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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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community. what we are learning about a federal lawsuit filed in response to how some violent hate crimes were prosecuted in san francisco, plus san jose could become the first city in the nation to require liability insurance for gun owners. i look at the support and opposition to the proposed rule and the vote on it expected later today, and thousands of american troops ordered to stand on high alert. we have the latest on the rising tensions between russia and ukraine. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm ali rasmus. i'm gasia mikaelian new at noon, a federal lawsuits been filed in response to hate crimes against asian americans in san francisco. the suit was filed against the san francisco district attorney's office filed by the alliance for asian american justice and a man who was allegedly attacked in 2019 with a bat by a man and his
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teenage son. the suit alleges the criminal justice system has often failed to treat asian victims of crime with the dignity, respect and equal treatment that they deserve. by standing up for my constitutional rights. i am standing up for all a api hate crime victims in the city and county of san francisco. throughout the state of california and throughout the united states. the da's office has yet to respond to the allegations or the lawsuit, but it has announced the formation of a committee to address the gaps in service for elderly asian crime victims. the d a s office says the committee will ensure that elderly api crime victims and survivors have their needs met before, during and after court proceedings. the number of hate crimes against asian americans in san francisco is up significantly compared to previous years. san francisco mayor london breed the police
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chief bill scott and other community leaders held a news conference this morning to address crime data impacting the asian american pacific islander community. there were 60 hate crimes against asian victims last year in san francisco, that marks a 500% increase from 2020. i am heartbroken. i'm frustrated. i'm embarrassed. i'm angry about the violence that has continued to impact. many of the people who are part of our asian community, but especially our seniors, more than a six fold increase in asian hate crimes in our city in san francisco. and we had eight and 2019. we had nine and 2020. and we had 60. in 2021. that is significant that is concerning and that is alarming, the mayor and chief said. a top priority
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this year is to have more police officers and safety ambassadors on the street to help prevent hate crimes. and just about 90 minutes from now san jose city council will meet and on the table for a vote today a proposal to require gun owners to buy liability insurance. now, if past san jose would become the first city in the nation to have such a requirement. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary explains how much support and opposition the idea has at san jose city hall. the vt. a mass shooting in may, 2021 did more than just devastated community. it served as a catalyst for action by san joseam liccardo because we know that when violence occurs when suicide happens with a gun, there has to be a public response. that response carries a heavy price. according to the mayor, 200 san jose in suffered death or injury from gun violence every year, costing taxpayers millions of dollars if passed into law, ricardo's gun harm reduction ordinance will require owners of firearms to
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purchase liability insurance. they also have to pay a registration fee. the city would also use part of that money from fees to invest in gun harm reduction initiatives such as gun safety classes. the mayor believes paying for insurance and registration upfront is cheaper than the cost of gun violence later, says a taxpayer subsidized gun ownership. to the tune of $151 for every household that owns a gun in this city, or nearly $40 million per year, and that's the cost to pay for public services, particularly emergency response services. for gun violence. it is our belief that these costs should be the responsibility of gun owners. our proposal. will make sounds a safer city to live when there is opposition to the ordinance, co to a non profit
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that may or may not the way to reduce gun harm. it also adds an police department with yet another layer of bureaucracy and paperwork. the council meeting begins at 1 30 this afternoon, but the gun harm reduction ordinance won't be debated until six o'clock tonight. there is the opportunity for public comments, speaker getting 60 seconds to talk outside san jose city hall just see gary ktvu, fox two news. the nra responded a short time ago, saying quote mayor liccardo can't honestly believe that those who are breaking the law will pay any fees or even attempt to sign up for required insurance instead. law abiding citizens will be left holding the bag. while the ruling class in one of america's richest cities might shrug off these unreasonable costs. in reality, they will act as a barrier for those in underserved communities and quote. another big area city is looking to pass
