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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 31, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the county serves 15% of the population but conducts 20% of covid tests. kaiser serves about 30% of patients but does only 12% of the testing. and the palo alto medical foundation serves 16.5% of county residents, but only does a little over 2% of testing. county council james williams says warning letters have been sent after officials received complaints about a lack of adequate testing and to really ensure that we're building a long term sustainable infrastructure. where those in our community can get timely and appropriate access to covid testing. the county tweaked existing guidelines for private providers, for example, now mandating tests must be performed within 24 hours of receiving a request. and that antigen and pcr tests may now be used. it is very important to us. that residents in our community have access to basic primary care that they deserve
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and need sort of health has previously said. we have increased our overall testing capacity, and kaiser has said we object to any suggestion that our frontline healthcare workers are not doing their fair share. tuesday sees the deadline for frontline county healthcare and emergency workers to receive covid vaccination. county health officials say they have reached out to the various agencies and are quote confident they're on top of the situation. disciplined for those refusing to get vac stup is at the discretion of each individual agency in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news today is deadline for stanford university students to receive their covid booster shot. stanford says it will place a hold on enrollment for spring quarter classes for students who do not provide proof of a booster shot by today. those who received their first two doses of the vaccine within the past five months will receive an extension on the deadline, and the university says students who provide a religious or medical exemption from the mandate will not
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receive a hold on their enrollment. some san francisco mutiny riders experienced delays today and there could be more throughout the transit system once again tomorrow. beauty says the delays are due to ongoing staffing level issues earlier this month, the agency said, despite nearly 100% of its workers being vaccinated, some of them were still contracting the coronavirus and having to miss work. starting tomorrow, san francisco will loosen some of its covid restrictions. stepping office workers, gym members and members of other stable cohorts will be able to remove masks indoors so long as they're vaccinated and boosted people who are not must continue to wear a mask indoors. this does not apply to places like restaurants and bars in oakland . a new vaccine requirement takes effect tomorrow. that policy will mandate people provide proof of vaccination to dine indoors at restaurants and bars. the ordinance also applies to jim's entertainment venues, theaters and large indoor events . oakland is allowing exemptions
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for those who can show proof of a medical condition. that precludes them from getting the vaccine, but they have to provide a recent negative covid test the first time a business fails to comply. it will get a warning letter. after that the business will be subject to find. moderna announced today that u. s health regulators have granted full approval to its covid-19 vaccine. more than 200 million doses have been administered since it received emergency use authorization in december of 2020. the fda action means the agency has completed the same rigorous, time consuming review of modern a shot as dozens of other long established vaccines. dr vanilla singh told us earlier today on the four that this could help persuade more people to get vaccinated. it's giving some reassurance to people who are hesitant about those reported adverse effects. and i think it will go a long way in, uh, giving that a benefit of the doubt to the newer vaccines. moderna's two shot regimen is
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the second most widely used coronavirus vaccine, and it's the second to receive full regulatory approval after pfizer's vaccine, and of course, you can stay with ktvu for the latest coronavirus information. we have an entire section of our website that's dedicated to the latest developments on the pandemic. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. and anne october hood and several schools were shut down this morning after a body was discovered in the area. police say a man died when a homemade bomb exploded and now bizarre investigation is still unfolding . our crime reporter henry lee was on the scene. he joins us now in the newsroom with the latest on what happened, henry. julie anne act police tell me this is being considered a suspicious death for now, but at this point they believe this man blew himself up with some kind of bond. the neighborhood around live oak high school in antioco orden off with yellow police tape after a body was found right off campus. the call came in at about 7 30 monday morning , about an hour before classes began at the continuation high
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school when officers arrived in the area of white male adult in his mid fifties appeared to have suffered from severe trauma. and was unresponsive. officer darryl scaffold of the police says the man was pronounced dead at the scene near west 17th and f streets. but there are wires near his body and police did not want to take any chances. the walnut creek police bomb squad came to the scene. investigators soon confirmed. this was no homicide. it appears that the victim's injuries were self inflicted, and possibly the result of some sort of improvised explosive device. whether it was intentional or accidental. we don't know. no note was found. police said the man does not appear to have any connection to the campus. law enforcement from across the region converged on scene, including the department of homeland security, the fbi and 80 f the coast guard embarked, police brought in canine units to help sweep the neighborhood and area schools looking for other devices or anything suspicious. there are no indications that there are any other improvised explosive devices at the schools or adjacent neighborhoods. but we
