ers rally time making sure this neighborhood is ready to go for game time. we're going to win. bring it home, 49ers. no excitement building all across the bay. so much so that back at the bar police shane making sure she's able to give the niners are complete attention. i've taken the entire day off some nerves, but overall, she's feeling good. i feel great. i think they're going to do it. as for freddie green bay is going to go down. so they're going to be back here again the following
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week against whoever. tampa bay or durant, we don't care and just to give you a sense of what it takes to feed a bar like this on game day. normally they order around five cases of buffalo wings for the entire week. tomorrow they're ordering five cases for just the game day. live in berlin games access ktvu fox two news wings lumpy a is going to be an amazing game day , and that man is going to be a good time to eat as well. thank you so much. zach there was a large pep rally today in green bay. and while there were a lot of packers fans, we did spot some 49ers faithful decked out in red and gold. to watch them. 90 edwin. this was the scene at johnsonville tailgate village inside lambeau field. a whole lot of packers fans dancing around. but no matter who these fans are rooting for, everyone said they are ready for tomorrow's game, and 49ers fans and packers fans seemed to get along. all right. oh yeah, they're nice. they're very nice.
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everybody has been offering his drinks and everything. have you been to land for the first time being in green bay? lambeau? it's freezing out here. freezing is right. 77,000 fans are expected to rush into lambeau field for the game. this is a live look tonight outside of the field. the temperature there tomorrow expected to be below freezing at kickoff with the windshield. even lower sports department will have much more on tomorrow's game coming up later tonight on gmt sports weekend and a reminder ktvu. box two is home for everything. 49ers our pregame coverage begins at 4 30 tomorrow. and stay with us for a special ktvu postgame show. breaking news now out of monterey county, where large wildfires broken out. this is video from the national weather service. you can see the smoke and flames there. the fires burning along the big sur coast and palo colorado canyon. authorities are asking people to avoid highway one south of carmel. there are evacuations in
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place for people who live in the area. cal fire says about 20 to 25 acres of burned so far winds in that area are around 35 mph. we'll continue to monitor the fire and bring you the latest information as we learn it. right now, negotiations are continuing to avoid an oakland teacher strike over pandemic protocols, the oakland teachers union said a midnight deadline for the school district to put additional covid safety measures into place. ktvu jana katsuyama has been in touch with the union and joins us live tonight with an update. janet well. earlier the union president said that as long as there was any kind of progress, they were willing to stay at the bargaining table as long as it took even into the night to try and get a deal done. but just in the past five minutes, i got a quick update. the safety negotiating team is saying that we are still at the table and we are unsure if we can reach a deal tonight. that might mean that this would go to a strike vote. over the weekend. oakland teachers, students and
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parents made it clear friday. that they want more support from the alameda county school board and their own oakland unified school district. they protested friday afternoon outside the county education office is messages painted on the pavement and signs saying ready to strike. the oakland education association representing union members say they have three requests weekly covid testing for staff and students, access to higher quality masks and additional adults assigned to classes when there are staffing shortages. school staff are stretched thin with their colleagues being home sick because of covid. teachers say the covid testing is especially important for students too young to get the vaccine. there's a lot of cases and within our schools i've had about half my students and my kindergarten class. most days since we've been back. this teacher is also apparent worried about her daughter. my daughter is a high
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school student at fremont in oakland. i'm she had went yesterday there was five kids and each of her classes the teachers union says about 10% of teachers are out sick. tammy coleman is one of them kids that have been identified. positive in my class have been tested. but what about the kids who we're in, um, prolonged contact with my kids. some students say they're also worried. i don't want kids like students like me to have that worry that if we do one wrong thing, it could lead to our entire family getting corporate. i am definitely prepared to go on strike. if that's what it takes. it is not what i want. the oakland school district says through the pandemic, they've had eight agreements with the teachers union regarding better ventilation. safety supplies, covid testing and contact tracing. a district spokesman issued a statement that says in part quote despite the challenges we are all facing, we