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new gun laws. today the antioxidant council is expected to pass a new ordinance that will require firearms to be stored in a locked container or disabled with the safety device. in the gun owners home several bay area cities, including san francisco, oakland, berkeley and alameda, already have similar gun storage rules. state law already makes it illegal to store a loaded firearm, where it could be accessed bye who is prm ow by police at san francisco international airport last week. the san mateo county coroner's office has identified him as a homeless man. 37 year old nelson set so he was killed thursday inside the airport's international terminal near the bart entrance. authorities say he had two replica air soft guns that resembled real firearms. the state attorney general's office has taken over that investigation. the oakland school district is still negotiating with teachers trying to avoid a strike and what is one of the bay area's biggest school district? ktvu dominican town alive force in our newsroom tell us where negotiations stand
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and what parents have to say in all this, amanda yes, well, the teachers union originally set a deadline of last friday, saying they would vote to go on strike if an agreement wasn't made by then. but this weekend and last night they went back to the bargaining table for hours, sometimes going until five in the morning because the union says they are making progress. it's been shown that they only strike because they care. about the students. it's a labor of love to do what they're doing, you know, so i fully support that many parents in the oakland school district are backing the teachers fight for more covid safety measures, saying schools are doing the best they can, but more needs to be done. i have a friend that is a teacher for private school in the bay area, and she, their teachers and classmates all tests sunday nights. and i would really like to see something like that, um, in the district, the teachers union oakland education association has a list of three core demands, saying they're
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making good progress on two of them. getting the district to agree on the need for weekly covid testing with extended hours and protective high grade masks such as kn 95 for students and staff. what they're focused on now is the third demand fixing schools, staffing issues when my daughter went back to school after break only one of their teachers was actually at school and all of the rest of the four other teachers were out sick with covid, so it was just not functioning at all. teachers were trying to cover each other's classes. they had no prep time. they didn't have enough subs. and so the school was literally not functioning. the union wants the district to come up with a plan for what to do when this happens to make sure a certified adult can fill in if the two sides can't come to a written agreement that teachers could vote to strike sometime this week, it does put me in a hard predicament. i'm a
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single mom. but ultimately, i want them to feel safe when they come to work to oh, usd says it's already passed out 200,000 k n95 masks two schools. it has robust testing in place and has put at least two air filtration systems in every classroom. the district has told us they are hopeful that they can come to an agreement with the teachers live in the newsroom. a mannequin palette. ktvu fox two news, amanda, thank you staying in the east bay here, teachers in the west contra costa unified school district. could soon vote to strike if their safety demands aren't met. according to ed source, the union spoke with district leaders yesterday calling for daily and 95 k n95 masks for students and staff. new covid testing plans and formal procedures in place in case about breaks. the district says it's already started ordering masks and agrees with much of the demands. the two sides will meet again tomorrow and a possible union vote to strike is set for friday. american troops could be heading to eastern europe and an attempt to try and deter russia's military from invading
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ukraine this week. u s airmen from the 60th aerial support squadron at travis air force base loaded cargo onto a plane some of the additional security support material that is headed to ukraine. from the united states, steve harrigan reports from ukraine with the latest on the rising tensions. american service members loading weapons and supplies. they are being shipped here to help arm the ukrainian military as tensions with russia escalate, and on monday, the pentagon announced 8500 us troops have been put on heightened alert or possible deployment to the region, but officials say they will be under the overall control of nato and won't be heading directly to ukraine, but they are prepared to respond to a range of contingencies. including support to the nato response force if it is activated about 100,000 russian troops remain masked at the ukrainian border, and there are new reports of troop movements. british officials reporting some russian advanced
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troops are already in the country and some 30 trainloads of russian soldiers and weapons are being deployed to belarus, just north of ukraine, as both sides build up their forces. the state department is pushing back on reports of disagree. moment between nato allies on how to handle the crisis. there is no ambiguity. we know that and importantly, the russian federation knows that. meanwhile on the front lines, ukrainian soldiers watch and wait, with some saying another military conflict is inevitable. russia is not interested in these talks . they have their own plans. they won't stop. there's no negotiating with them families of u. s diplomats and three other nations are already being evacuated here. due to the dangerous situation on the ground. in kiev, ukraine. steve harrigan, ktvu, fox two news. fighters continue to battle a huge fire near big sur. we'll take a look at the progress being made and the changes crews are seeing when it comes to wildfires here in our state,