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just want to make sure residents in a six block radius. we're told to shelter in place classes at live oak high or canceled for the day and other campuses nearby were placed on lockdown for hours. daniel police. tell me no one called in about hearing any explosions. they're working to determine the circumstances leading up to the man's death. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry. thank you. and police have also released some new information on a double homicide that happened over the weekend. this left a woman and a 15 year old boy dead and the boy's father in custody. but we can say that the male suspect in the female victim we're in a dating relationship, and we're originally from georgia and the suspect. had outstanding warrants in georgia for domestic violence against the female victim. officers discover those two victims dead in an apartment not far from antioch high school on saturday night. the suspect was arrested a short time later in redwood city. police are not releasing names of the suspect
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or the victims. but they did say that rumors the 30 year old woman was pregnant or not true. palawan toe. police have arrested a man accused of vandalizing several downtown businesses, windows were broken and more than 10 businesses early this morning along university avenue, bryant street and litton avenue. officers responding to a 911 call arrested 37 year old joshua sinclair que han of palo alto. investigators say he kicked and use various items like rocks and trash can lids to shatter the windows. kayhan is charged with 12 counts of felony vandalism. a man is now under arrest after allegedly attacking a san rafael police officer with a butane lighter police were called to a hotel on francisco boulevard just after midnight this morning . they say the suspect and another man were banging on the front door. one man was seen holding two lighters when he refused to drop them and officer went to reach for them. and the suspect pointed one lighter at the officers space and ignited
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it. 41 year old manolo, called iran pullback of nevada was taken into custody after efforts to subdue him, including the use of a taser. governor newsom today outlined plans to dismantle california's death row. premeditated murder is wrong in all its forms and manifestations, including government sponsored premeditated murder. i don't support the death penalty never have. i think there's other ways to hold people to account. life president without the possibility parole in foundation and one of them. nearly three years ago, governor newsom imposed a moratorium on executions so long as he is governor. part of the plan to dismantle the system is to move. california is roughly 700 death row inmates to other state prisons. earlier today. on the four we spoke to a former prison inmate who was wrongfully convicted and put on florida's death row. yes sir. i think it's a good thing that governor newsom is doing out there. and i'm glad to see that the public
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opinion and understanding of how the death penalty really doesn't serve us in the way we hope or believe it does at all is starting to you know, great, gained some traction and started to get realized and noticed by many more people. the last execution. california carried out was in 2000 and six many victims. rights groups have denounced the plan to end california's death row and they point to voter approved measures in 2012 and 2016 that upheld the death penalty. signs of a side sideshow in a san francisco neighborhood. now the normally quiet richmond district finding itself in the middle of a major headache and tonight police are investigating the aftermath of that illegal activity. ktvu christien kafton tells us why some neighbors worry those side shows could return to their streets once again. neighbors say the sideshow kicked off late friday night and lasted into saturday morning. some neighbors whipping out their phones were able to catch the parade of cars in and out of the neighborhood.
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it woke me up. i live one block over and i woke up to this and multiple cars and high pitch noises and then sirens. um yeah , hard to sleep through that, and then last night, there was like a repeat incident as well, and police confirmed that there was illegal sideshow activity at this intersection sunday night, with participants and spectators blocking the streets to allow the show to go on quote. the stunt driving event dispersed when officers arrived on scene with the vehicles and spectators dispersing in different directions. the aftermath of the incidents is clear. burned rubber in the intersection and graffiti on the walls of nearby buildings. now neighbors are worried the side shows could return to the intersection and this otherwise quiet neighborhood yet again. it keeps happening. and why isn't it being stopped? that's the biggest question we have is these people will keep, you know , repeating these offenses because there's no way to stop it. and if there is a deterrent , it's just chasing them away. it's not actually do anything to stop it. some worry the graffiti inside shows are just a symptom
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of increasing lawlessness and want the drivers and spectators to face serious consequences. graffiti on public, you know, walls should people's houses gnomes. you don't allow it, and you can't find it all the time. but when you do you come down on it so hard so hard. that the person is going to do meaningful punishment of some kind. people living in the area say they're working hard to make sure the neighborhood recovers from these side shows you can see that the owner of this building here has already painted over the graffiti that was left there over the weekend. now san francisco police are asking anyone who either has video of these incidents or knows anything about them to come forward. and share that information with them. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. tens of thousands of a area customers left in tv purgatory ahead of the 49ers big game last night. coming up, why vulnerable cable system and bullets were to blame. also had an unimaginable
