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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 22, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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(phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. francisco is moving on with a come from behind win for the 40 niners kicking that field goal right there in the final seconds. that advances them to the nfc championship game. well,
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fans around the bay area go wild, knowing their team is now just one step away from the super bowl. 13 10 upset for the packers. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm cristina rendon from green bay to the bay area. we have team coverage tonight. let's get right to jason appelbaum bow with that fourth quarter that turned it all around. christina was amazing, andre. this was i would say one of the grittiest 49ers performances that i've ever seen . debo defense and special teams the formula. and now, as you said, the 49ers are headed back to the nfc championship game. for the second time in three years as we take you out to lambeau field 13 degrees at kickoff two degrees with windshield proof here that niner fans and packer fans. yes they can peacefully coexist. jimmy garoppolo is a cold weather quarterback grew up in chicago. 49ers had minus 10 yards midway through the second quarter. but down seven nothing they put together a drive. garoppolo
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avoids the sack. he's looking for the touchdown, but oh, no, it's picked off. it's picked off by adrian amos. you see that kettle was opened briefly so they can't score, but they did block a field goal. at the other end. moments later, snow flurries perfect. fitting for lambo right? five minutes to go. packers up 10 to 3 money from their own 12, but jordan's willis bust through the line and blocks it the play of the game. rookie talon oahu fungus scoops it up, and he takes it in for the touchdown. and just like that, we're tied at 10 remarkable. after a niners forced to three and out, they go on a 44 yard drive led by deebo samuel, who picks up a crucial first down right there on third and seven as he hobbles off. he left the game several times, but gutted it out. robbie gold as money as you can be on the playoffs, 19 for 19 coming in. he wasn't about to miss this one. as time expired. 45 yarder
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is good. the 49ers only lead of the game is the final score at the buzzer and they went a thriller. as i said 13 to 10. they're celebrating their way and right into the locker room 13. yeah. fred warning. let's go on. everybody gotta say that's cold man next role. wow my goodness. tonight let's go, baby. let's go. yeah that was the mood, joe as we take you out to lambeau field joe fonzi. joe you've been covering this team for so long, and i'm just curious considering all that was going on and how bad they were in the first half. was this one of the kind of the gutsiest and sort of resilient type
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performances that you've seen out of this team? yeah this is an unusual team, jason. they've had several games this year where it really felt like they were out of it. we can just go back a couple of weeks to the ram game where it felt like that, and this has been as you said, a very resilient team. you mentioned the numbers. this was the fifth coldest game and lambeau field playoff history was also the second biggest crowd. but you know, coach is always talk about the three aspects of the game offense, defense and special teams, and maybe sometimes they just give lip service to special teams. but it was special teams that won this game for the 49ers and we got up with the guy who scored there are only touchdown, the rookie talent who fonda after the game. alright well, tell me. coaches always talk about offense, defense and special teams. it was special teams that ever you guys, wasn't it? no doubt. we're just happy to be out here and get a nine years old, so we can't complain. we're very resilient. we know where we were coming into this kind of environment. it's my
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first time playing in snow, but i loved. it came out here with sleeveless and we just want to see what we can do. and we know we have a lot more to prove so, yeah, you're warm weather guy. at least it won't be snowing in either l or tampa. willing no doubt, no doubt. we just find a way every week is different. you know, we've done it multiple ways. but just the fighting this team is ridiculous. it really is that no giving up. you can feel it on the sideline. you know, even when things aren't going well, defenses bond, there was everything we thought it was gonna be. this team has been through a lot like we've been through a lot of adversity. we've dealt with a lot. we've lost games by making mistakes. we've won games, you know, dirty, gritty team, too salty team and we just keep bouncing back. we don't really let anything freak us out. but we're just gonna keep battling to keep battling going to keep battling. and then we've been winning more than we have lost. well you heard jason say it. i've been doing this a long time. but this is the first i've never stood here with a little bit of snow falling as they say goodbye to
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you guys. and i'm along with what telenovela fungus said, wherever we are, and that will be determined tomorrow for the nfc championship game. it will be either tampa or los angeles. but you can bet that we will not be standing in the snow from either one of those two cities for now, reporting live from green bay on joe fonzi back to you, christina. amazing tonight in the snow. you can tell your calls. thanks so much for bringing it out, and it's so awesome that you're there for us. thank you so much, joe back here soon. alright. the 49ers faithful erupted and shares when the team tied the game in the fourth quarter and went on to win it with a field gold. ktvu zec sauce watch with fans at stadium pub in walnut creek. he joins us now with much more zach. man all i can say is what a win what a win is emptied out here a bit at the stadium pub and walnut creek, but it was a much different story earlier here, jam packed and when they got that game winning field goal , deafeningly actually be an understatement. your joy at the
