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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  February 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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advised to secure patio umbrellas and anything that could become airborne. pgd crews are on standby this evening, ready to respond to any problems from the gusty winds. the utility says there is the potential for wind related damage over the next day or two, but no elevated fire danger. pg and e says customers should prepare for power outages. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with the current conditions and built when will these gusty winds start to peek? you know, i think, julie, they peaked by tomorrow mid morning. this is going to be sort of an overnight thing into the early morning hours and main focus is going to be the north bay hills. okay, so most of us are out of that. that red zone, which is the wind warning. most of us are in a wind advisory state. but the wind warning that's significant with wind gusts up to 70. 80 miles an hour. i guess possible, especially at the top bounce st helena in the north best. these are the winds that we saw today. reasonable right? 48 miles now a mountie apple.
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you're up there above 3000 ft. the heaviest winds as you expect and know will be at the higher elevations. celester winds down deep down around down lower so oakland downtown could see 30 mile an hour winds late tonight. early tomorrow morning. wind stay down pretty quickly, but that wind warning in the north babe, that is the piece right there that stays in effect until nine a.m. on thursday with gus, potentially to 80 miles an hour. i think most of those ones will be in the 55 60 range. and then everybody else in blue is going to be something like this. you're going to see wind speeds that will be in the 40 to 50 mile an hour range, which is still pretty high and again, mostly elevation stuff down at sea level in san jose, and in hayward. you might not notice the winds as much kind of like today. but julie to answer your question again. main event is going to be in the far north bay above 1000 ft. around 2000 ft. and the main event is going to last from late tonight from
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midnight till about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, so see you back here with the complete forecast, but that's the basics . all right, we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. shooting this morning inside a spa in oakland left one person dead and another in critical condition. ktvu brooks jarocz is back now from the scene. he joins us in the newsroom with more on what happened, brooks. julia witness tells me the shooting suspect was a woman, the one who police say is from berkeley and died and a spy employee. a man from oakland was shot and critically hurt. this afternoon, we saw investigators taking away the spot surveillance system as they try to piece together the details of this crime. from sky fox, a swarm of oakland police cruisers are seen to sending on this busy block of grand avenue right across from lake merritt. it was just after 10 a.m. tuesday. the call was for a shooting in progress at the comey spa. upon arrival, officers quickly established a perimeter. and began treating this incident as if there was an
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active shooter. investigators confirmed the suspect arrived in this minivan parked nearby on the street, then walked into the spa and shot one of the workers . another employee says that suspect also turned the gun on themselves. both victims were transported to a local hospital , where, unfortunately one to come to their injuries, and the other is listed in critical condition, the shooting, playing out just before the business was set to open, a nearby neighbor, recounting what happened on twitter. sitting at home in an interview. one zoom and i hear gunshots, then sirens, then helicopters. the manager of the cafe next door, says the shooting left a bullet hole in the back room, but no one there was hurt. it does not appear that this is a random shooting. and we believe that there is no threat to public safety, still too close for comfort because it was in this same block in november, where eric davis was killed while trying to stop a car burglary. and in this case, police say the shooter also had
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a clear target. the suspect's van filled with clues and a dog inside animal control, was able to rescue the pet all while searching for signs of a potential motive. police have interviewed several employees and witnesses. one worker tells me no one is allowed back inside the spa until the crime scene is processed. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. so brooks just to clarify the woman who was the suspected shooter? she's the one who died. did they say anything about whether this was some type of relationship between the man and woman? we've heard some rumors of that. but police have not confirmed that to us. there's also a lot of questions surrounding that van as we saw several signs that were posted inside the front dash. so we're trying to get more details into what may have led up to this and what may have motivated it. alright. brooks jarocz reporting for us in the newsroom, brooks thanks. a woman is searching for answers after her brother was killed in a hit and run crash. that collision happened last week in san jose. police are
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still looking for the driver in this case as ktvu jesse gary reports, this was san jose's ninth fatal crash in just the first month of 2022. my brother says, i'm sorry. it was a good person. we did everything together when we were kids, erin rickman says she was connected at the hip and soul to her big brother of 14 months. as a toddler. when travis rep then went to school, she cried from separation anxiety. 37 year old's life ended january 28th two injuries from a hit and run collision. if you alameda and newhall street right now we're looking for witnesses. we don't have a lot of information in this hit and run san jose police detectives say around 4 30 in the morning weapon was crossing the alameda. his sister says he lived in the area and didn't drive but usually walked. the driver of a white van, perhaps a transit van police say hit him in the crosswalk near a well known south bay breakfast
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restaurant costs walkers curly dangerous at night. cars turning left found going on the l a meter towards the highway. i just don't see the people in the middle of the night. something is just been a few accidents here before the driver pulled over briefly, then left the scene. weapon was taken to a local hospital, but died five days later from his injuries. yeah, we were able to see him and say our goodbyes. and let him go on friday. it's home. we're hanging in there, but it's rough. rickman's death marks the seventh fatal pedestrian collision and ninth hit and run in just the first month of the year. experts say this city and others are grappling with the same problem. this is a nationwide phenomenon. actually, we're seeing that there are more collisions happening. um and motivate tallit ease that happening. police hope witnesses can shed more light on the van, which left the scene and the person behind the wheel.