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are very hopeful that the district inoa will yet again find a way to reach an agreement . these negotiations are being conducted over video conference again still actively negotiating at this hour, and both sides are hoping that they can try and make a deal. absolutely of course, if it does go to a strike vote will keep people posted. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight, jenna. thank you. in san francisco schools there have seen a huge jump in coronavirus cases over the past 30 weeks, and this comes just as teachers and the school district. operation agreement over health and safety . last week, the district reported just over 3000 positive cases since january, 3rd. that's more than four times the number they shot over the entire previous semester. nearly 500. more positive tests were reported over the past week. a new bill proposed by a burial lawmaker would allow teens in california to get the coronavirus vaccine without needing their parents' permission. as ktvu tom baker reports, senator scott wiener says teenagers are already allowed to get other vaccines on
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their own, and covid vaccine should be no exception. al kaiser family foundation study, released in december found 30% of parents say they definitely will not vaccinate their kids. state senator scott wiener says about one million californians aged 12 to 17 are not yet vaccinated against covid. which is why he's proposing a new law. senate bill 8 66, which will lower the age of consent for receiving a vaccine, from 18 to 12 to allow our teenagers to be able to protect their health. whether from covid or other serious diseases, and to ensure that our schools are safe. the bill includes other legal fda approved vaccines for that age group. opponents will be fighting against established legal precedents. 12 year olds can already today go in and received an hpv or hepatitis b vaccine without their parents
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being there, they can receive reproductive healthcare, including abortion and birth control on their own, they can receive mental health care co sponsor, senator richard pan, md . is also a practicing pediatrician, parent of teenagers. you know, i want my teeth my children to be able to protect themselves. weiner brought in teens who were in groups advocating team vaccine self choice. we deserve to protect ourselves and those around us from death and disability, and to so many of us that means getting vaccinated because they can't get the vaccine. fear and isolation not going if they infect their grandparents, younger siblings or even themselves. potentially this in school, friends and family and someone who's 12 this past october. a lot of kids my age girls fast. we're exposed to so much that we're old enough to have a say so, but something will benefit us school districts currently operating in an in person format, have experienced numerous outbreaks over the past two weeks, resulting in thousands of students being sent
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home for days at a time. and causing a significant degree of backsliding and quality of education. if passed, the bill would have affected january 1st of next year. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. new 10 if you plan on visiting the exploratorium in san francisco, you'll want to know about its recently updated covid-19 requirements following guidance from the city beginning february 1st proof of the covid vaccine series plus booster and a photo id will be required for all visitors ages 12 and up. visitors ages 2 to 11 must show proof of covid-19 vaccines of eligible or recent negative covid-19 test. children under two are exempt from the requirements. the u. s is tightening restrictions for foreign travelers entering the us starting january. 22nd proof of vaccination is required at land ports of entry and ferry terminals at the u. s. mexico and u. s. canada borders the homeland security department says the updated travel requirements reflected biden
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administration's commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross border trade and travel. covid testing is not required. summer candlelight vigil in fremont tonight honoring bay area native natalie go nearly one week after she was shoved in front of a moving subway in new york city. shell is my baby. i saw her from the time she was a baby. all the way through childhood. all the way. after the break tonight's emotional tribute to the people in her hometown. and how east bay congressman eric swalwell is taking action to address the problem some people are having problem some people are having with the white house rollout of can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much
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hometown of fremont, nearly one week after man shoved her in front of a moving subway turn. ktvu elissa harrington joins us live tonight with an emotional tribute and now organizes would like her to be remembered alyssa . that's right. there was a candlelight vigil tonight in freeman and organizers there said goes death. is devastating for the community where she grew up. go, was remembered as compassionate and focused and people there were asked to serve their own communities in her honor. michelle was a beacon of hope and compassion for those
