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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  February 9, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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, very tragic, but we don't view that any less tragic than any other victim. antioch police officer darryl saffold says the shooter fired from another car. investigators determined the victim was shot by an unknown vehicle. traveling in the immediate area of canada valley road, and now police were back in the neighborhood on wednesday , looking for evidence the crime scene is right near the park ridge development, which offers views of mount diablo and model homes. residents were stunned by the violence. just having that happened literally hundreds of feet from where i live. it's quite sad and frightening community is pretty. it's pretty quiet, to be honest, right ever since i moved here so it's shocking to see, at least this resident who didn't want his name used, was working on a painting in his garage. when he heard the gunfire. he said he hoped it was just somebody shooting in the air. and then when i came out later, and i saw all the lights and everything. i just assumed that yeah, something must have gotten hit. eniac mayor lamar thorpe says the violence comes as the city is working with the u. s.
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department of justice to develop strategies to lower crime rates. but this is why the city has been proactive. and this public safety partnership that we're currently in with the federal government to ensure that we're getting to the root cause of these of these types of gun violence situations. this is an ax fourth homicide of the year. anyone with information is asked to call the police live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news, okay, henry and again no no description of the suspect vehicle at this time, right? i asked them they are not releasing too much information at this point. okay. henry lee. thank you. a man charged with murder and a freeway shooting that killed cal basketball hall of famer jean ransom made his first court appearance today. juan angel garcia was at alameda county superior court in dublin today, where he did not enter a plea to charges of murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle. the 65 year old ransom was driving on 8 80 in oakland on friday. when he was killed. he
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was a basketball star at berkeley high school and a cow in the 19 seventies. garcia was arrested the next day saturday morning. he is being held without bail. a motive has not been released. all my money, sir. fight for my school to stay over. for the kids divided oakland school board voted early this morning close to schools by the end of this school year, but it is not slowing down community efforts to keep that from happening. ktvu is rob roth is here now, with more reaction from parents and what the school superintendent is saying. rob well, julie, the oakland school board actually closed or consolidated fewer schools and what the superintendent had originally proposed. still almost a dozen schools will be affected over the next year and a half, and many parents are not happy. outside of brookfield elementary school in east oakland wednesday. the science students made with crayons are still on the front wall, but they didn't help the school board voted to close brookfield
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in 2023 1 of 11 schools, the oakland unified school district board of education voted to shut down or consolidate this mother has two boys at brookfield. one of them has special needs. i don't like it. it's outrace hard for my kids to learn, but they shut the school down. this is good for the district and for i believe for the students at the schools that are affected because so many of the students are really small schools. it's at at a tiny school of 200 150 students. it's really hard to provide the support of the services that students need to be successful after it almost eight hour contentious meeting that began tuesday night, the board elected to remove five schools from the chopping block . one of the spared schools is westlake middle school, where two educators are vowing to continue their now nine day hunger strike. because of the closures of other schools. the decisions that the boards are the board is making and the people in power are making are affecting these families. these children's lives just the way
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that this hunger is affecting my body. the school district says the closures are necessary because there are too many under enrolled schools that are too expensive to maintain, in short changes the services to students. plus the district is facing a $20 million deficit over the next two years. our need to remain fiscally solvent. army to invest deeply in the recruitment and retention of all of our educators and our need to significantly improved and increased student programming and staffing. all of our schools , but some parents are not convinced me sort of fight for my school to stay open. the ships the schools slated for closure after this june are parker k. through eight school and community day high school. this school district says it will be providing emotional support at the affected schools , and it will be helping families now having to look for other schools students can attend after their school shuts down. julie yes. such a hard situation for everyone involved robbed those two educators who
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are now in the ninth day of their hunger strike is the school district or district administrators saying anything about them. yeah they're very concerned about the health of those two. in fact, the superintendent said today that you know by all means protests and raised questions and do that, but don't don't do something that's going to risk their health, which is what those two men are doing. um the doctor said yesterday that they're entering a critical phase in this hunger strike. so everybody just kind of hoping for the best for them, and at this point, they're vowing to continue right. they're vowing to continue even the school that they're a part of was saved from closure, but they don't want any schools in the district closed and that's that's their stance. all right, rob. thank you. in addition to those two schools, five more are set to close next year for our elementary schools , brookfield, carl b. monk grass valley and horace mann. fred t. korematsu middle school will also closed. meantime rise community and new highland