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meanwhile aaron rickman prepares to say goodbye to the protector and friend. she's known her whole life. my brother had all the love to get that he could. he has to mazing kids that deserve to know like what happened to their dad, bregman leaves behind a wife, a 17, year old daughter and a 14 year old son. families established a go fund me page to help pay for funeral costs. the city of san jose, is preparing a safety program that will launch next year. but in the meantime, putting up signage across the city, advising motorists to slow down and watch out for pedestrians in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news a big move by fighter today to ask the fda to allow low dose covid-19 vaccine shots for children as young as six months old. it is the biggest step toward vaccinating america's youngest kids. ktvu sally rasmus explains why the first vaccines could
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arrive sooner than expected. you're in the bay area. you know what i feel is, people are pounding down doors wanting to get their children vaccinated and that could soon become a reality for the youngest americans. if granted, the shots could become available by the end of this month. parents are asking all the time. dr christina vaux with east bay pediatrics says she's treated many young patients with covid, especially during the recent omicron wave. luckily the little kids have been doing pretty well . you know, we've had a few little kids or even babies who've had fevers. cough none of them have been seriously sick. even so, medical experts say the virus has been hugely disruptive for families of young kids and parents are learned about having daycares and pre case and transitional kindergartens. shut down because there's a single case or a couple of cases and then they have to then you know, then they're out of work for 10 days. the hope is that the vaccine will prevent those kinds of outbreaks from occurring. here's why the vaccine for this age group could come months
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earlier than expected last year fighters clinical trials showed that just two doses of the vaccine didn't produce enough of an immune response in young children. so in december fighter announced it would start testing the need for a third dose. but if fighter gets emergency use authorization, it would allow younger kids to start getting their first two shots now while they wait for the data on the third dose, expected in march. allowing young kids to get the vaccine now and then determining whether they're going to need a third dose later because that's kind of what's happened with all the rest of us. we all got two doses. and now five months later, we can get the third one. it's kind of the same idea. so um, i think it would be great. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. no it's six. stanford university is starting to see a drop in covid cases on campus. the chronicle reports. the university saw 155 new covid cases last week among students. that's a 45% decline from the week before. infections are also
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down 37% among faculty and staff . as of yesterday, stanford reported. 204 students were in isolation. that number is down from 338 the previous week. the world health organization said today. there's no reason to be alarmed over omicron sub variant known as b, a 0.2, officials say, well, it's likely more transmissible. the new sub variant does not appear to be any more severe than the original. the strain is already becoming dominant in the philippines, india and denmark. moderna has just begun a clinical trial for its experimental hiv vaccine. it uses the same marin, a technology found in covid vaccines. moderna hopes the vaccine shot will induce a specific class of white blood cells, which can then turn into neutralizing antibodies. the company says the vaccine appeared to work in 97% of participants in last year's concept trial participants in phase one of the trial just received their first dose is and
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will be closely watched for the next six months. coming up tonight at six deadly school shooting in minnesota. what we're learning tonight from investigators also ahead why the san francisco board of supervisors put off a decision on hold today in a police misconduct case. plus, we'll have the results from the snowpack survey in the sierra and what it means for california's ongoing drought. and here's a live look right now that tuesday evening commute. this is interstate 80 in oakland near the coliseum, and as you can see, things are moving nicely at this hour. we're back nicely at this hour. we're back with more in just a get the card nerdwallet calls insanely valuable and watch the value add up. free checked bag for you and a friend. plus our famous companion fare and $100 average annual value from everyday purchases.
