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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 23, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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with frank mallicoat for a full half hour on sports wrap. we're going to go deep into the 49ers matchup with the rams. guys around three this year. 19 g. i like it. all right. thanks, jason already next at 11. six tree mli offensive. um, and it's a continuing concern for the jewish community and for the wider committee. people are calling flyers left on doors in one san francisco neighborhood today, messages of hate. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm mike mibach new at 11 reaction to unwelcome messages left in san francisco's pacific heights, tying the pandemic to the jewish community. anti semitic flyers were found on doorsteps. they linked the jewish community to pandemic response. the anti defamation league has received a number of calls from people who found these flyers. the group says this incident reflects a broader trend over the past few years of increasing acts of anti semitism
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across the united states. it's unnerving it is, you know, instills a certain amount of fear in the community when you have people walking through your neighborhood, distributing this kind of garbage, um and again promoting a very extreme ideology. the anti defamation league says it believes a fringe group is responsible. it says similar flyers have also been found in the state of florida firefighters making some progress battling that wildfire burning right near big sur but not fast enough for people in the area to encounter some new complications. just tonight. residents who did not evacuate are now being told not to drink the tap water. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us. now she's live in the newsroom with the latest from cal fire. alyssa that's right. the size of the fire has decreased to 700 acres . earlier cal fire had said that it scored more than 1000 acres, but they say that they have updated those numbers because they're using a better mapping system. one structure has been damaged and the winds do continue to create challenges. a
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dramatic sight along the california coast flames burning near the iconic bixby creek brididge in big sur, a rare winr wildfire dubbed the colorado fire has been burning since friday evening in monterey county. the terrain is extremely steep. it's very difficult to access. cecile juliet with cal fire said. flames continue to make wind driven runs. in this video posted to social media, you can hear wind gusts, whipping the flames, and this video shows the terrifying moment. a driver on highway one got trapped and had to turn around. a portion of the highway remains closed from gary potter creek two point, sir. fortunately the bigsby bridge is still intact. the fire has not burned it. it's a beautiful, iconic bridge. and so that's obviously very good news. the fire did burn right up to it, but did not damage the bridge. the area burning is rugged and
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not heavily populated. but about 500. people still had to be evacuated in palo colorado canyon, and people just need to really understand that it's no longer a fire season in california. it's a fire year. juliet said. big sur is typically the area in monterey county that gets the most rain in january should be a wet month . she said. the agency is trying to phase out the term fire season. it should be concerning to everybody because it just shows that we are in a new california the climate has changed. it's much more dry and the fact that we're having such a large fire here at the end of january really should be getting everybody's attention that they need to be prepared to evacuate pretty much no matter where they live throughout the year now. there's no word when the rest of the highway will reopen. the monterey county health department is now asking residents in that area to boil water or use bottled water for drinking or cooking. because of potential damage to infrastructure reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. law
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enforcement officers will lead a funeral procession tomorrow for el cerrito police officer jared bernstein yesterday at his funeral, hundreds gathered to remember bernstein, who was killed in a car crash earlier this month on his 26th birthday . it happened while he was driving home from work on interstate 80 near san pablo. tomorrow's procession will depart from the wilson and crats are mortuary at noon. and then head to the rolling hills cemetery in richmond. overpasses along the route will be staffed by fire vehicles and personnel to pay respect due tonight. the united arab emirates says it intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting the capital city, abu dhabi, the state run news agency says missile fragments fell right over the city, but there was no major damage. no one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. also developing tonight , the state department ordered the family members of its embassy staff in ukraine to leave the country today. officials also say all u. s citizens in ukraine should also
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consider leaving due to the threat of military action from russia. we get the latest now from fox news, david spun at the white house. the big question at the white house. what are the intentions of russian president vladimir putin? this comes just one day after a british intelligence report warns that putin and his cronies are looking to put a pro russian sympathizer leading the ukrainian government in kiev. we know. for the past few months, russian forces have been showing incredible force at the ukrainian border with tanks and other military equipment, clearly taking an aggressive posture this weekend report from british intelligence claims russians want to put a man by the name of vladimir jovic on top of the government in ukraine, according to the uk intelligence report on saturday , reading in part, we have information that indicates the russian government is looking to install. a pro russian leader in kiev. as it considers whether to invade and occupy ukraine. what's interesting is just two