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tragedy, striking a first responder when someone takes aim at a northern california firefighters. plus bone chilling temperatures with tens of thousands of customers in the dark as a massive winter storm slams the northeast. and we're still waiting on some right. we'll look into what we can expect this week as well as the fog has been present. i'll when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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sunday was a nail biter long before the big niners game. that was because of a massive cable failure that lasted most of the day. ktvu tom vacar joins us now live from oakland with a look at what's vulnerable and what is now on your cable system. well,
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it's very important to understand one thing that is, there's a great big difference between creating isolated out outages and trying to shut down much, or all of a cable system a big difference. the tv cables pierced by multiple bullets early on sunday morning cut off tens of thousands of customers. crews worked most of the day, ultimately angering some 20,000 customers. who missed part of the 49 years game or had to go elsewhere to see it. probably time to get youtube tv like i have. that's not an issue. so yeah, that's that's what i do is streaming services and stuff like that. that could be something that crosses other people's minds. so this is an easy way to just mess up a lot of people's lives for a short period of time. howard kid orf is managing partner of pioneer communications, a worldwide firm serving land and undersea cable companies. activities have been
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happening for many decades, and for the most part, their impact is very small. nonetheless cable systems are one of the most vulnerable in the easiest of critical systems to attack on the local level. the parts that supply service to in digital businesses are out there in the street and are are somewhat vulnerable. the cables hang out in the open on utility poles almost everywhere. and the many widespread underground vaults are clearly marked. in fact, is there are all kinds of infrastructure that are out in the open, and they are vulnerable to damage example. electrical lines or how about this? cell towers. they're damaged from time to time, sometimes deliberately, sometimes by accident by category, the most common causes of cable damage or animals, vehicles knocking over utility poles. then vandalism and equipment theft, followed by weather and acts of god such as earthquakes. chances are if it's
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equipment that's in my neighborhood, it's going to have a very small impact in terms of the number of households and businesses effective. but the main data centers, the distribution facilities and the interstate and inter city can connections are heavily guarded from physical and cyber attacks to prevent truly massive outages which succeed almost all of the time reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news and time just to clarify in this case, you know oakland over the weekend. authorities do not believe that whoever fired the shots was intending. to fire them into these cable lines. apparently there's some video that shows somebody leaning out of a car and firing a gun 17 times up in the air because they recovered 17 of these brass backings to them, but nobody knows what was in that person's mind whether or not they were just trying to make noise or whether or not they were trying to do some damage to some sort of a system without realizing perhaps what
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they were doing. we still don't know that they haven't caught anyone yet. and it's not likely they will. yeah. alright. tom vacar live in oakland. thank you. lawmakers in sacramento decided against putting up for a vote today a bill to form a single payer healthcare system here in california, essentially killing it for the legislative year. the bill had to clear in assembly the assembly today to move forward. the proposal would create cal care the nation's only statewide health system for all 40 million residents paid for by taxpayers. the latest estimate puts the cost of operating such a system at more than $356 billion a year to put that into context. california's total operating budget year is about $262 billion. community leaders gathered on the peninsula today to pledge continued support for those on the island nation of tonga. people there are still reeling from a massive volcanic eruption and tsunami earlier this month in san bruno. relief workers
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loaded a cargo container with emergency supplies that will be delivered to tonga. the local group on a matonga has been at the forefront of california's relief efforts to that country. today the group joined local leaders in east palo alto college on residents to help fill planes with emergency supplies headed to tonga. city leaders say east palo alto is home to one of the largest populations of tongans in the continental us. for the people of east palo alto. for me, this fight is personal. we together we'r the resources and dignity they deserve. organizers say planes will be delivering more than £170,000 of emergency supplies to tonga over the next couple of weeks. automaker kia is recalling more than 400,000 vehicles in the us due to a problem with its airbags. the company says the issue has to do with a computer control cover that can cause damage to the electrical circuit and prevent the airbags from inflating