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plus i was really excited, and i just really wanted to help. people is a third grader from the bay area's become one of the youngest artist to have his work featured in a beloved san francisco display. how is hoping to inspire others with his artwork about the pandemic and let's take you outside? it was a chilly gray start to the day, but now look, the sun is out. still no rain will bring in ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo. she has your full forecast, and she's looking for that rain to
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framework to extend covid sick leave. the agreement would again require employers to provide workers with up to two weeks have felt supplemental paid sick leave. to recover from covid-19 or care for a family member with the virus. the governor says the deal would allow the sick leave to continue through september 30th of this year. labor unions have pushed the new proposal as california continues to deal with the surge in cases from the omicron variant, a third grader from mountain view as the winner of the hearts in san francisco project for his artwork. as ktvu , zambelli explains, will soon have his piece displayed in a noteworthy spot in san francisco. tiktok's red hand decide, loves drawing at his mountain view home. the eight year old is the youngest artist to have his work selected for
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the 18th annual hearts in san francisco project, a fundraiser by the san francisco general hospital foundation. alice really excited and i just really wanted to help people who are in need. this is his winning design corona circus, a drawing of himself juggling online classes , basketball, reading and painting during the pandemic, the backside a superhero holding f vaccine to fight coronavirus with my artwork. i'm a kid doctor. the third grader is among 20 artists whose work was selected out of 87 applicants. were you surprised when they picked you? yeah really surprised. like out of so many people. some aren't just jumps out at you. and in this case, it was the superheroes. kim meredith is ceo of the san francisco general hospital foundation. she tells me this year's theme is intertwined that we're all in this together that youthful lands and his ability
12:17 pm
to see and have empathy. he clearly captured it all. the hard painted by rihanna is the smallest size of the 2022 collection. their height ranges from seven inches to five ft. tall all the hearts will be auctioned off during a virtual event that's free and open to the public next month, meredith says. all proceeds will go to sucker berg san francisco general hospital for various services, including covid response and mental health help. i want people to know that they're not alone. and they're safe and there was everybody else. and one day this huge disaster will end since 2000 and four the hearts in san francisco project has raised $32 million for the hospital. the new 2022 hearts are scheduled to be on display here at the ferry building, starting the first week of february through valentine's day in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu fox two news. it was a great start
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to the morning bay and coast side rosemary, but it looks like the fog is burning off and we're wondering what the rest of the day in the week is going to be. another fabulous ones shaping up around the bay area. good morning or afternoon. at this point, ali and garcia, hello to all of you. we started out with the fog. the low clouds patchy, dense fog out there in a few spots and chilly temperatures that is beginning to all change giving you a live look here over san jose, where we do have a little bit of haze out their air quality for today. good to moderate even a little better than yesterday. here's look at storm tracker to and you can see the state of california. is dry . we do have another set set up where we do have a bit of offshore wind over parts of the bay area having to do with this system here. you can see into areas of utah at this point when those drop in on the backside of california to create the pattern that brings us the offshore wind. so for today, a little breezy in our hills. most of us not seeing it, though, are feeling it. nevado is calm. oakland reporting it onshore.
12:19 pm
reset five. we have conquered also at five. if we get into the hills, you can see monte abu reporting winds to 48 mph middle peak in the north bay reporting 19 mph so a dry north northeast wind for some of us, especially the higher elevations. if we take a look at what is happening over areas near big sur, where we have the fire still burning there. we do have relative humidity. good 51 to 60% or so and the winds are generally like the winds are not expected to impact this area today. and so that is some good news f bit cooler along the east based shore down by 44 degrees by sidn hayward as well, san jose if you look a little bit east, we've got fairfield. a little warmer at this time. 61 degrees outside your door 52 in berkeley right now in the north bay, upper forties to low fifties from napa over towards the santa rosa and along the coastline right now, 52 over half moon bay, the air quality around the region again
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going to remain good to moderate for today, some of these reporting moderate but many areas are also reporting good air quality. so with a little bit of that wind out there helping to clear things out, we'll go with partly cloudy as to mostly sunny skies for the rest of today and temperatures right about average to just a little bit above 64 for santa rosa 60 degrees in oakland low sixties expected over san jose. not much change moving forward. we will continue with this a quiet, mild pattern as we head through the rest of the week and into the weekend. all have an idea or talk about that idea. maybe a little bit of rain coming our way by the end of the month more on this coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you still to come in and all eyes on wall street today after that wild ride yesterday, the concern by investors as the federal reserve considers raising interest rates to fight off inflation.
