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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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dude. us warnings that russia is reading for an attack on ukraine . president biden has agreed in principle to meet with russian president vladimir putin. those talks proposed by france will only take place if russia does not invade its neighbor. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. the details of that possible summit are set to be discussed during a meeting later this week between secretary of state anthony blinken and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. now while we have not seen president biden comment on the situation publicly today. his press secretary, issued a statement this evening with details of the proposal, and that statement stresses the white house is committed to pursuing diplomacy until the moment and invasion begins. it goes on with. we are also ready
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to impose swift and severe consequences. should russia instead choose war and currently , russia appears to be continuing preparations for a full scale assault on ukraine very soon now it's already monday in ukraine's capital city of kiev, and it looks really calm right now. but there are reports of loud explosions in separatist controlled regions in eastern ukraine. satellite images from those areas appear to show russian forces moving into attack positions. a little more than nine miles from the ukraine border. russia has rescinded pledges to pull its troops back. and as tension builds, we see rallies popping up all across the us showing support for ukraine. we begin tonight's coverage of this conflict with lucas tomlinson, who is in love eve, ukraine. russia extending military drills in belarus near ukraine's border . western leaders say russia's in position to attack at any moment with a better 150,000 troops surrounding the country.
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the capital city kiev, a two hour drive from where russian forces are stationed, residents there are now training in self defense and first aid. to be prepared for whatever comes next . i have a family and children. if i don't protect my kids, then who will? we have to understand ? if not us? nobody will do it for us. to protect your family. you have to protect your country, eastern ukraine under constant shelling for two days near the dividing line between ukrainian soldiers and pro russian separatists, people living in donets are getting out while they still can. russia claims its forces will leave belarus and returned to russia eventually, but the u. s and its european allies believe russia will try to create an excuse to invade. we're seeing false flag operations taking place in eastern ukraine, the manufacturing of provocations and justifications for russia to go in. we're talking about the potential for war in europe. we believe it is in the best interests of all. that there is
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a diplomatic end. to this moment . ukraine's president has called for a meeting with putin to resolve the crisis. so far, there's been no response from the kremlin. in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox news. for more on what we can expect moving forward here as tess tensions escalate. we are joined tonight by dr stephen zunes, professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco. always appreciate you taking the time. so one of the big headlines tonight. of course, the fact that president biden has agreed to this summit with vladimir putin as long as russia doesn't move further into ukraine. what do you think, professor? how likely is it that putin agrees to the conditions the us has set forth and follows through with a face to face meeting. it's hard to say i mean , the good news, of course, is that, uh, there are their willingness to pursue talks that the french government has been getting involved and trying to bring the sides together. buy
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it, of course, is quite correct being very firm that no talks if there is an actual invasion, but just in case this is just a matter of brinkmanship of this is just a faint if you will. that putin does not want to actually invade. this could be a way out. this could be a way of maybe working out some kind of face saving measure that could prevent war. yes, sort of an off ramp if you will, um, even though these two leaders have obviously agreed in principle to this summit, we know there are still more than 150,000 russian troops amassed at the ukrainian border. and u. s officials are really clear. they say they believe putin has already made the decision to invade ukraine. can you give us a sense of what the intelligence is that that assessment is based on and really how difficult it is to truly gauge what putin intends to do? it's hard to say i mean, obviously the my administration
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is not shared. who want this intelligence is? i have no idea the validity. uh you know, you know the memories from iraq, you know leave, of course love american. skeptical when the president says, oh, we have this evidence of this or that regarding a possible threat, but in this case, i mean, all the other signs. i mean, the way they're matching the troops the way they are. our position forward, positioning various weaponry and support systems and things like that. and make sure it looks like they are indeed planning such an invasion and it is, this is a very serious situation. no question about it. yes, vice president kamala harris spent the weekend working on diplomacy meeting with european allies at the munich security conference, trying to really make the case that european security right now is facing a very direct threat. why is it so important for the us to have a broad? unified support for those economic sanctions against russia. well, certainly
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the threat needs to be real. the threat needs to be that russia is going to really be hampered if there are sanctions and for sanctions regimes to work. there needs to be a unity and it appears that in this case there is unity. that the european nations are very clear. i mean, particularly sensitive affects them particularly that ah, you know that this kind of aggression that the russians will not be able to get away with it. i mean, there's been some limited sanctions on russia ever since they seize crimea, which is part of ukraine, of course, back in 2014, but another invasion and extended invasion like this, i think there there is no question and this despite the differences that united states and european countries they have on one issue or another. in this particular case, there really does appear to be a single response. alright finally, professor. how do you see this all playing out in?