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elementary schools will merge. also grades six through eight will be removed from law school, lita and hillcrest elementary schools. and you can find the full list on our website. just go to ktvu .com. oakland teachers say they are filing a legal challenge today to the school closures, the teachers union said they're also prepared to go on strike to protect their schools, members of the oakland city council and assembly member labonte took part in the press conference on the steps of city hall this afternoon. parents say to closures primarily affects students of color and children with special needs. there's a need for support for families with young children and all of our families, and we continue to experience systemic failure to truly make early childhood education and educational priority. school board member mike hutchinson, who voted against the closure, said the districts enrollment decline is due to the pandemic and that shutting down schools is not justified. while the state is
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relaxing its indoor mask mandate one bay area county is bucking that course of action. santa clara county officials today announcing that their mask rules will remain in place, at least for the time being. give yourself a reporter justin gary is beginning our team coverage now on this next step in the pandemic, jesse and dr sara cody says she's being guided by the specific metrics of this county with transmission rates still high, she says, now is not the time to end the indoor mask mandate. our job is to follow the science to keep our community as safe as possible. and to ensure that we continue to protect the people who are most vulnerable. sent to clara county health officer, dr sara cody says three key metrics are used to determine when her county can align with the state and relaxing indoor mask mandates. 84% of residents are fully vaccinated. hospitalization rates have plateau but have not started
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declining and virus transmission or manageable, but officials want to wait until cases are 550 per day for an entire week before declaring an end to required indoor masking. we're taking a different course in santa clara county in that we are continuing to follow our data and metrics to tell us when it's appropriate to lift. santa clara is the only bay area county not following the state in ending required indoor masking february 16th. santa clara county has always been on the conservative side of things . this is wednesday, san francisco health officials saying a sharp decline in hospitalizations. coupled with fewer people suffering, and i see us allows them to follow in the states footsteps. still, dr susan phillips says, everyone must remain vigilant. so it is always possible that there will be an additional variant or some new conditions that will require us to revisit the fact that santa clara remains the lone holdout in the bay area concerns business leaders who have still not recovered from a depressed
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holiday season. this has had a tremendous strain on the downtown environment in general , and on the small businesses that i work with closely. cody says she hears the concerns but also knows the danger of returning to normal too soon, only to have to reinstate restrictions. so i am hopeful that with our macron continuing to decline that it won't be too long before our hospitalizations are low and stable. and everyone . health officers agree that people should wear masks recommended to wear masks when inside regardless of what the health order is. it's always a good idea where master and it's still required in certain situations, mass transit schools , nursing homes. if you're visiting someone in prison, that kind of thing we're masking. if you're are not vaccinated if you're not completely vaccinated. required to wear masks indoors where live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland and jesse. you heard health officials there say that they're hoping that it won't be too long
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for the mask mandate. to be lifted there in santa clara county. any idea on a possible timeframe? a couple of weeks. maybe heather. i mean, the doctor pretty, wasn't she? kind of hard to nail her down on a specific date. because as you know, things change, but maybe a couple more weeks and as the downtown san jose association said, it's been two years. what's another couple of weeks? all right, jesse. gary reporting live for us tonight. thank you. san francisco mayor london breed says the city will go along with the state's new guidelines, but students will still have to wear a mask in the classroom. it is a decision maker breed says she doesn't agree with if i had my way, i would immediately asked for mass to be removed for all of our kids because i know that this is having a significant impact on them. however many of our public health experts, the people who we have been following who have been using science and data say otherwise. so i'm trusting them. although i
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know parents are frustrated. i'm frustrated and i wish something else could be done. mayor breed goes on to say she is encouraged by the drop in hospitalizations and is excited. the city can follow the state's lead in oakland today, governor newsom hinted that guidelines on school massing masking may shift soon. asked about the divisive issue, newsom said that he's been working with district and union leaders to come up with the plan . our political reporter greg lee, continues our team coverage. to california scheduled easing of indoor masking rules does not include schools. but while in oakland governor newsom said the issue would be part of the state's endemic plan set to be released next week. putting out additional information about what's next for masking in our public schools, and we have been working now for weeks with our education partners. right now, all k through 12, students and staff are required to wear masks indoors this week, citing a drop