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be in your moment. saw on wall street yesterday, the federal reserve also kicked off its two day meeting today, where it'll likely signaled the intent to raise interest rates to fight surging inflation. madeline rivera has more from washington. all eyes are on wall street after it took investors on a roller coaster ride monday . at one point, the dow down more than 1000 points before a stunning turnaround, with stocks ending the day in positive territory. it's this great unknown that we're going through right now, that's re pricing
12:24 pm
risky assets fears over a potential russian invasion of ukraine and inflation at a 40 year high are just some of the factors driving volatility in the markets about 36. percent of voters say inflation is the biggest issue facing the economy. with some business owners, saying they'll have to pass higher costs to consumers that has another effect. where if you increase your pricing people, either by less whenever they're in there or come out last on monday, the president met with white house officials in an attempt to lower prices for americans on a range of items from meat to hearing aids. he's putting the blame on big corporations rather than competing for customers. they're consuming their competitors to help fight inflation. the federal reserve is now considering raising interest rates after flooding the market with money during the pandemic. i think in the end, the fed is not going to be terribly aggressive in their tightening stance. i don't think they want to push the economy into a
12:25 pm
recession. soft landings a whole another problem. these things are never soft and never easy. the fed is expected to release a policy statement on wednesday after its meeting ends. economists predict the fed will enact for rate hikes this year, the first, potentially in march in washington. mala rivera, ktvu fox two news. and again a little bit of everything on wall street , continuing a volatile bat of trading that sent markets swing between steep losses and gains you can see the dow jones clawed its way back up the sea level after much heavier losses earlier in the session data is now on the plus side, just by 30 or so points s and p though down by almost one half of 1% nasdaq is down by one and one half percent again. markets close here in about half an hour. the federal government has revamped the website that helps people claim the second half of their payment from the child tax credit that tax credit was part of last year's pandemic relief bill you'll recall the website includes a new tool, helping filers determine their eligibility and how to get the credit. many families became eligible after president biden expanded the credit. as part of
12:26 pm
the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, families received half of their expanded 2021 credit on a monthly basis over the summer. the other half will be received once they filed their taxes. still to come at noon. hospitals in the bay area have not been overwhelmed by oh macron, but that's not the case in other parts of the state and country. what's being done to help deal with covid patients and the new steps to help the virus now? plus thing happened, you know, right in front of our eyes. so it's pretty scary shots fired at a shopping center in antioch in the middle of the day. what we're learning about the
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they're testing a new formula to target the new strain. reporter jonathan serrie has the latest, including some of the challenges hospitals in other parts of the country are facing to treat patients. the companies say they're testing the shots for use as a booster or for primary vaccinations. medical experts say current vaccines still offer good protection against severe illness and death. we have to get to a point where we can accept a higher level of transmission because of this high level of hybrid immunity, vaccine immunity, natural immunity. the announcement comes as global health officials identify a new version of a
12:30 pm
macron. cases of b a to have been reported here in the u. s. as well as india and europe. it's not yet clear whether this sub variant is worse than the original are macron's strain. the world health organization says conditions remain ideal for more covid variants to emerge. it's dangerous to assume that macron will be the last variant or that we are in the end game. meanwhile new covid infections continue to decline in areas first hit by a macron. but cases are still rising in the south and west. in washington state national guard members have been deployed to hospitals to help with staffing shortages. this will allow us at least for at least for months. time to have those folks returned to the hospital. provide the care that they need to either directly with patients or in support of patient care. federal data show more than 1000 hospitals have reported critical staffing shortages in recent weeks in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu
12:31 pm
fox two news a proposed state law would add covid vaccines to the list of required vaccinations for grade school students. the bill would apply to students in k through 12th grade. it would eliminate personal belief exemptions for covid vaccines and future vaccines. sacramento state senator richard pan, who is also a pediatrician, introduced the bill in a news conference with teachers in los angeles. vaccination is the cornerstone of ensuring our schools will be open. and will be safe. and for our children's sake. i hope we can all agree that our schools should be open and safe for all students on campus. senator pen, also co sponsored the 2015 law that ended the personal belief exemption for the current required vaccines. in a statement, the l. a unified school district said it supports the bill, the superintendent, saying senator pans bill will support widespread student vaccination and ensure local educational agencies across the state can safely and effectively navigate the pandemic. republican assemblyman james
12:32 pm
gallagher of yuba city, strongly opposes the bill, saying, quote this is wrong and an unconscionable overreach into the family over a virus that poses very minimal threat to young children. the decision to vaccinate a child should be for the child and their parents to make alone. any act. police are investigating a homicide that happened at a shopping mall near the delta fair shopping center yesterday afternoon. the victim was identified as 50 year old victor coleman. the second he was found in the parking lot beside his car outside a check cash store. police and paramedics were called, but coleman died before he could go to the hospital. people told police they heard gunshots and saw a car speeding away. but police don't have a clear description of that getaway car to share. the victim's fiancee says she hopes someone is brave enough to step forward with information. i just want if anybody know what happened to come forward. because you took him. not only from me, but from
12:33 pm
from his kids from our grandchildren from the family period. some of the stores in that shopping center have surveillance cameras and police are reviewing that video. police say there is no apparent motive for the shooting, and family members say they don't know why anyone would want to hurt him. as soon as a teenager is facing murder charges. he's accused of selling fentanyl to a 12 year old girl who later overdosed and died, police say in november of 2020, the girl contacted the 16 year old and bought in m 30 pill. she died shortly after snorting three quarters of that pill. san jose police arrested the alleged dealer this morning . this is the second time the santa clara county da's office has charged a drug dealer with murder. after a deadly overdose. fire investigators and police in the east bay have made arrests in two separate intentionally set fires. one of them was set on friday outside of business on kirker pass road in clayton. con fire says surveillance video was used to track down the suspect.