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stadium pub and walnut creek as the niners secure a trip to the nfc title game. i feel like we're gonna hit it. we're going to get to the super bowl. we've got this come from behind wins so startling that some fans were almost left speechless. last minute again. i can't believe they did it. they pulled it out . fantastic a win for patty, the owner of the stadium pub to after battling through the pandemic. this is all good for me. yes thank you. 49ers there were moments where a chance for a win appeared to be slipping away. a small group of packers fans feeling confident where from chicago. so we're used to doing this and in front of the bears fans, so it's kind of fun doing it in front of the 49ers fans, but two quarters later qanon. right and close my tab and get out of here so all good
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i've got i'm all i'm wearing all black. now diehard fans say they never doubted their niners early on in the game, this group making a bold prediction that would prove true really good run , the ball will win the game. maybe it had something to do with as my lucky hat we're going to win today. i'm going to go with the lucky hat is the key factor behind that wind go. niners live in wanaka exact sauce. interview, box two news. the lucky hat. all right. hopefully where's the next week? thanks so much, jack. alright so jason will be back later in the newscast. also a pretty cool way to step up your workout. we'll show you how you can train to meet your goals at a new virtual reality, jim now to the windy weather that is slammed northern california, taking out trees and helping to fan a rare winter wildfire in monterey county. that fire has been burning between carmel and big sur. it's
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being called the colorado fire because it's located near the palo colorado canyon. it started around 7 30 last night it's burning in a steep, rugged area and flames have already been moving towards big speak creek. one structure a year has been damaged. cruz did make significant progress on the fire today as the gusty ists of wednesday down and planes were brought in to help fight the fire from the air as of right now, 1050 acres have been burned. the fire is 20% contained. hundreds of people have been told to evacuate and highway one remains closed off of the area. now here in the bay area. the big problem was all the trees. it came down crushing cars. power lies and anything else in their way. some power outages remain tonight in ktvu elissa harrington is live in oakland and alyssa, the east bay seemed to take the brunt of all this damage. that's right. you know, all you had to do was try to find a parking spot or walk around places in the east bay, and you saw large branches and debris all over the ground. it was really tough to move around
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out there, and we saw lots of neighbors picking up that debris filling up bags trying to do some cleanup after that wind event that we had overnight residents. we talked to those say it could have been. a lot worse. the wind was whipping and howling last night really intensely. it was a chaotic day for many across the bay area like sam hides in oakland, heinz walked out of his montclair home to find an enormous spruce tree on its side. and on top of his roommates cars. i was just kind of astounded. oh i heard of really loud, crashing noise in my bedroom on the far side of the house. there was just a really big white flash of light , powerful overnight winds, toppled trees, knocked down power lines and left streets and sidewalks full of debris. it sounded like a hurricane, and we've never experienced winds like this before. in rock ridge , this tree crushed three cars and came with an inches of homes. it's stopped just feet shy of our building. and could have come through the windows
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and we have neighbors with small children who sleep in those rooms. roger goss, a meteorologist with the national weather service, said winds reached almost 100 mph in some of the higher elevations. we had over 90 mile per hour wind gusts. up in the north bay mountains, um, overnight and early this morning, and even in the diablo range, or another typical windy spot. we had some wind gusts up to 71 mph by saturday afternoon. pg and e still reported nearly 30,000 customers without power. traffic lights were out along claremont avenue in berkeley, and this whole foods on telegraph avenue had to throw out some of its perishable refrigerated items because of an outage that lasted hours. we found some residents running generators anxiously awaiting the pjd people to come and turn out our electricity. this is major for me. jerry lazar in rock. ridge said she lost power friday night, she said, she stays home all the time because of the pandemic. and was trying her best to keep
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items in her fridge from going bad. the refrigerator. i took a couple of things out of the refrigerator and shut it and threatened everyone not to open it until this is over to my food doesn't spoil. the genie is making some progress. the last report we got from them was that now a little more than 11,000 customers were without power. i just checked their website. there are scattered outages throughout the bay area, but definitely the most in the east bay in the piedmont area, reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox. two news widespread damage because of all that wind listen. thank you mean time for melissa, we turn to ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. with more on the conditions outside mark. hi there, andre. yeah, the overall trend with the wind speeds they have been decreasing. but yes, all day yesterday we had the breezy conditions. but a dramatic uptick in those wind speeds about late last night into this morning, especially for the oakland hills. and of course you've been hearing about the fire burning in monterey county closer to a big sir, that the key change for tonight.
