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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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back to you guys seeing about 25 minutes, all right. that sounds good. mark. thank you coming up next to 11. i was shocked when he broke the news to me that actually, i can stay. a longstanding san francisco restaurant facing eviction gets a last minute reprieve, thanks to a county supervisor. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. some relief tonight for a popular vietnamese restaurant in san francisco that was set to lose its lease after nearly 40 years. hello again, everyone i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage size restaurant has now received a last minute reprieve. new tonight. ktvu san, burly with the big surprise for the owner. thank you news. that size restaurant in the financial district was going to close when its lease expired at the end of the month was hard to digest for its longtime customers. it's an institution size has been here since 1985 but owner in my chief
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tells me, she was told by the property manager a week ago that she would have to vacate the restaurant by february, 28th. but a reprieve came late tuesday afternoon. they are going to work with you on the future. our camera was there when supervisor aaron peskin came to the restaurant to tell key he was able to work out a deal with the property owners lawyer so she will be able to operate her restaurant here until she finds a new location and that the management will help her relocate was shocked when he broke the news to me that actually, i can stay. the restaurant was started 37 years ago by cheese and an uncle chinese immigrants from vietnam . she took over in 2017 earlier was, um moment of very heartbroken and now is joy, tears of joy right now, the property owners lawyer tells me cheese, unpaid rent will be forgiven and that you will not have to pay rent. while she looks for a new home for her restaurant. he did say the owner
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has plans to demolish the restaurant and build a 50,000 square foot building to match an existing building next door, which he also owns. peskin suspects. public pressure played a key role. they claimed that it was a misunderstanding between their property manager and the property owner. she says she's cautiously optimistic. think at this point, i don't really believe in it. to be honest with you and all unless something is black and white decide. relief happy new year, peskin tells me he'll convene a meeting this week with all parties involved to get the agreement in writing . she says she'll be looking for a new home in the same area. relieved that she now has more time to do so in san francisco. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. bart is reopening the restrooms that it's powell street station in san francisco for the first time in more than 20 years. the transit agency closed those restrooms at 10 of its underground stations in 2000 and
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one immediately following the september 11th terrorist attacks . reopening ceremony is scheduled to take place tomorrow . bart says there are plans to reopen restrooms at its other underground stations in the coming months. restroom attendants will be on hand for at least two months. new at 11 tonight. three people are dead in a crash involving several cars and a big rig in modesto. the accident happened at about 4 15 this afternoon on carver road and brings more avenue. investigators say the three people who died were all in one vehicle. police say two other people were sent to the hospital. the driver of the tractor trailer was not hurt. the cause of the accident is under investigation. now to our weather and the wind advisory in effect for most of the bay area tonight. the strongest winds are expected later in the evening. but already we've seen some of the effects of the wind. ktvu semantic quintana. joining us live tonight from lafayette with more amanda. yes, well, we are
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expecting to see the most impact in the east bay, the north bay and in the santa cruz mountains. some of those higher elevations could see up to 70 mile per hour winds, and that has pg any warning people that they could see some damage over the next few days. we are anticipating gusts that are to a level that can start, um breaking limbs off of trees, even uprooting or knocking over healthy trees, things that can lead to power outages even down lines. tamar sarkisyan with pg and e says crews are prepared and ready to respond. but she says you should have a plan to so having a flashlight with fresh batteries . if your power does go out, you can plug your appliances but leave one lamp on. so you know when the power comes back on, also think about charging your phones. we already started to see the effects of the wind tuesday afternoon. one of the
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branches came down the large branch from one of these trees here and hit a couple of students. luckily the students at martin murphy middle school in san jose, only had minor injuries, but a pretty big scare for parents who saw the ambulance arrive. it's a pretty windy day, and a lot of things are flying around branches going all over the place in oakland, the boys and girls club is still trying to recover from one of the last wind advisories almost two weeks ago. it took out part of the club's roof overnight. you could see the roofing materials just strewn about. we're looking starting at a price point of $57,000 worth of damage done by the wind president and ceo cal stanley worries as they try to get it fixed. even more damage could happen with this storm. we always worry about the clubs and so now with the hole on the roof . you know, i'm not sure how much more damage could be done to the roof. um but you know, there was no damage previously, so the wind might tear something
