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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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threw the punch. interacted with someone in this vehicle. new details are emerging tonight about the attack that has a 40 niners fan from the bay area in a coma. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage. one thing investigators are focusing on tonight is a vehicle while they're keeping a lot of information about that vehicle secret tonight they hoped tracking it down will lead to more clues in this case. ktvu is amber lee has been following today's developments, and she joins us now with the latest amber julie mayor james butts of inglewood, says there is video of the altercation between 40 niners fan daniel luna and the suspect who punched him. he's not releasing the video at this point, but described what happened in the parking lot of sofi stadium. victim mr luna
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pushes someone from behind. that person. when mr lunar turns away pushes him. takes another step towards him and punches him. looks like in the mouth area, mr lunar falls back on his head, inglewood mayor james butts. police are now looking for a vehicle associated with the man who punched daniel luna, the popular owner of a peruvian restaurant in oakland. but says the suspect was seen interacting with someone in that vehicle. they do have a license plate, but because we don't know that this is suspect's vehicle. we're not releasing that information. that time luna was discovered on the ground in the parking lot of sofi stadium sunday afternoon, about a half hour after the nfc championship game between the 49 years and the rams started. he is now in the hospital in a medically induced coma. i'm so sorry, but daniel two bucks for him in oakland, luna's friends comforted each other and try to make sense of what happened and i'm shocked. it's devastating.
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carlos moreira like luna also owns a peruvian restaurant. puccio in oakland. he tells me luna is a huge sports fan. super charismatic. very nice energy. you know, like, always a smile on his face. um. always wondering around and super happy. super great buys. sam singer tells me he became friends with luna dining at luna's restaurant, mistura on piedmont avenue to me. in society or that it could even happen to die who's so sweet and kind and generous as daniel and it makes me question? why anybody would ever go to an nfl game? the inglewood mayor described the altercation between luna and the suspect as being quick, he said the man who punched luna wa not clear enough to show recognizable faces. julie alex such a tough time for his family as they wait for more answers
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and hope for his full recovery. amber. thank you. the 40 niners have issued a statement on this matter saying, in part what happened to daniel luna is reprehensible, and we strongly condemn all violence. we know local authorities are conducting a full investigation and we are here to support them. however, we can new attend. oakland parents made their voices heard tonight against plans. school closures, no school closers is not for self. members of several parent groups took part in a car caravan protest they chanted in the neighborhoods of board members who will be voting next week on closing or merging more than a dozen schools by june. one parent says the district is favoring charter schools at the expense of neighborhood public schools. we know the message is loud and clear that they favor charter schools and enrollment, and they're not helping at all to keep our public schools um at capacity. the district says it
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needs to close those schools due to falling enrollment as it faces a budget deficit of as much as $20 million. the school board is set to take a vote on those closures at its meeting next tuesday. members of the oakland city council are planning to ask the governor and the state legislature for help to keep oakland schools open their drafting a resolution asking that the state eliminate the oakland unified school districts outstanding debt. they also want the average daily attendance formula to be revised , so schools don't get penalized when children are sick. city leaders say those changes could help keep roughly 16 of the district's 80 schools from having to close. the resolution will be voted on by the entire council on february 15th the element county sheriff's office remember the recruit today who was killed last month in a freeway shooting near the bay bridge toll plaza. the regional training center held a memorial run today in honor of david wynn . he was shot and killed as he
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drove home after a day of training at the alameda county sheriff's academy in dublin. the 28 year old would have graduated with the 172nd academy class tomorrow. charges could be filed tomorrow in a deadly mass shooting on a greyhound bus in butte county, police say 21 year old asadi coleman of sacramento was taken into custody following that rampage. investigators say he was on a bus headed to los angeles last night when the bus made a stop in oroville. people on the bus said he appeared agitated after talking to someone on the phone. at some point, he began to have a conversation with other members of the bus. i think the conversations at this point can best be characterized as him acting paranoid and agitated. authorities say he opened fire as people were getting off of the bus. one woman was killed and four others were injured, including a man and a pregnant woman, along with an 11 year old girl. the suspect ran into a
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nearby walmart, where deputies say he took off his clothes. he was naked when he was arrested. fallout at facebook, the tech giant's parent company, meta recorded its worst day ever on wall street. take a look at the numbers here. the company lost more than a quarter of its market value. ktvu elissa harrington joins us live tonight from outside meta headquarters in menlo park with what's next for the company, alyssa. you know, facebook has a lot of competition these days. there's tiktok's there's snapchat. there's all these video services that facebook is really trying to keep up with the ceo mark zuckerberg told staff that they will dedicate a lot of their budget and their resources to their video services like reels and also to creating the metaverse. for the first time in its 18 year history, facebook, now known as meta reported a loss and users shares plunged more than 26% or $230 billion in a single day.