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let's say the next week or so. do you think that the united states is going to be able to make some progress in terms of diplomacy here and avoid this what appears to be an imminent invasion? it's largely up to putin and putin so far does not seem to be in the mood to compromise. but i think he does see a firm united effort and there is some willingness regarding some russian security concerns, you know, to you know to have to have confidence building measures and that kind of thing i think war can it can be avoided. but the next week or two ago, and people particularly critical, and one thing is if we can put off for another few weeks, the snow and ice are going to melt, and it's going to be too muddy to launch a very effective invasion. but so hopefully we can get this. get this resolved, uh, in the near future, let's hope so. dr. stephen zunes from usf really appreciate your time, as always. sure thing. at a church in san
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francisco and at a rally outside the city's ferry building. ukrainians banded together today is the threat of a russian invasion of their homeland looms like their family back home. they are anxiously awaiting russia's next move. many today expressed how important it is that the world support ukraine young democracy that values freedom and coming up tonight at 10 30 ktvu is greg liggins will have more on the hopes and fears of a area ukrainians in the face of all this uncertainty. now we turn to a developing story in san jose tonight, where the police bomb squad was called out to the s a p center tonight. they were called to help around 7 15 after one of the arenas, explosive detection canines was alerted to a locker that's located outside of the building . it's still unclear what's inside that locker, but bomb technicians are on the scene investigating police say there is no threat to public safety at this time, and they'll be providing more updates when they learn more. a new at 10 tonight
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. take a look at this surveillance video. it shows two suspects, one of them armed with a gun, robbing and attacking couple right there on the street in oakland, and people in this neighborhood say they are fed up with the crime and violence and worried that they, too, could be next. katie with zach sauce is live for us now in oakland, with more of this video of this brazen attack, zack. good evening, i spoke to the business owner who surveillance camera captured that whole attack, understandably disturbed by what he saw the whole thing happening in broad daylight. okay it was just before 12 30 in the afternoon. on wednesday when this couple was confronted at gunpoint in oakland's eastlake neighborhood near ninth avenue and international boulevard, a pair of thieves demanding a man's wallet before. one of the suspects punches him in the face . i was angry, you know, to know that people would do this, this sort of thing to another person
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, the owner of a nearby business who didn't want to appear on camera sharing video of the violence captured on his surveillance camera. people like empathy and you know to not have feelings towards another human being. you know, it's really hard to see the couple struggling with the two suspects for a few seconds longer before the man is seen being thrown to the ground. the thieves making off with his wallet and the woman's purse. they're traumatized, of course, but they yeah, they were able to stand and, uh, you know, call the police right away, the latest in what he says or a series of recent robberies in the neighborhood. i have customers that have been robbed recently. you know, coming out of a bank. in a parking lot in the broad dealer as well. my mother was attacked and robbed. it's on the same street maybe six years ago because of the frequent crime. a lot of the businesses in the area actually close around six o'clock now. and it's been that way for a long time. and it's a
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shame that they can't open. you know, later in the evenings and unsure if that won't change any time soon. for now, he says, he keeps reminding his customers to keep their heads on a swivel. it's just scary that you have these people just driving around looking for victims. and we have reached out to police for additional information on that robbery unclear right now whether they've managed to identify either of the suspects seen in that video if you have any information on the robbery or urged to call oakland police live in oakland's exhaust ktvu fox two news. let's hope that someone will come forward with some information. thank you so much, jack. a man who was shot in san francisco's mission district on friday, has died and police served now investigating his death as a homicide. this happened shortly before eight o'clock in the area of 23rd street and san jose avenue. officers arrived at that scene, and they found a 36 year old man inside a vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds. the victim was taken to the hospital with life
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threatening injuries and later died. police don't know what led up to the shooting, and no arrests have been made. in this case. the name of the man who was killed has not been released police in san francisco or investigating a suspicious death involving a teenage girl, police say officers were called to mina and seventh street around 6 30 on friday, warning to help paramedics with the possible overdose. when they arrived, medics declared the victim debt . the victim is identified as a 16 year old girl. the medical examiner declared her death suspicious. no arrests have been made. if you have any information, please call san francisco police. that's why ease are the backbone of the mall. they're the ones who, um, you know, keep them all running. tonight many of those employees are protesting coming up why they're upset about new rules where they work. big changes come to the forecast this week. maybe some rain. i'll be back here with a five day. also we'll