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it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. of two students on a sidewalk right outside of a minnesota school. it happened this afternoon at the south education center in richfield. that's a suburb just south of minneapolis. police say one of those students has died. the other is in critical condition. officials say the suspects fled
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that area so far. there's no word on what the motive was here. the school district says students and staff are deeply saddened. we expressed our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. to us. there are students that come through our doors every day. we care for them. and this is a terrible tragedy and loss. there is still a massive police presence in that area while the search goes on for the suspects outside of minneapolis, it includes the fbi and atf agents. it was six tonight. the san francisco board of supervisors today put the brakes on paying out a six figure settlement in a police abuse case. this comes just days after the district attorney's office was accused of misconduct by one of its investigators. ktvu is evan sernoffsky is here. now, with the latest twist in this case, evan that's right. julie. the board of supervisors was set to approve a $700,000 settlement for dakari spears. he
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sued the city after he was left with a broken wrist and leg. during a run in with police on fisherman's warf in 2020 officers approached spears that day after getting a 911 call about a man choking and dragging a woman by the neck. officer terrence tangle is accused of beating spears from behind, leaving him hospitalized. but last week, a sworn investigator with the da's office took the stand and claimed she was pressured into signing an arrest warrant against the officer. she claims she was told to remove some of the domestic abuse allegations to help the da's case against the cop this afternoon, supervisor catherine stephanie said the board needed to review the settlement for spears in light of those new allegations, while at the same time blasting district attorney chase a boudin. the allegations made by the d a investigator. that she felt forced to lie or lose her job. if she didn't conceal this evidence of
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domestic violence is extremely serious. i do not feel comfortable. approving the settlement, given how many significant issues remain unresolved and given the light that was shed shown on this case last week when the d a investigator testified in open court. now the judge in the case against the officer hasn't found that there was any misconduct by the da's office, and opening statements in that case are set for monday. the judge also issued a gag order, so the district attorney cannot comment or respond to these latest allegations. as for the civil settlement, the board of supervisors will take that up again in closed session next week, reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. all right, evan, thank you. the city of oakland is dedicating a day to the late oscar grant. today council members voted to mark grants birthday february 27th as oscar grant day in oakland. on new year's day 2000 and nine the 24 year old was unarmed when he was
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shot and killed by then. bart police officer johannes measure early. the officer said he mistakenly grabbed his gun instead of his taser. measurably was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served 11 months out of a two year sentence. oscar was amazing. he was giving, um generous man into our village. whose life journey and powerful life purpose was cut off. city officials say oscar grant day will also be a day to recognize the work and activism of grants mother wanted johnson. a second snowpack survey of the season was taken in the sierra today and it shows our water supply suffered from january's dry spell. a team from the california department of water resources measured snow depth and water content today at philips station off of highway 50. snow depth was at 48 a half inches and a snow water content was at 19 inches. that is 109% of the normal average. for this
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time of year. the statewide snowpack averages 92% all of the numbers have dropped from last month, and the team says we need to prepare for another year of drought. we'll need to see a return of those winter storms during february during march to really keep track and remain right around normal. at this point, most of our reservoirs are still below average with our statewide reservoir storage right at 76% of average. and just like i said last month, this drought is still far from over. the sierra snowpack supplies about one third of all of california's water. will. tampa bay buccaneers quarterback and bay area native tom brady made it official today. he is retiring after 22 years in the nfl, the seven time super bowl champion, posted a long statement on social media, including this quote. this is difficult for me to write, but here goes i am not going to make that competitive commitment
6:19 pm
anymore. i have loved my nfl career. and now is the time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. he continued. its best. i leave the field of play to the next generation of dedicated and committed athletes . we will have much more on brady's big announcement coming up a little later in sports. fired miami dolphins coach brian flores has filed a lawsuit against the nfl and three teams. the suit claims the league engages in racist hiring practices and discriminates against black coaches. the lawsuit filed today in manhattan federal court is seeking class action status and unspecified damages from the league, miami dolphins, the denver broncos and the new york giants are also named in the suit. still ahead. tonight. we're learning new information about a deadly blast from a homemade explosive device yesterday that killed a man in an attack also ahead why security is being beefed up around several historically black colleges and universities around the country.