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ceo mark zuckerberg's personal wealth took a nearly $30 billion hit. this came after the company recorded a decline in profits during the final months of 2021 . big big hit. i mean, what this really represents is ah, companies are investors losing confidence in facebook, roger chang of cnet said met his days of growth could be in the past, especially in a market saturated with competing apps. there's a lot of fair there's a lot of concern that the competition is ramping up and particular tiktok tiktok, the short form video app is wildly popular people we talked to in downtown palo alto all use it. yeah, makes sense that people want to go into like more trendy things like guess instagram tiktok, but not snapchat. i guess. arcelormittal said he still uses facebook to just got some group chats with my friends and be like we just discussed classwork. we found others who still have a facebook
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account. but don't actively use it. i think there is a trust issue. i think we just personal. i just don't trust anymore to share your data. i don't and i'm actually trying to delete as much as i could myself. zuckerberg posted his company strategy on his facebook page. he acknowledged growing competition and told staff to focus on its own video program instagram reels, he wrote. it's clear short form video will be an increasing part of how people consume content moving forward and reels is now our fastest growing content format by far. tech company is also dedicating resources to its long term goal of creating the metaverse. they want to create this digital world that we all that everyone will interact in and live in and make purchases in we're not there yet. virtuality is experienced. that's still a little bit niche. meta is also looking for ways to monetize all of its programs. zuckerberg said the company is rebuilding its ad
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system to make sure that ads are personalized and that they target iowa's users reporting live in menlo park. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. alright, alyssa. thank you. the dive in meta stock triggered steep losses on wall street. today the dow fell 518 points. the tech focused nasdaq plunged 538 points, marking its biggest loss since september of 2020. at the s and p lost 111 points. we have new details tonight on the federal hate crime trial in the killing of ahmad are very greg mcmichael has withdrawn plans to plead guilty in the case. mcmichael his son and a neighbor were all convicted of murder in aubrey's death in georgia. in 2020, a judge recently rejected terms of a plea deal in the federal case after objections from our berries parents, mcmichael now plans to plead not guilty and stand trial for a second time. jury selection is set to begin on monday. a judge denied bail
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today for the so called party mom who is accused of hosting alcohol fueled sex parties for underage teens. shannon o. connor of los cabos faces 39 charges including child abuse, sexual battery and providing alcohol to minors. one teen and several parents, including her ex husband spoke out. urging the judge to keep o'connor locked up . o'connor has been in jail since her arrest in october. her attorney says he plans to appeal the judge's decision. the san francisco police department is facing some tough criticism tonight from district attorney chase a. boudin the dea has problems with the department's decision to end in agreement with the da's office to investigate police use of force cases. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been following what is now turning into a political firestorm. officers cannot effectively investigate themselves or their fellow officers. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin on thursday said it's more important than ever for his
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office to continue to investigate police use of force cases. he said the chief abandoning a memorandum of understanding or mou is just an attempt to take away his authority and part of a complex political power play by his opponents. and violations of millions happen all the time. what doesn't happen is politicizing those violations. or allowing the police union to dictate who investigates police officers accused of excessive force. this all comes after misconduct allegations surfaced in the case against police officer terrence tangle. boudin charged tangle with assault and other crimes in the beating of dakari spears in october 2019. but d a investigator megan hayashi, said she was told by the prosecutor in the case to remove parts of an arrest warrant against angle. including information that spears was abusing his girlfriend. before police arrived. hayashi was asked on the stand quote. were
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you instructed to remove exculpatory information from the warrant? she answered. quote yes , and continued. it was a general understanding and my experience in this office. if you don't sign these things, you'll be fired hours after his decision to end the agreement with the d a. the chief explained things that the police commission meeting wednesday night that led to this testy exchange with commissioner john hamasaki an ardent boudin supporter, ultimately what this is about. and i welcome discussion on this. is fairness to the officers who depend on fairness to do their jobs effectively and you want to put out propaganda releases trying to muddy the water cheap. no commissioner boudin on thursday insisted that nothing improper happened in the case against officer stengel. and said the judge in the case agrees with