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in covid case numbers, governors in connecticut, new jersey organ and delaware announced end dates for school mask mandates. newsom was pressed on the metrics. california's considering it's the vaccination rates in our schools are substantially lower than they are for adults. let me give you a specific point where over 92% of 18 year old plus receiving at least one dose were 27.5% this morning in 5 to 11 year olds receiving their vaccines at the federal level, the cdc director said it was too early to change its recommendation that students wear masks inside. the contentious issue has divided communities and parents. even public health officials and doctors have different opinions . ucsf epidemiologist dr george rutherford believes students still need to mask up or vaccination rates are low pre school where children are too young to be vaccinated. absolutely. if you have a high school where 25 or 30% of the
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students are fully vaccinated. that's not good enough. i think from a public health perspective , kids should really have been allowed to go first with unmasking enough doctor jean noble, director of covid response for ucsf's emergency department feels differently. she and other colleagues created a petition urging the governor to lift mask mandates in schools , leaving the choice up to students and staff. they have the most to lose their masks, you know, six hours a day, five days a week when they're still trying to, you know, learn how to enunciate their words interpret complex facial emotions. the petitions garnered more than 40,000 signatures. one parent writing, they need to see their smiling peers. they need facial expressions and to lose the distraction of the mask in the classroom. the california federation of teachers sent us this statement. we support developing a plan for transitioning away from asking in schools and off ramp that is based on science and not politics, the metrics and timeline for easing mass requirements in schools should
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be developed by public health experts at the national, state and local levels. in consultation with educators and parents. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. alone in college got cyber mugged by cyber criminals who could care less about all the damage they surely have created. san francisco labor union is taking legal action over the corruption scandal at city hall. how it says the city has been targeting members blowing the whistle on corruption. prices at the pump may be fueling aggravation and the cost of gas is expected to continue to rise. but just how high could gas prices go?
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former oakland a's outfielder jeremy giambi, who played in the mlb from 1998 to 2000 and three, died today at his parents' home in southern california. according to tmz. authorities believe the 47 year old died by suicide. jeremy giambi is the brother of jason, the american league mvp in 2000, who played for the athletics, yankees, rockies and indians. the a's issued a statement saying, we are heartbroken. a lonely college says it was the target of hackers last month and that the personal data of many students, staff and faculty is now our risk. the district is the offering assistance in case identity thieves and other criminals trying to take advantage. get the best. tom baker joins us now live from the fremont campus with the details, tom, that really everyone dreads. fair to say that cybercriminals are thugs and
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truly criminals was specially when they try to profit on the misery of others. since january , the 20th bologna community college district says it has quote experienced a network disruption unquote that does not allow access to certain files on its network. in other words, it appears the bologna was hacked and the data of current and former students and staff was compromised. that includes massive amounts of personal information, which likely includes names date of birth, student id numbers. social security number. us alien registration, number, race and ethnicity. driver's license number. financial account numbers, routing numbers, financial institutions. medical information health insurance information class list course schedules. grades transcripts and disciplinary files. this is pretty much everything required to steal someone's identity and commit everything from financial
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fraud to out and out extortion off camera. a student confirmed that there is an ongoing problem not yet resolved. ever rose high school is a partner with bologna college. we also enroll in college classes here. so people who go to class and be like our wifi is out so lonely classes were canceled for like a week or two weeks. i think it's going to be a long haul hack requiring students using their own phones to do internet research in a couple weeks. and you know, we're not able to access anything. we just go to school. these are hotspots, he says, though it has no evidence of misuse of information in an abundance of caution, we are offering potentially impacted individuals access to free credit monitoring and identity protection services. i hope that our passwords and encryption is good enough. but my mom has been getting some stuff about her credit card like she had a walmart transaction that she never did. and this is making me think that maybe that's the reason. now the college tells me that a ransom demand was indeed
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made, but no ransom was ever paid. police in cyber experts are assisting the college and if they catch these people, you can be sure they're going to be prosecuted. to the maximum extent of the law reporting live, tom baker, ktvu fox two news, tom so continued questions about how this occurred and what attacks actually the impact it's having. well, that's the problem is that they can't talk too much about what exactly happened because that's part of the investigation. but the reality is this is one of many, many of these things that happens all the time. and yet they don't care who the victims are. and the government. the united states government especially has to start doing more about really going after these people and seriously punished them, whether they're domestic. or in international situations because they have the ability to do just that. we are seeing more and more of those in higher education being targeted, which is really unfortunate, tom vacar thank you. new research shows