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blew himself up near er in antioch school with a homemade bomb. our crime reporter henry lee tells us, it turns out the victim was no stranger to explosives. cell phone video shows police using an explosive charge to breach the front door of frank trouts home in antiochus, the fourth shattered windows of his home near west 15th and g streets. hours earlier monday, the 62 year old
6:23 pm
trout apparently blew himself up just blocks away at a nearby school. it's unclear if he was by accident or on purpose. antioch police were back at the home on tuesday, they blocked off streets in the neighborhood for a second day in a row demands property was still in shambles. the front door still on the lawn. the home was in such disarray that city officials red tagged it. trout led by himself. his brother told me off camera that he was not a threat to anyone. neighbors seem to agree. he's never threatened anybody. you know, he just keeps himself entire time, and police say trout is no stranger to explosives. this is trouts mug shot in 2012 after he was burned while making pipe bombs inside the same house. you know, i was here when the cops were around. neighbor giovanni mendoza says he was a teenager during the first incident. i do remember that. yeah, pretty vividly. i think i was in high school. when that happened. it was like the same situation. there was a lot of cops last time. steve, spanish neighbor, patricia
6:24 pm
botello says police knew about trout for years and question why he was able to continue making explosives with children and schools nearby, and he shouldn't have been doing that in the first place. it's kind of weird to me that he would be doing all that. but, you know it's crazy. what happens to this house now remains unclear. a couple of people we saw going through. the residents declined to comment in antioch, henry lee ktvu fox studios. in antioch woman allegedly killed by her boyfriend has now been identified. police say alexis damaris parsons is the 30 year old who was found dead over the weekend at an apartment on levin tree way not far from any high school. police say the suspect is her boyfriend, and he's been arrested. he's also accused of killing his 15 year old son. he was also found dead inside the apartment. coming up on the ktvu news at 6 30 tonight a walk out at an oakland middle school today as the district ways closing more than a dozen campuses to try to save money.
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and later sports director mark baniyas will tell us what quarterback jimmy garoppolo is saying about his future with the 49ers and which type of team he might like to play for next. add the big move today by four that shows it's all in on building electric vehicles will be right back. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez!
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it's taken a lot to get to this moment. dreams are on the line. you got this. it all... comes down... to this. [ everyone cheers ] beginning to cause some problems in san jose, the guest toppled over a tree at los patios park,
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hitting two children. they were both transported to the hospital with minor injuries. high winds are expected to last through thursday morning. a woman is dead and another person is in critical condition following a shooting inside in oakland spot today. it happened just after 10 o'clock this morning at the comey spot on grand avenue right across the street from lake merritt. investigators say the suspect walked into the spa and shot one of the workers. another employee says that suspect then turned the gun on herself. police say the shooting was not random. the second snowpack survey of the season was taken in the sierra. today snow depth was at 48, a half inches and snow water content was at 19 inches. that's 109% of the average normal for this time of year but far below last month's measurement. the statewide snowpack. average is 92% and you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 as we embark on black history month, a number of historically black colleges
6:29 pm
across this country are receiving campus bomb threats. someone called in a threat to bowie state university in maryland and albany state in georgia. yesterday morning. those schools were closed while bomb squad swept the campuses. police in florida also investigating a threat there and they say neo group may be behind these threats. call was about 20 minutes in length, so he wasn't in a hurry when he called this in, and he made both threats. the first threat was to detonate the bombs, followed by the active shooter. incident on campus. howard university in washington. d c also says it received a threat on sunday night, and campus officials gave the all clear yesterday morning . a statement from the fbi says it's aware of bomb threats received by some historically black colleges and universities. the fbi takes all potential threats seriously, and we regularly work with our law enforcement partners to determine the threat credibility. well there were a
6:30 pm