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compared to yesterday. we have more of an onshore breeze more moisture in the air so that will likely help out the fire crews. and thankfully, the winds have backed up quite a bit in this fire zone wins yesterday were gusting over 30 miles an hour. you heard about that this very strong wind gust up in the north bay mountains you can see that was actually pine flat road. you can see the geography here. healdsburg calistoga, kelsey ville that wind gust of 95 miles an hour earlier today and you can still see some more strong winds showing up here for some more portions of the bay area of mount diablo 71. miles an hour oakland hills 63 miles an hour. fairfield 52. all this is linked with the warm weather pattern. take a look at the highs this afternoon. lots of sixties the warmest locations in the seventies santa rosa 76 degrees . as i mentioned, wind speeds have been decreasing. we still some stronger winds own the north bay hills gusting over 40 miles an hour for tonight, but the overall trend a decrease in the wind speeds. the high wind warning has been allowed to
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expire, and we still have mostly clear skies. here's our live camera. both san francisco looks like we're looking out towards us before. 39 colors for tonight, so i kind of need to celebrate the big victory for tonight. we possibly have the chance of a few showers in the long range maps and we'll have more on that coming up with your forecast and a little bit. mark thank you sell sports burning in that golden brad coming up at 10 30, the rarity of a wildfire in january as cal fire confronts the reality that fire season runs all year. when i get to have er hunt. i'm gonna sing and shall loud. a tribute to a fallen officer. what family members say his service will live on. up next week. 49th anniversary of legalized abortion marked with dueling protests in san francisco the message from activists on both sides of the activists gathered n
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francisco today on the 49th anniversary of the roe versus wade supreme court decision. thousands of people pro life supporters took part in the 18th annual walk for life. it started with a rally at civic center plaza, followed by a march down market street. is our work, great country and we protect the innocent and so we need to. we need to. we need to be better at protecting the innocent in the room. today's protests took on new meaning for those on both sides of the issue as a supreme court considers upholding the mississippi law restricting abortion and severely weakening roe versus wade. teachers in oakland say they will not take a strike vote but instead go back to the bargaining table and negotiate with the district on beefed up covid protocols. the oakland educators association tells ktvu the teachers were considering holding a strike authorization both this weekend. but they say if an agreement does not come soon, they could walk out sometime next week. the
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teachers say they want more testing for staff and students and better masks. the district says it's distributed 200,000 k n95 masks installed at least two air filtration units in each classroom and rebuilding outdoor shelter so students can be protected from the elements. a driver allegedly trying to feed police. it will that creek last night found himself there dangling 40 ft above one of the city's canals. authorities say the suspect struck a patrol car, which sent the suspect's vehicle careening towards the fence and around the canal. the driver continued to accelerate, apparently unaware of the drop off. that's when another officer shot the suspects back window out using a brightly colored gun that fires being backgrounds. the driver and his girlfriend were arrested. officers say they found two replica style air soft guns inside that car. friends and family gathered today to remember el cerrito police officer killed earlier this month in a traffic accident when
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i get to have ever hunt. i'm gonna sing and shot i loud. a memorial service at el cerrito high school for officer jared bernstein drew hundreds of people, his family, especially his siblings, expressed pride in their brother for his determination and drive to finish college and become a police officer. my brother lives, people. he lives through the work that he did, and he lives through the memories he shares with each and every one of y'all. bernstein was killed on january 9th on interstate 80 in san pablo would have lost control and collided with his car. he was on the police force less than two years. bernstein was 26 years old. vigils are taking place tonight in new york city for two nypd officer shot last night in harlem. one officer was killed the other critically injured foxes. alexis mcadam has the latest now on the investigation. new york city
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mayor eric adams, leading local leaders on saturday for a walk of solidarity with the nypd, just hours after two of their officers were shot friday night in harlem trauma. of violence and gun violence doesn't matter to see 11 month old baby. office two officers performing their duties. 22 year old rookie officer jason rivera was killed. he'd been on the force for just over one year. his partner, 27 year old wilbert mora, is still fighting for his life in the hospital. investigators tell us the two were responding to a domestic violence call in harlem when a door inside of the apartment swung open and someone started shooting. they were listening to a mother. who called needing help for her son. and as the officers were compassionately trying to provide aid to a 30 excuse me a 47 year old man he suddenly without warning opened fire on them. police now identifying the suspect as lashawn mcneil. he was shot and critically wounded by a third nypd officer, is he trying to run out of the