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that eight out of 10 americans share passwords across nearly every digital platform that ranges from social media to email and cell phones to mobile wallets, researchers say sharing passwords in the digital era is a sign of trust and affection akin to the gift about letterman jacket or an exchange of school locker combinations for young people, but the gesture can pose serious risk of personal privacy when the relationship ends, and for that reason digital safety professionals warn against it. it is february in the bay area, but today seem more like a mild summer day. we're seeing unusually high temperatures for this time of year. this is what it looked like today in alameda , many areas saw temperatures well into the seventies. but are we seeing any record set? and how long will this warm weather last for more on that? let's go to our meteorologist mark tamayo with an update, mark. hi there, julie. yet this could be a long stretch of record breaking heat here in the bay area, and today being a day one. yeah, widespread seventies and
5:22 pm
tomorrow a few spots could be right around the 80 degree. mark. just amazing here for february, 9th. take a look at some of the records from today, richmond tying a record 75 degrees, tying a record set back on this day in 1988. oakland downtown 78 degrees the old record, 74 set back in 2000 and six and selena's 83 degrees. the old record 81 degree set back in 2018. so take a look at the some of the highest from this afternoon across the region. lots of us seventies out there and because he's santa rosa 76 degrees san jose in the upper seventies, and there's that 78 in oakland. so a very warm day today and tomorrow in a few spots could actually be just a little bit warmer. so you can see the records to beat for tomorrow. first, we're showing you the forecast highs. for your thursday afternoon, and you could probably bet on some records for santa rosa napa liver moral. be close. san francisco be close oakland that could be the second day in a row of record breaking heat and san jose. that's 73 should be easy. we're going 79 degrees for your thursday afternoon. now the
5:23 pm
morning hour is not nearly as cold but still temperatures up to somewhat of a cool start tomorrow morning temperatures in the forties and the lower fifties. then as we put this forecast model into motion it is just basically a yellow map indicating widespread seventies and some orange is beginning to creep on this map. you can see right around 80 degrees, so the eventual highest for tomorrow from 74 all the way to 80 degrees. that's for your thursday and it looks like this warm stretch will continue into the weekend. we'll talk more about that we'll have more. details with your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. right it certainly wasn't warm one out there today. thank you. gas prices climbing to their highest levels in nearly nearly a decade, coming up while keeping our eyes on russia will help determine where prices will go next. and coming up new. it's six affordable housing advocates are applauding a legal victory in the east bay what it means for a controversial housing project plan for livermore. this winter, comcast business is helping team usa and businesses across america stay ahead.
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the nation, according to triple a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline will set you back $4.73 in oakland. it's just about a cent higher in san jose and in san francisco to price for a gallon of regular is $4.82 a gallon and there has been a streak of rising gas prices at the pump and gas prices are not expected to come down anytime soon. right now they are on track to hit an almost 10 year record high. fox news. giovanni luigi joins us now he's live in sacramento tonight to answer the big question. giovanni. how high are gas prices expected to go? well, julie, you already know. gas prices are already high. as is here in california. behind me. people are paying almost $5 a gallon in sacramento, triple a and gas, but he predicts that those gas prices on average here in california could soon reach $5.50. so let's talk about why
5:27 pm
there is still the possibility of a conflict between russia and ukraine. the united states still does receive some oil from russia, and that's part of the reason why those gas prices are increasing the price of crude oil. is that a tightest since 2014 now across the nation, the average price is expected to hit about $4 a gallon compared to last week. prices are up over eight cents a gallon. nobody in the country at this point is paying $3 or an average of less than $3 a gallon of gas and once again here in california, you know we are already paying quite a bit for gas. and the question is, when can we start to see those prices really start to rise? gasbuddy in triple a, says that in the next few weeks come spring ends heading into summer. we'll start to see some major upticks in those prices. we don't anticipate gas prices going down any time soon and will likely keep going up when we look at the whole year, for
5:28 pm
example, we don't anticipate gas prices to go below $3. until at least the fourth quarter of 2022. and now that's across the country. once again, those prices are expected to reach $5.50 on average across california. once again, people behind me are paying almost $5 a gallon. like you said the average price in the bay area's roughly $4.80 so the prices are going to increase when those warmer months do approach for now, here in sacramento, giovanni luigi ktvu, fox two news, everyone feeling it when they go to the pumps. alright, giovanni. thank you. harassed ostracized and deprived of sanitary and safe restrooms, coming up details on the allegations in a lawsuit filed by a labor union against the city of san francisco, and even though macron appears to be on the way out, u. s health officials are staying vigilant coming up the backlog now being addressed at healthcare systems across the country.