lot of angry parents, students and teachers following a marathon meeting of the oakland board of education last night. at issue here is a recommendation by the district to close schools because of declining enrollment and a budget shortfall. and today, teachers walked out of one middle school and as ktvu is, rob roth tells us one school employee is so upset about the possible closures. he's on a hunger strike. dozens of teachers, students, even some administrators walked out of westlake middle school at noon tuesday. they're upset with their recommendation by the school district that it closer merge about a dozen schools by june and more schools next year to help resolve the district's budget crisis. we just think that this is not the right move to try and balance the budget. it should not be balanced on the backs of our students on the backs of the staff who work here . we've had enough of this kind of treatment and we're gonna fight for it. but some are doing more than fighting a starving but it's okay. this westlake school administrator along with
6:31 pm
the teacher have announced they began a hunger strike in around midnight. they say they will only consume water and salt until the school board declares it won't close or merge any schools that i were ready to. to pass and to die for this cause so they can have blood on their hands about time. we just like put the fight to them and allowed them to see what happens to bodies, bodies he rode because of the choices you're making. the school district issued a statement cautioning against a hunger strike quote. we hope that all who are invested in this issue expressed their opinions peacefully, avoiding any actions that could lead to physical harm to themselves. race into what they have to say those who walked out march to the school district headquarters on broadway, where they were met by teachers from other schools. the school district says it has deficits approaching $20 million, even after making $40 million worth of cuts for next year. the district also says many of its schools are under enrolled and
6:32 pm
that it's too expensive to keep them all open. but opponents say small schools can be an advantage. when you merge all these other schools, it's gonna bring all kinds of chaos. baffles my mind when there is so much trauma out there from this pandemic that we're still not out of the board of education is scheduled to take its final vote on school closures next tuesday. february 8th. in the newsroom. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. a man who allegedly threatened that you say like campus was arrested today in boulder, colorado. former lecturer matthew harris is accused of posting disturbing videos and an 800 page manifesto with racist, anti semitic and misogynistic remarks. harris reportedly sent the manifesto and a video, referring to a mass shooting to some members of the philosophy department. campus police and federal agencies are now investigating the threats. classes were held virtually today as a precaution. top diplomats from the us and russia
6:33 pm
tried again today to defuse the crisis along russia's border with ukraine. fox news benjamin hall has the latest now from the state department. doctors teachers and students are picking up arms in ukraine training and preparing not just for a russian invasion, but the insurgency that could follow. but as ukrainians braced themselves, world leaders continue discussing and talking while getting nowhere. russian president vladimir putin making clear today that u. s proposals did not address his security concerns. we do not see a genuine acknowledgement of our three key demands preventing nato's expansion. canceling weapons deployment near russian borders and returning the nato blocks military facilities to their positions in 1997 jen psaki, responding that putin's fears were disingenuous. when the fox is screaming from the top of the henhouse that he's scared of the chickens, which is essentially what they're doing. that fear isn't reported as a
6:34 pm
statement of fact, secretary blinken also spoke with russian foreign minister lavrov this morning, telling his russian counterpart that this would be the time to pull back russian troops if moscow was not intending to invade. but there was no constructive response. nor have the russians replied to the u. s letter that was sent last week. meanwhile the u. s message remains the same one it has been for the last month. we are calling for immediate de escalation. but as russian troops continue to mass, the opposite is happening. we would not characterize what we're seeing as de escalatory, and for now there is no end in sight, no sense of when or how this ends only the russian federation can determine how long this goes on for the administration claims it's not waiting and is prepared to punish russian elites close to president putin with asset freezes and travel bans if russia enters ukraine. so far, however, they've only talked about it. meanwhile back in ukraine president zelensky announced today he will raise soldiers, salaries and a list of further 100,000 troops to the
6:35 pm