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apartment? mcneil was on probation for 2000 and three drug conviction. in new york city. he's been arrested several times in other states. investigators tell us the gun that was used was reported stolen from baltimore. we're going our job, nypd, taking thousands of guns off the street. everyone they take off. we're having five. come in. how do we stop this? it's the federal government does not stop the flow of guns in this city. just this month, five nypd officers have been shot in the line of duty. mayor eric adams calling for changes here in new york city. in new york. alexis mcadams fox news. police in san jose are at the scene of a hit and run crash tonight that killed a pedestrian. this happened in the 200 block of north jackson avenue. that's not far from regional medical center. police are asking you to avoid that area, saying traffic on north jackson will be diverted for several hours again a hit and run collision tonight in san jose. it is the city's sixth pedestrian fatality of 2022. new information actor and
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former governor arnold schwarzenegger is said to be doing fine after being involved in a car crash yesterday that sent a woman to the hospital with minor injuries. schwarzenegger was driving as gmc uconn that was among four cars involved in a crash in the brentwood area of los angeles. lapd says neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected as factors . but officers also did not mention the cause of the crash. schwarzenegger was not injured and he did stay at the scene. before five g rollout is once again on hold because of concerns about air travel. but what about any health implications in our next half hour? what we know about five g and the human body? plus good news on the pandemic. the evidence that macron may be losing some steam. up first, though a hot commodity handed out, see the demand for free at home covid test today in san
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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other people who live work or go to school in the county. 60,000 kits will be made available at three locations throughout the weekend and next. people had to make an appointment to pick up their allotment of four free tests today, this allotment that we're handing out here specifically purchased by the county for accounting purposes.
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and so that's in addition to the testing that is happening at schools or hospitals. so it's a separate additional supply. the county says people can take the test at home and get results back quickly. health officials say these tests are especially helpful for those showing symptoms or have had contact with someone. who has covid. latest data shows cases of the coronavirus macron variant dropping in some of the areas that were hit the hardest just a few weeks ago, and that includes parts of the bay area and the numbers are offering some hope that omicron could be on its way out. more down from proxies, charles watson. health experts have warned. for weeks the peak of a macron could come sometime this month. in the latest data issue, some parts of the country may now be on the tail end of the latest wave infection rates falling week over week in 19 states, the northeast, which had seen the biggest numbers of new cases now seeing a 40% drop.
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cases are still rising slightly in the midwest and south, but the piece has slowed down. hospitalizations meanwhile, are near all time rutgers, the number has shown signs of stabilizing the quick spread of the shrine, forcing many americans to hit the pause button on the full return to normal, worrying about every single thing you touch. certain person. you speak to the people you get together with. so you know, it's tiring, you know, so it takes a toll, but even with our macron appearing to slow down, health experts are warning it won't be the last mutation of the virus tells us a lot about what we might expect from a next variant that it really could come out of nowhere. that it could really change its properties evade our immunity. um and the thing that i think worries people the most is it can become a lot more contagious, and there's nothing to say it can also become deadlier. the white house is now banking on increased testing as the best way to get out in front
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of another potential wave. they pledged to send out one billion free tests to american households. those free at home test started shipping this week. you can order them online at covid test gov. in atlanta. charles watson fox news, the omicron varying is being blamed for creating a critical shortage of volunteers. food banks are being hit especially hard right now. the severity of the problem was evident this week over martin luther king day when groups of volunteers usually sign up for a day of service organizers say the influx of volunteers did not happen this year. instead many people canceled their plans to volunteer over concerns about the virus restaurant reservations in san francisco are showing a sign of a comeback data from the website. open table shows an 8% increase in reservations from january 12th to january 20th. reservations are still down an average of 63% compared to pre pandemic levels in 2019, but these recent numbers are promising. a light
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exhibit in golden gate park, damaged in the question now wasn't vandalism or the result of last night's wins. and after the break, we'll update you on that rare january wildfire burning near big sur later in sports more from the 49 ers, and they're thrilling. last second victory in green bay, jason appelbaum will have more reaction from the team on their amazing come back victory. as we go to break here, a live look at san francisco city hall all lit up in red and gold tonight. go niners. of carmel. this driver ws
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forced to turn around last night as a colorado fire quickly grew in size. tonight, highway one is closed from andrew molera state park to the granite canyon bridge. and the fact that it's
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january and a wildfire sparked in the central coast took a lot of people by surprise. ktvu greg liggins tells us the fire and others are forcing cal fire to treat fire season like it is all year round. it was already dark and windy at about 7 30 friday night when cal fire says it got a report of a fire breaking out near the coast, a few miles north of big sur. it was too dark to launch an air attack and the winds were gusting up to 50 miles an hour in some places. so um, it was extreme fire behavior burning very close to the coast in monterey county, the colorado fire as it's known, burning in the palo colorado canyon area has reportedly damaged to your it's not a heavily populated area, but it is threatening homes and lead law enforcement to evacuate people living in the red zones seen on this map, so they made contact with 500. people are so i don't know how many of those people actually last. yes the community of palo colorado is right there and they