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that may help protect against vision loss. against the city. it charges that union members were targeted for blowing the whistle on corruption in city hall was christian captain is live for us tonight in san francisco and christian. this legal action stems from that scandal that has led to numerous convictions, including of the former public works director. yeah, that's exactly right. the workers are
5:32 pm
alleging that they've been subjected to a campaign of harassment, discrimination and intimidation. and they say it's all tied to the very outset when they started raising red flags about how the city's contracts. we're being awarded. every day, a small army of city workers from the department of public works in the public utilities commission labor to keep the streets clean. but now labour's union to 61, which represents them, has filed a lawsuit against san francisco, saying they were systematically targeted and harassed because their leadership spoke up about corruption. 2 61 blew the whistle. things happened. people got investigated by the fbi and other law enforcement agencies and now to 61 has taken the brunt of that in the form. of retaliation. workers say. starting in 2018. they raised red flags when they saw contracts awarded to friends and family of the then head of the department of public works. mohammed nauru. new rule has since pleaded guilty to corruption charges. the former head of the public utilities
5:33 pm
commission, harlan kelly, is facing federal charges, city workers say then city manager naomi kelly, who has since resigned and is married to harlan kelly, was among those penalizing the union workers for whistleblowing. i was told by high ranking officials, you're in the doghouse. you know you're you know, naomi dug in. um naomi kelly, the former city administrator. you know, they were very angry about as blowing the whistle among the harassment local to 61 says workers were forced to endure where the lack of access to bathrooms, they say workers were even penalized for going outside of their assigned work area to find a restroom problem that only got worse when covid struck. and once the pandemic it they didn't give us bathrooms prior to the pandemic . but once all the businesses shut down, then there was nowhere for the workers to go. the city attorney's office released a statement reading, in part quote the city has committed to rooting out corruption wherever it exists. once we are served with the
5:34 pm
lawsuit, we will review it and respond in court. and the city's department of public works would not comment on specific allegations, but said they do not retaliate or discriminate against workers. now the issue will go before a judge and jury to decide this is a stunning case because not just the corruption will tell you, you know, a lot of city contracts are corrupt. the indignity to these working men and women is stunning. the attorneys for the unions say they are suing for money damages and to get the city to change its policies and to make sure that the rules against retaliation marin forced to live in san francisco christian captain ktvu, fox two news. alright christian will be following what happens with those legal proceedings. thank you. the city of san francisco has approved a $700,000 settlement with the man at the center of a police use of force trial, the city agreed to pay to carry spears for 2019 beating on fisherman's warf. that left
5:35 pm
spears with broken bones. officer terrence stengel was responding to an assault call when prosecutors allege that officer stengel hit spears with the baton. spears suffered a broken wrist and leg officer. stengel is currently on trial, where he is facing assault and battery charges. san jose police are now investigating that city's first homicide of this year, a man was stabbed at a carl's jr restaurant on telly road yesterday. police say the victim, then got into a car and tried to drive but wound up crashing into another vehicle. right now. i don't have any suspect information to share. we're still talking to witnesses trying to gather some evidence, nor do we have a motive. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. his identity has not been released. police continue to investigate. an investigation is underway to determine the cause of a deadly house fire in san jose. fire crews were called to a home on deborah off hoffman drive just west of the santa mas expressway yesterday afternoon. they discovered an adult inside. that
5:36 pm
person was taken to the hospital where the victim later died. in marin county forward progress has been stopped on a fire burning near stinson beach this afternoon. the canyon fire has been burning in heavy timber on shoreline highway near stinson beach for several hours so far, no homes or businesses or threatened and about two acres have burned. no injuries have been reported. and there is no word yet. what caused that fire? governor gavin newsom was in oakland today, putting pen to paper to provide supplemental sick leave for workers affected by covid-19. newsome signed the bill that nato's restaurant near jack london square. it will allow workers to receive up to two weeks paid sick leave to recover from the virus care for a sick family member or recover from the vaccine shot. it applies to companies with more than 25 employees. the governor and lawmakers say no one should have to go to work sick. helping workers stay home when they are sick or if their kids are sick is so important in that and we're going to keep at it. and
5:37 pm