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him. but i can assure you that when my office when my team makes mistakes, we own them. and i can tell you that we did not make mistakes under my leadership in this case, opening statements in the case against officer stangler begin on monday . in the meantime, the sfpd said it's reopening its investigation into his alleged victim, dockery spears. following all these revelations. in san francisco. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. it's crazy that i was released in 2019, and i have only been to court once. situations like this have some calling for an overhaul of the way immigration cases are handled. coming up tonight at 10 30, we'll break down the push for an all new immigration court. and we are tracking the weather is warm one. it was a warm one again today. it's going to be warmer tomorrow and into the weekend possible upper sixties low seventies all have that when i return and severe weather takes a toll on people
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dangerous. several homes were reported damaged and overturned . cars were found along the roadways. there was also reports of flooding as well, and the severe weather is impacting more than just alabama tonight. that's right. live earth cam images from oklahoma city show you some of the icy conditions. the frigid weather is hitting multiple states, including oklahoma, texas and tennessee. more than 200,000 homes and businesses are forced to make it through the night without power. boxes midi hicks shows us how the northeast is getting ready for more extreme conditions. millions of americans remain in the path of a winter storm that's now taking aim at the northeast. it's expected to drop heavy snow in parts of ohio, new york and southern new england. through friday, the national weather service says more than a foot of snow is possible in some places. the system blasted the midwest and south with a mix of precipitation, sleet and freezing rain fell over parts of
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texas, oklahoma and tennessee today, weighing down trees and power lines. the conditions left more than 100,000 homes and businesses without power. we are dealing with one of the most significant icing events that we've had in the state of texas . there are some consequences that result from this being such a significant icing event. further north snow remained the biggest issue. the colorado springs area was buried under 20 inches of snow, while more than a foot fell in parts of illinois and indiana. and then every few hours, just come out against the snowblower and shovel and just do a little bit more just so i don't have to do it all at once the system will exit off the northeast coast friday, but even as the precipitation ends, cold temperatures will remain throughout the weekend. kentucky officials say this could cause roads to stay icy after the storm leaves. it's very difficult to get ahead with this, because as long as it's
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wet, there's not much we can do. the weather also created a mess for airlines today, with more than 4000 flights canceled in buffalo, midi hicks, fox weathee out there, especially in the southeast. they're not squared away with snow removal equipment , ice concerns that do have it occasionally, but houston doesn't often get down to 20. 28 degrees, so here's the inclement weather. it's about 2000 miles worth of just unsettled atmosphere pushing across the eastern seaboard. it's a mess over. you know many, many power outages. here's our jet stream, right? it goes up. remember, i've been showing you this all week goes up. and then it comes down. that's the ridge and then it drops. okay, so i'm building. i'm superimposing this that trough on the east side where you see that loop. that's where the weather is, if we were on that side of the trough of our trough or our ridge, we'd be getting rain. they're getting hammered because these storms come up over the top of us, and
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then it gets huge speed because it's a straight line. the gesture is relatively meridian will flow. and so it's just a straight line. this this this moisture and arrogance moving real quick. and then it hits the bottom of that curve and explodes. i mean, that's just classic kind of whether one or one stuff and they're getting it . they're going to handle that. it's not just the first round. they've had this pretty much for the last month and a half. since we've had our grij. they've had their trough, so we have a completely different set of concerns that they have. it's clear outside. it's going to be caught tonight. as you know, overnight lows or get down into the low thirties. we'll see frost in many locations when does die down? these were the highest from today. i hear and like i say this is february, right? i mean, think about this is not this is not typical weather at all for february 65 in san jose today, tomorrow is going to be about the same. about time we get into the weekend, we could see temperatures into the upper sixties low seventies. tomorrow's gonna be nice drive. i'll see you back here with the complete forecast. all right.