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have been evacuated. and yes, there are still threatened. the fire led to the closure of highway 15 miles north of big sur to granite canyon bridge south of carmel. the overnight winds, fanning the flames calm less than 10 mph saturday, allowing firefighters to launch aerial attacks. once it was light we were able to get i believe two tankers and two helicopters into the air for fire to break out along the central coast and growth in a few hours in january in the wake of winter storms. illustrates why the term fire season is being extinguished in california . cal fire is trying to get away from using the term fire season because it just doesn't make sense anymore. now we're having fires and serious fires all year long, so that should just get everybody's attention to the fact that these fires are getting bigger. they're getting more serious and they're happening much more often. what sparked the fire is under investigation account, fire spokesperson says. so far, there is no obvious cause. greg
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liggins ktvu fox two news. a review of the 2020 wildfire along the central coast found a key decision by a crew firefighters nearly cost them their lives. a report by a fire safety group found 14 firefighters who stayed to try and save their fire station. barely escaped with their lives . instead of evacuating that cruz state even as the fire doubled in size overnight and raced towards the station, three were hospitalized with burns. the wildfire burned 125,000 acres. these are francisco reckon park department is looking into damage and a light installation in golden gate park about 20 of the light displays were uprooted and knocked over last night. i reckon park spokesperson tells ktvu they are looking into whether it was vandalism or the results of high winds. the artists went out today to mark make repairs and lights are back up and running. park rangers plan to go by the exhibit more often as part of their regular protocols. for the full rollout of five g hit some
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turbulence this week. the cellular technology has been delayed repeatedly over concerns that its wavelengths may interfere with radar systems that airplanes rely on to land safely in bad weather. to be his tom vacar explores other concerns about five g, including whether the signals may be harmful to humans. a 13 nations study of 5100 patients published 12 years ago long before five g found no relationship between cell phone use and brain tumors. but that same study concluded that the possible effects of long term heavy use of mobile phones requires further investigations, but a federal investigation that took a decade to complete found in lab animals . certain cancers increased. however, we have thousands of studies showing them i'm eyes and real frequency radiation, many of which. use exposures similar to what we would receive from a cell phone or cell tower find harmful effects. douglas wood is director of the national advocacy group americans for
10:36 pm
responsible technology. this wireless radiation can have biological impacts, even at levels below what we thought was possible, but in one sense five g is difference as dr joel moskowitz there's been very little research. on the health effects of five g. we don't have enough science really on five g and there hasn't been any testing. you know, this is one of these cases where we don't require premarket testing of what i was devices and infrastructure before it goes up the huge number of transmitters required for five g service suggests that more people will be exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. it's just adding a lot more radiation , nine ionizing radiation to our environment that's never been used in a commercial form before professor john william frank of the university of edinburgh surmises. that this is a potential harm to health. hundreds of groups around the country have organized community groups to fight the deployment of these cell towers. in just
10:37 pm
the last couple years, so consumers are left in a quandary between a little bit of science and a very big, powerful and politically active telecommunications industry. the science isn't there yet, and nobody can tell you the industry, insisting it's safe. is rolling out five g nationwide and worldwide. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news well see to the wireless association, which represents cellphone carrier shared a statement with ktvu saying, quote radio frequency energy from wireless devices and networks, including five g has not been shown to cause health problems, according to the consensus of the international scientific community. including expert organizations, such as the fda, w. h o and american cancer society. the arizona democratic party today voted to censure democratic senator kristen cinema for blocking voting rights legislation. the move comes after cinema voted against changes to the
10:38 pm
filibuster that would have paved the way for voting rights legislation to be passed. the party chair released a statement saying, in part, quote the ramifications of failing to pass federal legislation that protects their right to vote are too large and far reaching. a spokesman for cinema, says the senator has quote always been honest about where she stands. big changes are coming to the castro theater in san francisco coming up how some hope to remind the owners tomorrow not to forget the theater's history. and a barrier whether we are wrapping up another very mild day, very warm out there pretty much the same story for tomorrow, but eventually we could be talking about some shower chances a lot more now, with your forecast coming up. up next to the san francisco jim that claims to be the world's first virtual reality. jim ktvu henry lee tries out the immersive experience at the intersection of gyms. and gaming.