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during a crash. kia says it has received customer complaints and warranty claims related to this problem, but there have been no reports of any fatalities. injuries crashes or fires. a lot of people in the northeast are dealing with bitter cold temperatures as they work to dig out from that massive winter storm that hit the region over the weekend. the northeaster buried some areas under more than two ft of snow storm also knocked out power to more than 100,000 customers and led to major flight cancelations and delays. forecasters say another major winter storm system is expected later this week, hitting a large swath of the country from the southern plains to the midwest and the northeast. and it's going to be a series of storms in the northeast and in the east as i've been talking about for the last couple weeks, our weather system are dry is connected to their wet right. so the ridges over us the trough is over them. i'll show it to you in a minute, but this whole week, the eastern
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seaboard is going to get hammered again. maybe not a northeast or not as powerful with over a foot of snow in parts of boston. but with just inclement weather possible severe weather across the ohio mississippi valley, so it's really a pattern that you know, just kind of shows you how connected what happens here. the office. things happen there. we're all connected. and so until our pattern changes until we start getting rain, they're going to continue with this really kind of nasty east coast whether these are the highest from today. beautiful weekend. kind of. usually i go beautiful weekend. yeah and i'm going beautiful weekend, you know would be nicely a little rain in their 62 in fairfield. that is today. 62 liver more highs tomorrow going to be just about the same. i'm going to do this because we do it every night till the rain comes and you can see everything going to the north of us all. look at that all record rains up around pacific, british columbia. really just everything missing us this whole week, not just the next couple of days, but this whole week is expected to be dry
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. here's the tele connection here between. us and them the east coast. i said that right? but here it is. okay, so here's the ridge, right? this is the jet stream. and then you get something like this. and in there, and here is this is where all the cold air is. you can kind of see it. chicago 31 the right in here on this eastern side of that trough is where the inclement weather is and will stay and these storms are feeding. all the way across the plains and out here and they're just flying. they've got a ton of speed because the ridge is kind of in a linear flow there. it's just a straight line, so things are flying into the bottom of that trough and exploding, so that's a lot of information, but i just just know that what happens here does not go unnoticed by what's happening there. 24 days dry. that sets us up with a pattern with high pressure ridge a
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little bit of valley fog, a little bit of coastal fog pretty much. what we've been seeing is going to continue this whole week. we will see a few clouds. that will show up and those clouds will be basically, you know, just enough to filter the sunshine a little bit. but this right here, you know, another week of dryness is the last thing we need. some models suggest even longer than that, so god, we're fine, you know, actually, we're not fine. we need ray. i'll see you back here a little bit. i got the five day forecast and we'll talk about specifics here. a week and a half after police shot and killed a man inside san francisco international airport . we're learning new details about what happened just before officers pulled their triggers. and police officers show off how they think someone used fake credit cards to cheat bay area stores.
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sfo chief bill scott also released several videos of the chaotic encounter inside the airport's international terminal . ktvu is evan sernoffsky has been following this story, and he joins us now with the latest from sfpd. evan that's right. julie police detailed that troubling episode that now appears to be what's known as a suicide by cop. if you remember . police were called on january 20th two reports of a man acting erratically just outside the terminals. bart entrance. officials released this video showing that tense encounter between police and 37 year old nelson cito i'm a nice guy. nice. pulled out what looked like a real gun as well as a knife officers surrounded sito and crisis negotiators worked to deescalate the situation. police also deployed less lethal ammunition. here's commander paul yep, detailing some of those tense moments. at one
5:27 pm
point, mr saito told officers to shoot him. quote center mass end quote, adding quote, make sure you aim and quote officers reiterated to mr c. know that they did not want to shoot him and only wanted to get him help. mr searles stated quote. thank you for your service. i respect you guys, end quote. then apologized and stated several times. well i'm sorry. now unfortunately, things did not end there. appreciate opened fire on sito after they said he raised one of those guns for two officers with guns turned out to be replica firearms, which normally have orange tips. but these didn't the california department of justice is the lead agency investigating the shooting and under state law, the state doj takes over when someone is killed by police when they're not armed with a deadly weapon, and in this case, sito is armed with replica pistols. reporting live in the newsroom.
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evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. it is such a sad situation for everyone involved. evans. you. and if you or anyone you know is in need of support and someone to talk to please call the national suicide prevention hotline. the number is on your screen right now. it's 1 802 73825. he was just doing his job serving the community coming up horror and heartbreak for northern california fire department mourning the loss of one of their own after he was shot while working to put out a fire. and it just about a half hour and important debate begins in oakland about the future of more than a dozen schools.