army. taking the total number 2 350,000 by the end of 2023. by that point, it may all be too late. the state department says there are 6600 americans living in ukraine. that number can go up to 16.5 1000. when you include tourists, they say the real number right now will be somewhere in the middle, but still no plans to evacuate them if russia invades at the state department, benjamin hall, fox news president biden met with the leaders of the senate judiciary committee to talk about the nomination of the next u. s. supreme court justice president biden and vice president harris joined the top democrat and republicans on the committee. as he considers his choice. republicans have warned the president with a 50 50 split in the senate, the nominee should be able to draw republican support. the president has pledged to nominate the high court's first black female justice. and he outlined his timeline. and i intend to take this decision. make this decision and get it to my colleagues. by by the end of
6:36 pm
the month. that's my hope. some lawmakers also want to see someone from outside the ivy league. eight of the nine current justices have law degrees from either harvard or yale u. s district judge michelle childs, who is a graduate of the university of south carolina, has received support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. new at 6 30 tonight, ford plans to invest more money and it's electric vehicle production. ford reportedly says it's going to put up to $20 billion in building its electric cars and trucks. investment will be spread out over the next 5 to 10 years and will include converting its current factories around the world to electric vehicle production. on wall street stocks finished higher today, getting february off to a good start. after a disappointing january the dow gained 273 points. nasdaq was up 106 and the s and p finished the day up. 31. coming up tonight at bay area nonprofit working to put more black teachers in the classroom. also ahead in san
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it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re... nonprofit called urban ed academy, which focuses on bringing more black male teachers into the classroom. we
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believe that you can't be what you can't see representation matters when it comes to, uh, wanting to achieve more to understand what success looks like. and students need to be able to see and understand what success looks like in them. if you would like to find out more about urban ed academy, you can scan the qr code right there on your screen or visit our website, ktvu .com/ giving day. san francisco zero the tiger celebrations kicked off today in the heart of chinatown. ktvu is tom baker was at the opening event, which culminates in the chinese new year's parade. america's oldest chinatown, kicked off the lunar new year on monday to a huge sunbathed crowd . brave confident in the genetic tigers are gone to take on the challenge. everyone's invited to the weeks long celebration. this is it, everybody be brave, not stupid. i got my mass on you.
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william mass to the list. chinese new year's parade here was in 2020 just before covid shut america down two years of unwanted hibernation. right so what now? we really want to have a warrant. come back with the light. with the year of the tiger. it's been a tough two years in the face of a global pandemic and unprecedented acts of hate are chinese community has shown the world what it means to be strong and resilient. the safest at least trans missive community in all of san francisco, which in turn is the safest community in the state of california. so let's stand united and make sure that we really bring the excitement back to san francisco and chinatown. the chinese general council passed on china's best wishes. i wish everybody. happy new year enjoy. he's #### happiness and good fortune in
6:42 pm
the year of the tiger and his legendary honor, the former mayor willie brown, beloved in this community made a new year's prediction. it's the year of the tiger. that now means. that cincinnati is going to beat los angeles and the super bowl. six tiger statues have been placed around the city to allow folks from near and far to take a picture with the tiger. the live new york chinese parade is on the 19th tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and ktvu is a sponsor of this year's chinese new year parade in san francisco, and as tom just mentioned, it is scheduled for february. 19th this year you can watch our special broadcast of the parade one week later on february 26th. and the wind warning for a part of the bay area. we'll talk about that. the wind advisory for the rest of us also looking for rain. see you back here
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6:46 pm
most americans believe high tuition costs are the biggest deterrent when it comes to getting a college education best colleges .com surveyed 2500 people asking about their perception of the financial challenges faced by those who choose not to pursue a college degree or those who drop out. 62% believe the cost can make college inaccessible. the study also found that respondents with higher incomes were more likely to say the cost of a degree is worth the potential benefits. americans are shelling out big bucks for love. the national retail federation says consumers are expected to spend roughly $24 billion on valentine's day this year. that's an increase from the 21.8 billion that was spent in 2021 53% of those questions said they would celebrate and spend on average $175. the most popular gifts are experiences such as tickets to a concert or sporting event. super