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days before on thursday, the us warned essentially the same thing with no serious noise made on an international scale. a treasury department statement on thursday reads. russia has directed its intelligence services to recruit current and former ukrainian government officials to prepare to take over the government of ukraine. and to control ukraine's critical infrastructure with an occupying russian force. secretary of state anthony blinken was in switzerland late last week to meet face to face with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov. sunday morning. he offered this well, dana. i can't comment on specific pieces of intelligence. but, you know, we've been warning about just this kind of tactic for weeks, and we've spoken to that publicly and just last week we sanctioned for agents of russia . ukrainians in ukraine seeking to destabilize the government president biden spending the weekend at camp david, but according to the latest fox news poll on foreign policy, he has an approval rating of just 41%
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with the disapproval rating of 54. at the white house. david sponte fox news. new tonight. dozens of protesters at the state capitol today we're hoping to put an end to pandemic era mandates. one protester who attended today's march against mandates rally said she's against a new building debated at the state capitol. it's called the teens choose vaccines act. if it passes children ages , 12 to 17 would no longer need a parent's permission to get vaccinated. as a parent and a grandparent. i feel that, uh, the parents are the ultimate authorities for their children. when they are doing the very best they can, if parents want help, of course, they can ask for help. but otherwise the a decision making should lie on the shoulders of the parents and not on the state. today's rally lasted about three hours. anti
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vaccine, protesters attacked officers and destroyed parts of the building in brussels. that building is used by the european union's diplomatic service. the demonstrators threw projectiles at the entrance and smash windows. police said. the protest in the belgium capital drew an estimated 50,000 people, some traveling from france and germany to take part. video footage did show a police van being shaken. garbage cans and sections of a metal fencing were also thrown at officers going downstairs into a subway station. police did fire water cannons and thick clouds of tear gas to disperse those protesters . oakland teachers threatening to strike over covid safety protocols say they are going back to the bargaining table, ktvu semantic quintana as the latest on their ongoing dispute. the oakland education association. the union representing those teachers, says that it is meeting with the district today again and they say they have not come to an agreement. but they are making some progress in negotiations because of the progress that we
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have made on our core demands. um we feel like we are comfortable meeting with them again. jose padilla in elementary school teacher negotiating with the district, along with six other oakland teachers, says the two sides agree on many of the safety protocols needed to keep schools safe. but the district hasn't put that in writing. they're not willing to commit to us, you know, and because of that, because we want to make sure that these are solid commitments from the district that are going to last us through the end of the school year and not just last us for a couple of weeks, and then they say, okay, well, we've decided things have changed now. what do we want? where do we want to the union has three core demands weekly covid testing at all schools with extended hours up to six p.m. the highest grade masks consistently available to staff and students and to plan on what to do if a number of teachers
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are out sick, something were seen in many schools right now we continue and continue. offering ideas and working with the district to negotiate with them. on what the plan what are different options for possible plans to keep schools as open as possible and have as many healthy students going to school as they can. um while also recognizing if you know 30 teachers are out. it is not a safe place. the district says. it's come to eight different agreements with the teachers union during the pandemic, including measures on ppe covid testing and contact tracing and it already passed out. 200,000 k n 95 masks to schools. it also says it has robust testing in place and has put at least two air filtration systems in every classroom. but padilla says that's not enough. the reason that the district is doing these
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things is because they have been pushed to do that by the community. by parents, students , schools teachers, while the group has ignored it's friday deadline, padilla says that doesn't mean they're backing down. there will be a strike vote if we do not have our needs in place, so that that is going to be happening in the future. um but it's not something that we're doing this very moment in oakland. amanda chemchina, ktvu fox two news. dr anthony found. you describes a best case scenario for living with and controlling the coronavirus after the omicron variant surges over control means you're not eliminating it. you're not eradicating it, but it gets down to such a low level. that it's essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with. coming up more about what infectious disease experts are
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saying about learning to live with the coronavirus and the move to five g has some people concerned coming up? why there's worry it could affect your health. and we're still waiting on the rain. but there are some indications that that is about to get closer to happening. i'll see you back here with that. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives.