12:34 pm
identified as 57 year old kevin cooper of concord. the second fire was saturday inside businesses on railroad avenue in pittsburgh. 42 year old dennis wolfenbarger of oakley was arrested for that crime after he admitted to authorities to setting the fire. both men were charged with arson. court documents show. two of the three men arrested in connection with alluding incident in san francisco last year have made a deal with prosecutors right now. jones was arrested on multiple felonies for looting a cannabis dispensary in the san francisco area of the mission district last november. this week, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor trespassing. another person arrested already at his felony charges reduced to a single second degree commercial burglary charge. legal experts say the outcome really isn't surprising and that most cases do not end up going to trial. i know that your viewers are probably really used to thinking about every charges, ending up in a courtroom kind of, like law and order, and actually, most people end up negotiating an agreement with the da and that's what happened here. critics of
12:35 pm
the district attorneys say this case should have gone to trial to serve as an example following several high profile looting incidents throughout the bay area in recent months. san francisco mayor london breed wants to change the laws on surveillance cameras in the city . today, the board of supervisors is discussing this right now. police are only allowed to watch video taken by those cameras and normally cannot monitor them when they suspect crimes could be happening. this makes it virtually impossible for police to respond quickly to incidents such as the crowds that swarm union square people stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise. few other cities in the country have laws banning real time monitoring of surveillance cameras. oakland police say one man is in custody for an unprovoked attack in chinatown. two weeks ago, a woman in her seventies was walking along ninth street near franklin when a man came up behind her and shoved her to the ground surveillance camera video showed the attack. the woman suffered some minor injuries. but this was the latest in a string of attacks in the asian american community that have shaken chinatown business owners
12:36 pm
and residents. firefighters in monterey county say they're slowly gaining ground on that wild fire that's burning north of big sur. cal fire says the colorado fire has burned through some 700 acres and is now 45% contained. ktvu and ruben tells us northern california fire crews are on standby even now in the middle of winter. firefighters call this our new reality. the traditional california fire season has come and gone. and yet here we are watching winds whip up the colorado fire near big sur. we now have conditions where we have 1000 acres burning on the coast in january after some record breaking rainfall, so if this is not the clearest picture yet that conditions in california you're around. i don't know what would be. the national weather service bay area says that long term drought is acting like a chronic illness. in a tweet. they call this fire behavior quote surreal when something doesn't happen frequently it you know it kind of you know, makes you give this unsettled feeling of just like,
12:37 pm
oh, my gosh. i thought we left this season behind. i thought we could focus on on rain because that is the hope for cal fire. there's already been a shift in mentality. a few years ago, they wouldn't have had wild land engine staffed year round. now they do santo county. we have two wild and engines that are staffed year around in santa cruz county. there's five that is something that's evolving because of the fire threat, and it really pays off in instances like this, and this year's california budget proposal has millions set aside to fund 20 more state fire crews. cal fire says conditions have changed and we need to change too. if we've learned anything over the last three years, we've kind of come to realize that fire season is year round. we can't say the word season anymore, right? california is just predisposed to burning. cal fire says if they're thinking about fire year round, so should you recommend clearing, defensible space around your home and planning escape routes? they say there's no time like the present to prepare. in san mateo county.