6:47 pm
bowl 56 is still a week and a half away, but it is already breaking records. tickets for that big game between the rams and the bengals are the most expensive ever, seatgeek says. as of yesterday, tickets were selling for more than $10,000. on average tickets are averaging 9800 on stubhub and the cheapest seats are going for $7000. analysts say the fact that the rams get to play in their home stadium against a team looking for his first ever championship in one of the most popular cities in the country has led to the high demand. alright checking in that wind advisory. that's the area in blue. okay you don't see it around san jose here. you don't see it around fremont. it's mostly in the hills of the east bay, north bay peninsula. santa cruz mountains as well and then when you get up here, you see the wind warning. that's a big deal that's going to last through thursday morning , and that's for high elevations of mount st helena above a couple 1000 ft. pardon me where wind gusts could easily get up
6:48 pm
to 25 to 75 miles an hour. it's gonna be pretty gusty up there, so that's the plan as we go into this evening, the forecast does this. the main event is basically right about now through tomorrow morning and early afternoon, so that's tomorrow at noon. watch out quickly, it clears out right. so by noon tomorrow, there's things that distant memory and again i suspect most of us aren't going to notice much of anything. truthfully not much more than you notice today. 25 days without rain. going on 26. we're going to make it 30 before it's all done. and the reason for the wind is that loge has to go over the top of the high and then it drops down the great basin working its way out towards the east coast where they've been getting all sorts of rain as we've been talking about, but that pressure graded the difference between the low in the high when you get close like that. produces the red arrow, which is offshore winds in gusty conditions. so that's what we have tonight and as long as that high stays where it is, which it looks like it's going to for a while. we're going to continue with these going up and over
6:49 pm
with the low sitting on the back side and these wind events coming up every few days or so, you know, so we'll have to keep an eye on that. i mean, that doesn't mean to be exactly the same each time, but the winds blowing outside right now up over at the higher elevations up over 40 miles an hour. i suspect the outlaw will get up to 50 tonight. probably that's about where they were last night 45 miles an hour tonight they'll get up about the same or a little more surface winds. not that great yet. but again overnight tonight into tomorrow around lunch time, it should be pretty breezy, especially in the very early morning, hours and again. it's about the north bay in terms of worrying about trees coming down things like that, because we could see branches every other places and trees. but up there where the wind warning is in effect at higher elevation. you got something to think about. now. that's most of us. don't live there. i mean most not in most people in the north. they don't live that high up, so it's going to be one of these events that will have impacts, perhaps on pg any more than it will on terms of our own , you know, personal experience except for power outages. okay.
6:50 pm
the forecast overnight lows about where they have been frost back in the forecast. valley. fog not happening forecast highs tomorrow. stop me if you've heard this before, because you have seen this before. don't stop me because i'm just going to keep going, and we've got more of the same more dry weather which is a drag, as you know, we need the rain. we're not going to see it in this five day period. we will see rain eventually again someday, but not in this next five days. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 11 will upgrade. we're never going to stop you, bill. we're going to keep going and going. thank you. what a song from disney's newest film, incanto just topped the billboard hot 100 chart. that no, no, no, no. with the talk about through. last week, there were 35 million streams of the song. we don't talk about bruno that ended adele's 10 week run at the top of the charts with easy on me. we don't talk about bruno is the
6:51 pm
second song from a disney animated film to top the charts . the first was a whole new world from aladdin in march of 1993 a lot of catchy sausage that movie coming up tonight. most decorated nfl player of all time makes it official sports director mark ibanez will weigh in on tom brady's retirement next and here's a look right now at ktvu is prime time lineup at eight. it's the resident followed by the real dirty dancing at nine. and be sure to stay with us for the
6:52 pm
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. niners organization, the faithful wave goodbye to one of the most underappreciated and classiest quarterbacks in 49 of franchise history. jimmy garoppolo appears headed elsewhere, the post mortem press conference made that abundantly clear today and are 49 are expert roo joe fonzi has more on today's press conference proceedings. before kyle shanahan and john lynch ever took the podium today, they knew what was coming. how much longer would jimmy garoppolo be the
6:55 pm