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show you how one dance group is honoring the life of the voice during chinese new year celebrations. in the south bay og
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new parking fees group rallied outside the westfield valley fair calling on mall management to waive fees for all mall workers. ktvu is elissa harrington joining us live tonight from santa clara with more alyssa. yeah, you know
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, employees here at the mall say that it's just cost them way too much money to park. some of them make minimum wage and these new parking fees are about $40 a month, but mall management tell me that they needed to impose these charges to try to keep non guests out of the parking lot. uh huh. parking fees. i've got to got video posted on social media shows a protest outside santa clara's westfield valley fair mall employees are pushing back against the malls new parking policy. it requires everyone to pay to park in the garage, including employees, employees shouldn't have to pay to park at work. a lot of people are making minimum wage. antonio garcia works inside the mall. he helped organize sunday's protest and also put together a worker petition signed by more than 1000 people. it asked mall management to issue free parking permits to mall employees. i
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honestly think that the mall is just, uh, just trying to take money from the employees. there are so many of us and you know, we breathed park to be at work at the mall started charging for parking earlier this month in what management calls a controlled parking plan. here's the breakdown for guests. the first two hours are free. then it's $1 an hour for employees. it's $3 per day or $40 per month. it basically is like a slap in the face to every employee who works there and um westfield wanted to push the responsibility of paying for parking onto the business owners via go was the owner of vietnam's restaurant inside valley fair. he attended sunday's protests to stand up for his employees. the employees are the backbone of the mall. they're the ones who um, you know, keep them all running, go said mall management suggested business owners cover the cost of employee parking something he said he and other small business
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owners cannot afford at $40 a month for every employee. in a statement, westfield management wrote. we support the right of employees who work at the center to voice their opinions, but we remain committed to our controlled parking plan. there will be another protest next weekend, and some mal employees tell me that their next step might be to call for a boycott recording live in santa clara. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, certainly putting the pressure on mall management. alyssa. thank you. several longtime san francisco residents gathered today to protest impending evictions at their building on 19th avenue. they also staged a rally at the owner's home in san jose, now in honor of president state. tomorrow lieutenants held residents day protests today against an ellis act evictions. now the ellis act as a state law. that allows landlords to a big tenants if they are planning to get out of the rental market . all the residents at the san francisco complex included mix
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of seniors, members of the lgbt q and asian communities and working class people. many of whom have been in their homes for more than 17 years. unfortunately this is happening all over the city and the group of people that own or building are doing this to other people in the city. there's cereal victor's there, speculators. they don't even live in san francisco there down in san jose redwood city, and you know it's sad because they're not part of our community. the owner has been trying to evict the residents since november. 2018 the tenants are hoping that the building is sold to a community nonprofit through san francisco's small sites program, and that would keep the building as affordable housing. all right . big difference this week from what we've been seeing in the last few weeks with the record high temperatures, very warm weather and even dry conditions got a chance of a few sprinkles this week. it's not a big rain event, but it's something maybe
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some snow in the mountains and temperatures. i think the main impact for you and me is going to be you're going to notice the temperatures much cooler, much milder as it was today, even though those temperatures in iraq fearful that 66 those numbers certainly above what you'd expect for february temperatures. have been so much warmer than that that this cooling trend is going to be noticeable, especially as we get into tomorrow and the next day when temperature daytime highs on wednesday probably end up in the mid to low fifties, so a little bit cooler. noticeably like jacket weather. kids go to school in the morning with cold overnight lows. they'll be wearing jackets, you'll be needing jackets, especially tuesday and wednesday mornings clear skies outside we've got, um mostly. light winds out there . for the most part, it's going to be chilly tonight, but much colder as we get into tuesday morning and wednesday morning like freeze advisories, frost advisories things like that. this weather system that's coming in now is going deliver some windy conditions tomorrow. it's delivering this cool down. as we head into monday, tuesday
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and wednesday, a chance of a shower on tuesday and then much cooler temperatures on wednesday morning and into thursday morning as well. so that's sort of the theme. it's a cold weather system. don't hold a lot. they don't hold a lot of water, so it's not going to be a gully washer mountains will get some snow mo snow levels like 2000 ft. but it's something here is the model is the long range see it dropping in on tuesday. right there. you can see, it's mostly centered on northeast california. then we get a break, but then watch what happens late towards the end of the week towards next sunday. something else opens up so it started to break loose. it's just real slow february looks like it's going to end up pretty dry, but we do have a chance of showers tuesday. cooler weather as well. i'll see you back here with the exact forecast in the five day thanks so much, bill, we'll see. gas prices. they just keep climbing. coming up. industry analyst layout several factors that need to change before we start to see prices come down and stephen curry put on quite a show at tonight's nba all star game, joe fonzi will be along