12:38 pm
after been ktvu, fox two news. the san francisco 49 ers are preparing to take on the los angeles rams in the nfc title game on sunday, and it's a match up. a lot of people didn't expect the niners have already pulled upsets this postseason against dallas and then green bay. and even though the rams are the division winner, they lost both regular season games to san francisco head coach kyle shanahan says. there's a different kind of excitement you get when you play the same team several times in one year. i don't think there's many secrets . there's not much things we can surprise them with and staying with them with us. and which i think is kind of the most fun way. be a two really good teams . um really good football game where you can't really trick each other. you gotta go out and get to go out and beat somebody. tickets to get into sofi stadium for sunday's niners game are now available to everyone. after the rams initially tried to limit those ticket sales to just people living in the l. a area ktvu tom baker tells us more
12:39 pm
about the attempt to control the number of 49ers fans in the stands. ticketmaster apart of live nation entertainment, and the rams knuckled under severe criticism after having placed a zip code based embargo of sorts on 49 rim playoff tickets. for almost a whole day of the 40 niner faithful were essentially told if you don't have a southern california zip code, we won't sell you a ticket. cindy grant is a diehard north bay 49 fan. honestly, if i wanted to go to arizona if i wanted to go to a completely different state and see a game, i shouldn't be prohibited from my address. in fact, miss green, it was not impressed with the tactic. really how can they stop people buying tickets on the secondary market? and really, anybody in northern california knows people in southern california so there's ways around it when the teams met at sofi stadium in inglewood for the final game of the regular season. it was as much as 49 years crowd as a rams
12:40 pm
crowd and embarrassment to the rams as other teams have done in the past, the rims tried to an end run within opponents fan band. really honestly, that was my first thought. was this illegal? i don't know the terms . howard washington is a professor of law and sports law at florida international university, saying that the privately built stadium gives the team and the nfl a lot of latitude a lot. there's no law in place that they would be running a running afoul of, but that would be quite different if so far i was publicly owned and really is not having fans from both teams part of the fun. football and the intense rivalry that we have both the state and federal government have the right to enact laws to prevent such fan bands. and maybe that's what the rams and ticketmaster were thinking when they banned their own band tom vacar ktvu
12:41 pm
fox two news, but you can watch sunday's nfc championship game right here on ktvu. box to pregame coverage starts at three. sunday afternoon. still to come at new california continues to be in a drought. but this year the sierra has been hit with a good amount of snow will take a look at what this means for the rest of the ski season. then let's go outside. once again on the score this afternoon sunshine blue skies where's that rain? ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo will tell us in her full forecast next in sunnyvale is unu
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demagogues tells us that cities already tried other tactics, including licensing predatory birds to scare the crows. it may not look like much, but this small laser pointer is the city of sunnyvale. bright idea to send the city's crows someplace else. in the years past, there were hundreds of crows. now we're looking at thousands, so it's a different it's a different experience for business owners. it's a different experience for customers. outdoor diners have seen their plates of food soiled by bird droppings and street cleaners now come out more than once a week, according to the district manager of dish dash, a restaurant along historic murphy avenue. when i get called from managers all the times like, what do you got to do is say, what can we do? now the city of sunnyvale has given the green light literally to a pilot program aimed at deterring the birds from flocking to downtown
12:45 pm
is a green laser pointer that staff will be using and trees and ultimately will have the sound will be a boombox, basically playing the sound of crows in distress. it's a test run, the city will conduct nightly for the next few weeks and evaluate the results. just looking at how it's worked in other locations. it'll you know, scare some of the crows away and we don't care about all of them. we just care about moving a good portion in along the santa clara valley audubon society worries the lasers could be a hazard for aircraft flying in the night sky. and rather than simply scare the birds, the lasers could potentially blind them after birds are blinded. ah they won't be able to fly or feed properly and then we've got avian casualties to worry about . definitely our city staff is fully trained on on using them, making sure that they're not pointing them at people are planes, which has been which has been a big concern. but as far as the crows, you know it's seen. you know, that means society has a full report that this is a safe way to harass
12:46 pm
them. $20 laser to scare thousands of crows is unlikely to be harmful to them on its own. the question up in the air for businesses is will it be effective? we've got to start somewhere, right? so i think small is good and see if there's any improvement in sunnyvale, magus ktvu, fox two news. well despite a dry january this year , a snowpack still appears to be in good shape. the national weather service in sacramento posted an image yesterday of the snow depth and snow water content in the sierra. both are still running above average. the snow water content about 113% of average in the northern sierra 109% in the central, sierra and 111% of average statewide. ski resorts all across the western u. s are now making major upgrades in their snow making equipment. several studies have shown that the snowpack in western resorts has dropped by about 20% in recent years. that's due to the drought and climate change. the ski industry is now investing millions of dollars and more efficient snow making systems in order to keep