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this way to health insurance. fatally shot responding to a call ktvu is greg lee is here now with the details, and greg, this veteran firefighter. he's being called a hero, alex. just a heart wrenching day for this department and firefighters everywhere. captain max fortuna was a 21 year. veteran of the stockton fire department co workers said they didn't know anyone who enjoyed the job as much as he did. kevin fortuna was part of a crew responding to a dumpster fire. that fire broke out shortly before five this morning. the 47 year old captain fortuna was working to extinguish the flames when shots rang out. fortuna was hit. fellow firefighters quickly turned their attention to the wounded firefighter. he was
5:32 pm
taken to the hospital where he died. captain max fortuno was one of our heroes. he is a hero. this is a sobering reminder of the many sacrifices are firefighters make day in and day out and service to our community . and this is my worst nightmare is the fire chief. it's a very, very sad day for this fire department. procession of fire trucks escorted the hearse caring for tuna, retired and active firefighters came to honor the captain. opportunities behind a wife and two grown children. stockton police say a 67 year old man was arrested in connection with the shooting. they say a gun was also found near the scene. the name of that suspect has not been released. nor is it clear what led up to the shooting or if the suspect was connected to the fire, alex a terrible loss, greg. thank you. an investigation is underway into a deadly crash on interstate 6 80 in concord. one
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person was killed this morning after driving off the freeway and into a ditch, the chp says witnesses reported seeing in north pound car swerving at about 4 30 this morning. then it went off the freeway north of concord avenue. the car caught fire and the driver was killed. there was no one else in the car. police in oakley say efforts continue now to find a missing 24 year old woman, alexis gabe was last seen on bent tree way in antioch's last wednesday night. she's a nation woman, five ft seven inches tall about £170. she was last seen wearing a white tank top, a silver and black hooded sweat shirt and black pants with green and white shoes. yesterday friends and community members joined the search for her. they said her car was found in oakley with the keys inside, and her phone has been turned off. san francisco. supervisors say pg and e is obstructing projects citywide by blocking access to hydropower from the hetch hetchy
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dam. supervisor hillary ronen says pg and e has been demanding the installation of unnecessary and expensive equipment. before connecting those projects to the electric grid. last week, a federal appeals court sided with the city finding that pg and e and federal rule makers did not provide sufficient justification for their decisions. from affordable affordable housing projects to community rec centers, schools, hospitals, museums, parks, critical safety and infrastructures. schools, bathrooms from uni drivers. pg and his actions have delayed construction on some of the most critical projects in the city during a worldwide pandemic. in one case, they say, pg and e demanded the city install $500,000 worth of equipment to power, a light and a hand dryer in immunity. transit operators bathroom the city says at least 68 projects have been delayed, costing the city more than $13 million. governor newsom was in los angeles today, talking about
5:35 pm
the housing and behavioral health investments in his budget proposal. the governor's blueprint proposes an additional $2 billion investment in behavioral health, housing and encampment re housing. it also calls for $14 billion to advance the state's multiyear plan to confront the homelessness crisis. governor newsom says some investments made last year are still at work now helping to rebuild the state's behavioral health system. we are putting in over $3 billion. to rebuild the largest infusion largest infrastructure investment in california's history to rebuild our behavioral health system to invest in infrastructure invest in human capital. the governor says his plan will create 55,000 new housing units and treatment slots when it's fully implemented. the oakland unified school board will debate tonight whether it will close down schools to save millions of dollars. the district is considering closing six schools
5:36 pm
, merging others and shrinking one k eight school down to k five. all of this could happen by the next school year. the district says declining enrollment has resulted in a budget deficit of $20 million over the next two years. many parents say they're upset by the plans just got back from winter break. we're just getting settled into doing weekly testing and getting, you know, making sure that our students are safe. um and now we have this to add onto our plate. the board is set to make a final decision on the school closures by next week, teachers in the west contra costa unified school district began voting today on a new deal that prevented them from going on strike over concerns surrounding covid safety. the teachers union says negotiations went until three o'clock this morning. in the deal, the school district promised to add more covid safety measures. the school district will provide k n95 masks daily to all students and staff. covid test will also
5:37 pm
be available at each of the 54 schools. there will be weekly testing at all school sites and twice weekly testing for all classes with one positive covid case. the agreement also includes pay increases for substitutes and staff teachers who volunteered to fill in for sick co workers. health care experts are warning the public not to let their guard down overall macron miss fox's jonathan serrie shows us even as cases and hospitalizations drop another more concerning metric is trending up. the fda giving the green light monday for full approval of moderna's covid-19 vaccine, the move, signaling a vote of confidence in its safety and effectiveness. both moderna and pfizer are also now working on an omicron specific booster shot. as the cdc releases new data on the level of protection offered by boosters, the numbers showing that a boosted person's chance of dying from covid is about one in one million, the virus will continue to evolve.