work until this pandemic ends. another bill signed today will provide more than $6 billion in tax relief and grants to california businesses, including $500 million for restaurants and $150 million in director grants. along with the package of tax credits and deductions. coronavirus infections are dropping all across the country , appearing to put the country on the back end of the latest wave caused by the omicron variant. as foxes, matt finn reports. federal health officials are now evaluating how best to be prepared for the next phase of the pandemic and the possibility of yet a new variant. a sharp decline in covid cases has americans once again eyeing a potential end to the pandemic, but despite the eagerness to put the virus in their rear view mirror, us health officials are staying vigilant. there will come a time when we move from a phase of crisis to a point where covid-19 is not disrupting our daily
5:38 pm
lives. moving forward from this pandemic will be a process. that's led by our surveillance and our data across the us hospitalizations have dropped 28% over the last three weeks, despite more covid patients being discharged, depleted hospital staff are still overburdened. even after oh macron has gone healthcare systems will have to address the backlog of postponed surgeries and elective procedures are hospitalizations are still high . our death rates are still high as we are encouraged by the current trends. we are not there yet. another concern is that the us trails many other countries in the number of vaccinated people who've gotten a booster. health officials believe that's a major factor in why the us leads the world in covid deaths. as the data shows the extra shot is crucial and reducing a person's odds of being hospitalized or dying from the virus after the third dose. you get protection at 90% with, um, a crime, which is even better. then after six months after the
5:39 pm
second dose again, another example of the critical importance of boosting the u. s are past 900,000 deaths from covid last week at the current pace that number could hit one million sometime in april in los angeles. matt finn ktvu fox two news trade between canada and the u. s is now being affected by the so called freedom convoy . it is a group of truckers protesting over covid restrictions along the u. s canadian border. thousands of them are blocking roads threatening trade. the site is the busiest international crossing in north america. the freedom convoy is calling for an end to all covid restrictions and vaccine mandates in canada. there was a push for staffers on capitol hill to be able to join the union plus president biden says he wants more union jobs in general. so how does he plan to get them? plus the new plans out of the white house if russian forces wall street. today tech
5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
companies led the rally, the dow rose 305 points. the nasdaq soared 295 for a 2% gain and the s and p rose 65 points. a national report reveals students not enrolling in college will lose a cumulative of about $1 trillion in earnings, according to a study by my e learning world. more than one million fewer students are enrolled in college compared to before the pandemic. new york, texas, california and ohio are responsible for half of the decrease in registrations, students wanting to rush into the workforce and significant tuition increases are among the top reasons that students are abandoning higher education. and instagram account, calling out bad behavior by lawmakers is now leading to calls for better working conditions for the lowest paid on capitol hill as
5:43 pm
foxes blower, blanchard tells us that pushes getting some high up support as president biden is also pushing for more union jobs. through the long history of workers' rights in this country. change has always been driven by brave workers, spurred by an anonymous instagram account, shining light on poor working conditions like low pay long hours, mistreatment and safety concerns for congressional office staff won michigan lawmaker now helping the public push to allow all hill staffers to unionize recognize that congressional workers have the right to organize without fear of retaliation. there's no cause for further delay. already some hill staff like capitol police are allowed to unionize. under a law passed in 1995. the new resolution would allow those working in house offices, the same ability the senate would need to pass a similar resolution. yes i support what he's asking for, but my understanding is that they would
5:44 pm
like to review that modernize it bring it up to date calls to improve worker conditions have picked up across the country such as amazon and starbucks. president biden hosted utility companies ceos wednesday while pushing for more union jobs through his build back better bill investments going to support the creation of hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs all across the country, democratic house and senate leaders signal they are behind more unionization, but not all lawmakers are as enthusiastic about it within their offices, and we got to make sure we're doing doing it right. unionizing congressional staff would be a huge lift. each office has its own policies, and the house and the senate operate by different rules on capitol hill. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. a dangerous drive is caught on dashcam video. the dramatic moments at tesla pushes a patrol car into law enforcement officers, plus trouble in paradise, a small plane coming up short of a northern california runway. and record
5:45 pm