12:47 pm
the slopes open. yes, i'm making is really important to our early season because there's a ton of people that want to ski. and colorado usually starts getting really good natural snow like it's doing now, sometime in december. and so we rely on snow making that early part of november. just kind of get things open. get a solid base, get people out and excited and then ah kind of bridge our way into the natural snowfall. snow making machines became widely used during the severe drought in the west during the late 19 seventies, but ski resorts now need machines that can make snow at a much faster rate due to the dramatic drop in snowpack in recent years. let's go outside in this midday sand rosemary white. we are while we are still hoping for that, randi see anything like a week out. you know, right on the final day of january, right around the 31st february 1st we look to have at least a few scattered showers. right now. it doesn't look to be anything s dry
12:48 pm
outside our doors at this time, a live look here and to sfo, where we do have a bit of haze out there this morning after starting out with the low clouds and fog. as i showed you in the last half hour, a little bit of wind in our hills, and with that air quality is slightly better today. good to moderate around the region. no advisories for wind. no advisories for air quality. a look here at storm tracker, too, and we do have kind of the same setup from the weekend where we have a system that drops on the back side of california. it's over areas of utah. at this point, we're not going to see anything as strong when it comes to the winds, and it's not as widespread over the weekend we had a bay area wide advisory. we had wind all the way down near areas of big sur where we had that fire burning. not the case today. today the winds are just in our hills. and as i showed you anywhere from 30 , even 40 miles an hour. let's talk about the wet weather and where we may actually find it really get the future cast here over areas of the west notice. we do remain dry as we get into friday. there's a very weak
12:49 pm
system that tries to undercut the ridge of high pressure moves towards the central southern california area. maybe a few sprinkles there, but you can see here as i stop it for your early saturday morning, a lot of cloud cover and not a lot of rain involved there. now if we look upstream over areas just off the coastline of the pacific northwest, you can see some activity going on over areas of canada. and as we get into the weekend, it does begin to shift through the pacific northwest and into it looks like california by monday. it wants to go inland and then drop in from the north. so we're not sure exactly how much rainfall will get out of it, but definitely a change in our weather pattern, and we are still several days out so we could see a decent amount of rain will continue to track it for you, as we've been talking about the sierra is looking good when it comes to snowfall for the season. we're still looking good for rainfall for the season. but when you put it in the grand scheme to things, knowing that we have had several
12:50 pm
years of drought, you know, even looking good for the season. we still need a lot more rain to help us out giving you look at the temperatures outside around the bay area very enjoyable afternoon, especially for the inner east bay in the low sixties. right now, 61 in walnut creates 16 livermore. it is cooler in the north bay 48 reported in napa at the airport. there are 57 novato. so some areas that may have had some fog lingering through the morning hours, a little bit chillier, but that is beginning to the afternoon upper fifties to low sixties expected around the bay area, right about average, so very seasonal and we're not going to see this pattern change a whole lot wednesday into thursday friday into the weekend temperatures dropping off just slightly in time for saturday and sunday under partly cloudy, dry conditions back to you. rosemary thank you, the descendants of some native american tribes along the northern california coast will formally reclaim an ancient redwood forest. more than 500 acres of land and humbled county will be transferred to a group of 10 native american tribes that inhabited the area for thousands of years. this is part of the growing movement in
12:51 pm
california to return indigenous homelands to the ancestors of those who lived on them long before european settlers arrived. in the east bay. roughly two dozen people who live at an encampment in concord have been told to leave by tomorrow. the encampment formed nearly four years ago and sits along two blocks of san miguel road underneath the bar tracks. public works crews orange tagged some of the tents and camps at that site, ordering people to clear out. homeless advocates worry, though, that the people living in that encampment will simply end up moving to other parts of the city. heading helping to keep students in the classroom. how some schools around the world are turning to robots to help students who can't physically attend class can't physically attend class due to and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene. there's no way it's me... was that good acting? that's why it's you. (giggling) you know her.
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you love her. you wish you could be her. ruh roh. i told her not to go up there. what are you doing here? (mouths silently) it's anna gomez! (cheering) what? who? our first gigillionaire! gigloni... giggly-a-what? man: with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. so her family has crazy-fast gaming and they stream movies in 8k. i watch so many movies. yeah! give it up for anna. i had no idea that we went to the same high school. we have a lot in common. please get off my stage. okay. okay. live like a gigillionaire. who were those women? get the fastest internet with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability.