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with the record that he obliterated in this game that's coming up later tonight in sports. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and be good enough to steal. but most importantly, we had to make sure it tasted like a mcdonald's burger. the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ remain high amid ongoing global tensions related to uncertainty over russia's intentions towards ukraine of the national average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.53. that's up four cents from just a week ago. and keep this in mind this time a year ago, the average was just 2 57 a gallon now here in the bay area, prices right now are significantly higher than the national average. san francisco is at 4 91 a gallon in alameda county is 4, 81 and gas is slightly cheaper and contra costa county with an average of 4 78 a gallon. for three main reasons why we're seeing these increases number one, the geopolitical tensions
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between russia and ukraine, which is causing upward pressure on the crude oil prices, which are approaching $100 per barrel . we also are seeing an increase in demand for fuels. the weather warms up in many parts of the country. people need the gasoline to take those road trips. and the third reason, according to triple a's doug shupe, this summer blend of fuel is more expensive to produce a report on the bay area sky high home prices has found a new trend in the local real estate market. there is a growing gap between the listing price and the final sales price of a home. researchers found a area home buyers are often willing to pay as much as 30% over the listing price, especially in the cities of san francisco, san jose, oakland and san rafael. this study was conducted by the online lender at home ownership platform. better mortgage the median price for home in the bay area's nine counties has also now topped $1 million for the 10th month in a row. that's
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great news if you're a seller, but it's bad news for many potential homebuyers earlier today, on mornings onto we spoke to angie clay from dude. um, real estate in walnut creek, she says people from other parts of the country are quickly learning the challenges of buying a home here in the bay area. they're not as much surprised with the prices anymore. i think the news has alerted everybody to our east bay and bay area prices. however they are shocked with the no contingencies. they are shocked with how much over things are going where list price is just just a strategy oftentimes, so they're shocked by that process. clay says every pay area home that goes on sale attracts a huge number of potential buyers and multiple offers over asking, and, she says there's no sign that bay area real estate market is cooling off despite rising interest rates, making it more expensive to get alone. well, what is the future of commuting to work with all adopted new
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patterns during the pandemic and the skate views? tom vacar tells us he has more now on the changing attitudes of working from home. the traditional american five days a week at the office has been forever changed by covid, especially the percentage of people actually working in their offices here in the bay area. it was it below 19% it was the lowest of all the metro area studies. former director labor attorney michael bernick reviewed it just released pew survey of some 5900 workers. by it found that 61% of people currently working from home whose offices are now open , choose to keep working at home and 78% the most ever said they would like to make that a permanent arrangement. well, there's no question it's permit changes. perhaps it's the main structural change the primary reasons given for staying at home. are a better life work balance, higher productivity or because they've moved to another location no longer near their
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offices. and so this combination of the technological advances plus. covid pushing people to do this and people finding out the bed like doing it, um, has led us to the current the big negative. 60% say they feel less connected to those they work with. the most workers say working at home has not affected their careers and their report from companies. um employers are reporting, um just as good productivity in certain ways on in one in three parents say lack of childcare. an industry that was devastated by covid is the main reason they work from home. only 42% say fear of covid is the main reason to stay home. that's the lowest ever. my sense is that what's here to stay is sort of two days, maybe three days a week for most people, but my hunch is today's with more than a million jobs open in california employers who want to
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force of five day in office work week are risking having many abandoned ship for work at home friendly employers. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news for human life because it's such an invasion happens, ukrainians are not going to stood down every third. ukrainian said that they're going to pick up a gun and fight. bay area residents worried about rising tension between russia and ukraine. they joined forces earlier today. coming up tonight, we'll see how they are calling for peace. and chinese new year events take a moment to honor the life of a little boy killed by gunfire on the freeway in oakland and see how buckingham palace is handling queen elizabeth's new covid-19 diagnosis. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover.