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that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. behind us when it comes
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specifically to the omicron variant. but dr anthony fauci is also talking about what covid looks like in the long run. ktvu zach sauce joins us now he's live in oakland, with reaction from bay area doctors, zack good evening. yes doctor anthony fauci, predicting that cases of the omicron variant will hit a peak by mid february . then come down from there and all this really opening the door for him to speak for more of a long term perspective about what we may expect next. we'd like it to get down to that level where it doesn't disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree of normality, doctor anthony fauci on abc's this week describing a best case scenario for society after the surge of the omicron variant is over, the nation's chief medical advisor says the world will likely never be completely rid of the virus. the goal is to bring it under control control means you're not eliminating it. you're not eradicating it, but it gets down to such a low level. that it's essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections
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that we have learned to live with, hopefully turning covid-19 into something which infectious disease experts say would be akin to the common cold or flu, according to ucsf's doctor, monica gandhi, and then we'll have to incorporate it into what we do with other respiratory pathogens and live with it, but exactly how covid-19 might be treated down the road. still unclear that we don't know if we're going to need recurrent covid vaccinations. dr gandhi says the hope is that once the omicron surges over enough of the population will have gained immunity to covid-19 to kickstart what's being described by health experts as the endemic what it means the endemic phases we take out the pandemic measures we take out asymptomatic testing. we likely won't be telling people to mask you can certainly mask if you want to, but that can't be mandated. still dr gandhi, making it clear i would not let down our guard yet is that dr fauci was talking about today we really do need it to be lower case is low cases for us to go
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to an endemic state health experts, including dr fauci, predicting that could happen by mid february. i think it's a very informed and reasonable hope of where we're going to be in the next several months, but u c. berkeley's dr john schwartzberg cautioning this viruses and difficult to predict in the past, and it may be still in the future, concerned about the potential for another variant to arise. if it's a very that is something far worse. first than delta and macron, something that can evade our community we get from a previous infection or the immunity we get from vaccines. then all bets are off, but describing that as a worst case scenario if we don't have another variant that is really problematic by the summer, we could really be a period where we're going to say, you know, we're living with this. we can realistically be much more relaxed. and both experts agreeing the fastest way for us to get to that endemic is
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far more people to get vaccinated. live in oakland. zach sauce ktvu fox two news. all right, zack. thank you. alrighty pretty nice day out there again today. another warm one. we've been on the warm side down for few weeks. temperatures in the mid sixties even upper sixties yesterday we had a 76 in santa rosa temperatures as we head into tomorrow will be just like these. these are the numbers from today didn't have a record today. but we will see more of these mid sixties maybe some upper sixties and we are looking for some patchy valley fog developed, especially sacramento, modesto kind of that central southern central valley. the winds have died down enough that i think the fox would have a better shot at forming certainly over the next few nights anyway. no coastal fog to speaker but the swell is coming up. we talked about that the intervals in the last few hours of really come up, so there's a pretty big tomorrow. like i said, mavericks will be breaking it will be a story. i mean, it's going to be good surf day,
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actually, but it's gonna be big. i said, please be careful. we go to the coast and the best thing to do is stay off of rocks. you know any any kind, especially sapping the marin headlands or somewhere up at the you know, by rodeo beach or some of those places because those intervals sweat sets will come up and just wipe it right off the rock. overnight lows are going to be right there where they are now about in the thirties. upper thirties low forties like this, 39 99, a livermore forecast highs tomorrow like they were today. so really nice day and with really nice weather. people want to go to the beach. so if you do be very, very careful, next 48 hours out there next two days and then for us, we're just waiting on the rain. rain shows up. looks like early in february . so we've got a full week of nothing. some indications this week will be clouds moving in thursday and friday. that's the beginning of some change. i'll see you back here a little bit. all right. thank you, bill. changes coming to the iconic castro theater in san francisco . but not everyone is happy about what the future may bring . the owners have brought in a new operator with plans to