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around her. dozens of mourners gathered in downtown fremont, the city where michelle alyssa go grew up. co was killed last weekend, she was shoved in front of a moving train at a new york city subway station. three month, city council member teresa king hosted the event happened to michelle. could have happened to any of us. come free month in new york. and all points in between. i think i speak for most 80 community. when i say that we are tired of living in here. many people who attended the vigil said they were there in solidarity with the asian american community, even though it felt kind of like a more random moment of tragedy. you know, seeing someone who looks like you, especially during this moment of asian hate crime. it's really tough and so anything to kind of lend support to the community and the family happy to be here. speakers included other city officials, police officers and community members who knew go and her family. when she first came in,
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she was a preschooler. she was clinging on to her mom. dr stephen chan was goes pediatric dentist from the time she was in preschool until she graduated from high school. i saw her when she first went to kindergarten. i saw her when she showed off her lunchbox. i have to thank her mom, marjorie. and her dad justin, for letting me be part. of her life. candles were lit in memory of go. she went to american high school, then to college at u. c l. a and then new york go volunteered for years at the new york junior league. in a statement her family had asked that people remember their daughter how she lived, not how she died, king said those words inspired her to hold this vigil in china lied on ghost, compassion and commitment to helping others. we don't want her just to be a number. she she actually devoted her life serving. um at risk women, children and people experiencing homelessness we do in honoring her is to continue to serve
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continue to be fremont together and take any rise together as one beautifully diverse community. community members said goes death also shines a light on the need for more mental health services. she was shoved by a homeless man with a history of mental health issues reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, melissa. thank you. information now of an arrest in a deadly shooting. we told you about last night 50 year old william hobbs d is accused of fatally shooting 38 year old ronald sanders jr near 14th and center streets in west oakland. there was no known connection between the victim and the suspect. ktvu has learned that the suspect is a parolee with a manslaughter conviction after the homicide. police say the suspect fired four rounds at firefighters without provocation. the firefighters were not injured. family members and the oakland community gathered tonight to remember ronald sanders jr. the vigil was held on center street near where
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he was killed. his relatives say sanders had just gotten off work when he was shot. they say they're in shock at the senseless killing. his mother said she believes justice will be served. i would all the way to selma, alabama. i'm marched. bloody sunday. europe idiot anniversary with president obama and all the women. and to see that we're where we are today. not only whatever else is going on out there, but we still have our people killing our own people. stop the violence period. his mother said. her son had a big heart, and she said it was comforting to see the community come out to grieve with his family. and whether today is one of those days where it was warm, windy and drive almost like fire season. whether unfortunately, you heard about the fire burning in the big story area tonight, so we have
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been tracking the stronger offshore winds, which we typically link late summer into a fall here for the bay area, but that's what we have. for today. as we take a look at the maps were kind of showing you the wind direction here. that dry wind has been accelerated over the past few hours in monterey county, approaching big sur, and you can see right now. couple sites showing you augusta 32 miles an hour. it is still a warm evening around the fire zone, upper sixties and very dry relative humidity around 11 to 13% so no fog to help out the fire crews. tonight we have some pretty dry conditions and some windy conditions as well. now speaking of the winds, as you can see here, a high wind warning for the north bay hills. until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. the wind advisory has been scaled back a bit, but still out for the east bay hills in the santa cruz mountains until seven o'clock tomorrow morning to the strongest winds with this event will continue to be for the higher elevations where winds could be gusting up above 50 miles an hour. in fact , right now, mount diablo showing you wind gust of 61 miles an hour ben lomond 27