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see you in a bit bill. the city of san jose and its mayor are the targets of a new lawsuit over a lack of transparency at city hall. this suit was filed by the nonprofit news outlets san jose spotlight and the first amendment coalition. it alleges mayor sam liccardo used a private email account to conduct city business in an effort to get around california's public records act. the lawsuit claims the city improperly withheld a range of records. blacked out information and failed to turn over public records that were requested by the news organization. we were told certain records didn't exist even when we had copies of those records. we uncovered how the mayor almost exclusively uses private emails for city business and deleted public email thread. we were told email accounts researched despite some messages, not turning up for a year. the mayor's office responded to the lawsuit, saying that staff had spent quote hundreds of hours reviewing and producing thousands of pages of
10:21 pm
documents in response to the news organizations, public records act request and that quote, although our team mistakenly missed two emails in our good faith effort to respond to one p r a request we provided both of those emails in a subsequent request. this lawsuit request a court order for city officials to stop using personal devices for public matters or to make sure that government email addresses are copied on communications. the biden administration has a new plan designed to help you avoid hackers. coming up tonight. what it thinks will help protect your digital devices and a risky us raid does more than just take out and isis leader coming up what u. s troops were able to gather from h
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say the terror leader blew himself up along with members of his own family as us forces moved in. that raid unfolded at a hideout in northern syria near the border with turkey. fox's lauren blanchard tells us american forces engaged in an hours long firefight before the raid finally ended. we've learned u. s forces were able to gather information at the isis leaders home. national security advisers now say it's being analyzed. the leader of isis may be dead, but the terror group's still poses a threat, according to national security advisers. it is significantly degraded, but nobody here works on these issues is taking a victory lap. make no mistake whoever isis names after haji abdullah he's sure to meet the same fate. the overnight rate in northwest syria ordered by president biden targeted isis leader abu ibrahim al hashimi al karachi, also called haji abdullah sent a strong message to terrorists around the world. we will come
10:25 pm
after you and find you. u s special forces were on the ground for two hours, al karachi detonated a massive explosive device, killing himself and his family satellite images show the third floor blown off the building. can you imagine tomorrow deprivation it takes to consciously kill your own children and wife. the president shows a ground operation rather than an airstrike to protect innocent lives in the home, and the pentagon maintains any civilian deaths were not caused by us troops. the calculated efforts of our forces succeeded in protecting more than 10. women. children and babies. the rate has received broad bipartisan praise. commend the administration and our men and women in uniform for successfully carrying out this operation. there was a $10 million reward for information about al karachi's location. it is unclear if anyone will receive that reward. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news roberto hernandez says
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he has been in the us since he was 10 years old. he's an immigrant youth advocate and says he was picked up by ice in southern california in 20. some people think removing the justice department from the equation will put more immigration cases on a fast track coming up tonight. the new way they want to bring these cases to a close. tonight's crowd at the warriors game faces a new batch of pandemic era rules. and coming up tonight later in sports warriors start draymond green gives an update on his injured back and when he might return to the lineup also ahead tonight, find out who's getting behind plans to turn the life story of former 49ers quarterback and civil rights quarterback and civil rights activist colin kaepe oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it
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create an independent immigration court system taking out from under the justice department and attorney general ktvu jana katsuyama joining us now from our newsroom with the details on how this would work and reaction to the proposal, janna alex and julie southbank. congresswoman jo lofgren says the american bar association is just one of many groups that proposed this idea 10 years ago . she says an independent immigration court system could be more efficient and more fair . instead of being under the attorney general who was a political appointee. roberto hernandez says he has been in the us since he was 10 years old. he's an immigrant youth advocate and says he was picked up by ice in southern california in 2019 for two years. he's been wearing an ankle bracelet waiting for us immigration courts to process his case. it's crazy that i was released in 2019, and i have only been to court once the backlog. it's so monumental. a historically high backlog now topping one million
10:30 pm
has pushed this system to the brink. south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren, seen here at a 2020 judiciary committee hearing says now is the time to take action. she introduced a bill to create an independent immigration court system to handle trials and appeals. the real courts. rule of law act would remove immigration courts from under the justice department and the attorney general who is a political appointee, lofgren says that would make the process more consistent and fair. you don't want politicians going in and making the decisions when it should be a judicial decision. under lofgren's bill, immigration judges would serve for limited terms and be able to control their own calendars, which she says they can't do now, often leading to costly delays. getting something heard and decided. efficiently is cost effective. law experts say the constitution does allow for courts to be established through article one in an article one court, the president does not