5:38 pm
and our immunity is going to win and we have to take boosting seriously. despite the findings, the us booster drive has slowed significantly fewer than half of vaccinated americans have gotten one and even though new cases and hospitalizations from a macron have plummeted, deaths have risen in recent weeks averaging around 2500 day nationwide, their highest total since the peak of delta inside this icu around eight out of 10 patients on ventilators are unvaccinated. doctors and nurses say the hesitancy and skepticism is leading to preventable deaths . i don't think the public understands necessarily what we're still seeing and dealing with been really hard for us to go out in the public and people ask us you know, is this real? is this true? about three quarters of adults in the us are fully vaccinated. more than 80 million remain eligible for a booster in atlanta. johnson sorry. fox news. spotify plans
5:39 pm
to add content advisories to any material that mentions covid-19 . the digital music service will also direct its users to public health sites for more information on the pandemic. this comes as spotify is being criticized for airing the popular podcast the joe rogan experience despite claims that rogan spreads covid misinformation. russia accuses the us of trying to provoke war between russia and ukraine. coming up details com
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5:42 pm
calling the situation urgent and dangerous, vowing to act if moscow decides to invade its neighbor. we do not want confrontation. but we will be decisive. swift and you nine it should. russia further invade ukraine at the u. n security council monday, russia's ambassador, saying there's no proof the country is planning military action against ukraine and that america is provoking war between the two nations, even though russia has amassed more than 130,000 troops around ukraine's borders. including a surge of 5000 in belarus. ukraine's representatives saying no matter what happens, they won't back down. the kremlin must remember that ukraine is ready to defend itself and its citizens preparing for any outcome, engaging in daily training exercises with ukrainian military service members. meanwhile president biden saying the u. s does not provoking war between the neighboring nations with russia's continuing his build up if its forces around ukraine. we
5:43 pm
are ready, no matter what happens, the white house prefers the path of diplomacy. but at this point talks between washington and moscow are failing. on tuesday. secretary state blinken is set to continue the conversation with his russian counterpart, foreign minister lavrov in kiev. greg palkot, fox news. after the 49ers came up short in yesterday's nfc title game. the team and the niners faithful all trying to figure out what went wrong coming up today. we're talking with 95.7 the games joe schatsky about what needs to change heading into next season. also another thing to come out of yesterday's game. these images governor gavin newsom and san francisco mayor london breed both without a mask. why the lawmakers are saying the pictures don't tell the whole pictures don't tell the whole st
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game, the 49 years and their fans are analyzing why the team came up short and what needs to change heading into next season to hopefully, see the niners headed back to the super bowl for more on the outlook for these niners? we're joined now by joe schatsky from 95.7 the game, joe. great to have you on here. you know, we want to get your insight here on the team as a whole, but obviously a lot of the focus. coming down to the quarterback situation for the 49ers. that's going to be a lot of the offseason talk are the night is going to be moving beyond jimmy g before i get your thoughts on that. let let's hear from jimmy garoppolo and the heir apparent as we see it, trey lance. you know, we'll see what happens in the next couple of days. weeks, whatever. but i love this team. just a fight in the battle in this team throughout the entire year has been really impressive. and i love those guys. he's inspired so many guys in this room, everything he's played through this year. everything he's taught me how he's handled our whole situation. um you know, everyone put us against each other and everything like that,
5:47 pm
in the media throughout this whole year, told us everything, but he's been nothing to like about a big brother to me, and obviously he's going to be one of my best friends for my whole entire life. yes from what it sounds like jimmy g really went out of his way to be helpful and try to try to bring trey lance along here and learn this system . but obviously a lot of folks questioning whether jimmy garoppolo is really going to get it done for the 40 niners. what do you think? do they need to move on to trade lance? i mean, alex, the decisions already been made. i mean, when you trade three draft picks to go up in the draft and select trey lance , the future is cemented. now this organization knows quarterback controversy is like no other steve young joe montana , the most prominent for the older folks y a tittle, frankie albert, john brody, alex smith, colin kaepernick. this is nothing new and this is not the fourth outfielder for the san francisco giants. this is the quarterback of the 49ers, the five times super bowl champions . and so there's a financial component as well. when you pay the quarterback $25 million a year. it makes it very difficult