warmth around the bay area. more record heat potential for tomorrow i'll see you back here tomorrow i'll see you back here with that. -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. - this week, your local grocery outlet has 2lb bags of wonderful pistachios for only 9.99. - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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butte county crash happened at the paradise sky park airport in paradise around 9 45 this morning, authorities say that plane crashed just short of the runway while it was landing. the pilot was the only person in the single engine plane. it was not seriously hurt. the faa and ntsb are investigating that crash. newly released dashcam footage shows a close call involving a tesla on autopilot, a sheriff's deputy and a state trooper were thrown to the ground and that tests like crashed into a cruiser, which then pushed the patrol car into the two men. this happened in nash county, north carolina, in august of 2020. fortunately those officers were not badly hurt. authorities say that the tesla driver told them he was watching a movie on
5:48 pm
his cell phone. and another recall tonight for tesla owners . the electric carmaker is now recalling nearly 27,000 vehicles here in the u. s because the cabin heating systems may not defrost the windshield quickly enough. the newest recall involves certain 2021 2022 models, three s and x and some 2020 through 2022 model y vehicles. the issue centers on a software error that can impact the vehicles defrosting performance. tesla says it's preparing a software update to fix the problem. all the white house is making plans to help americans inside ukraine if russia invades as foxes, lucas tomlinson reports. the decision comes as more russian forces moved to the front lines. tensions escalating near ukraine's border pentagon now planning for us troops in poland to help americans evacuate ukraine if rush invades the wall street journal reports, the white house approved a plan for us troops to set up camps and
5:49 pm
checkpoints in poland if needed. u s. officials expect up to five million refugees to flee ukraine if russia attacks an estimated 30,000 americans are still in the country, we have a range of diplomatic presence is not only in ukraine but in neighboring countries that are always available for us citizens should they need assistance. the u. s and its allies continue building up their presence in nato countries around ukraine. 100 american service members have arrived in romania with another 1000 nato troops on the way the focus of this particular mission, of course, is to reinforce the nato alliance. to build that trust and confidence to reassure our allies and to strengthen the eastern flank of the nato alliance. meanwhile russia moving more weapons near ukraine's border, including short range ballistic missiles and air defense systems. the country will also begin joint military drills of belarus beginning thursday. defense officials say there are no signs
5:50 pm
of any russian military pullback . we believe that we are now in the window where they could take action, which is why the diplomacy is so intense and why we were so focused on trying to find another path. ukraine announced the beginning of its own 10 days of military drills beginning thursday. in kiev, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox two news san jose took another step toward building more affordable housing today, the city's mayor, council members and community partners celebrated the groundbreaking today on the city's fourth emergency interim housing site. a city on parking site near the police department administration . building parking lot is now being transformed into 76 apartments. those apartments will include private bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as shared community and services facilities for local on housed residents. it is not a secret to anyone that we suffer. from. the shameful scourge of homelessness in this valley. it is a source of shame for all of us because
5:51 pm
we are valley of great wealth. and yet we have such an intense need among us. over the last two years, the city built three other quick build communities, providing homes for 317 and housed residents, a popular food truck pilot program on san francisco's great highway is shutting down after this weekend after pushback from local businesses. the rec and parks department launched the three month trial in november and last month announced it would extend that plan. but officials reverse course after complaints from nearby business owners who worried the food trucks would hurt their sales. sunday will be the final day the food trucks are out along the great highway. bay area artists is helping to shine a light on a fascinating piece of black history. you may have seen today's google doodle , featuring toni stone stone is credited with being the first black woman to play professional baseball in the negro leagues, starting off in san francisco with the san francisco sea lions. after that, at the height
5:52 pm
of her career, she played second base for the indianapolis clowns . san francisco artist monique ray joined us on mornings on two earlier today, and she explained how important then achievement was for stone. also the fact that she played with other men, so i wanted to make sure that that was included in the imagery as well. so that's why we should have, you know, second baseman a guy running across the second base to kind of pilots are stones batting average of 2. 80 earned her spot on the bench with the negro league all star team. she played alongside legendary players, including jackie robinson before retiring from professional baseball. in 1954. already had a couple of records today. a big one in oakland. it's 78 degrees, richmond tied a record 75. then salinas set a record 83 degrees . that's pretty hot. that's hot . it's relative. it was august. it wouldn't be hot. but when his february it's hot this is the
5:53 pm