10:31 pm
have to make the appointments they can be made in some other way. they are not for life. they are for a term. you see, hastings law professor david levine says other article one court systems already exist in the us we do have several that are like that bankruptcy court is like that. and the tax court. is like that. it's a way for taxpayers to challenge if the irs says that they are making such a transition, however, he says, would need ample funding and time to handle the backlog of immigration cases. you would expect that there would be growing pains with something like this, so it would need adequate resources. you would need to worry about the transition you would have to allow for some hiccups. an immigration has been a divisive political issue. but lofgren says she has talked to some republicans have expressed interest in the idea, and she's talking now with members of the senate about drafting a companion bill. alex all right, we'll see where this goes. jana katsuyama live in the newsroom tonight, jennifer. thank you. to attend police in
10:32 pm
san francisco, say a 27 year old man who was stabbed earlier this week in the mission district has now died of his injuries. police say officers found the victim with stab wounds at the corner of potrero avenue and mariposa street around 12 30 monday morning. he was taken to the hospital, but died yesterday. the san francisco medical examiner's office is working to identify him now. so far. police have not made any arrests. anyone who has information should call the sfpd. for the first time fans at san francisco's chase center were required to show proof of a covid booster shot anyone 12 and over who entered the arena for tonight's warriors game had to show their vaccination card with proof of a booster taken at least one week before those who have not had a booster could instead show proof of a negative covid antigen tests taken within 24 hours. or 48 hours for a pcr test. the san francisco department of public health has updated its covid-19 isolation and quarantine guidance for
10:33 pm
childcare settings and you sports starting this month children ages two and older who have tested positive for the virus may return to childcare after isolating for five days with a negative test and no symptoms. also players who take part and you sports and are up to date on their vaccinations status may remove their masks indoors during practice. debris burning outside is suspected as the cause of a fire at a mission district apartment building. and fire started just after midnight . 22 people were displaced from the building on 16th street, including two older residents, who are recovering at the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. i'm just living. you know, we're all sitting up here all night long. people can't get their stuff. this place got to work. you know, we're not rich people. poor people back up in here. and i'm just i'm just i'm just fed up. that fire also damaged the popular restaurant, zakariyah los coyotes, which is on the ground floor of that
10:34 pm
three story building. fire departments all across the nation are often called two fires where people illegally dumped waste or allow it to pile up. ktvu tom vacar shows us. the problem is widespread in san francisco. in its ongoing 24 73 65 effort. san francisco's department of public works crews collect 450 tons of debris each week, the entire weight of a fully fueled and loaded 7 47 jumbo cargo plane, illegal debris piles in non dumping areas are mostly construction and remodeling, debris, appliances and furniture. the other big challenge. pop up debris piles, often but not always associated with homeless encampments. you can attract furman, you may not know what hazardous wastes could be in there a lot of its construction debris. that's a big thing. there could also be fires associated with that if someone sets that's what i'm fired at noon illegal dumping sites. the
10:35 pm
city has surveillance cameras, sting operations and hefty fines . that's improved the situation , but all bad dumping habits are hard to break. then there are the often unsightly encampments . we have crews that are out every morning starting at 4 30 in the morning. to go and not clear the encampments but just to clean up around the encampments. we did notice that if you homeless folks do try to keep the area around them to brief free another problem people putting their garbage all around public and private trash cans on the streets for that the city is considering trash cans and bends that are hard for scavengers to get into and throw garbage on the ground. we don't have an unlimited resource of cleaning crews. we do have a lot and they're out there doing their job every day. in addition to direct city efforts, residents can dial 311 to report abandoned waste that call get transferred to her ecology. we've got 12 trucks in the city that are assigned to pick up abandoned waste. and we'll send
10:36 pm
trucks out with less than four hours. we're picking up. over 200 locations a day. this is not confined to big cities, not by a long shot. i was talking to some folks up in police, a county and in shasta county about what they're doing, because they're starting to see illegal dumping in rural areas and forested areas. it's a human problem that only humans can soul tom vacar ktvu, fox two news months after cameras captured images of a brazen shooting in alejo, investigators make arrests coming up at 11 who they think was behind this homicide. another beautiful day. today the weekend is going to be warm. how warm could it get in february? i'll let you know back after the break. and the u. s. takes new steps to crack down on hackers across the globe.