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eastern ukraine appeared to show russian forces moving into attack positions, the white house lays out a new plan it hopes will de escalate tension. president biden has agreed in principle to meet with russian president vladimir putin if russia does not invade ukraine. dozens of people held a rally earlier today in san francisco, is part of a nationwide effort for peace. amid rising fears of a russian invasion. ktvu greg liggins talked with ukrainian americans about their concerns and also their hopes that diplomacy will diffuse the situation. our ukrainian church in san francisco, where stress and tension ran high over the threat of a russian invasion. some bay area ukrainians began their sunday here seeking inner peace. to be honest, i did not get that feeling of peace that i wish another parishioner said he worries about his parents living in the capital of kiev. saying
10:32 pm
they will hunker down. if war breaks out. they will try to support the army. how how they can other ukrainians about 300 or so gathered outside san francisco's ferry building at a stand with ukraine rally. many say an invasion will lead to bloodshed. you know, we fear for human life because if such an invasion happens, ukrainians are not going to stood down. every third ukrainians said that they're going to pick up a gun and fight. several speakers addressed how important it is that the world support ukraine a young democracy that values freedom. some say they're concerned a russian invasion could spread threatening eastern europe and beyond. romania bulgaria third, seeing. motivation some say, is expansion away to grow his sphere of influence and that a free ukraine potentially allied with the west runs counter to his plan. if ukraine
10:33 pm
is a thriving democracy and will love where people can live freely and have freedom of speech and freedom of elections and freedom of religion. and right next to them. there is russia, which is authoritarian regime. he's threatened by that , like their family back home. these demonstrators anxiously await russia's next move now that they've heard reports that u. s intelligence believes putin has already given the go ahead to invade. it's awful news, obviously, but i think we all knew this is going to happen even before an actual invasion. local ukrainians at the rally were signing letters to us elected officials urging them to support strict sanctions. against russia. greg liggins ktvu, fox two news reports of your servants, which we'll commentary today, people also gathered in washington d. c today to express their support for the people of ukraine. during the stand with ukraine rally, demonstrators called on president biden to take a harder line against the russian
10:34 pm
president. the united states and other western countries have threatened to impose severe economic sanctions on russia if putin goes ahead. with an attack. i knew it tend to lie. a 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit central california just about 90 minutes ago. the u. s geological survey reports. that quake was centered about nine miles south of hollister. you're the tiny town of trace pinos. it struck shortly after nine tonight. so far, no reports of injuries or major damage. also new, attend a traffic stop in santa rosa led to the arrest of two people and the seizure of illegal drugs. police stopped the car just before eight o'clock for expired registration when they learned the passenger later identified as 36 year old haley hendricks. was on felony probation. that's when police decided to search the car officers found a loaded 22 caliber handgun inside the car. they also searched the couple's apartment, uncovering heroin, methamphetamine, drug packaging materials and a digital scale. hendrix and 57
10:35 pm
year old troy bingum, both of santa rosa, were arrested on several felony charges. oh that sound symbolic with the chinese new year parade and roared back to san francisco last night, thousands of people lining the streets all around union square for this iconic event. a year after it was canceled all due to the pandemic, and the traditional lion dancers always bring the joy of the event to the crowds and are one of the most popular popular things of the parade. they certainly are. the west coast lion dance troupe made a comeback this year along with the parade itself. of course, ktvu zambelli shows us how the dancers use this come back to honor a young boy's life . west coast lion dance troupe moves to the rhythm of the drum without missing a beat, despite some members not performing for nearly two years due to the
10:36 pm
pandemic on this day wolf how senior housings courtyard in san francisco is there stage this is part of our culture. and that. we're here to share with everybody. tony shoe founded the dance troupe in 1988. passed on his love for the art of chinese lion dancing. too many students , including his two sons. everything's like a walk was kind of always the thing that we did. i know one environment. marie's is just picking up a laundry basket, pretending it was a lion head and walk around the house and pretending that we were financing were performing. added excitement that they are once again performing for the chinese new year parade 2022 after the events cancelation last year. due to the pandemic almost feel like it's doing it from the beginning again, just seeing how the people react, right? um how excited they get whenever we you know, we'll come out. many troop members have
10:37 pm