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miles an hour. oakland hills upwards approaching 40 miles an hour. here's a look at some of the current surface winds out there. santa rosa gus. 25 napa gusting to 40 miles an hour, so might be a calm wind in your neighborhood right now, but other areas picking up those stronger conditions of stronger gusts out toward half moon bay gusting at 36 miles an hour now temperatures happen on the warm side. lots of sixties and seventies for today and this weekend. we're expecting the same deal. now the winds stick around tonight into your saturday morning and then the winds back off later in the day saturday and sunday will be completely sunny forecast. all weekend long we continue to look for those rain clouds coming up. let you know if we have any rain clouds to talk about with your full forecast in a few minutes, mark. thank you. california is regaining more jobs lost during the pandemic. the unemployment rate dropped half a percent last month to 6.5% the state gained 50,700 nonfarm jobs. that's more than a quarter of all of the
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jobs added nationwide last month. california has recovered nearly 72% of the 2.7 million jobs lost in the early months of the coronavirus shutdowns. stocks took another hit on wall street today over worries about the impact of inflation and rising interest rates, with tech and communications shares leading the sell off the dow was down 450 points, the nasdaq plunged. 385 points drop up 2.7. and there are some p fell 84 points almost 2% the nasdaq and s and p are both down more than 10% from their recent highs, which is considered a market correction. coming up with a area businessman arrested for his role in last year's capital riot, plus the northern california police officer killed by a suspected dui driver. how he's being honored tonight. also ahead of the city of san francisco, plans to spend millions of dollars to help people who test positive for covid plus i'm joe fonzi and green bay. it's about 10 degrees
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tonight. the expected temperature at game time tomorrow for the playoff game between the 49ers us money for we
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tested positive with covid-19 city leaders announced today they'll be providing an additional $5.4 million to extend the right to recover program through june. the program previously provided roughly $1300 to cover 14 days of recovery, but that amount has been reduced to $1000 to align with the cdc's updated 10 days. isolation recommendation. the program has helped more than 7000 residents since it began. senate, clara county is now offering a limited number of free at home covid-19 test kits to county residents. 60,000 test kits are being made available to order online. people who live work or attend school in santa clara county can sign up for an appointment. to pick up for free tests. the county plans to have four drive through distribution
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sites starting tomorrow, with 15,000 appointment slots available. health officials say the test kits will be helpful. for a number of reasons, including providing results for people who recently tested positive for covid 19. another reason why someone might seek and at home antigen test kit is if they've had symptoms or an exposure, and there's a delay in obtaining a pcr test or a result. and at home antigen test might help them get a faster answer and is particularly helpful if the result is positive, in which case they know it's now time to stay home and isolate. you can schedule an appointment through the website s c c free test .org. we've all supposed to link for you on our website ktvu dot com. additional kits are being distributed through the county's outreach teams to communities. that are not able to sign up online. many people living in apartments or multi unit housing or having trouble ordering those free covid test kits from the
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government and lawmakers, like congressman eric swalwell have taken notice. it's imperative that every american has access to multiple test kits so that we can truly crushed the virus. sua will has signed onto a letter urging the biden administration to make a change to ensure everyone has access, he says. as long as you have a distinct unit number, you should be able to order the tests. the best thing to do is just get it done. get them out and let's crush this virus. get our kids back in schools. i'm not a homeschool teacher. i shouldn't be. no parents should be. you know, in this environment we should be at work in our churches. our main streets. get rid of these masks . you know, as soon as it's safe and get this economy back open, and this is one step in getting us to that. squabble says vaccines masking indoors and testing are all important steps right now, and he says multi family homes are riskier for contracting and spreading covid-19, making it critical
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that everyone can get those rapid tests. as of today, americans without reliable internet access can order free at home coronavirus test from the federal government by phone. the white house opened a hotline today to take orders for the tests. the numbers here 1 802 3202. each household receives four tests with kids shipping in 70 12 days after a request is submitted. coming up. an officer shot and killed at another hurt in new york city, plus this is an unfortunate conclusion to a series of crimes and violence. that was up questions. could have ended with additional loss of life. new details about a deadly police shooting in san jose. what we're learning about the criminal past of the man who was killed and former governor schwarzenegger involved in a car accident after his vehicle rolls onto to others. the dramatic pictures from the scene later tonight.