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♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. soldier that leaves this airfield that gets onto an aircraft understands what their mission is, knows that they're supported by the soldier to the left and to their right. i know that their leadership is here to take care of them to make sure that they get back safely. us troops supported planes and headed to poland and germany today as tensions build along russia's border with ukraine about 3000. us troops are now heading to the region to support nato forces in eastern europe and is fox's steve harrigan tells us this comes as the u. s claims. the kremlin has plans to fake an attack on russians in ukraine. in order to justify military action. the pentagon said today that russian president vladimir putin has approved false flag operations, the creation of videos using actors that pose as ukrainians. using us weapons to kill
10:40 pm
russians. we believe that russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video, which would include corpses and actors that would be depicting mourners. in images of destroyed locations as well as military equipment at the hands of ukraine. russia has repeatedly accused the us of hysteria over the situation in ukraine. and reacted angrily to the u. s decision to send 3000 troops to allies in eastern europe, saying the move is a destructive step. this comes as nato officials warn of the ongoing massive russian build up on ukraine's northern border in belarus. where it's expected to soon reach 30,000 troops. over the last days, we have seen a significant movement. of russian military forces into belarus. this is the biggest russian deployment there since the cold war. turkish president erdogan offered to host talks between moscow and kiev. turkey is ready
10:41 pm
to do what it can to end the crisis between two friendly countries, which are also neighbors in black sea on the streets here when you talk to people about a russian invasion many who are closely connected by generations of family find it hard to imagine our countries are tightly connected. i don't know how they're going to attack brother nation. if the russians do attack this tram driver, a veteran says he will fight. i think our people have a positive attitude and everyone will fight for their country to defend it. despite the threat of war, those tramps still run on time. all ride costs about 25 cents. in kiev, ukraine. steve harrigan, fox news hackers work around the clock to gain access to your digital devices coming up tonight. the u. s government takes new action to protect your privacy, and ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin will
10:42 pm
join us with a announced the cree
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10:44 pm
cyber safety review board to examine major hacking incident. this board consists of experts from the public and private sector. their job is to look into cases of hacking and recommend improvements similar to how the national transportation safety board reviews, plane crashes and other
10:45 pm
major accidents. the cyber safety board was mandated by an executive order signed by president biden last may. all right. nice. pretty shot of the bay bridge. you got traffic kind of working its way across pretty light tonight, cameras moving a little bit, but it's uh, windy out there. i'm not sure what's going on there. maybe it's just the way that focuses on that camera. winds have died down, man. we had some wind the other night last last couple nights and the winds have died down. the wind advisories are gone. the wind warnings are gone, and temperatures soared today into the mid number sixties. that's where they go again. tomorrow and warmer. still as we get into the weekend when we could see temperatures into the upper sixties low seventies, so these are the highest from today. just carry those over into tomorrow. less cloud cover tomorrow more sunshine, so another stunning day without rainfall, which is something that is tough to say. you have to think about because we definitely need the rain, but we are in a position where we
10:46 pm
have pretty good percent of average right now, but it's still you know, we're the deficit just based on all the club. all the lack of rain. we've seen the last few years last five years or so, so rain stays to the north. the high pressure which continues to dominate the pattern. no fog really. tonight, maybe some frosty conditions little bit of frost and temperatures easily this weekend will get into the upper sixties and we could easily see some low seventies the winds. calm and light, so that'll sort of promote pretty cool evening. so when the winds died down this time of year, february the overnight lows get right down to freezing in those coldest spots. this was a significant atmospheric river, and it's doing what it's been doing. it's going the wrong way. i mean, it's 2000 miles with the moisture, not just at the surface, but at depth. that could deliver significant rainfall to us and it's just as it has been for the whole month . it's just missing us. so it's a very active pacific. it's just
10:47 pm