been together for decades. team leader nicky wu tells me she joined the group 23 years ago. as a teenager. this is a really big part of my life. it's like a second family. to me. this is the 34th year. the west coast lines dance troupe is part of the chinese new year parade. this year. a new attraction a dragon name for a little boy killed suddenly and senselessly . the name of our dragon is jasper named after jasper will. who was killed by a stray bullet in november. the toddler was caught in the crossfire, sitting in a car his mother was driving on a freeway in oakland. his life was so short not even two years on earth. and i want to extend his life in january, shoe held the dedication ceremony, which jasper's parents attended . the father signed his name on the jasper dragon. whenever we use this dragon, we will always
10:38 pm
remember him, bringing hope to jasper's family and the community during difficult times by sharing the joy and color of the chinese culture. so they were roam around this village shoe tells chinese folk tales behind the lion dance to this audience at kojiro assisted living and memory care in sonoma sleeping lion routine. basically the lions. they drank some wine. got a little tipsy had kind of took a little nap education with humor, she explains the meaning of people giving red envelopes to the lions and the lions spinning out lettuce at the audience. whoever the lettuce hits will receive. good luck. he gets a really good feeling to be able to celebrate with everyone in the community and even coming together with our team is a really big deal community more important than ever roaring back in the year of the tiger, but the heart of a lion dancing at various venues with the annual
10:39 pm
goal performing at the chinese new year parade, amberleigh ktvu , fox two news. and if you weren't able to catch the lion dancers performed last night in person at the chinese new year parade in san francisco, or you just want to experience the parade once again, we are going to have a special broadcast of the parade next weekend. here on ktvu. this will feature in depth interviews and behind the scenes stories. the special airs saturday night next saturday night at six o'clock right here on ktvu. then we'll have an encore presentation of the parade sunday on ktvu. plus, don't miss. it really loves this spectacular, courageous year. alright queen elizabeth contracts covid-19 coming up. how doctors say the 94 5 year old monarch is doing. alright jackets are going to be required for the first part of this week. i'll have the five day forecast after the break. and see how a
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worthy of being called of a mcdonald's burger. today after the royal family confirmed that queen elizabeth tested positive for covid 19 foxes. christina coleman has the story. a surprising announcement from buckingham palace on sunday with the news that queen elizabeth has tested positive for covid 19 the palace, saying in a statement that she is experiencing mild symptoms, but expects to continue working britain's longest reigning monarch. the queen is fully vaccinated and has had a booster shot. she's been in robust health for most of her reign, but did spend the night in the hospital in october. her treatment will likely include antiviral drugs that have been
10:43 pm
approved in the u. k to treat covid-19. obviously we're having some problems with that story, and hopefully we'll bring it to you in just a moment. well the fda is reportedly looking at authorizing 1/4 dose of the covid-19 vaccine in the fall. the planning is still in the early stages in the authorization would fully depend on current studies. late last year. health officials said that fourth doses were not yet needed , and it was too early to know if we would need it. however the fda is currently reviewing data to make a decision. countries such as israel in sweden have authorized 1/4 dose for some groups. some people think food waste doesn't need to be wasted at all coming up tonight how they're putting some businesses leftovers to work. and our chief leader. i'll just build. martin will get us ready for a drop in the temperature when he joins us
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huge problem. all throughout the country. billions of pounds of food go uneaten. every year. reporter brian flores shows us a program, though that reduces food waste and also gives you a great bargain and helps businesses hit hard by the pandemic. well, we talk about food waste overall, the statistics on this or simply eye popping. so, according to the u. s department of agriculture, more than £130, billion of food goes wasted every single year that accounts to about 30 to 40. of the nation's food supply. there's many reasons as to why this happens, but for some restaurants and grocery stores, there is a way to combat this. i want to introduce you to a program called too good to go if you love pie, and we mean the
10:47 pm
freshly made stuff. the most popular ones are going to be like a chicken pot pie. we have, like a cha cha chicken, which is , you know sarah to mayo bits of bacon in there. or what about a bumble berry crumble pie or classic apple then one place you've got to check out is pie bar. it rotates so we can look back 120 fives in there. and this. this particular oven has been around for 50 60 years. the crank them out daily in seattle's ballard neighborhood. we have a couple of dessert cocktails that are really popular. one of them actually takes the filling from the pie. it's all about making the pies as fresh as possible. and while the pies look amazing a few went unsold. obviously we weren't you know, recouping our losses and with margins already running thin for restaurants, anything sold is a win. well, that's where too good to go came along. we really wanted to try and find a solution that is simple. it's accessible and positive. too good to go is a program in app meant to help both the restaurant owners and customers.