5:48 pm
under the salary cap to make that secondary. better to get an edge rusher opposite, uh, nick bosa. so when you have the suppressed salary of trey lance on a rookie contract, it makes it easier to build a better team around him. jimmy garoppolo has been fantastic for this organization. he's the shot in the arm that they desperately needed. but they're looking to level up and they're hoping that trey. lance can be that guy that can get them over the top specifically in fourth quarters. because jimmy g came up short in the fourth quarter over the last three weeks. he sure did and yesterday's game i mean to potential game winning drives, and jimmy garoppolo, you know, just couldn't get it done. and you know you need someone who's doing a better job at the quarterback position in this league. obviously well, what happens if trey lance is not ready if we get towards next season getting underway, and trey lance doesn't seem like he is ready to lead this team where it wants to be. well the reality is i mean, that's going to fall directly on ownership, and the gm john lynch and the head coach
5:49 pm
kyle shanahan. their job is to get this right. it's my job to see what happens and assess it in real time and give praise when jimmy garoppolo plays well and then question when, when trey lance doesn't look ready, their job is to get him ready and they've got great weapons around him. they've got four old pro players on the offensive side of the ball. they've got a generational pass rush. they need the kid to step in and just do a little for this team. jimmy garoppolo. i mean, in the fourth quarter again, i keep going back to it. this team went seven quarters without a touchdown in the playoffs and one multiple road games. you need more from the quarterback. they need to be able to stretch the field vertically. and you're hoping that trey lance as limited as he is, when it comes to repetitions and in game reps. he's got a cannon of an arm. he's got great mobility. and those are two areas that jimmy garoppolo just doesn't possess. he physically cannot throw the ball. as far as trey lance can and he doesn't have that mobility behind the pockets so to me. this is all about how many live bullet reps . trey lance can get this offseason and that synergy that
5:50 pm
he can develop with deebo, samuel, george kittle, brandon aiyuk and get those repetitions that he absolutely needs. you've got to have live bullet reps, and it's important to point out. jimmy garoppolo has been a great leader in that locker room and brought them to the nfc title game two out of the last three years if i'm not mistaken so you know he's done an incredible job , but it does make sense. you have to sort of begin to think about moving on here. let's go quickly beyond the quarterback question here. i mean, the 49ers have a lot of free agents. how do you think they might shift this roster around where the areas where they need to make the most improvements? well i mean, number one thing is, can someone guard cooper cup that's going to be the number one thing that they're not going to find this offseason. slot corner cornerback secondary who knows what ends up happening with with waske tartan jimmie ward, the safety players who knows what happens with the ford. i think they're going to eventually cut him and have to move off him. i'm looking at slot corner as a number one need. they need to bolster this offensive line. i'd love to get another running back in the mix to take the load off of deebo, samuel and you have to
5:51 pm
find somebody opposite nick bosa, who can rush the past. sir, and so they've got their work cut out for them, and they had a fantastic year. they surprised me. but the end of the day. it's about winning super bowls. i mean, that's the standard that the owner himself jed york has set, so i'm really looking forward to this offseason. it's difficult when you don't have a lot of draft picks hence why they need to move jimmy garoppolo to refill that cover. all right. appreciate you breaking it all down for us. we'll be talking. i'm sure more in the future joe schatsky from 95.72 game. appreciate you doing it. take care. thank you, alex, who's a great year? they felt just a little really was absolutely governor gavin newsom and san francisco mayor london breed attended the nfc championship game and are being criticized now for taking off their masks breed and newsome along with los angeles mayor eric garcetti were photographed posing without wearing a mask with nba legend magic johnson and today, governor newsom said it was a mistake to take off his mask for the photo. and he encouraged people to continue to wear them.