not a pacific that's delivering rain at our latitude. was just, you know, i'm very unfortunate. so with that in my work going to do tomorrow, a lot like we had today and then a little warmer each day as we get into saturday and sunday, current temperatures are in the upper thirties. overnight lows will be in the mid and low thirties, some places like concord and livermore. that'll get you, frost. you don't need freezing temperatures to get frost. i know you know that so i mean, like frost is like a big thing to think about. but that's that's all i got to talk about, because it's such a nice, sunny run of weather with warm temperatures. frost is our big boogeyman. right um, you know, be nice to be looking at rain looking at some storms, and we're just not. we're looking at few clouds from today sprinkles to the north tomorrow, and that's it forecast highs tomorrow you'll see some yellows poppin those are seventies down towards san jose. on greens are sixties. san francisco tomorrow morning will be in the mid forties. san francisco in the afternoon will end up pretty
10:48 pm
nicely into the upper fifties low sixties. and then the five day forecast represents a dry one yet again, with temperatures hovering in the warmer spots in the upper sixties. look at tuesday 69 70 degrees, so it's going to be another warm week. spring like week ahead with no rain in the immediate forecast. all right, bill. thank you. see you back here at 11. a heated debate has been brewing in santa cruz county over a plan that opponents say threatens the future of the popular roaring camp beach train that serves the santa cruz boardwalk. regional transportation commission held public comments today on a proposal to deactivate freight service on the santa cruz branch rail line and allow it to be converted to a trail under the plan, the line that the roaring train uses to take people to the santa cruz boardwalk would become disconnected from the main line roaring camp, says the plan is a very real threat to the company. there is no vote taken during today's commission hearing, which was held for the
10:49 pm
public to weigh in on that plan , the pedestrian bridge at the warm springs bart station in freeman is now open. the $41 million project connects thousands of people to want to bart's newest stations. we spoke with the first person to cross that pedestrian bridge today, he says. he works near the warm spring station and the bridge will make it easier for him to get to and from work. it's going to give me access to the other side of this other side of the tracks. normally, we'd have to go all the way up here. maybe half a mile, maybe a mile just to get across the other side. since the warm springs, south fremont bart station opened up in 2017 commuters who either live or work on its west side, including employees that tesla's main factory have had to walk, bike or drive around the tracks. espn is teaming up with director spike lee for a new docuseries on former 49ers quarterback and civil rights activist colin kaepernick. espn films announced this week. lee would feature never before seen footage from
10:50 pm
kaepernick's archive for the series to provide a full first person account of his journey. kaepernick last played pro football in 2016. the same year he started to kneel during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. the title and release date have not yet been announced. well after 22 seasons in the nfl, tom brady made it official this week when he announced his retirement foxes matt napolitano has more. tom brady's story in the nfl is truly that of an underdog, fifth round selection in the 2000 nfl draft going on to win seven super bowls, more rings than any other player in history as it relates to the greatest football player of all time. i know jim brown would have a lot to say about it, but in my opinion, and i think the majority of most people's opinions it will be tom brady, the goat. greatest of all time is often synonymous with brady's career, but his exit may not have been. espn reported his retirement last weekend with brady's reps. his t v 12 company
10:51 pm
and even his father, calling the reports false. he then appeared on his let's go podcast monday, again, saying he hadn't decided about retiring only to follow that up with an instagram post on tuesday, calling it quits. the numbers speak for themselves . brady up five times super bowl m v p, the all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns and the most wins by a qb, of course , some hurdles of four game suspension related to the deflategate scandal for brady's alleged involvement in the removing of air from balls used in the 2015 nfc championship game and the fallout in recent years with longtime head coach bill belichick. however love him or hate him. tom brady's performance on the football field is something that is forever changed the game and foreshadowing what's more or less a foregone conclusion. at this point, the pro football hall of fame announced that tom brady will be eligible for induction in 2027 in new york. matt napolitano, fox news coming up in sports a huge night for klay thompson as he scored 23
10:52 pm
points, but was it enough to beat the kings? highlights was sports director mark ibanez is next coming up tonight on the 11 o'clock news. see how mountain lions come into play in the battle over push to creat it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken. it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tender, it never misses. you could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re... you bring these little humans into the world. and you only have so you cmuch time with them,nna. you just got to use it well.