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apps. you may have some money coming to you. san francisco based plan is a service used by many finance apps to connect to
12:55 pm
user bank accounts. a class action lawsuit claims that plaid collected more financial data that was actually needed. for consumers to log in. there's a proposal for a $58 million settlement, but the actual amount consumers get may likely be very small since so many people use the plaid app. a san francisco housing developer, is suing the city of santa clara for canceling an affordable housing project. republic metropolitan proposed building a 70 affordable homes and 170 units of workforce and student housing on land that is owned by the city in santa clara vita. the project would have also included retail and recreational space at that same site near santa clara university. the developer says the city killed the project and still hasn't said why. the san francisco d. a s office is introducing a new policy meant to encourage employees to take language classes so they can better serve the community. starting this week. staff members who regularly work with crime victims, witnesses and survivors will be allowed to take language
12:56 pm
classes at city college of san francisco during their work hours. the dhs. boudin says the new policy increases accessibility as 42% of san franciscans speak a language other than english at home. some schools around the world are embracing robots in the classroom because of their ability to break down barriers. foxes jackie ibanez has more on how one little bought is helping kids avoid missing out on their studies. and their classmates. robots are becoming more commonplace in schools as some districts across the world embraced different kinds of tiny avatars to help sick kids make big strides in their education. kids like seven year old joshua from germany who was too sick to attend in person classes. you're sure i'm yeah. when joshua was one year old. he had to be operated on and we were told, either he goes into a three month deep coma or have a tracheotomy for at least two years. so we as his family decided for the tracheotomy, but with the help of this device called a v one, joshua can do more than just watch his
12:57 pm
teachers conduct lessons from home. the robotic device acts as a placeholder for joshua in class blinking lights on the robot's head. let teachers know when joshua is trying to participate, letting him be called on to ask questions, solve problems and best of all stay connected with his classmates. i would love to go to school, and this helps me to see my class again, teachers at the school say. although new technology like this comes with some roadblocks, they believe it will help any kid who may need to miss out on in person classes for a link. the time. not fall behind. we have talked to other parents in the class and told him joe. she can see the classroom and he can talk to the children. he can see everything on an ipad at home. we had to take away fears such as can my child they filmed it cannot. joshi cannot record anything. all he can do is participate life. 81 is made by the company. no isolation, officials say so far they're robots have helped kids around the world at 10 20,000 days of school in 2020
12:58 pm
alone. jackie ibanez, fox news. speculation is growing that san mateo native and seven time super bowl champion tom brady could hang up his helmet and retire at the age of 44. he had one of his best statistical seasons of his hall of fame career. but his tampa bay buccaneers lost to the los angeles rams on sunday, and brady admits retirement will weigh on his mind. in the offseason. he appeared on a football podcast and said that his wife, supermodel gisele bundchen, and his children will have a say and whether he retires. my wife is my biggest supporter. it pains her to see me get hit out there and, you know she deserves what she needs from me as a husband. my kids deserve what they need from me as a dad. another future hall of fame quarterback with bay area ties, is also debating his future this offseason. former cal star aaron rodgers is deciding whether to remain with the green bay packers play for another team or retire. after 1e here for former giants slugger
12:59 pm
barry bonds to make it to the major league baseball hall of fame. the results of the baseball writers association of america will be announced today . the hall of fame gives players 10 years on the ballot before they are removed from consideration. and this is bonds final appearance on the ballot. baseball's all time home run. king is not made it to the hall of fame, largely due to accusations he used performance enhancing drugs. if we look at voters who've made their ballots public, we see right now bonds is above the vote threshold needed, but historically, his support drops once all the votes are counted. deliver more now where the police department showed up to surprise one little boy on his third birthday. quiet. oh my god. cool my god. what is better than a hug from a three year old? nothing that's why it's mom. she took this video over a little sun showing off his toy police gear there in the back of his many police motorcycle. the mom is taylor hartmann. she says. this is a day she and her little guy. why it will remember. always did you notice his little shirt with
1:00 pm
love it to don police? you know he's ready to go give him 20 years and he'll be on the force. well, we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest species to download our doing it! >> we're celebrating the ultimate to-go today. >> sandwiches. >> with a delicious twist on a classic. >> french onion grilled cheese sandwich. and -- >> what's for dinner? >> a divine poe boy sandwich, that's what. >> sizzle, sizzle, baby. >> and we're dishing with a skiing legend. >> lindsey vonn! >> and she's cooking up her signature sliders. that's next. >> let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been at the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television but also i'm just a mom trying to get dinner on the table. >> from hollywoo


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