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else up. the national weather service is advising that people secure any belongings that they have outdoors. and they say that you should be aware that you could see some down trees, especially out on the roadways. p genie is calling in crews from other areas of the state. to come here and help with those power outages that we might see live in lafayette, amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. new at 11 tonight is san mateo equestrian coach is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. and now authorities believe there may be more victims. 52 year old michael travel rig was arrested last week he is accused of molesting a 13 year old girl back in 2019. the man was also an equestrian coach in los angeles county and had been charged with sexually assaulting a victim there as well. the cemetery county sheriff's office says there is concern there may be more victims. a woman is dead and
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another person is in critical condition after a shooting inside of an oakland spa. this happened just after 10 o'clock this morning at the comey spot on grand avenue, right across the street from lake merritt. investigators say the suspect walked into that spot and shot one of the workers and employee told us the suspect was a woman and that after she shot the man, she then turned the gun on herself. it does not appear that this is a random shooting. and we believe that there is no threat to public safety. police have interviewed several employees and witnesses to search for signs of a potential motive. it has now been 33 years since 13 year old eileen mitchell off disappeared while walking home from school in the east bay. eileen vanished on january 30th 1989 after she left wells middle school in dublin. her family holds a candlelight vigil every year around this time, but for the second year in a row, the event was canceled
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because of covid concerns. dublin police say even after three decades, they are committed to finding eileen a conviction in the case of a man who shot and killed in east bay police officer how long he could now spend in prison up next first in 90 seconds, california's first ever surgeon general is stepping down what general is stepping down what we're learning oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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post doctor, nadine burke. harris was appointed by governor newsom in 2019. dr burke. harris is a pediatrician and the founder and ceo of the center for youth wellness of pediatric nonprofit in san francisco. it's not known at this time why she decided to resign or when another surgeon general will be appointed. governor newsom did release the statement responding to dr burke harris is resignation and it reads in part quote. i thank her for the impactful initiatives and framework she has put in place as california's first ever surgeon general, and we'll continue this important work to create healthier communities across the state. u. c berkeley's nelson lab has been and continues to evaluate wastewater samples for covid. this is from nine wastewater facilities in alameda, contra costa. san francisco and marin county's. the overall amount of covid in wastewater has become less and less but the wastewater facility that serves san ruffles, mostly latino canal district. sampled on january
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18th mysteriously spiked, officials acknowledged the sampling site changed at that location, so it could be a misread three other samples taken elsewhere in the county did test lower so given this is a high covid risk population. marine is now awaiting a re verification from another sample. we're waiting data from their most recent election on january 25th two, um to see if that does reinforces that earlier data point, frankly, we need more data before we can assume that this is a chance. also today, the berkeley sampling lab reported that the latest test was lower. but the county wants more data to be sure that the spike is a misread. spicer may soon get approval to administer its vaccine to children under the age of five. today, the company asked federal regulators for emergency use authorization advisor says it has started submitting research data to the fda. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with one of the researchers
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leading the clinical trials at stanford. fighter began submitting data from its safety studies to the fda and the fda said it plans to review the data with independent research panels within the coming weeks. researchers say there were no serious side effects among the children under five, but the immune response varied. the 60 23 month olds had a very good antibody response. just as good as all of the older age groups. the 2 to 4 year olds did not have as good an antibody response. dr yvonne maldonado, lead investigator of stanford's fighter, pediatric covid vaccine trials, says the under five group got a much lower dose than older children. the under fives dot 1/10 of the adult dose. they got three micrograms. the problem is, you can't really increase the dose because when you try 10 micrograms in those young children, they have a higher likelihood of getting high fevers. doctor, maldonado says. that's why fighters studying a third dose for the youngest children. but some say