5:52 pm
and you'll see the photo that i did take, um, where magic was kind enough generous enough to ask me for a photograph and my left hand's the mask and i took a photo rest of time. i wore it. as we all should. thought when i had a glass of water are thinking and courage, everybody else to do so. the governor did wear his mask most of the game. as you can see here, he appears to be the only person in his box wearing one so by stadium, which has a roof is classified as an outdoor venue in los angeles county, mass are mandated for outdoor mega events with more than 5000 attendees. mass can only be removed while actively eating. and drinking. all right . we got a little weather to talk about here. it's been pretty nice. we are lacking in the rain, as you know, when start to come off shore as we go into this evening and tomorrow tomorrow morning, a wind advisory for much of the bay
5:53 pm
area. you see the areas in blue, mainly the upper elevations. here's what the models do. ah you're going to see here we are in about one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. that's when the wind should be the strongest for tuesday. see some guts. you see that red bull side. that's where the strongest winds will be. and then again wednesday afternoon, same thing so we're going to see those winds pick up will you notice big, gusty winds? i think you will. if you're above 800 ft in parts of the northeast band on the peninsula. obviously i think surface levels won't be as noticeable but still something to consider. cars tree limbs, things like that. but again, uh, wind gusts. i think most of us will experience one gets 15 to 20. but i do think when you get up around the top of mount 10. diablo you're going to find those 50 60 mile an hour gusts, the highest from today. we did talk about that already. we're going to be about the same tomorrow. there's that big ridge of high pressure that is significantly affecting our weather and has it's just it's almost like it's a permanent feature along the west coast,
5:54 pm
you know, do we do typically have a pacific high here? which is the summertime feature, right ? that's why it's a dry summer wet winter, usually that pacific high drifts south. it's not specific high is staying right put and it's pushing everything up over the top of us. keeping us dry right through this bay area week, a few clouds coming in from the southern zones, but nothing in terms of rainfall. forest beautiful sunset happening right now off san francisco, you can see certainly see some of the oranges in the atmosphere. you know, we're just waiting on it waiting on the rain and we are at this point starting to get concerned because the long range models are not that bullish on rare. we were hoping something this next week coming up, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. so looks like we got a week of dry weather. these are the forecast overnight lows. you're going to get some valley fog get. don't think we'll see coastal fabius see a little bit of valley fog. the wind should help to mix that out, so it shouldn't be as big a layer as we've seen in the past. tuesday morning 49 degrees in san francisco, lunchtime san
5:55 pm
francisco, you're up into the fifties and then at the end of the day, san francisco, you're 60 degrees south san jose. you're probably 62 degrees as we head into tomorrow or 60 57 in morgan hill, 62 in santa rosa and 60 and fairfield. we've got just kind of a steady as she goes. weather pattern that is not including rain. it's just including unusually dry, unusual long run of dry weather. 24 days now, since we've seen rain into barea proper, there's the five day forecast, and as you peek at it, you can see you've got, you know more of the same and hopefully something will change that. that will happen, you know , but definitely the next 56 days were dry, so just get used to that fact. be safe out there and watch out for a little bit of patchy valley fog in the morning hours. ok bill. thank you. savvy consumers finding ways to save even as the cost of everything seems to be going up coming up how coupons are making
5:56 pm
a comeback coming up tonight at six discouraging signs surface about the state of our water supply. plus. i was just left an alert with no money coming in. complaints mount about aideed's work to send out disability payments set six new details on one of the many challenges ahead for the aede yep, it's go time with wireless on the most reliable network. ok, that jump was crazy! but what's crazier? you get unlimited for just 30 bucks. nice! but mine has 5g included. wait! 5g included? yup, even these guys get it. nice ride, by the way. and the icing on the cake? saving up to 400 bucks? exactly. wait, shouldn't you be navigating? xfinity mobile. it's wireless that does it all and saves a lot. like a lot, a lot.
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record levels, but there are a few ways you can try to save, especially at the grocery store foxes stephen gohan explains how coupons are making a comeback. we all still get those coupons and our newspaper and in the mailbox, and some of us may still use them. but now some
5:59 pm
people are just using apps on their smartphone to get the exact same discounts. in store and online. consumer prices are rising with inflation at a nearly 40 year high and millions of americans are searching for ways to save some turning to online deals. who doesn't like to get a good deal like digital coupons, which surgeon the pandemic as the demand for newspaper inserts fell, so the digital coupon takes that guesswork out of it, you scan a product and it pops up. in fact, they account for 33% of all coupon usage. that's more than paper coupons. more and more people. even my friends are starting to ask. tell me how i can get stuff for free at the grocery store. other ways to save rewards programs and rebate apps also growing in popularity as prices rise soon as i get to the car, i stand that receipt. by the time i get home, the cash back is usually in my account certain cash back platforms like racket in honey and i bought a practically paying people to shock if they're going to spend
6:00 pm
time energy attention, share information about what they like to buy. what are they getting in return, so we're able to say concrete li look, you can earn hundreds of dollars a year i bought a ceo brian leetch says the app is like a second source of income for its users, hoping to save and most major retailers will have some sort of digital coupon offering cash back. we're not seeing that everywhere just yet. that company i spoke to i bought it. they say they're now working with walmart to start building cash back offerings for some large retailers in cleveland, stephen going ktvu fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. we're still seeing a rapidly growing number of people who are now no longer receiving legitimate benefits from legitimate doctors in the areas that i represent. upset with the e d d. some lawmakers say they are stuck and can't help their constituents


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