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renovate ktvu greg liggins spoke to demonstrators today who say they're very worried that there could be other changes that are not for nearly a century, the castro theater has been the iconic repertory movie house in the san francisco neighborhood that bears its name. another planet entertainment recently struck a deal to take over operations. the company is known more as a live concert promoter, which has some concerns about the future of films here. they do not have a history. of film programming. a handful of cinephiles demonstrated sunday afternoon, urging the owners to promise they won't allow films and festivals to fade to black. there is the threat. that this might be replaced by concerts the way it's happened in the oakland fox and in other theaters that get taken over supporters want the continuation of inclusive cinema that reflects the neighborhood expressing their sentiment through words, both written and spoken. i love this theater. i've been coming here for so many years. so it seems like
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it's the last of its kind showing movies. while some fear that theater could transform into more of a music venue, the new operators have said publicly they intend to support films and festivals, along with music, comedy and lectures. in december , the castro hosted the premiere of the matrix resurrections. attracting throngs of fans. one business that benefited welcomes changes that bring more people because of the spillover effect . it will bring more revenue to small businesses. that are suffering here and the. neighborhood as many theaters struggle to survive financially . people recognize change is needed here for the castro to remain financially viable. they simply hope the old and new can coexist in the most important thing is that this spirit theater stays alive and as part of the community demonstrators say so far, the owners and operators have failed to properly communicate their intentions. so they are asking
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for public meeting where people can hear the plan and give feedback. greg legans ktvu fox two news, alright, sports wrap coming up at 11 30. here's a look. now what frank and jason are working on. the stage is set for the nfc championship game. and if you're not from california, you ain't coming. it's true. the niners kicked away and agree bay today in tampa, despite another tom brady comebacker. the rand survived the bucks. we're going to break down the ram nine or matchup. remember they swept la this season and in hoops, clay thompson sitting out tonight's dubs game with a sore knee. how serious is it? frank and i will e
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major airports across the country, and there are concerns that technology could affect radar systems. airplanes rely on to land safely in bad weather. ktvu tom vacar explorers. other concerns about five g, including whether the signals may be harmful to humans. a 13 nations study of 5100 patients published 12 years ago long before five g found no relationship between cell phone use and brain tumors. but that same study concluded that the possible effects of long term heavy use of mobile phones requires further investigations, but a federal investigation that took a decade to complete found in lab animals . certain cancers increased. however we have thousands of
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studies showing them i'm eyes and real frequency radiation, many of which. use exposures similar to what we would receive from a cell phone or cell tower . find harmful effects. douglas what is director of the national advocacy group americans for responsible technology. this wireless radiation can have biological impacts, even at levels. p well, what we thought was possible, but in one sense five g is difference as dr joel moskowitz. there's been very little research. on the health effects of five g. we don't have enough science really on five g and there hasn't been any testing. you know, this is one of these cases where we don't require premarket testing of what i was devices and infrastructure before it goes up the huge number of transmitters required for five g service suggests that more people will be exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. it's just adding a lot more radiation 99 izing radiation to our environment that's never been
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used in a commercial form before professor john william frank of the university of edinburgh surmises. that this is a potential harm to health. hundreds of groups around the country have organized community groups to fight the deployment of these cell towers. in just the last couple years, so consumers are left in a quandary between a little bit of science and a very big, powerful and politically active telecommunications industry. the science isn't there yet, and nobody can tell you the industry, insisting it's safe. is rolling out five g nationwide and worldwide. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news setia, the wireless association, which represents cellphone carriers, shared his statement with ktvu saying. radio frequency energy from wireless devices and networks, including five g has not been shown to cause health problems, according to the consensus of the international scientific community, including expert
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organizations such as the fda, w . h o and american cancer society. and that is our report for now. thanks so much for joining us tonight. alright, sports wrap with joe and jason marshall say, frankly, jason, coming up next.
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are now just a win away from their eighth super bowl, and today they found out who stands in their way and the rims. by the hair. this skinny tt. yes it's the rams and niners duking it out for the third time this year, and could tom brady have thrown his last pass? truthfully, guys, i'm thinking about this game and not think inviting and imagine throwing over 170 yards after the two minute warning this guy did and one of the wildest finishes you'll ever see. oh my gosh. one of the great games you'll ever see. no play tonight as the dubs and jazz take into crunch time at chase, who was singing after this one. so be bold


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