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when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. officer was shot and killed
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tonight and another critically wounded after responding to a domestic disturbance call at the apartment in harlem. police say the officers were approaching the bedroom when the suspect swung open the door and fired several shots toward the officers. the suspect wasn't shot and killed by third officer at the scene, york mayor eric adams said tonight shooting was an attack on the city of new york and called for a unified response to gun violence. well vigil taking place tonight for an elk grove police officer killed early this morning by a suspected drunk driver on highway 99. authorities say the officer identified as tight. lenihan a six year veteran of the force, was riding a motorcycle on the way to work. when he was hit by a car that was traveling in the wrong direction on highway 99. 31 year
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old german walton of sacramento has been arrested on suspicion of dui in connection with this crash. he's been booked into the sacramento county main jail and is facing several felony charges. today sanders is police chief detail the multi city crime spree that led up to a deadly confrontation with officers on wednesday night. ktvu shelf reporter jesse gary tells us police say the suspect have been involved in two separate gun battles with officers before he was killed. this is an unfortunate conclusion to a series of crimes and violence. that without question. could have ended with additional loss of life to friday, san jose police chief anthony mata provided evidence and the narrative behind wednesday's fatal police shooting says around six p.m. a police helicopter spotted suspect robert carter in a stolen toyota camera in east san jose. he drove it radically and into opposing traffic to escape responding officers police did not pursue and carter eventually
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made his way into santa clara, where police say he a woman at gunpoint. the driver exited the car. and ran away. as carter entered the new vehicle, carter was unable to drive off in the vehicle. and abandoned it. and re enter the original stolen. camera the 32 year old, then sped south into san jose's rose garden neighborhood and crashed into a car with two passengers inside. he got out and began shooting at officers and other motorists. a total of four police officers returned fire, ultimately killing carter. any loss of life is tragic, and we're glad that there wasn't more injury or harm that happen say they found a nine millimeter ghostcke his department seizing over 900 illegal firearms last year, ghost guns remain a pervasive problem. that's something that not only an issue here in san jose, this county this state,
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but throughout the nation, chief mara says his department is working with the f to isolate the production and distribution of ghost guns in the area before officers who use their weapons on wednesday are all on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of multiple investigations into the incident. outside san jose police headquarters. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. new information now on another deadly police shooting this one at san francisco international airport yesterday, the san mateo district attorney's office says the man who was killed was carrying realistic looking air soft pistols. police were called to reports of a man waving to guns inside the international terminal yesterday morning, officers opened fire when they say the man started approaching them. we're told the replica guns did not have those orange tips that are used to distinguish them from real weapons. up area businessman has been arrested for his involvement in last year's siege of the capital. he was identified with the help of a
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youtube video as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us he is now the fifth bay area resident charged. in the insurrection. this tank. we have our coin, ornamental fish and the rest of our tanks. we have rainbow trout. he calls himself the big fish. kenneth armstrong , the third of pescadero, now the latest bay area resident reeled in by the fbi. accused of taking part in the invasion of the us capitol. armstrong his owner of oral barrels, farms in half moon bay, the company focuses on aquaponics, in which fish waste is used to grow plants in water. in court documents, the fbi said the identified armstrong with the help of this video on youtube, open source thing, and you've got to show you the good with the bad as well. and so one of the other mistakes that happens in public systems. hamas improper management of pests or diseases. the fbi says it got an anonymous tip three days after the invasion that identified armstrong as a participant agents later paid him a visit at his farm. authorities said armstrong admitted to going inside the capitol. the fbi says he was captured on closed
10:36 pm
circuit tv recording on his cell phone. the fbi also says armstrong wrote on facebook that he took some pictures and videos , saying the star spangled banner talked to some of the capitol police and then left the way we came in. authorities say these photos show armstrong walking inside the capitol and said they match pictures of him online. he may have been surrounded by like minded individuals that day, but at least one of his acquaintances disagreed, and the fbi affidavit facebook post from a person who wondered who would take care of his fish plants and bacteria while you're being charged for treason. that person leader added. my problem is that i am friends with a traitor. a fascist, a liar and a thug. i will very much enjoy on friending you now. armstrong was arrested on thursday. he's being held without bail at santa rita, jill and dublin pending a transfer of the case to d. c. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. new attend. los angeles county district attorney george gascon , responding to union pacific railroad after the company reported a spike in thieves climbing aboard its cargo trains