10:48 pm
owners get to sell more of their food that would otherwise go elsewhere. the food you get through the app is the same food you would get about 15 minutes before closing. i just count the amount of product i have the end of the night and i need to do something with and i'll just click a couple buttons that let people know how many of those we have the self of the day but sell it for much cheaper. every surprise bag that you pick up is going to be a third of the normal price. the surprised bag is the caveat to this. once you download the app, there is a list of restaurants that take part more than 200 in the seattle market alone. but you don't know what you're getting. this would be a banana cream so i would take this and we will put in the box. we get all dressed up and pretty and then they send it out. they don't know what they're getting when they get it, but they're never not happy with it. but if you've been wanting to try a place, sir, if you love a restaurant, say pie bar, for example. a pie that costs more than $35 you can get or 13 $14, so it's a
10:49 pm
significant mark down. as for food waste, too good to go is kind of filled the gap. to where waste is officially essentially zero. um so we don't have it. which is fantastic, so a win win solution that could hopefully lower food waste overall. if you're out there in food service , we want to work with you, and we want to make that that surplus available and when food goes waste as well, it really hurts the environment because there is a lot of energy that is used to gather, prepare and store all that food, which is why the usda and the epa they're both teaming up to pledge that they're going to cut food waste by half by the year 2030. in seattle and brian flores back to you. okay well, that program is not only in seattle. it is also running right here in the bay area, so be sure to check it out. okay we had a heck of a run of warm weather record temperatures last week, the week before that the week before that it's changing around now, so this is how it goes. this week.
10:50 pm
this high kind of gets pushed to the south. the low comes in. it started today. hence the wind. the much cooler conditions this low drops in gives us a cool period through wednesday into thursday and kind of breezy tomorrow and that opportunity for it's a light shower. really i mean, the chances of getting more in the 10th or a quarter of an inch would be huge. i would expect that at all. but in the mountains, they could see 6 to 8 inches, maybe even more in terms of snow with low snow elevations into monday night, monday night, tuesday and tuesday night. life outside. you've got another clear night. no fog valley fog. a speaker frost tomorrow morning . probably an issue for some. there goes that system. if you look real close, you can kind of see it coming closer. and you can see it slide through basically a dry system because it's a cold system. we you know , they're all these weather systems have personalities. this system came from the far north, so it's very dry and cold. that's why temperatures the next few days are really going to
10:51 pm
plummet. that's why the rainfall accumulations on tuesday will be light. i'll show you the computer model. current temperatures are running behind where they were last night. by a few degrees overnight lows will be cooler than they have been starting tonight into tuesday morning into wednesday morning, so the next three mornings as the kids go out the door. you go out the door to work or however you do it. it's going to be chilly. you're going to have a jacket on and you're going to. certainly tuesday and wednesday morning, you're going to need to maybe scrape some ice off the windshield. so here's the model . there's all day tomorrow. now here is tomorrow night here comes tuesday, see the widely scattered right. it's accumulations week. not much at all might even see a thunderstorm parts of the central coast. but for the most part, it's just something to break up that high pressure center and i think i showed this to your did show it to your earlier in the first hit. we showed you that system coming in on sunday next sunday with a lower latitude fetch, which warmer, potentially moisture wetter storm so again, anything we can get right now we're
10:52 pm
taking so that's monday starts off windy, breezy. few clouds tuesday. chance of a sprinkle in a shower. some snow in the mountains, probably a winter weather advisory there. and then something again on sunday night. i'll see you back here at 11. ok, bill. thank you. coming up. next in sports boy. it was a special night in cleveland for stefan curry at the nba all star game are joe fonzi is up next with curries record breaking night. then coming up on the 11 o'clock news. see how an oakland woman stays politically active decades after leading the black panther party.
10:53 pm
we used to think this was the best thing a plant could grow into.