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there's concern about public trust of the fda approved two doses before studies of the third dose are completed. a new survey by the kaiser family foundation found three in 10 parents say they'll get their child vaccinated right away when the covid vaccine is available for children under five that 31% is higher compared to just 20% last july. 26% of parents surveyed say they definitely would not have their child vaccinated only slightly different from 30% last july. i personally don't think it's necessary. i'd like to see how it affects other kids, right? of course, before i you know? think about giving it to my own kids. others say they're eager to get their child vaccinated. it would be nice to worry about her little less. it would be nice to be able to go to the grocery store and not you know, stress out that you know she might rip her mask off in the middle of it. dr maldonado says the threat to children is real right now. covid is the eighth most common
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cause of death and children in the united states. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. and you can keep up with the latest coronavirus developments on our website. just visit ktvu .com/ covid-19. we're hanging in there, but it's rough. a family in mourning after a deadly hit and run crash in the south bay. the effort to find the driver responsible after the break. and tracking some strong winds. mountie pablo up to 50 miles an hour. some of the winds in the north bank could be stronger tonight. i'll have the details in the five day coming up and how a chp officer in the east bay went above and beyond, to help some new parents who gave birth to their b an antr
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a homemade bomb exploded yesterday. police were back at the home of frank trout today, the 62 year old apparently blew himself up yesterday, just blocks away at a nearby school. it is unclear if it was by accident or on purpose. authorities say this is not the first time tried has been involved with explosives. want to show you a mug shot from 2012 after he was burned while making pipe bombs inside the same house. trout lived by himself, and neighbors say he didn't appear to be a threat to anyone. he's never. ah threatened anybody. you know, he just keeps himself entire time. he shouldn't have been doing that in the first place is kind of weird to me that he would be doing all that. but, you know it's crazy. police today blocked off streets in the neighborhood for a second day in a row. the man's property is still in shambles. authorities say the home was in such disarray. city officials red tagged it a plea
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deal was reached in the deadly shooting of a hayward police sergeant sergeant scott longer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in july of 2015. mark astrada of oakland, was charged with first degree murder. today estrada entered a plea agreement that could send him to prison for at least 50 years. sentencing is set for march. 18th sergeant longer was a 15 year veteran of the hayward police force. a woman is searching for answers tonight after her brother was killed in a hit and run crash. it happened last week at the alameda and newhall street in san jose. investigators say the driver slowed down but ultimately left the scene. ktvu is jesse gary tells us, this is the city's ninth traffic fatality in just one month. my brother was i'm sorry. it was a good person. we did everything together when we were kids, erin rickman says she was connected at the hip and soul to her big brother of 14
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months. as a toddler. when travis rep then went to school, she cried from separation anxiety. 37 year old's life ended january 28th two injuries from a hit and run collision. if you alameda and newhall street right now we're looking for witnesses. we don't have a lot of information in this hit and run san jose police detectives say around 4 30 in the morning weapon was crossing the alameda. his sister says he lived in the area and didn't drive but usually walked. the driver of a white van, perhaps a transit van police say hit him in the crosswalk near a well known south bay breakfast restaurant costs rockers curly dangerous at night. cars turning left found going on the l a meter towards the highway. i just don't see the people in the middle of the night the driver pulled over briefly, then left the scene. weapon was taken to a local hospital, but died five days later from his injuries. yeah, we were able to see him and say our goodbyes. and let him go on
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friday. so. we're hanging in there, but it's rough. police hope witnesses can shed more light on the van, which left the scene and the person behind the wheel. meanwhile aaron redmond prepares to say goodbye to the protector and friend. she's known her whole life. my brother had all the love to get that he could. he has two amazing kids that deserve to know like what happened to their dad, bregman leaves behind a wife, a 17, year old daughter and a 14 year old son. families established a go fund me page to help pay for funeral costs. the city of san jose, is preparing a safety program that will launch next year. but in the meantime, putting up signage across the city, advising motorists to slow down and watch out for pedestrians in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. already
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we've got some breezy conditions up high in the bay area that winds have come down to the surface by tomorrow morning and we'll be blowing 10 to 15 to 20 miles now are for most of us, but up high you're going to be blowing 35 40 50, maybe even more, especially in the north cape. there's a high wind warning in effect through nine a.m. thursday in the north bay. that's for the strongest winds are going to be that's where they're not there right now. the strongest winds right now are up on mount diablo in the east bay up around vacaville as well. we've got wind gusts near vacaville amount back about 40 miles an hour. deauville is coming in at about 50 miles an hour, but the wind advisory stays in effect for most of us through wednesday evening tomorrow evening, and then some folks will stay in effect until thursday morning. that's the east bay hills. so just another wind event. we've had a few of these days because of the way this high has set up the highest, the lowest close together. and when that happens in this type of dry patterns,