highest from today, well above the average 10 to 15 degrees above the average. the records we saw today could see some more records again. tomorrow is you look at the forecast for tomorrow. you can see there's the what we're looking at. and here's what the records would have to be. it's pretty good shot. we'll see a couple records tomorrow. so it's another warm day. little bit of a northeast wind up on the higher elevations. that's a compression wind its offshore. it's not only warm here and dry here, but it's hot. and dry and san diego and santa are in a los angeles where they're looking at sort of a santa ana wind condition with temperatures in the upper eighties and even low nineties. for the next couple of days. so this big high pressure you know the story? we've been talking about it for 30. some days now we are set up for more records tomorrow. another warm day air quality. not so great so because we're seeing kind of a haze out there because high pressure is the big lid. it sits over the top of us and again. we're all down in here, right? this is the
5:54 pm
lid right here and down in here . you got this at air quality. that's not so great. it's commutes. its busses. it's a factories. it's the whole thing gets caught up in that layer. that's what inversion is. so it puts a lid on the atmosphere. beautiful sunset yet again tonight we've had our share of them this year. and you know why the sun sets so great this time of year. it's because the sun angle right? they last a lot longer. the sun angle is pretty low. so the sunset even though they're the sun doesn't hang on the horizon. a sunset starts a little bit early, right because the sun angle really stays pretty low, especially this close to the salt or the solstice. so few clouds today. mostly sunny tomorrow, maybe a little frost when you wake up tomorrow morning, but overall, it's steady as she goes and you know, right now, look at these temperatures. 69 degrees up in fairfield right now. 69 in santa rosa, seven. these temperatures are ridiculously warm for february. overnight lows are pretty warm to for february this late in the season, so yeah.
5:55 pm
there we go. we just wish we were getting some rain and i don't have anything to offer you accept just a bunch of records and warm temperature forecasts. if you're heading to the coast to swell still big. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow . so if you are going out to the beaches stenson, beecher cronkite or holiness or any of those areas go rock. be careful, man. i'm telling you, it's really nasty out there. why because it swells deceptive. it doesn't look big, but it's big, powerful groundswell. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow with high interval and the caveat there is, you've got a situation where we're dealing with record warmth. so people bail to the coast really quick and their people sometimes too don't spend a lot of time at the coast so even up in point, reyes very dangerous conditions because it doesn't look dangerous, but it is. there's the five day forecast. i wish i had rain for you. i'll see you back here at six. all right. we'll see them, bill. thank you. well a training exercise for firefighters quickly turns into a lifesaving experience when two
5:56 pm
teenagers plunged into dangerous waters. mccubbin lockdowns appear to have a positive effect on americans home equity still ahead tonight six. the new record numbers released today. also he remains one of former president trump's staunchest defenders. new is six, then moved today by the january 6th committee that could test peter committee that could test peter navarro's loyalty. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. neck for several years is finally free. the saltwater female crocodile was first spotted by wildlife officials with that tire around her neck. back in 2016 in indonesia, and
5:59 pm
they have been trying to rescue her ever since. as the animal though, grew that tire had become tighter and tighter. crocodile was eventually caught earlier this week, and rescuers were finally able to saw through the tire. and set the crocodile free. well it was right place right time for a fire crew in missouri. that's because while they were practicing an ice rescue, two teens fell into the frigid water. fox news are barker shows us what happened next? cruz at the maryland heights fire district picked the perfect day to train for a nice rescue at creve coeur lake. the sun was shining and it's the small window they can train on, realize. but as they ramped up their training tuesday if i kind of looked over the lake and i saw two people running, and i turned to chief earnhardt, i said, hey, chief, and i kind of pointed in that direction, glanced over and thought. yep, they sure aren't. well it's just an accident waiting to happen. and the minute i thought that they dropped through the eyes,
6:00 pm
every person training switched gears immediately went instantly from a training mode to rescue look, we had a drone operator on scene. mm hmm. deployed the drone immediately so he could get eyes on the victims and monitor their status as the drone flew above. rescue crews put back on their gear as quickly as possible. we're very limited on everything clearly have one company there. but we had to react. a normal response would have taken 3 to 4 minutes . this one just seconds and that could have been the saving grace for these two teens. they don't have a lot of time. by the time we got out there and the short period of time that they were actually in the water, they started losing their dexterity. they weren't able to grab onto anything. the ice even breaking underneath the rescuers. this is why we come out and train every year. we're not usually right here when it happens. and those those two are very lucky that we were there because they were already starting to succumb to the cold. the two teens were taken to the hospital and rescue crews have just one message.


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