team's starting quarterback, and what's the timetable for trey lance's eventual takeover? at this point there were promising only one thing we're going to communicate as we always have, and we're going to be completely up front and honest, we've got a lot to think about. and um, you know, with our team in general, and certainly at that position. less than an hour later, garoppolo also appeared before the media, and his tone was decidedly different. got long career ahead of me, so i'm trying to. i'm excited about it excited about the opportunity to come. i just wanna go to a place where i you know whether where they want to win something that should be noted about garoppolo 49ers were 35 16 in games in which he started. eight and 31 when he didn't and if he wants to go to a contender, playoff teams tampa, pittsburgh and possibly green bay could be just the ticket for a guy with his kind of experience. in addition , keeping garoppolo will cost
6:56 pm
the 49ers $27 million against the salary cap 1.4 if he's traded or released. and staring at the 49ers in the very near future is extensions for two very important parts of the team . nick bosa and deebo samuel. i mean, i knew this would happen eventually, but it's um you can never be totally prepared for moments like these just weird. you know, you put yourself through all these things. you put yourself out there as a player back all these great relationships and then you know things come to a halt, but that's just life. so before we end, guys. i just wanted to, uh quick. thank you to all of you guys. the media. uh since i got here, you guys have been awesome. it's been however, right, guys. i love you guys so classy guy for one definitely going to miss him. hey, there's another quarterback in the news today. and no tom brady is not the quarterback who cried wolf. someone let the cat out of the bag a little early this past weekend, but yes, he is really
6:57 pm
retiring. probably the worst kept secret ever, but he makes it official social media today widely considered the greatest of all time. basically as every quarterback record imaginable touchdowns yardage, you name it every shape and variety. seven super bowl victories, five super bowl mvps 44 years old 22 seasons couldn't ask for more dreamlike career and you know what? don't forget. he's a bay area guy sarah high school in san mateo. and that school today set out a great tweet congratulating and basically on all his great accomplishments, his illustrious career and aptly they say, once a padre, always a padre, congratulations to tom brady. what else? great career. alright so we've got a little extra time stuff that does not involve quarterbacks in the news. let us check. this out.
6:58 pm
this is a frenchman by the name of florian kohler. his nickname is venom. he's an ultimate trick shot artist man. he's a bull shark man. 11 time guinness book of world records holder and i think you get a little glimpse as to why you see him at the local pool hall. don't mess this is 10 year old cooper, dennis. wow columbus, ohio keep an eye out for him in the future. what's this kid on the open ice man? that's uh, that's ghriskey ish right there. in 10 years old and check this out. this is ryan clark, also from columbus, ohio . they call him big z. he's on a mission and wants to make it to the olympics and the pair of olympics. as a wrestler and as a skateboarder as well. there is nothing that he feels he can't accomplish. she was born with no legs. great guy. that's the
6:59 pm
sporting life. thanks for sporting life. thanks for joining us, this sandwich is an unmitigated disaster. i asked for turkey and roast beef on whole wheat. what did they give you? with swiss and lettuce on whole wheat. it's the right ingredients, but in the wrong order. the cheese is adjacent to the bread to create a moisture barrier against the lettuce. they might as well have dragged this thing through a car wash. i don't believe it. i know. it's basic culinary science. some guy is auctioning off a miniature time machine prop from the original film, and no one is bidding on it. a time machine from the movie the time machine? no. a time machine from sophie's choice. boy, sophie could have used a time machine in that movie. did you see it? it's rough. wolowitz: oh, that's cool. uh-huh. it's only $800?
7:00 pm
yeah. and that's my bid. you bid $800? it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. i figured it would go for thousands, and i just wanted to be a part of it. there's only 30 seconds left in the auction. do you have $800? not to blow on a miniature time machine. well, don't worry. the way these things work is people wait until the last second to bid, and then they swoop in and get it. it's called sniping. 15 seconds. come on, snipers. ten, nine, eight... where are your snipers? five... snipe. four... snipe. three... snipe! two... snipe! one... ah! congratulations! you are the proud owner of a miniature time machine! you lucky duck. i wonder why no one else bid. this is a classic piece of sci-fi movie memorabilia. yeah, i know! i still can't afford it. why don't we share it? we'll each put in 200 bucks, and we'll take turns having it in our house. a time-share time machine. i'm in. sheldon? need you ask? i still don't understand why no one else bid.


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