10:54 pm
and then, we made this. introducing the new mcplant. made with the first plant-based patty worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. happening tonight in sports. nba all star games have evolved into exhibitions rather than real
10:55 pm
games. but tonight's game has an element about it. that will always make it memorable. that's because of what a fellow by the name of curry did representing the warriors, along with teammates andrew wiggins and the injured dgrn. lebron james, returning to cleveland with his trademark pregame ritual. wiggins and curry. we're actually on opposing teams. trae young lobs to wiggins for two wiggins 10 points for kevin durant's team, you know, you'll see high flying in this game, if not a lot of defense. young on the lob to john moran moran pretty much out doing anything we saw last night's slam dunk contest when the third quarter rolled around the game turned into the steph curry show. 10 ft behind the three point line. all that. few seconds later, nearly from the logo. he's a natural gotten, and then let another one fly. do you wanna wade, allen iverson and reggie miller all get getting curry made 73
10:56 pm
pointers in the third quarter and all star game record 16 and all, he had 15 points for the night. the winner of the game, though, is the first team to 1 63, and it was lebron who completed his homecoming hitting that shot that won it for his team. tough one that goes to of his 24 lebron wins the game winner. curry gets to add the all star game mvp to his trophy case. team lebron 1 63 team durant 1 60. the sand is a sharks are very much in need of some stringing some winds together and their dwindling hopes of being a stanley cup playoff team. sharks tonight hosting vegas, the team they haven't beaten in nine straight games, and that streak would reach 10 already leading one. nothing in the first period the nights move the puck around nicely here. then it's chandler stephenson to jack eichel for the goal. nice effort by stevenson to go behind the net. find michael out front. the puck trickles in off. james reimer sharks down three nothing in the third, finally getting on the board. it's andrew kagayama to nick bonino. and it's 31 night.
10:57 pm
nice assist by car guiliano after some physicality to retain possession, and the game had been decided with just seconds to play when the sharks blew off a little steam. they go down 4 to 1 and have reason to be frustrated at 22 22 5. the sharks are the epitome. 500 teams 13th in the west. second ranked stanford women trailed almost the entire game today at oregon and then save their best for last. russell wilson and his wife, chiara, in eugene today to see his little sister anna. stanford down seven here in the third quarter, when lexi hall takes the ball away its sister lacey onto wilson for the hope wilson goes down. she's okay. we're also knows all about is going down and getting back up fourth quarter. now it's up four point game, haley jones spins to the hooper, two of her 18 points, stanford within two with just 2.5 minutes left, and they're all even now jones will draw contact on the way to the
10:58 pm
hoop still gets the shot to fall . stanford takes the lead with an 11 to nothing run and limits the ducks just two points in the final five minutes. stanford wins 66 62 cardinal perfect in 14 pac 12 games this season, in fact, has won 29 straight over conference opponents, including the postseason, the cardinals 23 3 overall 2022 stock car season officially got underway with its biggest race of the year. the daytona 500, you know, there will always be high speed throws a daytona brad keselowski gets into the back of harrison burton , who goes sideways, then gets tangled up and then goes airborne. heard and flying and then ends up back on his wheels from inside denny hamlin's car you saw how things kind of turned into chaos around him. hamlin kyle busch, alex bowman, among those that did not finish the race because of that, by the time the sun had gone down, the race was decided in overtime and a green white checker. finnish rookie driver austin cindric in the white number two car stays in front. as the scramble the
10:59 pm
fishing just edges bubba wallace by that half a car margin. the 23 year old cindric is the first driver officially classified as a rookie to ever win the daytona 500. and the u. s women's team took on new zealand today in the former home of the carson chargers that we believe soccer cup. this is how you don't want to game just the fifth minute sophia smith of the u. s. it's a cross deflected into the cold by new zealand's makayla more the own goal puts us in front one nothing one minute later, after pinball action in front of the net, the ball hits more in the head goes in 1st 2nd old goal, and this couldn't happen again. yes, it did. another ball in front of the net bangs in off more. there is consolation, morse coach said. well she was in the right position on all three goals. you scored two goals in the second half. kicked by its own players for a five nothing went. all right, joe. thank you. appreciate it at 11 30. sounds good. all right, coming up next here at 11. two people armed with the least one
11:00 pm
gang robbed and attacked a couple in oakland, and that's scary encounter was all caught on camera. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage, and i'm heather holmes people in that oakland neighborhood where this brazen attack took place say they are fed up with the crime and violence. ktvu is exhaust joining us live tonight from oakland with more on this case and the reaction from the community, zack. yes i spoke with the business owner who's surveillance camera captured that whole attack understandably disturbed by what he saw the whole thing happening in broad daylight. have to see what it was just before 12 30 in the afternoon on wednesday when this couple was confronted at gunpoint in oakland's eastlake neighborhood near ninth avenue and international boulevard, a pair of thieves demanding a man's wallet before. one of the suspects punches him in the


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