10:37 pm
and stealing packages. guests going took to twitter to respond to union pacific, saying his office has prosecuted train theft cases. the dea then suggested union pacific isn't doing enough to secure its own cargo containers. compared to other major road operations in the area. coming up at 11 face off between delivery driver and a bear in southern california. we'll show you how it ended coming up at all. and in weather , lots of sunshine today, some pretty warm temperatures with those gusty winds. looks like this mild pattern will continue into the weekend. we'll have the full forecast the update coming up up first in two minutes, arnold schwarzenegger in a major car crash in southern california. look at the damage sa
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car accident and one of the other drivers is hurt. this happened around five o'clock today. would schwarzenegger's uconn hit and rolled onto a prius and then continued rolling onto a porsche? this is schwarzenegger's car on a tow truck. he could see the airbags also deployed in the crash. the former governor is said to be okay, but very deeply concerned about the other driver who was injured. we understand it was a woman. she was taken to the hospital with a head injury. san francisco zoo. welcome for female mexican gray wolves to its wolf kenyan habitat this week one wolf is named betty white in honor of the late stars, love of zoos and animals as well. in the 19 seventies, the mexican gray wolf population dwindled to only five wolves, putting the species at high risk of extension. there are now 186 that live in the wild and approximately 220 that live in facilities like the zoo. well
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barrier, whether temperature is not feeling like a january out there with temperatures well above the average lots of sixties and a few neighborhoods right around 70 degrees and actually, one record to report as you can see right now, ken field and marine county 69 degrees the old record 68 set back in 2014 so most areas in the upper sixties you can see the warm spots. in the lower seventies out towards mountain view in santa rosa this afternoon tomorrow pretty warm, probably just not as warm as today, but still widespread sixties across the region. compare that to green bay. that's a difference. different story. you can see the forecast models who put this into motion . it's bringing in some snowfall early tomorrow morning. that's no band moves out of out of the area. you could see temperatures dropping off quite a bit and that in fact by kickoff this is our time. five o'clock, you can see it down to 11 degrees. that's a kickoff temperature with mostly cloudy skies down in the fourth quarter, those temperatures could be down into the single digits. so some frigidaire over green bay for
10:42 pm
tomorrow for the big game. now back here in the bay area, we continue to track those wind speeds. you could see vacaville gusting to 29 look that napa site gusting to 40 miles an hour , so it might not be windy in your neighborhood, but other locations. we have the stronger winds. you can see liver morally three miles an hour compared that to happen, you beg 43 miles an hour. the winds stick around tonight, right on through. your saturday morning, especially for the higher elevations. here's a satellite showing you if you high clouds drifting in from the north over the past few hours, temperature is still tracking some sixties so kind of a mild friday evening out there san francisco right now. 61 hebert, 62 san jose in the upper fifties . as we get back out the maps right now we are showing you this the cloud cover over the region. of course, we are watching those winds in the big sur area of that firewood started tonight. those winds have been gusting approaching 30 to 35 miles an hour. here's what live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. looks like it. shake it around a
10:43 pm
little bit. we have some breezy conditions, so it's doing a number on our tower camera tonight. still breezy to windy first thing tomorrow morning. those winds could be around 25 to 35 miles an hour overnight lows will be in the forties, and you may have noticed over the past few days. you might be sneezing a bit more because of the pollen levels you could see the trees have been training up in the medium. range so it kind of makes sense with the dry conditions. the warm conditions and the windy conditions. the allergies could be somewhat of an issue all weekend long. this area of high pressure remains offshore. it keeps us dry keeps us warm into the weekend and the next week it looks like a quiet weather pattern with no sign of a breakthrough storm to bring us significant rainfall highs. tomorrow will be in the sixties . it is a nice forecast in a sunday more sunshine into next week, so they have the frigid temperatures in green bay. for us. we're talking about record heat here in the bay area, boy. all right, thanks, mark. coming up. we are continuing to follow the wind driven wildfire burning in monterey county. right now,
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we will have the latest at 11. and coming up next. not one but two jam packed sports segments headlined by the warriors thriller as steph does something he's never done before in his 13 year career. and joe fonzi. braves the cold at lambeau field to tell us what the players are saying about playing and freezing cold green bay tomorrow night. it's all next on the gmc. sports weekend. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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