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jimmy and san francisco that mixes exercising with gaming ktvx and really took a look and took a step for himself at this virtual world. but i don't know what's real anymore. so yes, that's me all discombobulated in a virtual reality headset, you
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might be wondering what in the world i'm doing. let me explain my assignment was the visit black box virtual reality. jim on market street in san francisco. i met up with general manager hobby garza. we are the world's first reality, jim. so, basically, we're combining. we are gaming with serious fitness bag. got me worried. after all, i usually deal with real life news. i'm no gamer, and i'm not seriously fit because we know traditional gyms are not for everybody could feel like a chore. that's certainly true for me. for this assignment, though i got ready before dawn. i did some cardio with my wife at home out front. i decided to create my own virtual reality squat. please excuse my form. then i did some running boy. this is hard work. but it turns out this gym isn't about cardio, but rather resistance training and muscle endurance. and everything specially tailored for you our workouts. they're very unique and are customized to each individual person's threshold. even if black boxes motto is you are the hero. you don't have to
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be a hero. so you don't think i'm going to fall? why not? no because the room is perfectly scaled, so you'll know where you have to go to, and then it was time to strap on. boy, i feel like your superhero already kind of like who very wonder woman s. yes it was surreal. where did everyone goes? this is what the matrix. this is this is weird. where did you guys go? is this even a real bottle? no i could feel my hookers. but it was more like hocus pocus. i couldn't even see my shoes. i was connected to a surround sound personal training system and automated cable pulley machine, so i did rose. chest presses and squats again. please excuse my form. but in the vr world, i was breaking through gates, destroying the enemy crystal and earning points. i was writing up gamer cred and feeling in my muscles like an alternate universe. yeah that's the whole purpose behind er. as we want you to be so immersed in what
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you're doing that you're forgetting that you're exercising. this is an immersive experience that's designed for people with different vr and fitness levels. i have two event . i was a little scared at first, but in reality, i had a blast. in san francisco. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. san francisco city leaders joined families to celebrate the reopening of a renovated park and playground in the city's baby district. the new bayview casey jones playground now has a bigger and better play area for kids, along with the walking path, ball field and other editions. san francisco mayor london breed was there for the ribbon cutting today and she says the park is now a safe outdoor space where children will have a creative environment to learn, grow and thrive. the renovation cost the city $6 million. movie lovers are planning to gather at san francisco's castro theater tomorrow to urge its owners to reconsider its future. the owners of the 100 year old movie house have partnered with the concert promoter, another planet entertainment to upgrade the historic theater. long term
10:45 pm
patrons are concerned the venue may stop offering movies and focus only on live events. another planet, released a statement saying the castro theater is an icon of the lgbtq community, treasured space for film, music and live performance in a wonderful building that we will upgrade. for more use in the future. we'll fairs of the mission. impossible movies will have to wait a bit longer for the next installment of the popular franchise see, production companies have announced the 7th and 8th mission. impossible films starring tom cruise or being delayed until 2023. and 2024 because of delays related to the covid 19 pandemic. now they already delayed mission. impossible seven had been scheduled to debut in movie theaters this coming september. followed by mission impossible eight in july of next year. rescue when every second counts , see how a trooper pulled a woman to safety from a car submerged in water and ice. and meteorologist. mark tamayo is back with his


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