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you get a tight pressure gradient and you get wind and again. if this is fall summer spring, we're concerned about fire. danger wind gusts right now i mount diablo 47. up in the santa cruz mountains. 25 miles an hour 35 up on mount tam so reasonable not out of control, but i think the winds especially in the north, bail pick up late tonight early tomorrow morning, and they could get up to 60 miles an hour. mulsanne halina mark and those areas. no fog along the coast, no coastal farm to speak of and that has to do with the wind. it's going to be chilly overnight south of here. there's a freeze advisory down towards modesto or south of modesto down towards fresno. so it's going to be cold. we're close proximity, a lot of cold air. it's going to be cold. there's the satellite loop. everything's going to the north. no clouds over us current temperatures. going to be called tomorrow morning like it has been 47 in san francisco. that's chilly. livermore 38. then your forecast highs tomorrow, which would be just like today, so
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we're still waiting on their rain. we've got this wind that we're talking about. what we really want to talk about is rain in the forecast, and it's not there the next five days. we are dry as it gets, and potentially the next five after that, too, so we're getting into sort of shaky ground here by the lack of rain, the number of days without rate 25 days and running. in the bay area proper. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. right? see you then, bill. thank you. a chp officer in the east bay went above and beyond, to help a couple safely bring their new baby home. officer rodriguez drove to washington hospital to help father install a car seat. the couple had originally called the chp to make a car seat appointment, saying the baby was due late due late february, while the baby had other plans that arrived early, so the officer took it upon himself to drive to the hospital and help them install the car seat there. coming up. sports director marco baniyas will tell us what quarterback jimmy garoppolo is saying about his future with the
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niners and which type of team he might like to play for next. up first. the salesforce tower is celebrating the lunar new year. you can see there was a tiger walking along the top of the skyscraper tonight, all in celebration of the year of the tiger. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. we'll be o'clock news on ktvu. we'll be right back. get the card nerdwallet calls insanely valuable and watch the value add up. free checked bag for you and a friend. plus our famous companion fare and $100 average annual value from everyday purchases. that's $441 in total annual value after just one flight with a friend. nearly triple what you get with cash back cards. getting you to over 1000 destinations faster. apply for the alaska airlines visa card today.
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not in the lineup, warriors down as many as 17, but they go on a 23 5 run. in the fourth. and you know what? gary payton the second started with that steel that ends up in the talented hands of jonathan dominga to slam it down, and it was on take it to the final sequence. this is the decider warriors down one jordan's pool. mrs mad scramble , damien lee will get it quickly into the corner for pool again. and guess what? he he's not gonna miss that one. he in 31 17 seconds left warriors go up to the hit a couple of free throws for the 1 24 1 20 final a most unexpected win. for the golden state warriors as they do the texas two step two straight victories. houston and san antonio. let's go to the college cords, big game basketball style . it's stanford and cal. stanford said. a couple of impressive wins, but man bears are struggling. they've lost seven in a row coming in those
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scoring stanford jordan's shepherd dish it for quantity, quantity and the flush cal within three in the second half , still up three spencer jones. that's a that's a big myth right there. jane delaire, though, to clean it up muscles to the board. he's fouled. it counts. stanford goes on 57 50, the cardinals six and four in conference, cal, struggling to and nine. well, it looks like goodbye for jimmy g with the 49ers organization. the powers that be weren't so easily onto the microphones to say he's definitely gone, but jimmy garoppolo made it pretty clear when he entered the press conference seen today that his days as a 49ers pretty much over. it doesn't get more blunt than this. excited about the opportunity to come. i just want to go to a place where i you know whether where they want to win. i mean, i knew this would happen eventually. it's just
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weird. you know, you put yourself through all these things. you put yourself out there as a player back all these great relationships and then i you know, things come to a halt its been, however, right guys. yeah. alright hey, the sharks man, they go into the all star break, not a bunch of happy campers didn't go the way they wanted, but they were up tough against the stanley cup defending champs tampa and bob buker, their coach, not happy about being down to one in the third power play situation. shirts will pull even. it's the captain logan couture, scoring it on a beautiful redirect that ties it to their shark fans down there they go to overtime, tampa attacking the defending stanley cup champs, but it's victor hedman unassisted. two scored. sharks lose at 32, but they do pick up a point. let us with the time we have left. check this out. you happen to be in a pool hall and you run into this guy
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