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hmm. can't think of anyone! back with you in the vital room tonight. golden state warriors safe to say, think that they would much rather be playing with draymond green in the starting lineup. that's not an option right now. still nursing the bad back, but also safe to say they've learned how to play without him. how about eight straight wins sacramento kings are the latest to fall so many positive things trending for golden state at the top of the list. it's got to be clay thompson. he comes out, firing nails that three on his way to
10:55 pm
hitting his first seven shots. sacramento got real sloppy with the ball here. and zetia will find him and he'll nail from the corner. that's vintage clay, right? they're safe to say he is back in the coaching staff and all the players just absolutely thrilled by that. hey you want to see how a guy wins a dunk contest in the middle of a game about this fourth quarter golden state up 13 to again creates with its steel jonathan coming to eight of 10 from the floor, 18 points 19 years old. remember that? more sacramento trouble with the steal. he'll transition himself boldly nailing that he had 23 points in 24 minutes. stump them sign on three's not to forget the other splash. brother currie would step back. he had 20 points on 7 11 shooting 1 26 1 14 that is eight consecutive victories. clay thompson is your story tonight, though. but you could tell he
10:56 pm
couldn't couple tough ones at night, a couple of transition, but man, it felt so good. all the hard work paying off and i'm never going to doubt myself. because nice like these are bound to happen. this seemed almost routine to me. i mean, other than that crazy corner three when he was, you know, super hot and clearly getting his legs underneath him. he's getting his rhythm. encouraging news before the game about draymond green on two fronts. first he's going to choice stephan curry and andrew wiggins on the ulster team as a reserve . he made it clear he won't be able to play in that game because of the back injury. you still named the team and also with regard to his back injury is reporting major progress. but still thinks he's going to be out three or four weeks. development no pain now, which is great. everything is looking up and, um, like i said, hopefully, i'll be back healthy
10:57 pm
soon and back out there with the guys. i don't think it will be a recurring thing. i don't think the doctors have thought think it'll be a recurrent thing. they've been kind of pretty consistent in what they're saying. you need to get your strength back. you know, once you're back at full strength, you can go. they help so always with the back, you know, it's worrisome with regard to college basketball, the stanford women absolutely annihilate u c l a will have highlights of that. at 11 25. in the meantime, news not so hot for the men of stanford looking to get officially hot by winning four out of five. it wouldn't happen. taking on w s u cougars up 13 2nd half michael's flowers drains the three there stand for those scrapping back within three seconds left in the game. james keith will get it and know what to do with it, and that's about as good as it gets for the cardinal tonight under 30, they're down four points here. harrison ingram had a chance to close the gap. he
10:58 pm
clanked the cougars converge. and when it 66 60 years, the scoreboard also in the pac 12 cal goes down hard 84 63 to the huskies delivering the bears to their night consecutive defeat. st mary's up in portland's tonight on the defensive. you might say, creating its 16 turnovers against the pilots of portland's alex ducasse. an example here punched in the way the steel logan johnson, the dunking. distance he goes 17 points. gales prevailed. 75 54 there now 18 and 46 straight wins a couple of consistencies with regard to pebble beach in the 80 mg, but i like to call the corporate clambake beautiful weather. and beautiful weather will do with what usually happens there. the unknown, making an appearance at the top
10:59 pm
of the leaderboard, but not before the usual bill murray hamming it up, cameraman get out of the way so we can see the golfers like this. the story tom hobie 32 years old out of north dakota has never won on the tour started on the back nine rolls in the birdie on the seventies, now seven under, and another birdie coming up on the eighth. nine under par. and down. it goes as he drains it needs to put for seven straight birdies. if he gets this time, of course record, this is not what is your leader, 900 park, his power plane. spanish bay shot an eight under 64 right behind him. alright with the time we have left, let us check this out. you can never get enough warrior news. and it's actually good news. considering what it looked like here. steph curry goes down hard in the fourth quarter gets blasted, but look at him with a bloody nose will even come
11:00 pm
through with a bucket right there for some reason, they didn't stop the game. and they stopped the bleeding, and steph has got three days off in a row. looks like it hurts, heal up, but think he'll be okay. that's the sporting life. it's all good news with the golden state warriors right now, seeing about 25 minutes. well thank goodness he wasn't hurt more seriously. yeah alright, mark. thank you. next at 11. it appears from the video that the person in the yellow jersey push someone in the back in a red jersey. new details emerging tonight about the altercation that ended with the 49ers fan from the bay area in a coma. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. and i'm julie julie haener, the mayor of inglewood tonight described video of a brief fight that severely injured a 49 year span outside sofi stadium on sunday, while no one is revealing all of


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